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Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist #3

The Wyverns’ Treasure

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After tangling with the deadly basilisk, Nathaniel Fludd is glad to return to England with his Aunt Phil. But someone has ransacked their home, and their best suspect is the sinister man who's been trying to steal the Book of Beasts.

Before Nate and Aunt Phil can find the culprit, they are called to Welsh countryside. The wyverns (giant dragons) are in an uproar. Could the same man who ransacked the Fludd house be behind the rift with the wyverns? And just what does he want with The Book of Beasts? But before Nate can solve that mystery, he must calm the dragons before it's too late.

It's just another day at work for the world's youngest beastologist!

160 pages, Hardcover

First published October 4, 2010

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About the author

R.L. LaFevers

15 books2,039 followers
R.L. LaFevers (Robin Lorraine when she’s in really big trouble) grew up surrounded by shelves of old dusty books and a passel of brothers. She has also spent a large portion of her life being told she was making up things that weren’t there, which only proves she was destined to write fiction. She is the author of over fourteen books for young readers, including THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS, (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) which received starred reviews and was a Junior Library Guild selection, a Booksense Summer Pick, and nominated for the Malice Domestic’s Agatha Award, and the NATHANIEL FLUDD, BEASTOLOGIST series. R.L. also writes the His Fair Assassin books using her full name, Robin LaFevers, but cannot get Goodreads to link the two, so you have to check out a separate profile for that. So sorry for the inconvenience!

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510 reviews
October 7, 2012

In this third installment in Nathaniel Fludd's beastologist adventures he sets off with his Aunt Phil for the Wyverns' lair. The Wyverns' have been threatening to break off their truce with the people and it's up to the Fludds to figure out why and to fix whatever is wrong.

Thankfully this book also gets back in touch with Nathaniel's personal life, too, bringing his parents' disappearance back into question as well as finally figuring out why so many problems with the beasts have been occurring as of late and tying them all together.

I do like Nathnaiel and the fact that the beasts are treated with respect. These books are fairly short on depth and detail but that makes for some nice, quick reads. It seems like, for better or worse, each book will have a complete arc (beginning, middle, and end) to the beast-story, but usually there's little resolution to the Fludd story-lines.
Yet, I'm always curious as to what will happen in the next book.
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1,185 reviews
September 20, 2010
Another great addition to this growing series! It may be listed for middle grade readers, but anyone with a bookish love for adventure, mythical creatures, and family can certainly enjoy it. This chapter finds Nathaniel and Aunt Phil on their way to Wales to uncover just what has the wyvern's in a tizzy. You won't believe your eyes at what they uncover, and just WHO is behind it! I love how close the stories fall in the time line (books 1 - 3 cover a mere two weeks)....unspoken promise of many adventures yet to come. Good...I hate saying goodbye (even if it's just until the next re-read) to characters I love....HAPPY READING!
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810 reviews22 followers
September 19, 2017
Nate is still reluctant to play the role of Beastologist in training, but even as he doubts himself, his different point of view helps his aunt on their every adventure. All the while he still holds out hope that his parents are alive and they confront a distant family member who may have clues regarding their disappearance. Greasel is also becoming a more reliable friend to Nate and makes a good companion when his aunt is busy with her work.

It’s tough to say too much without describing the entirety of such a short story. But these are cute, quick reads and I enjoy the illustrations throughout.
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507 reviews19 followers
July 7, 2018
Aunt Phil looked at him over the top of the note. "Do you have any idea what damage a rampaging Wyvern can cause?" "How could I?" Nate replied, exasperated. "I don't even know what a Wyvern is."

I do like this series as it has wonderful elements in it: fantasy, adventure, mythical creatures, travelling and interesting characters.

I like Greasle the best tough as she brings in the humour and I find the descriptions of the mythical creatures interesting enough as well.

Plus in this story I really enjoyed the illustration of Dewey's "barrow" house. It looks lovely. i wouldn't mind living in there!
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2,196 reviews138 followers
September 17, 2010
Nathaniel Fludd and his Aunt Phil have cared for a Phoenix and helped recapture an escaped Basilisk. All in a days work for a Beastologist, except that there's this niggling doubt that perhaps they've been set up. How did that Basilisk escape? Also what of the sightings of a red haired man at both sites? Rushing back to England to solve these mysteries and perhaps answer a few relating to Nathaniel's parents disappearance, they find even more trouble. Aunt Phil's house has been ransacked, but luckily Cornelius, her pet Dodo, is fine, even if he might object to the word "pet." He in fact might object to many things, including Nathaniel and his "pet" Greasle, a gremlin, which is very similar to "vermin" in Cornelius's book. According to Cornelius the home invader looked very much like Phil... leading to the conclusion that perhaps the branch of the family that was long ago disowned due to their greed and corruption has returned to wreck vengeance. Octavius Fludd must have passed on his hatred of the other Fludds to his living descendant, Obediah. Hoping that perhaps Nathaniel's parents' lawyer and his ex governess, Miss Lumpton, might have some answers to their problems, they head to London by train, a far preferable means of transportation to Aunt Phil's rickety plane. But the lawyers office is boarded up and heading on to the Fludd homestead in Upton Downs, they discover this house has been ransacked as well and Miss Lumpton's possessions have been cleared out. But they don't have long to consider the ramifications of a second home invasion because a plea comes from Wales. The Wyverns are restless. These glorious dragons were long ago tamed into behavior by a treaty. This Covenant protected not only the people and their crops but helped to hide the Wyverns and keep them happy and secluded. Only a person has broken the treaty by entering their caves. It doesn't take Phil and Nathaniel long to realize that this has to be Obediah's work. If they can only find him before it's too late and the Covenant lies in tatters while the countryside burns.

Nathaniel Fludd and his adventures are a quick little joy to read. They have that nostalgic olde tyme feel with the exploratory gene akin to Indiana Jones. What I loved about this book was the Wyverns. In the two previous installments we had the beauty of the Phoenix, which introduced the glories of being a Beastologist to Nathaniel. In the second book, the Basilisk showed Nathaniel the dangers. But what we get with the Wyverns is something entirely new. They aren't good or evil, they just live by their instincts, but they have an intelligence and an ability to understand and communicate that the others did not. Instead of just observing the beasts, we get more of an inner knowledge as to how they think, how they live and love. Plus, instead of lone creatures, they live together in a community raising their young and forming life long bonds. Also, it never really struck me before about the underlying message of animal preservation. Creatures that were once pests and vermin were hunted into extinction or close to. Now these beasts become rare endangered animals and it's up to the Beastologists to nurture and care for the creatures while keeping them hidden from the outside world who contributed to their depleted numbers. Without bashing you over the head, but showing us these wonderful beasts, Robin is teaching kids the importance of animals, that it's preservation and care not exploitation that need to be embraced. Because as everyone knows, if there are still dragons in the world, we don't know of them anymore, so either the Beastologists are doing a really good job or they were too late. Hopefully the kids reading these books will realize there is a time when it's too late and it's best to start helping animals yesterday.
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2,801 reviews349 followers
March 2, 2018
Nathaniel Fludd has protected a phoenix and contained a basilisk as well as adopting a gremlin as his unlikely (and possibly unsuitable) companion. Nate is ten yeas old and he is a Beastologist-in-training; one of the last of the Fludd family line, charged with the responsibility of caring for and protecting some of the world's more unusual beasts.

While Nate has grown to care deeply about Aunt Phil on their whirlwind travels across Africa, he misses his parents who were declared lost at sea. He hopes that news of a mysterious intruder tracking the beasts for ill purposes will lead to clues about their mysterious disappearance and possibly even reveal that they are alive after all.

But before Nate and Aunt Phil can make sense of his parents' disappearance or the intruder, they will have to travel to Wales to appease an angry lair of Wyverns. An intruder (perhaps the intruder) is wandering their caves breaking an ancient Covenant that, once broken, will lead to Wyverns wreaking havoc across the Welsh countryside. There is less than a day left to restore the Covenant and stop the intruder, but by the end it all comes down to one question: Will Nathaniel Fludd be able to outsmart a Wyvern in The Wyvern's Treasure (2010) by R. L. LaFevers with illustrations by Kelly Murphy?

The Wyvern's Treasure is the third installment in the Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist series. It is also probably my favorite of the three because I have a special fondness for Wyverns in all of their huge, dragon-y glory.

This was a fun installment in an already enjoyable series. Readers get to see a bit more of Cornelius the Dodo and learn more about the mystery surrounding Nate's parents (though not much more). This volume also brings a new landscape and more background about the Fludd family. The only flaw, really, is that it was so short that there wasn't much room for more information about the backstory of Nate's parents where readers get more questions than answers. (Questions that will hopefully be resolved later in the series.)

The main story, of negotiating with the Wyvern's and stopping the intruder is excellent; filled with action, humor and a fair bit of charm. Over the course of the series, Nathaniel is really coming into his own as a beastologist at the same time that his pet, Greasle the Gremlin, is learning more about how to deal with things in the human world.

Murphy's illustrations are, as ever, wonderful additions to the story with representations of the beasts, the characters and the landscape as well as some of Nate's own drawings for good measure.

All in all, a delightful read.

Possible Pairings: The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerrlizzi, The Fairy Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley, We Are Not Eaten by Yaks by C. Alexander London, The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

You can find this review and more on my blog Miss Print
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431 reviews24 followers
December 12, 2010
The third book in the Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist series picks up immediately where its predecessor left off. Nathaniel, studying to join his family's profession as a Beastologist, or caretaker of mythical creatures, and his Aunt Phil are hot on the trail of the mysterious man encountered in Book 2, The Basilisk's Lair, whom they suspect released a basilisk in an attempt to double cross them. But on their journey to find the mysterious man, they encounter an even more threatening situation: a band of wyverns (a type of dragon) has decided to rebel because they believe humans have reneged on the ancient human-dragon pact. Now Nathaniel and Aunt Phil must race to appease the wyverns before it's too late!

This title is intended to be a transitional chapter book. It features Murphy's charming black and white pen illustrations every 2-3 pages, generously spaced type, and twenty-one lines per page. More complex vocabulary makes it best for confident independent readers. Given The Wyvern's Treasure's focus on mythical creatures, it's recommended for young fans of The Fairy-Tale Detectives or those who wished they could enroll in The Care of Magical Creatures along with Harry Potter. The story is suspenseful but never frightening. Although part of a series, for the most part this book stands on its own. The next title in the series will be released early next year (2011).

Recommended for purchase in public libraries and school libraries where there's a need for Harry Potter or Sisters Grimm read-alikes.
10 reviews
October 22, 2010
Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist : The Wyvern's Treasure by R. L. LaFevers

Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist : The Wyvern's Treasure is the third book in the series of Nathaniel's adventures of him learning to be a Beastologist. In this book we see Nate and his Aunt Phil returning home after their adventures with a Basalisk to find their house has been ransacked.

After a disappointing trip to London to see if they can find any more information about who would do such a thing, Nate and Aunt Phil hear about trouble with the Wyvern's (giant dragons) and head to Wales to find out what has happened. Could this have anything to do with the searching of Aunt Phil's house? and can Nate and Aunt Phil smooth things over with the Wyvern's or will the Human/Wyvern covenant be destroyed forever?

This is an wonderful children's book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the story that was being told. I may be a little biased as I do love children's stories about dragons and this one did not disappoint.

Nate is a wonderful character and he is a great little hero and I loved that he has a pet Gremlin called Greasle. I am really hoping for the next book that Aunt Phil lets him keep Greasle, I don't think the Gremlin is a pest at all.

I definitely liked Nate's guide at the end of the book to fully describe some of the creatures, places and events that were mentioned during the book. It was a great addition to enhance the story.

Lastly I cannot forget the wonderful illustrations by Kelly Murphy. They fit the book perfectly and I loved that while there were the illustrations to enhance the story, and show key scenes, there was also illustrations of the sketches that Nate did during his adventure.

I highly recommend this book and I am rating it 5 out of 5

Many thanks to the publishers who allowed me to read and review this book for them.
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3,423 reviews60 followers
January 18, 2015
Round heads, straight triangle noses, knickers tucked in dark boots for skinny man-tall head-scarf Aunt Phil and prim long-jacket, long-necktie to her shoulder nephew Nate(10? 12?) - I'd rather see ginger hair on them and black sheep of family Obediah, bald on top, small mustache and beard "A bit shorter than Philomena .. shaped a bit like a barrel" p 10. Grim when villain rings feeding bell to call wyverns/ dragons p 114 after he ties up Phil and Nate p 113.

Savior is hand-high hairy gremlin Greasle p 133. Her nimble delicate fingers unravel knots. Her nose traces Obediah down cavern tunnels. Phil may let Greasle stay as pet/ friend to Nate after all.

Dragons mate for life. Last year huge Old Nudd's wife "fell in love with a passing zeppelin and followed it out of sight" p 120. Desperate when watch counts down "the longest half hour of his life" p 125 for Phil to reason with now bitter lonely Old Nudd "a truly ancient wyvern with a very sour disposition p 120. Nate offers riddle to save them "What treasure shines brighter than gold and lasts a lifetime?" p 130.

I hope we see Old Nudd's wife in future book. Dodo Cornelius peeks from under sink "ruffled and askew .. pathetic" p 6 of houses vandalized by Obediah. Couldn't police be informed? How does Corny send telegram?

When flying high, Nate and Phil ride behind Urien's head. Picture has sheep below, flames from mouth p 149; text has "thick green velvet. Bright blue lakes glittered jewel-like .. everything was quiet" p 148. Otherwise seems to match.
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3,865 reviews189 followers
December 29, 2010
This is the third book in the Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist series by LaFevers. It was in keeping with the rest of the books in the series and was a fun and quick read. The book takes a little over an hour to read and is aimed at younger age to middle grade children. I got this book as an advanced reading copy from netgalley.

In this book Nathaniel and his Aunt return home to find their house ransacked...they suspect the man who did it may be the same one who tried to steal the Book of Beasts. Then they receive a message that the Wyvern's treaty has been broken. Aunt Phil and Nathaniel can only race to try and fix things with the Wyvern; hoping that some of the mysteries surrounding the man who is causing all the trouble will be revealed along the way.

This book dealt more with the over-arcing story involving the mysterious man that has been causing a lot of trouble. The main story of the trouble with the Wyvern is also resolved nicely. If you liked the previous Nathaniel Fludd books you will like this one. Nathaniel is gradually getting more comfortable with his adventures and Aunt Phil is slowly accepting that Greasle might be a keeper.

The illustrations are wonderful and the story is action-packed and fun.

Overall story that young to middle grade kids will really get into. Nathaniel makes for an unlikely hero and Aunt Phil is always a lot of fun! I look forward to the next Nathaniel Fludd adventure.
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124 reviews
May 2, 2017
This book is about Nate and Philomena hearing about the wyverns covenant being broken by a man named Obediah Fludd, one of their cousins! They had to go to where the wyverns lived to stop the madness, because the covenant was a rule to follow. After the covenant is broken there are three days where the wyverns rage and burn towns and steal farm animals to eat.

Nate and Philomena, of course tried to find a way into their caves which were practically like an ant hill with tunnels that lead to different places instead of one big tunnel. Thankfully in the book of Beasts, they had a map that showed them every single place and tunnel and where they led to.

I liked the dragons (which wyverns are). The idea of peaceful ones would be nice compared to the ones that are raging, but I still loved this.
84 reviews2 followers
September 23, 2010
Received for review from netgalley.

The third installment of the Nathaniel Fludd adventures finds Nathaniel and his aunt returning home to find their home ransacked, and a looming disaster surrounding a broken treaty with the proud Wyverns. The suspected trouble maker is a long-lost relative who has apparently been causing problems throughout the Beastologists' world as he searches for the Fludd family legacy. Nathaniel and his aunt must race the clock to stop the chaos that has been triggered.

This is such an entertaining book, I will continue to follow the series. Perfect for young readers, the story is packed with action and subtle lessons regarding self-reliance and honoring obligations. A quick read, I can't imagine anyone getting bored with this one.
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576 reviews3 followers
August 8, 2011
Nathaniel's goal to find his missing parents is once again set aside as he and Aunt Phil travel to Wales to deal with a wyverns' uprising. Because he is last in the line of beastologists, Nathaniel must learn from his aunt. Now it appears that an uncle from the other side of the family is the one who has searched Aunt Phil's and Nathaniel's family home and who has now entered the wyvern's area, violating a treaty between wyverns and humans.

This is the third book in the series. I like the series because it is a simpler fantasy series accessible to younger children.
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Author 4 books16 followers
April 29, 2016
Book 3, and the best one yet in this early middle grade series about young Nathaniel Fludd, who loses his parents and discovers that his family legacy is being a beastologist to fabulous and supposedly mythical creatures around the globe. There is more mystery in this book than in the first two, and I think that is why I liked it even more. Are Nathaniel's parents really dead? I hope we find out in Book 4.

I wish these books had been around when my son was in first grade. This would have made a great read-aloud series that he would have loved.
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722 reviews
June 26, 2017
This is clearly a children's story, a chapter book for whatever age group that is. I love magical creatures, the paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and I don;t really care what age group it is aimed at as long as it is entertaining and well-written and that is true for all of the books in this series that are in my local library.

If you love Harry Potter, you will probably love these and might enjoy reading them to kids.

Trigger warning: Nathaniel finds out her is an orphan in the first chapter so if a child has experienced a devastating loss, these books might not be right.
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85 reviews14 followers
July 8, 2016
The third book in the "Nathaniel Fudd, Beastologist Series" really starts to develop the overarcing storyline that have been hinted at in the first two books. Without giving away any spoilers, Nathaniel, beastologist-in-training, and his Aunt return home to find someone has stolen some crucial books and they have to get them back before alliances are broken. The advenure does not lack in the third book and continues to be a great book for readers looking for a easy to read chapter book.
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4,985 reviews41 followers
April 8, 2011
The adventure continues for Nathaniel Fludd budding Beastologist. This time he, his aunt, and his pet/best friend are off to mend relations with a colony of dragons, called wyverns. If this broken treaty between wyvern and man is not amended the dragons will rain their fire and fury down on the neighboring town. While this is happening Nate tries to find answers to his parents death. Or is it merely a disappearance?
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2,295 reviews10 followers
June 11, 2011
Another in the series of adventures of Nathaniel Fludd, a boy who is learning the ropes of his family legacy of beastology. In this story, he and his Aunt Phil travel to where the Wyverns (dragons) live to stop them from breaking their pact of peace. It seems that the myserious man who keeps causing problems may just be doing the same thing there.

A fun story, but not as good as book one. Still great for 2nd or 3rd graders.
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42 reviews
August 10, 2013
More sophisticated than the previous two installments. Ms. LaFevers deftly weaves in more mystery, and a very pleasant surprise resolution for the story's conflict. Nathaniel's adventures just keep getting better and better.
One thing I must say, Ms. Murphy's artwork captures the spirit of the stories beautifully. These books are must-reads for parents with middle-graders at home!
Cannot wait to get my hands on book 4!
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466 reviews12 followers
October 15, 2017
Another good story in the ongoing series.

The intrigue will now center around the newest Fludd to enter the books. How will he impact the other Beasts that need protecting or saving is yet to be seen. Same goes with if, and this if will be another ongoing story line, he had anything to do with Nathaniel's parents disappearance. I'm looking forward to reading the next book to see just how everything starts to unfold.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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253 reviews49 followers
June 22, 2011
A phoenix, basilisks, now wyverns. Nathaniel Fludd has had a full couple of weeks since meeting his cousin, whom he calls Aunt Phil. Obediah Fludd is up to no good, of course, and wants the wyverns' treasure.

These books are a joy to read aloud. Just finding a great voice for Greasle the gremlin makes them come alive for kids.
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2,495 reviews196 followers
August 30, 2012
The third installment of the Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist series, it builds slowly an overall plot as Nate continues to learn about the fantastical creatures that it will one day be his duty to protect, while fending off the unwelcome attention of the evil side of the family and wondering and hoping if his missing parents could possibly be alive!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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552 reviews
November 4, 2012
The third in the series recommended by my son. I like this one a little more than the first two, because there is more feeling to it (I liked the storyline with Old Nudd, the heartbroken wyvern, and Nate's hopes with regard to his parents). I also appreciate that Aunt Phil seems more tuned in than in the first couple books.
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Author 3 books32 followers
June 2, 2011
The Wyvernes' Treasure was a fun and entertaining read. One can instantly empathize with Nathan and root for him to find out the truth about his parents. I secretly want to be sure as he is that they're alive. This is a series I plan to follow and root for Nathan all along.
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2,592 reviews120 followers
February 8, 2012
I really love these books! They are fun and well written! These are the types of books that should be available to our children - well written yet easy to read with a lot of heart and imagination! Ms. LaFevers, this series is wonderful! Thank you!
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1,468 reviews12 followers
May 23, 2012
I like this series. I love that Nathaniel is always nervous when heading into these strange situations, but he doesn't let it become overwhelming and is able to do what is necessary. Great role model for young children who are often forced into frightening situations. Fun!
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614 reviews
April 22, 2013
I thought this was the best in the series, but I haven't read the Basilisk's Lair yet. I am reading this series with 2 5th grade boys and I am loving how much they are enjoying the stories. Both are reluctant readers.
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1,641 reviews64 followers
January 23, 2015
The Wyverns' Treasure

A very enjoyable children's story. Great adventure, lots of exciting images to go along with the content. I would be shocked at any child that didn't ask for Wyverns' Treasure to be read over and over again.
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3,147 reviews5 followers
March 12, 2016
The third book in the Nathaniel Fludd series. This is sort of a Theodosia for the younger set. It's a good fantasy and a good adventure series with likable characters and fast-moving stories. Great for boys and reluctant readers.
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