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Twilight: The Graphic Novel #1

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1

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When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret...

216 pages, Paperback

First published March 16, 2010

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About the author

Young Kim

7 books155 followers
Young Kim is a Korean artist.

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. See this thread for more information.

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April 28, 2021

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You know what's embarrassing? Going into a thrift store when you're almost thirty years of age and buying Twilight: The Graphic Novel while the teenage male cashier judges you.


When this book first came out in 2010, my first thought was, "Are you kidding me?" It looked like a cash grab to capitalize off the movie. Twilight mania was in full swing and you literally could not go anywhere without hearing someone talk about it. I initially liked the books, but the movies and the fans turned me off the series so fast because there was no escape.


Well, now that I've read the book for myself, I have revised this opinion. Yes, it is a graphic novel of a book that was turned into a movie but... the art is beautiful. Young Kim did such an amazing job. The expressions, the use of color... even the text they used... it's all so gorgeous, and fits the tone of the story far better than the movie ever did. I feel like the scenery and the looks of the characters were much more true to form.

You may be asking yourself, "What's the point?" Well, if you enjoyed TWILIGHT and you're the type of person who would buy one of those Harlequin manga (yes, they exist; yes they are awesome - YOU WOULD BE SO AMAZED HOW WELL ROMANCE TRANSLATES TO MANGA), then you should definitely get this book for your collection. I know it's going to stay in mine. <3

I kind of want to revisit the novel now. It's been sitting on my dresser, waiting...

5 stars
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4,541 reviews12.9k followers
February 14, 2018
Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I’ve always wondered what getting dosed with Joker Toxin was like - and now I know!


Oooooooooooooooh kay. So: a disclaimer to start with for those wunnering what the hey am I doing reading Twilight The Graphic Novel in the first place. Your instincts are right: it wasn’t my idea! It’s my totally disproportionate punishment for making Anne read Vader, as suggested by
Artemy (yeah, don’t think I forgot it was your idea in the first place, you wily Russian!), and it’s totally unfair. Vader is a solid three star read – Twilight – FUCKING TWILIGHT!!! - was only ever going to be a solid dogshit read!

But you humour the elderly, don’t you? Especially the batty ones, bless. Plus it’s Valentine’s Day which means… something to someone, somewhere. And for those involved in insisting this happen – you know who you are – as well as the aforementioned, consider this my anti-valentine’s to all youse slobs!
(And a special tip of the hat to Ran for making the awesome banner above - I highly recommend reading her reviews; she’s one of the good ones.)

So, here it is. Take it away, Heath!


Once upon a time… a vampire, a werewolf and an idiot formed a love triangle and made a Mormon housewife a multi-millionaire.

It sounds like the setup to a joke – except there’s no punchline (unless you count getting rope-a-doped into reading it)! I don’t think I need to summarise the plot any further as bloody everyone knows the stupid story of Twilight even though if you’ve got a penus chances are you haven’t read it. Team Edward, Team Jacob – I was always (and staunchly remain) Team Who Gives A Flying Fuck?!

And right away the whole mess falls apart because at no point is it convincing that Bella the idiot is going to go for anyone but Dead Ed – Jacob Abs is always the useless third wheel.

I just caught myself there for a moment: I’m actually bothering to critique Twilight in detail. It’s like having to explain why painting your junk red and jiggling them in front of a bull is a bad idea. Everyone already knows this crap is, well, crap! Alright, let’s just white knuckle this sucker and get the hell out of dodge!

So let’s talk about Edward Cullen, aka Shovel Face (gawd bless those Honest Trailers), the sole reason why this drek got so unfathomably popular in the first place.

Edward’s not a vampire. He can walk about in the daytime and all that shizness about garlic, crosses and coffins is out the window. He likes blood (but he’s “vegetarian” as he only drinks animal blood, not human, ohohoho, my fucking sides are a-splitting), is immortally young and he can move fast. That’s not a vampire. Oh and he SPARKLES during the twilight hour of the day! Wh… WHY?! Is that what women want: their blokes to literally light up like a fucking Christmas tree when the sun sets?! If he’s a vampire I’m Martha Stewart.

Really: what’s so appealing about this personality vacuum?? He’s generically good-looking – is that all? Is it because he’s over a hundred years old but he looks perpetually 15, a mixture of (supposed) wisdom and beauty? I guess the forbidden fruit angle or something lame like that. God, some people are so easy to please!

Maybe it’s explained in the novel proper but I have no idea why Edward goes to high school in the first place. The last thing I’d do as a vampire is waste my time attending some shitty Midwest high school! No clue either what he sees in Bella, the blankest of blank slates. Or what Bella sees in Edward for that matter. Sigh… contrived romance, thy name is Twilight.

Buhh… almost there…


Nothing happens in this book. Bella goes dress shopping, goes to dinner, faints during biology class, goes on a camping trip where she meets Personality Vacuum #2 aka Jacob, wonders moronically whether Edward’s really a vampire or a superhero, there’s the hint of a mugging – that scene was so poorly written/drawn and rushed that it wasn’t clear what was going on or why. This book is over 200 pages long!

The dialogue in general is too dull to bear repeating but this clunky line in particular really spoke to me. Ed’s just saved Bella from a mugging(?), then suddenly starts flapping and says: "Before I turn around and hunt down those.. just prattle about something unimportant until I calm down!" I felt like saying “Oh! Hey, Edward, here’s an entire book full of garbage that fulfils exactly that purpose!!”

Artist Young Kim draws the book manga-style because women comics readers predominantly tend to read manga and the publisher knows that this comic’s audience is gonna be mostly women. I guess it’s skilful – I can’t talk, I can just about manage stickmen! – though all the characters look like mindless kawaii dolls.

Alright, let’s wrap a bow on this turd!

I’ll be honest. I could pretend and say this was the worst comic I’ve ever read but I’ve been reading Marvel and DC comics for years and as a result have built up quite a high threshold for painfully bad books. But Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 is still down there. It’s an unoriginal waste of time - a plotless, inane, and unconvincing pseudo-romance full of bland non-characters vapidly and meaninglessly in love. Like most pop culture at this level (think the Transformers movies and Fidget Spinners), I was bored and annoyed the entire time and found the whole thing drearily pathetic. The book would’ve been vastly improved with a character there purely to slap the others for being twats. Know what else sparkles? A brass knuckle sammich!


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265 reviews3,538 followers
December 9, 2014
This book was a little sporadic but I enjoyed it! Obviously it's not the full novel so a lot of lines were cut but I liked getting to see a lot of parts that weren't in the movie! I did find it strange that some scenes looked like stills from the movie, but whatever I guess! I want to get volume 2!
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651 reviews407 followers
May 7, 2017
You should know that I was a fangirl at the time Twilight hit cinemas. I read all the books, saw all the movies and was very much in love with the series in the beginning. I hadn't read much YA up until that point, so I wasn't really aware of all the tropes. Also, I didn't care about the 100+ years old stalker/pedophile. It was all very romantic to me. I wanted a love all consuming, like Bella and Edward had. New Moon was torture for me because it kept them apart. It's my least favorite book in the series.

So reading this graphic novel is all about nostalgia for me. It's me trying to recapture that feeling I had for the franchise in the beginning. You know, I actually get butterflies in my stomach from great book romances. The graphic novel didn't necessarily give me that feeling, but it helped me remember how I first fell in love with the Twilight phenomenon.
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135 reviews233 followers
August 29, 2017
Yup, I read this. Don't you dare judge me. *narrows eyes*

My most nostalgic Twilight memories as a teen:

1. My grandmother walking into my room and telling me that reading for four hours straight is not good for my eyes and that sooner or later my body will require food;

2. I was so obsessed with Kristin Stewart that I dyed my hair auburn, purchased the same gray dress she wore for a Much Music interview--all for my grad photos!;

3. In grade 12, I snuck into a movie theatre with the help of some badass friends because tickets to the last movie were sold out. Obvs I wasn't about to let that stop me or the law for that matter; and (finally)

4. The beautiful New Moon poster on my bedroom wall. (#RIP, it didn't survive the move to my new home)

Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of things.

Is this a literary masterpiece? Of course not. But it's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! It's replete with insta-love, cringe-worthy scenes, and sparkly vampires.

I do, however, prefer the graphic novel adaptation over the movies and original books. Why? Most of the awkward scenes are omitted and hold your panties, Bella is LESS annoying too. OHMYGAH.

I immensely enjoyed the art work as well. A good portion of the novel is black and white, but I loved how the reader was given a burst of colour every now and then. The illustrations of Edward were so swoon-worthy that I felt myself starting to fall for him all over again.

Attention: Please skip over below image if you are allergic to cheese.


Twihards: Do I even need to convince you to read this?

Potential Twihards: If you're too scared to touch the original series, even with a 10-foot pole, then I suggest you give this graphic novel series a try!

Twihaters: I apologize if my review has triggered any horrible memories of the crazed 'Twilight' era.

Over and out.
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384 reviews
May 16, 2016
Anyone familiar with graphic novels knows they don't take long to read. I read it three times within the given time period. It's only volume one, through the meadow scene. I don't know if the rest of the story wasn't finished in time for publishing, or if more than one volume was planned. I can't wait to have the rest.

The illustrations are beautifully rendered and so representative of the written descriptions. Color is used sparingly, and enhances the scene or feeling. The written story is abbreviated, not giving as much of Bella's thoughts, but enough to communicate her personality. Edward is also well communicated, in the drawings, the written physical actions, and of course in his words, which I'll reiterate is faithful to the novel.

I highly recommend it to any fan. I'm curious if it brings in new readers.
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509 reviews2,427 followers
December 19, 2021
Why did no one told me this existed ?? i had absolutely no clue omg

i'm gonna be honest, the only thing that i liked about this was the way the illustrator drew Bella, that's it. These characters are unhinged, Bella gets on my nerves and i'm not gonna talk about Edward ...
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824 reviews3,217 followers
March 7, 2018
Illustrations are done very beautifully. I liked it better than the movie. I enjoyed it very much.
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355 reviews26 followers
May 17, 2020
Bella'yı her okuduğumda sinir oluyorum. Mal karı.
May 21, 2023
3 🍎
okay so ive read about 80% of twilight before and then i found this and decided to try! btw this is only the first 1/2 of the first twilight book, so i didn’t get any spoilers, but twilight, in the novel format, is in my tbr and its super fast according to my memory of it!

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635 reviews95 followers
March 17, 2010
Right off the bat I love the colors in this book. Most of the book is this wonderfully muted near black and white coloring, yet a lot of pages has just the slightest hint of a single color that adds a lot of depth to the 2D drawings.

Furthermore the art itself is beautiful with all of its details. Even the backgrounds are highly detailed, and each page makes sure to use almost every square inch available. At least this is true when the humans are the subjects of the page. The art becomes incredibly surreal and dreamy when it focuses on the vampires, and its as if they are all that exist for that moment, that page, and nothing else is important. Some pages the artist took photographs and morphed them into her drawings by sketching over them to blend the 2 images to create a more realistic background (an example of this is when Bella is sitting on the bed in the hospital after nearly being hit by Tyler in the van or the first glimpse of La Push First Beach). Just stunning!

The cover art alone is worth drooling over with all of the shading and amazing use of light.

I am basing my rating off all of this, or the art, layout, and composition as it were. The pacing and the layout of the drawings keep you turning pages at a furious rate, and I can't wait to go through it again to take in the art a bit more because I am sure that every time you read this you will notice more and more details that went previously unnoticed.

My only complaint though is how short it was - not in terms of pages but in how far it actually progressed through the story. I was hoping to at least get to see some interaction between Bella and the other Cullens. But not to worry there are more volumes coming. Although at this point only Twilight has been green lighted for graphic novelization, so I for one am keeping my fingers crossed that Meyer will approve the rest of the saga!

This is definitely recommended to any fan of Twilight, whether they have read a graphic novel before or not!
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263 reviews365 followers
January 13, 2018
Bellissimi i disegni della Graphic Novel! Mi mancava questa storia, quindi ho deciso finalmente di leggere la versione Graphic Novel e l'ho amata :D
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911 reviews181 followers
May 21, 2020
I had all hardcopies back in India. Delighted to find #1 in KU. After all the hype of Midnight Sun, probably my mind was craving some Twilight action 🤓
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621 reviews124 followers
August 7, 2020
Het is wel leuk om het eens in dit format te lezen. De tekeningen zijn ook echt mooi, maar ik had het liever in kleur gehad.
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132 reviews11 followers
March 16, 2010
It took one hour to read this magnificent graphic novel, but oh, what a fantastic 60 minutes it was!


Let me just say that the artist, Young Kim, is one talented lady, and she has breathed new life into a classic vampire series. She captures the quiet beauty of Bella Swan, making her look lovely, but in an unadorned way that we have always pictured, but have never seen. She combines her own artistry with live shots, and the results are stunning. You feel as if you are truly stepping into the wet and slippery world of Forks, Washington, immersing yourself in a world where humans, werewolves and vampires co-exist unwittingly. What made this graphic novel such a easy page-turner is not just the knock-out drawings, but the layout as well, which is key to the enjoyment of any graphic novel. Kim has been able to give a face to all our favorite characters, and where she resoundingly succeeds is in her depiction of Edward. No slight to the handsome Robert Pattinson, but this is the way I had imagined Edward Cullen to look like - gorgeous and other-worldly in his male beauty.

For those of us who know the story like the back of our hand, this first volume concludes with Bella and Edward leaving the forest, with the initial secrets of vampires revealed in their pretty swath of forest. We all know how it starts, where it's going, and how it ends, but my goodness, I cannot wait for the next installment. Let's hope Stephenie Meyer will give her blessing for the three other books, because as of right now, only Twilight is getting the graphic novel treatment. I highly recommend this book to all fans of Twilight, vampire lovers, and reluctant readers who need a more aesthetically pleasing introduction to the world of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. For grades 5th and up. Enjoy!
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Author 6 books39 followers
May 15, 2010

God, did you ever make a total shame of manga....Stephenie Meyer, you just have no shame whatsoever. The manga art is ugly, non-proffesional, and just bad to look at. It has no real talent like traditional, NON-WANNABE artist. After reading this book I can now see that Stephenie Meyer is just greedy for money. I'm sorry, but I no longer have any respect to this series. It's not even worth to be serialized in a 'manga' because it will just show how positively stupid it is and that it is not worth reading any farther than the first or maybe even the second book.

Worst book I have ever seen/read/heard of in my LIFE. Definate waste of paper, time of the artist (who like I had said isn't even that great of an artist) and even bothering to rewrite the story into a manga format.

Only recomend it to brainwashed fans of Twilight who still fail to see that this is nothing but a making of big money or to people who just want to kill some time and end up completely disappointed.

Also want to note that if any of you are wondering why I read this book if I hated the series so much: I positively love manga. It's what I live for, almost. So even though I had a deep hatrid for Twilight I had really nothing to do and I saw this on the shelves of my public library thinking 'Oh wll, it's free and it's manga, so why not atleats bother reading', right? Haha, WRONG This was not even worth taking out from the library it was so horrible. I can now see why someone had even decided to donate this to the library, either because they hated the book just as much (or more) than me, or that, for a better reason, they wanted for other people to ee the stupidity and spread the word that Twilight has just found a new form of rock bottom, and just gave shame a new image.

Definate waste of time. I wanted to write this review simply to vent out my feelings. This joins Twilight on my Bookshelf of Shame, or maybe I should create a Bookshelf of Idiocy and Stupidity Not Even Worth Your Money? Hum?

If I could give this less than one star, I so wish I would, cause it doesn't even deserve one star.
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29 reviews23 followers
May 20, 2012
Let me explain, first of all, that I LOVE graphic novels. When a particular novel really doesn't click, or I just really adored a book, I would try and find a graphic novel version. I had picked this book up one time at the store, curious about how it would be. I was well aware that I had learned little about the Twilight series prior to reading this, other than watching coming attractions in the movie theater over the years.

I was also aware that this, like so many popular books, has had some haters and some lovers-- that the audience of readers is very split on whether this is a good or bad book. So I tried this book, with very unbiased opinion, from the library.

Let me just say that I threw it across the room after the first 30 pages.

Yes, it was that bad. I mean, the plotline was just plain badly imagined, poorly written, and some of the illustrations were quite obviously printed right on the page. Meaning, the backgrounds were not envisioned by the illustrator, but REAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Who DOES that???? Isn't that taking credit for someone else's work, just like using your name for something someone else did? Am I WRONG in thinking this?!?

So, yeah. I would not, repeat WOULD NOT recommend this to anyone besides those too blinded by the love of a crappy, sodden-with-pointless-love-triangles plot to part with such a TERRIBLE book. Please, do spare me. I did myself when I returned this book, pronto.
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129 reviews17 followers
July 3, 2010
I was really excited when I learned about the existence of this book because it combines two of my favorite guilty pleasures: Asian graphic novels and Twilight. I have yet to find any artist's rendition of the story (whether it be in film or a drawing) that captures the vivid images I had in my head when I first read the book, but this is a very beautiful version. I really enjoyed the art, although Edward doesn't look right most of the time to me--more like a 50s letterman athlete type or something, and Bella is too pretty. She looks like some glamour queen, when if her looks had been toned down a little she still would have been very attractive but in a more normal way.
The fact that the book was in sepia tones except for a few pages when the author added well-placed splashes of color made it very unique and delightful to read and look at. I highly enjoyed it, and it was also nice to get the story in its actual sequence of events; I find myself getting fuzzy on that since I have seen the movie so much now.
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84 reviews39 followers
June 26, 2020
Twilight graphic novels are ideal for those who are waiting for 'Midnight Sun' to come out and want to refresh their knowledge on the Twilight saga without having to reread 500-700 page books.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how stunning Young Kim's art is? (Not to mention that the main characters' (Bella's, Jacob's and Edward's) appearance actually matches how they were described in the book).
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782 reviews52 followers
November 28, 2018
Plot - 3/5
Characters - 4/5
World Building - 3/5
Writing Style - 3/5
Cover - 5/5
Art - 5/5

Overall Rating - 4.6 / 5

The art was way to damn beautiful compared to the movie.
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1,502 reviews448 followers
October 25, 2018
DNF at 40 pages

I-I just, no? Okay?

Maybe in high school? But probably then, probably even not.

This takes everything that was halfway decent in the books, shits on it, and continues with the crappiest of poopooness.

Right from the beginning, Bella is self-sacrificing to the max. She's selflessly giving her life up for someone else in the prologue, she's exiling herself to rainy and poopy Forks, Washington, so that her mother and step-father can have a new life together, and she is...well, she's just a wet dishrag of a human being.

It's a little much, particularly when the self-exile isn't explained and has Bella coming off as more whiny, angsty, spoiled teenager than anything. Her constant bitching about the weather, the rain, the tininess of the town and the school, her bedroom, her truck, her father, her friends-that-can't-be-friends-because-they're-not-the-mysterious-and-gorgeous-Cullens, the Cullens' ancient names (okay, Isabella), it's just...I just want to shake her and shout, "Bloom where you're planted!" Or...at least keep the griping to yourself?

Talk about a buzzkill.

Then there's the Gary Stu in vampire form: Edward Cullens.

His anger practically oozes off the page. His fists are always clenched, he's always staring at her. Even when he's "nice" he's still a colossal dickhead.

And of course Bella is absolutely intrigued by this man that she's angered with her mere existence.


Okay, some things that I've apparently overlooked in the book because it's been so long since I've read the first one (or the rest) and I've purged the story from my mind:

1. How long has Charlie been the sheriff of Forks?

2. If all of the things in Bella's room are hers, how come she's not familiar with the town? Did her Dad move there after the divorce? When was the divorce anyway?

3. Why the hell did Bella move away from Phoenix?

4. How come she doesn't know any of the kids in Forks since she's apparently spent some time up there beforehand?

5. How come none of the Cullens "children" have been reported to a substance abuse program?

6. And the enduring question that has haunted me ever since the release of the first book so many, many years ago:


Hi, I'm Edward, your local cannibalistic pedophile :)


*sigh* why did I do this to myself?
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1,879 reviews1,065 followers
June 2, 2010
You know what, if I'm allowed to be completely and utterly honest - I probably would have liked Twilight a lot more if it were a graphic novel in the style of Japanese manga or Korean manhwa, at least that's what I told myself when I thought about it after reading the whole series of books (despite having issues with the plot and pacing). It seemed like the kind of story that would be best suited for the drama. I've read many series over the years in those formats because I have a genuine love for some of the stories (Monster, NANA, etc.).

Having said that, the announcement of Twilight's graphic novel adaptation came as a surprise - because I honestly didn't think it would come to fruition. When it did, I decided to let curiosity (as I'm prone to fall to) out of the bag and read the first volume. I'm really not a huge fan of Twilight, but I do give it credit where credit is due.

I have mixed feelings about the GN overall, because on one hand - I think Young Kim's illustrations are very well done, brilliant even. I have no issues with the artwork at all, and surprisingly, the adaptation does match some of the impressions I had of the characters, Bella and Edward included. (Aside note - I wouldn't take Bella's beauty with too much critique - there are a lot of ordinary female protagonists in Asian graphic novels that actually look very beautiful in their artistic interpretations. It's a common trend.)

The problems I had lie more in the technical execution of the graphic novel - the lettering was off, speaking bubbles shadowing over key characters, etc. It really could have been much better in presentation than what it was, and that did distract me. Considering this is an adaptation and not a direct serialization WRT the story - this was actually an interesting GN. I can't take away from it on that, and I'm usually very critical of such things like adaptations. It's at the very least consistent and gives a decent summarization of events for a good part of the GN (plot issues and characterization cliches aside).

So in the end, I'm just giving it 3 stars. I spent about little more than an hour reading it and found it worth the time. But if I'm being honest - it's not worth the high price tag. If it were priced like most translated manga volumes, it would be worth it. If you're really concerned about the quality, I'd recommend checking it out if your local library has it, and then decide if its something you want to keep before you buy, because this might not be a book for everyone, even for those who are extremely dedicated to Twilight.
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