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Redemption #7

Slow Burn

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When she started on the path to her new life, she never could have guessed where it would lead her.

Deva Kent spent most of her life dreaming of escaping. She hated being forced to live among the Fellowship of the Enlightened, the small community closed off from the rest of the world, and was desperate to spread her wings and discover something new. When she applied to be a nanny for a single father and his two-year-old son, the Fellowship wasn’t happy, but she knew that was her fresh start. However, she never thought she’d end up falling for the man with more baggage than he could carry and storm clouds in his eyes.

Laeth Harker’s world fell off its axis the morning a past one-night-stand showed up on his doorstep with a son he knew nothing about in tow. He barely had his own life together and didn’t know the first thing about caring for a child. But after spending most of his life screwing everything up, he was determined to do right by his own flesh and blood. He just didn’t know where to start.

When Laeth hired Deva on as his son’s nanny, she was supposed to make his life easier. But the way he felt about her was the very definition of complicated.

Their feelings might have started off at a slow burn, but once it catches, it’s hot enough to set the world on fire.

337 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 20, 2023

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About the author

Jessica Prince

75 books2,217 followers
Born and raised around Houston, Jessica is a self proclaimed caffeine addict, connoisseur of inexpensive wine, and the worst driver in the state of Texas. In addition to being all of these things, she’s first and foremost a wife and mom.
Growing up, she shared her mom and grandmother’s love of reading. But where they leaned toward murder mysteries, Jessica was obsessed with all things romance.
When she’s not nose deep in her next manuscript, you can usually find her with her kindle in hand.

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4,054 reviews272 followers
February 19, 2023
From the preview chapter the author sent in her newsletter I wasn't feeling too keen on this book.
A ONS, something that seems to be the norm for our 'Hero' turns up and dumps his son on him, a son he didn't know he had.
The Hero has the usual ' I have demons' excuse to sleep around, which has been done so many times.
And it's just so ew to have been so prolific.

The heroine has had a sheltered life, lived in a sect of sorts.
They live separately and view the rest of the town as sinners etc.
She is longing for freedom but can't see a way to get it.

The Hero is looking for a live in nanny.
"“You know, your inability to keep your **** in your pants is making this whole process a lot freaking harder than it needs to be.”
“That’s the sixth one who’s come in here looking for a showdown after you pulled a hit and run,” Lark accused. “I’m starting to think you banging your way through town is going to make this impossible.”
I was starting to think the same goddamn thing.".


That said it is a sweet story.
The heroine's exploration of real life is really interesting.

No intimate scenes other than the Hero and heroine. The heroine does receive a kiss from another man but sadly there is no spark.
Plenty of banter with previous couples.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,392 reviews446 followers
May 15, 2023
Manwhore meets virginal Bambi (that's her nickname) from a religious sect.

Secret baby/plot moppet
Bad baby-momma
Manwhore to dull his pain
Big eyes
Evil & overbearing stalker from the sect

Non starter in tropeville
No evil ex-OW sneering at the heroine action . I repeat, no OW action. Kind of disappointing really.
However, Bambi manages to inflict some mighty fine comeuppance on some evildoers.
Profile Image for Rachael*Caribbean*girl*bibliophile.
1,650 reviews329 followers
March 5, 2023
Spoilers ahead

A cute, fairly quick read about new single father Laeth who hires the beautiful but very sheltered Deva to be his live in nanny which of course leads to the beautiful tumble into love......sounds just up my alley especially as I love single parent romances BUT it was ruined by a few factors

This H was a HUGE MANWHORE...... HUGE....even for this author! I mean he was so bad during interviews for his nanny most of the applicants were women he'd slept with and never called again!!! I mean when his ONS of a few years previous returned with his unexpected child in tow he didn't even recognize her as one of his past one and dones! It was literally a known fact...which his friends joked about! Grrrrrrrrrr

And of course!!! Who does the manwhore get paired with but the lovely Deva....pure as the driven snow🙄 Our girl Deva was raised in a commune for most of her life. They lived apart from the town and were very dare I say "cultish" in their way of life. Fortunately Deva was able to escape that life by being hired by the H. Deva was so pure she didn't know that you were allowed to borrow books from the library....😑 and for her troubles she's fortunate enough to tame the former MANWHORE and walk(she can't drive) off into the sunset awwwwwwww I actually liked Deva, yes she was ridiculously new to everything but homegirl actually had a bit of sass to her

Now don't get me wrong the story was pretty ok, predictable but still a decent enough read but I just could not get the H's past put of my head, there was just to much evidence of it throughout.... Had it not been so explicitly stated I might have actually enjoyed this book.

What bumped this up to 2 stars for me was that her first kiss was with someone else! Now there were of course no sparks there but at least the asshole didn't get to be her first kiss....A win is a win 🤷🏽‍♀️

No cheating
No others for the MANWHORE after meeting the h
Virgin h, slight OM drama
Single parent H
Mention of past abuse to h
375 reviews1 follower
February 21, 2023
Incredible! Absolutely incredible. Laeth and Deva...I have no words. This book is everything and more you'd expect with a Jessica Prince book. The steam, the love, the friendships, the suspense! It was all there.
Laeth was so so damaged and having a very innocent Deva in his life was truly what he needed. This was such a great story about finding yourself and through that finding love. Both Deva and Laeth had some trauma to work through but once they did...it was magic and beautiful.
5 stars...10 if that was possible. I loved it!
I received an ARC for my opinion
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1,333 reviews143 followers
February 21, 2023
The title is very much apt, because this romance was a definite slow burn! Which I really enjoyed, especially with how sheltered Deva is, and well how much, well.. Laeth is Laeth. I loved seeing Deva come out of her shell and break free from all the predisposed judements because of where she came from (not that she was anything like the supposedly righteous, but I digress) and really finding who she is. Her connection to Laeth's son, Cash, was absolutely beautiful and easily one of the main factors that kept me reading. And once Laeth pulled his head out of his behind, I was really thrust into a beautiful romance!

Based on the first few chapters alone, I was prepared to fully dislike Laeth. I've grown tired of the trope where the H sleeps with everything with a pulse to hide his inner demons, and he was pretty trash to his friends too. And when a former one night stand (who wasn't a good person either) drops his son that he had no clue he had.. his reception of that wasn't the greatest either. I get the shock factor and all, but still. And then there's Laeths reaction to Deva, how she looked like and where she came from.. it was just about to send me over the edge into DNF ville. But seeing as how JP is one of my favorite authors, I stuck it out and I'm so glad I did! Laeth slowly but gradually turns himself around and makes amends with everyone around him, and even acknowledged that his sleeping around was a crappy thing to do, especially since some of those women were looking for more than what he could offer. He really turned around for his son too, and even though he had no clue what he was doing at first, he *tried* which speaks volumes, since there's so many that just don't. I didn't love the slight ugly duckling aspect he had going on with Deva, but it was a breath of fresh air that he acknowledged that underneath her unflattering clothes, he still noticed her, and would have appreciated her more if he handled his situation better. I was just really impressed with his turnaround, and how devoted he was to his little boy and to Deva. And his backstory as to why he acted the way he did hit me in my feels too.

As for Deva, I loved her right away! She's been abandoned and abused her whole life, and those you would think would treat her right, turned out to be the biggest monsters. She's finally able to break free thanks to Laeth needing a live in nanny, and as she slowly becomes acclimated to the world around her and discovers who she is and what she likes, she really comes into her own. And right away her connection with Cash (Laeths son) is adorable! She recognizes the abandonment and just blatant disregard his mother had for him, so she works extra hard to make sure he's loved and cared for. Plus she never lets Laeth walk all over here, including when they first met. She gives as good as she gets, and is tired of not feeling like she belongs in her own life. She makes her own family with the women from the past couples in this series, as well as a protective mother figure, and I just really loved seeing her break out her shell. The suspense at the end was really good too, and she definitely fought like hell to get back to the family that accepted her!

I did feel like the ending was really rushed, and I wish there was an extended epilogue, but this was still a beautiful romance! I loved that for all his faults, Laeth was all about Deva from the beginning. And Deva truly is one of this authors best heroines! I can't wait to see where she takes us next!

**I received an ARC of this book and these are my honest opinions**
Profile Image for Jenn the Readaholic.
1,582 reviews39 followers
February 18, 2023
Trust this title. It’s a slow burn, but not one that makes you feel like it’ll never ignite. Oh, no. This one is full of chemistry and a little bit of misery, angst, and tons of emotions. From Laeth putting his foot in his mouth a few times (and then learning from his mistakes) to Deva finding her way toward finally belonging somewhere for the first time ever, this is an excellent build. And seeing Laeth so utterly discombobulated by The One he always swore he’d never want or need is just the sprinkles on top of this love sundae.

Deva pulls you in from the first second with her. She hates her life, but has no clue how to change it. Then she’s given the chance by a woman she shouldn’t be friends with, according to her “family”, but someone who proves that love and family by choice are very much real. And they’re very much meant to be Deva’s future. Joining Deva as she finds her way, discovers herself while safe to finally breathe free, and blossom as a strong, healthy woman is a thing of beauty. And witnessing Laeth’s attempts to hide his heart and wants away? Yeah, that’s amusing. He sort of deserves to sweat and worry about winning Deva over, honestly. Because we know how he’s been so far this series, so seeing the tables turned made my day.

There’s a danger coming though. And knowing who saves who come the end makes this ride all the more worth it. Enjoy the journey to love and forever for these two and a certain little boy. You’ll wish for more when you hit The End, simply because you’re not ready for your time with these two to be over…for now.
Profile Image for Ri.
5,005 reviews
February 23, 2023
There is no doubt that I love this author. There is something special about her books. I was excited about this book. I knew she would make this mix of tropes unique.

For the first two-thirds of the book, it was everything I wanted. The slow burn was perfect. Interesting characters and being able to watch them blossom was great. I was anticipating the twist. I didn't know whose side it would come from but I knew someone was coming from the past and would stir things up. This is where my discontent happens. Normally, I'm A fan of how she is similar to another author I adore who, also waits to the 85%ish mark before tying it all together. It normally works, however, in this case, it made the book feel rushed. There were too many points crammed in, and in my opinion, were just there without any real substance (A certain scar and the cause of nightmares are two examples). These two examples had the potential to be so much more and offer depth to these characters. The ending felt rushed and made me question whether she had just reached a set word count limit and had crammed it all together to make it fit. This frustrated me because up to this point, this was turning out to be one of my favorites from this author, and took this book down to a 3-star read. It was a certain scene discovering the magic of a library and a little boy named Cash that rounded this up to four stars.

I cannot do what this author does. I'm not the writer, nor do I ever want to be, which is why I'm torn on this book. It had the potential to be so much more. I appreciate the author and all her hard work. For fans of this series (which they should be) I'd still read this book. Even though it wasn't my favorite, that doesn't mean that it won't be for someone else. That is the beauty of books.
Profile Image for Dora.
704 reviews9 followers
February 17, 2023
I absolutely fell in love with Laeth and Deva’s story!! They both had such tragic pasts so to see these two come together and help the other heal was absolutely perfect.

Laeth has been trying to cope with his demons with booze and women, and he was spiraling out of control. Now with the sudden appearance of little Cash, he knew things would need to change. When he took up all of his friends’ suggestion to hire a nanny, this was suppose to ease things for him, unfortunately his feelings towards the very innocent and sheltered Deva Kent did the complete opposite.

The opportunity to become a nanny was the perfect solution to the living hell Deva was in. She dreamed of a better life for herself and she was going to do whatever she had to make that dream a reality. Living in the cult like small community of the Fellowship of the Enlightened had sheltered her so much that all of the new sights, tastes, and feelings she experienced were almost overwhelming but she embraced it all.

Along with Wallflower (book 5) I have to say Slow Burn may be one of my favorites in this series. I devoured their story within hours and wanted more. This book is definitely a must read and a 5-star rating.
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1,554 reviews20 followers
March 1, 2023
Even though this story had its share of traumatic events it was such a beautiful story. Overnight Laeth was the single parent of an adorable two year old and he had no idea what to do. Deva grew up in a cult like community and she never fit in. So when Laeth needed a live in nanny that was her perfect opportunity to start living. These two at first were icy to each other. Deva was raised sheltered but she was no one’s punching bag nor doormat. They were both attracted to each other but danced around it. Laeth’s two year old son Cash and Deva developed a very close bond. He was the most adorable little boy. Then one thing led to another and Laeth finally told her how he felt and she did the same. Everything was going along great until her past tried interfering and making things difficult. These people were so bad but Deva never gave up fighting. She always knew that Laeth was her protector. Great epilogue!!
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44 reviews1 follower
February 15, 2023
Wowsers I fell head first into this story! I loved Leaths personality & the way he fought against his attraction to Deva! They are my new favs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hard to pick redemption or hope valley as my fav series now! Well Done Jessica ⭐️✨

Leath is living with trauma caused from the military & things he has seen, he’s living his life in redemption. One night stand at a time

In walks an old one night stand with a surprise from a few years back. Leath is scrambling to find a nanny for his little boy

Deva is trying to escape a life she doesn’t want to be living, when an opportunity comes up to take that step, she is successful in a job with Leath being a nanny

Little does she know she’s about to change her living situation & possibly her love life.

Will Leath & Deva be able to stay away from each other of fall head over heels
Profile Image for Jill M.
1,182 reviews72 followers
February 26, 2023
This story definitely lived up to its title. It really was a slow burn romance, so well worth the wait. Deva and Laeth were all fire when they finally gave in.

Jessica knows how to write small-town romance with a little suspense mixed in. Just how I like my romance. Her characters are likeable and the stories catchy. I speed read through this story. I just couldn't get enough.

Each book in the series has a unique story but all connected to this sweet town of Redemption. Where there's hope and second chances.

I can't get enough and hope there's more. Maybe a story for the hot sheriff would be nice.  ;)
Profile Image for Diane Plourde TDC Book Reviews.
1,678 reviews26 followers
February 21, 2023
Well let me start by saying I love EVERYTHING Jessica has written so far but Slow Burn is an all new level. This 6 star was read in a matter of hours. I binged read this page turner.

Laeth is the dark to Deva’s brightness. He’s battling some past issues, PTSD. So he drowns it in loose women and booze. Now he’s about to get the surprise of a lifetime. He needs help to navigate it. Here comes in Deva. She’s been sheltered her entire life. She has some issues she needs to battle too. Together they will navigate the rough waters.

This was one of my favourites of all the books I’ve ever read. It’s original and highly addicting. Perfectly written with a storyline and plot that drew me in and kept me attentive the entire time. Grumpy VS sunshine. I loved these amazing characters. Bottomline this is a must read.

Although it’s part of a series it can safely be read as a standalone. Told in a dual POV with an HEA. I STRONGLY recommend this story.
419 reviews6 followers
February 24, 2023
I enjoyed this but I always do enjoy Jessica Prince
I did feel that Laeth was one of her more timid H’s.
Don’t get me wrong he has the grump factor and the a$$hole factor he was just not a brutal as I have come to love from JP’s H’s
I live Deva, she didn’t let her history pave her future and she fought for herself and what she wanted
I’m hoping Lyric gets a book next
Profile Image for Liz [reads books].
1,178 reviews51 followers
February 17, 2023
Laeth is a single new dad and Deva is a previously very sheltered woman who nannies for him. I love their slow burn relationship buildup! 4½ stars
Profile Image for Amanda Roden.
935 reviews3 followers
February 23, 2023
Two people battling to over come their tragic past find love and healing in each other. Laeth becomes a dad overnight after a surprise baby. Deva is trying to escape the cult she was raised in. Laeth needs a nanny and Deva needs an out. These two were fantastic from the start. I loved everything about this story and I wish I could read this story for the first time over and over again.
March 2, 2023
Slow Burn is the seventh book in the Redemption series and is Deva and Laeth's story. I love this series, and Jessica Prince is one of my all-time favourite authors. Becoming a dad overnight, Laeth hires Deva as a nanny and fights tooth and nail to deny his attraction to her - obviously it doesn't work! Laeth and Diva are so good together, and I'm so glad they found their HEA together.
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
5,033 reviews166 followers
February 22, 2023


Deva has just found her way out of the insular community she had been living in, and now she's going to figure out what her life will be like without the repression and abuse she had been suffering from. Being the nanny for an adorable little boy and his father should be just the thing to help kickstart her new life. She'll just need to figure out how to keep her newly discovered libido from making a fool of her over her new, grumpy boss.

Laeth's been in a spiral for too long now. He's gained a rep that's making it difficult to find a nanny for his newfound son, Cash. Then a friend with an agenda that he doesn't know of, brings a sweet, innocent ray of sunshine into their lives, and nothing has been the same since. Will his demons be the thing that keeps them apart? Or will he find some healing as she finds her way in this new world?

Slow burn is so apt for this couple. They took their time finding their rhythm, and Deva bonded with Cash, and with Laeth. I will be honest that Laeth put me off at first, with his reputation and his gruff reaction to her, but he eventually grew and changed and became the good father and good man he really was deep inside. Deva, for me, is the star of this story. I love the way she grew into her own and found her way in her new circumstances. The whole Redemption crew is around, opening their arms to their new friend, and making me impatient for the next couple to fall in love.

ARC provided by Love Affair With Fiction for an honest review.

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367 reviews5 followers
March 4, 2023
Always an emotional and suspenseful ride

I typically enjoy all the books I’ve read by this author. This one was no different. Someone pointed out it’s a little formulaic, which is true, but it was still a nice read that kept me drawn in.

Deva was dropped off at 8yo with a family in a cult on the mountain. She spent the next 18 years being oppressed and abused, and told daily that she is worthless. She longed for a life outside the compound, where strict rules restricted every aspect of her life. Until a chance presents itself for a new future.

Laeth was drowning under the demons left after a military operation gone bad. He chose to spend the following years numbing himself with alcohol and trying to forget by sleeping with “half the population of Redemption”. His wh0ring ways are so bad they’re brought up incessantly to make sure you get the point. One such hook up comes back to bite him though, when a woman shows up and dumps a two-year-old off on him. I’m gonna be honest, you’re not gonna like him in the beginning. He’s a jerk. He has no second thoughts about dumping this kid off on his friends and coworkers, who he believes to be better equipped to care for the boy. He cannot find a nanny, because that half of the population he slept with use the interview as an opportunity to tell him off. Until a friend sends Deva to interview. It is just the escape to freedom she’s desperate for, even if he was a jerk in her interview. He had a lot of nerve to insult her ability to safely care for his son, when he had yet to step up and do anything remotely worthwhile himself yet.

Initially, I felt her attraction to him was a little too much hero worship. The sheltered innocent girl, finally being exposed to a member of the opposite sex. The only knowledge she had was from the hidden romance novel she managed to read in secret. It felt like a romanticized attraction. He wasn’t kind to her initially. In fact, after a few days when she thought maybe they were headed towards something, he calls her “just the nanny” to her face in front of his friends. He then leaves for work every day before the son gets up and doesn’t come home until well after he is in bed. After two weeks, it felt like the wrong time for her to say that he was doing such a great job and that it was clear to see how much he put his son first. It was something he desperately needed to hear, but the timing felt off as she had only known him two weeks and he literally had not been around the boy for over a week. Buuuut… hold on anyways, because the character growth happens!

Deva is a mix of pure sheltered innocence and fire. She wants so much more than the life she was forced into. Laeth spent years spiraling out of control, but finally manages to stop the spiral and be the man he needs to be for his son and Deva, and himself. I loved that she wasn’t a doormat. Yes she felt the hero worship attraction initially, and when they eventually got together it moved pretty quickly, but I felt like he changed and grew enough to make it perfection and he wanted only all the best for her. There’s a nice cast of supporting characters, some insta-bff’s for Deva, and some third act drama with the cult. Overall, and enjoyable read!
February 19, 2023
Slow Burn is a quintessential small town… Well, slow burn.

Deva and Leath’s story is as full of tension as it feels, and in some cases, they are one in the same. The push and pull between them does nothing more than fuel the connection they share, until the last thread snaps.

Deva hadn’t known much kindness in her life, but when she is offered the biggest kindness she could ever imagine, she grabs it with everything she has. I adored seeing her come into her own. She had a spark in her that seemed to draw hate from those she had been raised with. She got stronger and sassier as the story went on, and I felt like we had the opportunity to see her become who she was always meant to be from the front row.

Leath had his world turned upside down when there was a knock on his door. He had been struggling, and although he didn’t realize it, that knock was the beginning of his fate being dropped on his doorstep. He was broken in ways not many would understand, but thankfully he was surrounded by an amazing group that would never let him go too far down the rabbit hole of loathing. He was kind of a jerk but also super swoony in his over-the-top protective ways.

The chemistry between Deva and Leath was more than just zaps of electricity when they would accidentally touch. It was 2 souls recognizing its other half. The two of them were opposites in many ways, but it was as though their pain made them realize they were facing the best chance they had of becoming whole again. They were one another's safe place, and you felt that even in the moments soon after they met.

As always, Prince creates the perfect amount of wit and heartbreak offering laughter and tears so one doesn’t outweigh the other.

Slow Burn, very aptly titled, is an unputdownable combination of electrifying chemistry, a protective alpha hero, and a strong heroine, brimming with tension, feels, and steam. Set inside a world that makes you feel as much like a resident as the characters who reside in this fictional town.

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2,035 reviews108 followers
February 21, 2023
***5 ‘#TeamDeva’ Stars***

This was an awesome read. I laughed, cried, growled and totally felt my ovaries pop from all the goodness in here. There was just the right amount of everything my book loving heart loves and kept me turning the pages until the very end.

Obviously I adored Deva. She might me naive about the modern world thanks to how she was raised, but she definitely knows her own mind and what she wants. I loved how honest she was about who she was and who she wanted to be and how she went about making it happen. And then there is Laeth…don’t get me wrong I ended up loving the guy, and I understood why he felt the need to toe that line to self destruction, but there were quite a few moments where I wanted to Gibbs smack him with a 2x4. But in the end, he was all kinds of goodness in all the ways that matter the most.

Their journey to their HEA was a lot of fun to experience. They didn’t start off on the best foot (total understatement) but I liked how Deva kept him on his toes and by doing so brought out the protective alpha male that he was. The chemistry was there, but as they were both trying to deny it, it only grew exponentially and the explosion was intense in all ways. But the person who truly brought them together was Cash, this little guy was too adorable for words and he simply brought out the best in both of them. Now while there isn’t any major angst, there was one bump that actually had me wanting to Gibbs smack another person for instigating it, but I like the way it was dealt with in the end.

This was a great addition to the series and while the angst and drama are on the low end of the scale, there are some situations that aren’t that pretty and could be triggering but they are important to the storyline. But, as always, I loved getting to hang out and catch up with the Redemption crew, In this one we get a bit more of worlds colliding and new connections are made. And speaking of new…Lyric and Holton (who may not be new to Redemption but is new to me…I think ~ gah! I read too many books) and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them!

~ Copy provided by LAw/F & voluntarily reviewed ~
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1,046 reviews20 followers
February 22, 2023
Laeth Harker is in for the upheaval of his life when he meets the two year old son he never knew existed... and suddenly he is a full time single parent...

Deva Kent is trapped in a life she never asked for. Living up the mountain from the town of Redemption, she longs to escape living among the so-called "Fellowship of the Enlightened" and into a life of her own choosing...


Slow Burn was a sweet and satisfying, slow burn, romance read! Deva meets Laeth in her job interview, and they definitely do NOT hit it off. But when Deva shows up on Laeth's doorstep for work on her very first day, he soon realizes he may be in major trouble when it comes to being attracted to his new nanny...

Deva was such a fascinating and strong character. After spending her most formative years living with her terrible "Enlightened" family, she has experienced virtually nothing in the outside world. From tasting coffee for the first time, to experiencing a hangover, Deva jumps into new experiences with her eyes wide open... 

Laeth knows nothing about raising a child, but when it comes to his newfound son, he is determined to give him the love and stability he deserves. After serving in the military, Laeth has seen his fair share of trauma, but he will work to put it all aside so he can be the best father to his sweet and quietly reserved son...

I really enjoyed this book, and the complicated attraction between Deva and Laeth. His avoidance of any and all relationships, and Deva's sheer innocence makes for some very interesting (and sexy) moments between these two unique characters.

I loved this return to the always fantastic Redemption series! The town of Redemption and its characters are always a welcome force when someone new shows up ready for their HEA... and I can't wait to see what happens there next!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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1,948 reviews78 followers
February 20, 2023
5 She Keeps Him In the Present Stars!

I’ve loved every single book in this amazing series and I can honestly say having read them all that this book is my very favorite. We see a tortured hero, an innocent heroine that’s looking for a life that is so much better and different than what she’s been subjected to and when you add in the cutie Cash it’s a reading trifecta.

I knew that Laeth had demons, but man oh man, Jessica Prince brought them to the forefront with this book and I’m not going to lie, I had tears in my eyes. Having Cash surprisingly presented in his life was the beginning of a major shift for him. I LOVED that Deva took her future into her own hands when she came down that hill to interview to be Cash’s nephew. This girl is so brave, loving and caring and she truly brightens the lives of the people that are now part of her life.

Redemption is a town that truly embraces its citizens and with the innocence that Deva has, watching her blossom was truly breathtaking. She brings a sense of peace to both Laeth and Cash that blossoms into love. This book is truly a slow burn and it was deliciously filled with a sexual tension that had me squirming. The connection that our H/h have is undeniable, they just need to admit it to each other. There were definite moments where I wanted to slap Laeth upside his head, but I refrained LOL! And when they do admit their feelings, hold onto your hat folks because they’re HAF!!

I pretty much devoured this book in one sitting that’s how much I loved it. Ms. Prince has once again given us a book that is consuming in its storyline. Bringing some of my very favorite characters from previous books into Deva’s life that are truly meant to be. There are laugh out loud moments, sighing with satisfaction moments and an overwhelming sense of love. And while there was a suspenseful moment, it totally fit with the story and wasn’t too much. We really get to concentrate on what happens when a breathtaking love enters your life.
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February 21, 2023
Slow Burn by Jessica Prince is the 7th book of her phenomenal Redemption series!

OMG! We're back with this awesome characters in this wonderful small town!

One day there was this woman on Laeth Harker's door with a little guy. Turns out it's his son and his time to take care of him. Oops.
Now he needs to find a nanny for Cash. And this is a difficult task when he already hooked up with almost half of the females in town.
Good thing there's Deva.
She's special and wants to finally live her life outside the Fellowship of the Enlightened.
Could she be the right one for Laeth's son... and maybe for Laeth as well?

Of course Jessica Prince never disappoints me! She's the queen of love stories with the right amount of drama and suspense.
And this book isn't an exception!
I loooooooved Deva and Laeth!
Deva lived with the Fellowship of the Enlightened for her whole life, but never really fit. Now there's her chance to escape and time to live the life she deserves. ❤️
In town there are so many great people who welcome and take care of her.
It was wonderful to experience this!
I felt with her and all she's been through. Oh my...
And there's Laeth. This huge guy, handsome and broody, but also with a huge heart as well. 😍😌
I DEVOURED THEIR LOVE STORY because I just HAD to know how their story will continue!
Now that I finished it I'm still so happy and also need some time to deal with the suspense! Oh, oh, oh.
But... the good thing is that Jessica Prince has HEAs guaranteed!
I loved the whole storyline of Slow Burn. The chemistry between Laeth and Deva... awwww.... be still my beating heart! 💓
I hope for more books in this series and I'm so thankful that I read this one.
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February 22, 2023
Laeth and Deva

I love a good single dad romance and this had everything you could want in one. A protective alpha hero battling demons, a strong female lead getting herself out of a bad situation, and of course, a two year old finding unconditional love for the first time in his short life.

A toddler being dumped on Laeth’s doorstep was just the jolt the man needed to get him out of his downward spiral. Laeth struggled with PTSD and had been using alcohol and women to numb his pain, but the moment he found out he was a father all that changed. His friends know he needs support so they help him hire a nanny, and although he has his reservations about Deva, he gives her a chance.

Deva has dreamt of a life of freedom for 18 years. When she gets a chance to be a nanny for Laeth, she knows it might be her only way to start the life she so desperately wants. She has been locked away in a religious community that she has never got in with and starting her life in Redemption is a dream she never thought would come true. She had so many new things to experience and reading about everyday things that brought her so much joy made her such an endearing character.

I loved the development of Laeth and Deva’s relationship. It was definitely a slow burn, but the foundation they built made them a solid couple when they finally decided they were all in. They both had troublesome pasts but found peace with each other and Cash.

It had been awhile since the last installment in Redemption, and I loved getting a new glimpse at some of the other couples. Deva fit right in with the whole Redemption family. There were definitely some heavy moments but they were balanced by the sweet moments of redemption.
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February 20, 2023
What a perfect name for a slow burn, swoony love story! Full disclosure, the grump and the sunshine-y sweetheart are my catnip, and let me tell you – Jessica Prince DELIVERED. Laeth – big, growly, and HOT meets Deva – sweet, naïve, and beautiful! Reading about Deva’s upbringing in a cult and her desire to get out endears her to the reader immediately. She doesn’t let it define her though, and she’s the sweetest and most genuine person you could ask for. And even though Laeth doesn’t recognize it at first, she’s just what he needs to break him out of his funk.

I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice it to say – he has a reason to be growly, and he also has a reason to pull it together - a two year old son he didn’t know he had. He’s hard on himself, harder than anyone else ever would be, and he finds it difficult to imagine he deserves anything as good as Deva in his life. But as we all know, Redemption breeds hot guys like nobody’s business….and what would happen if one of those other men recognizes what a catch Deva is?

I say it all the time – if you pick up a Jessica Prince book, you’re not going to be disappointed. Between Deva’s sweet, awkward steps into the real world, Cash being the sweetest two year old you’ll ever find and Laeth’s headlong fall into romance – this book is amazing. You obviously don’t have to read the rest of the series before you read this book, but you really should. Jessica Prince builds such a fantastic series, you can’t help but wish you could visit Redemption…and maybe find a Laeth of your own. Another spectacular book by Jessica Prince – can’t WAIT for the next one!!!
February 20, 2023
Never has a book title fit a story so well. Slow burn is exactly what Deva and Laeth’s story is. If you can bear through it though, you will not be disappointed. Slow Burn is the seventh installment in the Redemption series by the amazing Jessica Prince, and what a wonderful adventure it was. As always I recommend reading the series in order as you get the most out of it, but it can be read as a standalone.

Deva is desperate to make a change to the life that she hates, her family has them all wrapped up in a cult called the Fellowship of the Enlightened. Deva is ready to branch out of her sheltered, narrow life, and to finally start living the life that she wants. To start her new life she takes a job as a nanny to a little boy. Little did she know that the father that comes with that child would change her life. Laeth doesn’t know what he is doing, but when a son he never knew about needs him, and he doesn’t want to mess up little Cash. The first thing he does is hire a nanny to make his life a little easier. What a choice that was.

Deva and Laeth have one of the best slow burn love stories I have read yet. Deva’s “family” plays a big part in her choice to better her life, but no spoilers. Laeth has a darkness to him that plays really well to the bright that Deva has, and their chemistry is off the charts. Both have a past they are still coming to terms with, but both want a better future. They just didn’t know they needed each other to make their lives whole.

For those readers that love a good grumpy-sunshine romance, this one will be right up your alley. Next to Wallflowers, this book has to be one of my most favorites by JP. Five out of five stars!
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February 22, 2023
4.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

The title tells you what to expect with this nanny and grumpy single dad romance.  Even for a slow burn, it was well-paced and the chemistry sizzled from the beginning.  This book is about two people faced with life-altering change.  Deva has always hoped to change her future.  She has lived her life in a repressed religious community.  Laeth has lived his life doing what he wants and seeking comfort from women.  When an ONS shows up and leaves a toddler son he knew nothing about in his care, he’s forced to make some changes.  His need for a nanny gives Deva the chance to get away.

I loved seeing Deva come out of her shell and find her sassiness.  Laeth was a bit of a jerk to everyone at the beginning.  He gradually turns himself around and begins to recognize that his attitude and ways of coping with his inner demons are pretty crappy.   The way he was devoted to little Cash made me gush. Man, I wanted more scenes with the adorable Cash.

I enjoyed the story, it was sweet with a little bit of tension.  Yes, things are a bit predictable but that’s the norm for a lot of romance books and I don’t mind it one bit.  I live for the escapism and the happy moments.  This one had plenty of happy moments as well as a grumpy single dad and a small town full of delightful and often hilarious people who get into your business….for Laeth this would be his co-workers.

JP is one of my favorite authors.  I know what to expect from her books and Slow Burn is the 7th book in the Redemption Series.  Favorite characters make an appearance, but it can still be read as a standalone.
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February 20, 2023
Another great addition to the Redemption series!'

Reading Deva and Laeth's story made me think of what it would be like for sheltered Jana Duggar being hired as the nanny for a hot single dad! Deva led such a sheltered life up on that mountain with the Fellowship community, but she had so much spunk and moxie despite her upbringing. She was strong and secure and had so much common sense despite her insecurities and not knowing anything about social norms.

Laeth's life was turned upside down when a former one-night stand showed up at his door with a toddler and handed Cash over for him to raise. Still tormented from his time in the Army, Laeth had been living his life with a series of one-night stands while drowning his demons in booze. Now, he has a son to protect and live his life for. And it's not long before Cash's nanny also claims a place in his heart.

This slow-burn story captivated me from the start and I read it in a day. Deva and Laeth are perfectly matched; she calms him and he introduced her to a world she was just itching to be a part of. I thought Jessica Prince did a great job of writing all of Deva's "firsts" -- not just romantically, but her first time drinking coffee, driving a car, and being in the library... it was so well done! There is a real sense of made family among Deva and the people she meets in Redemption, like her friendship with Lyric the librarian, and Poppy and Farrah. I loved seeing another side to Bennett, and how Myra "adopted" Deva and saved her from a life of hell.

Slow Burn was a wonderful story to get lost in!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.
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April 4, 2023
“I told you some families are built from circumstances, honey”


Laeth Harker has been living life in a daze. Getting drunk, hooking up with women, and going to work. That’s been his life for years now when a random ex one night stand shows up on his doorstep with a child she claims to be his and says it’s his turn to play parent to little Cash. Laeth has to shape up and be fast, his life wouldn’t be good for a child. First order of business is hiring a live-in nanny.

Deva Kent has grown up in a conservative and secluded group, the Fellowship of the Enlightened. She has never felt that she belongs there but they’re the only life she knows until she meets her first friend from outside the Fellowship, Myra from the town of Redemption, where sin lives or so says her community. Myra tells her about a job interview for a live in nanny position in Redemption. This is Deva’s chance to escape. Deva gets the job despite Laeth’s reservations about hiring someone who lived in a cult but gives her a chance.

Deva loves Cash and tries to do her best to care for him and learn how to live in a society outside of the Fellowship. Laeth continues working through his issues while noticing how much he cares for and relies on Deva. There is mounting tension as the two live together and get to know one another. Until one day, Laeth cracks and the spark ignites into a blaze.

The book title was not kidding, this is a SLOW burn that doesn’t come to a peak until about 70% in. That being said, this was such a cute story. A slow burn, grumpy sunshine, found family, single dad, cult, suspense, close proximity, HEA. What more could you ask for?? I have loved the Redemption series so far and each installment in this series is so good and different from the previous. I did, however, notice far more editing mistakes in this book than previous books in this series. I’m not sure if the author had changed editors over the course of the series but I hope that can be corrected. And while most of the book was well paced, it placed all the action to the last 30% of the book. I understand a slow burn but this was sloow, I prefer at least to have less build up, even in a slow burn. Otherwise, a great addition to the Redemption series!
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