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Birdman (Jack Caffery #1)
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Birdman (Jack Caffery #1)

3.88  ·  Rating details ·  13,198 Ratings  ·  1,318 Reviews
Greenwich, south-east London

Detective Inspector Jack Caffery - young, driven, unshockable - is called to one of the most gruesome crime scenes he has ever seen. Five young women have been ritualistically murdered and dumped on wasteland near the Dome. Subsequent post-mortems reveal a singular, horrific signature linking the victims.

Soon Caffery realises that he is on the t
Paperback, 398 pages
Published November 8th 2008 by Bantam (first published 1999)
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Angela Hello,

This series is not supernatural - it is based solely in reality. However, it is suspense filled and can be shocking.

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Sep 12, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: i-said
No matter where I lay this book, it immediately improved the visual aspects of that space. True, even when it lay half hazard amid the detritus of day to day. And it is not only the visual aspects that appeal; there is a feeling of what? present. And you’re drawn back, again, considering. This book doesn’t just reside here, it rocks, it rolls, it rules. Great and clever cover art!

Which brings us to the story and it’s a good one. Meet British, Detective Inspector Jack Caffery. He is young, driven
Sep 18, 2010 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Man, what is it about female mystery writers that makes them come up with the most heinous of crimes? From her bio and picture, Mo Hayder seems like such a nice lady. But with Birdman, her debut novel, she launches herself right into the darkest of Val McDermid's territory.

I couldn't burn through Birdman quickly enough. There is nothing not to like about this novel. Take a serial killer with a bizarre signature, an inspector with a dark past and struggling relationship, and short chapters, and
Wayne Barrett

"In the midnight hour... I cried Mo, Mo, Mo... " Yes, I believe I have become a Mo Fo'n, Mo Hayder fan.

During the first half of this book I would have said that Mo was giving Thomas Harris a run for his money... hell, probably leaving him in the dust. The second half veered a little and I thought the train was in danger of derailing, taking more of a Joe Hill course, but I made it to the end in one piece, still considering this to be an excellent thriller-horror.

Jack Caffery, a good detective w
Sean Peters
Apr 08, 2014 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This book was the " Pick It For Me", with my group " A Good Thriller", so thank you to my members that picked this book for me.

Detective Inspector Jack Caffery - young, driven, unshockable - is called to one of the most gruesome crime scenes he has ever seen. Five young women have been ritualistically murdered and dumped on wasteland near the Dome. Subsequent post-mortems reveal a singular, horrific signature linking the victims.

Soon Caffery realises that he is on the trail of that most dangerou
Tim The Enchanter

Creepy. Creepy. Creepy. - 3

It is my personal belief that given the right set of circumstances ANYONE is capable of murder. If someone tells me that they are not capable of killing another human, I will disagree with them. Having said that, there are some things that I don't believe every person capable of doing. While I might believe your grandma is capable of shooting or poisoning someone, I don't necessarily believe that she is capable of then cutting them up and cooking them in a stew f
Jun 21, 2017 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Έφτασε επιτελους η πολυαναμενομενη περιοδος που θα περναω ομορφα βραδια διαβαζοντας στο μπαλκονακι μου αστυνομικα σαν και αυτο εδω 😀😀😀
Sep 14, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: mystery-crime
Τα αστυνομικά μυθιστορήματα ανήκουν στα αγαπημένα μου αναγνώσματα. Είμαι "επιρρεπής" σε αναγνώσματα βιβλίων και δη αστυνομικών, που ξεφεύγουν από τα όρια και ίσως είναι υπερβολικά για κάποιους αναγνώστες. Η ιστορία είναι πολύ καλά στημένη και περίπου στα μισά, μοιάζει να έχει βρεθεί η άκρη του νήματος αλλά...
Αν αυτό το βιβλίο ήταν το ντεμπούτο της στο αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα, δεν μπορώ να φανταστώ τι έπεται για τη συνέχεια.

Σ.Σ Από τη συγγραφέα είχα διαβάσει το βιβλίο της Τόκυο, πριν εκδοθεί
Dannii Elle
Hayder gives her readers crime thriller fiction so macabre as to border into the horror territory. This is seriously 'I'm sleeping with the lights on' reading, at its finest!

Birdman is set in the dawn of the new millennium and follows the London Metropolitan Police's Murder team as they attempt to track down a possible contemporary Jack the Ripper serial killer.

Hayder's power is that she shines the spotlight on the quiet, often overlooked, moments and the minutest of details, for added impact
Chrissa Vasileiou
Jul 16, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: mystery-crime
Πρώτον, οφείλω να παραδεχτώ πως το βιβλίο είναι αρκετά 'άρρωστο',ακόμα και για σκληρό αστυνομικό. Πτώματα σε αποσύνθεση, κακοποιημένα και στραπατσαρισμένα, ζωντανά πουλιά που ράβονται στο εσωτερικό των εν λόγω πτωμάτων, τρελοί, μανιακοί, νεκρόφιλοι, σαδιστές, μαζοχιστές με τα νυστέρια... Απ' όλα έχει ο 'μπαξές'. Οφείλω όμως να ομολογήσω επίσης πως πολύ μου άρεσε όλο αυτό! Και πριν προλάβετε να με πείτε και μένα άρρωστη, θα υπερασπιστώ τον εαυτό μου λέγοντας πως απόλαυσα την ανάγνωση σε αυστηρά λ ...more
Pretty good premise on the make-up of the hero detective, but I couldn’t quite deal with the Gothic excess of violence . Your mileage might vary.

Our thirtysomething detective on the London police, Jack Caffery. Is damaged goods. Like a lot of tough guys in crime noir, our man has a troubled past. Caffery lost a brother as a pre-teen kid and obsesses for decades on the likely guilt of his creepy neighbor in his permanent disappearance. Instead of working like Kryptonite, the experience instead ap
Jun 13, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This murder mystery has the usual flawed police detective, Jack Caffery,(who you can't help but like) and just when you think Caffery's got it figured out, think again :-). This is VERY dark, twisted and gory! If you are squeamish this is probably not for you! I can't help but wonder what goes on in the minds of these authors! I'm looking forward to finding out what else Jack Caffery gets into in the next installment!
Nov 06, 2017 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition

Τα βιβλία της Mo Hayder τα βλέπω παντού, συνήθως συνοδεύονται από θριαμβευτικά σχόλια και αν η παροιμία πάει «όπου ακούς για πολλά κεράσια, κράτα μικρό καλάθι» εγώ αποφάσισα να παραβώ τον κανόνα μου να μην παρασύρομαι και ξεκίνησα να διαβάσω ένα από τα πιο διάσημα βιβλία της. Αυτή την φορά είχαν επί το πλείστον δίκιο, το απόλαυσα! Δεν είναι όμως αυτή η πρώτη μου επαφή με την συγγραφέα, έχω διαβάσει το ΤΟΚΥΟ που μου άρεσε πολύ.
Ο ντεντέκτιβ Τζακ Κάφερι αναλαμβάνει μι
This was a deeply unpleasant experience. There may be spoilers in this review....

(view spoiler)
Alexandra (matobookalo)
Από τα καλύτερα αστυνομικά που έχω διαβάσει.
5/5, γιατί είναι και το πρώτο της.
•πολύ δυνατή υπόθεση
•πολύ καλή γραφή
•σοκαριστικό λόγω θέματος, σε ταρακουνάει
•καλοστημένο background
•ανατρεπτική εξέλιξη
•ωραίος τύπος ο επιθεωρητής Caffery και σε κάνει να θες να μάθεις τι κάνει στο επόμενο..
Προσοχή: Εάν δεν έχετε γερό στομάχι και ταράζεστε εύκολα, μην το διαβάσετε. Εγώ σε μερικά σημεία ανακατεύτηκα αρκετά.
Στα (-) ο ελληνικός τίτλος. Θα προτιμούσα την ακριβή μετάφραση του πρωτότυπου
Aug 03, 2014 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I am giving this 3-1/2 stars.

The title character in Mo Hayder’s Birdman is nowhere near as benevolent as Jack Stroud, the infamous prisoner of Alcatraz. No, no, no. This “Birdman” is far more deviant. In this first of the Jack Caffrey novels, Hayder creates an extremely perverted, sadistic plot that takes us to a place where most would rather not go. This Birdman is given the name for an entirely different reason than one might expect.

The corpse of a prostitute is found in a remote location in G
Propulsive! I was out of breath at the end of this, but Hayder lets us down easy in the excellent last chapter. This is really a 4-star book, but I deducted a star because of the many disturbing graphic descriptions of the murders. Maybe only one or two other mysteries that I've read have been this grim. I almost abandoned it several times during those scenes, but the multiple layers, Jack Caffrey and his back story, the portrayal of the psychology behind the crimes and the cast of characters ke ...more
Oct 15, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Ένα πολύ καλό και δυνατό ντεμπούτο!

Η πρώτη ιστορία του Τζακ Κάφερι έχει ότι χρειάζεται ένα αστυνομικό θρίλερ. Γρήγορη πλοκή, έξυπνη υπόθεση, καλοστημένους ήρωες (αστυνομικούς και δολοφόνους) και πολλές, πολλές ανατριχιαστικές λεπτομέρειες. Είναι ένα βιβλίο που χρειάζεται γερό στομάχι καθώς αναλύει πολύ διεξοδικά τον τρόπο δολοφονίας οπότε όποιος αποφασίσει να το διαβάσει πρέπει να είναι προετοιμασμένος.

Δεν θα πω περισσότερα. Είναι ένα βιβλίο που έχει όλο το πακέτο οπότε οι λάτρεις του είδους ας
Matt Garcia
Apr 09, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Excellent mystery novel. Mo Hayder manages to create a superb and frighteningly real detective that I became totally engrossed in reading about. The graphic violence and detestable nature of the antagonist paired with an eclectic cast of characters made this book a fantastic read. Jack Caffrey is a truly empathetic character and I found myself engaged throughout the entire mystery. The Birdman's M.O. was also quite unique and inventive. Violent, bloody, disgusting, and intriguing. "Birdman" cert ...more
Feb 16, 2013 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
I was rather conflicted about this book(it was a quick and sometimes diverting read) - but one thing about it WAS clear. To me, it is books like this - that become popular with comments about how "great" they are...that make me realize how easily most readers are pleased and entertained by the lowest common denominator.

Books just like this are a dime a dozen. The story may be slightly engaging with a few twists - but the writing is hackneyed and redundant and the characters are insipid caricatu
Jenny Ko
Apr 15, 2018 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: Το-έχω
Ωχ τι ήταν αυτό που διάβασα; Πολύ σκληρό σε κάποια σημεία, πολλή ανωμαλία, πολύ αίμα. Νομίζω πρέπει να διαβάσω μερικα young adult για να επανέλθει ο ψυχισμός μου σε κανονικά επίπεδα!! Είναι όλα τα βιβλία της ιδιας συγγραφέως έτσι; Νομίζω ότι την φοβήθηκε το μάτι μου!
Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
Οι ιστορίες των κατά συρροή δολοφόνων έκρυβαν ανέκαθεν κάτι αρρωστημένα γοητευτικό, όχι τόσο όσον αφορά την αφήγησή τους, όσο ως προς την ανάλυση των κινήτρων πίσω από την φρικτή εγκληματική τους δράση. Η δεκαετία του '80 ήταν από εκείνες που είχαν δυναμική παρουσία στο χώρο της αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας, αλλά και που σύστησαν του serial killers, με προσωπικότητα και χαρακτήρα, στο αναγνωστικό κοινό. Ξέρω πολύ καλά πως το προηγούμενο σχόλιό μου μπορεί ν' ακούγεται κάπως παράξενο, όμως θυμηθείτε τι ...more
Nov 22, 2014 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This very dark and brutally gory book is the first in the Jack Caffery series by British crime writer Mo Hayder.

London Detective Inspector Jack Caffery, newly assigned to a particular investigative unit, gets involved with a frightening case involving a serial murderer. The case has a number of false starts and twists and turns. Several times when they think they've found the perpetrator, they've been "barking up the wrong tree". Caffery is a brilliant young detective with nerves of steel and gr
This looked interesting, but started off slow & never really got me going. Might have been the format, although the reader wasn't bad, but I did want to move him & the story along. Seemed very realistic, maybe too much so. Police procedure isn't exciting as it is on TV.

I also didn't care much for the main character. Again, he wasn't awful, but nothing about him drew me in. None of the others did, either. There were also a couple personal issues the MC was dealing with. His neighbor was o
Vasilis Kalandaridis
Το ξεκίνησα μια περίοδο που είχα τρελό τρέξιμο με τα προσωπικά μου.Παρ'όλα αυτά με κράτησε σε εγρήγορση και πάντα έβρισκα λίγο χρόνο να διαβάσω κάποιες σελίδες.Ο Καφερι ειναι ωραίος τυπος,εχει τα προβλήματα του κι αυτο τον κάνει συμπαθητικό.Από τη Διόπτρα μου είπαν ότι σύντομα θα έχουμε νέα ιστορία με αυτόν.Αναμενουμε.
Tracy Fenton
Mar 18, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Not sure whether I should be more worried about me "enjoying" this rather sick and gruesome book or the author for writing it. Not recommended for those of a squeamish disposition. .but right up my street. Straight on to The Treatment Jack Caffery book 2 for me now
Oct 19, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will continue on with more from this author. I was warned it was gruesome, which it was, but this did not turn me off at all.
Jun 14, 2018 is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
Audible. Narrated by Damien Goodwin.
Lisa Nakamura
A pretty good yarn with some twists, but I thought the author wallowed in the gore excessively and lost sight of developing the characters. The characters are thin stereotypes and even the main character's development is choppy and not well rooted. That the author relies on detailed description of the gross and gory is, I think intended to provide realism and some street cred for the author, which it does, but then goes on and on overshadowing the needs of the characters to give richness to a pr ...more
This book is like a ride that starts out rather slow and appears harmless enough until you realize, too late, that it is about really mess you up. I was reading along, enjoying the tour of London and the exposure to British terms that I had never heard before, admiring the detail of the forensics (I was thinking of calling this CSI London), getting into these interesting characters, trying to solve the clues and only getting it partially right---which I am sure is what the author intended, and t ...more
Mar 05, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Leio alguns policiais, principalmente porque estão em todo o lado (especialmente com o boom do policial nórdico), mas cada vez mais me parecem todos iguais.
Este de Mo Hayder foi uma lufada de ar fresco. É um "clássico": contém todos os elementos que fazem um bom policial, é macabro q.b., está bem escrito, os personagens compõem o leque habitual dos policiais, tem uma background story quase tão boa quanto a história do livro. Em suma, é viciante.
Vou, sem dúvida, ler os volumes seguintes do Dete
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Mo Hayder left school at fifteen. She worked as a barmaid, security guard, film-maker, hostess in a Tokyo club, educational administrator and teacher of English as a foreign language in Asia. She has an MA in film from The American University in Washington DC and an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University UK.

Mo lives in Bath with her daughter Lotte-Genevieve.

* Jack Caffery
More about Mo Hayder

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    $13.99 $2.99
  • Penance
    $9.99 $2.99
  • Cold Harbor (Gibson Vaughn, #3)
    $4.99 $1.99
  • The Cape Refuge Collection: Cape Refuge, Southern Storm, River's Edge, Breaker's Reef (Cape Refuge Series)
    $7.99 $1.99
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service (James Bond, #11)
    $7.99 $1.99
  • Neighborly
    $4.99 $1.99
  • Targeted (Callahan & McLane, #4)
    $5.99 $1.99
  • The Drowning
    $15.95 $1.99
  • The Second Girl
    $9.99 $2.99
  • Spree (Codename: Chandler #2)
    $5.49 $1.99
  • Chilled (Bone Secrets, #2)
    $4.99 $1.99
  • Silent Victim
    $4.99 $1.99
  • In Farleigh Field
    $4.99 $1.99
  • Dying to Tell (Slaughter Creek, #1)
    $4.99 $1.99
  • Poisonfeather (Gibson Vaughn, #2)
    $5.99 $1.99
  • A Dark Mind (Lizzy Gardner #3)
    $5.99 $1.99
  • Thunder of Heaven (The End Series, #2)
    $7.99 $1.99
  • Time Heals No Wounds (Baltic Sea Crime #1)
    $3.99 $1.99
  • The Good Samaritan
    $4.99 $1.99
  • Looking Glass  (The Naturalist #2)
    $5.99 $2.49
  • My Sister's Grave (Tracy Crosswhite #1)
    $5.49 $1.99
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