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A Dog's Purpose #1

A Dog's Purpose

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This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog's search for his purpose over the course of several lives. More than just another charming dog story, this touches on the universal quest for an answer to life's most basic question: Why are we here?

Surprised to find himself reborn as a rambunctious golden haired puppy after a tragically short life as a stray mutt, Bailey's search for his new life's meaning leads him into the loving arms of 8 year old Ethan. During their countless adventures Bailey joyously discovers how to be a good dog.

But this life as a beloved family pet is not the end of Bailey's journey. Reborn as a puppy yet again, Bailey wonders, will he ever find his purpose?

Heartwarming, insightful, and often laugh out loud funny, this book is not only the emotional and hilarious story of a dog's many lives, but also a dog's eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man's best friend. This story teaches us that love never dies, that our true friends are always with us, and that every creature on earth is born with a purpose.
--front flap

319 pages, Hardcover

First published July 1, 2010

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About the author

W. Bruce Cameron

69 books4,080 followers
I’ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people?

What’s not to love about an animal who will sit in your living room all day long, waiting for you to get home, and even if you need to work late and then stop for a stress-relieving beverage on your way home, when you unlock that front door, is absolutely overjoyed to see you? How could you not adore an animal who senses when your day is not going well and tries to cheer you up by dumping a sodden tennis ball in your lap?

I was probably 8 years old, playing in the back yard of our house in Prairie Village, KS, when my dad opened the gate and in rushed a 9-week-old Labrador puppy. I fell to my knees and spread my arms and that dog leaped into them as if we had loved each other our whole lives. It’s a scene that shows up in A Dog’s Purpose—a puppy and a boy meeting each other the very first time, both of them full of unrestrained joy.

We named the dog Cammie. She arrived in my life when I was just beginning to connect some of the dots in my memory to make a picture of who I was, forming my identity as a child. I remember every skinned knee and bicycle ride in the context of Cammie, who was always there for me. And I lost her just as I was starting to leave childhood behind, passing on after I’d spent a year in college. That’s Cammie, the dog of my childhood.

Years later I was riding my bicycle in the mountains outside of Pine, CO. A chance decision to bounce down a dirt road led me past a few scattered ranches and one small house near a creek, set back from the road at least 50 yards. A single “woof” from a dog caught my attention, and I braked and stood in the dry, clear air, regarding the dog who had called out to me.

She was on a chain by the house, and a fence stood between us, so I remained on the road even though I could see that the dog, a black lab mix with a crazily active tail, was clearly friendly. I gazed at her and the dog sat, attentive, staring into my eyes exactly the way my first dog, Cammie, used to look at me, really seeing into me.

And that’s when the thought hit me. What if this wonderful dog was Cammie? What if dogs live over and over again, and always remember us?

I dismissed the thought, waved at the dog, and rode away, but days later the idea came back to me. What if?

I’ve been a writer my whole life, but never have I ever written anything as important as A Dog’s Purpose.

I can’t promise you that A Dog’s Purpose will make you love your dog more—how could it do that? But I’ll tell you what a lot of people have told me: after reading A Dog’s Purpose, you’ll never look at your dog the same way again.

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11 reviews
May 1, 2011
It made me look at my own dog differently, wondering how it feels, how much it loves me, and what it thinks about his own life. I hope that all animals souls are like the ones in this book and I found myself laughing as much as I was crying while reading this book
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Author 69 books4,080 followers
June 3, 2010
This book confirms what you know in your heart to be true, that love never dies, and that our animal friends are always with us.
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1,589 reviews154k followers
June 13, 2021
Prepare your heartstrings...
I had never bothered to consider that there might be such a thing as a boy, but now that I had found one, I thought it was just about the most wonderful concept in the world.
Ahhh, snap goes one heartstring right away.

The more I read this book, the fewer heartstrings I had - completely touching and absolutely wonderful throughout.
Cleaning the dishes was where the boy would put a plate of food down and I would lick it. It was one of my jobs, but only when Mom wasn’t watching.
If you haven't guessed already, our narrator is a dog but he isn't a typical dog - he keeps getting reincarnated.

Whether it be as Toby, Bailey, Ellie or Buddy, he always finds a way back.

He's lived as a stray, as a treasured pet, as a service animal and so much more but what he hasn't found was why he has so many lives.

Why does he keep coming back? Could it be that...somehow, someway, he has a very important purpose?

Sweet and heartbreaking in his innocence - Bailey just wants to find his purpose.

If you can't already tell, I absolutely adored this book.

I was really impressed with the way the dog's consciousness was handled.

In the perspective-from-a-dog books I've read, there's always been plot holes where the dog would understand a difficult or abstract concept but not be able to communicate back to the humans (because of...reasons).

Within this novel, there was a marked difference between what was told to the audience and what Bailey understood. For example:
“Bailey’s a hero, now. Todd’s leg took eight stitches.” At the mention of my name, both Duchess and I froze. Dog biscuits, maybe?
The only thing that kept this from being a 5-star book was the ending.

It wasn't a terrible ending
(in fact, it ended better than I thought it would) but it just missed its mark for me.

So much build only for things to quit like that.
The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take. All I could do now was offer him comfort, the assurance that as he left this life he was not alone but rather was tended by the dog who loved him more than anything in the whole world.
SNAP! there goes my last heartstring.

The Finer Books Club - 2018 Reading Challenge: A book from an unusual perspective

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3,922 reviews35.4k followers
February 26, 2017
Update: For those who have been considering reading this book....
It's on sale today for $1.99 as a Kindle deal

I saw the movie ..Anyone else? Thoughts?
I thought it was well done....but it 'was'
sad and scary in a couple of scenes.
I'm aware of protestors...
And ... I'm still glad I saw it.

"I loved my world, the Yard. I loved running through the mud by the water trough, my paws making a dirty splatter that flecked my fur".

I've seen the movie trailer.....had picked up a new copy hardcover for a dollar years back......but it was that darn golly-adorable trailer that inspired me to read it now.

The story takes us on a journey through a dog's perspective- and through a range of emotions.

Warmth, humor, and an interesting look at a dog's "purpose".....or any pet's purpose for that matter. Me.... I thought of our little black baby face Chihuahua, Lunchbox, and our parakeets, Phil, Lil, and Jil. It's a human thing to do while reading this story...reflect on the love for our pets.

Love, loyalty......and FUR and FEATHERS forever!!!!
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308 reviews550 followers
February 3, 2023
Many lives. One everlasting unwavering loyalty.

In this novel we learn the story of "Bailey", a very special doggy. Through many of his several reincarnations, from wild to domestic dog, a very confused and adventurous Bailey tries to find the existential purpose of all his many lives, and the reason of his dogness. Bailey is a good dog, and when he finds eight years old Ethan, everything seems to fall into place; but a dog's life is brittle, and Ethan is not safe...

Funny. Endearing. Extremely moving. Highly recommendable for the animal lover, and specially more to those inclined for the canine type. This novel really makes you feel partly dog and experience the world through its eyes.

**** The movie is a really good adaptation. Some deviations and omissions, as to be expected, but still a wonderful experience almost as enjoyable as the book, if not even more.

[2010] [319p] [Animals] [Recommendable]

Muchas vidas. Una eterna lealtad inquebrantable.

En esta novela conocemos la historia de "Bailey", un perruno muy particular. A través de varias de sus diversas reencarnaciones, desde un perro salvaje hasta doméstico, un muy confundido y aventurero Bailey se lanzará en una búsqueda existencial, tratando de encontrarle un sentido a sus múltiples vidas, y su naturaleza perruna. Bailey es un buen perro, y cuando encuentra a un Ethan de ocho años, todo parece caer en su lugar; pero la vida de un perro es frágil, y Ethan corre peligro...

Divertida. Adorable. Extremadamente conmovedora. Altamente recomendable para el amante de los animales, y especialmente más para aquellos inclinados por el tipo canino. Esta novela realmente te hace sentir parte perro y experimentar el mundo a través de sus ojos.

**** La película es una muy buena adaptación. Ciertas desviaciones y varias omisiones, como es de esperarse, pero igualmente una genial experiencia casi tan disfrutable como el libro, sino es que más.

[2010] [319p] [Animales] [Recomendable]
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497 reviews667 followers
March 31, 2017
2ish stars.

As a dog owner (I have a 10-month-old Goldendoodle named Fritz, short for Fritzgerald, yes the extra 'r' is intentional) and lover, I enjoyed this book and found it somewhat heartwarming. As a book lover I recognize this book as cute but insubstantial and ultimately more cloying than inspirational. It's easy-to-read fluff that fulfilled its purpose as something to listen to on a road trip to Southern Utah and appease my wife.

Thoughts I had while listening: Dogs can be really annoying; most dog owners are awful people; I really want to train Fritz to be a search and rescue dog; I want to teach Fritz how to open a door with his mouth; I don't know if I have the patience to train a puppy again; I want to adopt a senior dog.

Yes, I cried. But not really because of an emotional response. I cried fully conscious that I was being emotionally manipulated. I cried and rolled my eyes simultaneously.

Now just to brag, these are the tricks (spells) that Fritz knows: Avada Kedavra (play dead), Expelliarmus (drop it), Wingardium Leviosa (up on two legs), Confundo (spin in a circle), Accio (fetch).
35 reviews3 followers
January 10, 2011

This book was one of the top five "Best Fiction" in the 2010 Goodreads Awards! It came in at number 4, beating out Jonathon Franzen's Freedom, which got a lot of hype. I'm so psyched that so many people agreed with me that this book was the best novel of 2010!

UPDATE TO MY REVIEW BELOW! I JUST FOUND OUT ON FACEBOOK THAT THIS BOOK IS NOMINATED FOR THE GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD OF 2010!!!! I hope all the people here who have loved it as much as I did will vote and it wins!

I got an early reader's copy because my friend works at a bookstore. She gave it to me because I recently had to put down my 14 year old pug and was a total wreck. Seriously, this was the greatest dog book I've ever read, and I've read a lot of them. This was so much better than "The Art of Racing in the Rain" which I had liked, but the dog in this book is like, a real dog. He doesn't understand words except for things like "car ride" or "biscuit" but he totally understands everything that's going on with his people.

I cried, but it was like, happy tears, because it truly made me realize that though my dog is gone, I get to keep how much we loved each other, always. It's corny to say it, but this book actually changed my life. In the book, the dog keeps coming back, as a dog, and that means, he can come back to his humans. I don't want to spoil any of what happens, but I honestly believe that what this author says in this fictional world might really be true. It would explain a lot about how dogs connect with us, and how they understand us, and how much they take care of us. We think we rescue them, but I think they rescue us.

Seriously, if you ever loved a dog, run, don't walk to get your hands on this. I'm so grateful it was given to me, it's about the only thing that has made me feel better about losing my best friend.
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294 reviews251 followers
July 3, 2018
5 stars not so much for storyline but for completely understanding dogs!
So emotional so many times. Dogs are the best.
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1,712 reviews2,240 followers
May 16, 2011
I bought this book sometime in the past month or so based on several recommendations, it sat on the coffee table as a reminder, yet in all the time I never once read any reviews or previews of the story.
This afternoon I picked it up to read around noon and finished it just before 6pm tonight.
I loved the voice of "the dog," through every incarnation, from the very first lines "One day it occurred to me that the warm, squeaky, smelly things squirming around next to me were my brothers and sister. I was very disappointed."
W. Bruce Cameron pulls back from being overly sentimental with every passing followed by a rebirth that pulls you immediately into the new life and the new situation. Emotional. Hilarious. Thought provoking. "A Dog's Purpose" is about the undying love and bond between man and his best friend, more than that it explores the concept of our individual purposes in life and why we are here with humor, although you'll undoubtedly shed a few tears.
Profile Image for Kelly (and the Book Boar).
2,415 reviews7,425 followers
May 26, 2017
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

It’s time once a year for my library’s Winter Reading Challenge and my chance to score a FREEEEEEEE coffee mug. (Yes, I am the cheapest date you could ever imagine.) This year’s theme????

Basically any book that became a movie or television program. It turns out this is apparently the list of recommended reads I grab onto each year because I had read a bigly portion of the suggested titles (and had less than zero interest in some of the others). I had put A Dog’s Purpose on the wait list after seeing the preview when I took my kids to see Sing - a movie everyone else apparently loved but I thought was super . . . .

My eternal hold finally ended and it was my turn at the perfect time so I read this book on Day 1 of the challenge. And pretty much looked like . . . . .

The entire flippin’ time I was reading.

The story is about a dog who . . .

“Was seized with an inexplicable question, a question of purpose. This didn’t seem like the sort of thing a dog should think about, but I found myself returning to the issue often. Why? Why did I harder a nagging feeling that as a dog there was something I was supposed to do?”

Which leads to discovering that . . . .

“Of all the things I’d ever done, making ____________ laugh seemed the most important. It was, I reflected, the only thing that gave my life any purpose.”

And then . . . .

Followed by the dog being reincarnated only to discover . . . .

“This was, I decided, my purpose as a dog, to comfort the boy whenever he needed me.”

And . . . . .

But not only did the dog provide comfort . . . .

“My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy.”

And oh my god . . . . .

Then the dog came back AGAIN and began to question . . . .

“Could a dog have more than one purpose?”

Leading to . . . .

“I was a good dog. I had fulfilled my purpose.”

By this point I looked like I had been punched in the face and my family was like . . . .

But the story wasn’t over yet and I bet Kleenex stock prices went through the ROOF this morning. I don’t often have emotion (other than happiness and anger), but when I do everyone should watch the eff out.

Please note I realize this is not necessarily a “good” book – it’s written from a dog’s point of view so it’s pretty simple and it definitely is designed to make you feel all of the things, but I give zero shits. I love dogs and I hate almost all people so it worked great for me.

#honeybadgerdontcare #evenrobotscry #trollmeandillcutyou

Book 1 of 5 in my annual quest for a new mug . . . .

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167 reviews504 followers
September 13, 2012
This story is bitter-sweet, sentimental to the extreme and stylistically almost childlike in its simplicity, exactly what I expected from a book titled ‘A Dog’s Purpose’. It didn’t disappoint. 4 stars for delivering such a charming piece of escapism, couldn’t put it down, polished it off in a day and a half.

And I just want to say to Toby, Bailey, Ellie & Buddy – Good Dog!
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Author 1 book312 followers
March 24, 2023
Wow!! 5+++ stars!! W. Bruce Cameron has hit it out of the park with A Dog's Purpose.

The book is written from a dog's perspective which is hilarious, poignant, and memorable. The dog experiences many different lives and is always asking what his/her purpose is as a dog. The dog's purpose varies based on the owner.

At one point in the book, the dog indicates that a dog's job is to do what people want the dog to do. Later the dog believes the purpose is to rescue people from sinking into despair about their lives.

The best relationships the dog experiences are those of unconditional love.

Have a box of Kleenex handy when you read this incredible book!
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18 reviews3 followers
August 24, 2010
If you have or have ever had a dog in your life, PLEASE pick up this book. I tore through this in 48 hours with very little sleep and experienced the entire roller coaster of emotions.
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182 reviews2 followers
September 14, 2012
I knew better than to believe the gushing reviews that said this was the best book ever written in the history of books, and that the author "accurately" captured what goes on in a (reincarnated) dog's mind. Really?

While cute and mildly entertaining, this novel is, at best, an easy-to-read, mediocre tale about this dog's lives, and his favorite owner. I just don't get the hype over it. Editorial reviews call this a tear-jerker. It tried, but failed to really pull at my heartstrings, and I am a *big* crier when it comes to touching animal stories. I would recommend "The Art of Racing in the Rain" instead.

Appropriate for children. I'll pass this one on to my 12 year old.
Profile Image for Leila.
442 reviews210 followers
March 11, 2018
Wow! This book took me entirely by surprise. It is one of the best books I have read in quite awhile. I loved it! It touched my heart and made me think a lot. I shed many tears or at least felt a lump in my throat often but it made me laugh a lot too. This incredible story is told by Baily who for a certain reason is 'different' and is therefore a truly unique dog.

Baily shares with us all the thoughts and emotions he encounters on life in general. The central question he meets and considers... is what the purpose of life is overall. It is a question that most of us will surely ask ourselves at one time or other.

The love and loyalty of a dog for his owner is also a theme that is so evident throughout. Baily goes through heartache time and time again as he adapts to loss in his life. Anyone who has lost someone they love deeply will identify with this theme. I was caught up in his bewilderment and the gamut of feelings he experiences and tries hard to work out.

The book is suitable for readers of all ages and Baily gradually grows in wisdom as his life continues. There is a huge twist in the story too which I am reluctant to reveal because of spoilers. I prefer to tempt potential readers to discover for themselves what is so different about this beautiful book.

No explanation is given as to how and why this difference has come about but readers have suggested a plausible theme to explain it. Everything Baily learns about life is stored into his heart and mind. This enables him to become a happier and wiser dog. I also bought the movie which brought about more tears and laughter. I highly recommend both.

This book will stay on my bookshelves forever.
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10 reviews3 followers
February 11, 2011
I absolutely loved this book! After I finished reading it I couldn't decide whether to loan it to somebody else so they could experience it or read it again. I decided to buy two more copies so I could read it again while I loaned it to my boss and my roommate. The author has a website www.adogspurpose.com where my rottweiler Maverick was almost voted dog of the week (we lost to a puppy, such is life). I found out that the book is going to be a Dreamworks movie (anyone know a release date?) and the author of the book has agreed to write the screenplay!
Incredible book! It grips you from page one and despite being very touching (I teared up) it is surprisingly funny.
I would recommend this book to anybody, dog lover or not. I can't wait for the movie!
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609 reviews203 followers
June 14, 2012
This was a very sweet book. Written from a dog's point of view, the story seemed more emotional. The gentleness and trust that I imagine all dogs have, is presented very well here. As such, the reader quickly falls in love with the dog, making the reader cry. Sometimes there were tears of joy, because something was just so darned right and sweet and happy. Sometimes there were tears of sadness. At all times, the story was compelling and well-written. Excellent quick read; particularly when you want something a bit different.
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2,129 reviews607 followers
December 23, 2017
A lovely book about a dog looking for his purpose in life. He goes through four births/rebirths as the same soul in a different dog, adding his experiences and knowledge through the ups and downs of life as a dog. He wants to serve his human owners to the best of his ability even if they are cruel and thoughtless. His joy in being a dog shines through with his delight in running and explorng, his disdain of cats (who have no purpose that he can see) and his love for the special boy in his life. A charming book, especially for dog lovers.
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106 reviews57 followers
August 13, 2017
4.5 stars

A Dog's Purpose is the story of a dog with a deep affection for people and his search for his purpose in life. He begins life as a feral dog but is soon reborn and finds himself with an eight-year-old boy named Ethan. This book has the perfect balance of sentiment, humor, and suspense. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. I love the ideas that everyone comes into each others' lives for a purpose and that the love continues even after death and the hope that we'll be reunited eventually. Be prepared to boohoo, though. Highly recommend.

"My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy."
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142 reviews39 followers
February 7, 2017
Because failure isn’t an option if success is just a matter of more effort.

Before I start my review, I think I’ll post the picture of my four legged reading buddy, Mo, who often sit beside me as I read this book and enjoys being a front-seat dog as much as Bailey.


Let me ask a question. Have you ever think of what your purpose in your life? If not, well, you are beaten by a dog. This book tells of a dog who’s seeking it’s purpose in life through four lifetime. The story divided into four parts as the dog lived four lives. The first part it was born as a stray dog named Toby who then caught and hauled into a dog pound. In this first life, the dog learnt for the first time to live with humans. There’s not much human interventions in this life, whatsoever, the dog mostly learnt to live as dogs do, compete with each other for human affection and to dominate other dogs.

At the second life, and this is my favorite, he was born as a pure bred golden retriever named Bailey who lived with a family of ‘mom’, ‘dad’ and Ethan. His purpose in this life, he found out that his purpose was to be with Ethan. This relationship is the sweetest and heartwarming in the whole book. Ethan loved Bailey so much and Bayley loved Ethan more than his life. Bailey’s story is so wonderful full of laughter, fun, playing, snacking, playing and chewing. But it’s also the most touching part in the book for me since I have dogs myself and I mostly can relate the story with my own experiences with my dogs. Bailey is just sooo sweet. ^.^
I now knew why these creatures, these human beings, had so fascinated me from the moment I saw them. It was because my fate was inextricably linked with theirs. Especially Ethan—that was the bond of a lifetime.

The third life the dog was quite different. Not only the dog was reborn as a working dog, but also as a female German Shepherd named Ellie. As part of Search and Rescue K-9 unit in the police, there were not too much affections for Ellie. But still she learned a lot of things and took pleasure on finding and saving people like she (or he) ‘rescued’ Ethan from ‘drowning’ in the lake in the previous life. Ellie was pretty wonderful and bright dog. The best dog in the department. She even made smart comment about her human partners.
Humans were capable of so many amazing things, but too often they just sat making words, not doing anything.

And the fourth and last lifetime… well, I won’t spoil this one except that he’s reborn as a black Labrador. I suppose he’s the dog peeking on the cover. It’s pretty sad. And that ending was just…(T.T)

It’s a beautiful, inspiring and touching story from man’s best friend filled with love, friendship and loyalty. The narration is wonderful, taking the dog’s POV and it’s innocently captivating. Now I know what it’s like to be a dog :p. I just fell in love with this book and with Bailey. I can’t wait to watch the movie too.
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84 reviews1,665 followers
February 15, 2017
Esta reseña NO contiene spoilers.

La verdad es que no sabía con qué iba a encontrarme en este libro.
Quedé absolutamente fascinado.

La razón de estar contigo es una historia preciosa. Nos narra la peculiar vida de un perro y su incansable viaje tratando de descubrir cuál es su propósito en la vida. Algo así como un planteamiento de esas preguntas que todos llegamos a hacernos más de una vez: ¿Quiénes somos? ¿Cuál es nuestro objetivo?
¿Lo mejor? Todo el libro está narrado por el perro.

No me hace falta conocerlos mucho para saber que ya capté su atención porque, siendo honestos, ¿quién no querría leer una historia desde el punto de vista de un cachorro?

Creo que W. Bruce Cameron hizo un trabajo fantástico al escribir esta novela. Por extraño y difícil que parezca, al leer este libro realmente creí que un perro estaba contándome la historia. Me encariñé con él como si fuera mi mejor amigo y sorpresivamente sentí emociones que no creía que experimentaría.
La pluma del autor es muy ligera, lo que permite que leas el libro entero sin poder parar ni un segundo. Además creo que basándonos en las características de la historia, se exige un ritmo rápido y se debe buscar el interés, porque cualquiera podría pensar que la vida de este animal no tiene nada relevante para aportar. Lo que logra Bruce va incluso más allá de eso. Consigue en unas 300 páginas narrar no sólo la vida de un ser dedicado, fiel, divertido y entrañable, sino que también hace que te preocupes por él y que quieras ser partícipe de su viaje y su descubrimiento.
Si hay algo importantísimo que debo rescatar de este libro es que tiene la capacidad de abrirte un poco los ojos. Al meternos en la cabeza de este perro, podemos conocer sus pensamientos, sus emociones y sus deseos. Sentimos lo que él siente, comprendemos lo que él entiende del mundo y vemos su percepción ante él. Nos damos una idea de cómo muchas veces los humanos no valoramos la infinidad de cosas que estos pequeños amigos tienen para darnos. El amor incondicional que nos entregan, su lealtad de hierro, la comprensión silenciosa que aportan incluso en días en que nos sentimos solos en el mundo, su compañía constante, entre millones de otras muestras sinceras de afecto. Ellos no juzgan, no quieren por interés, no buscan más que un par de caricias y el cuidado que se merecen.
En fin... dicen que el perro es el mejor amigo del hombre. Este libro me dejó ver por qué. Y me convenció de que es absolutamente cierto.
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360 reviews362 followers
May 7, 2019
adorable - the 2nd half is not nearly as great as the first half, almost like another book - but still enjoyable
Profile Image for Marisa.
48 reviews
September 10, 2011
such a good book with so much emotion. you can really tell that the author took his time creating a dog with enough love and determination to make this story great.he did a marvelous job getting in to a dog's brain and interpreting the things they see and hear. i loved the ending to this book and i would recommend it to anyone who loves a wonderful book. great job W. Bruce Cameron! i truly loved it!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
1,723 reviews6,663 followers
January 7, 2017
A Dog's Purpose is the first installment in W. Bruce Cameron's fiction, animal POV series titled A Dog's Purpose. Initially, I wasn't into this book. The simplicity of the writing is almost childlike as the narrator is a dog who is confused by human behavior and just wants to please in any way. However, animal reincarnation was an interesting spin that kept the story from stalling...and then the tears came for me about 2/3 of the way through. Finally, I was invested.

I didn't love A Dog's Purpose, but reading it made me love my own dog even more. Charlie is napping on my lap right now after a long walk with a generous amount of sniffing stops and an icecube of chicken broth. I know a human wrote this book, and who even knows what really goes on in a dog's head, but I feel even more motivated to make Charlie as happy as he truly makes me ♥.

Meet Charlie

My favorite quote:
“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take. All I could do now was offer him comfort, the assurance that as he left this life he was not alone but rather was tended by the dog who loved him more than anything in the whole world.”

W. Bruce Cameron's A Dog's Purpose series includes the following installments as of January 2017:
#1-A Dog's Purpose
#2-A Dog's Journey

Additionally, the following illustrated novels have been adapted for young readers:
Ellie's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel
Bailey's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel
Molly's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel
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April 7, 2011
This is one of the best books I have read. Anyone who has ever had a dog needs to read this. It is funny and heartwarming.
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October 21, 2021
Wystarczy, żeby książka była o psach i już jestem zachwycona. Każda historia sprawiała, że wyłam jak małe dziecko.
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April 24, 2017
I thought this was a cute book (told from the dog's POV) about one dog's search for purpose in life. Although in this book the dog wan't just one dog he was Toby,Bailey, Ellie, and Buddy. He was born, he lived, he died to be reborn again. In each of his lives he searches for his purpose.

This book was sad at times and happy at times. It also probably helped people to look at dogs, and other pets differently. There has always been a lot of talk about just what animals feel, are owners placing human emotions on them, do they have souls, do they think as we do. In this book, the dog definitely has a soul and has thoughts and emotions.

This book came highly recommended to me. I enjoyed it but I did enjoy "The Art of Racing in the Wind" more. What is great about this book is that it can be enjoyed by most readers - young and old alike. Yes, parts are very sad. But owning a pet is a great responsibility as is letting that pet go. WE learn a lot from our pets: love, companionship, responsibility, and coping with loss. People love dogs..dogs love people. It's the perfect match.

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February 11, 2012
We're not letting your wife pick books for the book club ever again.

You know we like her as a person. She's great craic, really, and the fact that she's fond of dogs is more apparent than ever.

But, sweet Jaysus, we're not fifteen years old, son, and we're not all girls in this book club. A dog's purpose? It's to have a soft mouth and retrieve the feckin' birds without eating them.

Following a dog's...what, its soul? Through multiple incarnations where the beast experiences the good and bad that happens to an animal? The author missed out on the dog coming back as a sheepdog in Kerry when Bishop Eamonn Casey was motoring along the roads. There's an anecdote fer yez.

Maybe it's more of a young adult book. Something for the pre-teen daughters. I like my sentences compound and when I can breeze through a novel in less than two hours, so....

You're clear on this, right? We won't say anything to her. We're all in this together. But when someone asks what book to read for next month, and she pipes up? We'll change the subject or pretend we didn't hear.
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March 13, 2023
Zrobiłam sobie ostatnio reread tej książki w formie audio. Cudowna! Fajnie było do niej wrócić :)
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