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Maximum Ride #2

School's Out - Forever

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"Adventure, fighting, backstabbing and love abound" (VOYA) in this action-packed follow-up to the #1 New York Times blockbuster MAXIMUM RIDE: THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT, now available in paperback. The heart-stopping quest of six winged kids--led by fourteen-year-old Max--to find their parents and investigate the mind-blowing mystery of their ultimate destiny continues when they're taken under the wing of an FBI agent and attempt, for the first time, to live "normal" lives. But going to school and making friends doesn't stop them from being relentlessly hunted by sinister spies, who lead Max to face her most frightening match yet: a new and better version of herself.

412 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published May 23, 2006

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James Patterson

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James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. Among his creations are Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett, and Maximum Ride. His #1 bestselling nonfiction includes Walk in My Combat Boots, Filthy Rich, and his autobiography, James Patterson by James Patterson. He has collaborated on novels with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton and has won an Edgar Award, nine Emmy Awards, and the National Humanities Medal.

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263 reviews9 followers
March 5, 2013
What I liked:
-Max. She got some pretty good character development in this book, and I enjoyed her exploring her more “feminine” side, and I especially liked her date with Sam. I also liked her little jealous streak when Fang got kissed by Lissa, and I liked Fang’s equal amount of jealousy towards Sam.
-Iggy. I liked the development with Iggy and his family. It seemed real and not the cheesy expected fairytale ending that I was expecting James Patterson to write. I liked that his parents saw him as a freak and as a way to make some money, and I found that to be very believable.

What I disliked:
-Plot. There didn’t seem to be much of one in this book. It seemed like it was mostly following the flock while on the run as they dodge random eraser attacks that are never explained. Then they find a new home and they spend the rest of the book trying to settle in and they go to school. There isn’t much to it. There is so much useless filler in this series it isn’t even funny; it’s just a waste of paper.
-Writing style. James Patterson has the simplest writing style I’ve ever come across in all of the books I’ve read, and it really annoys me. There is very little description, and there is so much useless filler in not only this book, but the rest of the series, and the rest of JP’s books. It was a waste of paper and time. The book could have easily been half the size, and it would have been better. Plus, the characters are a bit immature. I know they’re young, but under their current circumstances—being chased relentlessly by evil people, living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans, fighting for their lives—I would think they’d have matured a bit over the years, but they haven’t.

Overall, this book was just okay. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. It was just kind of average, and I could have gone without reading it, but if you enjoyed the first book, you’ll most likely enjoy this book as well. 2.0
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4,637 reviews56 followers
February 14, 2023
This second volume brings the intensity, action, and fun that made the first one great. It made me eagerly anticipate the third one, which should be arriving at my local library soon.

However, some unnecessary language prevented this from getting a perfect score.

EDIT: Thanks to my local library's Libby app, I was able to rediscover this old favorite. The Maximum Ride series is usually full of action and intensity, and this one is no exception. While I remembered certain moments, there was a lot that I had forgotten about, including some surprising details. As fun as this one is, I remember the next one being a big time blast; I'll have to revisit that one soon.
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598 reviews76 followers
March 31, 2021
This is one of the more memorable Maximum Ride books, I love seeing them go to school and attempting normal lives. I lot of these books just kind of blend into one another but this and Fang are really distinct for me.
34 reviews2 followers
January 26, 2009
This review is for books 1 and 2 in this series. I feel like I learned a lot from these books as a writer. The fact that book one hit number one on the NYT best seller list means to me that the author did something right, because a whole lot of people are enjoying it enough to buy it and probably tell their friends to buy it, too. So when I read books like these and I feel like he broke some major rules in a way that really, really weakened his books, I have to ask myself, so what exactly did he do right that made so many people overlook the serious flaws in these books. Here is what I think Patterson did right here: First, he created awesome characters that are really fun to be around, and he's good at making you love them. Second, he writes pretty cool scenes. Basically it's so fun to follow the characters around in everything they do that you don't so much care that these cool scenes don't always add up to a meaningful whole. At the end of both book one and book two, I felt that there were so many parts of the book that seemed like cool scenes at the time, but they were just kind of there, never really adding into the larger picture of the whole story. It bothers me when an author throws stuff in just because it's going to mess with your emotions when it really doesn't have anything to do with the real plot line, or when things magically pop up to solve problems coming from out of the blue and never playing into the book again. And yet I think it's a testament to the author's talent that despite these consistent problems, and other problems that I've already seen from the sneak peak at book 3 that they show in book 2, I still can't wait to read book 3, or book 4, and I hope that the series keeps going. Awesome characters with a cool voice and an interesting story concept and story world can apparently cover for a lot of problems.
8 reviews
November 25, 2008
Book title: Maximum Ride- School out Forever
Author: James Patterson
Page: 416

Wow, i start running with Max and the children again. I cannot wait anymore. Curiosity and excitement are my feeling right now. I have to read it immediately. Sorry, i will tell you next week...^^


I give five stars for the second sequel of Maximum Ride this week. I feel so excited when running in the same ride as Max and the Flocks. James Patterson is indeed an amazing writer. His story makes me not only flutter with excitement but also not predict what will happen next. Perhaps, this is one of the factors that make Maximum Ride become the best selling book. The story continues after the Flocks discover their parents' files in New York. Max felt guilty after killing Ari. I feel sympathetic with Max because killing someone is not easy. And to live without remembering the feeling of killing someone is even harder. Surprisingly, Ari, who was supposed to kill by Max, suddenly appeared with the extra wings. The kids have to face a new challenge, fighting with a new version of Eraser, Flying Erasers. I seem like to jump up and down with the Flocks when "watching" them fight with the Eraser. I can not understand why the Erasers kept chasing the Flocks, fighting them but not killing them. I wonder if the Erasers were playing the hide-and-seek. They made the Flocks feel tired and exhausted with this chsing game. I do not know if the Erasers are evil or not; but i hate the way they did to the children.
Second problem in the beginning of this second book is Fang got injured when fighting with the Flying Erasers. Fortunately, Fand was helped by a group of people in the hospital; especially FBI. The story makes me become more curious because the people in FBI know exactly about the School in California, about Jeb. Even though the Flocks tried to hide their backgrounds, the FBI people kney that they were lying. After that the Flocks agreed to stay at Anne's, a woman from FBI. I'm feeling that Max gradually loves Fang, expressing through the way she takes care of him, the way she asks him. My 14-year-old Max is falling in love. How interesting it is! We are going to find out more next week.

Nov 15,2008
This week the ride with Max and the Flocks stops at School. Perhaps the readers will think that the Flocks are brought back to the School in California, a terrible place for them. However, actually, the kids is going to the School where they can receive a good education and protection. Patterson partly makes me satisfied because at least the Flocks are treated like the normal kids in this situation. Moreover, the Flocks have invisible power including the intelligence. If they are well-educated, it can help them solve their problem quickly and easily. The next thing that surprises me when reading these chapters is Total, the dog that Angel brought with her, can talk like human. Is the dog implanted the special DNA like the Flocks or does the dog have supernatural power. I am not sure if it is true. However, i guess that the dog would play an important role that will help Max and her family later on.

Coming back with the kids at school, they start making new friends there. The Flocks seem quickly to associate with the new environment. When reading Max, i think that the ones who cause trouble to Max would be Iggy, Nudge or Gasman. However, surprisingly, the troble-maker is Fang. Max saw Fang kissed a girl in School. Apparently, my little Max is really hurted. I feel synpathetic with Max in this situation. The pain when seeing someone you love kiss another girl is like a small knife moving inside your body and gradually cutting the organs. Jealousy, anger and feeling disappointed can describe perfectly Max's feeling then. Even though Max thought that Fang is just like her brother, she can not deny the truth that she likes Fang. Oh my goodness, Max. My little Max is growing up. My little Max is falling in love. But i believe that my Max is stronger than me.Fang! Wait and see my strong Max. The one who suppose to save the world can not be feeble...

Check out next week to know the next terminal of our ride...

November 23, 2008
Maximum Ride is running slowly this week. The flocks continued to go to school and discovered more interesting stuffs. The new Max still appeared in the story. I am looking forward to seeing some bad news what the new Max can cause to the flocks; but she still did not do anything. I'm very curious about the appearance of the new Max. I don't know what games Patterson is playing with the new Max. I guess this new Max will become a difficult obstacle for the flocks in the future.
The flocks met Ari and the Erasers again. They were fighting each other and the flocks defeated again and come back to Anne's house. The children told her about the Erasers. In this story, Anne is, perhaps, the only character that makes me feel suspicious. Even though the author introduces that Anne is a person from FBI, I still think that she also has a secret mission when she told the kids to stay at her house; especially, these kids do not look like the normal ones at all. I wonder if Anne knows all about the kids and pretend to be a good person or she actually helps the kids. However, I am pretty sure that Anne is not a usual person. Moreover, Max is also afraid of Anne because she thinks that someday Anne is going to replace her position.
Oh my gosh! my Max was asked for a date. How nice! Sam, one of her classmates, invited her to go for a movie. I like this part. My Max becomes a normal girl. Everyone also expressed some emotions when hearing this news except Fang. Maybe he was jealous a little bit, I guess. Max spent great time with Sam. I think Max felt really great even though they watched a military violent movie and I feel great, too. I dont know why but I like Max's day. The day was even more romantic when Sam kissed Max. Woa! Max liked it, of course. That night, the readers did not see a strong Max who is the leader of the flocks anymore. They saw a girly and beautiful Max when she was dating. Fabulous! Max! Enjoy your day..
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385 reviews58 followers
July 27, 2010
This is the second installment of the Maximum Ride series, picking up right after The Angel Experiment. I would suggest you read them in order to avoid any confusion in the plotline.

Maximum Ride: Schools out Forever starts right where The Angel Experiment left off, continuing with the six genetically engineered children being chased by their main enemies, the Erasers, a wolf/human hybrid. Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge and Angle continue to evade the predators in each city they visit. Max continues to be plagued by the death of their main Eraser pursuer named Ari, who might or might not be her biological brother. She also continues to hear the Voice in her head, and is confused as to who or what it is.

Along the way, they meet a seemingly kind woman, who just happens to be a high-ranking FBI agent, who enrolls them in a normal school where Max feels as though she's an outcast. Max and her fellow winged children end up releasing a bunch of other genetically altered animals onto the city, which doesn't go very far, except they adopt a dog that Angel has become attached to. He seems like your normal, run-of-the-mill puppy, until he opens his mouth and talks! You will enjoy the story and become enthralled in the portrayal of each individual child... including the dog!

Overall, it was a wonderful reading experience!
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11 reviews
October 15, 2017
This was one of my favorite books. To be honest the whole series so far has been really good. In this book, even though it is fiction, I felt I could relate to Max. Multiple times in the story, Max says "I'm so overwhelmed," "This is so overwhelming." I can relate to her because I also feel like I have a lot on my shoulders. I have to balance school with sports, as well as friends, and fun activities. Also in the story, max starts to live a regular life as a teen. In this time she has troubles with boys. I can relate with this to some extent. In the story, max is confused with who she likes between Fang and another boy she met at school. In my life, I also get confused with boys but in a different way. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little "family" drama, action, and fantasy. I would also recommend the entire series.
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458 reviews142 followers
December 24, 2008
hmm...the second installment of the maximum ride series is as thrilling and action-packed as ever. however, I think I enjoyed the first book more. the first was much more...realistic....and not so confusing. i mean, seriously...ari is back from the dead?!? okay, someone please explain to me HOW that is humanely possible...even for wacko mad scientists.

and i would like to know WHAT the heck is up with jeb...why, for instance, is he saying "i love you" while trying to kill max at the same time? seriously, he needs to find where his loyalties lie. first he's like, "OMG MAX I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" and then he's like, "oh wait, I just made a clone of you, Max, and actually, I love her just as much as you, so I'm going to make you two fight to the death and I'll be happy with whoever wins, 'cause I care the same amount about each of you." Right. Okay. ...??

And what's up with this new company, Itex?? It's making no sense...what are the whitecoats TRYING to do, and WHAT FREAKING SIDE ARE THEY ON?!?!!

and what was up with the regular school?? who's side were THEY on?!? what was up with sam?!? and how is anne the head hauncho of the crazy scientists all of a sudden?!?

what's up with max seeing herself as an eraser in the mirror?!? and the whole imposter max thing was confusing...and the whole end part, too...and why are the whitecoats ON THEIR SIDE but trying to kill them?!?! and what do max and the flock need to save the world from. itex blowing up the world?!?! what?!?!

'kay, i'm rambling now...so, anyways, back to the point...in this book, james patterson brings up some pretty crazy concepts in, like, one sentence, and then he never mentions them again; he's expecting us to just figure it out ourselves and assumes we'll get it right with no more say on his part. um, okay?!?! no thanks!! he brings up all these plot twists, but never solves them/finishes them, which gets REALLY annoying.

basically, what i'm trying to say is...this book was great. it really was. it was exciting and suspenseful and thrilling and i couldn't put it down. but...half the time my head was hurting and i was utterly confused, or i had a brain-bashing headache, or i was filled with anger at not understanding what the heck was going on. sooo...yeah. that basically sums it all up.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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340 reviews422 followers
October 25, 2010
I love the characters, my favorite character was the Gasman because he's really funny and he makes me laugh.

Okay so character-wise it was the best but plot-wise it was okay. So the plot was like a big random mess I don't really get it, and there are parts wherein I wished they edit that out because it seems pointless and the story drag quite a bit.

There's also so many deux-ex-machina that it was really getting into my nerves. What I mean it is not enough that one character get one superpower because for example Angel how many superpowers could this girl have??? Come on!

Well what I really love about the book was the part wherein they go to a normal school. We've finally seen the flock blend with the normal kids, like Max having a date with Sam, Fang kisses a girl which makes Max mad because gosh she likes Fang *roll eyes* blah blah blah.

It was still a good read. Love Gazzy! I hope in the next one there will be more Faxness (they're the reason I read the book so there should be more romancey between this couple).
Profile Image for Miyong.
70 reviews15 followers
May 2, 2015
Huh. The writing style's the same, the characters are the same, and I feel the plot hasn't moved on much, despite this being a 400+ book.

Sure they got a few ideas and info and whatever else they need to "save the world," but...I don't know. I just feel that reading such a long book should have given me more things to be excited about. Unfortunately, no.

I still feel no attachments to the lead guys, mostly Max. She's just so sarcastic it's not funny anymore. And she could really be a major pushover that I rolled my eyes for about five times because of her decision-making. She's not the type of leader I want; I don't understand why her beloved flock keeps following her. And honestly? I can't sympathize with her feelings, whether they may be love, friendship, anger, or hatred.
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3,743 reviews87 followers
December 17, 2010
Max and her flock continue to thwart the efforts of the Institute and the Erasers to bring them back. They travel to the D.C. area and are taken in by Anne, who purportedly works with the FBI. Anne makes a home for them and sends them to school, where Gazzy and Iggy’s antics get them all into trouble. Iggy is briefly reunited with his real parents, but when they try to turn him into some kind of sideshow freak he rejoins the flock. Erasers descend on the kids again while they’re staying with Anne, and the Voice in Max’s head continues to exhort her to save the world. After several more scrapes and escapes the kids end up in Florida, where Max is kidnapped and replaced with another, identical Max. This new Max is supposed to take over, but the original Max busts out of her sensory deprivation tank and rescues the flock (again) and they all hide out in the Everglades, presumably until the next book.

Another disappointing installment in the Maximum Ride series, this series favors action over character and plot development and the result seems quickly thrown together and poorly thought out/researched. The author’s aim seems to be to keep things moving at the cost of everything else. There are points where it might have been nice to see things from another perspective – like when Iggy is with his family, maybe it would have been a good idea to build up to his daring escape, instead of having him just show up later on and explain that it didn’t work out. If you’re going to bother to put your characters in situations the least you can do is make them last long enough for your readers to care what happens.

One very nitpicky concern I had was with a (filler) scene where the bird kids are flying with a “flock” of broad-winged hawks. There are about twelve of the hawks flying with them, and they call out as the kids leave their “territory.” In general, birds of prey do not flock together. These particular hawks only flock when they migrate, so they wouldn’t be patrolling a territory as Patterson describes. Limited food and nesting resources also limit the number of hawks that can comfortably occupy a territory. I realize this is a small thing, but it’s just one example of the larger problem – details matter, character development matters. The action just isn’t cutting it for me. I can’t get excited about characters I don’t care about. There’s no point in putting them through the same things over and over again. They can’t figure out why they’re constantly being attacked and we, as readers, don’t know either.

It just seems like James Patterson is cranking these out as quickly as possible without taking time to really craft a well-written story. He’s recycling dialogue and images and plot devices to fill pages and keep things moving along apace, but he’s not making it worth my time. I really don’t appreciate shoddy craftsmanship that tries to pass itself off as quality literature. It’s especially offensive if he thinks that he can get away with this because he’s writing for kids (they aren’t going to notice/care/etc.). I don’t remember what his adult books are like, so I can’t compare them. I only hope they’re better.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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231 reviews14 followers
February 7, 2018

Full review/opinião completa (portuguse & english): http://presa-nas-palavras.blogspot.co...

ENG: It’s incredibly hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy the books of this series, simply because the story flows naturally, the characters are well built and the plot is fantastic. This is one of James Patterson’s fantastic abilities: the reader is gripped since the first pages of every single one of his works. This one was no exception.
Something that I feel that improved regarding the first book was the comedy. Even though the first one had a glimpse of funny personalities, this one had jokes so good that made me, honestly, laugh out loud.
Regarding the characters, once again, Max and Fang are my favourites and you can tell that there is something between them. I hope that that “something” develops even more in the next chapters. On the other side, Angel is still a sweetheart, but slightly scary and sometimes annoying.
Throughout the book, the plot thickens and intensifies. You just can’t stop reading, it’s addictive. As per usual, Patterson amazes the reader with a terrific ending. I can’t wait to read the following books. As you can expect, I highly recommend all of the works of this author, not just this series.
Good Reading.


PT: Dificilmente alguém não gosta dos livros desta série pelo simples facto de que a história corre bem, as personagens são bem construídas e a ficção é fantástica. James Patterson tem uma capacidade louvável de fazer o leitor gostar do livro logo a partir das primeiras páginas, e isso aconteceu também neste livro.
Algo que eu achei que melhorou muito em comparação ao primeiro livro foi a vertente de comédia. Nos outros livros tínhamos momentos engraçados mas o autor melhorou bastante as piadas e acabei a rir alto em vários momentos.
Relativamente às personagens os que mais se destacaram foram a Max e o Fang, que são os meus favoritos, e a Angel que conseguiu ser ligeiramente assustadora e irritante em alguns momentos.
A ação vai ficando cada vez mais intensa e viciante e o autor, como de costume, brindou-nos com um final fantástico. Mal posso esperar para ler os próximos livros desta série. Como era de esperar, recomendo muito não só esta série mas também todos os livros do autor.
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67 reviews
December 24, 2011
I listened to the audiobook again for the second novel in this series. There is something about the story that keeps you going despite how bad it is. The writing is terribly juvenile and predictable. There is zero subtlety about the emotions each of the characters are going through. And yet I kept going.

I think the main thing (if not only thing) that kept me going was the idea behind the novel. There is something so goosebump-producing about a flock of humans with wings. I loved the flying scenes. The descriptions had me wide-eyed and jealous of this wings.

I "guess" I will continue with the series, but really the only thing keeping me here are their wings.
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1,931 reviews73 followers
December 31, 2019
3.5 stars

In this second book, the mysteries and the conspiracies continue as the 6 first settle down with an FBI agent, and then eventually go on the run. We're also hear more from the voice in Max's head and they follow the clues to more information about their past. I thought this one was a bit more interesting than the first one, partly because we find out more about each of their abilities as they continue (apparently) to evolve. I will continue in this series, but probably not binge it.
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2,448 reviews305 followers
October 7, 2017
Book 2 is also pretty good, though I confess I could do with a bit less telling in this one. The environmental commentary is starting to detract from the story more than help it. However, I did enjoy the small bit of normalcy that the characters were able to have, and this is also a fast-paced read.

Pages: 409
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34 reviews56 followers
March 28, 2016
This was a bit better. But a lot of things were thrown at you randomly. Many things made it seem... recycled. I think that anything else I say will be a spoiler, so I will stop here. But better than the first book.
418 reviews37 followers
January 10, 2011
hmmmmm, I'm really starting to like Fang :P
Profile Image for Helen.
43 reviews
October 31, 2011
This series is a great guilty pleasure and I love the characters. Both books so far have been quick reads and I am excited about continuing with the next one. This get s big thumbs up.
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295 reviews5 followers
June 28, 2015
Book two as way more than I was expecting but also so much more intriguing than book one. Now I have an understanding to this family and who they each are, I like how we don’t know everything about them, but are learning about them as they learn stuff about themselves. Of course the story is still just as fast pace as book one, but there are some moments where it does slow down, because we get to see the flock put into different situations they never expected to happen.

It was refreshing to see that things weren’t as perfect in the flock, especially with their ages. We already knew that at times things could be strained like a normal family, but there was definitely questioning happening that you want answers to (if that even makes any sense). I definitely liked the different sides we go to see to all of the flock members it definitely helped bring out their personalities even more.

Another thing I liked was getting to see them act in a certain situation that lasted more than just a day or two, I’m guessing it was at least a month, but it was a scene that definitely tested each one of them and showed how they could handle certain things in life.

Still didn’t get a lot of answers, got a few, but….I now have even more questions! That is the only thing I’m irritated about it, it’s like come on, give me a little bit more, instead I just kept getting more and more bait and I continued to go after it. Definitely gonna be starting Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports tonight.
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672 reviews1 follower
July 18, 2010
whoa! Nothing is ever what it seems in this book.

Firstly, Ari lives. Jeb (Ari's Father) doesn't seem to pay much attention to him but later towards the end, shows Ari, Jeb is proud of Ari for thinking of kidnapping Max to befriend her.

Ari still wants Max in a twisted way so he hangs out with Max II who is also an Eraser.

Max is now noticing Angel's changes. Angel now likes to use her mind controlling ways to "assist" the President of the USA, teachers, police officers, Erasers (only for fighting) and now announces, she wouldn't mind leading the group. Angel is only 7 yrs old. Her dog talks and she is becoming scary to Max and Fang.

Max still has the chip in her shoulder (literally) and finds herself drawn to Fang (her counter -art and partner in crime). It's because of Fang and Ari's fight, they rush Fang to the human's hospital where they are later met by FBI agents and particularly, Anne.

Turns out Anne was Jeb's boss all along after she takes them in, put's them in school and tries to give them home cooked meals and a normal life. At the Thanksgiving dinner, she announces "She wants to adopt them". After they find out she is Jeb's boss, they ran with the wind.

Max get's kidnapped by the scientist for further experiements and is replaced by Max II to her flock. Nobody notices the switch...or so Max II thought. The dead give away was when she offered to cook breakfast.

Fast read and fun. Next book...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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396 reviews80 followers
June 24, 2017
This was a really cute book that I enjoyed.
I give this 4 instead of 5 because the writing style is a little too all over the place and childish for me.
But the overall plot and storyline was very good and kept me hooked and entertained.

33 reviews
November 6, 2015
I really like this series. It is action-packed and adventurous. It is a great book. The chapters are a little short but that is why there is a lot or chapters.
33 reviews1 follower
February 11, 2016
This is the perfect sequel to the first book. It is very well written and I would recommend to everyone.
Profile Image for natalia.
75 reviews12 followers
September 9, 2017
If your looking for a book that has something new happening by the end of each chapter, this is it? Seriously there is no limit to the amount of action this book has.
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1,288 reviews86 followers
December 11, 2019
First rating: 5 stars
Second rating: 3 stars

Thank goodness I finally got through this one, I feel like School's Out--Forever took me much longer to re-read than The Angel Experiment.

My final word is that I feel like this book goes straight from climax to conclusion, with no falling action in-between to help the reader wind down. I suppose I should expect as much at this point, but it's still aggravating to have to endure while re-reading.
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Author 3 books21 followers
March 29, 2013
Juro que não minto mas aqui há uns tempos pensei que a Max se deveria ter perdido algures no ar e que estava com saudades dela. Por isso imaginam a minha alegria quando vi que ela estava e volta com o seu ritmo alucinante e as suas aventuras de cortar a respiração.
James Patterson tem um jeito natural para escrever para jovens. Falo-vos de frases curtas, poucas descrições e muita mas mesmo muita acção. Falo-vos também de um dos poucos livros que conheço que tem uma irmã mais velha como personagem principal e uma com a qual eu me consigo relacionar. E talvez por isso esta opinião acabe por pender mais para o 4 que para o 3.5 mas temos de admitir que a personagem da irmã mais velha é muito maltratada e é bastante agradável ver uma a sair-se "bem na vida".
Max tem uma personalidade única e divertida. Apesar de ter apenas catorze anos age como se fosse mais velha devido a uma vida de maus tratos e às mutações a que o seu ADN foi exposto. É uma personagem que soa real pelas suas mini-crises de ciumes, pela necessidade que tem de proteger os mais novos, por ter uma irmã favorita e por não fazer ideia que está apaixonada por um dos membros do seu bando.
É uma adolescente com os seus problemas e crises existenciais, e sejamos sinceros ser meia pássaro não ajuda, e é essa a imagem que Patterson passa dela aos seus leitores. Uma certa imagem de fragilidade mas também de força porque Max acaba sempre por se levantar para enfrentar os seus inimigos. Não é por isso de admirar que Patterson seja um escritor de bestsellers, se existe uma formula mágica para livros rápidos e cativantes, ele encontrou-a.
Os capítulos tanto podem durar umas parcas linhas como algumas páginas mas nunca são muito longos. As personagens são divertidas, apesar de também terem os seus defeitos, e esta saga parece-me estar entre as melhores para adolescentes devido ao enredo, que é um pouco mais complexo do que à primeira vista, cenas rápidas de acção, batalhas em pleno ar, e ao ligeiro toque de ficção cientifica.
Apesar de por vezes ter um pouco a sensação que a vida de Max é facilitada através de certos poderes e situações que vão surgindo, a realidade é que este é um livro para adolescente e Max é uma adolescente também e como tal, há situações em que ajuda é necessária e tem de ser dada para as personagens poderem evoluir e para a história seguir o seu rumo.
Assim sendo, os únicos defeitos a apontar ao livro vão para a tradução que não está a melhor com frases traduzidas à letra em vez de adaptadas para português e para a revisão que deixou escapar um ou outro erro ortográfico. Apesar de os erros ortográficos não me fazerem muita confusão a tradução literal faz porque é fácil perceber qual era a frase em inglês e qual era o sentido da mesma. Mesmo assim tratam-se de casos pontuais que não interferem sistematicamente com a leitura.
Antes de terminar gostaria de dizer que adorei a ideia da Topseller de pôr a opinião de blogues nacionais perto dos comentários dos jornais internacionais. Fiquei muito satisfeita por ver o seu trabalho em destaque, não só porque conheço alguns dos blogues mencionados, mas também porque ajuda a criar a ideia de que a Max é uma história que agrada aos portugueses.
Espero agora o terceiro volume da série com ansiedade, eu pessoalmente acho que o título em inglês do próximo volume promete (Maximum Ride - Saving the world and other extreme sports) e já estou a guardar lugar para ele na minha estante. Um livro repleto de aventura e acção que fará a delícia dos jovens.

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