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The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment

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Happiness is something everyone desires. Yet how to find happiness–or even if we deserve to–remains a mystery. Still more mysterious is the secret to a lasting happiness that cannot be taken away. In The Ultimate Happiness Prescription , bestselling author Deepak Chopra shows us seven keys to uncover the true secrets of joy in the most difficult times.

The goal of life is the expansion of happiness, he contends. But in today’s demanding world, that goal seems elusive, if not impossibly out of reach. Society reinforces the belief that fulfillment comes from achieving success, wealth, and good relationships. Yet Chopra tells us that the opposite is true: all success in life is the by-product of happiness, not the cause.

So what is the cause? The Ultimate Happiness Prescription shares spiritual principles for a life based on a sense of your “true self” lying beyond the ebb and flow of daily living. Simple daily exercises lead to eliminating the root causes of unhappiness and letting a deeper level of bliss unfold.

After all avenues to happiness have been explored and exhausted, only one path is left: the journey to enlightenment. In The Ultimate Happiness Prescription , the daunting and exotic challenge of finding enlightenment becomes accessible step by step. We are taken on an inspiring journey to the true self, the only place untouched by trouble and misfortune.

On the way we learn the secrets for living mindfully and with effortless spontaneity. Now happiness is no longer hostage to external events but an experience we carry with us always. As Chopra inspiringly concludes, “Everything we fear in the world and want to change can be transformed through happiness, the simplest desire we have, and also the most profound.”

144 pages, Hardcover

First published November 17, 2009

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About the author

Deepak Chopra

787 books18.1k followers
Deepak Chopra, MD serves as the Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Foundation, and Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty-two New York Times best sellers in both fiction and non-fiction, his works have been published in more than forty-three languages.

Chopra’s medical training is in internal medicine and endocrinology. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Dr. Chopra serves as Co-Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Founder of The Chopra Well on YouTube, Adjunct Professor of Executive Programs at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, Assistant Clinical Professor, in the Family and Preventive Medicine Department at the University of California, San Diego, Health Sciences, Faculty at Walt Disney Imagineering, and Senior Scientist with The Gallup Organization.

GlobeIn acknowledges Chopra as "one of top ten most influential spiritual leaders around the world." TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as "one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and credits him as "the poet-prophet of alternative medicine."

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112 reviews27 followers
January 7, 2022
Una vez que experimentes quien eres en realidad, todo sufrimiento desaparecerá.

En realidad no soy una persona que lea este tipo de libros, pero me encuentro en un punto en mi vida donde quiero encontrar un equilibrio en mi espiritualidad (en mi caso, no necesariamente lo asocio a lo religioso); por lo que mi mamá me prestó este libro titulado La receta de la felicidad: Las siete claves de la felicidad y la iluminación y otros títulos más.

Deepak Chopra nos dice que la finalidad de la vida es la expansión de la felicidad, y la felicidad es la meta de todas las demás metas. Esto muchas veces se confunde con el éxito, la riqueza, la buena salud, entre otras cosas o al menos se consideran como causas de la felicidad, cuando en realidad no lo son al ser efímeras. Lo que realmente conlleva a la felicidad es la capacidad de adaptarse. Como dijo Darwin: el factor más importante para la supervivencia no es la fortaleza ni la inteligencia, sino la adaptabilidad.

Otro aspecto que promueve la felicidad es la expresión creativa o la felicidad de otra persona; en ambos casos se accede a un nivel más profundo del ser. Las acciones positivas que se realicen a favor de los demás tendrán una felicidad de mayor duración.

Como el título menciona, Deepak Chopra describe siete claves para alcanzar la felicidad y la iluminación. Comentados brevemente, se caracterizan por lo siguiente:

1. Toma conciencia de tu cuerpo: Sintoniza con lo que el cuerpo siente. Existen tres contribuyentes: la inteligencia, la creatividad y el poder.

2. Descubre la verdadera autoestima: Si no recordamos quiénes somos, no nos queda más remedio que recurrir a nuestro ego, que nunca sigue el camino correcto.

3. Desintoxica tu vida: Si no asumes tu responsabilidad, estás poniendo tu destino en manos de otros. Libérate de la necesidad de cambiar a los demás.

4. Renuncia a tener la razón: La objetividad es una ilusión del ego, creada para reforzar la insistencia en lo que considera correcto. La justificación nunca ha solucionado nada.

5. Concéntrate en el presente: El momento presente es lo único eterno. Debemos aprender a distinguir el momento de la situación. No son lo mismo. La situación rodea al momento presente.

6. Observa el mundo en ti: El mundo exterior refleja tu realidad interna. El ser puro conduce al nivel más elevado del sentimiento, y el nivel del sentimiento genera el nivel más elevado del pensamiento y la acción.

7. Vive para la iluminación:Exige que se realice un cambio en nuestro libre albedrío. En vez de buscar la felicidad, debes buscar la dicha.

En conclusión, como Walt Whitman decía "Y cada átomo de mi cuerpo es tuyo también". Necesitamos de una constante convivencia, un constante recordatorio de que todos formamos parte de unx mismx. Todos existimos en todos los demás.

Una lectura moderadamente elevada, pero con información sustancial.
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47 reviews31 followers
March 29, 2017
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! There's so many life lessons that you shouldn't miss! This book is a must read to all of us. For us to understand ourselves more in much deeper and clearer perspective. This book made me surrender to my mother after we had a small fight. I love the part which Dr. Chopra shares the concept of: What is most important to us, TO BE RIGHT OR TO BE HAPPY??!!! Most of us chose to be right yet we ended up being wounded and unhappy. We all seek for happiness.. and we just couldn't find it.. 'coz we seek in all the wrong places. The author is a genius, you'll learn all the things you should know about yourself and about what can make you happy. Honestly, this is truthfully an ultimate happiness prescription, 'coz after taking this in, I am now completely recovered!!! Thanks Doctor! :)
103 reviews4 followers
October 10, 2014
I've never read any Deepak Chopra books before, perhaps now I know why. I contemplated giving this a 2 because it was filled primarily with vague statements and murky instructions. It reminded me of the Family Guy episode where Brian writes a best seller. But alas, there were some good ideas in there - even if you had to extrapolate a bit to get them. The problem was the instructions for each of the 7 keys were even more vague, in fact, some just didn't make much sense at all. Or perhaps it's just that I am not enlightened.

Overall I think there are better books out there about finding happiness. The Art of Possibility being one just off the top of my head. Particularly considering a few of the keys are about changing your cognitive patterns - removing judgement, acknowledging and avoiding conditioned responses, and giving up being right. While the other keys focus on buddhist principles of awareness and meditation - being aware of your body, focusing on the present, seeing the world in yourself and finding enlightenment or bliss - are much more accessible and straightforward in ANYTHING by Thich Nhat Hanh.
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152 reviews12 followers
March 22, 2017
ملخص كتاب وصفات الطبيب للسعادة القصوى
ديباك شوبرا
معادلة السعادة
السعادة= النقطة المحدده في الدماغ + الاحوال المعيشية + النشاط الطوعي
Happiness = set point + conditions of living + voluntary activities
العامل الاول في المعادلة: النقطة المحدده
هي النقطة الطبيعية التى تتأثر بالمعتقدات والوالدين ، و تتأثر هذه النقطة بعوامل منها
• المخدرات والادوية : وهي مفعولها مؤقت
• العلاج الادراكي المعرفي: ويكون بالوعي وتصليح المعتقدات وعدم عيش دور الضحية
• التأمل
العامل الثاني: الاحوال المعيشية
وهذا العامل له تأثير بسيط جدا على السعادة ويكمن في التأقلم مع الاحداث
العامل الثالث والاهم : النشاط الطوعي
الاشياء التي نختار ان نقوم بها كل يوم، وهو يجب على السؤال الاتي : هل بإمكان البشر العيش سعداء الى الابد
هناك خمس أسباب رئيسية للشقاء:
1. عدم معرفة الانسان هويته الحقيقة
2. التمسك بفكرة الديمومية في عالم التغير المستمر
3. الخوف من التغيير
4. التمسك بأوهام النفس الدنيويه (EGO)
5. الخوف من الموت
((محبتي تشع كنور نار كبارة تشتعل في العراء ، فهي ليست مركزة على أحد ولا تنكر احد)) صــ18ــ معلم روحاني هندي
اذا ركزت على تنفسك وجدته يرتفع وينخفض كذلك الافكار تأتي وتذهب كل وظيفة في الجسد تنحسر وتمتد والعالم بكليته يعمل بالطريقة نفسها
((في هذا العالم من التغير المستمر هناك شئ لا يتغير))
ولكي يعمل هذا كله يمر بحالة الهمود: وجودك المشبوك بالتغير يجب أن يكون مغروسا في حالة من كينونه أعمق لا تتغير ابدا.
والتنور يتطلب الوصول الى حالة الهمود، وهذه لها سبعة مفاتيح
المفتاح الاول : كن مدركا جسدك لا غافلا عنه
المفتاح الثاني : جد تقدير الذات الحقيقي
المفتاح الثالث : أزل سموم حياتك
المفتاح الرابع : كف عن الادعاء بأنك دائما على حق
المفتاح الخامس : ركز على الحاضر
المفتاح السادس: شاهد العالم في ذاتك
المفتاح السابع:عش من أجل التنور الفكري
المفتاح الاول : كن مدركا جسدك لا غافلا عنه
الجسد والكون حقل موحد للطاقة والمعلومات والوعي
الجيد مصمم لمساندة الفكر وبعملهما معا يكونان السعادة، عندما تهم بفعل ما أسأل جسدك : كيف تشعر تجاه ماتفعله؟
عندما يكون الجسد والعقل والروح في حالة انسجام تكون الحالة الطبيعية هي السعادة ، وعند تواجد شعور غير مريح فإن عدم الانسجام قد دخل (الحقل) في مكان ما (الجسد او العقل او الروح)
وهناك ثلاث ميزات للسعادة لهذا الحقل (الجسد والكون) :
1. الذكاء: عندما تستمع الى جسدك ، فإنك تسترق السمع الى مايحدث في فكر الكون
2. الابداع:الابداع يبقي مجرى الحياة عذبا ومتجددا ، ويقتل الروتين
3. القوة: عندما تصبح على دراية بأي شئ داخل نفسك أو خارجها فإنك تزيد مشاركتك في القوة الكامنة في الكون
لأحقق الشرط الاول للسعادة: التزم بالاتي
1. سأتخذ الخيارات التي ترفع قوة طاقة جسدي
2. سأستشير قلبي قبل تصرف وفقا لانفعالاتي
3. سأركز اهتمامي على مشاعري واراقبها ، مؤشر الخفة في جسدي دليل على وجود السعادة
المفتاح الثاني : جد تقدير الذات الحقيقي
الاحالة الغرضية والاحالة الذاتية
الاحالة الغرضية : توحد ذاتك او تقرنها بأغراض او اشياء
الاحالة الذاتية:تدمج ذاتك او تقرنها بوجودك الحقيقي
الصفات الخمسة للكينونه الحقيقية:
1. وجودك الحقيقي متصل بكل ماهو موجود
2. ليس لديه حدود
3. إبداعه لا متناه
4. جسور ولا يخاف دخول المجهول
5. قوي في عزمه وتصميمه وتنظيمه ولديه القدرة على تنسيق التزامن في جدولة الامور
صفات الايجو
1. تشعر بالانعزال والوحده صــــ46ــــــ
2. تشعر بالمحدودية والتقيد
3. تفضل العادة والروتين على التفنن والابداع
4. تخشى المجهول اكثر من اي شئ اخر
5. تجاهد وتشقى للحصول على ما تريده
الحلول للمفتاح الثاني:
1. سأراقب نفسي في المواقف الصعبة دون أن احكم على الامور
2. سوف أتسأل عن الحوافز وراء الخيارات التي اتخذها ، النفس الحقيقية دائما مدفوعة بحافز المحبة
3. أراجع نفسي كل ليلة قبل النوم على تصرفاتي كانت نابعه من اي نية؟
المفتاح الثالث : أزل سموم حياتك
سبع خطوات لتخليص نفسك من السموم
1. تول مسؤولية ردات فعلك الحاضرة
2. كن شاهدا على ما تشعر به
3. صنف مشاعرك
4. عبر عما تحس به
5. شارك الاخرين بما تشعر به
6. أطلق الشعور المسموم خارجا بممارسة الشعائر والطقوس
7. احتفل بالتخلص من السموم وأكمل الطريق
قائمة أساسية بما تود تحقيقه:
1. الغ كل تشويش ولخبطة من محيطك
2. إذا اشتريت شيئا جديدا فوزع شيئا قديما بالمقابل وامنحه
3. اصرف مالا من أجل تحسين تحسين البيئة
4. افعل شيئا لا تبغى مالا من ورائه
5. كن كريما
6. كن سخيا بعطائك وخاصة بالأشياء المعنويه
7. غذ جسدك ونقه وبدل تدنيسه.
كي أفعل المفتاح الثاني في حياتي اعد نفسي بأن أفعل ما يلي
1. اتبع عملية الخطوات السبعة
2. سأتسأل عن اي سأدخله لجسدي هل هو نافع ومفيد؟
3. سأخطو خطوة نحو تبسيط حياتي
المفتاح الرابع : كف عن الادعاء بأنك دائما على حق
الشعور الاناني الذي ينتج من الايجو هو شعورك انك على حق
تزدهر الايجو وتنتشي في الحالات الاتيه:
• حصولك على ما تريد على الدوام
• موافقة الاخرين على اتباع برنامجك
• وجود حس بالسيطرة على النفس
• الحق والباطل محددان بوضوح
• لا أحد يجتاز الخط الفاصل بين الحق والباطل
• أنت تحدد شروط محبتك لشخص ما أو تحدد شروط حبته لك بالمقابل
• أي إنسان يوافقك الرأي يظهر لك أنه يحبك
• من يطيعك يشعر بالأمان، ومن عليك اطاعته يشعر بعدم الامان
بدلا من ذلك لنزع مشاعر الايجو:
• تود المحبة من دون قيود
• تود أن تشعر بالأمان
• تود أن تعبر عن نفسك بإبداع
• تود أن تنعم بالفرح والسرور
• تود أن تكون حرا
• أسمى أمنياتك هي من أجل الوحده
وعندما تغري بإطاعة الايجو اذهب الى الفراغ وأسأل:
 أي خيار يعكس محبة أوفر؟
 ماالذي يحل السلام بيننا؟
 ما مدى اليقظة التي أنا عليها ؟
 أي نوع من الطاقة أحاول إبداعه؟
 هل أتصرف من م��ظور الثقة أو عدمها؟
 هل أشعر بما يشعر به شريكي؟
 هل يمكنني العطاء من دون مقابل؟
كي أفعل المفتاح الرابع في حياتي:
1. سأمسك نفسي وأردعها حين تكون في حالة اصرار انها على حق
2. سأمتنع على تقييم الاشياء كونها صائبة وخاطئة وجيدة وسيئة
3. عندما تغريني ذاتي الانانية بأن أرى نفسي ضحية ، سأتذكر انني انا الذي يهيئ الظروف والاحوال التي اراها امامي
المفتاح الخامس : ركز على الحاضر
مشكلتنا مع الوقت هي أننا دائما نجعله شخصيا ونربطه بذاتنا وحالنا.
ما يحدث في فكرك طول الوقت:
أنك تقيم كل تجربة تعيشها
أنك تقارن نفسك بشي يبدوا أفضل أو أسوء منها
أنك ترفض أشياء وتختار أخرى
أنك تصوغ قصة وتؤلفها
كي أفعل المفتاح الخامس:
1. سأحضن ماهو قائم الان، ولن أفرض عليه ما حدث في الماضي وما سيحدث في المستقبل
2. سأمسك نفسي عن الشرود والحيرة كلما شعرت بذلك
3. سأفصل بين اللحظة الحاضرة وبين الوضع الحاضر
المفتاح السادس: شاهد العالم في ذاتك
شروط يجب أن تتوفر وتكون مقبولة منك كحقيقة قائمة:
 الوعي والدراية موجودان في كل مكان
 هما على مرونه لا حد لهما
 تتغير الحقيقة بتغير حالة الوعي واختلافها
قيم الوجود الإنساني (صفات القلب) : اللطافة المحببة – الرحمة والشفقة – الفرح لنجاح الاخرين – الاتزان والمساوة والسلام
المقاومة الداخلية والصدمات العصبية الماضية والمعتقدات المتصلبة، تعيق تدفق الوعي وعندما يعاق الوعي يفقد قوته
المسلك الروحاني يتألف من شيئين : إزالة المعوقات و الوصول الى مستوى أعمق من الوعي
كي أفعل المفتاح السادس:
1. سأتعلم كيف اخطو في اتجاه حقل الوجود
2. أيا تكن تجاربي سيئة وغير مريحة، سأقابلها اليوم بأسمى درجات الوعي والدراية
3. عندما أجد نفسي منفعلا ، سوف ادرك اني اقاوم نفسي و أغالبها
المفتاح السابع : عش من أجل التنور الفكري
دائما ضع الاعتبارات الاتية في حياتك:
 حياتك تجري و تتدفق بتلقائية لا جهد فيها
 الحب في طريقه الى أن يصبح العامل المحفز في حياتك
 إنك تكتشف منابع مخبأه للإبداع والتخيل
 أنت في حالة من القبول للإرشاد الاسمى في حياتك
 الخيارات التي تتخذها تفيدك وتفيد جميع من حولك
كي أفعل المفتاح السادس:
1. سأتذكر ان (الابتهاج الغامر) هو حالة طاقتي الاساسية
2. سأعتبر أفكاري وجسدي وكل ما يحيط بي عملية واحده موحده
3. سأبقي بصيرتي في الحياة حية ونشطة
تتلخص المفاتيح في المبادئ الاتيه:
أن نكون أفرادا لجسد واحد
أننا جميعا نعيش بعضنا داخل بعض (الهواء والماء والغذاء وكل ما يدخل جسدنا دورة ثابته لا تتغير)
الدورة الثابته هي عملية واحده متكاملة تتصرف فيها الطبيعة ككل
وذلك يعني أنك :
في حالة سلام ومصالحة مع ذاتك
مسالم وبعيد عن العنف
يقظ و واع
شجاع لا تعرف الخوف
متحرر من الازمات النفسية والأوهام
مستقل ومتحرر من التأثيرات الخارجية

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3 reviews
March 2, 2015
This book will forever be a favorite. It's mind and life changing. I just wanted to read and read and did not want to put it down. It's very deep and needs to be reread to sink in. The only thing I didn't like about it was how he says at the end of the book that we become God and have God consciousness. That is not possible and stems from ignorance of the qualities of the Creator of the universe. Other than that, the book is priceless and I'm now interested in reading more of Deepak Chopra's books.
Profile Image for شيماء فؤاد.
Author 2 books944 followers
July 24, 2017
الكتاب فيه حوالي 5 أفكار متدرجين في الصعوبة لازم يترسخوا في قناعاتك عشان تكون أكثر سعادة .. 1- العيش والتواصل مع الناس من خلال الذات الحقيقية مش المزيفة 2- لا مزيد من الجدل لأنه ينشئ عداوات الأفضل ألا تجادل ولا تصر على كونك على حق .. لا تجادل فتكون أكثر سعادة في علاقاتك 3- العيش هنا والآن يخلصك من عذابات الماضي وقلق المستقبل 4 - حافظ على جسدك لانه وسيلتك التي تستخدمها ذاتك في التواصل مع العالم .. 5- اسع لمزيد من المعرفة والتنوير .

كتاب مفيد للي يقدر يطبق محتواه .
Profile Image for Jennifer.
86 reviews40 followers
June 20, 2014
Deepak Chopra gives us the keys to enlightment. It is now up to us to open the doors. This was a quick read and extremely helpful. The writing style is easy to follow. I finished this book feeling lighter and inspired. One of my favorite "self-help" books.
Profile Image for Rose.
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March 21, 2017
Quick review for a quick read. A library read that was recommended to me regarding texts on mindfulness. I really enjoyed it. "The Ultimate Happiness Prescription" is one of the most concise, inspiring reads that I've picked up in its respective genre. Chopra's explanation of the seven keys are logical, honest, encouraging, and informative. While admittedly much of this may be simply stated, I think revisiting the affirmations helps in one quick guide that's easy to flip back to and put to practice. Many of the principles here encourage mindfulness and note that happiness isn't a byproduct of having things from the external world, but rather comes from within and being honest in a unified mind, body, and spirit approach. I enjoyed the read immensely, and I definitely could see myself coming back to this for years to come. Chopra narrated the audiobook as well, and I give it extra notation for his clear diction and soothing voice.

Overall score: 4/5 stars.
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January 2, 2020
Thankfully this was a quick read else I doubt I would have finished it. I wanted so badly to love this book-to be inspired, to take my first step toward true happiness and enlightenment. Sadly, none of that happened. I kept at it, page after page, waiting for the aha! moment that never came.
I read the last page not 5 minutes ago and I’m not sure what I even read-nothing stuck. I didn’t hate the book, or like it. It just did nothing for me.
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January 3, 2016
Knjiga prepuna poučnih savjeta o životu, radosti, sreći. "Upute" kako se nositi sa samim sobom na svakodnevnoj bazi, kako si olakšati život. Zašto bi bilo komplicirano, kada može biti jednostavno? :)
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February 3, 2010
I did not like this book as much as his previous books. A short, quick read.

On page 13, he unveils his formula for happiness:
Happiness= Set Point + Conditions of Living + Voluntary Activities. We all have a certain set point, which is how naturally happy you are. Unhappy people seem to interpret situations as problems, while happy people see the very same situations as opportunities. He says researchers have found that around 40% of our happiness relates to this set point.

One of the goals is to be at peace, be nonviolent, awake and aware, fearless, without conflict and illusions, resilient and independent (free of outside influences). That's a tall order that practicing these 7 keys to joy and enlightenment are supposed to bring about in your life.

When you are happy, you are more likely to make choices that bring you success, wealth, good health and nurturing relationships.

Each chapter focuses on one key:
1. Be aware of your body
2. find true self-esteem
3. detoxify your life
4. give up being right
5. focus on the present
6. see the world in yourself
7. live for enlightenment

Good stuff to remember and think about when you are having a bad day, week or life!
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August 13, 2010
This is a very quick read - (139 pages) and I picked it up because I was wanting to learn more about meditation. Instead, I learnt that happiness is about understanding about enlightenment. I come from a very western, individual culture and I was interested to read about how every part of us has been part of something else at some time. I liked the illustration given at the very end of the book where the author kissed the lips of his grand daughter after a trip to the beach and could even tast the salt from her cheek even though she was gone and the family had left the beach. For me, the message of spreading the love and joy of life was coming forward.
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May 7, 2019
When you see the world in yourself, there are no more outward obstacles to happiness.
The inner and outer worlds are mirrors of each other. They change accordingly to your level of consciousness."

Our self-image is created when we identify with external things.

I enjoyed this book and the keys to happiness. I definitely agree with him on most of the things he talks about. Although he has written many books so far - I still sometimes have issues reading some sentences by him for some reason. Maybe because of the way he's putting the sentences together? Who knows.

Overall I really enjoyed and liked it and give it 4 stars.
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July 24, 2018
First reading was actually the audio book version. I found all his concepts very interesting and wanted to read the hard copy edition. I have just completed reading the hard copy and feel rejuvenated. I know I will spend a lot of time absorbing these ideas.
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April 23, 2019
Insightful at times but just too vague on too many occasions to be ignored.

I found some 'keys' or recommendations more useful and insightful than others. The simplified arguments and shallow explanations cannot be ignored throughout the book, as happens quite often with self-help books.
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April 12, 2017
My dad brought me this book as a gift ❤️❤️ i loved it so much and I learned a new things like :
1-be aware of your body
2- focus on the present
3-see the world in yourself
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August 30, 2018
جميل وممتع ومن الكتب اللي راح اقراها مره ثانية، اُسلوب ديباك في هذا الكتاب مباشر ولَم يسهب في الشرح .. يعطيك. المفهوم ويريد من القارئ التطبيق في نهاية الفصل
April 3, 2019
This was my first Deepak Chopra experience and I think I'll be back for more. I selected this on Overdrive from my local library and listened to the audiobook on my commute each day. It was a quick listen, and I enjoyed his insight. However, I do feel like this book deserves a bit more focus, and might be excellent as a journal prompt, so I will likely track down a hard copy and go through it again to really digest the content again in the future.

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January 31, 2023

“If you have troubles with outside world, don’t try to fix the outer world, look internally to find out what is not aligned”

“True being is beyond your mind, your thoughts and your circumstance. You are your true being, not your self image. You are born enough.”

“Happiness is state of mind, not conditioned by external forces, but internal decision.”

“Meditate, be present”

These are what I remembered listening to this book. I am looking forward to re-listen this book so that I can capture different ounces of wisdoms.
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March 29, 2022
Some interesting ideas about happiness such as the importance of giving up being right! A lot of the ideas are pretty standard though, and there is a lot of padding and not enough practical advice.
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April 3, 2014
This book contains a loooot of Feedback.
Its one of those books that leave you thinking, willing to change, give space to self-improvement... it makes you CONSCIOUS, really CONSCIOUS of the right now right here.
This are the notes I took on it... I thought writing them would help a lot on the hard part of making them part of me since this very moment.
“We all make choices; the hard part is living with them…”

“Human beings are not passive observers of the Cosmos, the entire universe is manifesting through you in this very moment (…) This power flows through consciousness, so that every time you make conscious about something, whether internal or external, you amplify you power in the Universe.”

“Instead of pursuing your own ideal self-image, give up to simplicity and to the innocence of being. Once you know who you really are, being is enough. There is no need to fight no more.”

“We shouldn't forget what its real and it’s illusory: Abundance is real, scarcity is illusory. Being good is real; trying to be good is illusory. Give up is real, hang on is illusory. This moment is real, the past and the future are illusory. You are real; who you think you are is illusory.”

“Since Ego is a tighten version of my true self, you get the feeling of rigidity and contraction of the body. You usually feel this in your chest, in your heart, in the stomach, solar plexus, shoulders, neck or in your back.”

“Toxic emotions tend to be in one of the chakras. You feel Anger in the intestines, nervousness in the stomach, fear in your heart, frustration in your throat, sexual tension in the genital area.”

“Life is complicated and it gets more complicated every time; or is simple and it gets simpler every time.”

“When you stop insisting on being right you access to a huge among of energy (…) it doesn't mean you have no opinion but you can quit to the need of defending it.”

“If you see the world with judgment and no love, it will be the world in which you’ll live.”

“When you feel tempted to obey your Ego, go apart and ask yourself the next questions: Which one is the most love full option? Which one brings peace? What kind of energy I’m generating? Am I acting from believe or disbelieve? Do I feel what the other one is feeling? Am I able to give not expecting to receive?”

“With love you live life spontaneously. Whatever happens next is the right thing. What you need in the deepest level you automatically get it.”

“No, you don’t exist to support your mind; your mind exists to support you”

“If you don’t like what goes on around you, don’t try to “fix it”, is like if you were trying to polish a mirror trying to change what is reflecting from it. To change what you see you must release a message from the fount (…) There is a basic state beyond time and space that designs, controls and creates everything that happens in the space-time.”

“The highest level of consciousness is the pure Self. We can see it in the innocence of a child: there is spontaneity, fascination, joy and self-confidence.”

“They are in the highest level of emotion: kindness, compassion, satisfaction for other ones success and equanimity, peace.”

“Habits like preoccupation, anxiety, planning and fantasy are the result of the disconnection to our pure Self. (…) Before trying to manipulate your thoughts or the situation, give a step back and re-connect with yourself.”

“When I quit, I’ll heal and cooperate the flow of the Universe”

“The secret of the Illuminated Happiness is: as a support of the Creation, your roll is being and nothing else. With no effort at all.”

“Emotions like love, compassion, empathy and joy bring back to the body to a state of equilibrium known as Homeostasis, in which Self-Healing mechanisms are activated, getting as a result a Biological Healing.”

“The most important contribution I can make for the healing of our planet is being happy (…) the more intense is your happiness, the better will be the healing effect.”

“The way to happiness starts and ends in ourselves.”

I loved the book. It gave me a lot. Its my first Deepak Chopra book and we'll see how the rest of his books work for me or if I work for them :)

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September 10, 2021
Odslusah je u audio izdanju i jedino što se na prvo slušanje urezalo jeste važnost sadašnjeg trenutka... Mislim da bi vredelo posvetiti joj malo više pažnje.
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April 11, 2019
I have a bit of a thing for books about happiness and personal growth but this was my first Chopra.  It was on display at the library and it was so short that I couldn't help myself.  It was a pretty quick read but it probably should be read slower, with some space in between the seven keys so that you can just work on them.

However, this was not my favorite book on the subject.  Sometimes it feels like wise men have to talk in circles until you're confused and think they're wise because of it.  I found with many of the chapters that I would start off completely on board and about half way through I would find myself going, "Wait.  What?"  I knew most of this already but as Chopra went more into each principle they somehow managed to become more convoluted.
My final opinion on the book was based on the last chapter and is kind of a personal thing.  Chopra implies that what we are all looking for is not necessarily happiness but enlightenment, a sense of being.  Okay...  Maybe?  I guess that for the most part I am just looking for a higher quality of life.  Like, I'm pretty cool with not being one with everything.  It also kind of seems like a cop out to promise that it's the only happiness solution that you'll ever need and then end it with enlightenment.  Like, enlightenment takes people years to obtain.

I'm also no saying that I didn't get anything from this.  It was a nice reassertion that I need to observe and let things go and I have felt a bit better since reading it.  Still, not my cup of tea but it may be yours.
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January 8, 2010
I consider myself a pretty happy person so I picked this up as a means to help deepen that contentment - I thought it was a nice reflection piece of reading and it helped me to be more conscious of certain aspects that I may have overlooked in the idea of maintaining deeper happiness. It is a quick read and it is not meant to be a "have all the answers" type of book. If you can read it with an open mind and a forgiving heart, I think it can help each person view different (and difficult) aspects of their life in a more positive light - and who wouldn't want that?
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August 16, 2014
من أجمل الكتب اللي قرأتها ويناسب مرحلتي بعد كتاب حديث السكون اللي قرأته في عام 2013.
قرأت كتاب لديباك بالانقلش يمكن عام 2012 ولا أدعي أني فهمت لأن ديباك بالنسبة لي كلامه أعمق بكثير من أني أدركه كله جملة واحدة، لذلك فضلت أرجع أقرا له لكن بالعربي، ومن هنا تجدر الإشارة إلى إن ترجمة جرير لهذا الكتاب غير مرضية 100%، لكن كان ممتع جدا ومفيد ووسع فهمي لعدة أمور أهمها الإيقو والبرمجات القديمة. وأعطاني تصور أوسع عن الوعي والتنوير بشكل أكثر واقعية ووضوح من التصور والفهم اللي كان عندي قبل.
أقرأ لعدد من الكتاب في الروحانيات لكن ما فيه مثل ديباك
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September 28, 2018
If quotes like this are what you're looking for, then this book is right up your alley:
"Your body and the universe are a single field of energy, information, and consciousness. The body is your connection to the cosmic computer, which is organizing an infinity of events simultaneously."
Or how about: "If you live from the level of pure being, in practice you have mastered creation."

Perhaps I'm just not smart enough to reach this level of enlightenment, because much of this book was similarly unintelligible to me!
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April 13, 2020
This book gives great insight into the seven “steps” we should take towards a more conscious, fulfilling, and happy life. I loved the conclusion that the more self-aware we are, the greater we can love ourselves, this world, and others, thus spreading happiness.
I did have some trouble following some vaguer examples at times and would also have to put the book down because I wasn’t able to make any concrete, deeper understanding to what was being described; my only queen with the book.
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May 25, 2015
A very quick read, but one with excellent insight. Each one of the seven keys described are definitely necessary to find the correct inner state in life. I particularly liked the advice which states that we remain constant in the face of any adversity that comes, peaks and melts away. Hence, our focus should be the self and not the situation. Extremely well written, and a must read.
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