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Bone Daddy #1

Possess Me

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Three exciting new paranormal erotic novellas set in New Orleans, with a voodoo twist that's "pure magic". (Eden Bradley)

In the Big Easy, there's a legend women long for: a sexual voodoo spirit who can fulfill their darkest fantasies. And in these three steaming-hot novellas, he helps three New Orleans couples achieve the ultimate satisfaction...

In Release Me, Allegra heads down to New Orleans to heal her wounds, but she never expects to lose her heart to such a quiet, troubled man as Rousseau. She's even less prepared for the scorching, sexual spirit within him-and what he can do to her...

In Reclaim Me, Ben has loved Michelle as long as he can remember. But his beautiful artist has a way of running away from life-and what the pair could be. Leave it to the infamous spirit to help Ben prove to Michelle where she belongs: in his embrace...

In Redeem Me, it's All Saints' Day, the one day the voodoo spirit can walk the world in the flesh. When he bumps into Bethany, she might just be the reincarnation of a girl he once loved. Passion ignites, but can the couple overcome past mistakes and have a real chance at love?

304 pages, Paperback

First published July 22, 2010

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About the author

R.G. Alexander

79 books1,638 followers
R.G. Alexander is a New York Times USA Today Bestselling author who has written over 45 erotic paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy books for multiple epublishers and Berkley Heat.

She has lived all over the United States, studied archaeology and mythology, been a nurse, a vocalist, and now a writer who feels lucky everyday that she gets to share her stories with her readers. She loves talking to them on twitter and FB. She is happily married to a man known affectionately as The Cookie-her best friend, research assistant, and the love of her life. Together they battle to tame the wild Rouxgaroux that has taken over their home.

If you want to find out more, go to: Website: www.rgalexander.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RachelGrace.RGAl...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RG_Alexander

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1,293 reviews188 followers
July 11, 2021
A book I honestly did not expect to like turned out to be a real pleasure. I don't generally enjoy the paranormal or the gothic, especially in romance, and this book steeped in New Orleans history and Voodoo delivered a lot of both. I am not sure how it ended up on my shelf, but my guess is a long ago library $5 bag sale day, a day that for me often looks like that old show where people had to race through the supermarket, winning if their basket was the priciest. For years I travelled internationally on business, and the packing skills I developed were transferable to library sales -- you cannot imagine how many books can fit in a paper grocery bag if one arranges them strategically. Anyhooo....this was on the shelf for years and I decided it was time to do some shelf-clearing and the main appeal of this book was I thought it would be a DNF so the shelf clearing would be quicker. I was wrong.

The book consists of 3 novellas based around one NO urban family and another 19th century version of same who have ended up in new bodies, with various powers and complicated lives of their own, let alone the complicated lives of their ancestors. Also there is a lot of really good sex and a fair it of overwrought romantic love as well.) There is a fascinating but not central theme around how race impacts Creole families internally, about how visible characteristics like melanin and hair texture and the width of noses or chins or bottoms lead to very different lives even for children within the same families. This is well written too. I was engaged with all the stories. It took me a long time to read only because i put it down between novellas, but I was totally invested when reading it. This surprised me in a good way.
779 reviews57 followers
August 2, 2010
Possess Me by R. G. Alexander
Paranormal Romance- Aug. 3, 2010
4 stars

Possess Me is a romance that lovers of erotic and the paranormal will definitely enjoy! It is a 3 story anthology that starts out in New Orleans. Where a legend about a sexual voodoo spirit who grants women’s darkest fantasies and wishes comes to life!

Rosseau, a quiet handsome cafe owner, is not exactly himself. Possessed by the sexual voodoo spirit, he tried to stay from Allegra, a woman whom he has a crush on. But, the spirit has other plans...

Michelle, Allegra’s best friend, has trouble reconciling with her heritage. She not only chooses to ignore from her supernatural gifts, she also chooses to ignore Ben, her childhood friend who’s also her soul mate. But again, the spirit intervenes...

On All Saints’ Day, the spirit was granted flesh for one day. As he enjoys his one day, he meets up with a woman who could have been his love in the past life. Can they get together in the end?

Three erotic novellas in one book. Plus exotic terms and cool foreign (to me, at least) concepts of voodoo, spirits, and mediums. This could have been a recipe for disaster, but Alexander is a deft writer who easily juggled it all and presented the three novellas in a palatable, easy to digest manner. All three novellas are linked and flows easily from one to another without causing confusion. Easy to read with straightforward plots, this erotic anthology is definitely fun and entertaining.

Of course, being an erotic anthology, the sex scenes are very steamy and explicit. However, Alexander never crosses the line to “too much.” Her book is well balanced between the sexual scenes and the plot line. Other less experience writers tend to throw in sex scenes one after another without setting it up properly, thus reducing their book to a rubble of pornographic scenes. Alexander avoids this pitfall by not sacrificing plot for sex. As the spirit that holds the anthology together, Bone Daddy is vital to the plot. If he had been a cardboard character who’s a tool, this anthology would have fallen flat on its face. Thankfully, Bone Daddy’s mischievous spirit and interesting personality gave these three novellas depth, showcasing Alexander’s mastery over her work.

Even for me (someone who usually stays away from erotic novels), Possess Me is an entertaining fantasy that’s easy to read.

Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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2,034 reviews50 followers
September 21, 2014
I really enjoyed this book. At first I was kinda wondering how cheesy this would be with a character named "Bone Daddy", I mean come on , right? But yeah it wasn't cheesy at all. In fact came to enjoy Bone Daddy a lot.

There are three short stories, but it felt like one book. One story ran into the next because it was about the friends. They were in each other stories and so you found out what was happening to them even when their HEA was over. I was thrilled that Bone Daddy's story was last. I love that he had a history that we got to read about.

Who would have thought that a book about spirits and voodoo and the Lao would be so entertaining. The first short was about Allegra and Rousseau. Rousseau was possessed with the voodoo spirit Bone Daddy. Loved that Allegra wasn't described as beautiful or hot or whatever , she has flaws. As in scars all over her body from an accident. Rousseau thinks the scars make her more beautiful. They had a hot short story. Hot sex and torment male. Loved..

Michelle and Ben well they are best friends of Allegra and Rousseau. Ben has been in love with Michelle since childhood. He is the one chasing her, and she is running from her feeling for him.The Lao (BD), is there to help them out. Loved..

The last was about Bone Daddy and Bethany. Bethany is close friends with Michelle. BD and Bethany well there is more than meets the eye with this one. I was pleased too. Love back stories. BD is a naughty perv. lol Loved him! Bethany is shy and a recluse. She would rather stay home and read than be around people. I loved seeing how BD brought out her wild side.

Hot sex in each short and some action. Overall it was a pretty good book, and I look forward to the next one about the siblings from this book.
Profile Image for Annie .
2,438 reviews812 followers
October 20, 2011
Posted on Under the Covers

Possess Me is a book written in three parts. While the stories follow the same story arc, each short story follows a different couple and their happily-ever-afters. I absolutely loved this idea! I thought it was unique and the fact that Alexander sets it in New Orleans makes me love it that much more! Each story is so culturally rich that I wished I could head on over to experience the magic for myself!

“Release Me”
The first story is Rousseau and Allegra’s story. What is so engaging about this story is the presence of the Loa spirit, Bone Daddy in Rousseau. Bone Daddy is a sexual spirit whose goal is sexual satisfaction. But even Allegra is intrigued by BD, it’s Rousseau that she wants.

As I mentioned earlier, I loved the idea of Bone Daddy, but I found it a little confusing because Rousseau and Bone Daddy are essentially the same person. It was a little hard to distinguish them from one another. But apart from that, I loved it!

“Reclaim Me”
Ben Adair is also another character that I loved. From the moment he made his first appearance in Release Me, I knew I’d love his story. Michelle and Ben have both had eyes for one another for a very long time, but they kept themselves at arm’s length.

But with Michelle’s special ability to see spirits, Bone Daddy’s presence seems to be pushing her closer and closer to Ben. I’ll have to agree with BD on this one.Together, Michelle and Ben are electric and I have to say that this story was my favourite of the three.

“Redeem Me”
In this last story, we get caught up on the events in Allegra and Michelle’s life, while also being introduced to one of their friends, Bethany. With her mediocre looks and shy personality, the others can’t believe that BD has set his sights on her, but with Allegra’s wedding on All Saints’ Day, the voodoo spirits can now walk the earth in the flesh.

Overall Impression: Loved the idea, loved the characters and loved the overall magical and sensual darkness that encompassed everything. And the cover is really hot!

*Review copy provided by author
Profile Image for Miranda Baker.
Author 6 books111 followers
April 21, 2011
Kept hearing about Bone Daddy on the Smutketeers Yahoo group until I had to buy the book. It's set in New Orleans and my husband and I cooked down there for a couple of years - another draw. I was thoroughly entertained by these stories, and I'm still enjoying thinking about the characters. Best line: "Bone Daddy unchained." GROWR! You want to read it now too, don't you?
Profile Image for Anilú.
32 reviews
January 8, 2011
I liked it. The best thing about it, was that for once, facts about vaudun were correct! Very refreshing.
Profile Image for Dana.
24 reviews1 follower
August 2, 2010
Possess Me, the debut novel by RG Alexander for Berkley Heat, is every bit as sensual and captivating as its sexy cover art. Set in magical New Orleans, an erotic voodoo spirit known as Bone Daddy is consumed with making every sexual fantasy a reality.

Let me begin by saying I am an accomplished romance reader if I do say so myself. Vampires, demons, fairies, time-traveling Scottish lords…I’ve read about them all but I am sure I’ve never come across a sexy voodoo spirit before. This ability to write new, creative characters is what keeps me coming back to read RG Alexander’s work...that and the sexy storylines. I read the book a few months ago and I can still recall…with a smile on my face…an erotic scene or two or three…ok all of them. Especially the dressing room…just loved that one.

The book consists of three novellas, each telling its own story, but at the same time building on one main story. I love this format because it is like a mini-series and you don’t have to wait months for the next book to come out…just turn the page.

And you’ll want to turn the page for the men of Possess Me… Rousseau, Ben and Bone Daddy. Rousseau is tall, luscious and has the reputation of a sex god. He’s also the troubled hero type that I love to read about so much. Then there is Ben, a southern gentleman with surfer boy good looks. He’s been willing to give his body to woman over the years but his heart will always only belong to the one woman who refuses to accept it…Awww. And then there is Bone Daddy. Beautiful beyond words he is the playboy with a heart of gold. And let me add that the heroines are strong enough to handle these men too.

RG Alexander has made it easy for me to give Possess Me 5 stars. It has everything a sexy romance needs to capture a reader…An imaginative plot and heart pumping sexual chemistry between characters. I’ll be eagerly awaiting RG’s next release!!!
Profile Image for Leigh.
423 reviews25 followers
March 22, 2013
I started this book last night and said to my hubby, "not sure about this one...I mean Bone Daddy...really", man was I WRONG! This collection of three stories bringing together three couples was wonderful.

Release Me - The story of Allegra and Rosseau. I loved the story of Rosseau's possession by the Loa and how Allegra works hard to win Rosseau back from his possession and still finds a space in her heart for Bone Daddy.

Reclaim Me - Michelle, who can see and speak to spirits and Ben who has the gift of being able to sense what other people feel and think, have been friends for years. Michelle runs from her gift while Ben embraces his. Michelle comes back to New Orleans and invites her best friend Allegra to move in with her. This story was not my fave but I enjoyed the struggle between Ben and Michelle.

Release Me- The story of Bone Daddy. The story of how he became the Loa and how Michelles friend Bethany helps to release him from his Spirit state and make him real.
Profile Image for Jeananna w/The Book Reading Gals.
860 reviews16 followers
July 27, 2016
Every once in awhile I will find a new-to-me author and I will read their work and think to myself "OMG! Where have I been that I am only just now discovering them!". RG Alexander is one of those authors for me!! But I know why I wouldn't have looked before because when something says paranormal as the genre I don't usually gravitate that way... MAN have I been missing out!! I discovered her work in the 8 bk combo Midnight Ink and loved her story there! and I HAD to find out more about Bone Daddy! Posses Me was a fast based book with 3 great stories in it that were all HOT and kept me on the edge of my seat! Now onto Tempt Me - cannot wait to see what RG has in store for us this time in the Big Easy!!
2,095 reviews106 followers
December 26, 2011

I'm embarrassed to admit that this sat on my shelf unopened for um... months. That was clearly a huge mistake.

I finally cracked this open and loved RG's anthology--it's three connected stories set in New Orleans, about a few key adventures of a Loa--a voodoo spirit--known as Bone Daddy. He is a special spirit, a sexual healing spirit, if you will.

RG does a remarkable job with these stories--the characters are vivid and captivating, and the plots engrossing. And their emotional and physical connections are off the charts hot. This is definitely one for the keeper shelf, and I'm eager to read the sequel, Tempt Me.

I'm beyond tempted ;)
Profile Image for T.J. Michaels.
Author 45 books192 followers
April 14, 2011
This book was freaking fantastic. Though it is an anthology, the stories were so seamlessly woven together, it really could have been one book. I don't think I've read this type of mythology before and I love the originality. I also loved that there is a lot of multiculturalism in this book but the author doesn't get hung up on race at all, which is particularly lovely. Instead, she lets you get lost in the characters, what they feel and what they think about their lives and one another. Very well done.
Profile Image for Jackie Uhrmacher.
Author 1 book15 followers
August 15, 2010
Possess Me by R. G. Alexander is a compilation of three steamy stories surrounding Bone Daddy, a sexual voodoo spirit with a flair for matchmaking. It was one of the most engaging, surreal, explicit novels I’ve ever read. New Orleans is an actual entity in each tale, coming alive with each sentence and making me yearn for a piece of the Crescent City.

Full review available here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=28651#mor...
Profile Image for Noor.
193 reviews31 followers
April 14, 2011
i loved this book. i loved how each story in the book is connected to each other... however the reason it does not get 5 stars is because i feel the plot of the stories moves to fast... i would have loved to have little more development in part of the story outside the romance, still over all great supernatural romance read
Profile Image for Erika.
39 reviews3 followers
August 21, 2011
Three erotic novellas in one book. Starts out in New Orleans. Where a legend about a sexual voodoo spirit who grants women their darkest fantasies and wishes comes to life! These three linked stories are sexy and sultry, and have a taste of New Orleans. This book and its characters are utterly charming-especially Bone Daddy.
46 reviews2 followers
March 9, 2014
R. G. Alexander's Novels Are The Best!!!

I gave this novel a five star rating because I couldn't give it a ten star! ;-)
This book was beautifully written with well developed characters and an exciting plot. Her ot
Profile Image for Patsy.
98 reviews1 follower
February 3, 2016
Beautiful!!! Isn't it amazing how love can conquer anything, even evil spirits. Wonderful novellas about just that, conquering evil so that love could win. Sexy, funny, witty...a must read series if there ever was one.
Profile Image for Portia.
325 reviews25 followers
August 11, 2011
I can't believe I forgot to put this on one of my shelves. This is actually a series of related novella. Each on as well written and spicey as the last. I loved it.
Profile Image for Tracey.
80 reviews
April 17, 2013
I adore New Orleans. You will be mad at Bone Daddy one minute and laugh at him the next. 3 stories in one. Hot sexy and great read.
Profile Image for Roni Loren.
Author 45 books3,334 followers
August 10, 2016
Enjoyed this one. I like how all three stories connected together. And it made me miss home. Though, unfortunately, I've never run into any Bone Daddys there. ;)
Profile Image for Casey (KcLu).
140 reviews8 followers
May 6, 2014
Ohhh my Bone Daddy!!! I freaking love this book sooooo much!!!! I want to head to New Orleans, and do a search for Bone Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Profile Image for Kristina.
277 reviews
July 22, 2014
Really good, fun read. Suspense, love, sex, laughter.... you get it all in this book.
254 reviews
February 6, 2019

These books make you want to head to New Orleans dabble in voodoo and find a loa for yourself! But what I love about R.G.'s stories the most is (besides all steamy parts :) it's a true romance and there's a connection you feel with the characters.
Profile Image for Lexie.
2,073 reviews297 followers
October 27, 2016
As this is a collection of three interconnected short stories, all centered around the Loa Bone Daddy, I'll review each story separately first.

"Release Me"

This is our first taste of Bone Daddy, the Loa (a voodoo spirit) and all the games he so likes to play. For all his sexuality and highly suggestive banter, he isn't such a bad sort. Wanton, mischievous and determined, but that's just the nature of the Loa (or at least this Loa of Sex). This is by far the hottest of the three stories; Bone Daddy is bound and determined to get Allegra naked and wanting, but than so is Rousseau. A lot of this story is based upon the common element of fear--for oneself, for what could happen, for what has happened. I thought Allegra, at least, was completely justify in her actions while Rousseau at times seems to paying lip service to how much he hated the arrangement with Bone Daddy.

"Reclaim Me"

Michelle, Allegra's friend from the first story and Ben, Rousseau's friend, definitely had a lot happening in "Release Me". Because of what happens in the first story I was a little hesitant about Ben in this one, but by the end I was more or less okay with things. Bone Daddy's role in here is less hands on until the end. Since Michelle can see him he hangs around her and this in turn is a good thing since she has a nasty Loa tracking her from her past. I honestly wasn't sure about what her hang up with Ben was. Misunderstanding and miscommunication is what drives a lot of this story and I'm not really a fan of either, especially when one character seems to be stubbornly clinging to the belief that the other is completely in the wrong. I liked the chemistry between Ben and Michelle, and this definitely set up more of Bone Daddy's history/uniqueness that is necessary to understand for story three.

"Redeem Me"

Bone Daddy is the main player of this tale, a tale that has a lot to do with his past and even more with his present. While his exact situation was only hinted at in the other two stories we get the whole low down here and its a bit of a heartbreaker. Despite the fact this is Bone Daddy the heat level is oddly the lowest of the three stories, but I think this is a good thing. I really cared more about the resolution to his situation than if he got his jollies.

Overall this book presented exactly what it promised. Bone Daddy was definitely my favorite character, though his drastic behavioral change from the first story to the third story kind of made me do a double take. He's little more than a sex fiend in "Release Me", by "Redeem Me" he's tamed quite a bit. As this was my first time reading R.G. Alexander I am happy to report I look forward to more of her work in the future!

(originally published at Night Owl Reviews)
Profile Image for Katherine.
4,571 reviews28 followers
May 22, 2012
I won a copy of this from R.G. herself.

Things I liked:
I enjoyed this story. The voodoo elements were well-integrated and I learned a lot about the culture/religion around voodoo.

I love reading stories set in New Orleans. I want so much to go there and haven't been, and this story felt like it was really set there.

I liked the three stories, how they were connected and how the character Bone Daddy got his HEA. *happy sigh*

Things I didn't like:
There are three connected stories in this book. The second story, about Michelle ended too abruptly. It went from angsty-will-they-or-won't-they to happily-ever-after way too quickly for me. I wanted to learn more about Michelle's art, how it changed, did she become successful?

Overall: a good read from R.G. I enjoy her books a lot.

Profile Image for Charlie.
443 reviews6 followers
August 21, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it was a choice of a book club and not one I would usually get. I found myself engrossed in the 3 stories, the book is written as one with 3 short ones that intertwine enough to call it one book. You have to love BD. :)
165 reviews39 followers
July 29, 2014
Interesting take on a paranormal erotic romance. Set in New Orleans, it relies heavily on voodoo mysticism. The story is original and flows well. The conclusion ends well and makes sense. It also leaves you hungry for more stories on the other characters.
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