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The Secretary's Bossman Bargain

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Advantage: His

He'd desired her - and denied himself her company - for far too long. Now Marcos Allende finally had his secretary right where he wanted her. He'd convinced her to play the role of his lover while he conducted the deal of his life. And once the pretense was over, Marcos would move heaven and earth to make Virginia Hollis his true mistress.

She longed to be more than merely Marcos's dedicated assistant. Yet she'd readily agreed to play along, hoping to ensconce herself in his bed...and then his heart. But could she keep a permanent place in his life once he discovered her secret?

192 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2010

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About the author

Red Garnier

87 books356 followers
Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose first book released from Ellora's Cave Publishing in May 2007 to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended Read.

She writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals, which can range from dark and emotionally intense, to witty and fun and sweet as cherries! Whatever she's writing at the time, Red loves to sit down with her characters and let them take things from there.

Red Garnier is a lover of love, laughter, and hot, steamy sex. She lives with her husband - the love of her life, her very own hero! - and is a proud mother of two.

She was born to write, to say what's on her mind, and to make a few tongues wag along the way. When Red is not writing, she's probably found with her face glued to a sizzling romance book.

Red loves to read and to write in the many genres of romance.

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Profile Image for Dee.
1,477 reviews157 followers
October 31, 2011
I knew that Ms Garnier has written for other publishing Companies such as Ellora's Cave so knew she has a saucy style of writing.

Even though Harlequins are not as graphic as others Ms Garnier still managed to get quite a bit of steam into this book. The sexy tension was quite high in places and some of the conversations between the H & h was quite steamy too.

I definately like Ms Garnier's style of writing and will look into some of her other works :)

Profile Image for Ridley.
359 reviews322 followers
August 8, 2011
This one started off strong, but it petered way out in the second half. She wrote some smoking hot sexual tension between the hero and heroine and when that was gone, there wasn't much left to hang the mediocre plot on. I was skimming the increasingly superfluous sex scenes by the end and all but skipped the worthless epilogue.

This was just ok. No strong feelings either way.
Profile Image for Melanie♥.
1,064 reviews1 follower
March 25, 2011
Bit of a slow start, but it improved quickly, tapering off to a bit of an average ending. Still a solid 4 star read with some steamy silhouette rated love scenes.
Profile Image for Ceacily cici Sherly.
180 reviews13 followers
August 19, 2013
buku ke 3nya tante Red Garnier yg saya baca yeayyy.,Virginia punya ayah yg doyan bgt maen judi dan selalu kalah,biasanya msh dalam jumlah sedikit jd msh bisa dia bayar..smp suatu ketika ayahnya kalah judi dgn jumlah yg cukup fantastis..dan jalan satu2nya dia pinjam uang ke bossnya..sang bos,Marcos yg sejak awal virginia jd asistennya udah suka bersedia membantu dgn syarat,virginia harus berpura2 jadi kekasihnya saat mereka berangkat ke Mexico...Marcos yg berencana mengambil alih bisnis ayahnya yg hampir bangkrut yg sekarang diwariskan kpd istrinya yg dulunya adalah kekasih marcos...dan seharusnya perusahaan itu diwariskan ke marcos *ribetdah..jadi peran Virginia pur2 jd kekasihnya marcos supaya mantannya itu gag bisa ngerayu2 marcos lagi...yah namanya sudah suka ya si marcos getol bgt ngerayu virginia spya jd kekasih benerannya...yg paling saya suka dr novel2 RG sih so far krn cowo2nya udah tau dan sadar perasaannya mereka ke cewe2nya..tinggal dipoles2 dikit jadi deh...
Profile Image for Shar.
21 reviews6 followers
January 22, 2012
definitely worth a read.
Likable characters with good chemistry.
the conflict was really weak and the ending felt kind of rushed (but I still liked it; he could have groveled more, but we do see him suffer ;)
the writing felt a bit stilted sometimes.
and OMG! what a stupid title!!!!!!
Profile Image for Ethar.
87 reviews6 followers
May 15, 2012
Oh , I really really loved this book , the author presented the hero in a very different way . I read the book 4 times till now .It`s a good passionate novel full of great details that makes the story even better .
Profile Image for Marie Christine F.
120 reviews7 followers
January 17, 2019
The boss-assistant is my favorite trope of all time, but sadly, the romances coming out of this trope tend to be badly written and full of cliches.

This one looked promising at the beginning, but petered out once the sex was out of the way for the couple.
Profile Image for Maura.
3,874 reviews89 followers
August 18, 2016
Virginia Hollis works as Marcos Allende's secretary and for the past year, they've been racking up the UST. When Virginia needs money to pay off her father's gambling debts, she approaches her boss for help, agreeing to anything he needs to make it up to him. He decides he needs her to act as his lover for a week, while he's trying to take over a company from the woman who broke his heart when he was younger. But he's intent on seducing Virginia, making her his mistress during their time together. Even though it isn't part of the bargain, he's convinced he can persuade her. And he does. But they both have different ideas about the future: he wants a long-term mistress, she wants forever.

I kind of vacillated here. Marcos and Virginia had some crazy intense chemistry and the build up to their scenes together were extraordinarily hot. This chemistry was most definitely the strength of this story. The motivations and reasons behind the angst were a little less strong. It wasn't emphasized why Marcos was unwilling to commit to more with the woman he cared so much about - a few token excuses were thrown out there, but his reasons felt weak. And in the end, it made him seem like a guy who was willing to seduce his innocent employee and then break her heart. Virginia felt too elusive - like she didn't really know how to tell Marcos what she wanted and so she let the misunderstandings continue. The story went well enough up to the reunion scene where I felt like this story lost me. I was expecting some major emotional punch in the reunion after their intense feelings for each other and the angst of Virginia leaving (and the reasons...especially with what Marcos believed happened) but that part ended up being underwhelming. I'm intrigued by this author and wonder whether the rest of her stories have this much chemistry between the characters, because that was a huge plus.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Ada .
451 reviews23 followers
February 11, 2014
Soy una total enamorada, así que los Harlequin son mis favoritos, esta historia fue rápida de leer y de digerir. Iré a por el segundo Hermano
972 reviews
April 21, 2017
D2028 July2010 Marco Allende has his secretary where he wants her, Virginia Hollis's father has been threatened if about his gambling debts. Virginia goes to her boss for help and he agrees if she will play along on his trip to regain and destroy his father's wife and the Allende business she's destroyed. Marco like having Virginia with him but she hears the gossip in the office about the two of them and when he tells her he wants her as his mistress she leaves. She wants more, she loves him and is pregnant. Good story by Red Garnier.
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