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When the biggest rockstar in the world invited me into his home, there was one rule:

Don’t touch his daughter.

For a kid from the wrong side of the tracks with no future, the offer should have been a dream come true.

Classy new digs.

A fancy prep school.

Someone who cares what happens to me.

Except for that rule.

The rich pricks at my new school worship me. I couldn’t care less.

She's the one person who makes me feel worthwhile.

I want to save her from the turmoil eating up her picture-perfect world.

But she thinks I’m her rival: for her friends, her future, her father’s love.

I should keep my distance.

Avoid rescuing her from the assholes at school.

Definitely pretend I can’t see in her bedroom window from the pool house.

There are only two obsessions my life—music…and her.

All I have is my talent to set me free.

But my future will burn if I can’t stay away.

Rivals is an epic, angsty romance featuring two people from opposite sides of the track forced together by a forbidden love that could cost them everything.

Note: If you have previously read A Love Song for Liars, A Love Song for Rebels, and a Love Song for Dreamers, the new RIVALS ebook also contains an extended epilogue short story.

600 pages, ebook

Published January 24, 2023

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About the author

Piper Lawson

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Piper Lawson is a USA Today bestselling author of smart, steamy romance! She writes about women who follow their dreams (even the scary ones), best friends who know your dirty secrets (and love you anyway), and complex heroes you’ll fall hard for (especially after talking with them). Brains or brawn? She’ll never make you choose. Piper lives in Canada with her tall, dark and brilliant husband. She believes peanut butter is a protein, rose gold is a neutral, and love is ALWAYS the answer.

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January 21, 2023
A man who’s seen heaven is more dangerous than one who only believes. And I’ll never forget how it feels to have you need me.”

Did this book take me a full week to finish? Yes, yes it did. Did I enjoy it all the same? Yes, yes I did.

Admittedly, this was my first book by this author, and inevitably won't be my last. At first, the pacing of the story threw me off, but then I realized that this was first released as a trilogy and it made a bit more sense. The relationship between Tyler and Annie spans years and full of first love, heartbreak, and angst.

Annie, the daughter of a famous rock star, dreams of a life on the stage. Her father, who knows the dark pitfalls of that life wants to do shelter her from it. Tyler is a young protege who he moves into their poorhouse and is getting the side of Annie's father she only dreams about. When we first meet Tyler and Annie, its years into their relationship, but still when they're young adults in high school. Annie has crushed on Tyler, but he's the reigning bad boy of their school. Once friends, their relationship is now strained because he took popularity over her, or so it seems anyway.

Now, I think if I had read this as individual books in the series but not as one, I wouldn't have taken issue with the pacing. But I couldn't help but feel it was a bit stretched out for my personal tastes. It wasn't boring by any means, but it also didn't immerse and grab me either. Instead of the usual final act break up, we get three, which was a bit frustrating. Though they weren't all big ones and some was just life and them pursuing their own dreams.

This was emotional with a splash of steam and plenty of feels. I would have loved to been deeper immersed in the music side of Tyler's career, but it was still entertaining. Having now met his daughter, I need to read her father's book in Good Girl. This was a heartfelt story of first love, first heartbreak, and timing being everything. I loved that Annie never stopped pursuing her dreams and I loved how both of them melded this together. It was immensely satisfying in the end.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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January 13, 2023
"A thousand paths that lead to my destruction begin with kissing this girl."

The cover and the title of the book drew me in. And the writing was engaging as well. But what really kept me hooked was Tyler & Annie's connection. No matter how much time they spent apart, they were drawn towards each other like a moth towards the flame. While the first half was a bit dull, the last half made me feel all the butterflies! I liked both Tyler & Annie as main characters and their scenes with Sophie were too cute! The book was well written but the first half and Annie's situation with the mean girl could've been handled better. Other than that, I liked the plot and the other side characters. The time jumps were smooth and the last few chapters were too good!

I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review
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January 31, 2023
The  Rivals series has become one of my all time favorites of Piper Lawson's- so full of angsty goodness, tumultuous young love and learning to find your place in a world that isn't always easy, despite it's opulence and wealth. This well written boxset follows the life of Annie Jamieson as an older teen, when everything she thought to be true has been permanently turned upside down. She's been suddenly dropped into an unbelievable life of privilege she has no clue how to navigate and into the crazy world inhabited by her father- Jax Jamieson- world famous rockstar, music producer and one of the most well known stars on the planet. If you loved Jax and Hailey's story as much as I did in Piper's Wicked series, don't miss this one. You're going to want to see him in his current role as Dad! Hint- he doesn't always get things right the first time! Thank goodness for Hailey!

That being said, this brand new Rivals boxset can stand alone and combines the previously released books in Annie Jamieson and Tyler Adams rollercoaster ride of a series, all in one delicious place. Their emotional coming of age story is sweet, touching and tender but with spicey heat that radiates right off the pages. Expect some ups and downs as they imagine where their futures will lead them- together or apart, at times at odds with each other, as obstacles create struggles and loyalties are tested. Music, creativity and strength always plays a huge part in them personally and in everything around them as their love grows and deepens, along with their dreams.

Piper Lawson has penned a phenomenal story that combines a mix of old friends you'll be thrilled to see again, new characters that will absolutely intrigue and others, you might like to disappear. All of which rounds out this years long, twisty, sometimes suspenseful, heart stopper of a series to perfection. Annie and Tyler are such a beautiful couple, inside and out and these unforgettable soulmates will surely touch your hearts as they did mine.
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January 29, 2023
(audiobook) I’m sad to say it wasn’t a bad book at all, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected.

It was first published as three separate books, each a moment in Annie and Tyler’s life, and though the first part was endearing, it became tiring fast when they kept making decisions that kept them apart. I felt like they didn’t learn from their past mistakes.

In the first part, Annie and Tyler are still in high school. She’s the little black sheep, he’s the school’s star, and though they knew each other before–and were friends–their place in the school’s hierachy creates some tension between them. Even the fact that Annie’s father is Tyler’s mentor and he has welcomed him in their home doesn’t make their relationship better. Of course, it’s denial and forbiddance that keep them apart, and they’re slowly accepting their feelings. But there’s a major obstacle between them. Tyler wants to pursue a career in music, and Annie’s father refuses her the same–he’s a music legend.

Part 2 is a couple of years later. Annie is a rebel, and is lying to her father to attend a music school. Tyler has had some bad luck with his career, and ends up at the same school, waiting for his next opportunity. You can imagine some of the dramas Annie’s lies create. But they reconnect. Until an unexpected twist that pushes them apart once again.

The last part is a few more years later. They both have a successful career, and that’s what is in the way of their happiness. They’ll have to make a choice. Again.

There were some seriously good elements. Tyler’s rocky relationship with his father, though completely off the page, defined a good deal of Tyler’s personality. Same with Annie’s relationship with her father, and how going against him is her way to find herself. Though talent was often emphasized, the author also insisted on the value of hard work, and that was what made a difference in Annie’s and Tyler’s careers.

A couple other aspects bothered me a lot though. For instance, in the first book, the bullying Annie was subjected to annoyed me to no end. It was petty and extreme, and the people going along with it deserved no sympathy… including Tyler. And by the middle of part 2, I wanted to shake them both so they stopped making stupid choices. I ended up not totally believing they were made for each other, as the author wanted me to.

Though the narrators are seriously talented, and usually do an excellent job, I caught a handful of mistakes that bothered me–probably because I’m not used to them with those narrators. Like a breath taken at the wrong place in a sentence, things like that. Not a lot, thankfully, and despite that, they knew how to express Tyler’s and Annie’s feelings perfectly, the male narrator with some cockiness in his voice, and the female narrator with the right energy for Annie.


- Series: complete series
- Hashtags: #rockstar romance #enemies to lovers #opposite sides of the tracks #young adult
- Triggers: bullying, serious injury
- Main couple: Annie Jamieson & Tyler Adams
- Hotness: 4/5
- Romance: 3/5
- + the story of two people who keep meeting even after they end things and keep reconnecting, nice
- – could they stop making dumb choices that they end up regretting anyway?
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1,987 reviews288 followers
January 25, 2023
If this cover is not enough to entice you...I have a list of reasons you need to read this trilogy. So Rivals is a must read for you if you love..
🥀 Angst that kills you
🥀 Love story spanning across years
🥀 Music and it's impact on the characters
🥀 An epic tortured brooding hero who will make you swoon, break and melt
🥀 A fearless yet vulnerable heroine who has the most complex heart
🥀 I will repeat..endless feelings to choke you.
I have read and loved Piper Lawson books before but this series? This is another level of perfection. The writing is beautiful. And the emotions? Most of times..it was too much to handle. The journey was beautiful and intense and will wreck you. But there is happily ever after.
This book is not only about the romance of two people. It's about Annie and Tyler's own dreams too. They evolved throughout the series. Making mistakes. Getting hurt. Chasing dreams, failing and then achieving those impossible dreams too. They loved fiercely and that's why the happily ever after didn't come easily. AND I AM SO OK WITH THAT.
You know me. I love books those torture me and haunt me. If you love to get tortured too, welcome to the emotional h3ll called Rivals by Piper Lawson

RIVALS includes A Love Song for Liars, A Love Song for Rebels, and A Love Song for Dreamers, along with an extended epilogue in the ebook version!

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily
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694 reviews8 followers
January 11, 2023
Rivals is the love story of Tyler and Annie and contains the three stories of the Rivals trilogy (‘A love song for liars’, ‘A love song for Rebels’ and ‘A love song for dreamers’). I read the stories separately when they were published and wrote a review for each story.

Book 1 ‘A love song for liars’ – 4 stars
‘A love song for liars’ is the first book of the ‘Rivals’ trilogy, but I would really recommend that you read the prequel ‘Love notes’ (a free story) before reading this story. If not, you will miss the beginning of their story and the reason why their friendship is a thing of the past.

For the readers who have read the ‘Wicked’ trilogy by this writer, they will be happy to know that this story is about Jax’s daughter Annie and her friend Tyler (who we also met in the Wicked series). For the readers who haven’t read the ‘Wicked’ trilogy, I think that you best start with those books, that will give you a better understanding of Annie and Tyler’s background. But if you just want to read this trilogy without reading the other trilogy first, that’s possible too.
You get both POV’s in this story.

The main characters may still be on high school and therefore be young of age, but their characters felt older, more mature. The story had more a new adult vibe to it than a young adult one. I think that has something to do with Tyler’s and Annie’s difficult or special upbringing, that made that they had to mature quicker. (Tyler and his difficult home situation and Annie being the secret daughter of a famous rock star and being raised by her aunt first before living by her father).

‘A love song for liars’ is an emotional story about friendship, first love and heartbreak, trust, secrets and about searching for your own path in life (despite expectations of parents or other people). What a beginning of a trilogy, the story made me emotional and as expected it ended with a cliffhanger. Annie and Tyler were great characters and throughout the story you could really feel the chemistry between them building and building. But be warned, don’t expect steamy sex scenes yet but I’m sure that we will get them in the following books. I liked Annie very much, she was a positive and strong character and she wasn’t afraid to open her heart and show her vulnerability to the outside world. I admired that about her. And then you have Tyler, someone who is just made to become a hot rock star or at least, a hot musician. I can totally understand why Annie is falling for him and he for her but of course that would be too easy. To just fall in love and be happy. No, they will have to fight for their love and prove it to the outside world and themselves. Annie and Tyler are young so it’s understandable that they are easily influence by the people around them. But this, it broke my heart because you just felt that they were so right for each other.

Annie is such a wonderful daughter and I felt sorry that Jax didn’t appreciated her and her feelings for Tyler more. That he tried to come between her friendship with Tyler. But then I think that in this case he acted more like a musician then a father. He recognized the great talent in Tyler and he focussed on that and not how his meddling would hurt his daughter. He only saw Tyler the musician, not Tyler the best friend of his daughter.

Book 2 A love song for rebels - 3,5 stars
More than one year has passed since Tyler left Annie behind. Now by chance, they are both in the same city (New York) and even in the same academy (Vanier)! The chance that they will meet each other regularly is big and it becomes even greater when Tyler’s friend and roommate becomes Annie’s mentor. So you can imagine that things get very emotional between Tyler and Annie quickly.

Annie has a lot to proof this year, not only to the teachers and herself but also to her father. Because he doesn’t know that she’s attending Vanier, he wanted her to go to another college. So this year is very important to Annie and the last person that she needs in her life is Tyler. The boy that broke her heart! But he is here and she will do her best to ignore him (easily said than done in reality!).
Tyler is shocked to see Annie in Vanier, he never expected to see her there. And no matter how much they try, they can’t ignore each other or their feelings. But their dreams of becoming more in life are still the same. The reason why Tyler left Annie is still there. Can they restore their friendship and relationship, now that they are older (and wiser)? Or was it never meant to be?

Wow! This story made me feel so much, it went from frustration to happiness to shock. Let me explain, from the moment that I met Annie and Tyler in the ‘Wicked’ series I knew that they belong together. They were young then but still you could already feel the rightness of them becoming a couple in the future. So when you know and feel that way, it can be very frustrating to see how they ignore that and act in a way that you know that it will move them further apart. And that was especially so in the beginning of the story. But then I felt the change and that made me very happy. Because both character do grow during the story. But then the end!! I was so shocked and I never saw that coming. I’m so happy that we don’t have to wait too long for the next story! Because with that ending I really want to know what happens next.

The story is again told in both POV’s. Unlike in the previous book, there are sex scenes in this story. Although it’s said that this is a ‘rockstar’ story, to me it doesn’t really feel 100% like one. Yes, Tyler has ambitions to become a rockstar. But for me, this trilogy is more about young people who love music and use that to express their feelings and emotions and who love to share that with other people. It’s about growing up, follow your dreams and discover what’s really important in life.

(I’m still not sure what to think of Annie’s father Jax’s attitude towards Annie and Tyler. He didn’t really redeem himself to me in this story yet. Maybe in the next one?)

Book 3 – A love song for dreamers – 5 stars
Wow! Let me start by saying that I LOVED this book!! The writer Piper Lawson definitely kept the best for the last book. ‘A love song for dreamers’ is my favourite of the three books! There was a second in the beginning of the story that I was a bit worried about the direction that the story would take but that only lasted a second and in the end I totally agreed with the way that the story went and the decision that the writer took in the beginning of the book. Annie and Tyler indeed needed time to mature a bit more and to discover for themselves what was really important in their lives.

During the years, Tyler and Annie had to overcome a lot to follow their dreams but if there were two things that never changed during their whole journey it was their love for music and for each other. Although the first one was very obvious from the very beginning, the second one grew and became more obvious with time (and with each story). Now, in this last story, there was no doubt or question that they loved each other very much. And although their circumstances weren’t ideal for a relationship or love, this time they were mature enough to give it a real chance and I loved that very, very much!

In my previous reviews of the other books in the ‘Rivals’ trilogy, I also talked about Annie’s father Jaxx and how disappointed I was with his reaction and attitude towards Annie but to my delight here in this last story, the writer made me change my mind about him. And she did it in a realistic, natural way. Not by magic but allowing time and conversations to change feelings and attitudes. I’m so happy with that.

For me ‘A love song for dreamers’ was the perfect end to Annie and Tyler’s romance.
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January 24, 2023
“You want me to kiss you until you can’t breathe.”

OH MY HEART!!! OH MY SOUL!!! I can’t stop basking in Rivals, a heart-racing rock star romance that claimed me—stealing my breath—like a kiss: passionate, powerful, raw, and real. Brimming with pure passion and poetry on pages, this lyrical love story sings to the soul. I read it with tears in my eyes and so much love inside. Beautifully broken, bold, and brilliantly told, this book blew me away!

Spanning from high school to adulthood, Rivals is the captivating tale of a torn hero and heroine who battle demons and darkness to save each other. Two kindred spirits with beautiful hearts fated together in a messy but meaningful way. Light and dark. Bold and brave. Fire and fate. He needs her sunshine. She needs his honesty. Together they ignite with love and light. Together ... they are unstoppable.

I fell hard for the hero who doesn’t think he’s worthy and the heroine willing to do whatever it takes to show him his worth. I felt their deep chemistry and connection through the pages. The musician soulmates, Tyler and Annie, were perfection together with a deep connection of fire and feels. Lawson weaves an unforgettable, heart-stealing, soul-searing story about falling in love and the sacrifices one will make to save the other.

This story is so special, one of strength and salvation that sparkles with love and light. I couldn’t help but applaud its valuable messages of finding the beauty in the broken. Flying after falling. Rising by lifting others. Daring to dream. And, most importantly: true love always prevailing.

“Our hearts don’t belong in cages. We’re meant to be fragile. We’re born to bleed.”

A stunning romance from cover to cover, Rivals sank itself into my heart where I felt its emotional pull, a paralyzing zap that surged straight to my soul, owning every part of me. Oh did I burn for this book! I wasn’t just reading Rivals; I was living it too. I felt every word ... I FELT EVERYTHING ... I still feel it all. I couldn’t stop feeling this spellbinding love story that was my breath, my beauty, my hope, my heartbreak and my everything. I couldn’t love it and feel it enough. Rivals is a top 2023 romance worth all the shining stars.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but worth all the bleeding hearts and burning stars

➡️ https://amzn.to/3QZt6Pd

Reviewed on behalf of Bookalicious Babes Blog
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1,293 reviews538 followers
January 20, 2023
It's been a while since I've read a Piper Lawson romance and to get THREE books in one ARC was such a treat. I loved this full circle journey from the teenage years to adulthood and experiencing Tyler and Annie's love story.
Now this is not for the faint of heart with all the angst, the torture and heartbreak and the back and forth. It was a complete roller coaster and I loved every minute. From the enemies to lovers vibes as teens, the brooding sexy hero, the heroine with the confidence and heart of gold, and ever-lasting love, to the music that kept them going to follow their dreams and desires.
This book had me at the blurb...
When the biggest rockstar in the world invited me into his home, there was one rule:

Don’t touch his daughter.

...but it was really so much more than the typical rockstar romance, the typical be careful dating the daughter... this was an epic love story about the kid with the humble beginnings chasing his dreams of music to finding the love of a lifetime in the girl who always saw who he was underneath it all, the couple who always fought for each other because love was everything when they had each other.

I loved every second of every page and look forward to reading more from this author.
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590 reviews20 followers
January 24, 2023
**Audio Review**
Rivals by Piper Lawson was an inspiring, emotional, and swoony romance that will capture your attention and squeeze your heart from start to finish. Rivals contain Annie and Tyler’s epic love story now all in one book, and one audio credit! I loved the whole vibe of this book that spans when Annie and Tyler first meet in high school as the “rich girl and the pool boy,” and then shows through the years how their love and ambitions are tested and proven time and time again! I could not stop listening to the book!

Rose Dioro and Teddy Hamilton narrate this audio, and are both the perfect pairing to bring Annie and Tyler to life! Rose completely stole my heart with her performance of Annie. Her ability to capture Annie’s determined, passionate spirit was brilliant and made me feel all the things. Teddy Hamilton was swoon-worthy as an aspiring, desirable, and charismatic Tyler! Both narrators brought the heat with Annie and Tyler’s fiery, magnetic, and at times explosive chemistry!

Overall, I LOVED this book. If you are a fan of a new adult romance with a hot hunky aspiring guitarist, a fierce musical theater playwright determined to find her own path, an overprotective former rockstar dad, high school drama, New York City, musical showcases, danger, passionate steamy times, going after your dreams, reliable besties, jealous exes, finding strength in each other, and a HEA that will rival for the top spot in your heart, then you will love Annie and Tyler’s story. I always look forward to more from Piper Lawson!
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814 reviews50 followers
February 1, 2023
This New Adult romance has a bit of forbidden romance, rockstar romance and childhood friends to lovers.
It spans from Annie and Tyler’s childhood to early adulthood, it’s also a second chance romance that brings plenty of angst.
It has the feel of an epic love story where the characters can’t quite get their timing right.
The feelings and love are there. They have a beautiful friendship, great slow burn chemistry and a sweet, sexy connection.
I really liked these characters and I found their story very engaging.
Their time apart was frustrating, but I think necessary to their personal growth.
They have personal and professional struggles and wonderful triumphs.
It’s a coming of age story with a love story that feels fated.
I love that music connects them. It’s their love language and their shared passion.
I love the secondary characters so much as well. It spans many years and the secondary characters are very important to the story, the flow and they add tons of heart.
A very enjoyable story that was originally a trilogy. It’s now one book with a new extended epilogue.
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1,988 reviews148 followers
January 15, 2023
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tyler and Annie so much. These two forever have my heart.

Their story is full of twists, turns, ups, downs, love, heartbreak. Things are never easy and these two have definitely gone through a lot. The two of them grew not only as individuals, but together throughout the course of this book.

The connection between Tyler and Annie is deep from the start. Despite coming from different backgrounds and different lives they are drawn to each other. They balance each other. Their passion for music is another strong bond they share.

If you were a fan of The OC growing up this book is giving all those vibes, it even has a pool house.

If you’re looking for an angsty, emotional, rockstar, friends to lovers, forbidden, forced proximity romance this is one to check out.
39 reviews
January 11, 2023
Rivals will take you on an emotional journey in a how a real world relationship has its ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and growth and maturity. I love that each book delves into what the relationship is like in each stage of their lives. Love is not all happiness and light,because that’s not how a real world relationship works. And it isn’t just an isolated story about two characters, the world building and character development Piper does will have you feeling like you’re right there with them. While reading the books individually had cliffhangers and torture waiting for the next in the series to be released… you can have it all at your fingertips in this compilation. Absolutely recommend this book, this series, this author.
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483 reviews16 followers
January 18, 2023
Rivals Overall:

Story: 4 ⭐️
Steam: 3 🔥 starts more YA then grows to NA with light smut
Audio: 5 🎧

This audiobook was fantastic! The narrators both did an amazing job and brought the story to life!

I love that this trilogy was combined to make one book! I think it’s the perfect way to listen to long stories like this and I loved getting the full story in one sitting! Annie and Tyler were so sweet. This story followed them from about 16/18 to about 21/23. There are ups and downs but we get to end on an HEA!

See below for my breakdown of each section of the book.


♥️BOOK 1♥️

Story: 4.5 ⭐️
Steam: 1 🔥 no smut
Audio: 5 🎧

Kicking off this trilogy, our couple is at the end of their high school years and have a forbidden aspect to them. Don’t wanna upset rockstar daddy lol I didn’t read the trilogy about Annie’s dad and stepmom but if I enjoy this whole thing I will definitely go back and check it out. I liked the beginning of this story even though I’m not usually a fan of books about musicians. I think I’m gonna like the rest too! I’m glad this stopped at a place where there is a clear divide between books 1 & 2 and it doesn’t just feel like it’s getting another book to drag out the story. So far so good!

♥️BOOK 2♥️

Story: 4 ⭐️
Steam: 3 🔥
Audio: 5 🎧

Ah I love this. Seeing Tyler and Annie rediscover each other after high school was so sweet. I love their connection and how they both actively support each others dreams. It’s so cute. The end was just *exploding head* very anxious to see what happens next!

♥️BOOK 3♥️

Story: 3.5 ⭐️
Steam: 3 🔥
Audio: 5 🎧

I loved Annie & Tyler’s HEA. I think they both worked hard for it and the ending they got was so sweet and I loved it. However, the first 3/4 were definitely the part of this story I liked the least. I felt like this second big breakup of theirs was just… small. It felt very sudden and almost unrealistic. I felt like although they both grew so much, majority of that growth was always apart from each other. They seem to not be able to grow together and that was a little frustrating. I felt a tad disconnected from that whole aspect of the story. I’m glad the trilogy was tied up but I feel a little frustrated with how we got there.
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99 reviews5 followers
January 27, 2023
I am all about the rockstar romance right now! This book was full of love, heartbreak and hope. I loved that the characters had know each other most of their lives and as a reader we got so watch them grow together. This book is on the longer side but I loved Tyler and Annie’s story 💜

If you are in need of a rockstar/music Industry/coming of age romance… this one right here is for you!

There are three separate parts to this book which are the first three book in the Rivals series. I appreciated having them all together in one book because the first two end on a cliffhanger.

Also can I point out the cover on this book?! It’s absolutely gorgeous 😍.
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946 reviews
January 25, 2023
An entertaining friends to lovers forbidden tale riddled with obstacles at every single turn. So many ups and downs and twists and turns you’re bound to get whiplash. Annie and Tyler’s powerful love story is a reminder that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Even though it felt like my heart was in my throat throughout and my emotions were all over the place, I loved every single moment. An epic trilogy that shows us that no matter what, the heart knows.

I’m so glad that I chose to listen to this one. Rose Dioro and Teddy Hamilton did a phenomenal job bringing Piper Lawson’s angsty tale to life.
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9 reviews2 followers
January 20, 2023
**ARC for Review**

I loved the book. I just finished reading it and my emotions are a mess.

This book and its characters managed to transmit all their emotions to me. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, they even made me take several cold showers 😏 the chemistry between Tyler and Annie is beautiful. And every character on this book is perfect.

If you like tropes like “Rockstars, Forced Proximity, soulmates” this books is for you!
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188 reviews
January 11, 2023
This was a fantastic series! This series still holds a spot in my heart! Below is my reviews for each part!

Wow! Just wow! My gosh Piper you have a way to completely enthrall and entice your readers! This book was filled with such angst! I love everything about Tyler and Annie! I can't wait to read book 2! ❤️❤️❤️

Cliffhanger queen strikes again!
Omg! How could you leave me with such a cliffhanger! I knew the rug was going to be pulled out from under me! Such an amazing series! ❤️❤️

I'm so happy that Annie and Tyler are finally truly happy, that they both got everything they dreamed of! I'm so happy Annie and Jax reconciled! I cried a lot in this book, what am I talking about I cried a lot through this series! It was so beautifully written. Bravo Ms. Lawson, Bravo! ❤️❤️ To the island!

Wow! This series wrecked me, I never cried so hard, I was all snotted! This series! I have read books that were series, but I have never been so enthralled in my life! Annie and Tyler are such beautiful souls, they were meant for one another! I wish I could find a man that looks at me the way Tyler looks at Annie! They had their ups and downs, but fate always wins in the end! Bravo Ms. Lawson, Bravo! ❤️❤️❤️
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January 14, 2023

4.5 ⭐️

This book was raw, beautiful, and emotional. The journey it takes you through will break your heart before it ever puts you back together. The ride was worth every minute of it.

Tyler and Annie's chemistry is perfection from the start. You can feel the tension, love, and connection between these two which makes their story all the much harder to read. Tyler is the broody rockstar. Annie is full of life and passion. The two balance each other out perfectly.

I loved how the plot spanned out over the years, and we saw all the glimpses into their story. Their love is all consuming and the forever kind. I cried, laughed, and loved with these two.

The spice was absolute perfection. There were so many amazing scenes that will make overheat.

A beautifully raw love story.

Read if you like
🎸 Rockstars
🎸 Forced Proximity
🎸 Soulmates
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January 24, 2023
This was my first read from Piper Lawson and I really enjoyed it! I seen the stunning cover, read the blurb, and I was sold!

Rivals is a love story told in three parts and three different times during the characters lives. It starts when they are in high school, moves on to college, and then after college when they are fully adults. I really enjoyed the split type of timeline!

I loved watching Annie and Tyler come back together each time they are separated. They are one of those fictional couples who definitely feel like soulmates. Along with the relationship, you get to see them really grow as people. They both discover and live out their dreams. By the end it leaves you feeling really proud of both of them!

This story had a ton of emotion and angst. Since they do grow apart multiple times, and you will never be happy about it. But they always come back to each other. I found the writing to be super engaging, and despite the length, I flew through it!

Would highly recommend if you love any type of rockstar romance, or prefer a soulmate type of love story!

Only thing that brought it down a star for me, was I thought there’d be more of a “rival” factor. And felt a little let down on that. But still really enjoyed this story!

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Spice: 🌶️🌶️🌶️/5

Thank you so much to Valentine PR and Piper Lawson for the early review copy! 💕
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January 12, 2023
From slightly off key to perfectly in tune. Tyler and Annie strike all the right chords to reek havoc with the heart. I just can't get enough.

Love Song for Liars is a tale of firsts. First love has become a first heartache that has quickly blossomed into haunting regrets. Young love at it's most fragile. Sweet and sinful explode into a heartache that lingers like a perfume on the air.

Tyler and Annie are like poetry in motion. With every beat of my heart, I lost a little bit more of my soul. A Love Song for Rebels pushes the soul in, heart first. A rapturous melody that lingers on the wind to hold you forever spellbound.

After the Wicked series, my heart felt like it might never recover. It recovered just in time to be broken again by a couple of bittersweet Rivals determined to run away with a piece of my soul.
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January 25, 2023
Rivals boxset
Piper Lawson

A Love Song For Liars
Rivals #1
Piper Lawson

Absolute perfection! I could literally leave my review right here…. And I would if book 2 was ready but it’s not and I’m feeling numb, I really want it now. The last chapter has broken me, and left me gasping. I knew after reading Love Notes, his trilogy would be freaking amazing, but now I think it will be crazy freaking amazing!

I think we’ve all attended a school with a bullying perception that is portrayed as ok, but being the daughter a rock star, meant Annie Jamieson would always be the odd kid out in a prep school full of rich families and bad attitudes. Annie has never been rich, she grew up not knowing who her father was, a mother who ditched her and reliance on her Aunty, but everything changed when Jax Jamieson told her he was her father, and she moved in with him, his wife Haley and their now 7 month old daughter, Sophie. At school Annie is constantly picked on by “the mean girls” ( yes, I think we’ve all watched that movie), but when her best friend, Tyler Adams comes to live with them and attend the same school, Annie’s life changed all over again.

Tyler Adams has the ultimate rough upbringing, but living it up with track star Jax Jamieson gave him something to work for, look forward to - music. Now he’s attending Oakwood Prep, and become their God in his first day. So out of his element, the boys make his music king, and girls love his sexy everything, although he prefers to hide away. All this attention means his hanging out with Annie becomes an at home thing, but at school, she’s the nerd, the poo on your shoe, the one the mean girls target! But Tyler, doesn’t fall for the drama thing, he wants to learn, finish school, go to college…. Everything that wasn’t an option for him in his previous life. But he still looks out for Annie like she’s made of glass, no one puts her down, just ask Kellan…

I had to keep remembering that Tyler and Annie we’re still young people, not adults, because that man/boy and his body made to pay attention, even in paper. The relationship between Annie and Tyler, is special. It’s sweet, sexy, but something more… they have a strong connection, one that mean kids can’t break, her parents can’t control and one neither can deny, but everything can change in a heart beat…. Stay tuned for more of Annie and Tyler, God I want them now….

A Love Song For Rebels
Rivals #2
Piper Lawson

Holy Crap on a cracker!!! I had huge hopes for this story, the first and is prequel were stunning beautiful, this one had more angst but many more happy times. Following on in Annie and Tyler’s story, now they’ve grown up a little, finished school and are off to college.

Deciding to go against her father she is accepted to Vanier, a top college for the arts… but now instead of being Annie Jamieson, Jax Jameison’s kid, she’s just Annie a girl trying to make it in the big bad world of music. She knows what she wants, she’s going to get it.

When Tyler walked out of Annie’s life, it has always played on his mind. She’s always been his everything. He knew it was for the best, he never expected to see her on campus at Vanier and the secret she hides about it. On first glance seeing her again he is one again taken by her beauty, they both have changed, they’ve both grown up but those feelings come back full blown.

Together, or not together Annie and Tyler have an undeniable connection that cannot be broken.. Jumping in created huge drama when he walked out in her years earlier, opening up her heart again to that same hurt is more than Annie can bear but pushing him away hurts more. They create beautiful music together, they’re lives very similar but making the choice for Tyler first might just be what breaks them.

Annie knows she’s good despite her father’s thoughts, but Tyler has the opportunity to win back what he lost, and Annie’s going to do what she can for that to be his happy ever after…

Love song For Rebels will leave you on the edge of your seat, gasping for what had happened and what the future brings. I thought I had this story fully sussed out, but I was so so wrong. Once again I’m going to pine for the final chapter in Annie and Tyler’s life… ❤️

A Love Song For Dreamers
Rivals #3
Piper Lawson

This was the most amazing perfect ending to Annie and Tyler’s story, although filled with much drama, the end sneaks seemed in sight although a little ragged around the edges. Piper has once again created and fulfilled a story of friends turned lovers with a mountain of drama in between. What started as young kids with a crush came full circle in A Love Song For Dreamers, and I have literally loved every word, felt every tear, smiled for the good and broken for their hard times. This series basically had every feeling… come prepared and you be left disappointed.

If you haven’t read the other 2 stories in this series I suggest not reading on for fear of ruining for you, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

At the end of Love Song For Rebels, I was seriously left destroyed, so I couldn’t wait to dive into Annie and Tyler’s next phase, what I never expected was how it all started, I had shock value to the extreme with their next chapter, more drama, more sadness and I prayed for happiness… and well it finally gets there but not without more roadblocks in two very different lives.

Annie Jamison grew up, finished school and was now a show writer for broadway. She’s talented and is finally getting her dad back onside, but the one constant was always missing – Tyler Adams. The only man she ever loved.

For Tyler, after his beating that left him with permanent damage to his hand his world spiralled. He can’t play guitar which equals no music in his world, with a new contract and a nasty Rep, He finds himself in unfamiliar and disliked territory. It’s Annie that he desperately wants and needs but she’s off being perfect in her new life, they walked away said their goodbyes.

A Love Song For Always
Rivals #4
Piper Lawson

Naw Annie and Tyler…. They are just couple perfection, except for Jax and Haley, they are my ultimate! We’ve loved vicariously through Annie and Tyler’s sometimes tumultuous relationship and it’s been a ride like no other. Piper has created beautiful fractured characters and made them perfection. This story is yet perfect Love Song For Always. The Rivals series will be one held dear for a very long time!

It’s finally here, the much anticipated wedding of Tyler and Annie, and like much of there relationship it’s a little unorthodox, no huge wedding or guest list just there family and closest friends, but it’s not all smooth sailing, because let’s face it nothing in their long affair has been “normal”. With preparations made, its nearly time, until Annie returns home to Tyler and room of lawyers, the boy will never learn… an annoyed Annie isn’t going to help!

As the day moves closer, drama continues to raise its ugly head, but headstrong Annie refuses to let it win, in an emotional, and downright beautiful conclusion Annie and Tyler will steam up the pages with their perfect happy ever after! I really wish this wasn’t the end to Annie and Tyler, but Jax and Haley… this family has forever taken a place in my heart.

But when the pair reunite, their attraction is as strong as ever. But as barriers continue to build up, their happy ending is once again short lived. He’s in LA she’s in New York, it will never work… or will it? It won’t be easy but love siesta finds its way if it’s meant to be!
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January 17, 2023


“Because if I got to create my own world… we’d be together in it. Every single time.”

Wow, this book put me through a whirlwind of emotions, I found myself getting so invested in Tyler and Annie. I really looked forward to reading this book and I’m beyond happy I did!

Annie Jamieson has to be one of my favorite fmc’s ever. She was so stubborn, emotional, and driven but all of that just made her feel more real to me. I felt so connected with her because I really did relate to her in a way. She constantly wanted to prove herself and I’m so happy that by the end she did!

Tyler Adams was…wow. He made me so mad, but I also love him so much, he deserves the absolute best in life. I also got really attached to Tyler and for a completely different reason. I just wanted to hug him because he never knew when someone truly was there for him. When I say he made me mad I mean it, at one point I literally yelled because he was just as stubborn as Annie.

Tyler and Annie had so much chemistry and as a couple I really loved them together. While I was reading the book, I had little notes to add for this review and one of them was literally just, “they never stop flirting!!” So, I think that really shows just how intense these two really were.

While these two were the cutest couple each book ended in a bit of a cliffhanger that made me either emotional, mad, or just downright blank. I was so invested in their story and every time they had a split or anything not happy, I wanted to cry.


Book One, 4 Stars

I really liked book one and felt as if it gave a perfect introduction for Tyler and Annie. I also really liked how Tyler and Annie evolved in their relationship, the pace they moved at was very fitting it all around led to a heavier buildup for the rest of the series. The ending did make me cry but it was most definitely needed and honestly led to a better story progression.

The characters individually were still young, and they were such realistic teenagers, and I really liked that aspect of the book. Tyler was such a teenage boy I wanted to scream with how mad he made me at certain times.

Book Two, 4.5 Stars

Book two was all around amazing and I can’t complain about anything. I’m usually not for an insta(ish) rekindled romance but these two characters needed it. Its as if they had never even been apart.

This book was more focused on the characters own self growth and I loved how much they did grow up in this book. Annie is the sweetest girl ever and I was so proud of her for following her dreams.

The university setting really made this book so much fun because it introduced new characters and they all felt so different! The author did such an amazing job at adding characters with their own archetypes all feeling so different.

The cliffhanger on this book though downright broke my heart.

Book Three, 5 Stars

This one was my favorite. Everything about it just felt so right! It had a little bit of a time jump but nothing too much. Tyler and Annie are now adults navigating life when they’re thrown back together like old times.

I love these characters so much and just always wanted what’s best for them, separate or apart. Tyler and Annie always fall back into their old ways and while their miscommunication sometimes felt like added drama it did add to the plot which was necessary.

I am beyond happy about the ending though and couldn’t think of a more perfect way for this couple’s story to be completed.

The whole novel was just so enjoyable, and I loved reading every bit of it. Tyler and Annie are undeniably soulmates even when they felt star-crossed. Their love of cheese fries and Tyler calling Annie, Six, will forever have my whole heart.

I love a good rockstar romance and this one was just so well. It focused on a little bit of everything and wasn’t just all music.

Overall, Rivals is such an amazing book that I recommend to anybody who wants an emotional bringing novel with aspects of music!

A huge thank you to the author, Piper Lawson, and Valentine PR for an arc copy in exchange for an honest review!

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January 21, 2023
🌸🎸 Rivals 🎸🌸

by Piper Lawson

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Feelings: ❤️5/5 💔3/5 🌶4/5

So beautiful, a love as great as it gets

An amazing story about two young souls finding a way to make their dreams come true and discover on that path what love really is.

This is Annie and Tyler`s story. Both known from Wicked which is Jax and Hailey’s story. Jax, who is Annie’s father.

In A Love Song for Liars we see the beginning. Tyler, Annie’s father’s protege, her friend, or former friend. In school they avoid each other, at home they are not as close as they were. They have separated circles and Annie feels betrayed by her father’s love. Where Tyler gets slowly to make his dream and future come true, Annie gets bullied in school and her wishes are refused by Jax. And Tyler can’t do anything. Although he wants to. Because despite what Annie thinks, he cares. More than. About Annie and music. And we see as things begin to change piece by piece and feelings bloom. But to get everything right, Tyler has to make a decision that could break Annies heart.

In A Love Song for Rebels their story continues. After a year and a half Annie sees Tyler again at Vanier College. Annie, to get closer to her dream and Tyler as a second chance. But first both have to discover that they are not the same persons they were when they were together the last time. But of course they can’t wholly stay away from each other. New paths are to be found, dreams to rearrange and a possible future to think about. All with the secrets that Annie has to tell her father about and Tyler is stuck within. And when they thought they could make it, fate crossed their way.

In A Love Song for Dreamers Tyler and Annie try to find their way to the struggles life threw at them. Sadly they weren’t on the same page. They were in their heads and didn’t talk things out. And so we lose another two and a half years for our two characters till they find their hea. They grew up, they found their ways and made most of their dreams come true. Maybe that time was needed, maybe it made everything clearer. Because when they meet again a few things are very fast clear. There are still feelings, Annie can set things straight with Jax and both are determined. But for the same things?

Tyler and Annie both are two enormous lovable characters that are only trying to find a way to make their dreams come true, only to see in the end, that they are a dream to each other too. To make come true despite the many obstacles life threw at them. Their way was rocky, sometimes sad and cloudy, sometimes happy and full of desire. But they made all their wishes and dreams a reality. A fascinating story with a lot of different but real characters that made the whole book extremely good and page-turning.
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January 23, 2023
If you’re searching for an epic rockstar romance that hits so sweet and so beautifully, then look no further than the Rivals Series…Piper is the Queen of Rockstar romance and this beautiful, tender, emotional and inspiring story is that of Tyler Adams and Annie Jamieson and boy did I fall hard.

Rivals now combines the complete trilogy in one book with a "Surprise" : A Love Song For: Liars, Rebels & Dreamers.

RIVALS is Tyler Adams and Annie Jamieson’s angsty, epic frenemies to lovers story with boy-in-the-poolhouse vibes that starts in high school and spans years and features:

*Rockstar hero
*Aspiring Playwright Heroine and daughter of Rock Legend
*Rock-star romance
*New York setting
*New Adult

These 2 beautiful souls are two sides of the same coin: Tyler from the wrong side of the tracks, Annie from the right side, but both drawn together by their connections to Annie’s famous Rockstar father Jax Jamieson. If you are familiar with Piper’s books, you’ll know that Jax and Hayley from the Wicked series.

The journey begins at high school, Tyler lives in Annie’s pool house: Annie’s dad Jax takes Tyler under his wing as an aspiring guitarist. Annie’s dream is to be onstage, performing music, and she’s a gifted writer, much to the disdain of her former Rockstar father who wants her to have a regular education without the chaos and uncertainty of the music industry.
Annie’s determination and resilience to overcome not only the terrible bullying that occurs in High School, and then to put aside her hurt as she follows her dreams at Vanier, she’s my hero and I was cheering for her and Tyler on.
Theirs is a chemistry and connection so strong that it burns bright even when circumstances tear them apart: through college and beyond.
This is what I have come to expect and adore about Piper’s writing: she’s able to combine the raw emotion and passion in such a sweet and captivating way that it draws you in and melts your heart and soul into vapour and I’m always here for it. I fell hard for Tyler: talk about swoon-fest:

“She’s my mermaid, my siren, the woman whose call I’ll answer when I’m dead.”

They face many twists and turns on their way to HEA and as I’ve come to expect and adore from Piper: this story will torture you a little, but then soothe you with warmth and even melt with the tender sweet, and steamy moments and it makes it all worth it.

It’s no secret that I adore Piper and her Enemies Trilogy, but this series is the pre-cursor and I wish I had not waited so long to read this epic story. Rivals features 3 books in one with bonus surprise:
A Love Song for: Liars, Rebels and Dreamers
Not to mention that with each series being inter-connected we get to catch up with best friends old and new: I squeeed so hard when Rae Madani appeared in Rebels, and I can’t wait to read and listen to A Love Song for Always next which will feature Rae and Harrison as a pre-cursor for the Enemies Trilogy.

Overall I devoured Rivals: Piper is a writing genius, and Annie and Tylers’ story is one for the ages: soulmates whose love is tested over and over, yet is strong and explosive, the only way to describe it is incendiary.

If you’re a fan of rockstar romances with a new adult vibe and aspiring sexy Rock-God Hero and a sweet and determined rockstar Heroine with a passion for musical theatre, and a deliciously swoon-worthy love story of epic proportions, then you will love Rivals!
An epic rock-star romance by a gifted author! All the stars!

*****I was privileged to receive an Advanced Copy and this is my honest review*****
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January 16, 2023
I received an ARC of this omnibus of the Rivals series via Valentine PR. All views are my own.

A Love Song For Liars
I absolutely adore Jax and Haley's story. I knew I needed to experience Tyler and Annie's story, but I was hesitant because I love Jax and Haley so much. But as soon as I started reading this book, all that flew out the window. I'm just as in love with Tyler and Annie.

Growing up as friends in the industry surrounded by greatness (Annie's dad is the great Jax Jamieson!), Tyler becomes Jax's protégé, moving into the pool house of his best friend and secret crush. Annie tries everything she can to stay out of the limelight, knowing who her father is, but Tyler excels at popularity and hangs with the popular kids. But you can't deny Tyler and Annie are meant to be. Jax doesn't want Annie to have the life he had - he wants her to have choices and ends up sending Tyler away. Jax thinks he knows best for his daughter. But, yeah, he doesn't.

The chemistry between Tyler and Annie is scorching. Book 2 looks to be much of the same. Bring it on.

A Love Song For Rebels
Oooh it's heating up as Annie defies her dad and goes her own way - but does so undercover, trying to keep everyone happy. She pretends she is only going to Columbia, but she is at the prestigious performing arts school, Vanier, as well. She wasn't prepared to run unto Tyler when she lands, but he's there, knocking her off-kilter. But this time, can they get their happy ending?

Tyler sure thinks so. He promises to keep Annie's secrets if she'll be his again. But one reckless moment and Jax finds out where his daughter has actually been spending her time and his money - and he's not happy. Annie makes the ultimate sacrifice for Tyler, because she loves him, and while things look up, this ending just got me. I need book 3 ASAP

A Love Song For Dreamers
I did not want this story to end. I love this world, I love these characters. And while I long for them all to have an HEA, I know that the HEA means they are done. The end of Tyler and Annie's story was heartbreaking and steamy, sad and inevitable. Their journey was long, but their home was with each other. What a fitting ending. I giggled, I swooned. Why can't Tyler be a real person?

They needed to go their own way and do their own thing to learn what it would mean to come back to each other. Even when they didn't want to admit it, their place was with each other. And now that they have both made their own dreams come true, will they figure out that the real dream is each other?

A Wicked Holiday Surprise
A cute quick little read to celebrate the holidays with the Wicked clan - I loved it! All the family and friends of Jax, Haley, Annie and Tyler are celebrating the holidays at Jax and Haley's, and it's a lovely little tale of friendship and togetherness. A perfect little ending to the omnibus.
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January 24, 2023
THESE BOOKS!!! THESE BOOKS!!! They will break your heart!!! Put it back together, just to break it again!!! To finally, put a Band-Aid with hearts on your heart with the happily ever after these two ever deserved!!!!

A Love Song for Liars:

When you meet these two in Bad Girl, you never think what will become of them. But oh boy! Do we meet them a little grown up and whole lot more angsty! With Tyler just turning 18 to Annie trying to fight her feels for her best friend! But with every teenager’s life, there are the ones that want something from and the ones that are jealous of you. Annie has become one of my favorites! Tyler has become one of book boyfriends!!! Blue hair and all!

What would do when to guy you love ends up moving into your family’s pool house to finishing his last year of high school at your at your school? Find every way for him to notice you. Easy right? Nope! Especially when that said high school is a nightmare for you and he walks in as a God. Nothing that year was what Annie planned for. And after that year everything will change. The one person Annie thought would be there in her corner is nowhere to be found.

If you think you are ready for the beginning of Tyler and Annie’s love story…you are not! This love story is real. And it is painful and it’s going to hurt. BAD!!!

A Love Song for Rebels:

Rebels aren’t we all….

Did Annie go to a college her father approved of? Nope! Did she think she’d be running into her ex everything in the process, it was a possibility, being she knew he ended up there. Annie never thought she would want to be on a stage especially after growing up with Jax Jameson as father, but she caught the acting bug and theater acting is the name of the game. But now she is jugging a secret college life, class that she’s not sure she is ready for, a man she not sure she’s ready to be back in her life. And just when everything seems to fall into place including Tyler and hers relationship…something so tragic happens

Get ready for a semester of a lifetime…you meet new friends and some old come along. You will find that Annie and Tyler have changed but their love and chemistry has not. You’ll meet a new side of Annie that well is a lot digger from that 16 year old who got left at her play. Get ready, because in true Tyler and Annie fashion, they are going to break you before they slowly bring back together!!!

A Love Song for Dreamers:

Tyler and Annie have gone through so much throughout their relationship!!! From when they were kids to the teenage years, following their adulthood. But as any soulmate, their hearts knew where the belonged. And even as they found their way, they also found each other again. And nothing will keep them apart this time!!!

I absolutely love these two so much!!! They are my favorite! And the way they’ve grown makes me smile so much!!!!

A Wicked Holiday Surprise:

What a fun Christmas Novella to celebrate with Jameson’s!!! With Annie and Tyler’s happily ever after, they get time to celebrate Christmas with their family. Come long for the ride and see what kinds of trouble these misfits of toys get into with trying not to un-alive a pine tree, to a gingerbread reindeer losing a leg. It’s never a dull moment when the band gets back together!!! That’s for sure!!!
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January 24, 2023
A Love Song For Liars
I loved this book so much it is a fantastic NA story and one that I couldn't put down. This may only be the first book in Annie and Tyler's journey but I have a feeling it is going to be an epic love story. First love wrtitten so beautifully with all the angst and emotions you would expect from teenagers. The connection between is so easy to see and feel. With so much expectation on his young shoulders Tyler has to make decisions far beyond his young years. This has the usual cool guys and mean bitchy girls it is high school afterall but it also has a maturity to it. I can't wait to see where their story goes in the next book.

A Love Song For Rebels
Book two of this series and I couldn't be more in love with Tyler and Annie if I tried but Jax Jamieson your still on my naughty list. Piper has doubled up the drama on our newly reunited couple. I loved the addition of all the new chaacters they provide some angst but also some much needed light relief. Annie and Tyler are trying to work out their feelings for each other but also the pressure college has brought. I loved Annie's determination to follow her heart even when it puts her at odds with her dad. Tyler sweet conflicted Tyler trying to so the right thing for everyone even if it means he doesn't get what he desreves. I loved this second installment even if it ended too soon and on a major cliffhanger.

A Love Song For Dreamers
Oh my goodness did Piper make her characters work for a HEA she certainly put my emotions through a blender and whizzed them about. From book one I was invested in this story and my love for Tyler and Annie only grew with each one. I don't want to say anything about the storyline but reast assured Piper has given a fitting conclusion to this trilogy. It is no secret how disappointed I have been in Jax and his actions and I was happy he finally got his head out his ass because his fractured relationship with Annie broke my heart. Over the years Annie has grown into an amazingly determined young woman and I loved that she never wanted to trade on her dad's name. Together Tyler and Annie are an epic love story that is not to be missed and I loved every moment spent with them.
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January 22, 2023
I had never read a book by this author before but after reading this one, she is now on my radar
𝗥𝗶𝘃𝗮𝗹𝘀 is an emotional angsty story about Annie who has grown up in the shadow of her famous rockstar father Jax.

She herself is musically gifted but her father doesn’t want her anywhere around the music scene. Her ex-friend Tyler, essentially becomes her rival because Annie’s father only wants the best for him musically and encourages him towards it all.

Told in 3 parts through from highschool to new adult to adulthood, we go through the friendship of Annie and Tyler, the love, the heartbreak, the separations between them that spans years. The jealously, the secrets, the sneaking around all because while they grew up together and are close, Annie’s father doesn’t want them to get together. AT ALL.
The love that Annie and Tyler have for each other was heartwarming.
Their communication was ON POINT even though they are enemies to lovers at one point. This was easily a trophy paperback re-read for me.

I absolutely loved this.

It was a slowburn, tension filled book. Albeit it’s a long one at 600 pages but if you are looking for a book, that takes you through multiple phases in characters lives to fulfill their dreams and wishes and each character respects thag they are focusing on themselves first, then this one if for you.

If you love Music/Rockstar romances, Opposites Attract, Forced Proximity, Slowburn, Character growth, Angsty AF, Enemies to Lovers, Childhood History, Spicy Spice

If you want to meet Tyler and Annie, I would suggest picking up Wicked before this beauty comes out on the 24th Jan. It will be provide you the background of them as kids for a fuller experience. Wicked in Annie’s fathers story.
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January 22, 2023
And I finished it! Having enjoyed the Wicked Series with Annie, Jax, Haley and Tyler in it, I knew I would love this book.

Blurb- When the biggest rockstar in the world invited me into his home, there was one rule:
Don’t touch his daughter.
For a kid from the wrong side of the tracks with no future, the offer should have been a dream come true.
Classy new digs.
A fancy prep school.
Someone who cares what happens to me.

Except for that rule.

The rich pricks at my new school worship me. I couldn’t care less.
She's the one person who makes me feel worthwhile.
I want to save her from the turmoil eating up her picture-perfect world.
But she thinks I’m her rival: for her friends, her future, her father’s love.

I should keep my distance.

Avoid rescuing her from the assholes at school.
Definitely pretend I can’t see in her bedroom window from the pool house.

There are only two obsessions my life—music…and her.

All I have is my talent to set me free.
But my future will burn if I can’t stay away.

Annie and Tyler are such headstrong characters. They know what they want from life but their personal happiness suffer for it.
I love Jax too, he’s a worrier and cares so much for Annie but doesn’t know how to tell her without Annie feeling she’s being controlled or smothered. Haley just is a great person, she handled all the family without trying, she knows what to do and keeps the family ticking and Jax and her are just perfect.
If you’ve fancied trying out a Piper Lawson book, really worth reading the Wicked series too as you get a back story for who’s who.
So many great characters in this book - Beck, Elle, Rae, little Sophie, the list goes on.
Just fab! Thanks for letting me read the arc @piperlawsonbooks. It was well worth the late nights.
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January 22, 2023
Rivals is a boxset of three books previously released as a trilogy and it features Annie and Tyler and a love that spans several years.

Annie is the daughter of rock royalty and Tyler is the young prodigy that her father invites to live in the family's pool house. Annie and Tyler were friends before they became enemies as Tyler became royalty at their high school while Annie struggled to find her way into the spotlight. As their relationship begins to change once again, they both realize that a future together could derail both of their dreams.

Annie and Tyler's story drew me in from the very beginning. As the story progressed though, I think that I would have preferred to have read this as the three separate books as it was originally written rather than all in one book. There were parts of the story where we moved forward and I wanted to see more of that happened during those missing years, and there were other parts of the story where I found myself wanting to rush through to see where it was headed. Although I liked these characters (especially Tyler), I found myself not truly connecting with them on an emotional level. Although there was plenty of angst to be had, I was never really hit with all the feels. I was definitely invested in Annie and Tyler's story; I just wasn't overwhelmed with it.

If you're a fan of friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, forbidden romance, coming of age, second chances or rock star romance...well, this story covers all of that and more. It has a little something for everyone and I do recommend it.

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