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When half-Fae, half-Shifter Andrea Gray flees an abusive would-be mate, the only way she is allowed to relocate to the Austin Shiftertown is if a Shifter there claims her as mate.

Sean Morrissey, the Guardian of his clan and all of Shiftertown, is mateless, lonely, and has a tough job--to send the souls of deceased Shifters into the afterworld. He volunteers to claim her, sight unseen, but doesn't realize that one look at the gray-eyed, dark-haired Andrea will stir the mating frenzy in him. Even though the mate-claim isn't finalized, official, or yet blessed, Sean will do anything to get Andrea into his life and keep her there, forever.

Book 2 in the Shifters Unbound series. Full-length novel, Austin Shiftertown.

298 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published March 1, 2011

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About the author

Jennifer Ashley

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NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner.

Jennifer's novels have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher's Weekly. More about her books at http://www.jenniferashley.com and http://gardnermysteries.com.

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June 15, 2015
"Hurting is part of life, isn’t it? So is happiness.”


Primal Bonds is the second book in the Shifters Unbound Series. Jennifer Ashley has done a stunning job creating a magical world with Shifters and Faes. The first book introduced us to this world were humans are striving to control shifters through collars. These collars are attached to their skin. The person wearing the collar receives a shock if they try to show any sign of aggression. (Boy can I think of places that would come in handy....just kidding!) Shifters are forced to live separately from the human world.

Andrea is a half Shifter half Fae hybrid. She was forced out of her clan because she didn't want to mate with Jared (the son of her clan's leader). The only way to escape that claim was for her to be claimed by another. Lucky for her, Sean Morrissey is available and happy to help. Sean is the guardian of his clan and protects the sacred sword which is used in time of death. The sword has Fae magic and helps release the spirits of the fallen Shifters to the next life.

Andrea is a spunky heroine and has no trouble "waging verbal banter war" with Sean. The two share an immediate connection and the sexual tension is high from the first page of the text. Andrea suffers from nightmares and Sean conveniently steps in as her protector.

"Andrea laughed again, the sound softer as she relaxed back into him. Sean held her in a safe embrace, cradling her like a cub until she fell into limp, dreamless slumber.”

Andrea has so many emotions dragging her down. She has never felt fully accepted due to her half breed status. Additionally, she never knew her father. Now she is being called from her sleep out in to the dark where something is lurking there.

“We’ll figure this out, love,” he said. “I won’t let you be hurt.”-Sean

Although Sean has made the mate claim on Andrea, she must accept it. There were several elements in this read that set this book apart from the first in the series, as well as, other books that I have read in this genre. I found it refreshing that time wasn't wasted on the question of "IF" Andrea would accept the claim. Instead, it was a matter of "when" and "how". I thoroughly enjoyed the peace in knowing that these two were going to be together.


“It’s a damn scary thing claiming a mate. I want to protect you all the time, and never stop.”-Sean

As Sean and Andrea are working through the beginning of their relationship, trouble is brewing all around. Humans are attacking Shifters. Clans are battling for control. Liam is working towards staking claim as the new leader of his clan. Dylan, Sean and Liam's father, is struggling with his desire to take Glory as his mate. I felt like we received a bonus romance in this read because of the background conflict between Glory and Dylan.

However, the true magic in this story is between the two main characters. I enjoyed every minute of reading about Andrea and Sean!

"For her clear gray eyes, for her sweet curves, for the way she said his name. For the way her clothes clung to her body, for her sense of humor, for her buying him underwear with smiley faces on them. It was the way she smelled, the way she liked coffee, and the way she winked at the Shifter groupies in the bar and left them speechless. It was her Fae scent and her fine skin, her breath, her warmth, and the fact that she walked upon the earth."


Overall, Primal Bonds was a fantastic read. It had action, intense plot development, interesting characters, and a great deal of heart. Jennifer Ashley has a fluid writing style that shifts seamlessly between the different points of view. For me, I find her characters are the key to the success in her books. I just can't help but want to read more and find out how they are doing and what will happen next. There are always times when I am reading PRN that I want to roll my eyes a little at the "craziness" of it all. And yet, it is in those moments that I relax and enjoy the journey into another world. If you are a fan of PRN, you should definitely check out this series. You will not be disappointed.

"He already loved her with intensity that made him insane, but right now he loved her more than ever. Andrea understood exactly what was going through Sean’s head as he watched Connor struggle, knew exactly what Sean needed. She was offering Sean a solution with her brave generosity. She was his mate all right."


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April 4, 2018
Review re-posted on Got Fiction?

I got this as an ARC from Jennifer Ashley (who fully rocks!)

In the world Jennifer Ashley built in Pride Mates, I went through so many emotions. I loved the characters, and I was pissed at our government for not allowing the Shifters the same rights and freedoms we humans have. In Primal Bonds, those feelings intensified. I went through several moments where I was furious that the Shifters couldn't have cel phones, or cable, or computers, let alone the freedoms we enjoy.

But that is one of the best reasons to love this book. The segregation of Shifters being shoved into Shiftertowns, the separate drinking fountains, the "we don't serve your kind" comments, this book is so much more than a paranormal romance.

Sean Morrissey is the Guardian. He wields the sword that sends Shifter souls to the Summerlands. And it's a lonely job. When a half fae/half lupine shifter needs out of her Shiftertown, the only way is for some male to mate-claim her so no other males can sniff around her. Sean is tired of being lonely. Sean feels that while he may never lack for a bed partner, he has yet to find a woman who wants more than a fun romp. Mate claiming Andrea Gray was the best thing Sean could have ever done.

Andrea has spent her whole life being told she is nothing. Her mother died young, and her step-father loves her to pieced, but he's not very high in his pack, so he doesn't have any say. The Alpha's son Jared is constantly berating Andrea, and smacking her around for any reason he can find. His favorite is that she looks him in the eye. He's an Alpha, she's at the bottom of the pack; she should look down. But Andrea is no submissive wolf. When Jared starts stalking her and leaving her little dead presents, she finally tries her best to leave. She has soo much red tape to cut through to get out, since we humans feel the need to take away as much as possible. She can't even drive or fly, she has to ride a bus from Colorado to Texas. But having Sean mate-claim her might get her out of her Shiftertown, but it doesn't mean Jared will let her go.

Another thing I loved about this book, is that Sean and Andrea did have tension, and hot sizzling sexual chemistry, but they liked each other. I enjoyed watching them learn to love each other. So often it is "You my mate. We have mate heat. We have The Sex now." This had so much more than just that.

The trials faced were more than just dealing with their budding relationship, an obsessive ex, and the government keeping Shifters down. There were also the Fae. Yep, remember, Andrea's father is fae. But wait, there's more! We also have Shifters mixing things up and humans doing drive-by's. And the Collars. I won't say anything else about them, but remember in Pride Mates, they tried to take them off...I'm just sayin'.

And yet, with all of this going on, I was never confused. Jennifer Ashley writes such a smooth and seamless story that anyone will enjoy. And with this book, it's so easy to forget what's going on in real life (like little kids who might need dinner...ahem, or so I've heard, because I would never forget to feed my kids).
The Shifters Unbound series is on my auto-buy list, and it's a shame I have to wait til next year to get the next installment.

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February 27, 2011
Jennifer Ashley is brilliant. No seriously! Let me explain why.
I used to love paranormal romance books. I read everything there was and I sucked up all the stories of love between creatures and love between creatures and humans (ok, that sounds really gross but you get my point right?).

Then I started to see a pattern-

1) There must be a hunky alpha male with some type of bad in him or in his past. He’s going to be dangerous, but so damn gorgeous, it does not matter how dangerous he is.

2) There must be a dumbass female who eventually gains wisdom and understanding via life’s trials and tribulations OR she has hunky alpha male (see #1) to save her dumb ass.

3) There is a misunderstanding. Usually, this misunderstanding is due to a lack of communication on the dumbass females part. She knows something, doesn’t tell hunky alpha male and due to this misunderstanding (usually a secret) there is lots of unneeded danger.

Now, how is this book different?

SEE NUMBER 2!!!! Andrea is not a dumbass female. She’s actually quite witty, fun and pretty damn alpha in her personality.

SEE NUMBER 3!!!! Yes, I’m happy to say that Andrea Gray tells Sean the truth. I saw where Jennifer Ashley could have gone with this book. The author could have kept one scene (I can’t explain it – it would be a spoiler) that Andrea was in a secret from Sean. Instead, Andrea tells Sean everything. I was like WTF, Andrea doesn’t act like a stupid “paranormal romance” chick and keep the secret, she just goes ahead and tells him everything.

There was no major conflict between Andrea and Sean. In fact, the only problems they had between each other was that she was very headstrong. However, Sean actually admired her for that. Instead, the major conflict is the situation they are both in with the Shiftertown.

I loved that Jennifer Ashley didn’t play it safe. Because of her risks, she makes this book so much more enjoyable!!!!
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January 11, 2016
Another great re-read, and now I'm up to where I was in the series when I stopped. I am very eager to continue onto the third book now that I am refreshed! I am also pleased to report that my ratings for the first two books stayed the same as when I read them a few years back! And I still think that Jennifer Ashley is a genius when it comes to writing stories. Her shifter world that she has created is addicting, and I love visiting it each time I open her books!!!

In this installment, we get to witness what it is like for Sean to be the Guardian of the Sword. It his his job to set the shifters spirit free in death. It is a lonely job, as not too many female shifters want to become a mate with someone who has that responsibility. For this reason, Sean decides to claim Andrea-a wolf shifter from a clan elsewhere...site unseen! As soon as they do see one another though, their mate bond flares to life, and they become extremely protective and possessive of one another. Not all is as it seems in shifter town though, and there is about to be a huge betrayal of the clans that goes down. Shifter town will be rocked to its core.

My only reason for giving this one a four stars was that there was a part in the book where Andrea and Sean weren't together...(They weren't broken up...they just were in different spots) The ironic thing is that even though this is a pet peeve of mine, in this story their absence from each other wasn't near as much as the present stories do to couples. So, I would even go as far as rating this one a 4.5 stars...as it really wasn't awful when they were separated...it fit with the story and like I said...it wasn't them being broken up or anything like that...So, It is me just being a picky b*tch...LOL
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June 5, 2018
4 Shifter Stars

I liked Primal Bonds more than the first book, but there were parts that were slow and parts that were entertaining.

First off, the series is not steamy. It’s kind of tame and that’s a little disappointing. There are some slow parts that made it a little hard to read. I put the book down a few times and picked up other books. I liked the beginning and the end. The middle I didn’t care for too much.

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really care for Sean in the previous book. The whole guardian of the sword thing is an odd storyline and the fact he let his brother die in order to protect the sword is kind of sad. Who does that?

I did like Andrea. I liked that she is half fae and half shifter, it was different. I liked how honest and down to earth she was. The book isn’t too angsty and I liked that too. The tension between Andrea and Sean was nice, but I didn’t really see the chemistry. I felt like it went from like to lust in 90 seconds. I usually like those sort of things in shifter books, but I couldn’t get sucked into it like I usually do.

I do like Sean’s dad and the whole Glory storyline, that was cute.

Other than that. This isn’t my favorite shifter series, but I will continue with the series. I think there will be some hit or misses for me. I just need to find them.
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January 11, 2016
Another great re-read, and now I'm up to where I was in the series when I stopped. I am very eager to continue onto the third book now that I am refreshed! I am also pleased to report that my ratings for the first two books stayed the same as when I read them a few years back! And I still think that Jennifer Ashley is a genius when it comes to writing stories. Her shifter world that she has created is addicting, and I love visiting it each time I open her books!!!

In this installment, we get to witness what it is like for Sean to be the Guardian of the Sword. It his his job to set the shifters spirit free in death. It is a lonely job, as not too many female shifters want to become a mate with someone who has that responsibility. For this reason, Sean decides to claim Andrea-a wolf shifter from a clan elsewhere...site unseen! As soon as they do see one another though, their mate bond flares to life, and they become extremely protective and possessive of one another. Not all is as it seems in shifter town though, and there is about to be a huge betrayal of the clans that goes down. Shifter town will be rocked to its core.

My only reason for giving this one a four stars was that there was a part in the book where Andrea and Sean weren't together...(They weren't broken up...they just were in different spots) The ironic thing is that even though this is a pet peeve of mine, in this story their absence from each other wasn't near as much as the present stories do to couples. So, I would even go as far as rating this one a 4.5 stars...as it really wasn't awful when they were separated...it fit with the story and like I said...it wasn't them being broken up or anything like that...So, It is me just being a picky b*tch...LOL
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April 7, 2011
*2.5 Stars*

I’ve finished Primal Bonds (obviously) and all I’m left with is a vague ‘meh’ feeling. It seems like I never fully engaged with the story. I never really cared about the main characters the way I wanted to and I felt that everything was a bit too pat to really enjoy.

We open the book right in the middle of the action. I usually enjoy this, but here I found it a little confusing. We were introduced to the heroine, Andrea, like we were supposed to know her already so I spent a couple minutes skimming through the previous book, Pride Mates , trying to find mention of her. I guess she’s completely new, but with how long it had been since I read the first book I thought I had just forgotten about her.

I found it odd to be dropped into the middle of a mate-claim. I know the reasons that were given for it, but I never understood the attraction between them. It was just there and we were supposed to run with it. The accelerated relationship was one of my problems in the last book, but at least I felt the connection there. Here they just seemed to spend a lot of time panting for each other with no real reason.

The distance I felt toward them made most of their relationship feel false. They spent a lot of time having sex or thinking about having sex and it almost seemed like a substitute for developing an actual relationship. I didn’t hate them, but I found the side characters more interesting.

Speaking of side characters, I’m glad we got more details about Glory and Dylan. I really liked them in the first book so it was nice to see more development there. I was very pleased with Glory for what she did, but I felt it all worked out a bit too quickly in the end. I hope that’s not the end of it and that we get to actually see them talk and work out some of their issues in the next book.

I really liked that the author strayed outside of the shifters and introduced us to the Fae. The world, Collars, and Shiftertown details were one of my favorite parts of the first book so it was nice to see it expanded here. I thought it was interesting to get to see a shifter’s perspective out in the human world and wish we could have seen a bit more of that. There were some things that set Andrea apart because of her Fae heritage and I hope we get more detail on that eventually. I’m curious to hear why it’s different for her. <--Yes, that was vague on purpose. :)

The book was a quick read, but I felt like a lot of issues were solved too easily. I never really felt an air of seriousness or worry about the resolution of the problem with the humans and that was echoed in the easy going, joking manner that everyone had. I didn’t want conflict for conflict’s sake, but it felt like issues were stopped short before they actually got meaty. That goes for Andrea’s interactions with a certain mystery guest that kept cropping up as well. It just all was a bit too easy for me.

Favorite Quote:
"Bikinis," he said. "I knew it."

"We're strangely fond of each other's underwear."

"I promise not to wear yours if you don't wear mine."

Review originally posted on Fiction Vixen

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April 2, 2020
The audio was fun. I like the Irish-lilt the narrator gave to the Morris’s. Andrea and Shawn are a cute couple. Nice how he gives her time. Nice to learn more about shifters with their power plays and structures.

My original rating stands though the narration is outstanding.
Rated: 4 Stars
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March 10, 2011
Oh, I would love to love this book since I enjoyed the first one in this series; but somehow the story just didn't deliver. Maybe it wasn't the right moment for me to read it or maybe because I felt like I was missing the romancing, that I ended up not caring for the two characters.

When the story started, Sean already took a mate claim over Andrea. A character that had not even appeared in the first book. I felt like being shoved into a plot without a warning, it was a "huh, how did that happened" reaction from me. It didsn't give me enough foundation to like the relationship, even as it went along, I felt disconnected with the story. I also didn't really care about the "action" storyline.

Truth be told, I skimmed almost half of the book, then jumped to the last chapter to finish it. I didn't feel sorry that I missed out, probably, the solution to Andrea's heritage or the human/shifters or coalition that seemed to attack other shifters.

Hopefully the third book is better. But this one, it's already forgotten *shrugs*
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March 21, 2022
4 stars. My favorite of this series so far (after finishing 4 books). I really liked the hero & heroine and all of the world drama.

Safe; virgin heroine, hero a slight manwhore, ow drama from women hitting on the hero, but he doesn’t show interest in them, om drama from a man who challenges the hero for the heroine, no scenes with om/ow, no cheating.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 27, 2016
I was lucky enough to win an advance reading copy of Primal Bonds from Jennifer Ashley's facebook page.

Once again Jennifer Ashley brings us to her Austin, TX Shiftertown in Primal Bonds, book 2 of her Shifters Unbound series. Here we find the Feline Shifter Sean Morrissey, Guardian of his clan and powerful member of his pride. Sean's job as the Guardian could be a really lonely one. When his neighbor's niece needed to relocate from her Shiftertown in Colorado, seeking shelter, he offers her his protection. When Sean met her he found a little Lupine Snifter that could look him in the eye. That was the last thing that he had expected. And he had just mate-claimed her.

Half Fea and half wolf Shifter, Andrea Gray had long become acquainted to looking after herself but she needed a new protector in order to escape an unwanted mate-claim. She thought that a Guardian would fit the bill nicely. However, she wasn't expecting the intense attraction that she felt for her rescuer when she first looked into his blue eyes.

Andrea struggles to keep her mating of convenience platonic. Sean plans to turn his mate-claim into the real thing. Will her mixed blood and troubled past, as well as her stubbornness keep him from truly claiming his mate?

Jennifer Ashley truly outdoes herself in this novel. She made me feel hate, sadness, and elation as I read her words. As in the first book in the series, discrimination and prejudice is clearly addressed and challenges the reader to look at a fictional situation and perhaps see the similarities in our own culture. I for one appreciated the way that she addressed the volatile situations as or hero and heroine fought in all ways to be by each others sides. The story easily sweeps us along on Sean and Andrea journey to their HEA. And a HEA is what they get in this awesome and sexy book.
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April 7, 2013

I enjoyed this book immensely. This is book 2 in the Shifters Unbound series, and in this series we get a better look at the segregated life the Shifters have to endure. I gotta tell you, this injustice just pissed me off.

We met Sean in book 1, Liam’s brother (love Liam still), he is the Guardian. He is the keeper of the sword that ensures that when shifters die their souls move onto the Summerland and are not at risk to be trapped by the Fae. We also learn about the Fae, the race that created the Shifters to serve them.

And we meet Andrea, she is half Fae, half Shifter, and not accepted in her current clan because of this. Sean agrees to claim her as his mate and therefore gives her a chance at a better life.

What I liked about these two was their friendship from the start. No big drama, no big resentment or chips on either of their shoulders. They get to know each other and support each other. Andrea learns how Sean’s role as Guardian effects him, she tries to ease his burdens and supports him. Sean discovers the hardships Andrea has had to face because of her lineage and makes a point of making her feel welcomed, accepted and respected. I enjoyed the buildup of this relationship, watching their feelings for each other grow and deepen. I gotta tell you, it just made me swoon!

Of course there is trouble in Shiftertown, and not just from the humans who are always trying to beat and bully them. Unlikely alliances are formed and a fight is on the horizon for dominance.

Overall, an enjoyable, fun, feel good book.....me happy!
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September 17, 2020
Primal Bonds by Jennifer Ashley
2nd book in the Shifters Unbound series.
Shifters and Fae and the relationships when these two races get together.
There is a reason people love these stories. It’s an action packed shifter romance with family issues and world interactions.

Best to read the prior book first.
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March 23, 2011
Terrific second installment in this series! While the book generally focused on Sean and Andrea’s mate bonding, it also gave the reader a broader insight into the world of the Shifters. No hiding here, humans are aware of their existence and use ‘collars’ to maintain control over them, which makes for a very different plot. Not only did we see the return of previous characters, we met some new ones and were brought into the world of the Fae. The Shifters world is expanding, as is the potential for some great story lines. Sean…well what can you say about him other than…WOW! You feel his compassion and power just pouring off the pages. Loved the strength in Andrea, both mentally and physically. Great pairing. The secondary romance between Dylan and Glory was very enjoyable.
I look forward to following the lives of the wonderful characters we’ve met. Going forward I hope Ronan has a story somewhere, that cuddly, oversized Ursine and when that adorable Connor comes into his own…watch out! Just hope we don’t have to wait a year for the next book.
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February 28, 2013
4.5 Stars

Sean Morrissey is a Guardian, chosen to wield a magical sword that will send the souls of dead Shifters into the afterlife. Though he is respected for what he does, his position has left him longing for a mate he can share his life with. When he hears that the half-Fae, half-Shifter Andrea Gray is being abused in her pack, Sean mate-claims Andrea without meeting her in order to bring her into his Shiftertown in Austin where she will be safe. While helping Andrea, Sean is given the chance to finally have a mate but what he didn't expect was to instantly fall head over heals for the sexy and mouthy Lupine.

True Andrea needs Sean and the rest of the Morrissey clan in order to escape her old pack and the abuse of a Shifter she will not mate but she is far from weak. She will not cower behind Sean when things become difficult and will let her opinions be known. I love when a heroine has a backbone and Andrea definitely does. Sean gets frustrated with Andrea when she refuses to hide and not go to work when humans start shooting bars and restaurants that Shifters are known to frequent. Everything in Sean calls for him to protect his Andrea, even though she hasn't officially accepted his mate-claim. What I liked about Sean was that he took care of Andrea but knew when it was a losing battle and did his best to just make sure she didn't get hurt. I love my alpha males but sometimes they cross over the line into being obnoxious but Sean knew when to be protective and when to give Andrea some space.

I liked Liam (hero in Pride Mates) but I loved Sean. Sean has Liam's devotion to his family and pack, strength and street smarts but there is a sweeter side to Sean that I could not get enough of. Unlike Liam, Sean didn't push the woman he wanted as his mate away. He wanted to always be around her and there was a sexy playfulness between him and Andrea and I didn't get from Liam and his mate Kim.

In Primal Bonds there are humans violently attacking Shifters and the reason goes beyond just hate for their kind. Alliances between enemies are made with a deadly outcome in mind. I really liked that the story kept changing a little here and there as the book went along. It kept things from getting boring and too predictable. There is also a side story between Dylan, Sean's father and Glory, Andrea's aunt. They've been an unofficial couple for a while but Dylan has not been able to emotionally move on from his mate who he lost a century ago. Glory loves Dylan but no longer will settle for what little Dylan is willing to give. Things get heated and heart wrenching between the two and I'm glad page time was spent on their story. Both are really good characters and deserve a HEA.

In Jennifer Ashley's Shifter's Unbound series, the Shifters have revealed themselves to humans. Out of fear of something they don't really understand, humans have put all Shifters into towns and put harsh laws into place that keep them from having good jobs, new cars, cable and more. Shifters tolerate this treatment because they have access to health care and the collars they are forced to wear has kept their wild animals from taking over. But you can feel changes are coming and I look forward to seeing what happens next. Primal Bonds is a really good paranormal romance with some fantasy woven in with by a few appearances from the Fae. I can't wait for the 3rd book.
My Rating: 4.5/5

The Morrisey’s have the power in their shifter town for a while now, but now there will be a challenge to that power. The new threat is a dangerous one; playing on the human’s fear of shifters, in a plot to completely segregate the shifter community from the humans. Someone is shooting up the bars and establishments ware shifters frequenting. Sean Morrisey must help find the culprits behind this before it gets out of hand.

Sean funds himself irrevocably Drawn to this woman he has mate claimed in name only. Sean wanted to offer to help Glory’s niece to transfer in to their pack, but it also gave him an opportunity to claim a women for himself. But never in a million years would he have imagined that he’d fall hard for this sassy wolf shifter.

Andrea never thought she’d fall for a feline but this strong sexy lion is stealing her heart. But how can she give herself to him if she doesn't even know who she is. Being half fae but never knowing that side of her heritage has left her feeling empty and incomplete.

I loved this book. I think it was equally good in comparison to the first book prime mates. Sean is sexy strong and every woman's fantasy. All the scenes with Sean and the sexy underwear were a hoot I loved it. But the best by far was when all the women were ogling him and arguing about what type of underwear he wares. Then Sean socked them all , he was going commando! So hot!!

I love the family dynamics in this story, the way they all work together and love each other unconditionally. The side characters are strong and fun loving and just add to the story.

I was a little confused with the feud and how it started with the other clan. The mix with the fae was short lived and kind of needed more explanation. But overall it was a good read and I enjoyed the book and would read it again. This is a series I will most defiantly continue.
My Rating: 4/5
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August 1, 2016
I adore these irish shifters! This time we have the story of Sean, the sword gurdian and Andrea, a half fae half wolf shifter. We also have a glimpse in the Fairie, the land of fae.

This is a highly entertaining book and a great addition to shifters unbound.

I am looking forward to seeing where this series goes and how the shifters will manage to get rid of their collars.
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1,881 reviews408 followers
March 4, 2015
A nice story. Really.

Interesting characters, interesting story line where Shapeshifters and Fae are mixed together.

But, I didn't find it so very interesting. Maybe I need to take a pause from Paranormal, because I ddin't find anything novel here. Just the same old...
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September 22, 2017
Just meh. I didn't feel any chemistry between these two...it almost felt as if they didn't have much choice, specially on the hero's side. The narrator for this book does a TERRIBLE Irish accent so none of the Irish characters sounded very sexy - and this included the hero, his brother and father. At least it got exciting at the end. I'll continue reading because I want to see where the series is going.
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January 28, 2023
Primal Bonds
4.5 Stars

Forced to take refuge in a new shiftertown, Andrea Gray accepts Sean Morrissey's offer of a mate-claim believing that nothing will come of it. However, upon meeting Sean in person, Andrea is surprised to discover that there is nothing platonic or convenient about their connection. Similarly, Sean, as the Guardian of his town, never thought her would find a mate but is fascinated by the feelings Andrea arouses in him.

An excellent romance with likeable protagonists and no unnecessary angst or misunderstandings. Andrea has an amazing strength of will. She stands up against her pack without fear, looks everyone straight in the eye and tells it like it is. I loved her playfulness and wicked humor as well as her take no prisoners attitude.

Sean is sexy, caring and affectionate. He protects those he cares but never tries to break Andrea's spirit - not that she would let him. Their banter and verbal sparring is one of the best aspects of the book as is the construction of their relationship. The idea of the mate claim of convenience is wonderful as it highlights Andrea's desperate circumstances as well as Liam's compassion and loneliness, which forms the foundation of a strong and binding connection .

The plot is action packed with multiple storylines that coalesce into an integrated whole, although there are some illogical elements and unanswered questions, such as the fact that Shifters are only allowed old cars and dial up Internet - if they are such as threat to humans why are they allowed these things at all? In addition,why doesn't .

The world building in this series is excellent and continues with new information on the fae and the Guardian's sword. While the collar removal plot from the previous book develops further, it is on the back burner while the shifter-fae conflict takes center stage. The discrimination against the shifters is particularly compelling but what I found most interesting is the prejudice that exists within the shifter community itself. No one is above prejudice, which is very realistic. Nevertheless, the hate crime aspect of the story could have been better developed and the ultimate explanation is disappointing .

The next book changes location and a linking character is introduced. While this is somewhat contrived, the character is intriguing and I look forward to seeing what happens with him and his family.
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March 11, 2015
4 Stars for another nice and sweet love story from Shiftertown - I love this cuddly shifters!

After reading also "Primal Bonds," the second part in the series "Shifters Unbound", I am in love with Jennifer Ashley's Shifter PNR books. They are all well written and easy to read. Full speed from start to finish, always with wonderful light-loved characters and of course the always lovely cuddly alpha males who believe in eternal love.

Part #2 is the Feline (a big cat) Shifter Sean's story. His mate-claim of half Fae and half Lupin (a wolf) Andrea was a exciting, hot and a sweet love-story. It was just in my taste of a sweet romance with some PNR suspense.

I really want to know much more about the Morrissey family and the different Shiftertown's. And most of all I'm locking forward to know more about the opportunity for all the different shifters to become free from nasty discrimination, reservats similar settlements, collars and more. Everything decided by the "ordinary" human people.

I really enjoy reading this mix of romance, steamy heat meetings, suspense, cuddly furry shifters and this fantastic interesting paranormal fictional world. But also that this books contain a lot of thought-provoking about injustice, social problems and more in the community. All told in an entertaining way.
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Another Ashley lady who writes books about heroes and heroines that I really, really like.

I LIKE - Part #3 of this series waiting to be read very soon.
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December 15, 2014
This could have been great, but it fell short for me personally.

The pros:
* I love the creative concept of this world created. "Shiftertown" as a series has so much potential

The cons:
* It just felt like something was missing between the hero and heroine. They felt unrealistic to me, and one dimensional.
* Insta-love - this is always a buzz kill to me
* The hero constantly referring to the heroine as "love". It was overly repetitious
* There were so many attempts for Andrea and Sean to be whitty, and to throw some humor or cute banter in, but it didn’t work for me. They just seemed lame.
* A book virgin .......... Sigh
* I had a hard time sticking with this book - I almost discontinued reading it a couple of times because nothing seemed to happen. Lots of long dull spells.
* WAYYYYYY overpriced. It's currently listed at $7.59 and was nowhere worth that price.

Overall, this one was not for me. I do still like the idea of a town of shifters, so I may give other books in this series a try later on.
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August 4, 2016
I read Pride Mates 4 years ago and it was nothing special. But since this series is still popular, I thought to give it another chance. (Oh and I needed book with silver title for a challenge.)
Sadly, it was even worse then I remembered. If it wasn't for the challenge I would have just gave up and DNF-ed it.

Why Primal Bonds and me didn't click?
- She's excited he's spying on her (because it's okay if the peeping Tom is hot).
- Everything complex is brushed of with almighty fae magic.
- When they shift the clothes fall apart, but not the collars. Oh yeah right - fae magic. :/
- Mate frenzy was mentioned again and again. All that talk about non stop sex was not exciting.

Definitely not reading the next book in this series ever ever again. Not even for a challenge.
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December 6, 2014
I wasn't thrilled by this book. It was written well, but it was just slow. I liked the Morrissey boys and I kind of liked Andrea though it took her a long time to accept Sean as he mate even though they both communicated Sean's claim on her in chapter 1 or 2.
I am not sure I will follow this series, I will read book 3 sometime in the future, but I wasn't intrigued enough by the story.

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April 3, 2020
I love this world... now enter the Fae........

In a world where shifters answer to humans and are controlled by a collar, feline shifter Sean Morrisey falls head over paw for fae/shifter Andrea....

The plot thickens though as certain folk want to dominate they think its through Seans enchanted sword (pun intended) that they are able to.

Brilliant story characters and world!
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January 9, 2015
4.5 stars

I wasn't so sure I liked the world JA had created after book 1 but I really enjoyed Primal Bonds. I thought the connected between the MCs was both hot and believable. I'll definitely be reading/listening to more in the series.
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March 17, 2011
Originally posted at http://www.smexybooks.com/2011/03/rev...

Favorite Quote:
“Your father told me you were the Guardian.”
“I am. She just likes handling my sword.”

When Andrea Gray requests refuge from her pack and an unwanted mate claim, Sean Morrissey claims her as his mate; sight unseen. When Sean finally meets her he knows he has found his true mate, but Ashley has her own agenda and her intense attraction to Sean spells nothing but trouble. As Sean and Andrea begin the intricate mating dance they will be drawn into a conspiracy that will test everything they have-even their lives.

This is my first time reading Jennifer Ashley’s shifter series. I am a huge fan of her historical romances and the urban fantasy series she writes under the pseudonym Allyson James. I found myself curious to see if how her voice would fare in a paranormal romantic setting. Happy to say, I found myself as enchanted here as I am with her others. There are minute differences that I really appreciated. Often an author who writes in different genres and/or under different names has such a strong presence that you hear it in each story regardless. I have found Ms. Ashley has a unique ability to give you a different feeling in each series she writes. As if it’s someone new writing the story.

Andrea is half fae and half shifter. Raised in a lupine (wolf) pack, she is considered an outsider and barely tolerated. When the alpha’s son wants to mate claim her and won’t take no for an answer, she applies to her aunt’s pack for refugee. Since she can’t be grated asylum without protection, the alpha’s brother and Guardian of the clan, Sean Morrissey, claims her as a matter of convenience. When Sean and Andrea meet, the attraction between them in intense. As time goes by, the attraction deepens and Sean begins to want a permanent mate bond with her. But Andrea is like no shifter he has ever met. Her fae half gives her special healing powers and a seeming indifference to the packs hierarchy. This only endears her more to Sean.

As they find their way around each other, they also have to deal with the increasing violence between humans and the shifters.

Our main protagonists,Andrea and Sean are both two heavily developed characters. Each rich in personality, it was enjoyable to watch these two dance and fuss with each other. The chemistry is apparent from the first page and only gets hotter and more sensual as the story progresses.

Andrea is wonderful in that Jennifer Ashley doesn’t succumb to the normal shifter story line by having our heroine cowered by her Alphas. Andrea may be submissive in the hierarchy of the pack, but you don’t see her bowing to anyone. She holds her own against Sean and others; not in a bitchy manner, but rather as a warrior wrapped in diplomacy.

Sean is just as delightful as we watch his wicked humor and oh so good looks slowly win Andrea over. The sexy Irish accent doesn’t hurt either. He is very protective of her but doesn’t attempt to break her spirit. We and she both know it’s the mating frenzy. His job as the Guardian weighs heavily on him (he helps the dying shifters cross into Summerland) but Andrea helps soften his gift and shows him the good he does. They are perfect for each other and it shows.

Our secondary characters are as visible and dominant as Andrea and Sean. I enjoyed seeing Liam and Kat from Jennifer’s first book of this series, Pride Mates, and seeing how their life together has turned out. We get a nice but powerful smaller romance of two important characters within the Austin pride that adds a nice touch to the ending and also opens up an interesting door of opportunity. Jennifer expands the arc by divulging deeper into the lives of the sifters, their town dynamics, and their dealings with humans.

The mystery and suspense factored nicely upon the romance. Andrea is like no shifter seen before. Her fae half gives her special healing powers and an ability to work outside the pack bond. When Andrea begins to dream of unknown bonds trying to bind her; she feels it’s an omen of things to coming. As Ashley dreams become more vivid, she soon becomes the catalyst for the storm that has been brewing.

All in all Primal Bonds is a fast paced very sexy paranormal romance with a bite of suspense and mystery. Well written in a easy going conversational style, you find yourself engrossed in the lives of these shifters very quickly. Multiple story lines co exist peacefully along side each other without any particular one over whelming the other. Intertwining and overlapping until they merge into a fantastic ending that satisfies the main plot and this reader.

Rating: B
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May 22, 2011
What happened?!? I read the first book in the Shifters Unbound series and loved it. I was looking forward to reading Primal Bonds. This book just didn't do it for me. Andrea, the heroine, is an outcast of her pack. She mate-bonds (kind of like an engagement) with Sean sight unseen. Sean is the pride guardian who's main job is to send dead shifter's souls to the afterlife. He immediately falls for Andrea. I failed to see their relationship truly blossom. Andrea has up her guards against trusting people but decides to go ahead and open up to Sean. I felt their relationship was just pieced together without a solid foundation. Another problem I had with Primal Bonds is that Sean is considered to be a true Alpha. However, the only instances used to show his dominance is how he wins stare contests. I wanted to see more of his personality and see his alpha attitude in action. I didn't enjoy reading Primal Bonds. There were only a few interesting parts of the story and I had to make myself finish reading. What a shame!
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