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He's a Charmer

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Snowed in for days with a gorgeous soccer star? Maybe that's someone's else's dream vacation, but not mine.

I’m a small town girl with big-city dreams of seeing San Francisco–cable cars and wine bars and the Golden Gate Bridge–not getting stranded during a blizzard in a tiny mountain cabin.

And definitely not fixing leaks and playing endless board games with my brother's grumpy best friend, who has zero construction skills and even less charm.

Did I mention there’s only one bed?

I'm on a self-imposed man ban, so I try to ignore his sculpted abs and gorgeous dark eyes. He tests my resolve with his gourmet cooking and perfect campfires, but even those can’t make up for his prickly personality.

Problem is, once Danny Weston starts to drop his guard, I begin to understand him. His painful secrets rival my own, and his beautiful, tender heart begins to melt mine.

Which leads to one unforgettable night when our resistance wears so paper thin, it rips to shreds.

I shouldn't want him at all. And I shouldn't think about what would happen if this vacation fling becomes permanent.

Weston is known for breaking records on the field. But what happens if he breaks my heart?

He’s a Charmer is a brother’s best friend sports romance and a standalone novel in the San Francisco Strikers series.

Kindle Edition

Published March 15, 2023

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About the author

Stacy Travis

17 books567 followers
Stacy Travis writes charming, spicy romance about bookish, sassy women and the hot alphas who fall for them.

Writing makes her infinitely happy, but that might be the coffee talking. She drinks a LOT of it.

She's worked as a journalist, camp counselor, TV writer, SAT tutor, corporate finance researcher, education technology editor, and non-fiction author. When she's not on a deadline, she's in running shoes complaining that all roads seem to go uphill. Or on the couch with a margarita. Or fangirling at a soccer game.

She's never met a dog she didn't want to hug. And if you have no plans for Thanksgiving, she'll probably invite you to dinner.

Stacy lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, and a poorly-trained rescue dog who hoards socks. And she's serious about the Thanksgiving thing.




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167 reviews81 followers
March 11, 2023
"I know I don’t want to start anything with Weston because I already sense that if I do, I won’t want it to end."

He's a Charmer, third in the San Francisco Strikers series, is a brother's best friend/teammate, forced proximity romance. Trapped in a cabin during a blizzard, and clearly attracted to each other, the angst built between Linnie and Weston with a very slow burn until temptation inevitably led to one night of surrendering to their feelings. But Linnie was visiting her brother in San Francisco and was planning to return to England so this relationship had an end date. Was the one night simply lust and the opportunity to forget about life's troubles temporarily or could it have developed into something more in the long term?

Linnie and Weston, the small town girl and the city boy, were so much more alike than they initially realized. They both struggled with deeply rooted issues of feeling undeserving and less than. Linnie was trying to prove she could stand on her own to defy her father's expectations and escape his disappointment in her wanting to choose her career. Weston felt unworthy of love, afraid to open his heart to avoid the risk of being left behind. Together, they found comfort in one another and their shared pain brought them closer together. I loved how Linnie uncovered Weston's layers, getting him to reveal things he had never divulged to anyone. And I loved how Linnie finally let herself feel her emotions fully and how she learned that she deserved better for her life. They both possessed vulnerabilities that were often heartbreaking to see and I especially wanted to wrap Weston in a hug.

"I let myself pretend we’re the only two people who exist. Caught in a snow globe. And I feel happy."

Linnie and Weston shared a beautiful connection filled with sweet moments and entertaining sarcastic banter. At times, their suggestive jokes were a bit excessive but there were some lines that made me laugh. Lightly steamy, their relationship was filled with so much warmth and joy and laughter. Pacing was uneven as the first half crawled along slowly but the rhythm picked up nicely at the midpoint though it seemed somewhat rushed towards the end. Too much attention focused on fixing the leaking pipe at the cabin and I would have liked to see further exploration of Weston's past in its place. The characters were perfect for this story. Linnie was strong and self-sufficient, fierce and determined, while Weston was so thoughtful and caring despite being so broken. I also liked the inclusion of nature and the wild as it added beauty and a sense of wonder to the story.

Ultimately, this was a story about second chances and taking control of your life, making your own choices and embracing the detours along the way. Most importantly, it highlighted the importance of expecting the unexpected and remaining open to unforeseen possibilities, especially to that of falling in love.

"This woman . . . she’ll be the end of me . . . and the beginning of everything I’ve ever wanted."

** Special thanks to author Stacy Travis for sending me this ARC to read and review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Quotes subject to change at time of publication. Available March 15, 2023. **
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240 reviews7 followers
March 12, 2023
⚽️ RELEASES MARCH 15 , 2023 ⚽️

He’s a Charmer?!?!
More like he’s a dream 🥹

After Weston and Linnie are snowed in at a cabin, the two are forced to get to know each other and realize that maybe getting snowed in isn’t a bad thing after all.

Two problems though:
1. Linnie is just visiting Cali from England
2. Weston’s teammate is Linnie’s brother 😳

I absolutely loved this soccer romance! This was the first I’ve read in the San Francisco Strikers series, but I will be reading the others ASAP! It was a quick and easy read that featured spice, fluff, and had a good plot. I adored the cabin and snowy setting - perfect for this time of year too.

PS - can we talk about the floral cover for this book and the rest of the series…I absolutely love 🫶

⚽️ soccer/sports romances
⚽️ best friend’s sibling
⚽️ forced proximity
⚽️ only one bed
⚽️ grumpy/sunshine

Thank you Valentine PR and Stacy Travis for this eARC in exchange for an honest review <3

4.75 ⭐️
Profile Image for Leah of Seams and Stories.
184 reviews1 follower
March 16, 2023
Y’all are gonna want to read this one because Linnie is so much fun and deserves a happily ever after. She’s a high energy mechanic determined to make better life choices than she has in the past. Weston is a focused professional athlete, wanna be handyman. He is just the guy for Linnie, never mind his best friend is her brother. This is a dual point of view, brothers best friend romance. There is snow, sass and steam in this new release for one of my favorites, Stacy Travis.

Book 3 in the San Francisco Strikers series but can be read as a standalone.
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2,830 reviews921 followers
March 15, 2023
3.5 stars

This is a really sweet read! A forced proximity, brother’s-best-friend, sports romance that is fun and heartfelt with an honest, emotional and chemistry-filled love story.

The third book in the San Francisco Strikers series, this is the story of Linnie (younger sister to Tim from book #2 – He's a Player) and soccer player, Weston. Though there is some minor character crossover, this book can easily be read as a standalone.

Linnie has travelled from England to San Francisco to spend a week with her brother, and after experiencing a bit of a life crisis, she’s keen for a bit of self-reflection to figure out where her life is going. That includes breaking her constant string of one-night stands and short-term hook-ups, and staying far away from men.

I never listen to reason. It’s a problem, I know, and I’m working on it. Not really. But I should be.

But shortly after arrival, after a series of random circumstances, she finds herself snowed in at her brother’s mountain cabin, with her brother’s best friend and teammate, and cabin co-owner, Danny Weston. Weston is gorgeous, and exactly the kind of man she would go for, but she’s determined to keep things friendly between them.

For good measure – and because old habits die hard – I reach a hand for his chest to make sure I’m good on my feet.
Yes, his chest is as solid under that jacket as I suspected. Check.

Weston is a bit grumpy and closed-off, but he quickly warms up to Linnie’s playful, spirited nature, and they easily bond during their isolation. As they become friendly, their attraction to each other grows, and they talk openly about it, agreeing that any kind of hook up is a recipe for disaster, so they try their best to keep their distance. But the more time they spend together, the more they open up to each other, and the closer they become. The chemistry sizzles, and the slow burn builds beautifully.

“What do you want, Linnie?”
The words feel caught in barbed wire. “I-I told you. I want to get my life together. Stop snogging men for meaningless reasons.”
His eyes fix on mine. Intense, daring. I should look away, but I can’t escape their pull. I feel my resistance to him dissolving into dust. “Tell me what you want right now.”
It’s like he’s hypnotized me.
“I want you.”

I love the slow build of this romance! They’re both so open and honest about everything that they’re feeling, and I felt it all with them as they wrestled so hard to do what they think is the right thing.

“I know I can’t have you, but I’m not going to pretend I don’t want you. It’s fucking impossible.”

The breaking point inevitably comes, and it’s natural, sexy, and sweetly emotional, and I loved watching them come together.

This woman…she’ll be the end of me…and the beginning of everything I’ve ever wanted.

But as wonderful as everything is between them, their lives are on different sides of the planet. And Linnie is dealing with some family issues and trying so hard to get herself together and be strong all on her own. Neither of them have done the relationship thing. and they’re not sure how to work it out. But it’s a great ride watching them muddle their way through and fight for each other.

“When it’s your life, you get to choose. And I choose you.”

This is a really sweet and easy read, with a nice amount of depth and emotion, and I really enjoyed it.

3.5 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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89 reviews18 followers
March 15, 2023
I received an eARC in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to Valentine PR and Stacy Travis for the arc.

This is part of a series, San Francisco Strikers. This is a series that revolves around soccer players. It can be read as a standalone and you do not need to read the others the are before this one to follow along with the story. However, you will get little spoilers to the previous books.

Linnie has travelled from England to San Francisco to spend a week with her brother, and after experiencing a bit of a life crisis, she’s in need for a bit of self-reflection to figure out where her life is going. That includes breaking her constant string of short-term hook-ups, and staying far away from men.

Shortly after arrival and a series of random circumstances, she finds herself snowed in at her brother’s mountain cabin, with her brother’s best friend and teammate, and cabin co-owner, Danny Weston. Weston is gorgeous, and exactly the kind of man she would go for, but she’s determined to keep things friendly between them.

Weston is a bit grumpy and very closed off, but he quickly warms up to Linnie’s playful, spirited nature. As they bond and become friendly during isolation, their attraction to each other grows, and agree that any kind of hook up is a recipe for disaster, so they try their best to keep their distance.

The breaking point inevitably comes, and it's natural and sexy and I ate it up. I am not usually a fan of slow-burns but this one was so good. I loved the relationship between Weston and Linnie and their banter. Really sweet and fun read.

-Soccer Romance
-Brother's Best Friend
-Forced Proximity
-One Bed Trope

Overall: 4
Spice: 1
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1,783 reviews38 followers
March 16, 2023
Do you ever need a light-hearted, easy to get lost in, read? Then look no further! This book was fast paced and easy to read! I didn't want it to be over. I love a good forced proximity story and this one involves a snowstorm. *Rubs hands together* Oh yeah! I was here for it! Linnie is trying to start a better habit and is detoxing from boys. Weston isn’t having a great day and there’s a problem at his cabin. Neither he or Linnie expect a snowstorm but they’re making the most of it. I loved the banter between them, the inner struggle they found and just passing the time. Do yourself a favor and grab this book right now!

Profile Image for Lena.
84 reviews2 followers
March 15, 2023
After meeting and loving Weston and Linnie separately in HE’S A PLAYER, I was so excited to see that they would be getting their own story in HE’S A CHARMER. I mean, getting snowed in, with your brother’s best friend, and there’s only one bed in the cabin you’re stuck in? Say less! Linnie might not be thrilled with this arrangement at the beginning, but as she and Weston get closer, it turns out to be exactly what she needed.

I loved the other books in the San Francisco Strikers series, but Weston and Linnie now hold a special place in my heart. Their banter was top notch and I laughed out loud multiple times when I was reading. Linnie was such a fun character and I just loved her (and her internal dialogue!) so much. Her sassy and take-no-crap attitude is paired with the uncertainty of someone who truly wants to find her place in the world. It was so satisfying to see her reach for that throughout the book. And Weston—our sweet, soft-hearted boy. There were so many times I wanted to reach into the book and give him a hug. Linnie gets to him under his charming exterior and it was such a treat to see them open up and let the other person in. Even though they can’t stay at the cabin forever, the possibility of a future together starts getting more and more real. The question is: can they make it work when they are on two completely different paths?

This was Stacy Travis at her best and HE’S A CHARMER is now one of my favorites from her. It was such a delight to read and I can’t wait for others to fall in love with Linnie and Weston like I did. A huge thank you to the author and Valentine PR for sending an early copy for me to read and review!
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1,369 reviews42 followers
March 15, 2023
This was a terrific close proximity, opposites attract. I loved how these two strangers made the most of their few days together. And in order to stave off their attraction to each other, they really shared some deep stories with each other.

Linnie is used to the superficial. She’s working on shedding her reputation as a party girl and doesn’t want to give in to the easy chemistry she has with her brother’s teammate, Westin.

Westin avoids all relationships. He’s been abandoned before and doesn’t trust anyone to stay. Especially not his teammate’s sister who is only visiting for a week from the UK.

These two develop a true bond during the snowstorm, showing their true selves and vulnerabilities. They also have an amazing time. I totally laughed out loud at these two! The writing is so strong and descriptive. I loved how you really got a sense of the mountain landscape — especially during the sledding scene.

This is a bit of a slow burn, but when these two get together their physical compatibility is on par with their emotional one.

This is book three in the series, but can totally be read as a standalone. The majority of the book is just these two holed up in a cabin.
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735 reviews102 followers
March 10, 2023
He's a Charmer is a brother's best friend romance that is definitely a charming read.

When Linnie comes to San Francisco to visit her soccer star brother, she's planning to see the city and to hold on to her self-imposed man ban. She's not planning on getting snowed in at a small cabin with her brother's best friend and teammate, Weston. Danny Weston is grumpy and has zero construction skills, but as his walls start to come down, he becomes a complication that Linnie just doesn't need.

Although there are many funny moments throughout this book, the first part of this story literally had me laughing out loud. As the story progresses, it does take a more serious turn at times, but it's not overly angsty. It's a slow burn and I loved the build-up and the chemistry between these characters. Danny especially melted my heart and I can totally see how Linnie would be unable to resist his charms.

This is the third book in the San Francisco Strikers series, and although this can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend that you read them all.
Profile Image for Court.
59 reviews
March 12, 2023
*ARC review*

Linnie encompasses “golden retriever energy” to me! She was so fun and witty and hilarious to read. Weston was very clearly a goner from her from the beginning and I think even he knew that. I honestly love that neither of them came from this perfect family dynamic where one of them has to save the other and instead they both worked together to fight for each other and themselves. I also love that Linnie had a brother who could see how good they were for each other and pushed them to fight harder for each other instead of it being the typical “how could you do this to me” brothers best friend type book!
The way these two made sacrifices for one another made this more of a real life story than just a “romance novel” and I can really appreciate that!

Low on the spice level and I wish there would’ve been more because their chemistry was so good but I loved them as a whole enough that it really didn’t matter!
780 reviews16 followers
March 11, 2023
“And I’ve stopped doubting myself and asking whether I deserve someone like you. It’s not about whether or if or why. It just is.”

This is such a delightful, wonderful, swoony book from Stacy! I love all of her books but this one has taken top spot of my favorites! Linnie and Weston are so funny, sweet and wonderful people. Stacy gives these two the best personalities and tortures us with the slow burning angst!

Their initial meeting will have you laughing out loud and the laughs will continue because their banter is sooo good!!!

Linnie is so determined, independent and a badass not afraid to try anything…we’ll maybe cooking is the exception. Lol

Weston is guarded, a bit broody but as sweet as can be along with being smoking hot (at least in my imagination).

I love their adventures, their honesty with one another and how they go after what they want!
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208 reviews2 followers
March 20, 2023
Going into this book I had such high hopes for it. I love grumpy/sunshine tropes, they are always so fun to read. But to me Weston just wasn’t that grumpy. Like maybe to his team he was but he didn’t seem grumpy at all when he was with Linnie. And it wasn’t like he’s grumpy with everyone but her, it was just that he wasn’t grumpy. I also felt like I couldn’t really connect with either of the characters. Their interactions seemed really forced and not natural. I also wish since this was a soccer romance we actually got more soccer. It just seemed like it was a very very small part of the book that was only mentioned.
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306 reviews4 followers
March 11, 2023
This is an incredibly sweet romance with healing, laughter, and taking your chance at love.

Weston is so sweet! I love when he opens up to Linnie and let's her do the same. This sexy soccer star can cook and charm! Linnie is a spitfire! She's hilarious and I love her unfiltered mouth. These two have past hurts that end up helping them to understand one another better. Their relationship just happens so naturally and it's beautiful. They realize that they each are enough and deserve to be loved.

I received an ARC for an honest review.
Profile Image for Karen | book.addikt &#x1f4da;.
145 reviews15 followers
March 17, 2023
Rate: 3,5⭐️

I liked a lot this book😍. I loved all the characters and their personality, they were so sweet😍.
Through all the book I could feel the chemistry between Weston and Linnie, they just made me feel really in love🥰.

✍🏻Fav quotes:

"I know I can't have you, but I'm not going to pretend I don't want you. It's fucking impossible."

“This woman ... she'll be the end of me
..and the beginning of
everything I've ever wanted.”

Profile Image for Gladys.
10.5k reviews111 followers
March 11, 2023
I enjoyed this angsty and slow burning romance. Linnie and Weston's romance is filled with heart, sweetness, humor, emotion and heat that is cute, heart melting and deliciously swoon worthy. This was quite simply one of those reads that just make you feel good and leave you in a better place than when you started it. I am independently posting an impartial review.
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251 reviews
March 15, 2023
He's a Charmer by Stacy Travis is the third book in the San Francisco Strikers Series, this time it's the turn of San Francisco Strikers midfielder Danny Weston, who along with his best friend, Tim Cheltenham, bought a house in the mountains. and due to a water break he is in the cabin trying to fix it, it is not as easy as it seems and now his best friend's sister, Linnie, who has just arrived from England and also arrives at the cabin thinking of helping his brother with the water problem, their first meeting had me laughing out loud, Weston is a very attractive city man, with all the physical attributes of a professional football player, but with very few skills as he fixes everything and Linnie is beautiful small town girl who is always hands on. Forced to live together trapped in the cabin due to a storm Linnie and Weston will get to know each other better and their attraction will be undeniable, but there are so many factors that they must consider that nothing will be easy.
This story is full of moments of laughter, but also very intense moments, these characters hide wounds that make them vulnerable and I loved living their connection with them. It's my first story in this series but I know I'll look for the previous ones because each character here is special and the author does a wonderful job presenting them, it's an entertaining story, fresh and full of a lot of humanity so you'll find yourself close to the characters. I fully recommend them.
*Thanks to Stacy Travis and Valentine PR & Literary Management for my ARC. I voluntarily leave my honest review*

He's a Charmer de Stacy Travis es el tercer libro en la Serie San Francisco Strikers, esta vez le toca el turno a Danny Weston centro campista se los San Francisco Strikers, quien junto a su mejor amigo, Tim Cheltenham, compraron una casa en las montañas y debido a una rotura de agua el se encuentra en la cabaña tratando de arreglarlo, no es tan fácil como parece y ahora la hermana de su mejor amigo, Linnie, quien acaba de llegar de Inglaterra, también irá a la cabaña pensando en ayudar a su hermano con el problema del agua, su primer encuentro me tuvo riendo a carcajadas, Weston es un hombre de ciudad, muy atractivo, con todos los atributos físicos de un jugador profesional de futbol, pero con muy pocas habilidades como arregla todo y Linnie esta hermosa chica de un pueblo pequeño que siempre esta manos a la obra. Obligados a convivir juntos atrapados en la cabaña debido a una tormenta Linnie y Weston se conocerán mejor y su atracción sera innegable, pero hay tantos factores que deben considerar que nada sera fácil.
Esta historia esta llena de momentos de risas, pero momentos también muy intensos, estos personajes esconden heridas que los hacen vulnerables y me encanto vivir junto a ellos su conexión. Es mi primera historia de esta serie pero se que buscare las anteriores porque cada personaje es especial y la autora hace un maravilloso trabajo presentándolos, es una historia entretenida, fresca y llena de mucha humanidad por lo que te veras afín a los personajes, se las recomiendo completamente.
*Gracias a Stacy Travis y a Valentine PR & Literary Management por mi ARC. Dejo voluntariamente mi reseña honesta*
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4,962 reviews157 followers
March 15, 2023

Amazon / Amazon Worldwide

Linnie's impulsive decision to help her brother with the leak at the house he co-owns means her self imposed man ban is about to come to an end. There's only one bed, they're snowed in, and her brother's best friend is more gorgeous than she had ever imagined. Even though he's terrible with tools, she can't resist him, especially when Weston shows his vulnerable side.

Weston knows he's not fun to be around this time of year, but he's also not about to open up to anyone aside from his best friend about why. Then his friend's sister crashes her way into his life and he's finding it impossible to resist this hot mess of a woman who knows her way around a toolbox. But what will they do when the storm lets up and they have to leave their bubble?

He's a Charmer is slow burn and sweet with more than its fair share of emotional depth. I like that there's not a lot of drama and angst, but there is a lots of heart and a bit of heat. Stacy has done well by the brother's best friend and one bed tropes here.

ARC provided by Valentine PR for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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1,218 reviews29 followers
March 21, 2023
Overall Grade: 4.5 ⭐️

Tropes: forced proximity; best friend’s sister; soccer romance; sports romance; long distance

I had the pleasure of beta-reading Stacy Travis’s He’s A Charmer. To read a book from a rough draft to a final draft is a special distinction. Noting keen changes that help the book bloom makes me excited. And this is definitely the case with Travis’s next book in her San Francisco Strikers series.

I love a forced proximity story. In this book, this is created when Linnie, the story’s FMC, finds herself snowed in with her brother’s best friend, Weston. From the minute they meet, Travis has crafted a distinctive and slow-burning chemistry. Weston is struck by the beauty of Linnie’s eyes, while Linnie finds herself attracted to Weston’s professional athlete physique. Travis deftly draws out their attraction, building it to an incendiary fire. When they can no longer avoid each other, Travis creates fireworks in the bedroom for her couple. Unfortunately, this is short-lived, yet Travis carefully draws them back together, gifting her readers with a sweet ending.

With the pacing on point, character development is also important. Linnie struggles with wanting to be more than just a pretty face as well as her strained relationship with her father (much like her brother, Tim). She wants her father to see her capacity as an individual, not her weakness as a woman. Weston struggles with people leaving him behind, so the fact that Linnie lives in London makes it difficult for him to consider anything with her. Due to being snowed in, Linnie and Weston must confront their feelings about these issues. Their vulnerability to each other adds dimension to their physical attraction, deepening their character development and the storyline. You must be patient with Travis’s He’s A Charmer because this is a slow burn that seems necessary for Linnie’s and Weston’s journeys.

Unlike the other books in this series, Travis’s ancillary characters play small parts in the story. Tim and Mary, Linnie’s siblings, offer moments of wisdom to help her make decisions about her future, but they are fairly silent for much of the book. Instead, Weston and Linnie grow closer with each turn of the page. Their banter and survival tasks create the excitement of the story.

Stacy Travis ends He’s A Charmer with the promise of more stories in a new series. I hope Mary gets a story because her situation is long-suffering. If you’re looking for sport in this romance, you won’t find it. Instead, you’ll fall in love with a couple thrust together in a difficult situation, finding out that true love will find you when you least expect it.
Profile Image for Jen (jensdreamylittlereads).
779 reviews64 followers
March 10, 2023
I have loved every one of these stories; the humour, the relationships, the ups and the downs have been all so well done and always leaving you with a smile on your face. I'm sad to see this sports romance series come to an end, but He’s A Charmer was a great finale!

When Linnie comes to San Francisco to visit her soccer star brother, she doesn’t count on being snowed in at a small cabin with her brother's best friend and teammate, Weston. Cue all the tension and forced proximity!

Weston and Linnie’s story was full of swoons, laughs and steam. But it also has this emotional kick that goes straight to the heart and makes this entertaining story so touching. They just worked as a couple, and they just clicked. They brought the best and worst out of each other - but mainly the best. Their dynamic was cute, hot and funny… just like this book! The romance is a bit on the angsty side because they take time to come around but once they finally give in, the chemistry is off the charts! They made a great pair because they balance each other out. Even though Linnie is out-going and free spirited, Weston helps to keep her grounded and provides her with emotional support. In turn, Linnie helps Weston to get out of his comfort zone and she inspires him in a number of ways. I loved discovering the depth of both characters and watching them grow, it made them such relatable characters and the development felt so much more real. Stacy Travis matched these two perfectly. Although their uncertainties were due to completely different reasons, they were similar. They were a factor that often stood in the way of complete openness to each other, but ultimately it was also the reason why Weston and Linnie understood and accepted each other, along with all flaws and mistakes. Their chemistry was off the charts and I loved them together so much.

He’s A Charmer was an addicting brother’s best friend romance that had a smile on my face from beginning to end. The banter, the chemistry, and the romance were absolutely fantastic! It was a fun, sweet, emotional and sexy romance that had just the right amount of humour and feels. I hate to see this excellent series end, but it certainly ends on a high note.
Profile Image for Rachel (Rrbookreviews).
368 reviews6 followers
March 16, 2023
Review: 3.75/5 ⭐️
Steam: 2/5 🔥

#hesacharmer is book three in the #sanfranciscostrikes series by @stacytravisauthor.

Weston: Soccer player. Closed off. Stubborn. He’s a guy who has fun with his teammates and friends but also is closed off and has a time when his mood is down in the dumps. Due to a busted pipe, he travels to his mountain cabin that he shares with his best friend. This is less than ideal but a good time to be alone. Until he isn’t. Linnie shows up and changes his plans quick. He finds something about her special. He opens up to her, laughing when he usually sulks. Being stuck in a cabin with his best friends sister in a blizzard isn’t what he expected, but maybe exactly what he needed.

Linnie: Free spirit. Outspoken and sassy. Hot mess. She is finally getting away from her hometown in England to visit her brother in the states. But after a long flight with lots of coffee, she hears him get a call about his cabin. Being impulsive, Linnie takes an unfamiliar long drive to help him out. Not only are roads different in the mountains but so is the weather. A blizzard changes all her plans for this vacation. Especially being stuck there with her brother’s best friend and teammate. She’s on a “man ban” but feels something with Weston she never has before. He’s the first person to look at her as more than a flake, and someone with dreams. Can that feeling last or is the spell broken after the snow melts and she needs to return home?

This is a cute book. Very slow burn in my opinion. Linnie was easy to relate to in being a bit of a train wreck who tends to self sabotage, but she felt very real to me. Weston was stubborn but she brought something out in him. They are a cute duo who will make you laugh!
March 16, 2023
Having read He's A Keeper and He's A Player I immediately started looking forward to more from this author and series! I couldn't wait to get back into the San Francisco Strikers world! I enjoyed this third installment so much!

Linnie and Weston's journey pulled me in quickly! Linnie is in San Francisco to visit her brother. When a leak happens at her brother's cabin she's determined to fix it. Little did Linnie know there'd wind up being a blizzard that keeps her stranded there with her brother's best friend and teammate, Weston. Can they get through the blizzard and then go their separate ways? or can their meeting lead to something beautiful?

Both Linnie and Weston had my undivided attention right from the very get go! I really liked the different way they were brought into each other's lives and getting to see how they'd tackle being around one another. I was so glad that i got to dig deeper with both Linnie and Weston. They both were trying to handle things in their lives and i adored the realness that added to them and the story. The chemistry between them was undeniable and so great!

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole forced proximity and brother's best friend aspects of it all. It was awesome being back in the San Francisco Strikers world and getting to reunite with some familiar faces!

With He's A Charmer, Ms.Travis has created such a good and entertaining read that brought so many feels! Her writing pulls me in every time! Definitely check this series out if you haven't already! I can't wait to read what this author comes up with next! 💜

*I volunteered to read and review a copy of this book from Valentine PR / the author*
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March 13, 2023
Linnie’s life is a bit stagnant and she feels the need for some change. She decides to fly to San Francisco to spend some time with her brother Tim who plays soccer for the San Francisco Strikers. What was supposed to be a relaxing trip soon falls apart when Tim gets a call saying that a pipe has burst at his mountain cabin. Linnie volunteers her handywoman skills and heads to the cabin only to be confronted by another problem, Tim’s attractive best friend Weston.

He’s a Charmer is the third book in the San Francisco Strikers series. It can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend at least reading the second book, He’s a Player, first. The main characters from book two are featured throughout this book. This book does contain several open-door scenes.

Although the MCs are lusting after each other from the very beginning, this book is a slowburn. There is excellent chemistry between the pair but they both have some childhood trauma that makes them more on the cautious side. The close proximity of being stuck in the cabin does give them time to talk through some things and they find that they are able to talk to one another more easily because of their pasts. I love that the MCs are given non-typical interests/hobbies.

This has been such a fun series. I haven’t come across many romances set in San Francisco but it’s always a delight when I do as I grew up in the Bay Area. I hope we’ll be getting more of this series but if not I can’t wait to see what Stacy Travis has next for her readers.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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March 18, 2023
HE'S A CHARMER By Stacy Travis

Snowed in for days with a gorgeous soccer star? Maybe that's someone's else's dream vacation, but not mine.
I’m a small town girl with big-city dreams of seeing San Francisco–cable cars and wine bars and the Golden Gate Bridge–not getting stranded during a blizzard in a tiny mountain cabin.
And definitely not fixing leaks and playing endless board games with my brother's grumpy best friend, who has zero construction skills and even less charm.
Did I mention there’s only one bed?

😊What i liked -

✔ Sports Romance/Brother's Best Friend/Forced Proximity/Grumpy-Sunshine.
✔ I loved the combo of Linnie and Weston. Linnie is all free spirited to Weston being the guy who keeps things close to his chest.
✔ I loved how they kept tip-toeing around each other.(loved the slow burniness)
✔ The first half of the book had me cracking up with tons of mishaps.
✔ I Loved how easily the book flowed with the banter, cute moments, the heartaches, the loss, the slow burn with the cutest HEA.

🤔What could have been better -

✔ I felt rushed in the last few chapters.

📚Who Should read :

💝Romance Lovers
⚽Sports Romance
💞Brother's Best Friend Romance

📈My Rating : 4/5

P.s - Uhhhh do we get a Mary book next?

Thank You, Stacy Travis and Valentine PR , for a copy.
1,628 reviews16 followers
March 17, 2023
Stacey Travis has once again delivered another unforgettable and unputdownable addition to her ( San Francisco Strikers series ) a series that is a must read for anyone who is a fan of sports romances with all the feels . This time around we get Linnie and Weston’s emotional rollercoaster of a love story . Weston is Linnie’s brothers best friend as well as a soccer player on her brothers team . Linnie comes to town to visit her brother , and the last thing either Linnie Or Weston expects is to be trapped in a cabin together due to a snow storm !!! But that’s exactly what happens. It’s these unplanned circumstances that force them to spend time getting to know each other and before they know it they are falling for one another. Opposites attract, forced proximity, angst , humor , witty banter , heartfelt, heartbreaking and sweet romantic moments, fun , sexy and emotionally charged , family , friendships unexpected surprises, wonderfully written characters that are just so likable and relatable, a storyline that’s going to grab onto all your emotions so quickly and pull at your heartstrings in ways you definitely will not be expecting. He’s A Charmer has it all in spades and so much more
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March 17, 2023
Linnie travels from England to San Francisco to spend time with her brother, to self-reflect and have some time away from her father. Her father is sick and he keeps pushing her to go in another direction that doesn't involve the family business. The night she gets to San Francisco, she steals her brothers car to go and fix an issue at his fixer upper cabin in the mountains.

Only it starts snowing on her way up the mountain and she has an accident and thinks she is being attacked by a moose, only to find her brother's best friend and team mate Danny Weston coming to her rescue. Weston is sweet, gorgeous, and a bit closed off. He had a difficult childhood and he doesn't want to trust people because he feels like he is always the one that is left behind. But he warms up to Linnie and they easily bond while snowed in. The chemistry between these two is a slow burn that they both try to deny.

This is a sweet read and you cannot help but to hope these two figure out how to be together. It took me awhile to really get into it because I felt like Linnie was reckless and stubborn. Once you see Weston and Linnie together and they start building a relationship they really grow on you. I thought it was cute and enjoyed it.

Received ARC in exchange for voluntary honest review
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March 18, 2023
oohhh wasn't this gem a charming slow burn.
He's a Charmer is a brother's best friend / close proximity / opposites attract read that I adored.

Westin and Linnie are basically strangers who find themselves snowed in a small cabin together.
Did someone say opposites attract??? yes, yes they did.
After his personal experiences of being abandoned, Westin does not do relationships as he doesn't trust they will say.
Does he really want to let down his walls and fall for a woman who is only in San Francisco for a vacation and doesn't plan on staying?
Enter Linnie, a beautiful woman with a reputation for being a party girl.
I loved the instant banter between Linnie and Westin and the attraction / chemistry between them was undeniable.
The build between these two was slllooowww but for me the bond they created through fun little experiences and the sharing of life their stories and insecurities is what made the relationship between them truly special.

Although He's a Charmer is Book 3 in a series it can be read as a standalone. But... I mean why not dive in to the whole and read them all.. hehe..
I enjoyed this read that had the perfect blend of heart, heat and humour
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March 11, 2023
A solid 3.5 ⭐️

I enjoyed the story but I feel like it needed a little more. Linnie and Weston both have what is essentially unresolved childhood trauma. They’re functioning, well adjusted for the most part, but the trauma is still evident in how they handle romance of course. I love that they had real conversations in the cabin, not just fluffy filler that turned into instalove. They opened up to each other, had an unspoken understanding, no judgement, it came across well.

What I didn’t like was how unresolved some things felt. I wanted more in the conversation about Weston’s mom. How did he come to the change of heart on Sports Illustrated? I felt like there was an opportunity to build Linnie and Weston’s connection by having her push a little more. For Linnie, where was the resolve with her dad? I didn’t like the way things ended in the garage at all. All the buildup to Linnie changing her story and having the talk with her dad and she just walks away?

I like the supportive siblings, like how Weston showed up for Linnie. Overall I think they were likable and it’s a cute love story there’s just some missed opportunities for me.
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March 12, 2023
Weston & Linnie

Love a heroine with an independent streak and a man with a lost soul. I really enjoyed that this sports romance had less to do with the sports and more to do with the romance.

Westin & Linnie meet unexpectedly at the mountain cabin Weston co-owns with Linnie’s brother, Tim. With Linnie on vacation & interested in adventure, she drives up to the home to try to help some construction gone wrong and finds herself stranded with Danny Westin, a soccer player in a bad mood.

Over a few days, they’re snowed in but the heat stays on. The chemistry is apparent, but they��re both smart about acting on it. Through cooking, snow-shoeing, car mechanics, and some board games, they build a friendship. When they can’t resist any longer, they find that their attraction is mutual, but their time on the mountain is over.

When Linnie has to return home they realize that love is more important than the obstacles each built up in their heads about being together. They bring out the best in each other & make a very sweet couple.

I’ve loved this series & can’t wait to read more from Stacy Travis!
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March 15, 2023
Loved this story.
A close proximity,brothers best friend trope which makes it all the more enticing.
Linnie and Weston have so much chemistry and I loved the build up and anticipation of the electricity between them.
Linnie is visiting her brother in San Fransisco she is a force of nature full of energy and fun.
Weston is a Soccer player and Linnie's brothers best friend and team mate.
They both don't expect to be trapped in Linnie's brother cabin snowed in together,they also don't expect to get to know eachother and open up to one another.
Weston Charms Linnie with his sweetness and they learn things about themselves and about eachother within the confines of the cabin.
I adored these two there is minimal angst, funny moments ,witty banter and some steam it is a slow burn romance and I enjoyed it very much.
Its a fantastic read that makes you feel good inside as you read.
Weston made me swoon more than once and no wonder Linnie couldn't resist him.
He's a Charmer was such a pleasure to read and kept me entertained throughout.
Brilliant book.
5 Stars.
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March 15, 2023
Loved this story. A close proximity, brother's best friend trope, which makes it all the more enticing. Linnie and Weston have so much chemistry and I loved the build up and anticipation of the electricity between them. Linnie is visiting her brother in San Francisco and she is a force of nature full of energy and fun. Weston is a Soccer player and Linnie's brother's best friend and team mate. They both don't expect to be trapped in Linnie's brother's cabin snowed in together, they also don't expect to get to know each other and open up to one another. Weston Charms Linnie with his sweetness and they learn things about themselves and about each other within the confines of the cabin.

I adored these two. There is minimal angst, funny moments, witty banter and some steam. It is a slow burn romance and I enjoyed it very much. It's a fantastic read that makes you feel good inside as you read. Weston made me swoon more than once and no wonder Linnie couldn't resist him.
He's a Charmer was such a pleasure to read and kept me entertained throughout. Brilliant book.
5 Stars.- Cat W.
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