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Bunny Drop #2

Bunny Drop, Vol. 2

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Like a plot out of a soap opera, bachelor Daikichi Kawachi's boringly normal life got a touch of the abnormal when he learned that his late granddad left behind a love child. And further rattling the unexpected skeleton in the closet? The ungainly, unglamorous Daikichi's impulsive decision to take in little Rin! But as the impromptu dad and his charge learn to adapt to both one another and their very new living situation, Daikichi is plagued by thoughts of Rin's mother. Who is she? Why has she been quiet all this time? Hot on the trail after discovering a modem at the old man's computer-less abode, Daikichi plays detective in search for answers. But elementary school enrollment, extracurricular activities, and other parental obligations wait for no man, so when the day of confrontation with the mysterious Masato arrives, will Daikichi be prepared?!

208 pages, Paperback

First published February 1, 2007

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About the author

Yumi Unita

43 books84 followers
Japanese Name (宇仁田ゆみ)

Yumi Unita was born in Mie Prefecture on May 10th, 1972. In 1998, she debuted with "VOICE" in Hakusensha's Young Animal. Since then, she has worked in many genres, having her works featured in seinen, josei, and shounen magazines.

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Author 19 books1,122 followers
March 22, 2018
There's parts of this series I LOVE and other parts that I just...find boring.

So this chapter we get Rin into being more comfortable about people, especially family. She's also going into first grade. She's a big girl now so she has to be "cool" which means a lot in that age group! Also Daikichi is trying his best to balance it all but he decides to find out who Rin's mother is and well...things go in a interesting turn.

Good: I love all the stuff to do with Daikichi and Rin. It's cute, heartfelt, and works real well to show how kids and adults can raise each other in a way. I also really enjoyed Daikichi slowly coming to terms of how to adult.

Bad: The stuff with Rin's mother is kind of boring. I didn't find any of it interesting and sadly that was about 40% of the story here.

Overall this is a cute and funny story. It has it's slow parts that really hurt the pacing but overall I'll probably finish it or stop at volume 4 (that's where I hear to stop) but for now it's solid funness.
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224 reviews91 followers
February 4, 2019
This Daikichi's grandaddy got more tail than a fuckin' rancher. Its a real shame poor Dai has to deal with the sins of that guys past, but that kid sure is charming, way better than my lame kid Barron who cant even HIGH FIVE MY FUCKIN WIFE ON THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I get really steamed whenever I look at him, I just think, you had ONE FUCKIN JOB! How hard can it be to high five your own mom? The kid acts like he didn't learn nothing all those years shacked up in my beautiful trump hotel. He had a whole fuckin floor to himself to learn how to use his hands. I look at him sometimes and I think of my legacy, about all the wonderful kids I was gonna leave behind like my sexy daughter Ivanka and that strapping beast Don Jr, but then this rotten brat shows up outta fuckin nowhere and starts burning all my dreams to the ground. I keep telling Melania to get him out of here but she don't listen to me no more, she just puts in these terrible airpods and does her squats thinking she's still thot-material. I aint saying nothing but she's real flat back there, not like my beloved Bikini Ifrit. SADNESS EVERYWHERE! This Daikichi and his cool kid are really helping me through the shit, let me tell ya.
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715 reviews8 followers
June 14, 2020

This series is honestly so cute! Most likely because Rin is SUCH a sweetheart!

The little twists and turns in this one were a little expected from me but I’m glad they happened. They were the responsible choices to make and I’m glad they were made.
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789 reviews38 followers
January 29, 2020
Хорошо, что автор не стал тянуть с нагнетанием тайны матери Рин. Вопрос, что мог растянуться на несколько томов и оказаться в итоге пшиком, частично нашел ответ уже во второй книге. И оказался скорее попыткой понять другого человека, пускай и безуспешной. Тот случай, когда тебе не разжевывают по кусочкам и не выкладывают на стол всю мотивацию персонажа, но позволяют оценить внешние, сбивающие с толку сигналы, и чуть-чуть заглянуть за завесу непонимания. Я до сих пор не могу сформулировать свое мнение о ней, не из-за недостатка информации, а потому что ее слова и действия вызывают вопросы, на которые нет ответа на поверхности, можно только строить предположения. Чужая душа – потемки.

Еще из отличного: окружение Рин расширяется, и по ощущениям, теперь ее семья не ограничена одним Дайкичи. Про остальное пока рано загадывать, неизвестно, как оно все повернется. А еще финал тома трогательный, сил нет ~

P.S. Серия читается вроде с обычной скоростью, но отходняк от нее может длиться неделю. На меня, кажется, весь josei оказывает подобное воздействие. От чтения не оторваться, но темы серьезные и совсем не сразу отпускают.

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783 reviews13 followers
April 15, 2018
Still - not quite sure how this series going to pan out - I of course got them all - but it jumps at odd paces and I don't quite get some of the transitions - it's still cute and so true to life at some points it's crazy but still.. perhaps a better transitioning
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2,601 reviews121 followers
November 30, 2015
I don't know what it is about this series, but it actually makes me, someone who has zero desire whatsoever, kind of want to have kids. I'm certainly not going to! And if I ever did, I would never have any of my own children. I outright refuse. I'd rather adopt, and I'd rather adopt an older child. So this series just sort of solidifies my belief in the importance of that and kinda makes me want to do it.... kinda. Ha!

I actually was a little bit sad when . I understand why she'd say that, but it did make me feel a little sad for him.

I'm interested to see where this series goes in terms of storyline. I'm sure it'll be heartwarming no matter what.
Profile Image for Sara.
679 reviews
June 13, 2015
While this series seems like it should be boring and/or goofy, it's... not. Daikichi is especially appealing for some unspecific reason, and Rin never comes across as one of those unbelievable, too-cute kid characters.

Also, a fascinating look into Japanese workplace culture.
Profile Image for Miri.
1,567 reviews64 followers
October 29, 2016
If I was looking for something to make me feel like a complete sap, this was the right choice. The relationship developing between these two is so sweet.
Profile Image for Dawn.
187 reviews
November 5, 2022
Second book in the manga series involving Daikichi, a 30 year old single man, and the little girl, Rin, who is believed to be the illegitimate child of his grandfather although official records show her as an adopted daughter. I really love the dynamics shown in this book. It shows that a single man can be a much better parent than assumed by mainstream people. Sometimes the newly minted single parent can be a better one that the genetic one. The lengths Daikichi goes to help Rin and allow her to make her own decisions including whether or not to adopt his last name is really heart warming to see. He treats her with respect and care as if she’s his own child. It’s an ongoing and really uplifting story on how well they’re forming a familial unit together.

It’s still a sweet story with some heart felt moments as Daikichi tries to find the truth of who exactly is Rin’s mother. He found her name in the child health book that came with Rin but nothing else is known about her. When Rin admits she knows nothing about who her Mom is. The only people she knew was “Grandpa” and his caretaker whom sometimes took her homes with her. However, Rin felt that this woman didn’t like her and she in turn she didn’t like being with her. However, Daikichi is shocked to learn that this caretaker is actually Rin’s mother. What kind of woman is she really? Why has she tried to erase all evidence of her existence? Why doesn’t Rin know that this woman is her mother? All this sleuthing going on while at the same time Dikichi is trying to figure out how to get her enrolled in Elementary School, what supplies are needed, and ongoing work dynamics where some coworkers simply don’t understand nor respect his decision to switch jobs so he can have more time to care for Rin.
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Author 28 books33 followers
January 14, 2020
Encore un excellent tome où cet homme laisse tomber sa culpabilité de vouloir prendre soin de cet enfant, où il devient de plus en plus émotif car il s'attache à elle. Ses priorités ont changé, il devient véritablement un parent et adapte son travail pour concilier travail et famille. Ce qui lui est reproché par ses anciens collègues:

"Avant, cette conversation m’aurait mis hors de moi. Finalement, je suis resté très zen. Évidemment, je ne me fiche pas de mon travail. Ce n’est pas ça. C’est juste que mes priorités ont changé. Tout ça en l’espace de quelques mois à peine."

Alors que c'est tout à fait normal dans son nouveau département (sans heures supplémentaires):

"- En fait, mes collègues du service distribution sont tous assez jeunes, mais la plupart ont déjà des enfants.
- Et vous n’allez jamais boire un verre ensemble?
- Ah non, pas en ce moment, je vais chercher mon gosse à la garderie.
- Moi, les miens n’ont qu’un an d’écart et le dernier a trois mois, alors je dois rentrer le plus tôt possible à la maison pour m’en occuper."

Tandis que son propre père lui avoue qu'il l'admire et qu'il aurait dû faire des choix différents:

"Il paraît que tu t’es fait muter pour pouvoir t’occuper de Rin? (silence) Si seulement… Si seulement j’avais eu ton courage, ta mère n’aurait pas été aussi malheureuse."

Je veux lire la suite! Mais ma bibliothèque n'a pas les autres tomes... :(

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64 reviews5 followers
December 12, 2017
This is one of the cutest series I've ever read, and it's becoming one of my favorite slice of life manga. It does a great job at covering the balance and sacrifice that comes with being a single parent, and the love that makes it all worth it. Both Rin and Daikichi's character development have been heartwarming.

However, I have serious issues with how Masako, Rin's biological mother, is treated in the series. She leaves a bad impression on, well, everyone in the series, but only because her motives are seen as selfish. She was 23 & the father (Daikichi's grandpa) was 73 when she got pregnant - her career as a mangaka was just taking off and she wasn't ready to have a child. She says that this guy 50 years her senior forced her to carry Rin to term, and then people are giving her shit because she has minimal attachment to the child? Sure, I feel bad for Rin but she is clearly loved and in the hands of someone more capable - and most importantly, who is *consenting* to raising a child.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for The Book Dragon.
1,783 reviews21 followers
May 14, 2021
Daikichi's struggle with suddenly becoming a parent (guardian?) continues as he adjusts his life around Rin. He's slowing starting to realize how taking care of a tiny human can change everything. And time isn't going to wait for him to figure it out because even as the daycare situation is solved, it's time to get Rin into elementary school which is a whole new set of problems.

Add in the fact that Daikichi is trying to find Rin's mom (he actually did found her) and discuss... well everything, and he's got his plate full. But Daikichi's doing his best for Rin and their relationship is adorable and I'm hoping they can stay happy together.

This series has 10 volumes.
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100 reviews6 followers
April 27, 2020
We are finally meeting with Rin's mom and I cant even... I thought she will be really young, but somewhere between the lines was mentioned, she is already 30. We have a kid in our family and somehow I think he has bigger brain that she has. There was a big question discussed: pregnant woman who cannot do both job and the family. But somehow you did not feel any tension from her or from the story. She just chose the job like a no big deal. Here, I do not want this child, let father have it. He died? Well, I don't want her, I want to focus on my career...
I am a bit speechless. Not because this cannot happen, but about how this character was portrayed. I believe this is a hard question for many women, but the character was so dumb and detached... I was expecting deeper point of view from the Rin's mother. I hope there will be a bigger meaning behind all of this, otherwise I will have just to enter into the story to slap her.
Profile Image for Emily✨.
1,562 reviews30 followers
September 24, 2021
I first started reading Bunny Drop back in 2012 and thought it was really cute, so I bought all the volumes up to 7 (which were all that had been published in English at the time). The story and characters go a bit downhill once Rin reaches her teen years, so I actually only ever read through volume 6, but always kind of meant to go back and continue the series eventually. Cut to years later and I learned about the problematic turn the story takes by the end:

Despite that, I've had fond memories of the first few volumes and still owned volumes 1-7 for almost a decade. I needed to decide whether to keep or unhaul the manga, so I finally re-read and completed the unread portions of the manga, since there's only ten volumes. And yeah, it for sure goes downhill after volume 4, and the uncomfortable topic begins in volume 8. I am sort of glad to finally have finished the series and seen for myself how the story devolves. While I do genuinely still like the beginning of this series, I won't be rating any of them because I don't want to encourage anyone to begin reading without knowing the trajectory the story takes, and I don't really want to further support an author who would write this kind of storyline (I read the last three volumes I didn't already own through online scans).

For new readers, I would definitely suggest stopping either after volume 4 or volume 7. Both of those volumes have decent ending points without any of the weirdness of the final volumes. But also this is one of those cases where you should definitely know spoilers before deciding to start reading.
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370 reviews31 followers
August 5, 2021
This volume is so charming, it's really lovely to see Rin bloom into herself, and to see the positive changes in Daikichi as well. I especially was glad to see Daikichi going out of his comfort zone to discover the mystery of Rin's mother, Masako. Masako was a very interesting character as well. Although a little frustrating, I think the volume does a good job of not making her out to be this villain for abandoning Rin. Don't get me wrong, Masako isn't portrayed in a good light and it's easy to judge her. However, she shares her side of the story, shows that she does care about Rin's well-being, and ultimately I think we all agree that it really is in Rin's best interest to be in Daikichi's family.
Profile Image for Greg.
553 reviews32 followers
August 17, 2021
4/5 The 2nd volume of Bunny Drop has Daikichi discovering who Rin's biological mother. She is very indifferent when it come's to her daughter. She seams to care a little but really doesn't want anything to do with her.

Rin also start's the first grade and get's enrolled into her first school. The plot is still cute, funny, and dramatic and it's really enjoyable to see Daikichi act so honorably while struggling to care for Rin.

Rin on the cover of volume 2 with the atrocious hairstyle Daikichi gave her.

Read 8/17/21
Profile Image for Nadina.
2,441 reviews3 followers
July 25, 2018
This series is adorable and fun. The characters are great and I love that they are growing over the course of the story.
Three plot of this volume was good and I do like they aren't spending too much time focusing on little everyday problems. It is well paced.
I'm looking forward to the next volume.
Profile Image for Anthony Flores.
583 reviews
November 27, 2022
En este tomo vemos como Dakemichi trata de buscar y encontrar a la mamá de Rin.

Me encanta el trascurso de la historia porque nos demuestra como Dakemichi está siendo cada vez más responsable con muchas cosas que no tenía en cuenta.

Y como dijo él, los roles están cambiando y vemos como Rin está buscando la forma de ayudarle a Daki cada que puede.
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2,056 reviews30 followers
July 2, 2017
This is a really adorable series. We meet the mother in this volume... and I'm not impressed with her. I'm sure we will get more information about her as we go along but I am preparing to not like her. Rin is so cute!
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385 reviews4 followers
February 22, 2018
Une très bonne suite. J'aime beaucoup l'évolution des relations entre les personnages et surtout j'ai vraiment apprécié qu'on en apprenne davantage sur le passé de Rin. C'est un manga qui se lit tout seul :)

Lu le 22/02/2018
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723 reviews12 followers
April 26, 2021
Ce deuxième tome était toujours aussi bien. On continue de voir Rin grandir et Daikichi galérer. De plus, on en apprend un peu plus sur la maman de Rin et j’espère qu’on la verra encore un peu dans les prochains tomes. Ce tome m’a beaucoup fait sourire.
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680 reviews79 followers
November 1, 2017
4'5 en realidad.

Vale, el final ha sido demasiado adorable. Como siga así creo que terminaré llorando.
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Author 4 books15 followers
May 31, 2019
I adore this series! I can't get enough of it. Beautiful storytelling and engaging, real characters. <3
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179 reviews2 followers
September 27, 2019
Awww i really love the dynamic between run and daikichi. It’s so cutee
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206 reviews8 followers
July 30, 2020
it’s extremely boring and kinda all over the place but i’m gonna give it one more volume to decide if i’m gonna dnf it or not
366 reviews3 followers
November 29, 2020
This series is really lovely. I really like that Daikichi is a dad like right from the beginning. He worries about her, but respects her wishes and opinions. I think that's great!
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