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Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith
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Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith

3.81  ·  Rating details ·  1,895 ratings  ·  119 reviews
From the award-winning screenwriter and director -- a collection of irreverent and hilarious rants on the absurdity of just about everything.In 1994, Kevin Smith debuted his low-budget film Clerks at the Sundance Film Festival. It became an instant cult classic and made Smith the top dog of the indie film world. Next he was an executive producer of the smash hit Good Will ...more
Paperback, 325 pages
Published 2005 by Miramax Books
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Nov 16, 2008 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is a collection of articles Kevin Smith wrote for magazines. Interesting enough. I for some reason found myself somewhat psychoanalyzing him from what he wrote. He seems to have a pretty poor self image. I mean, I could easily believe that the self depracating humor he throws in is just an act, but when you combine that with the number of times he brags about having sex with his apparently extra hot wife it's pretty indicative of a hell of an inferiority complex. Maybe it comes a bit from t ...more
Dec 07, 2007 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone, Drew
I admit it: I love almost everything 'Kevin Smith.' While I have loved all of his movies, I actually prefer his writing (non-screenplay) to the movies. In the movies, you have someone else doing their best to give life to his words, but in writing, as on stage with the 'Evening Wasted with Kevin Smith' DVDs, it's straight from the man himself. Always brutally honest and humble, you get to the end of one of his books, and feel like you are already good friends with him, and have been for a long t ...more
Vivek EVHS Menon
Sep 22, 2014 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Kevin Smith is an amazing writer. The way he speaks his mind on certain topics is fascinating and intriguing. While including the Kevin Smith trademark of profanity and vulgarity, he explains how he was lucky enough to enter the film industry and his adventures while working on "Jersey Girl." Readers can see the true nature of Smith as he expresses his humbleness and fondness for most of the people he works with. I highly recommend this book for mature audiences. Read with caution- you might be ...more
Jan 16, 2009 rated it it was amazing
I love Kevin Smith's writings. His humor is self-depecating. Reading Kevin Smith makes me wish I could write like him.
Brian Cambra
To be honest I was a bit disappointed in this book. Although Smith is known for his foul mouth and inappropriate sense of humor, he also is an intelligent and kind-hearted person. You don’t see the positive qualities he possesses as much in his writing. It instead showcases all of his sophomoric side. There were a few shining moments, but overall this was not my favorite read.
Mar 12, 2017 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2017
I enjoyed parts of this book but, I really feel like I got around to reading it entirely too late. If had I read it when it came out I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more.
Luke Kalamar
Aug 09, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This book is funny for sure, but what makes it even better is it's an unintentionally hilarious look into certain moments in entertainment history from a totally different perspective. It's truly a sign of the times. Specifically, this concerns the movies "Daredevil" and "Jersey Girl", and the infamous relationship Bennifer. All of these things Kevin Smith pegged as being big, milestone successes, but history would prove that wrong. Now there's obviously no way he knew at the time these things w ...more
Feb 27, 2008 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
This book is a collection of Smith's articles from Arena magazine. The first half was very good, and also incredibly funny. It made me want to watch his movies, and he also convinced me that I should reconsider my dislike of Ben Affleck. His story about meeting David Duchovny was so funny, and Smith seems to be at his best when he's being the ultimate fanboy.

However, the second half of the book became very tedious and mostly consisted of unfunny dirty jokes and name dropping. Just because you h
Jan 06, 2008 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
I picked this one up because I was mesmerized by Kevin Smith's other book, My Boring-Ass Life . Where that one was a 500-page collection of blog entries and diary scribblings, Silent Bob is a much slimmer collection of "polished" essays that some magazines hired Smith to write at some point. Weirdly they're not nearly as interesting. I think Smith is much better as an off-the-cuff storyteller than he is as an actual writer who puts text down then tries to refine it. This is why his collection o ...more
Mar 30, 2008 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of the cult filmmaker.
Shelves: own
I have been a major fan of Kevin Smith's films for years. Not only do I love his films, but I am inspired by his rise to stardom as an indie filmmaker. The writer/director, famous for his sharp dialogue coupled with vulgar humor, has also branched out into other mediums through the course of his career. This book collects a series of essays and articles he had written for various magazines and websites, giving the reader a glimpse into both his private life and the filmmaking process.

The first h
Jeffrey Belcher
From previous reviews, I do not hide the fact that I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith. Every facet of his work intrigues me, from his movies, to his book, and even to his blogs. At the same time, though I have tried to keep my political views out of my reviews, it’s pretty obvious where I stand. So, when I opened this book, I was truly excited to read more about a guy that I look up to, and I read the first few pages, I was nearly tempted to put the book down and even possibly never read a piece if ...more
Aug 01, 2008 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who like K. Smith
If you know who Kevin Smith is, this is a great book. If you have seen some of his movies and think they were alright, then you will probably enjoy reading this book. If you have no idea who Kevin Smith is, then this book will do nothing to persuade you to like him.

K. Smith is a great film writer, putting together some of the best dialog that flows so well, even though much of it is nonsense. He writes like you and your friends would talk, just on film.

Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay a
Nov 04, 2009 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
1: I just love Kevin Smith. I'm the kind of guy who can sit and watch youtube videos of him talking about people pooping and I'll be genuinely entertained because the guy is a fantastic talker.

2: I'm also the kind of guy who likes (and loves a bunch) of his movies just because of the writing, so it makes sense to read this and his other collection (which I'm about to start).

3: I just read Infinite Jest before I read this and I really needed something quick and dirty.

So, knowing I'm a bit of a
Jun 18, 2011 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: tv
Another book made up of articles that have been published else ware. Seriously, who would pay for this? Yay for the library! I like Kevin Smith and most of his movies, so this book was a really quick read. Man, I miss hearing him on KROQ in the morning. The only downside (because I always must talk about the negative) of this book is his obsession with his junk, him being fat and his hot wife. Seriously, it was like an episode of According to Jim, in book form. But to spin in positive, I do like ...more
Nov 26, 2011 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
It was a nice easy read, very funny and it was interesting to get an insight into a director who I really like. Some bits did disappoint me, like his chapters on Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise & the comments about Jennifer Lopez. It was just a little full on, kind of ass kissy and I expected someone like him to be a little more cutting. Of course, that's kind of unfair as we all have people we admire and I suppose if he were writing that way about people I also liked then I'd have simply seen it as ...more
Jacob McElroy
Aug 31, 2010 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Foul-mouthed, witty filmmaker and all-around raconteur Kevin Smith provides some humorous and interesting looks at Hollywood comings-and-goings and celebrities. He doesn't so much provide a view from the inside as much as from right on the edge between LA royalty and rest-of-America commoners.
In many ways I have emulated Smith as a writer (I still do sometimes, and I imagine I will continue to attempt to be like him). Smith is a good example of how to be funny and interesting by speaking (in thi
Mark Farley
Jun 23, 2013 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
In this tome, this collection of shit-kicking articles from the UK's Arena magazine, film maker and director Kevin Smith lets loose on a range of subjects from his hatred of A-list actresses that have snided at him or snubbed him to his fascination with a certain plastic popstar. It's interesting to read the film casting tales and anecdotes surrounding the filming of "Jersey Girl" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back" and the dialogue and bitching is pure golden and will just keep you turning th ...more
May 14, 2008 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: anyone who likes Kevin Smith's movies
I agree with other reviews in that this book will probably only appeal to people who already like Kevin Smith. It's a little haphazard for those who don't know his movies. However, if you like his work, you'll most likely enjoy the essays here. I did! It has me thinking about going to see him speak live, so it must've done something right! The essays can feel a bit dated - references to a young Britney Spears or to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's romance (and there are essays that are just *adm ...more
Oct 11, 2013 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
I've had this book for about 8 years, so I figured, "Fine. Let's get it over with." This book is a compilation of articles that Kevin Smith had already written. It mainly tells the story of him working on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey girl, plus his opinions on various celebrities (hint: he has the capacity to love anyone. All they have to do is mention that they've seen and/or liked one of his movies).

The best part is that this was written in 2005 and it's currently 2013, so readin
Mark Stalcup
Jan 08, 2010 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Ah. Kevin Smith. When he's good, he's astoundingly funny. However, God help the listener or reader when he's bad. See, for example, the weird obsession about seeing his wife with other men that ultimately had him shoot pictures of her naked in Superman's arms for "Playboy", the long monologue about jury duty while suffering anal fissures, or an even more appalling mess, "Jersey Girl" (even the title wasn't original; it's from a Tom Waits song popularized by Springsteen and another movie with the ...more
Dec 25, 2012 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
This is pretty flimsy. Large font, generous spacing, previously published (and frequently decontextualized) material. As always, though, Smith readily acknowledges his deficiencies, and concedes in the introduction that the book was Miramax's idea. The behind-the-scenes looks at his previous two movies are pretty interesting, but a lot of the book is given over to lightweight stuff like fawning interviews with Tom Cruise and (natch) Ben Affleck. (There is, however, a great, poignant piece about ...more
Feb 16, 2009 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: discarded
A light, quick and easy read. You don't so much gain an insight into the world of Hollywood as you do an insight into the life of a guy who probably shouldn't have much to do with Hollywood.

This collection of different articles written by Kevin Smith is written very much like he writes his films, which appears to be very much how he is in person. He seems a very likable guy, and his writing is just fun to read.

One or two passages feel a little too "scripted", in that the metaphors are piled n wi
Aug 24, 2009 rated it really liked it
So this is exactly what the subtitle implies: a collection of writings from "indie filmmaker" Kevin Smith. Most of the writings are from magazines, a section of them is from a website. I don't really have a whole lot to say. I basically worship at the cult of Kevin Smith (much as he worships Ben Affleck) and I think pretty much anything he does is brilliant. Some of the articles were lackluster (mainly the ones detailing his intestinal issues after his morbid obesity diagnosis) but the majority ...more
Claire Fishman
Jun 27, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I love Kevin Smith's movies, and as a wannabe filmmaker myself, I thought this book would be a lot more insightful about the process of Kevin Smith's moviemaking. Unfortunately, that was not the case, but fortunately I enjoyed his columns just the same. Now, I did pick up a few tiny offhand lessons, so reading this collection wasn't a HUGE waste of time, and I like his article-writing just as much as his screenwriting. It didn't give me what I thought it would, but it was humorous and enjoyable ...more
Jan 12, 2008 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Kevin Smith fans and geeks
Recommended to Clackamas by: The comic shop guy, of course
Shelves: humor
I liked this book because I'm a Kevin Smith fan... that comic book loving, role playing, crude joke telling part of me has never completely gone away. If you haven't listened to any of his commentaries on his movies, you'll probably laugh quite a bit when you read this. However, because I'm enough of a fan that I've listened to most of his commentaries (he normally puts several different tracks on each DVD), most of the material in the book felt old to me. Still, the people who would pick this b ...more
Mar 03, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2012
Enjoyable book if you're already a fan of the man and his work. I had read some of these essays before on the net. Of course, there was lots here that I hadn't read. I enjoyed reading about meet and greet, shooting flicks, meeting Tom Cruise and some of his musings. This was a fun, light read. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wasn't already a fan, but it was definitely the type of book I felt like reading right now. (I'm at the busiest time of year for my day job and am very tired)
Joel Neff
Jul 09, 2008 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Kevin Smith fans.
It's rare these days that I read through an entire book in one sitting, but that's exactly what I did with Silent Bob Speaks. Filled with essays about the making of Kevin Smith's movies, being fat, and about his friends and family, the book is the very definition of an easy read.

Having said that, there are points where the reader grows tired of seeing Smith denigrate himself and his films, not to mention the potty humor asides that can distract from otherwise fascinating looks at the life of the
Jul 10, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: nonfiction
My dad and Amy Fong = Jay and Silent Bob's two biggest fans. This was exactly what you'd expect. Swearing & sweetness, Ben Affleck adoration (the #1 truly unexplainable thing about Kevin Smith, who otherwise is a cool cat). The Affleck fan club, and the fact that "Jersey Girl" was by far the worst movie he's ever made, yet he can't see it, are the only two things I really just had to shake my head over with this one. Otherwise - what you'd expect. Fun. Fast. Holy cow, is the print big. I rea ...more
Jukka Kuva
Silent Bob Speaks is a collection of columns Kevin Smith has written in various places. Although I liked reading it, I don't think it can be qualified as a good book. It's just random rantings and if you don't like the persona of Kevin Smith and/or his work, there's no way you'll be able to read this through. I just happen to like both. In the end it gets a bit worse because he spends way too many pages praising shit like Jersey Girl and Tom Cruise. Oh yeah, and Attack of the Clones. Although he ...more
Feb 21, 2009 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Kevin Smith fans
Not bad Silent Bob, not bad at all.
Many times I found this hard to put down: Stayed up a little too late each night I said I'd read 'just one chapter' and it was fascinating getting inside the head of Kevin Smith.

Buuut... his lovefests were a bit much for me. Not saying there's not a place for them, but I suppose I just wasn't looking for chapters on how cool Ben Affleck is or how awesome his next movie will be.
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Kevin Patrick Smith is an American screenwriter, director, as well as a comic book writer, author, and actor. He is also the co-founder, with Scott Mosier, of View Askew Productions and owner of Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic and novelty store in Red Bank, New Jersey. He also hosts a weekly podcast with Scott Mosier known as SModcast. He is also known for participating in long, humorous Q ...more