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The Second Constitutional Convention: How the American People Can Take Back Their Government

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People are fed up with politics in this country and with good reason. Under our Constitution, we are supposed to be able to throw out elected officials who care more about contributors and lobbyists than the citizens they represent. Yet incumbents are able to raise so much campaign money it is almost impossible to defeat them.

The American people appear to have nowhere to turn. The politicians who benefit from the system have the power to change it, but they will not do anything that makes elections more competitive and fair. Not surprisingly, people have become deeply cynical about politics and government. Many can't name their elected officials, don't understand the issues, and don't vote.

But the Constitution provides its own solution. A little-known section -- no more than a few words in Article V -- authorizes the calling of a constitutional convention. Americans must hold such a convention, the first since 1787, to change the Constitution.

In this compelling and thoroughly researched book, Professor Richard Labunski convincingly argues that a second convention is necessary and explains how to use the Internet to organize it.

Never before have so many people been able to communicate with so many others so quickly. By using Web sites, e-mail, chat rooms and newsgroups, citizens will be able to find others around the country who want to participate in this effort.

Among the most controversial sections of the book are the 10 amendments Labunski offers for a convention to consider. His proposals include a campaign finance reform amendment to reduce the influence of money on politics; an amendment to protect the rights of victims of crime; an equal rights amendment; congressional term limits; and direct election of the president. Labunski also explains why a convention should repeal the Second Amendment, which many people believe gives them the constitutional right to own guns.

Some will say the idea of a second convention is naive and dangerous. Even those who support reform may worry about what a convention might do. But Labunski answers those concerns by arguing that the Constitution belongs to the American people, and they are entitled to use the process that the Constitution provides to reclaim their government.

577 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2000

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