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True Colors

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Prawdziwe kolory to skłaniająca do refleksji, poruszająca powieść Kristin Hannah, autorki bestsellerów z listy New York Timesa. W charakterystycznym lekkim stylu tworząc niezapomniane postaci, opowiada historię trzech sióstr, których dotychczasowy stabilny świat rozpada się na kawałki z powodu zazdrości, zdrady i nieoczekiwanych namiętności, które przynosi życie.

Siostry Grey zawsze sobie bliskie, po śmierci matki zjednoczyły się jeszcze bardziej, stając najbliższymi przyjaciółkami. Ich surowy ojciec, pełen pretensji i wiecznej dezaprobaty, dba raczej o swoją reputację niż o własne dzieci. Dla Henry'ego Greya pozory są wszystkim; przez lata żąda, aby córki zważały na jego pozycję społeczną.

Winona, najstarsza, najbardziej łaknie ojcowskiej aprobaty. Mająca nadwagę i zatopiona w książkach, nigdy nie czująca się dobrze na rozległym końskim ranczu, należącym do jej rodziny od trzech pokoleń, ma świadomość, że nie posiada zalet, które byłyby cenne w oczach jej ojca. Pewnego dnia, będąc najlepszym prawnikiem w mieście, postanawia, udowodnić mu swoją wartość.

Aurora, średnia, jest prawdziwym rodzinnym rozjemcą, kładzie kres wszelkim sporom i stara się wszystkich uszczęśliwić, nawet wówczas, gdy skrywa własny bolesny sekret.

Vivi Ann to niekwestionowana rodzinna gwiazda. Uwielbianej przez wszystkich olśniewająco pięknej marzycielce o sercu otwartym jak rozpościerający się przed jej domem ocean, wszystko przychodzi z łatwością do chwili, gdy w miasteczku pojawia się nieznajomy…

W pewnym momencie wszystko się zmienia. Siostry Grey stają ze sobą w szranki w trudny do wyobrażenia sposób. Ich lojalność wystawiona zostaje na próbę, tajemnice ujawnione, a szokująca zbrodnia podzieli ich rodzinę i ukochane miasteczko.

Prawdziwe kolory to napisana wartko i z uczuciową wnikliwością niezapomniana opowieść o siostrach, rywalizacji, przebaczeniu, odkupieniu - a wreszcie o tym, co tworzy rodzinę.

505 pages, Paperback

First published February 4, 2009

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About the author

Kristin Hannah

136 books197k followers
Kristin Hannah is the award-winning and bestselling author of more than 20 novels including the international blockbuster, The Nightingale, which was named Goodreads Best Historical fiction novel for 2015 and won the coveted People's Choice award for best fiction in the same year. It was named a Best Book of the Year by Amazon, iTunes, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal, Paste, and The Week. In 2018,

The Great Alone became an instant New York Times #1 bestseller and was named the Best Historical Novel of the Year by Goodreads.

The Four Winds was published in February of 2021 and immediately hit #1 on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Indie bookstore's bestseller lists. Additionally, it was selected as a book club pick by the both Today Show and The Book Of the Month club, which named it the best book of 2021.

The Nightingale is currently in production at Tri Star, with Dakota and Elle Fanning set to star. Tri Star has also optioned The Great Alone and it is in development. Firefly Lane, her beloved novel about two best friends, was the #1 Netflix series around the world, in the week it came out. The popular tv show stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke and Season Two is currently set to conclude the series on April 27, 2023.

A former attorney, Kristin lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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407 reviews112k followers
August 2, 2020
While I liked some of the drama in the first 1/3 of the book and the resolution in the last 1/3 of the book, I can't help but view this as a horse girl soap opera that got reduced to cheap characterizations with very poor portrayals of sisterhood. I disliked how the sisters were caricatures - one blonde, skinny, and perfect; the other fat, smart, and unpopular. I especially disliked how these differences made the fat sister jealous, vindictive, and passive-aggressive towards the other one, especially over another guy. The constant emphasis on how fat and insecure she was throughout the story made me uncomfortable because I’m not sure if the author is/has been fat or is reducing this character into a stereotype. I also don’t feel quite right about Dallas, the Native American love interest who’s portrayed as a devilish, dangerous, and seductive man ready to steal your white woman… he’s definitely sympathetic throughout the story and I cared for him, but there are so many implications with the things he does that it didn’t sit right with me to read this from a white author. All of these caricatures made it difficult for me to fully embrace this story.
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469 reviews83 followers
August 20, 2019
True Colours by Kristin Hannah is the second book I've read by this author and it's the second time I've spent half the time reading either on the verge of tears, sniffling , crying or getting frustrated (a tip from one reader to another remember the tissues 🤧)
This book has everything from forbidden love, teenage love, complicated family relationships, a murder, a wrong conviction and freedom.
It's definitely worth reading even if it is heartbreaking at times but the ending makes all the shed tears worth it (you'll probably end up sniffling again)
I highly recommend it 📖
Profile Image for emma.
1,822 reviews48.1k followers
September 12, 2019
Really, all I have to say about this book is the following:
1) My grandma lent it to me. ❤️
2) It is 544 pages and I read it in under 24 hours.

Those are my main two positive impressions.

When I was in middle school, my best friend began working her way through her mom’s women’s fiction collection, which was (like any self-respecting stack of chick lit) dominated by Kristin Hannah. This led to her discovering a book called Firefly Lane, which led to her telling me to read it, which led to my favorite book as a 12 year old being a story of two women’s friendship from the 1970s to the early 2000s, sex scenes, motherhood, and tragic cancer death included.

You know. Like any normal, well-adjusted tween.

This was no Firefly Lane, but it was compulsively readable.

Which is more than I can say for most books.

Bottom line: Boring, but fine!


it does not matter how long it is: I WILL be able to read a Kristin Hannah book in 24 hours.

review to come / 3 stars


absolutely nothing says "beach read" like a well-worn, used paperback copy of a wildly long chick lit book
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422 reviews51 followers
April 10, 2009
This is a hard book to rate for me. On one hand, I thought it was really good. Hannah does a super job of making you feel the emotions the characters are experiencing, at familiarizing you to the settings and the motivations of the story and just simply making you FEEL. Whether it be sadness, anger, love or disgust you get to crawl into some of the characters lives and see the story through their perspective. That part of the book I loved.
On the other hand is the mechanics of the story. How she relates the details, and brings out the plot is at times mediocre. She almost lost me in the first half of this one. The unfolding was stiff and predictable. The characters weren't doing anything to make me understand their actions and neither were my emotions being involved. It was just a relating of events -then at about the half way point, it's like Hannah thawed everyone out and really got deep into the retelling. You started to feel the emotion and understand the angst and jealousy. You cried at the injustice and cheered for justice to be done. And Noah, who was absent in the first half, became a central character as well as my favorite. HIs story and feelings and inner turmoil were portrayed so well. I loved him. Another main character, Winona, became more likable and approachable. We started to see why she made the choices she did. Other characters, as has been mentioned here by other reviewers, were left to starve for want of a place in the story and we were only able to make their aquaintance, not really befriend them and see what made their lives tick.
Overall, certainly worth a read. It is a slow start but makes up for it by being a sincere love story with characters that are human and imperfect, yet heroically trying to be great.
Profile Image for Barbara.
Author 2 books51 followers
March 13, 2009
I read this book in four days. I couldn't put it down. I just wanted to know what was going to happen. This is when you really know a book is good when it's a page turner. Anyway, this book is about three sisters trying to stay together as a family. The dad is always drinking and basically hating his life after his wife died. The three sisters are trying to make their way in life and get torn apart but certain events that happen along the way. Eventually they reunite but there is tension still between them. It takes a lot of understanding and a young teenage boy to bring them all back together. I didn't think I'd cry but you can't help not to cry in this book. It pulls at your heart. The youngest sister runs the family horse farm and there are parts about the horses they just break your heart but makes you understand that animals can give us a sense of stability and happiness. They play a big part in our lives. Animals can help us get through the most difficult times in our lives when there is no one else to turn to.
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195 reviews11 followers
March 27, 2009
I was so disappointed. I had saved this book thinking I would have a lovely time reading. I have read a lot of her books, and always enjoyed them. The relationships between the three sisters are interesting, and not real relationships. They are very flat and unnatural. There were instances where the book is so stilted with the development of some characters, I wouldn't want to read further. I got depressed the further I read, and I kept hoping that the story would get better. There are many ends just left, such as a resolution for the middle sister, Aurora which never happens. She and her children are referred to, but you never know those characters. The other two sisters just irritated me. Stop pouting, feeling sorry for yourselves and do something. Needless to say, I didn't like this book. I am thrilled that I didn't cave and buy in hardback.
Profile Image for Elisabeth Plimpton.
172 reviews151 followers
November 20, 2021
A story of sisterhood, loss, and redemption.

The three sisters, Winona, Aurora, and Vivi Ann, lost their mom at a young age. They all live in the same town they grew up in. They each have their own struggles and hold some resentments from childhood.

The oldest sister, Winona has always been in love with childhood friend Luke, so when he comes back to town only to fall for the free-spirited youngest sister Vivi Ann, it causes jealousy to arise.

We are soon introduced to Dallas, who is newly hired by the Grey family to work on their ranch. Dallas has Indian heritage. From having an extremely tough childhood of being abused by his father, he now has a temper and a track record of getting into trouble. The residents of the small town, including the Grey’s father, don’t approve of him with their highly prejudice views and unwelcoming attitude. Vivi however falls in love with Dallas, and they get married and have a child.

Dallas’s friend from the town is found dead, and he is accused of murdering her. He is proven guilty and goes to jail. When flawed evidence is uncovered years later, we start to question if he really committed the crime. This book highlighted the misgivings of the criminal justice system and how it can potentially convict the wrong person.

Hannah’s writing is descriptive, and the characters were developed nicely. There was quite a bit of drama between the sisters, father, and gossipy townspeople. However, almost all the characters righted their wrongs and everyone conveniently got a happy ending.

This wasn’t my favorite of Hannah’s book, but it was a nice read about the importance of family standing up each other and sticking together.
Profile Image for Sally Wessely.
108 reviews1 follower
August 26, 2012
One may wonder why a reader would rate a book so low and still read it. I guess I read the book because I decided not to waste my money. (That's best reason I can come up with.) I've never read Kristin Hannah before, so I picked this book up because it was cheap at Costco, and because I decided I needed a bit of light, chick-lit reading as a change of pace.

I found myself almost groaning sometimes during the story because the writing was so dull. The author's attempt at character development for two of the main characters seemed to be profiling with not depth. The skinny, blonde, athletic sister was popular, loved by dad, able to attract the best catch in town, a bit wild, etc., etc., etc. The fat, smart, unpopular sister was not popular, unloved by dad, and unable to capture the best catch, etc., etc., etc. The third sister was a flat character who appeared when the author needed someone to tie the story together.

I don't think I'll even bother passing this book on to my daughter, best friend or casual acquaintance. I'll donate it to the library's fund raiser. Maybe they can make a few bucks off of it.
Profile Image for Laurie  (barksbooks).
1,722 reviews670 followers
March 23, 2010
I listened to this as an unabridged audio book. Kristin Hannah has written some charming historical romances in the past which is why I was tempted to pick this up but I’m really under whelmed with this women’s fiction/chick lit/soap opera venture. Where’s the charm? Never mind that, where’s the love? All I’m reading here is bitterness and jealousy and awkward relationships. It’s making me edgy and impatient.

The book is about three sisters whose mom died of cancer when they were very young teens/pre-teens. Supposedly they are super close, or that’s what the author keeps saying anyway. Winona is the oldest, Aurora the middle one and Vivi Anne is the young beautiful one favored by gruff old dad. Winona grows up to be a successful attorney but she is very insecure and an emotional eater and has been unable to snag a man. When Luke, a hunk from her past calls her up and asks her to meet him to discuss some legal business over a drink she instantly hopes and wishes that he wants to date her. Desperate, much? She then agonizes over her looks, insists that Aurora pretty her up and then imagines him gushing about his wife and kiddies and on and on. Blech, is she 27 or 17? But, alas, it’s all for naught because the moment Luke spies gorgeous Vivi Anne he’s head over heels and Winona starts to seethe with jealousy and dreams up ways they’ll break up so she can comfort Luke. She refuses to tell Vivi Anne about her crush on Luke and then starts being a royal bitch to everyone (including employees) because those two are dating. Emotionally stunted, much?

The middle sister, Aurora, seems to be here to act as a peace-keeper between the beauty and the bitter sister. She’s married to a doctor whom she apparently finds boring and has little children who are apparently never around. I’ve heard people say that kids should be seen and not heard but these kids weren’t even seen. It was weird since Aurora was in the story so much whenever someone needed advice or prettying up. I began to wonder if she had some dark secret and had locked her kids in the basement or sold them for cash or something.

Vivi Anne is probably the only character I somewhat warmed up to but only because she had a soft spot for horses, especially wounded ones, and because she was a bit wild herself. She’s not so smart in the relationship department and was too eager to please others however. This gets her into a real nasty bind as the book goes along. She makes some excruciatingly stupid choices but she’s the youngest so at least it made more sense than Winona’s endless pining and whining over Luke, the blandest man in the land.

The whole dynamic of this relationship just wasn’t working for me and none of these characters were likable enough to latch on to. The entire first part of the book annoyed me and though these three supposedly have a close relationship I didn’t feel it. I understand sibling rivalry and all but the way this relationship was written was just not believable. There’s also some weird-ass dialogue that bugged me. I can’t remember it all but this gem really stuck out. When Luke first calls and asks Winona to meet for a drink she responds with, “How about 4:00? I hear that’s Miller time?” Honestly, who says things like that outside of a commercial? It’s no wonder this woman can’t get a date.

Later on a major plot development happens that only cements my previous dislike for Winona and helps me feel compassion towards Vivi Anne even though she is too weak of a character to fully embrace. The twist here is a total soap opera event but it does make the book a bit more interesting. It’s here that the book did fully grab my attention but not because of the tangled relationship between the sisters but because of a troubled young teen boy and his journal entries. He was a great character and Hannah is a writer who can touch the emotions. It’s just such a shame that she wasted so much space on a character as utterly awful as Winona and gave the third sister, Aurora, such the shaft. The end of the book where Winona’s love life was resolved seemed very contrived and not believable at all. It should have ended with an epilogue where she was a bitter old cat lady. Now that I would have believed.

I’ll read Kristin Hannah again because she can write an emotionally involving story but this one won’t be getting a reread.
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94 reviews17 followers
June 9, 2022
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (90%)


This book broke me. I just finished it two minutes ago and I'm bawling. I haven't had a good 5-star read for a hot minute, and honestly I wasn't expecting much from this book at first. I was in a hurry at the bookstore, and I saw a small section of Kristin Hannah's books. I hadn't heard of any of them, but I saw the pretty cover of True Colors and I decided to take a chance.

I was so invested in this story from the very beginning. I always love a story about sisters and sisterly love, so I was drawn in immediately. This book was very different than I expected, as I didn't expect such a large presence of law and criminal justice.

Since I was a horse girl when I was younger, I really liked the presence of horses. Even Hood River was mentioned, which is where I'm from!! The familiar setting and relatively recent time period was the perfect combination to me, and I just loved it so much. I connected to nearly all of the characters and I was rooting for every single one of them.

The only troubling parts of this book were the stereotypes. The stereotypical "fat girl" and "violent Native American man" were pretty obnoxious, but if you're able to acknowledge it and then try look past it, the story was good otherwise.

I'm so glad I took a chance on this book, because now it's one of my favorites.
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555 reviews121 followers
March 27, 2021
Estou tão, tão cansada, o meu cérebro está a ter tanta dificuldade em reter e entender informação, que agradeço "aos céus" ter este género de livros na minha estante, que são previsíveis, lamechinhas, mas que têm um poder mágico e ideal para os dias que correm - fazem-me lê-los num ápice!!!

Li mais de 400 páginas em 2 dias, estive sempre agarrada à narrativa, chorei e senti um quentinho no coração! Repito, nos dias de hoje, que mais poderia querer? Pouco.

Este é o terceiro livro que leio da autora e recomendo-o e muito a quem busca uma leitura com os ingredientes que mencionei.

NOTA - 09/10

Opinião no meu cantinho (a partir do minuto 04:31): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_pWs...
Profile Image for Brandi.
633 reviews1,279 followers
November 19, 2020
I swear this author enjoys emotionally torturing her characters and readers. But I enjoyed this one - I was completely invested in certain characters - I just had to know what happened. Ooh, my heart hurt for them. Sure it had it's flaws and the beginning dragged a little - but once it picked up, I could not stop reading - it was a 5 star experience for me.
Profile Image for Theresa Alan.
Author 10 books1,010 followers
October 26, 2020
The beginning of this novel reminded me of the TV show Yellowstone—the stern father who won’t sell even a few acres of his land, even though it would end his economic insecurity. Winona is the oldest, and she’s a super smart lawyer who “deals” with stress by overeating, and then beats herself up constantly for being a big girl. It’s hard to read about a character who’s always calling herself fat—I know we women do it to ourselves all the time, but it would be great if we talked to ourselves the way we talked to our friends. Winona hopes she can win her father’s approval by using her smarts to help the ranch out, but he only values people who are great at doing ranch-type stuff, like riding horses and barrel racing. That is the expertise of the youngest sister, Vivi Ann, who is beautiful and has an optimistic view of life—at least at the beginning of the book.

The middle sister, Aurora, is married to a dull but what she thinks is safe man and has two kids. The three sisters are torn apart by who falls in love with whom. There is prejudice and lack of justice and misunderstandings, but at least at the end of this Kristin Hannah novel, I wasn’t completely depressed, which was nice.

I love stories about sisters. I have one sister, and we’ve never come close to falling for the same guy. We’re also city girls with limited horse-riding experience, but sisterhood is the same whether you live on a ranch in a small town or opt for the city life. This is ultimately an enjoyable read.
85 reviews2 followers
June 15, 2010
Don't bother. I'd have given it one star, but that would have made me feel a bit guilty, because it did hold my attention enough to finish it. I felt like I was reading a Harlequin Romance book, complete with the stereotypical Perfect Sister, the Chubby Smart Sister, the Beautiful Wild Sister and the Indian Who Scares The White People. This is my first Kristin Hannah book, and I've had friends recommend her. Maybe it's a bit like Jodi Piccoult, you either love her or ... you don't. It just felt like a goofy book with characters that anyone could have designed. I guess if you want your brain to just turn off and pretend like it's never heard of these people, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, I might just move along.
Profile Image for Rhonda Rae Baker.
396 reviews
December 28, 2009
Unbelievable...Kristin never fails...she is such an amazing author! I can't recommend this book high enough...what a beautiful story. I couldn't read it fast enough and I didn't want it to end...WOW

The characters in this book are so real I felt they were part of my family. The dynamics in personality, depth of feeling and emotion, picturesque descriptions of town, home, and country, the twists and turns of what happens to them, the surprises, the hardships, and joy in one another's life's, the real-life family drama, and so many details were all absolutely perfect!

If you are a real person with real friends, siblings, parents, you'll love this story. And we all know that people are way more important than possessions or status but when the rubber meets the road what are our choices? I would venture to say that you will be deeply moved by this story and consider what you value the most in life. For me, I believe that family is not one of blood but of faith and trust in one another, of standing by their side no matter what happens, and loving them no matter what others may say.

Unconditional love is what we all should give and receive in our lives but this is not always what happens. This is an ugly world with many prejudices, injustices, hardships, misunderstandings, and trials. But when we have family with us, (and I must say again that family doesn't need to have the same blood) we can stand strong, have faith, and hope against hope. Everything will work out in time, whether it is good or bad, things will move forward and we will be stronger as individuals. And if we have family along the way then we are truly blessed.

I don't want to spoil the story for you by saying too much so you're going to have to trust me on this one...it is a MUST read.

Now to get my hands on the next Kristin Hannah novel...Winter Garden, here I come..(-:
Profile Image for Chris.
655 reviews15 followers
January 25, 2021
This author, she just never fails to disappoint.

What an unusual heartbreaking and heartwarming story about family living on a legacy farm in a small town. Three sisters, all different in personality. Loss of their mother when they were young and now dealing with an embittered father and a property falling on hard times. Horses play a role in this story and who doesn’t like horses?

Such a well rounded story plot! I so enjoyed this read, thus my 5 star rating. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Cititor Necunoscut.
459 reviews84 followers
January 8, 2020
Cartile lui Kristin Hannah sunt precum un carusel, niciodata nu stii la ce sa te astepti. Are carti foarte bune, puternice, precum Gradina de iarna sau Privighetoarea, si carti mai slabe, precum Between Sisters sau True Colors. Am ezitat intre 3 si 4 stelute, dar complexitatea relatiilor de familie pe care le exploreaza au inclinat balanta catre 4.
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510 reviews15 followers
October 30, 2009
I started out really liking this book, and stayed pretty riveted throughout the first half. But after a while, it just started to wear on me.

True Colors is the story of 3 sisters in a small town in Washington as they try to keep their family ranch afloat, find love, and live their lives. Ultimately, none of the characters in the book was terribly likable. Two of the sisters in particular both came off incredibly self-absorbed. Their love-hate relationship, particularly as it dragged out for decades, was very tedious. I just wanted to shake both of them and scream, "Oh, grow up already!"

A bizarre plot twist about halfway through the book really turned me off and I didn't much feel like reading the rest. I ended up skimming through it. It seemed like it was more of the same bickering and selfishness, which makes me think I didn't miss much by not reading it thoroughly. It also seemed as though it came to the inevitable conclusion: reconciliation between the two bickering sisters and the oldest sister finally getting the man she wanted after 20-odd years. Ugh.

I think I need to stop reading books that I find from magazine reviews. I'm always disappointed.
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Author 14 books297 followers
December 31, 2017
Three and a half stars.
This is a story of three sisters - Winona, Aurora and Vivi Ann Grey. For all of her life Winona has sought and not received her father’s approval. Her aim is to try and make him see her worth. As the middle sister Aurora mostly tries to be the peacemaker between Winona and Vivi Ann. Jealousy, is the big problem for Winona since Vivi Ann, the youngest, is also the golden haired one who is beautiful and seems to get everything she wants. When that includes Luke, Winona’s secret love, jealousy turns to bitterness. Then a stranger, Dallas Raintree, comes into town and complicates matters in ways none of them could have foreseen. Decisions made by Winona, Vivi Ann , Luke and Dallas have far reaching consequences that affect not only their lives but those around them and the lives of those yet to come.
This is a story of family dynamics. I found the family dynamics hard to understand. But then I have never had a sister or parents that favoured one child over others. I enjoyed this, even it angered me at times. I liked some of the dialogue especially where Aurora after hearing Winona’s idea for helping her father and trying to gain his approval, tells Winona, ‘Yeah, well, you’ve got the learning curve of a lemming.’ Enjoyable and raises some interesting issues about family dynamics, love, jealousy, bitterness, betrayal, guilt, prejudices and racism.
Profile Image for Emma.
Author 2 books9 followers
February 14, 2010
Get out your tissues, you are going to need them.

Wednesday I had a flight to Seattle and back and since it was such a short day I decided I could do without a book and just do work things. Well as often occurs at the airport flights are delayed and other things occur, so I ended up with 5 hours on my hands.

The first three hours I did alright but then I was bored out of my mind so I headed to the closest book stand. I browsed for close to half an hour narrowing down my choice to two books. In the end I chose the one with the most pink on the cover, I know a bad way to finally make a ruling, but I am so glad of the one I chose.

At the airport I only made it through the prologue and part of chapter one, then the book got placed in my briefcase promptly left for a few days.

This weekend with my husband out of town I remembered the book and so sat down (beginning at 11:30 pm) to read a little bit. Well I am now going on 32 hours of no sleep because I stayed up all night reading. I did not realize the time until my two sons came into my room wrapped in the blankets saying morning mama.

Once Dallas Raintree, a half Indian with a past littered with unsavory events, entered the book and the life of Vivi Ann Grey the books takes on a ton of intrigue. There is passionate love (but tasteful and not graphic, you can just feel the passion), heartbreak of the worst kind, sorrow, people in the depths of despair and depression.

In a nutshell, this man with a past is accused, tried and convicted of murder. The book is the ensuing 12 years of sorrow for the Grey family, 3 sisters and a father. Winona, the eldest sister and lawyer has a grudge that causes the three sisters to tear apart, and ultimately keeps them off and on estranged for years.

So many things happen in this story that I would love to share with you, but this is a story that telling any piece can ultimately give a piece of the book away and this particular story needs the drama and suspense for a first time reader.

It is amazing and I give it a definite 5 stars and if I could give it 10 I would.
Profile Image for Alaina.
6,290 reviews215 followers
January 14, 2018
Well, here is another book that has been on TBR for longer than 2 years. I was so happy when I got this book from the library. I couldn't believe that I forgot about reading True Colors but I am happy that I finally did. Also... why the hell did it take me so freaking long to get a library card?!? I didn't get one until 2017 (I wont name which month I finally got one because it's just super sad that it took me so freaking long to get a card...)

Now this is my first book ever written by Kristin Hannah and let me just say that I wasn't disappointed at all. I loved every second of it because I just couldn't put it down!! I also brought it with me if I had to drive somewhere or go to work or the gym. I TOOK IT EVERYWHERE! And when I couldn't read a single word from this wonderfully amazing book I was kind of heartbroken. I felt a crack appear in my heart (which I know I'm being very dramatic but I just love books so much!)

Anyways, I loved all of the characters with True Colors. The three sisters: Winona, Aurora, and Vivi Ann Grey were all unique and amazing in their own way. Although if I had to pick a favorite I would say Winona. Even though I'm probably more of a Vivi Ann since I'm the youngest of three kids and basically deemed the favorite in my father's eyes.

True Colors also gave me funny moments where I would just crack up from what a character would say or do. Other than that there's sort of a sibling rivalry and so much jealous. I don't know what else to say about this book other than the fact of loving it to bits and pieces. I need another book written by her pronto!
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October 22, 2016
Some have described this story as "chick-lit" but, in my opinion, it couldn't be further from that genre. It's not an easy story with simple, likable characters. You'll go back and forth about these sisters throughout the book, which I think is the strength of the writing. The beginning is sketchy about all of the characters but they become more vivid as the story unfolds. There's tragedy, resilience, romance and heartbreak but through it all, I felt like the characters were responding realistically to their personalities.

I didn't always like the direction of the story but it felt authentic. This isn't a feel-good romance but it is an intriguing story. I've never read anything by this author so I had no expectations. I highly recommend this book if you're looking for a well-written story with interesting, likable and flawed people.
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February 23, 2010
I normally really enjoy Kristin Hannah's work, but this one just didn't grab me. I think it was the lack of sympathetic main characters. It seemed like the sisters were whiney, self-serving, and were constantly reminding themselves that "sisters trump men." It didn't help, obviously. I could see the plot line coming from a mile away, and there were several inconsistencies in the story. For instance, Vivi Ann works with a group of pre-teen 4H'ers. One of the girls' mother is one of Vivi Ann's childhood classmates. Vivi Ann is 24. So this girl must've been a mom when she was what, 13?

I set it aside after about 100 pages, when I realized I didn't really care, I was just trying to finish so I could read something else.
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April 8, 2015
Kristin Hannah has yet to disappoint me. I have been a fan for quite some time. I read this book at least 4 years ago and even though I've read many other books since then it was stayed with me.

The story of three sisters that follows their lives from the time of their mother's death and continuing to follow as they grow into adulthood. All of the situations that made them who they are.
Dealing with Family, death, love, loss, anger and forgiveness. This book definitely pulls at the heartstrings.

Very well written novel that is had to put down. I highly recommend TRUE COLORS.
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December 28, 2022
3,5⭐️ labai graži ir jautri trijų seserų gyvenimo istorija. Visos trys sesėrys nuo vaikystės labai artimos, dėl viena kitos galėtų padaryti bet ką, tačiau vieną dieną jų meilę vienai kitai susvyruoja pavydas, savanaudiškumas, nesusipratimai kiša koja jų ramiems gyvenimams. Tačiau nėra tokios negandos kurios dvasios ir ryžtingas seserys neįveiktų. Kristin moka rašyti jautrias ir dėmesį kaustančias istorijas.
August 5, 2015
Prva zamjerka ide II dijelu romana koji je prilično razvučen i manje uzbudljiv od I. Druga zamjerka ide sestrama koje su sušta suprotnost jedna drugoj, Vivi Ann je za moj ukus previše tvrdoglava, Winnona se previše žali na debljinu i svako malo ispoljava svoju ljubomoru, a Aurora nije do kraja izgrađen lik koji se pojavljuje u momentima kada neko treba smiriti situaciju; propast njenog braka nije ni opisana, već samo spomenuta u par rečenica. Naravno, tu je i otac zbog kojeg sam poželjela ući u knjigu samo da mu odvalim šamarčinu. Sve u svemu, solidna porodična drama u rangu sa Zimskim vrtom. Samo mi je Posljedni ples leptira za peticu :)
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May 30, 2019
No seio de uma família aparentemente normal, seguimos a história das três irmãs Grey, das suas inseguranças e medos, assim como das suas rivalidades e dos seus relacionamentos.
Mas quando um forasteiro vem trabalhar para a fazenda Grey, vai pôr em causa toda a normalidade e desafiar os preceitos estabelecidos.
Muito bom!
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August 11, 2011
This book is an excellent example of why, sometimes, I keep reading when I don't like a book. Granted, I had read this author before, and therefore was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt based on previous enjoyment. But I'm glad I didn't miss out on an enjoyable read.

True Colors is about the Grey sisters, who lose their mother to cancer when the oldest is 15. We skip forward over a decade. Winona, the oldest, is an embittered, fat spinster. The middle child, Aurora, is married with two kids: a twin boy and girl. The youngest, Vivi Ann, is helping to run the family ranch, and she's awesome. (I shy away from describing her as "perfect," but even her supposed flaws are spun as strengths, and descriptions of her made my teeth ache.)

The characterizations start off rather shallow. Winona has been driven her whole life, apparently, by jealous rage over her awesome little sister, and the desire to be loved by their distant and emotionally unavailable father. I lost count of the number of times dear old Dad expressed his feelings by walking out and slamming a door.

It took until the midway point of the book to move beyond the shallow characterizations, and to paint Winona in a more sympathetic light. Initially, she's all wrong, Vivi Ann is all right, and the text is slanted heavily toward the younger sister. That grated. There were a lot of assertions in the text, too, that I didn't agree with from the rest of the story. If the three sisters were so close, there were a lot of questions Vivi Ann should've been asking that she never did. She was supposedly selfless and giving and caring, but she was so wrapped up in her own little world that she never even thought to get to the heart of the rift between her and her sister, and I thought she carried at least half of the blame. No one else in the story seemed to think so, though, not even Winona, or Aurora, the supposedly perceptive sister. The conflict could have been written in a way that made both sisters' perspectives understandable.

The second half of the book, though, almost redeemed the sloppy writing of the first half. The characterization was much fuller, and the overblown description seemed less tacked-on. The sisters' relationships were a lot more nuanced, and, even though there was still conflict, everyone's perspectives were easier to understand.

Still, it didn't erase that the first half of the book had me rolling my eyes and considering moving on to another audio book. It was, in the end, an enjoyable read filled with some heartwarming messages about love and family and what's important, but I really felt like Hannah is capable of better characterization than what was in the first half of this book.
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