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Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #7)
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Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #7)

4.07  ·  Rating details ·  57,609 Ratings  ·  921 Reviews
When an arsonist's fires begin licking at St. Louis's undead, it's up to Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter to save the very monsters she's sworn to destroy.
ebook, 400 pages
Published December 4th 2007 by Jove Books (first published 1998)
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Bark's Book Nonsense
Hmmm, I noticed most of the reviews here don’t go into any sort of plot here. I couldn’t figure it out at first but now that I’m almost finished with this reread I get it. There isn’t one.

Well, that’s not quite true. There were threads of plot, the vampire council has come to town to rape and pillage the beasties, but really this book is all about Anita gaining power, dealing with her two lover boys and gaining new puppy doggies and kitties who follow her every command. It’s bloody, it’s sexual
These books are getting grittier. The Vampire Council comes to town and they are some sadistic motherf*ckers! Torture, rape, and murder are their nice qualities, and Jean Claude and Anita have giant bulls-eyes on their backs. The good news is that Anita keeps getting more and more bloodthirsty herself.
Some days I thought I was becoming a sociopath. Some days I thought I was already there.

sociopaths have the best senses of humor...

In this book we get to meet some awesome new characters: Nathan
Tilly Slaton
Oct 27, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition

Out of the entire series, one of my favorite characters is Nathaniel. So when I realized that this is the book he would be introduced into .. I was like woo hoo!

Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I can move forward with the tid bits of this and that’s I have for this book.

Another brilliant piece of work by Laurell Hamilton! The twists in this book are amazing, and they end up playing through to the end of the series. It’s neat to be able to reread a series and pick up on all the little
Seriously, Laurell K. Hamilton used to write good vampire-slayer novels. Now she writes erotica. Don't get me wrong, I like erotica as much as the next guy (or gal), but when I want to read a vampire slayer novel, I want to read a vampire slayer novel!!! Damn you, Anita Blake.
Crystal Starr Light
"Why does everything with you have to be so [darned] serious?"

A fire chief approaches Anita Blake to let her know about vampires going up in flames. She notes that then heads off on a date with boyfriend and Undead Master of the City, Jean-Claude. But Anita never can have a date without a million things going off at once. Richard is off his rocker and creating a vacuum in his pack, one that Anita as his lucoi must fix. Jean-Claude is being pressured to join the Council--or face being destroyed.
First read: April 2006
Re-read: May-June 2017

The plot: Anita is asked to help out on a Firebug case while also figuring out how to balance her responsibilities to Richard's pack and her private life as the girlfriend of Jean-Claude now that the European vampire council have come to town.

What I liked:

- The mythos behind the Firebugs. The idea of these supernatural humans who control fire was fascinating and I liked the casual way in which Anita imparts information about them to the reader. The ide
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Bu kitap serideki rahatsızlığımı en üst düzeye çıkartıp seriye ara vermeme neden olan ögeler barındırıyordu. Ne mi mesela? Mesela Anita’nın süper güç gibi bir şeye dönüşmesi ve vampir konseyini bile dize getirmesi. Şimdi bu vatandaş ilk kitaplarda sadece bir animatördü, sonra nekromensır olduğunu öğrendik (buraya kadar bir sorun yok), sonlara doğru kurt sürüsünün lupa’sı oldu, yani alfadan sonra kararlardaki en etkili işi, sonra da leoparla
Diane Ehrlich
Jan 08, 2008 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: horror
The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great. Funny, scary, a touch gory and a touch sexy. As you read each book, you can really see the character development as Anita becomes more sure of herself and more comfortable with the "monsters". However, some the later books have deteriorated into little more than soft porn for women. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

However, I feel it cheapens the series, which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted
I have to admit, Hamilton manages to introduce a new, interesting and intriguing supernatural creature in each book.
Thus it's a shame her main character is so utterly predictable. I now skim through any paragraphs which contain descriptions of Anita's scars, guns, clothes, and hair.
Would it be interesting to extract all these passages from the Anita Blake series and see how much copy-pasting Hamilton has done? Naw.
(Is anyone else sick of reading 'naw'? Naw!)
I really like this series.
Normally I'd get bored by now but these books are just that good. Everything is so well written that I can't put them down.
Spider the Doof Warrior
I'm too generous with stars.

She just has too much going on. It's like one moment Anita is talking to some firedude and suddenly all kind of shit hits the fan. LKH CRAMS tons of stuff into her books. It's not totally a good thing because there's too much going on and the story could be tighter. Things like clothing descriptions can be reduced. Better yet, no clothing descriptions. No one cares if their pants are too tight or if Anita doesn't want to flash her underwear. And why is she running aro
Jun 08, 2011 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: favorites, paranormal
Where is all the sex reviewers keep talking about. There are some sexually charged scenes but everything is really tame thus far. This is however my favorite so far. I absolutely loved the fact that Jean-Claude was in almost every scene. I think that he is sometimes portrayed as too weak but I still love me some JC!

I am glad that Anita realized it wasn't that Richard is a monster but that she was afraid of wanting to join the pack feasting on Marcus. Now, she just needs to explain that to Richa
Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
Loving this one! It had a lot of Jean-Claude, who i LOVE, and im pretty sure that's why i gave this one four stars.. Or perhaps because a lot happen, nothing was boring, and i actually love the new characters we got to meet! Like Asher, and The Traveler! i do hope we get to see more of those two :)! Anita keeps being hardcore, independent, snarky and a kickass heroine, though if she doesn't really let Jean-Claude all the way in, -not just trough the marks, but in to her heart,- im seriously gonn ...more
Except for Yvette and her constant "I'm going to rot on you" threats, this was as enjoyable as the rest. You can certainly sense that this series is taking a turn for sex fest town.
Although some readers didn't like this book as much as the earlier ones (due to the increased sexual violence) I found I liked it quite a lot (not the violence, the story around it). There is an increased need to suspend my disbelief, though, and that is not a good sign. I was scared in that wet, dangerous basement . . . and I wish Hamilton would spare a little more backstory for some of the police/fireman characters. I'd like to know more about Dolph, and Wren, the fireman new to this book, see ...more
Büşra Öztürk
Bu seride artık Jean Claude dışında hiçbir şey dikkatimi çekmiyor yorum yazmak için kitabı elime aldığımda bunu anladım. Normalde bu ay sekizinci kitabı okuyup bir süre ara verecektim ama onu bile elime alasım yok. Çok güzel başladı ama yedinci kitaba kadar zor dayanabildim. Bir önceki kitapta şikayet ettiğim binbir türlü olay Yanmış Kurban da daha beter hale geldi. Bunlardan birisi de Anıta karakterinin mükemmelleştirilmesi. Halk kahramanı, olağanüstü canavarların süper kadını haline getirildi ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I kept on thinking I would come back and finish this one but....
I rarely do a DNF but this I'll have to call it as it is. Why? Because when you put a book down at over 60% read and just don't want to come back to it and when you do, you rehash then don't get much further, you realize that it is just not a book (series) for you. Anita was always throwing herself into situations over her head, then things would get really dark, then she would happen upon solving the situation. Her love life was a
Jun 17, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2015, paranormal
I've always enjoyed reading the Anita Blake series so far: there are all kinds of supernatural creatures with their own rules,abilities and powers ; there is action, humor, also my need of love and sexiness is satisfied. I'll be honest and say that I prefer strong,dangerous,gorgeous alpha males but I like Anita: she's tough, focused, honest, be her friend and she'll watch your back and be there for you no matter what, be her enemy and you'll be royally screwed! !
This book is not one of my favor
Fangs for the Fantasy
The Vampire Council, the supreme authority over all things vampire, is in town and they are not happy with Jean-Claude. It seems that Mr. Oliver was the Councillor known as the Earthmover. Traditionally the vampire that kills a Councillor takes his place on the Council.

But Jean-Claude doesn’t want the job and is doubtful of his own ability to survive at such a high level against such ancient and powerful vampires. Unfortunately, that’s not a view shared by all the Councillors, some of whom fear
Jun 06, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: hamilton-l-k
Burnt Offerings from LKH is the seventh in Anita’s ongoing saga. In this installment, we are introduced to the devious plots of the Vampire Council. Jean-Claude’s Master of the City status has come to their notice and some members envy his position and want to replace him.

Anita is not only a vampire hunter and necromancer, she is a strong willed, argumentative person with great loyalty to both members of the vampire community but also to the lycanthropes of wolf and leopards taking on a role of
Mar 22, 2008 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: horror
Sigh....A big disappointment. I returned this to the library after only 150 pages. This is book 7 in the Anita Blake series and I loved books 1-3, liked books 4-6 and then this one just blew.

The objections: No real plot to speak of, an officially loathsome unlikeable Anita who is becoming increasingly worshipped by the other characters who have become ridiculous, and uninteresting. Scenarios only seem to be set-up for their sex appeal - At one point Anita's erstwhile werewolf ex-boyfriend is ins
Wowa. It's hard to believe this is the same author. She has really stepped things up! The plot is fast moving and exciting. I was getting a bit of Anita burn out at book 5. Not so after book 6 and now 7! The books were good before but were just a bit luekwarm. They lacked the umph to put them up with the big boys. Well, she's off the porch now!

I don't know if it was my version or what but the back of the book only just barely coincided with the story. It had a touch of it in the beginning and e
Aug 04, 2012 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I think this book may very well be my favorite in the series. At the very least, it's my favorite every time I read it. ;-) I just love it so, so much! It has funny moments, sad moments, moments that give me chills. I really enjoy everything in this book.

(I feel I should say, though, that this edition has some errors in it that I find disappointing and distracting, but they were scattered far enough apart that they don't detract from my love for this story. The story was amazing; the editing wa
Despite what Goodreads says, this is probably the bazillionth time I've read this book. I used to do this thing where when a new book in the series was released, I would go back and reread all the prior books. I have since stopped this with this series. But I've also lost where I stopped reading them. So I decided to just reread from the beginning with the intentions of getting caught up.

Burnt Offerings is number 7 in the life of Anita Blake and by now we mostly know her and the main players (J
The super scary vampires were great but did Anita go through a total personality change or was it just me? All of a sudden sex is no big deal to her, she's wearing fancy dresses, and the monsters she used to hate are her best friends. It would be fine if that's how she always was but it's the complete opposite of how she was in the first books. Also the time frame seemed a little weird. It felt like she's been dating for a couple months yet other characters injuries have only been there for days ...more
Gaelle Lefeuvre
Mar 29, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: urban-fantasy
It's official: I hate Richard! Asher seems interesting! Anita is so strong! I love her! I love this series!
Beth The Vampire
The fact that the punishment worried me more than the crime said something about my moral state. Some days I thought I was becoming a sociopath. Some days I thought I was already there.

Oh Anita Blake, not only are you already there, you’ve jumped head first into the sociopathic pit of doom. Sometimes Anita seems like two people; one who admits she is a giant hypocrite, and another who gets angry at everyone who tells her what a hypocrite she is. She broke Richard’s heart because he couldn’t deal
Anita never thought that anything would scare Jean Claude until the Vampire Council come to town and start torturing and raping his people. They are accusing the vampire of plotting against them and it is clear to Anita that unless they come up with a plan, they will all be killed. Having to work with Richard is more than awkward as is Anita's new status of pack leader of the were-leopards.

This book is more vampire politics than actual action plot and it's not as good as the last book was. The C
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Laurell K. Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series. She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics. Hamilton is a full-time writer and lives in the suburbs of St. Louis ...more
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