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Miss Julia #11

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows

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It's "I Do!" and "I Didn't!" until Miss Julia declares "I've done it again!"

Sometimes even Miss Julia just wants to go to bed and hide under the covers. Her husband, Sam, wants them to attend marriage enrichment classes. Could their marriage be in a poor state? Even worse, the psychologist leading the sessions is Dr. Fred Fowler—a man Miss Julia could go forever without seeing again and one she'd certainly rather not introduce to Sam.

But she can't stay in bed for long, even if she wants to. Someone has knocked Francie Pitts in the head and put her in the hospital. Francie didn't see her attacker, but she sure smelled her. She recognized Etta Mae Wiggins's perfume, Shania Twain by Stetson. It's up to Miss Julia to clear the air.

As if playing detective wasn't enough, Miss Julia still needs to show Sam that there's life left in their marital batteries—even if it means his are going to need some recharging. Perhaps a bit of Shania Twain might just solve all her problems.

341 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2010

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About the author

Ann B. Ross

53 books854 followers
Ann B. Ross, who taught literature at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, is the author of Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, one of the most popular Southern debut novels in years, Miss Julia Takes Over, Miss Julia Throws a Wedding, and Miss Julia Hits the Road. She lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

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2,768 reviews332 followers
June 27, 2019
Book # 11 in the Miss Julia series, featuring a Southern lady of a certain age, who is prone to jumping to conclusions but always takes action to help those in need. This time out she’s juggling the demands of a “Christian psychologist” who’s been hired by her pastor to hold marriage enrichment sessions, and a false accusation of theft against her friend Etta Mae.

Miss Julia may be running off on all sorts of tangents and gets herself into a pickle more than once, but she has some capable assistance (sometimes unwittingly) from Sam, Lillian and young Lloyd. Even Mr Pickens, Emma Sue Ledbetter and Hazel Marie manage to contribute to the final solution.

I love the way these characters are written. Miss Julia is just a hoot, and she’s most entertaining when she’s in a dither about something. Her read on things may be completely wrong, but she always manages to arrive at the right conclusion, or at least to help the authorities find the real culprit. Visiting with Miss Julia and her friends is a pure joy.
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950 reviews126 followers
October 22, 2014
Miss Julia Renews Her Vows by Ann B. Ross.

Miss Julia is nothing short of a hoot in this 11th entry in the Miss Julia series.

There's utter chaos, in Miss Julia's mind anyway, regarding the marriage enrichment classes she wanted Sam to attend with her. A person, an old time beau, from way before Sam entered her life is also going to attend. How in the world can she get around this and keep a possible confrontation from turning the classes in mayhem?

Then, Francie Pitts, a more than manipulative elderly lady, gets hit on the head from an unseen attacker. Francie puts more than a damper on Miss Julia's life as she uses everyway possible to get her own way...included attempting to put the blame on a vulnerable acquaintance of Julia's. Now it's up to Julia to be the protector.

This was hilarious and Cynthia Darlow narrating on CD can't be beat. Cynthis has perfected the wit and sass coming from both Miss Julia and Francie to the point of laughing out loud. If you haven't enjoyed one of the Miss Julia's books on CD yet...here's your chance.
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684 reviews133 followers
October 24, 2017
Having gotten Hazel Marie officially married off to Mr. Pickens, Miss Julia has to figure out how to spread the news of the wedding and the coming twins without letting the community realize the babies will be born four months too early, starting the next adventure in Miss Julia Renews Her Vows by Ann B. Ross. The afternoon of the day Miss Julia holds her luncheon, she gets a call from her friend Edda Mae Wiggins, a home health care worker, that she is being detained at the police station. Her new employer, Francine Pitts, recently moved back to town after the death of her fifth buried husband and is living in an assisted living comple. However, she thinks herself above the use of the services at the complex and has hired Edna Mae as her regular caregiver and her impoverished cousin, Evelyn, as her maid. Someone has bashed Francine on the head, sending her to the hospital, and stolen a valuable bracelet. She is fingering Edda Mae based upon smelling collard greens, which she claims Edda Mae’ perfume smells of. Miss Julia determines to do everything she can to clear the good name of Edda Mae.

Read the rest of this review and other fun, geeky articles at Fangirl Nation
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725 reviews99 followers
July 24, 2011
From my blog:

Boy, have I been missing out! I read the first Miss Julia years ago, and was recently sent her newest book, Miss Julia Renews Her Vows for review--what a good time! It has Southern hospitality, manners and charm, lots of humor, interesting characters, and a mystery or two!

In this series entry, Miss Julia finds her plate quite full of things to resolve to her satisfaction. Hazel Marie, her first husband's former mistress, is pregnant with twins and is beginning to show--first order of business is to get her married. Next, an old friend moves back to town, and within a few days of being back, accuses another friend of Miss Julia's of assault and robbery. Last, and most annoyingly, Dr. Fred Fowler, the doctor who tried to prove her incompetent after her first husband's death, has been hired by their church to provide a marriage enrichment course (Dr. Fowler has never been married and lives with his mother).

Miss Julia resolves all of the above in the most proper of ways, and by (mostly) telling the truth, just as a lady would.

I'm ready to read through this series, and am sad that I have to wait a year for the newest Miss Julia book!
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1,881 reviews78 followers
June 7, 2018
A little bit of déjà vu here, since once again the plot revolves around Miss Julia not trusting her lovely husband, Sam.

The best thing about this book for me was when Miss Julia needed young Lloyd to take some pictures of suspects on his phone. Hilarious. The only thing was I don’t think Lloyd would have understood her in real life. Here’s Miss Julia from the book, and my view of a more realistic response from 10-year-old Lloyd:

Miss Julia: “You have film in that phone?”
Lloyd: “ . . .?”
Miss Julia: “Where can we get them developed?”
Lloyd: “ . . . ?????”
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2,071 reviews31 followers
March 12, 2020
I love laughing at the southern moires...memories of my relatives.

I just re-read this. Perfect entertainment for a gloomy day!
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410 reviews10 followers
August 7, 2019
cute, fun, engaging. will continue to read others in this series.
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815 reviews59 followers
May 10, 2021
Miss Julia is one of my favorite people. I love her adventures.
August 28, 2020
First Read: This is a decent read of Miss Julia. The characters they use from prior books has been good, and is fun. The story goes around and around and they keep working it until they get a fairly decent story. So when Hazel Marie marries Mr. Pickens, and they get pregnant with twins, it makes for a fun and interesting story. There's a ton of story, and I don't want to ruin the plot as there is a lot to read and learn. Recommend.

Second Read: I like my second read a lot more than the first. It made a lot more sense to me and I was able to combine the personal, medical and employment situations together. Tough as they were, Miss Julia was in fine form as she worked to help put the stories together and to help her family which is evident how much she loves them all.

Having gotten Hazel Marie officially married off to Mr. Pickens, Miss Julia has to figure out how to spread the news of the wedding and the coming twins without letting the community realize the babies will be born four months too early, starting the next adventure in Miss Julia Renews Her Vows by Ann B. Ross. The afternoon of the day Miss Julia holds her luncheon, she gets a call from her friend Edda Mae Wiggins, a home health care worker, that she is being detained at the police station. Her new employer, Francine Pitts, recently moved back to town after the death of her fifth buried husband and is living in an assisted living comple. However, she thinks herself above the use of the services at the complex and has hired Edna Mae as her regular caregiver and her impoverished cousin, Evelyn, as her maid. Someone has bashed Francine on the head, sending her to the hospital, and stolen a valuable bracelet. She is fingering Edda Mae based upon smelling collard greens, which she claims Edda Mae’ perfume smells of. Miss Julia determines to do everything she can to clear the good name of Edda Mae.

The icing on the cake is Sam wanting Julia to take a Marriage consulting type class. I think I rolled in aisles when I read about that. Every now and then I just need to read "fluff books" that will be cute and happy, and Miss Julia always fits the bill! I love these characters and I feel like I know them, and I like the recent plot developments. Now I'm looking forward to the twins. Recommend.
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1,337 reviews24 followers
April 27, 2010
This has been one of my favorite series but I think it has run its course. Miss Julia was more than annoying in this one and the plot was inane. The high standards the main character exhibited in the first few books seems to have really slipped as the whole plot was centered on the lies she told to get herself and others out of jams. Miss Julia's charm was that she was proper and quirky. In this book she was irritating and scheming. Ann Ross seems to have forgotten herself and lost her way with this one. I am sad to have to give up on what was a charming series.
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182 reviews
April 28, 2010
It makes me sad to say this, but Miss Julia and I are going to have to part company. I really loved the series when I first discovered it about 10 years ago. The last couple have just been okay...but this one (number 11 in the series) just stretches things too far for me. I read about 50 pages and realized that I was already just wanting to rush to the end (and not in a good way). That suddenly sounded like time to say goodbye to me. So, farewell Miss Julia :-)
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Author 1 book170 followers
April 23, 2017
I know whenever I read a Miss Julia book I’m going to have a good time. In this installment Miss Julia, my favorite busybody, is trying to keep a friend, who’s been accused of stealing from a client, out of jail.

The humor is great and the writing is strong!

What I like about the Miss Julia stories is the stories don’t read like fiction rather they read like two old friends sharing stories about their youth. I can’t wait for the next Miss Julia book!
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1,610 reviews46 followers
July 15, 2017
I own an audible version of Miss Julie renews her vows. I listened to this book at night, for several nights, when I was going to sleep. It helps to go to sleep with books I am familiar. I enjoy Julia's trying to evade things, to protect herself, and others. This is a light funny book.
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434 reviews6 followers
August 18, 2018
One minute, you're reading Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind; you blink, and suddenly, book 11 is on the stacks (I'm sure the author doesn't feel that way). I really enjoyed books 1-4 of the Miss Julia series - even had a few laugh-out-loud moments. So when I saw this book and picked it up, I had no idea we were already on book 11. They don't have numbers or mention a particular order. And I didn't know at the time I've already read book 12 and enjoyed it. But book 11 - I'm sorry - was not at all as fun.

"Renews Her Vows" just didn't have that zip and zing that the others did. Could be my fault, for not investing in books five through ten, but I can't guarantee I'm going to make that kind of investment in any part of my life - outside of Star Wars movies.

In "Renews," Dr. Fowler, who we might remember from Book 1, is back in town as part of a church program to renew and refresh marriages, and husband Sam has volunteered to be a part of the program - which Miss Julia simply cannot stomach given her previous interaction with the aforementioned doctor. How to get out of that course but not confess why to Sam...that's going to take some doing. (And just what is in such a course? Why did Sam volunteer? Is he unhappy in our marriage? Bored? We are very concerned.) Meanwhile, Etta Mae, the landlady at one of Miss Julia's properties, has been accused of assault, attempted murder and stealing from one of the patients she cares for at a nursing job. Well fear not, Etta Mae, Miss Julia is all over that case, which may seem open and shut but of course, is not.

Sadly, I found the crime story ending to be completely lackluster (we only see Lt. Peavey for 20 minutes? and never get to rub his nose in his investigative mistakes?) and the Dr. Fowler/nursing patient story line to be highly predictable. I do love the Miss Julia character, and am committed to our next encounter; I just found this particular book to be a disappointment. Hopefully the next one I find, whether it's #13 or #6, will return to the Miss Julia I know and love.
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Author 10 books15 followers
January 27, 2018
Ah, Miss Julia—irascible and opinionated but always the Southern lady she has been brought up to be. And Ann B. Ross, with Miss Julia Renews Her Vows, brings her main character back to what she’s best doing: fretting, scheming, and solving crimes—never bloody big ones, but the small crimes that crop up in Miss Julia’s world, the milieu of a tiny Southern town. I was disappointed in the previous addition to this series, for I felt it gave much too much attention to Hazel Marie and her pregnancy and not enough attention to Miss Julia and her crime-solving. But in Miss Julia Renews Her Vows, Ross had brought Francie Delacorte, a town resident who may or may not have caused the deaths of her five husbands, back to town, and Francie quickly is a victim of an attack and starts stirring up trouble. And Miss Julia jumps in to figure out who is the culprit because her friend has been accused, and you don’t mess with Miss Julia’s friends. The book is breezy and fun. I was pleased to laugh out loud a few times. You always know the outcome of these books, but the fun is in trying to figure out how Miss Julia will get you there. And, probably because the previous book dealt with the character Hazel Marie, we find her barely in this one for she is off for a honeymoon before her twins burst out. So it was good to get relief from Hazel Marie’s dilemma, although she is a wonderful character. I must say, however, that earlier books in the series featured the local policeman, who had boarded with Miss Julia. He has not been heard from, except fleeting mentions, in the last two books I’ve read. I hope he shows up in the next books in the series, for I really like him.
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65 reviews7 followers
November 1, 2021
Secret erotic knowledge, collard smelling perfume, and turbans that look like do-rags. You are in for it this time with Miss Julia. So Etta Mae has been accused of knocking one of her patients unconscious and thanks to her somewhat strong smelling perfume, the patient believes it was her! Also, Miss Julia's good ol' buddy Dr Fowler is back and is teaching marriage enrichment courses at the church. Miss Julia can't bare to face Dr Fowler after a tryst with him in the churches' bridal parlor. However, the Pastor asked Sam and her to come to the courses to support the pastor just in case there is a low turnout. Miss Julia decides it's better for her to fake an illness than come to these classes and pray Sam is not identified as her new husband and won't spill the beans about the embarrassing stint in the bridal parlor. I will say I am impressed with Miss Julia's detective work. She and Lloyd were able to piece together what happened to the patient. I will say the information about lineups was very informative. I had no clue that they sometimes took random people to put in a lineup. Granted there were few suspects, so that kind of lowers the pool to choose from. However, I feel that adding random people into the lineup can confuse whoever has to choose and can interfere with the process. Also, I feel like this book would sometimes make me impatient waiting for news. We had to wait for Sam to come back in just so we can hear Miss Julia talk about what happened over at Francie's house. That drove me crazy in the book just waiting for people to get updates. Overall, good book! The author has once again delivered on a rollercoaster of events and upped the ante!
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489 reviews3 followers
February 27, 2019
Somehow I managed to miss this one while reading the Miss Julia series. Though I know what happens down the road, this still was great comedy. There's not much funnier than Miss Julia when she's straightening out, in her own Miss Julia way, something that's going to harm someone else. As usual, while she was seeking justice, she also was trying to avoid someone (in this case, two people from past fiascos: Francie Pitts and Dr. Fred Fowler and, as usual, Pastor Ledbetter) or correct some nonexistent fault of her own that she had misperceived.

Francie Pitts, moved back to town 10 dead husbands later, had been hit over the head and said that her gold bracelet was stolen by her caregiver, who happened to be Etta Mae. Dr. Fred Fowler was the psychiatrist who, in cahoots with the minister, had tried to prove that Miss Julia was incompetent to manage her estate after her husband died. He reappeared to teach couples counseling at the church and Sam told Pastor Ledbetter that he and Julia would attend as examples to the young people (and with the thought that he and Julia could privately laugh at instruction given by Dr. Fowler who had never been married and lived with his mother). Julia got it into her head that Sam was unhappy with their marriage. Hilarity ensued.
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1,065 reviews17 followers
February 10, 2022
3.5 stars. This story was mostly cute and had plenty of comic relief. There is another mystery to solve when Etta Mae finds herself in prison for something she did not do. We are also given a new “villain” for this story, and she’s just the kind of awful person that makes things interesting in a menace to society kind of way.

On the negative side, the author spent a lot of time focused on Julia’s insecurities about losing Sam, and that theme has been overdone at this point in the series. One of my least favorite books in the whole series is the one in which Julia is afraid they aren’t legally married and spends the whole book freaking out that he will leave her when he finds out. It was ridiculous then and is still ridiculous now. Sam never gives any indication that he has anything other than total adoration for Julia, which makes her paranoia more annoying than entertaining. It’s also annoying that she won’t simply talk to her devoted husband when she starts to fret over nonsense. If not for this overused theme, I would have rated the book higher.
1,396 reviews2 followers
January 16, 2019
2 1/2. First matter of the day is getting Hazel Marie and JD married before her condition is too obvious. But, first, many stories need to be concocted so that HM is not shunned and talked about in town. Busybody Miss Julia takes care of that. Then Dr. Fowler is back to give a series of lectures on how to make a woman keep her man interested (not the real title of his series, but what it really was). Miss Julia has had a previous run in with him before she married Sam. She wants to keep this from Sam,but decides to tell him. A former resident comes back to town who has married and buried 5 husbands. She accuses Etta Mae of assaulting her and stealing. Again, Miss Julia sticks her nose in and tries to solve the problem. This woman is an old busybody who does not know how to mind her own business. Do not know why I keep reading the series.
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388 reviews13 followers
August 4, 2017
This is another typical Miss Julia book. Once again, she is feeling paranoid about her relationship with Sam or some other thing. The adventure is the usual chaotic, confusing, gossip-ridden, secret-keeping adventure that keeps you smiling and laughing.

It still rather annoys me, though, that she seems to not care what other people think, and then in the next sentence she is worried about what everybody will say. She is opinionated and strong and secure, and at the same time worries that Sam is going to leave her or something else equally as distressing. I think her insecurities are what bother me the most about Miss Julia books. But I keep reading because they are humorous, and fairly well written.
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1,087 reviews9 followers
December 24, 2018
The latest adventure and misadventure of a Southern lady of a certain with a talent for misunderstanding situations and at the last minute figuring out the mystery that has vexed her and the rest of her loyal inner circle.

In this one Miss Julia in convinced her ever loving and extremely patient husband Sam is missing something in their marriage because he wants to attend a church sponsored marriage enrichment program.

She also is trying to clear theft charges against home health care worker and partner in crime solving Etta Mae Wiggins. They were brought by the much married and just often widowed Francie, a former member of Julia's social circle.

Fluffy in the best way and appearances by all our favorite supporting characters.
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4,860 reviews9 followers
December 7, 2022
i read 3 of Ann's books through my local library leaning program. so fun!! enjoyed them all. i will be kind of silly because why not ...when rating them i mean ...like picking a favorite book cover. this and that. just having fun. nothing being mean or whatnot. i can't wait to read more ...such fun. cozy and warm. they will warm your kindle right on up. lol. just kidding. get to reading. laters.

1. book 11 "Miss Julia Renews Her Vows" of the 3 this is my favorite when it comes to the book covers. but that was a hard pick. so cute!!

2. book 12 "Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle" this would be the 2nd in that book cover contest i am having. i am kidding but calling it that because i can.

3. book 20 "Miss Julia Raises the Roof"
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38 reviews3 followers
August 30, 2020
The Miss Julia Series is tied with The Southern Sisters Mysteries by Anne George and The Cat Who Series by Lilian Jackson Braun for my all time favorite series!! The characters are lovable and once you start reading the first one, you just can’t stop! You are on the edge of your seat dying to know what happens next until you get through every book! I searched for years for another great series like this and I couldn’t be happier to have found this one! A true treasure! There aren’t many great writers that can capture my attention like Ann B. Ross has in this series. Well worth the time! If you’re on audible, the narrator is amazing! They are just so fun and enjoyable!
523 reviews1 follower
September 4, 2021
Hazel Marie and Mr. Pickens are now married before the twins are born. Sam has agreed to attend marriage enrichment classes to support the pastor. But it is run by Dr Fred Fowler, the one that tried to trick Miss Julia before she married Sam. Miss Julia is worried that Sam feels they need to work on their marriage and she does not want him to find out about her past with the Doc. Francie Pitts is back in town after burying her 5th husband. She is attacked in her home and her bracelet goes missing. She accuses Etta Mae, who has been visiting her as a caregiver. But everyone knows Etta Mae does not have a mean bone in her body and would never steal from a client.
49 reviews
June 27, 2020
Miss Julia is back again with all the members of her 'family' including my favorite Lillian. Hazel Marie is pregnant with twins. She and Mr. Pickens get secretly married and go away on their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Etta Mae, has been accused of assaulting and stealing a bracelet from a new character, Francie Parks, who has a shady past with 6-7 dead husbands which Miss Julia again has her hands full and needs to solve the mystery. As always, I had laugh out loud moments from Lillian.
171 reviews
January 26, 2022
I think one of my favorite things in the Miss Julia series is when Miss Julia and Lloyd team up together and figure things out that none of the professionals can. She and Lloyd work so well together and it's fun seeing his character grow up and get taken more seriously. Really great book with some very funny parts -- I'm still chuckling, in fact.
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275 reviews
September 9, 2017
Miss Julia is concerned: concerned about Hazel Marie's health, concerned about Sam's interest in a marriage enrichment group, concerned about Francie Pruitt's return to Abbotsville.
Listening to these audiobooks is always a real treat!
1,043 reviews2 followers
October 3, 2017
I read this because it takes place near Asheville. This was the opposite of The Almost Sisters. Stereotyped characters, all frozen in time. 60-yr olds are opinionated like 90-yr olds. "I declare" was uttered often. Yuck.
201 reviews
March 23, 2020
This was a cute book. It has a nice innocent mystery that was fun to watch unfold. Although I guessed the who dunnit potter early on, it was still a fun journey to find out how it happened and that I had guessed correctly.
Profile Image for Margaret.
1,143 reviews
April 26, 2020
Miss Julia becomes tedious in this book. Something that could have been taken care of with 5 minutes of honest conversation drug on through the entire book. I read it very slowly because of my blurry right eye, and that didn't help.
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