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Immortal Beloved #2

Darkness Falls

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You can run from your past, but it will always catch up.

Nastasya has lived for hundreds of years, but for some reason it never seems to get any easier. She’s left behind her days of debauchery to find peace and forgiveness at River’s Edge, a safe haven for wayward immortals. There she’s uncovered her family’s epic history, reclaimed her magickal powers, and met Reyn, whom she dubs “the Viking god.” Just as she settles into her new life, Nastasya learns that her old friends might be in town....

Reuniting with her gorgeous and dangerous ex-best-friend, Innocencio, Nas wonders if she’ll ever be truly free of her dark legacy. Is Incy dangerous, power-hungry, and wicked? Or is he the only one who truly understands Nas’s darkness? Either way, Nas is desperate to find out who she really is-even if the answer kills her.

400 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2011

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About the author

Cate Tiernan

59 books3,653 followers
"was born in New Orleans, LA, in 1961. New Orleans is one of the most interesting American cities, and it has an incredibly rich and exotic culture that had a profound influence on me. Kids in other cities have lemonade stands; we sold voodoo gris-gris and made wax dolls in the likenesses of our enemies. It's a very beautiful city, and the constant heat and humidity make gardens grow out of control. There's an air of lassitude there, a general acceptance of eccentic or flamboyant behavior--the heat simply makes people do crazy things.

I went to school in New York, and after school went back to New Orleans. Then I went back to New York (Manhattan) and got a job in publishing and started writing. My first book, a young, middle-grade chapter book, was published in 1990.

Living in Manhattan was incredible, even though I didn't have a lot of money. There was so much to do and see, and so many interesting people to watch. There was a lot of frenetic energy there, and sometimes that felt very wearing and hard to live with. After eight years I was ready for a change, and my husband and I moved back to New Orleans. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

(While I was in NY, I helped edit "The Secret Circle" by L.J. Smith. I thought it was great.)

We stayed in New Orleans five years. By the time we had two small children we knew we had to find someplace safer to live. I was glad my children were born in New Orleans--I had been born there, and my father had, and his father had, and his father had and so on. There was something about the connection of generations of blood coming from one place that I found very primal and important.

Now I live in a cohousing community in Durham, NC. This is the most suburban place I've ever lived, and it's very different from living right in the middle of a city. For one thing, there aren't enough coffee shops. However, it's incredibly safe, and the community is very important to me. There are a lot of strong women here, and I find them inspiring.

Am I a witch? Well, no. Even Wicca is too organized a religion for me. I'm much more idiosyncratic and just need to do my own thing, which is kind of new-agey and pantheistic. It's not that I don't work or play well with others, but I need to decide for myself when I do a certain thing, and how I do it. However, I can really relate to Wicca, and I so appreciate its woman-centeredness and its essentially female identity. I love those aspects, among others.

I have several favorite writers. Barbara Hambly has been the biggest influence on how I describe magic. She's an incredibly imaginative and empathetic writer with a gift for creating a rich, sensual world. I love Barbara Pym, an English writer whose books came out mostly in the fifties. She was a master at describing the thousand tiny moments that make up a woman's day; how the seemingly small and inconsequential thing can suddenly take on a huge emotional importance. I greatly admire P.D. James. She's one of the very few writers who makes me actually look up words in the dictionary. She has a beautiful, precise, educated command of the language that leaves me in awe. I love Philip Larkin's poetry. I read a lot of nonfiction and also have some favorite romance writers. Before anyone groans, let me say that these women write really well about women trying to achieve emotional fulfillment, and that's kind of what we're all doing, right? I also just like reading about sex. Anyway, Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and early Linda Howard are my faves.

And then of course there's my dark side, but more on that later.

" -Source

Cate Tiernan is a pseudonym for Gabrielle Charbonnet

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March 22, 2017
Darkness Falls (IB 02) by Cate Tiernan: 2.5 “Timely Message” Stars.


“…as my mother’s daughter, my father’s heir. Somehow I’d missed the inescapable inevitability that I would reveal myself to be just as dark as they had been.” ~Nastasya

Are we doomed to repeat the sins of our ancestors? Are we born bad? Or do we become bad? Are our actions a product of our DNA? Or our choices? Can we change who we are by changing what we do? Is good or bad a choice? Or a legacy?

In Cate Tiernan’s Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved 02), Nastasya learns the answers to those questions.


“ ‘I can’t escape it! It’s useless to try.’ Pain was spilling out of me like blood from a wound.
‘You feel you’re so dark there isn’t any choice anymore?’ River asked.
‘There never was a choice,’ I said bleakly. ‘That was… an illusion. There’s no escape.’ ” ~ Nastasya & River

After weeks of trying to be good, Nastasya finds herself backsliding. When darkness threatens to destroy the only good thing she’s ever known, someone from her past offers her a way out. And she returns to the sordid life she once led.


“It was a dark, evil, dangerous place. And what pierced me to the core was that two months ago, it wouldn’t have bothered me to rape these people’s energy. It was revolting that I’d been like that. Shameful. Disgraceful. What’s worse? I now saw myself so wretchedly clearly. I’d changed. But I hated seeing myself as I was. And I’d never be able to forget it.” ~ Nastasya

Like the hero in Brett Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero*, Nastasya discovers that things left behind can never be reclaimed. While her old life’s changed little, Nastasya’s changed a lot. Glamorous parties now seem garish. Witty cocktail conversations now sound derisive. Avant-garde nightlife now feels sleazy. Her friends are more out of control than ever and walking down a dark, dangerous path. But Nastasya knows the difference between good and evil now. She knows that following her friends into darkness now means following them knowingly. And for the first time in her life, Nastasya does not follow.


“Most of us start in darkness. Many of us stay there. No matter how dark you are, no matter your heritage, or how inevitable your fall, you can always make a choice in the next second to be different.” ~ River

While reading Darkness Falls, I couldn’t help thinking about it’s relevance to America’s growing drug epidemic.

In 2016, ASAM* cited drug overdose as the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Opioid addiction drove the epidemic with nearly 19,000 prescription medication deaths, and over 10,000 heroine deaths in 2014 alone. That same year, a reported 62,000 adolescents admitted to using heroine.

In Tiernan’s Immortal Beloved series, Nastasya learns that she has choices: darkness and destruction; or, lightness and well-being. What she chooses determines the quality of her life. Ultimately, she’s responsible for her own good health and happiness. Knowing that she’s in control of her own life, responsible for her own actions, makes it easier to distinguish between the right choices and the wrong ones.

If that message wasn’t directed towards teens contemplating the wonders of drug use, it should be.

*Ellis, Brett Easton. Less Than Zero. 1985.
*American Society of Addiction Medicine. National Center for Drug Statistics. asam.org. 2016

For a more detailed critique of this book, check out Nymeria's review: Click Me Baby!

Links to my reviews of books 1 & 3:
Immortal Beloved (IB #1): Click Me Again!
Eternally Yours (IB #3): Click Again (you know you want to!)

For information about my rating system, see my profile page.

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January 12, 2012
Darkness Falls is the second in Cate Tiernan’s Immortal Beloved trilogy. In Immortal Beloved, the first book, we met Nastasya, a burned-out immortal seeking enlightenment and redemption at the pastoral River’s Edge community. Darkness Falls continues her story, and book three will be titled Immortal Light.

Darkness Falls has the polar opposite of middle-book syndrome. Nastasya has a fantastic character arc here. She went through a huge amount of growth in Immortal Beloved, but all of that is tested in this book. Nastasya and River’s Edge suffer a spate of ill luck, and she begins to think she is inherently, irredeemably evil and has unwittingly corrupted River’s Edge with her darkness.

Just when she’s feeling lowest, temptation beckons. Her old friend Incy returns, and doesn’t seem quite so bad to Nastasya anymore. He offers a return to the life of mindless luxury and debauchery that she once enjoyed with him and their friends. Oblivion has its allure, when compared to painful psychological work. But she’s not quite the same as she was before River’s Edge, and something seems… off.

Through all her epiphanies and setbacks, Nastasya goes through a huge amount of character development in Darkness Falls, and the plot is scary and emotionally compelling. I liked the Nastasya/Reyn romance better this time too. By the end, Tiernan had me rooting for them as a couple. Reyn — terrible past and all — makes a great foil for Incy in that Reyn, unlike Incy, is trying to become a better man.

The focal point here isn’t really the romance, though, but Nastasya’s journey as she strives to shed her selfishness and find her own personal power. Then, near the book’s end, Tiernan gives us a tantalizing hint of a shadowy villain on the horizon, one that Nastasya has never even heard of before but who may be affecting the lives of all immortals. I can’t wait to see what happens in Immortal Light.
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Author 27 books5,587 followers
November 20, 2012
If possible, I love Nastasya more now. Also Reyn. Also everything about this book.

I managed to beg an ARC from the Little Brown booth at the IRA convention this weekend, and then I promptly devoured the entire book on my way home. So good. So addictive.

At the end of Immortal Beloved, you think that Nas has her life in order: she's staying at River's Edge, she and Reyn have confronted their shared past, he's hot, she's hot, it's all good!

Yeah. No. Because there is too much of Nas's past boiling in her brain, and if she wants to get rid of that darkness, she is going to have to face it, along with her old friends who are looking for her. And face it she does! Boy howdy! This book gives more glimpses into Nas's past than the first, and also into River's. The flashbacks were gripping, and I can't wait to see more. When Nas says that she's probably the worst person to ever come to River's Edge, River tells her that she's actually not that bad . . . leading one to hope that in book three we will get to see more about some of the other residents of the farm.

Deftly written, Nas's voice is so clear and endearing, my only regret is that I have to wait another year for the third one! NOOOOOOOO!

"Reread November 2012: Still loved it so darn much! Heart-breaking and funny by turns, never a dull moment.
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1,016 reviews30 followers
May 16, 2011
Five stars because I had to read this in a single day, because I was thoroughly - and shamelessly - satisfied with the ending, and because Tiernan's writing is just so. damn. good. I love the way she seemlessly incorporates flashbacks from different eras of Natasya's 450+ years. I usually get frustrated with such interruptions in a narrative, if they are too frequent. But here, with a few exceptions, they are just as engaging and vital as the main narrative. I almost gave it four stars, because the protagonist really frustrated me for a stretch of time and I was irritated and annoyed with some of the events. But, ultimately, what a great novel. I just want to clasp it to me for having such fabulous prose - as so few novels in the supernatural genre do.
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849 reviews917 followers
August 14, 2012
Immortal males should not be allowed to look like Viking gods.

There should be a law against it - because you WANT to read the book for the strong heroine, the fight for good against evil, the heartbreak, the sorrow, the gory scenes...not scanning the pages for the words 'Reyn' or 'Viking god', which I will readily admit to doing on more than one occasion.

Loved the book and it was a brilliant sequel. Let's just say that immortal rehab sounds like a holiday resort - activities, friendships, good food, self-discovery, oh and Viking gods.

Can't forget the Viking gods. :D
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1,779 reviews12.8k followers
January 13, 2012
This...was not nearly as good as the first book in the series. Why is it that every time I find a female protagonist I actually like, she seems doomed to take a turn toward Idiotville and reside there for 95% of the sequel? *Rubbing hand over face* It's like some kind of sequels curse.

This book did eventually redeem itself when Nasty finally wised up a bit at the end, but her little realization....that moment where she was like, "Wait, I'm powerful!"....I was sitting there, staring blankly at my Kindle and having to choke down an almost insurmountable urge to scream, "DUHHHHH!"

It's not that this book is bad, because it's not. Hence the three stars when normally this amount of irritation would cause me to lambast a book and maybe, maybe give it two stars. It's just that I expected so much more. Immortal Beloved is one of my favorite books of all time. With that in mind, I suppose it's reasonable to assume this one wouldn't live up to the high expectations I had for it.

The only thing that really bogged the entire story down for me was Nasty. I get feeling unsure and having low self-esteem and all that, but the wise-cracking, gut-instinct-trusting Nas from the first book was conspicuously absent from this installment. It was like 459 years of instinct just flew right out the window and she was suddenly questioning every single thing in her life, and not in the right way. Some of the issues she faced were so ridiculously obvious to even the most casual observer that one couldn't help employing some internal facepalm while Nas came to her silly realizations far, far too late.

The other problem with this book? Not nearly enough Reyn. He'd better play a huge part in the next book or I will be very upset.
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401 reviews48 followers
June 30, 2016
2.5 stars? It took 350 pages before Nas figured out that oh she's got strong powers too! Also, i got fed up with the i want him but i shouldn't thing she's got going on for Reyn. I sure hope she sticks to her decision this time around.

Or maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this book. Oh well.
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2,908 reviews1,160 followers
March 11, 2017
Actually it's 2.5 stars. The writing is decent and parts of the story is likable, and it isn't so heavily romance-focused. But the main character's stupidity and her ignoring all the bad omens, her being unable to see what has always been right in front of her makes me so mad...
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736 reviews41 followers
October 5, 2021
another good installment. I was getting a little aggravated when the story shifted and she returned to her old friends. in the end, the twist in the plot's path worked for me and it was all good.
I will surely read another in the series. I like the farm life she is embracing and how it challenges who she is and challenges who she was.
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443 reviews30 followers
September 10, 2016
So after my re-read I try to think more of themes and stuff while reading a book. I like how the Immortal Beloved series is about choice. Picking right from wrong and good from evil. There is never only good and never only evil. The biggest part is the gray part or the shadow part or whatever you want to call it. And maybe the most beautiful part is that Nasty admits it's not only for immortals but also for normal people. We all make bad choices and we all agree that life sometimes isn't fair, we just have to learn to cope with it and pick the right decision from the wrong one.


Part 2 of the Immortal Beloved series was like an eyeopener about Nastasya. To actually get to know her better. I mean we are with so many people on this world and we all have our different opinions or ways to enjoy our life. So has she and I sometimes wondered why she didn't dare or just didn't do some things.
I mean we saw her struggle with Old Mac and Dray and that didn't work out and I just wanted it for her so badly because she thought she was evil. If you realise al that, and the world looks like it turns it's back on you it's not weird that she wants to be with Incy again.
Maybe a bit because she was afraid of him but I think Incy is the best actor in the world. He looked like he cared about her (yes her powers) and she hated working that hard at River's so she just went back to her luxery living. Not a bad thing only bad friends.

I was happy for Nasty when she realised that the people at River's really were her friends. She knew more about them and they really cared about her. More than Incy, Boz and Katy who she spend something like ninety years with. (Boz at least). However I think that if I were Nastasya I would also been swept up by Incy, his charmes and everything. They were together for more than a century. You couldn't blame her. She just wanted to hold on tpo much on a friendship that wasn't actually excisting.

It was a great 'construction' (I don't know the right word) of the story. How everything went wrong and Incy came and that she realized that she wanted to be back at River's but she just didn't go and my my my that they saved her at that old warehouse. I was really waiting for it or not waiting, because I doubted it would happen, I was really hoping for it. I was happy that Reyn was there. Not just because of the romance but it showed Nasty that apart from River and the teachers there were other people that cared about her and wanted to save her. Same with Brynne coming in after a period she was back at her real new home.

I'm looking forward to Eternally Yours!
First read: March 30 - April 4th 2013
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95 reviews22 followers
October 11, 2015
Though this book was good, because well, Cate Tiernan, it was not as good as the first book in the Immortal Beloved Trilogy. Unfortunately, this second book in the series, Darkness Falls, did suffer from that second book syndrome.

HOWEVER! This is the first line in the book, "I want you".

Well hello good morning to you too!!! I mean, I can't even stand it! Of course this was the "Viking" speaking to Nastasya.

In Darkness Falls, the sequel to Immortal Beloved, we find Nastasya still at River's Edge, still attempting to better herself. After all the revelations from the first book, Nastasya is even more confused than when she first began her journey to self discovery. Add into the mix the feelings, she is trying oh so hard to fight, for Reyn, and you have got a recipe for hilarious disaster of epic proportions!

Nastasya is just as hysterical in Darkness Falls as she was when we first met her in Immortal Beloved. She is also faced with even more troubling happenings, dreams, and visions at River's Edge than she had in the first book. Again, she keeps her feelings and thoughts close to the vest, so to speak, attempting to rely only on herself, and no one else.

Epic fail.

After a major freak out session, where Nastasya begins to doubt everything she has worked so hard to build, she finds herself right back in the arms of the very evil she was running from. Though this time it's different. She has been awakened to who she really is and what it truly means to be immortal and sees right to the heart of her problem, though in typical Nastasya fashion, her realization comes too late.

I am very looking forward to the conclusion, Eternally Yours, where I hope to have lots more Reyn, Nastasya hijinx and possibly a magical battle showdown!
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Author 1 book295 followers
July 21, 2015
I found the author's voice slightly more muted in this second volume. The plot was highly predictable and frustrating - the character is much too smart not to have figured out some of the things that were presented as such. Overall, it felt like filling, this second volume. I am now reading the third one, and all of the above-menioned points are no longer an issue. Still, a nice read, guaranteed to draw a giggle here and there. Along with the occasional slapping of the forehead in frustration - but that is the risk we take with any book :)
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199 reviews33 followers
March 15, 2016
Even better than the first book. Cate tiernan never disappoints can't wait to read the last book hopefully have more reyn in it...
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382 reviews607 followers
January 2, 2016
Final rating: 4.5/5 stars


Wow, this book was even better than the Immortal Beloved! I didn't even know how fast i absorbed this book. I just knew that i started it, and suddenly it was over. But i say wow for the ending, we see some action there :D and plot twists ofc.

Beware, spoilers are real :P


Story :

My body was not ready after all.Anyway-this was cool book. I had expected some things to happen, like Nasty eventually crossing the path with Incy and the rest, but there were some stuff i still didn't expect. I loved everything about it and somehow, the story this time was more revealing. I mean, some of the characters said some stuff about their pasts, and i found that quite interesting, especially for River. Anyway, the end of the book was extremely surprising and i was like: "Damn you, what are you doing?","Where is her knight in shining armor?","Stop being such idiot and get close to Reyn, you idiot!"


Characters :

So, Nastasya : feeling even more outcast than ever, screws up her life again. She gets into more arguments and fights, but she knows that instead of doing the things right, she made even more mistakes. But i didn't stop loving her or her sarcastic comments and her drolling on Reyn. She had hard past, she did suffer a lot of stuff, she was corrupted, and all she needed was to fall in love with the murderer of her family. But still, her family also killed his, but she just can't accept the past and move on. But Reyn is not the same guy from before. She can't accept that fact and she can't get over it because she is still there, in past, relieving it all, over and over again. But i am glad that in the end . Also, she started to hang out with Incy and the rest because she felt like she was going dark because of all the wrong stuff that started happening from the new year's eve. She thought that she would bring a lot of trouble, and therefore, went with them.

Reyn : Thank god that he made some moves and that he has, comparing to Nasty, accepted the past and is ready to move on. I mean come on, her familly killed his family as well! And yet, he has decided to ignore it and live in present. He surprised me a lot, especially toward the end in all his gloryness ;D

Innocencio : Damn you, Incy, i knew something was wrong with you. And yet, he appeared to be quite normal when he met with Nasty again. I mean common, Nasty had visions and everything and yet she still chose him over River's edge? Is she crazy? I guess the problem lies in Innocencio. *warning, spoilers are very serious*

Others : River was as usual, awesome, but i was quite surprised of the stuff she did as a dark one. That also goes for the others who revealed their stories. So yeah, Nasty and Reyn aren't the only ones who had it bad. Also, there was a new character, called Amy and sister of Anne, who guess what?, she also started to like Reyn, but unlike Nell, she didn't get in the way. Thank god, or it would be to same.

Overall :

A worthy sequel, and in my opinion, stronger than the first book. Let's see what Eternally Yours has to offer.


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


>> Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved, #1) <<
>> Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved, #2) <<
>> Eternally Yours (Immortal Beloved, #3) <<
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903 reviews91 followers
September 21, 2011
Ouaw ! Quel plaisir de lire ce livre ! J'avais vraiment adoré le premier tome, mais celui-ci dépasse de loin mes espérances ! Je suis devenu accro à Nasty, à son histoire, à sa répartie et à ses réflexions ! Puis le monde des Immortels est juste passionnant ! Cet opus m'a vraiment beaucoup plu ! Cate Tiernan a vraiment un don pour nous transmettre de nombreuses émotions et nous faire vivre ses romans !
La Traque nous ramène directement à River's Edge, lieu où Nasty, Reyn et les autres Immortels vivent pour se purger de leurs peines passées. Mon héroïne adorée a encore du mal à s'adapter à l'endroit : entre réveils matinaux aux aurores, travaux plutôt déplaisants à effectuer et le manque de luxure, ce n'est pas la joie ! D'ailleurs, tous ces petits manques qui déplaisent à Nasty m'ont beaucoup fait rire ! Certaines de ses pensées étaient à mourir de rire ! Elle a une répartie d'enfer, cette petite ( enfin petite, elle a quand même 459 ans, ne l'oublions pas ) !
Heureusement pour elle, son mal-être devient surmontable grâce à River, personnage qui prend beaucoup d'épaisseur dans ce tome et que j'apprécie beaucoup, et à... Reyn ! Haaa, ces deux-là ! Ils sont beaux, mignons, touchants ! Je les aime ! Nasty, qui ne sait pas vraiment comment s'y prendre avec ses sentiments, nous permet de découvrir des scènes assez comiques !
Mais ce n'est pas tout. Reyn, lui, est fou amoureux de Nasty. Ca se voit comme le nez au milieu du visage. Nasty, elle, ne sait pas trop où elle en est, surtout à cause de ce qu'elle a précédemment appris sur lui dans le premier tome. L'histoire qui les lie l'oppresse toujours. A cause de cela, sa relation avec Reyn est très compliquée à gérer. Du coup, ce presque-couple offre le genre de romance que j'adore : celle qui mêle haine et passion. Comme vous devez certainement le savoir, je suis un grand fan de ce style d'histoires d'amour. Quand répulsion et amour entrent en collision, je fonds ! Là, j'ai été servi ! C'est d'ailleurs cet aspect du livre qui m'a permis de plus l'apprécier que son prédécesseur ! Ce n'est pas compliqué, tout était parfait : romance, intrigue, personnages et rebondissements !
Sauf que voilà, entre ses émotions, son passé et sa nouvelle vie, Nasty va avoir beaucoup de mal à se poser et à relâcher la pression. Du coup, elle va se remettre en question et... Replonger dans son passé ! Haaaa, quel bonheur d'en apprendre plus sur elle ! L'histoire de cette Immortelle est vraiment prenante et poignante ! J'ai été conquis ! Souvent dans mes lectures, je recherche de très bonnes intrigues, de l'amour à revendre mais qui ne tombe pas dans la niaiserie et... de l'humanité. Hé bien franchement, si vous êtes comme moi, jetez-vous sur Immortels tome 2 !
Nasty, qui m'avait déjà beaucoup plu dans le premier roman grâce à son côté humain, m'a encore plus fait chavirer ! Là, c'est un vrai livre sur sa maturité que l'auteure nous offre. Et j'ai, bien entendu, adoré ça ! Quelle joie de la voir avancer, progresser, se battre contre elle-même pour réussir à changer ! Nasty est réellement un personnage que j'aime et que je regrette ne pas retrouver dans plus d'ouvrages !
Par contre, l'histoire serait vraiment trop simple si tout restait ainsi. Un énorme problème va finir par se poser : bien que Nasty lutte contre ses démons intérieurs, ces derniers reviennent très vite à la charge. Ses hantises et son manque de confiance en elle vont finir par ressortir et la forcer à replonger. Là-dessus, je ne vous dirai rien ! Gardez donc les plus grosses révélations pour vous !
Je passe donc directement à la fin... Elle m'a beaucoup plu ! J'attends la suite avec une impatience énorme, mais cette attente ne sera pas invivable. Il reste pas mal de questions en suspens, mais ça ne me dérange pas ! J'ai confiance en Cate Tiernan pour la suite. J'espère que nous continuerons à voyager sur le chemin de la rédemption et du pardon de Nasty, car ce côté de l'intrigue m'a touché et pris aux tripes ! Puis les dernières pages sont gorgées d'adrénaline ! Faux semblants, mensonges et trahisons sont au rendez-vous ! Et c'est surtout pour le pire...
Le message est passé, non ? Si vous avez autant aimé Immortels que moi, précipitez-vous sur sa suite. Elle est intense, explosive, et encore meilleure ! Du bonheur à l'état pur ! Nasty devient une personne émouvante, tout en restant drôle et prête à se battre pour les bonnes causes ! Une aventure pleine de surprises et de moments à vous faire fondre de plaisir sont au programme !
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2,274 reviews544 followers
February 15, 2013
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: The sequel wraps up loose ends from Immortal Beloved with humor, action, and more swoony romance with our favorite Viking God.

Opening Sentence: ”I want you.”
The Review:

The novel’s first line, “I want you.” comes from Reyn, so believe me when I say he has you swooning from page one. Nastasya is still at River’s Edge, learning Tähti magic and clean living and hiding from her not-so-BFF Innocencio. She’s still a smart-a$$ immortal with huge insecurities, but we see even more growth in Darkness Falls than we did in Immortal Beloved. Tiernan thrives on character-driven novels, which means as the reader you form a close relationship with the narrator, faster than you expect to.

In this novel there are a lot more flashbacks to Nasty’s past lives in Iceland and Norway and Tahiti and a million other places. They show a lot of horrible things, tell us a lot about Nas’s character and how she survived on her own, but every time we get to one the present-day the plotline stops cold. It makes for a slow read, but our sarcastic and hilarious heroine carries the story along with self-deprecating aplomb. Of course, she also has her share of embarrassing moments and unfortunately, because it’s written in first-person and you love Nasty, you get to feel her mortification close and personal.

Nastasya begins to suspect Incy knows where she is. Either that, or someone at River’s Edge has it out for her. With danger coming in unexpected turns, Nas tries hard to keep the others out of it. Of course, Reyn doesn’t like being pushed to the sidelines and their relationship suffers for it. Oh beautiful angst! As per Immortal Beloved, the romance subplot is a SUBplot, with Incy’s evil machinations taking the leading role. This is both nice, because it’s good to see girls with their priorities in order, and also so so disappointing. Reyn, in all his Butcher of Winter-Viking God glory, is sweet and strong and swoon-worthy. He doesn’t coddle Nas like some of the others, and he cuts through her self-centered recriminations when she needs it.

Incy has a much stronger role in Darkness Falls as more and more sinister things begin to creep into West Lowing. Finally, we get to see just how unstable Innocencio is without his BFF through Nas’s flashbacks and visions. The truth scares her and makes her feel stupid. How could she not notice what a monster her best friend was?

With Immortal Beloved we saw Nas’s introduction to River’s Edge and their lifestyle, but with Darkness Falls we see her really begin to accept her place there. This installment proves that Middle Bridge Book Syndrome can be avoided, and the story takes an interesting turn in Eternally Yours. We learn more about her power, her life, and get to see her make different—better—choices. Mostly.

Still, like with the first book, this sequel was a bit slow. It’s Tiernan’s writing and snarky narrator that carry the novel through the slow-bits. Nas’s story is heart-breaking and hilarious in turns (and at the same time). We wrap up most, if not all, of the loose ends from Immortal Beloved and Nas’s past opens up new questions about who and what she is. At the end of Darkness Falls, you’re left with the impression that things are only about to get more complicated for the immortals at River’s Edge.

Notable Scene:

“Why are you here?” I gestured largely, denoting “at River’s Edge” rather than “in the barn.” He blinked in surprise, and I could almost see him weighing the decision to tell me, what he should say, if anything.

He stepped into the stall and stood by the door. I was struck by the change in his demeanor—he was usually brash, cocky, charming; self-confident in the way that an incredibly handsome man can be. He opened his mouth to say something—raised his hand, then let it fall.

I polished a saddle very quietly, my eyes locked on him. This ought to be good.

His fingers plucked the fabric of the Italian wool trousers he had chosen to muck out the barn in. “I…” he said, looking at the ceiling, the floor. “I have…”

I held my breath. Cheerful, lovely Brynne had tried to set someone on fire, so I couldn’t imagine what had brought Lorenz here.

“I have two hundred and thirty-five children,” he said, and I almost fell over.

FTC Advisory: Little, Brown/Hachette Book Group provided me with a copy of Darkness Falls. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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August 3, 2011
Just when you thought Nastasya might be on the road to recovery at the end of Immortal Beloved, there's suddenly a pot-hole in that road and she goes speeding straight into it. But the difference this time, is while she does make stupid mistakes and falls back into the destructive pattern of her old life, she's gone back in a changed woman. She has knowledge she never had before and, most annoyingly, she's acquired a few pesky morals. All thanks to her time at Rivers Edge, rehab for wayward immortals. And she's a little peeved off about that. River helped her grow a conscious and the pain of having one bites! But oh is this needed for her. I can understand what drew her back there. The doubts and uncertainty swirling through her mind, the dark cloud that seems to be settling over her, infecting everyone and everything around her. Can she truly escape the darkness that burns within her? She feels toxic and if she stays any longer, she's afraid what might to the people she's grown to care for

I was waiting, waiting, waiting for Incy to reappear in Immortal Beloved. We only got a quick glance at his character in the beginning and there was that running fear that he may catch up to Nas again - and boy did I want him to! Which made me happy to see him here, if not a little scared. But Nastasya isn't sure what to think because he's seems so very normal. Not the flash of the guy she saw emerge when he crippled the taxi driver back in London. But the Incy she knew and loved. Was she too rash in her judgement to leave? Was she wrong to abandon their century old friendship before she really gained all the facts?

The flashbacks to the past are again scattered throughout the novel, which I so enjoyed reading because that add that much more depth to the story. Nastasya begins to see many of her memories in an entirely new light because she's viewing them from the perspective of someone who's actually beginning to give a damn about the world around her and the people in it. She learns some painful truths about her family and also witnesses some shocking moments in River's past. Kind, wise, guiding River whose past is revealed to be a far cry from the woman we know today. Choice. That is a key theme in what Tiernan writes. Everyone has a choice. No matter what lay within you, no matter what you've done or how great the darkness you're capable of, what you do next lies solely within your hands.

The incredibly messed up relationship between Nastasya and Reyn is still warring on. It's not a focal point of the novel, but she is still battling the emotions churning within her. Never have I witnessed such a complicated relationship between two fictional characters. Their past together is brutal, tormenting and horrific. They're both changed people, but can she ever truly allow herself to be with this man?

What I love in particular about these books is the redemptive theme. Characters whose actions would ordinarily make them complete villains of the story, are in the leading roles and striving toward a better life. I'd like to see such hope for the person who exhibited the most.... well, psychotic displays of insanity throughout the book. They commit some gruesome crimes, but we do gain an understanding as to what drives them to do it. But when you think about it - is this person any different from River? Reyn? Nastasya? Anyone at River's Edge? They were all like that at one point. Immersed in the darkness. But if they can fight it, then I have hope for other 'bad guy' characters who come along.

Tiernan's writing is so addictively engaging and Nastasya never fails to create a reaction out of the reader. The witty voice I so loved in Immortal Beloved is still ever present. Whether you're laughing, sympathising or else just groaning at some of her choices, she makes you become invested in her story and that's what makes for such endearing characters. They demand your attention. Darkness Falls is a thoroughly satisfying sequel as we see Nastasya begin to face her past, but not without dire consequences. The road to recovery is far from easy!
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May 2, 2015
This review is also available over at my blog.


Actual rating is 4.5 stars.

Although I definitely adored this book, unfortunately for me it's not exactly as awesome as its predecessor.

The story continues where the last book left off. Nastasya is still in River's Edge, but things are suddenly going downhill in her life, and she feels surrounded by dark magick. She then finds out that her old friends are in town, including Innocencio, her ex-best-friend who wants her back in his life, just like old times. But Nasty picks up a change in Incy, and starts questioning what his motives really are, while uncovering more of her own dark powers from her bloodline, and wondering if she will ever be truly free of it.

The title of this book fits perfectly, cause darkness really does fall.

Nasty is as awesome as always. I just love this bitch, seriously. She's well on her way in becoming one of my most favorite YA heroines of all time. And I loved that the author put a few "My face is not that expressive" moments in this book also, because that has definitely become a catchphrase. xD We also get to see more flashbacks from her past, including one that really made me tear up. For those of you who read this already, I'll give you a hint: Bear. *sniff sniff*

The romance. Well, we see some more sexual tension between her and Reyn during the first half of the book. And then this little chick Amy came along, who is basically Nell Lite. She's Anne's sister and she wants to jump Reyn's bones, pretty much. She also happened to be the reason I had to take away half a star from the rating. This book had what I'd like to call the Second-Book-Syndrome. Basically, it's when the "Other Girl" character shows up, and the love interest starts getting cozy with her and shit, and the protagonist has to suffer through seeing them together over and over again.

Now, Reyn is a very quiet, brooding, tortured-by-his-past kind of guy, most of you who read the first book already know that. But this Amy chick keeps making him all warm and smiley and stuff, and there was even one part where Nasty sees them walking out of his room laughing and shit. It annoyed me because this is becoming a stupid trend in YA sequels and I just want it to go the hell away.

What also bothered me was that it was never resolved in the end. Like, it was never even mentioned again. Like it never happened. I want to know what the hell went on between them in his fucking BEDROOM. -_- Don't just brush it off and expect us to forget. Some of us were actually starting to like Reyn.

But it appears Amy will still be around. Maybe it'll be addressed in the last book, I don't know. But still, it really pissed me off that this series would stoop so low and have the Other Girl character. Twice, albeit Nell's affection towards Reyn was never returned since he was too dense to even realize she had any feelings for him.

Anyways, besides that unfortunate annoyance, I loved everything else about this book. The whole thing with Incy and the dark magick and everything, I kind of was expecting it, but I never expected anything to go that extreme. During the end parts I got really engaged, and my jaw was open the whole way through.

At least the author wasn't cruel in that she didn't end with a huge cliffhanger. That'll make the wait for book three a tiny little teensy bit more bearable. Ish.

Overall, awesome book, awesome series, go read it. K, thanks, bye.
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March 21, 2012
You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.

I am absolutely loving my luck with trilogies right now! Darkness Falls did not disappoint at all. Cate Tiernan gave what were already great characters an amazing amount of depth and made me love them even more. Darkness Falls starts off immediately following Immortal Beloved. Nas is still at River's Edge and she is doing great. But slowly things start taking a turn for the worse, weird things are happening and she has a sickening feeling that it is her inherent darkness rising up and destroying her chance for happiness. Just when her heart can't take anymore she is reunited with her best friend Innocencio and she goes with him and back to her old life. But is it really what she wants? And is Incy someone she can trust? Of course, our girl Nasty has to find out the hard way.

I came into this book wanting to learn more about the supporting characters, River especially. I really like how she opened up in this book and we found out how she became the patient, understanding woman she is today (it wasn't easy I tell ya!) We also learned more about Anne and Charles which were fantastic tales unto their own. And of course, we saw more of Nas's past through more of the thrilling flashbacks. I really enjoy the use of flashbacks in this series, the history is so enchanting. She's always in a different part of the world, in a defferent century dealing with real life things.

The love story in Darkness Falls was just as elusive as it was in Immortal Beloved. I wanted Nas and Reyne to ravage eachother and be done with it! But, that would be giving everything away too easily, wouldn't it? Once again the author has made you long for the love that you know is there, but has stayed true to the story of growth that is at the heart here. As frustrating as it is, it's what makes these books so damn good! The relationship between River and Nas also fluorished in this one, River opened up in a way I'm not sure she has to anyone else.

This story has some great morals in it as well. Sure it's a story about immortals with magickal powers going through the motions of everyday life and trying to find something real to live for. But it is a story of good and evil, of right and wrong. It's a story that tells us that we can overcome our bad decisions of the past and become a better person in spite of it. This series digs in deep and makes you look at all the wrong choices you may have made in your life and gives you hope that you can overcome them. The quote I decided to use in this review really struck home with me, because it's true. Hiding our indiscretions and never facing the reality of them gets us nowhere. We need to face our past and learn from it.

I am in love with this series and I will definitely be recommending them to anyone looking for an Alluring Read.

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January 27, 2012
I've been waiting a long time for this one and I'm lucky I wasn't disappointed. Nastasya has had a rough 450-year long existence where on her roughest days she might pass as a young girl in her early twenties. In the last book we found out about some of her more shocking history and in this installment we see her strive more for what she wants as well as a lot of Oprah aha! moments. She has to confront her shadier acts in history and discover what it may cost her to move forward. I love that the mythology behind this world isn't set in stone like that comes with other familiar tropes, because it's so much more unique than a lot of other books in this genre. There's no info dumping and the progression in the story felt very organic. The only minor complaint I have was while I realize Nastasya's immaturity and sarcasm are only minor weapons in her arsenal of denial/defense mechanisms, it sometimes got to be a little too flippant and not at all like someone who has lived a whopping four centuries. Other than that I loved that this one involves some of the characters we were introduced to in the fist book and leaves just enough questions for the direction of the final in the trilogy.

P.S.-I'm going to be a have a total sappy fangirl moment and say that I love Reyn and Nastasya and the history they have to overcome makes it so much sweeter, let me tell you. Yay for no love triangles!!
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848 reviews
April 11, 2012
3 and 3/4 stars
This book takes off within a few days of when the first one ends and has quite a bit more action and stoy development. I enjoyed it more than the first, but I'd have liked a little better pace. The first half sort of drags a bit and for a being who is over 450 years old, Nastasya seems to have so little self-awareness and tends to always jump to the wrong conclusion. She seems a bit dim for someone with so much life experience. She mentions that she never graduated high school or even attended high school so maybe like the Cullens she should give that a try and keep going until her little puddin' head is at least partially filled with intelligence. In other words, her stupidity got on my nerves.
Nasty casts off her darkness and immediately things start to go wrong so she blames herself and pushes people away even more than she was already pushing people away. Instead of using "the force" she chooses "the dark side" with the inevitable results because, let me remind you, she is very stupid.
The ending of this one feels much more complete than the first book.
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March 18, 2018
The second instalment in this trilogy I liked even more than the first one!
Nastasya's sassy character captured me from the very first page and I found myself laughing out loud at times.
At some point I feared the situation with Amy would become something similar as with Nell. (Especially when Reyn made something chocolate for her), but I was happily surprised it didn't come to this. I wouldn't have liked the same kind of storyline all over again. I appreciated that Amy was such a nice person and that the "relationship" between her and Reyn didn't take up more of the overall story.
And even though Nas and Reyn (aka Viking Wonderboy, Butthead of Winter, oblivious moron and what was it again? Mr. Golden Sunshine?😂😂😂) didn't spend too much time together I felt their moments more than I had in the first novel.
Nas also showed a lot of development particularly in connection with her heritage and her old life (i.e. Incy and co). She grew a lot and I can't wait to get the third book in my hands and to see how the story will go on!
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December 3, 2015
I could honestly leave the series after this book because I liked the way things wrapped up. Like, this could totally be a duology. But I've obviously enjoyed the first two books immensely -- I listened to them both in a single day -- and even though there's apparently no audio available for the final book, I'll just have to make time to read it. Probably while I'm at work tomorrow, lol.

I really like Nasty's character growth, the slow burn thing she has going with Reyn, the pure fucking evil unleashed in this book. Fun times. :)
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November 5, 2014
Reyn only had a handful of sentences in this book, which was exactly what bothered me in the last book. I just cant seem to muster any feelings for him. He's so plain and boring and just ugh! I know, I know, why do the heck do I keep reading these books? Well lets just say I'm a masochist at heart... Incy was batshit crazy which was actually the only interesting thing going on in the book. So yeah, the book was bah. I think that really sums it up.
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November 17, 2012
This book is so much better than its predecessor because Nasty is just awesome, the plot is addictive, and there are fun smoldering tension-filled scenes with Reyn.
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April 5, 2022
כמעט הפסקתי אחרי הספר הראשון בסדרה.
אפילו התחלתי כבר ספר אחר, אבל… משהו משך אותי לחזור. התגעגעתי לדמויות ורציתי לדעת מה קורה הלאה.
וכך קרה שקראתי גם את הספר השני.

בספר הזה נסטסיה ממשיכה להיאבק בשדים הפנימיים שלה - היא מרגישה לא שייכת, לא ראויה, רעה, אכזרית ומישהי שעתה כל כך הרבה דברים מזעזעים בחייה, עד שאין לה מחילה. היא באמת ובתמים מאמינה שיש בה אופל, שלא ניתן לתקן ושאין לה זכות לחיות עם ריבר והאחרים.

ריין ממשיך לנסות להתקרב אליה, אבל היא מתרחקת. דברים רעים מתחילים לקרות, כל מיני התרחשויות שליליות ואיכשהו חייה מתדרדרים מדכי אל דכי. בנוסף, יש לה חלומות רעים (שהיא כלל לא בטוחה שהם לא אמיתיים) שבהם אינסי עושה דברים נוראיים, מאבד את זה לחלוטין ופוגע קשות באחרים.

ברגע של שבר קשה במיוחד, נסטסיה נמלטת מהבית ומוצאת את עצמה לבד, קפואה מקור ובלי יכולת לזוז. וכך מוצא אותה אינסי. אינסי, שדווקא עושה רושם נורמלי לחלוטין כשהיא פוגשת אותו, דווקא מקבל אותה בהבנה מוחלטת ובזרועות פתוחות והוא מציע לה להיצטרף אליו ואל חבריהם עד שתחליט מה לעשות עם עצמה. נסטסיה מאמינה שהיא לא יכולה לחזור לריבר ונשארת עם אינסי ולכמה ימים החיים הקודמים שהיו לה מתקיימים שוב.

אבל נסטסיה כבר לא מרגישה ״בבית״ והיא שוב ושוב מתחבטת במחשבות ובלבטים קיומיים. כן כן, חלק גדול מהספר הזה עוסק בהרהורים האלו שלה (וכן, זה לפעמים קצת מייגע).

ואז מגיע הרגע שבו היא מבינה שייתכן ואינסי באמת לא בדיוק בקו השפיות. הוא משתמש בקסם כלפי בני אנוש רגילים ולאחר מכן גם לוקח אותה למועדון שבו אימורטלס ״שואבים״ אנרגיה מבני אדם. וכשנסטסיה ושניים מחבריהם אומרים לו את זה, הוא משתגע לגמרי, רוצח את בוז וקייטי וכמעט גם את נסטסיה, שברגע האחרון מצילה את עצמה בפרץ בלתי מוסבר של קסם.

ואז מגיעים ריבר וכל האחרים והם אוספים את נסטסיה בחזרה הביתה. כמובן שאחרי כמה ימים נסטסיה גם חוזרת ומתקרבת לריין. הם מתנשקים ומדברים ונראה שהם מחליטים לתת למשיכה ביניהם צ׳אנס.

ריין מחזיר לנסטסיה את החצי השני של התליון של אמה, שמסתבר שנמצא אצלו כל השנים.

ואז מתחיל הספר השלישי…

אם לסכם - אורבן פנטזי חמוד ממש. קצת יותר מדי אופל והרהורים מדכאים, אבל באמת שזו לא חזות הכל ובסך הכל נהנתי מהקריאה. הייתי אומרת שזה משהו סביב 3.5-4 כוכבים.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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