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With a price on her head and professional hitmen on her trail, Anita Blake, vampire killer, zombie reanimator, and expert on the supernatural, receives unexpected assistance from an alpha werewolf and a master vampire. Originally in paperback.

387 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published June 1, 1997

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About the author

Laurell K. Hamilton

289 books24k followers
Laurell K. Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series. She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics. Hamilton is a full-time writer and lives in the suburbs of St. Louis with her family.

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254 reviews69 followers
July 26, 2012
I haaaate Anita Blake.

She is rude. She is arrogant. She is pushy, bitchy, violent, frequently obstinate, has incredibly poor impulse control, and she does not strike me as particularly smart. Unfortunately, I think the author thinks Anita is smart, and so I end up reading passages that are meant to show Anita getting some sort of insight, when no. There's nothing there, sometimes literally the author will insert the idea that Anita's picked up on some nuance that is not there. That's not valid - you can't say "Janet looked at the plant, and immediately sensed that the priest from three chapters ago had worn the wrong hat". There is no connection there, it's just the author moving the plot along by dropping left-field realizations into Anita's lap. She is not smart, she does dumb selfish things and I do not like her.

Richard is some sort of man-boy who spends a lot of time expressing or worrying about his feeeeeelings. He is either doing this by being goopy, or by being violent and then being kind of nasty about it. I have no idea why she likes him, and I have absoLUTELY no idea why he likes her, except that he appears to like being bitched at a lot. He has long hair. Number of men in my life I've found attractive with long hair: none.

Jean-Claude is some sort of pansexual Anne Rice bondage gear enthusiast. I think he's meant to be sultry. He also has long hair. We also get frequent descriptions of the rest of his body hair, I'm wondering if the author has a fetish. He swans around saying "sexy" things. He constantly calls Anita "ma petite". He says it all the time. Substitute the word "honey" for a few pages, and you'll see how damn unnatural that sounds.

The plot has something to do with hitmen and a big rotting zombie and a threeway, sort of, I guess. I completely don't care anymore - I decided to re-read one of these because I'd forgotten to review the series, but now I'm reading it and it's kind of killing me. The werewolves like to rape each other, film snuff films, and generally indulge in some insane BDSM behavior. The vampires are constantly prostituted and live in perpetual fear of being backhanded across a room or tortured. Anita flounces about in the midst of all this, barking orders and issuing ultimatums and fondling her guns like some nutjob. She sounds like a marvelous argument for gun control. I really, really hate her.

So, yeah. There you go. I dislike everyone in this book, everything that happens, Anita is like a brash American stomping into an Italian cafe and braying that she wants a frappucino and she wants it NOW and refusing to acknowledge that, when in a different country, maybe a frappucino is not available. No, she'll just pull out an Uzi and force you to make a drink that's as close to a frappucino as she can get, and then she'll insult some people, congratulate herself on being such a badass, and waltz out the door. And everyone in the cafe will turn to each other and say "Can you believe she nearly shot the barista? I hope someone kills that unpleasant woman sometime soon".

I am one of those people, the ones wishing Anita Blake would die. And then the rest of this particular universe can collapse on itself as well, because I really see nothing redeeming about it at all. Blech!
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102 reviews48 followers
August 2, 2007

Okay, so these books are marketed like steamy romance vampire lover novels, right? Well, The Killing Dance is the seventh book in this series that I have read, but the first where she sleeps with Jean-Claude, the vamp. I'm a little miffed cause if she was gonna sleep with either of them, I was hoping for Richard, the wolf. Or, at least hoping she would sleep with him before giving it up to Jean-Claude.

Now, here's the thing: in books 1-4, Anita is painted as taking the higher moral ground of she ain't sleeping with Richard unless they get married. In fact, she's done the dirty with but one guy, who she was engaged to at the time. Richard has had but one lover as well and has also chosen pre-marital celibacy. Jean-Claude has had squillions of lovers. He has, however, been letting all booty calls go to voicemail whilst waiting for Anita to come around.

Also in books 1-4 are many mentions of Anita's cross, her going to church, her Bible, prayer and yadda, yadda, yadda. Mysteriously, these mentions were dropped in Book 5. I presume because the author knew Anita was gonna be doing the nasty in Book 6. Did the author feel squeamish about making Anita a good little Episcopalian when she knew she was gonna write some smutty stuff later on? (I know she didn't seem squeamish about the smut factor itself. Two words: wheelchair hooker.)

And why does everyone want to sleep with her anyway? Cause, oh, they all do. That, or they want to kill or. Or sleep with her and kill her. Maybe at the same time.

Anita Blake's Boinktastic Attributes:
* she's short
* she's heavily scarred all over her arms and neck
* she's always packing heat and/or knives
* she's agressive, judgmental and unforgiving
* she's a "teetotaler" (Anita, c'mon, who says that anymore?)
* she wears white Nikes with black jeans

And I can't wait to see who wants to sleep with her next.
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1,838 reviews6,242 followers
November 8, 2015
Anita Blake has a hit out on her in this book. And, the person who put the contract on her is offering a half a million dollars. Hell, I'd do it for a candy bar and a bottle of wine. It could even be a box of wine. Really, she's pretty unlikable.

She finds out about this through Edward, one of my favorite characters, a professional hitman. He was offered the contract first, but didn't take it. As a matter of fact, he even decides to protect her from the hitman who does try to kill her. Anita asks him why and I love his answer:
"I figure I'll get to kill more people guarding you. If I take the contract, I only get to kill you."
Aww, Edward, he just loves killing. It is so endearing to me.

don't we all, Mr. Fluffypants... don't we all...

Edward takes guarding Anita very seriously. He arms her with enough fire-power to take over a small third-world country. And, you know how much Anita likes her guns. She mentions at least one gun on every page of these books.

Anita's choice of outfits for the night. These guns and her Nikes.

Along with people trying to kill Anita, which is pretty much a daily thing anyway, we are treated to Anita angsting over her relationship with Richard and Jean Claude. She decides that she is choosing Richard, but I don't really get why. He goes from being a big baby who actually cries, to being a dick who throws her against a wall at one point. That is way too emotional for me. I can't handle criers - I don't cry, and I expect my man not to cry. In 25 years together, I have seen my husband shed tears twice - both times over death. That's the way it should be. But, hell, Richard is constantly whining, blubbering, and has "eyes filled with tears." Ugh! I would totally want to bitch-slap him!

Richard's wussiness is also hurting his pack because he needs to kill the alpha and become alpha himself, but he is a pacifist and wants to resolve things peacefully. Sorry, buddy, but that's not how a pack of were-wolves works. Because of this, the current alpha is hurting, raping, and killing people who support Richard. He's willing to allow all of his people to be tortured, but doesn't want to do what it will take to protect them.

I'm looking at you, Richard!

In the meantime, Jean Claude is willing to let Anita go to be with Richard. And, I swear, she would be the biggest fool in fooltown if she does it. It's one of those situations where you're yelling at the book character like you would yell at the movie screen. (What, you don't do that? You know you want to!) Luckily for me, things work out in a way that makes me somewhat happy. Richard dying would have made me happier, but hey, you can't win them all.

Actually, this gets me thinking. What would I love to see happen in the Anita Blake series?
1. Anita decides to start wearing Converse shoes instead of Nikes.
2. Anita starts acting courteous to others.
3. Instead of using guns, Anita soaks all of her stuffed penguins in gasoline, lights them on fire, and starts chucking them at the monsters trying to kill her.
4. Jean Claude and Richard realize that Anita is a bitch and decide to marry each other and adopt a corgi named Rex that Jean Claude dresses-up like Thor.

It could happen!
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100 reviews16 followers
April 3, 2012
My public service announcement for the day is this:

If you read 'Anita Blake' books beyond this one, you've only got yourself to blame.

I've put a little effort into putting my finger on where this series went wrong. Somewhere along the line it went from being 'Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter' to 'Anita Blake: Supernatural Porn Star'. It was either this one or the next ('Burnt Offerings') where it all went penis-shaped.

Don't get me wrong. I like sex, and I also like porn.

However, when I buy a book about a vampire hunter... perhaps it was my fault. I expected "vampire hunter" to mean, 'someone who finds and (sometimes) kills vampires'. What Ms. Hamilton meant is, 'someone who finds vampires and then sucks their penises'. Mia culpa! It must have been me who misunderstood. Caveat emptor and all that jazz.

Anyhow, the first four 'Anita Blake' books were very good. Five and six were good. After that just put your favourite porn in the VCR and save yourself the effort of reading the following fourteen books in this series.
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1,152 reviews253 followers
July 10, 2022
“There was a look on Jean Claude’s face that was hard to describe. The devil must look like that after you’ve signed on the dotted line and given away your soul. Pleased, eager, and a little hungry.

4th Listen: “Can I still be the scourge of vampire kind when I’m sleeping with the head bloodsucker? You bet.”
3rd Listen: “My life was a cross between a preternatural soap opera and an action adventure movie. Sort of As the Casket Turns meets Rambo.”
2nd Listen: Still such a good time.

Turning point!
There’s a hit out on Anita Blake.
Who could hate her that much?
Edward’s back in town to play bodyguard. Everything’s better with Edward.

The sexual détente between Jean Claude, Richard, and Anita will escalate... and explode.

*The audiobook narrator is the best I’ve ever had.

Here are some of my castings:
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498 reviews161 followers
August 21, 2017
Richard'ı okumadan önce kurtadamlar gözümde gayet sağlam heriflerdi. Ancak bu meymenetsiz , gereksiz adam ile birlikte aşırı minnoş , aşk kuşlarına dönüştüler.

Eh sonuç olarak ben her zaman vampir hayranıydım zaten. Yaşasın VAMPİRLER düşmanım size minnoş kurt adamlar!

Ölüm Dansı şu güne kadar okuduğum en iyi Anita kitabı olmakla birlikte , seriyi bitirsem dahi gözümde değerini bir an bile kaybetmeyecek kitaplardan . En iyisi , benim için en özeliydi.

Bunu içindir ki devam kitaplarını okumaktan deli gibi korkuyorum . Biliyorum ki Anıta yine türlü salaklıklarla beni kendinden nefret ettirecek. Ancak JEAN CLAUDE 'A AŞKIM HER ZAMAN BAKİ. DEGİŞTİRİLEMEZ , YERİNE BAŞKA MİNNOŞ KILIKLI HERİFİ KOYMAK TEKLİF DAHİ EDİLEMEZ.!

Kitaba başlayıp , on böl��m okuduktan sonra seri benim için bitti dedim. Yazar çünkü sürekli sıçıp sıvar haldeydi. Bir bölümde toparladı , eh ben de sen demek bunu yazıp , minnoş kalbime bir parmak bal çaldın haa diyip dördü bastım.

Bal calmayip olayı kesinleştirseydi , yemin ediyorum elimdeki bütün yıldızlar onundu.Ancak saygı değer Anıta hanımefendi aynı anda bir değil , iki değil , üç değil , ıh ıh dörtte değil , belki binbeşyüz HERİFİ AYNİ ANDA SEVDİĞİ İÇİN HİCBİR ZAMAN O GÜZELİM BEŞ YİLDİZİ BENDEN ALAMAYACAK.


Anıta 'nım muhtemelen serinin bir sonraki kitabında yine deli gibi duygusal gelgitlerini okuyacağım , o yüzden diğer kitabı bir süre geciktirme düşüncesi icerisindeyim. Boğuyor beni kadın, Jean Claude 'u reddedip , kendini aklamaya çalıştığı her an , kitabın içine girip , deli gibi dövmek istiyorum. HİC KİMSEYE BU KADAR SİDDETLİ BİR NEFRET BESLEMEMİŞTİM DAHA ÖNCE.

Şuan da seri için tek umudum , Jean Claude 'un hayran olunası aşkı, gayreti ve sabrı.

Son olarak kitabı okuyup Richard destekçisi olan varsa şu güzelim alıntıyı onlarla paylaşmak istiyorum. BU GÜZEL ÖLÜ ADAM SEVİLMEZ Mİ HA ? *_*

"Daha önce kalbimi silahınla yada kazığınla sökebilirdin.Şimdi onu bu narin ellerin ve vücudunun kokusuyla aldın. Hadi ma petité, fethinin tadını çıkar.
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426 reviews221 followers
January 8, 2012
This is probably my favorite book of the whole series. It cuts out all of the BS and we get to the meat of what everybody wants to see. There is so much focus on Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard and by book 6 it was needed. Of course, she's got a half-million dollar bounty on her head that she needs to figure out in the process of trying not to get dead. Richard's dealing with his own pack issues; he isn't seeing eye to eye with his co-alpha, Marcus. That climaxes in an unbelievable scene.

Of course, this series isn't just about werewolves. Jean-Claude has been biding his time for when Anita will come to him. This book definitely pulled no punches. We were introduced to fairly disturbing concepts (shapeshifter porn, anyone?) and Anita's in a fight for her life.

Anita finally makes a choice between her two suitors and I was extremely pleased. This book in general is a little more racy than past novels, but there is still a fair amount of action, gore, and suspense that we have come to expect. I highly recommend picking up this book if you've read the others.

*Review also posted to Amazon
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25 reviews
December 4, 2008
Again another great book in the Anita Blake series, and this one is probably one of my favorite in the series. Finally in this book we see a conclusion to head battle between Jean-Claude and Richard. Vampire or Werewolf? Which one will Anita pick? Can one woman successful be with two men and not lose herself? I found "The Killing Dance" to be one of the sexier books in the series, not because there is sex in the book, but because of all the sexual tension that is built throughout the book between Anita and the two men in her life. I also like how Laurell K Hamilton really play with the dilemma that arises in many relationships, do I pick the person who is right for the person I really am, or do I pick the person who brings out the best in me, but isn't the real me? Who will she choose!
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1,133 reviews1,460 followers
April 25, 2020
***3.5 "Have Sex Already" Stars***

Anita "the prude" Blake is back! She's dating her werewolf boyfriend, Richard, and Jean Claude, Master Vampire of the city. Unfortunately she's such a prude that she hasn't had sex with either.


Thank goodness that changes in this book because I was ready to hit her over the head with a big fat dildo and scream "fuck somebody already".

The sexual tension has been ridiculous and neither Richard or Jean Claude have had sex for over seven months because Anita does't believe in foreplay, heavy petting or sex or any kind. Talk about frustrating! I mean, you'll kill anyone and everybody but won't have sex with your boyfriend of seven months. *eye roll*

“If you love someone, truly love them, you should never cause them pain. Never fill their eyes with something so close to grief.”

Richard is very jealous of the relationship Anita has with Jean Claude and is afraid she will sleep with him first. If he weren't such a boy scout, he would have made it to third base with Anita already. Well Anita finally gets her virtual cherry popped and it was ok. I think I may have over anticipated this moment.

“There was a look on his face that was hard to describe. The devil must look like that after you’ve signed on the dotted line and given away your soul.”

This episode was action packed because someone's put a hit out on Anita and assassins are around every corner. The ending was bitter sweet but I look forward to more from this horrific, sexual tease of a series.
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442 reviews63 followers
October 2, 2007
Ok, they need to add a zero to the selection so that you can warn others to not bother with a book. Sorry to say, but after the 5th of the Anita Blake books, Laurel just totally gives up on being an AUTHOR and goes over to porno. If the smut were removed from the rest of the books, then all of them together might make a single novel. Otherwise they are short (very short) stories with lots of sex, sex scenes, people talking about sex and thinking about sex. . .

Sorry, but if I wanted all that sex I'd turn on Skinemax, HBO after dark or one of the other smut channels. When I sit down to read I want a STORY. I want action (and NOT the bed kind, either)

Laurell, Laurell, Laurell--what HAPPENED???? You used to write a really good story, one that actually had you caring what happened to the characters and the action. Now the average reaction is "Oh, its another Hamilton smut-fest. Might as well skip it since it will be moan, moan, moan and lots of descriptions of the male anatomy of whomever is in bed with the heroine at this particular second."

Author 5 books137 followers
May 28, 2010
This is where the story died, methinks. I wish I could write myself into so that I could kill Anita. She has become one of the worst characters I've ever read.

I loved her in the first couple of books (what kind of woman doesn't like a bad-ass chick?) But now she just annoys me with all of her whining.

Another thing Hamilton tends to do is create mountains out of molehills... Why? To create filler. This ENTIRE freaking book was filler... Of course how many people would sit down to read 'Anita chooses Jean-Claude, sleeps with him, Richard eats Marcus'... That's what she took 368 pages to write.

ARGH! And I know I'll keep reading them to see how much worse they can get... *headdesk*
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,751 reviews695 followers
May 4, 2012
In The Killing Dance Anita Blake discovers someone has put out a serious hit on her life, she’s still torn between Richard the werewolf and Jean Claude the vampire and she’s drawn deeply into the tangled politics of the were-pack. There’s isn’t much in the way of police work, just a lot of pack power struggles, increased sensual tension and a visit from Edward. Ahhh, Edward’s here so I can deal with the lack of Anita working. She needs a bit of a break after Bloody Bones anyway.

If Bloody Bones was Jean Claude’s book then the beginning of this one is Richard’s but that isn’t necessarily a good thing for those of us who were rooting for the werewolf. We get to know him better and he shows a lot of weakness and protests his nature far too much. Anita tries to toughen him up and he gives it a go only because he loves her but his heart doesn’t seem to be in it. Poor Richard, I wish he had stopped with all the protesting and given in completely to his baser nature sooner, if only to get on with things, because even I’ll admit that it made me like him less as a character in this book.

Anita really has her mean on in this book. She is very unforgiving bordering on cruel on more than one occasion. I don’t remember her being quite so hard in the earlier novels and she’s totally lost her dark sense of humor. She still sleeps with her little stuffed penguin but she’s got a mean streak and she’s not afraid to let it show. I found myself sympathizing with her less and less as the book went on and near the end I started to actively dislike her. This book is where the series dips Anita’s petite little toe into the world of sex and power and her old life of animating and being an “almost” regular girl comes to a sad end. *sniff*

This one should really get a 3 1/2. It's better than a 3 but it aggravated me too much to earn a full out 4.

**I just found my original gushing review. Here it is in all its cringe worthy fangirliness written in 1997. Feel free to giggle at my expense:

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Extraordinare, is back with another spellbinding adventure that is full of unexpected twists and some eye opening and jaw dropping turns! This time Anita is once again up to her ears in bloody bodies but in addition to her usual corpse raising and vampire slaying she's also being hunted down by the best Assassin money can buy. She's got to figure out who has put such a high price on her head and why. As if this isn't enough to worry about Anita's love life is a major mess. She's torn between her growing attraction and affection for Jean Claude, the sexier than sin Master Vampire who tempts her with his every word, and her loyal and gorgeous werewolf boyfriend Richard who wants marriage and a normal life. Unfortunately, neither is willing to share her on a permanent basis. I can't say enough good things about this sexy and witty series of books. They've got great dialogue, fast paced plots, fascinating characters and _incredible_ sexual tension. Instead of petering out and getting stale like some series do these books just keep heating up! I really love the way Ms. Hamilton is slowly developing these characters and revealing new surprises with each book. The adventures, magic, gore, and creatures are a big attraction for me but the reason I eagerly turn the pages is to delve into these fascinating characters lives and watch the new developments in their ongoing menage.
Author 2 books57 followers
January 2, 2012

Anita Blake, vampire hunter and animator. A fiercely loyal friend with survival instincts that would make your blood freeze and coil. There is so much rage in this woman, she makes the Hulk look like Stawberry Shortcake!

I went for the hallway and the sound of screams.

As always, the murder scenes in the Anita Blake series are impressive and stunningly delicious. I find myself anticipating certain aspects of these books. Am I looking forward to the lust triangle moments or the brains dripping from the cracked skull moments. I’m not sure what that says about me ... but both ideas send me shivering with yumminess.

Question: Why was I more worried about losing Richard than about the assassins? Answer: Killing didn’t bother me; losing Richard did. I fell asleep holding my penguin and wondering if Richard and I were still dating. Who would keep him alive if I wasn’t around?

Blake finally makes her choice between Boyfriend A and Boyfriend B. Hello? Ya baby! Total neener :) I'm not telling *sticks out tongue* For all of my lovelies out there, you'll just have to pant over and over until you've read this book. Worth it!

There was no uncertainty in his face now. his eyes were still lovely, still human, but there was knowledge in them now, a growing darkness. Sex, for want of a better word, but that look in a man’s eyes is too primitive for vocabulary. It’s the darkness we all have inside of us, peeking out. That part of us that we trap in our dreams and deny in daylight hours. He stayed crouched in the water with that feral light in his eyes, and I went to him.

Edward guarding her body, Richard accepting the monster within and Jean-Claude always manipulating behind the scenes at play; this book will twist your smile into something extraordinary!

Politics between the vampires and werewolves. Necromancers bashing heads in hopes of uniting energy to heal a vampire that is deteriorating into disgusting gooyness.

Sexual sadists, Raina and Gabriel are slinking their way back into the bedroom with their rape, blood and snuff films.

I recommend this book to all adults in need of an eye-opening experience! The world is too twisted and strange to close your eyelids tightly and pretend that whatever horror that is to come will not touch of if we just make ourselves invisible. I do NOT recommend this book to children. There is extreme violence and strong, descriptive sexual scenes. Thank goodness

Although this series of books are paranormal and completely fiction, I find that there is an opportunity to teach us, especially those with perfect fingernails and perfect hair and perfect matching purses. Life isn’t perfect. Life is completely screwed. I say live it to the fullest and if it takes a book like this to toss you into the possibilities of hello theres! .. then good for you!
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1,357 reviews832 followers
September 15, 2014
Sabin and his human servant, Dominic, approach Anita with a problem. Sabin tried to go vegetarian for the love of his life, but now he's rotting. Can Anita help?

Sure, no problem! Only...Anita promptly drops that thread, and it's only a sheer coincidence (though a rather clever one, I'll admit) that it ever comes back into the story.

Anita is dating both Jean-Claude and Richard--supposedly because "She was forced to date Jean-Claude", but honestly, we all know she actually wanted to, because she's been lusting after Jean-Claude's "lovely face" and abs since the beginning. Only Richard doesn't want sex until he's changed into his wolf form in front of her.

Sure, no problem! Only...Anita is being killed, so we have more important things to deal with, such as being not dead. After an attempt on her life at her apartment, Anita goes to stay with Richard. Oh, and she has to leave to go on a very public date with Jean-Claude, because if she stayed in safety with Richard, she'd be worrying about him, and with Jean-Claude amidst a billion people--oh, f@#$, it makes no sense, just ride with it. Oh, and Anita wears a super short black dress that barely conceals her butt. Why does she wear sleazy clothes with Jean-Claude and not with Richard? Because she believes wearing slutty clothes with Richard will lead to sex. Riiiiiiight...

And since Anita can never have a moment's rest, once she's on the date with Jean-Claude at Dance Macabre, Damien tries to seduce a woman against her will. Good thing Anita and her gun are there, because we know that NO WOMAN can ever stand up for herself without Anita around.

Oh yeah, and Anita is almost killed again. So she has to kill someone, which means down to the station for an interrogation, which is interrupted by Dolph, who, yes, you guessed it, has a super disgusting crime scene for Anita to pour over. The dead body is Robert, one of Jean-Claude's vampires and Monica's (AKA Horrible Slut that Anita hates but still hangs around with) husband.

From there, we have the truly interesting part: Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude forming the Triumvirate. I don't remember WHY they decided to do that (I think it had to deal with the Richard-Marcus power struggle in the pack), but it was pretty damned cool. And that leads to zombies and vampires being raised, so several chapters are devoted to people arguing about how to deal with that.

And so on, and so forth until we get to the final scene where there is a Big Fight, Anita kills a lot of people, and everything ties in a neat bow.

Like with most Anita books, I have mixed feelings about this entry. There were parts I legitimately liked. The Triumvirate for one was pretty interesting. I also was interested to see how Anita would heal Sabin, and wanted to know how the werewolf power struggle would turn out.

But as usual, the Anita books come with their own set of problems. Anita continues to be a jerk (such as begrudgingly going to her "friend" Catherine's party). She continues to spend more time talking about how "lovely" Jean-Claude is than giving us a reason why we should believe she is in love with him. And probably the worst is Anita's betrayal of Richard. I don't know how spoilerish I should get, but let's just say that I have no idea (other than author overwrite) how these two are going to stay together after what happens. Sure, it's not just Anita's fault, but she certainly didn't help matters.

LKH continues to pile on heaps of plot until the original plot becomes buried, and then the end focuses on how to bring together the 30 plotlines that LKH has drug up. We never get a moment's peace in these books; it's always Anita running from one crisis to another. Anita doesn't do much investigating or work; the villains are just stupid and expose themselves at the end (and not necessarily THAT way). The first, and thus far, only, sex scene in this series was so boring, I kept tuning out the poor narrator.

And the mountains of clothing descriptions! Ugh! Why does every male in these books wear painted on jeans? Don't they have problems with their, um, equipment? Why does Anita, who hates dressing up, get into so many stripperish costumes "against her will"?

And for once, instead of addressing some weird building (I have no idea why LKH does that with the titles of the books), "The Killing Dance" actually refers to lyncanthropy.

Though it seemed to last forever, this wasn't the worst of the Anita books I've read so far. I'm still no fan of the series, but there are some pretty interesting developments made in this book and I am definitely eager to see how it progresses. After a bit of a break. I think I need a bit longer of an Anita reprieve this time.
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2,207 reviews48 followers
May 29, 2008
Is it sad that at this point I'm more interested in the mysterious Edward's backstory than I am in Anita's romantic travails? After a while, Anita's dithering and trust issues get stale - at least this one involves some progress on this front.
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March 6, 2014
Ugh! I'm going against my rule and talking specifics (a.k.a., spoilers), because I just... I.... Agh! I'm having a hard time with words. So just to make things clear: since I'm at the tablet and I can't hide my review from here... you've been warned: SPOILERS AHEAD.

I'm not sure why, but I don't like Richard all that much, he never made me swoon, he didn't seem "right" for Anita and, heck! I've been rooting for Jean-Claude since book 1. So believe me when I say, I don't care that Anita slept with JC, I actually wanted her to do it... but these were all the wrong reasons.

She's been pushing Richard to be pack leader, to kill, to be ruthless... to CHANGE practically since they started going out, she's also been saying she can deal with all of him and she loves him and blahblahblahblah... but when he finally does everything she's been demanding of him she backs down... wtf? Ok, sure, she's in shock, she didn't realise what it meant, whatever... after being celibate for a few years, she gets a little scared and ends up having sex with Jean-Claude? Really? That's her answer? Forget Richard, if I were Jean-Claude I'd be pissed, "you want to sleep with me becauuuuse... why?" It was totally senseless and incoherent. I would've thought that for her first smut scene the author would've set it up nicely, seamlessly woven into the story... not an "I freaked out, let's have sex". Yeesh.

What makes it less than coherent? I may be bias but, I have a bit of a problem with the fact that she decided to be celibate after ONE failed relationship. It's not because she has high morals, it's not because of her beliefs (religious or otherwise), it's because the thought of a sex drought is too much. I mean, she can kill cold-bloodedly but abstinence after having had sex is "too hard", so it's better to do without from the beginning... wow.

Other than that, my complaints are the same, Anita is a loathsome character, and I read the series in spite of her, the story is pretty good and I have to admit her writing style is much better than in book 1. Even so, she still repeats herself over and over from book to book and sometimes even within. Okay, her Browning has a second home on her headboard... you could use tupperware for the sacrificial blood... Jean-Claude wears lace (and still looks masculine)... all leather pants are poured on... "bully for [insert name here]"... she's short... she's not beautiful... need I go on?
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November 3, 2021
Anita se ve una vez mas amenazada de muerte, pero esta vez por un asesino contratado. Gracias a Edward logra mantener su guardia alta ante los diferentes asesinos que se han presentado en el camino. Pero no solo su vida esta amenzada, su relacion con Richard es cada vez mas tirante, el no puede aceptar su lobo y no quiere "seguir con su relacion" hasta que ella pueda conocerlo.
Pero no solo eso, sino tambien ahora tiene a Jean-Claude que realmente tiene sentimientos hacia el, un maestro vampiro que esta muriendo de una extrana enfermedad, un lobo alfa que debe ser destituido, un par de acusaciones de asesinato (en defensa propia), y el conocimiento de que cada vez es mas insensible a las muertes y que es capaz de matar sin pestanear para defenderse o defender a los suyos.

Aqui el autor nos comienza a presentar la evolucion de Anita de "tener miedo a matar" a "matar sin remordimiento", la relacion con el hombre lobo (como me imaginaba), no va a ninguna parte y su relacion con el vampiro resulta mas profunda. Tambien el autor nos explica mucho mas de la politica de la manada, un poquito mas de la politica de vampiros, y el mundo de los asesinos a sueldo (de donde es Edward).
La prota comienza a perder la "inocencia" y comienza a aceptarse como lo que es, y empieza a abrazar sus poderes y sus verdaderos sentimientos. Creo que a partir de este libro la saga se va a volver mas oscura, muchas mas muertes, muchos mas misterios sobre-naturales y muchos capitulos eroticos.
Espero que poco a poco la serie nos lleve a un punto donde solo la fama de la prota impida que todos los demas se le acerquen o que pierda todos sus poderes y pueda vivir como "humana" tranquila, esperemos a donde nos lleva el autor en los proximos libros.
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April 3, 2016
I basically enjoyed this book.

1) Anita being hunted by an assassin, pretty cool

2) Much Edward LOVE

3) Bad clothing like normal

4) Anita being a bitch, like normal

5) Werewolf drama- pretty cool

6) Necromancy awesomeness- Anita raising vampires is pretty cool, enjoyed the Sabin/Cassandra/Dominic thing even if it was predictble.

7) Robert dying and have to deal with Monica- blah who cares? Anita HATES this bitch.

6) The reason this book got two stars instead of three Anita freaking cheats on Richard and while they try to reason away why she sleeps with Jean Claude it's bull shit. "Oh no Richard shifted on top of me and ate Marcus!" Boo fucking who bitch. While I am pro vampire I have to say this was a shitty excuse to give into her va-jay-jay's whining about wanting Jean Claude’s tasty cock. Cause Jean Claude is a corpse, he drinks people's blood to survive and dies during they day. Plus Anita is a monster herself, I cannot STAND her self righteous bs.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 21, 2019
So much happened in this book. Anita is almost killed many times. Edward wasn't even able to keep her safe all the time.

She was almost killed in the john. O.o What a way to go!

She went to the premier of the club and now her family knows she's dating Jean Claude. I don't see the issue but obviously she is uncomfortable with that.

Raina, Marcus, and Gabriel are dead. Good. They deserved it. I do almost feel bad for Marcus though as the stupid shit actually love Raina. :/
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January 30, 2023
3.5 stars. Was not as fun as the first time. Pretty tedious and Anita has some narcissistic traits really showing up.
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January 21, 2019

This is the last Anite Blake novel I'm going to read, I'm officially done with this series. I know I promised to read through what I have, which was book seven, but this was just Too Much to handle. I'm so tired of being pulled into Hamilton's rape fantasies, and having actually interesting characters sidelined in favor of talking about Anita's hair, or her guns, or her Nikes for the hundredth time. Then we have Jean-Claude's constant use of ma petite at the end of every sentence when he's referring to Anita, and the weak reasoning when the antagonist is revealed, nothing about this book is redeemable. Nothing.

This series has fallen into a clear formula, so it's no surprise who was the Real Bad Guy in the end, but I am disappointed the one promising female character proved to be a part of it. Honestly, I could have dealt with it had their motivation actually made sense. Here are the three people who can actually help them, and they're going to kill their only hope at survival? Why? They tried explaining it, but it was flimsy as hell. Supposedly Anita and her crew would have been too powerful for these people to keep alive, yet they're adamant they'll do "whatever it takes" to survive their current ailment. Which Anita and crew are the only ones in the world to help them with. Make Zero sense. It wasn't even a scenario where they were going to force their help and then kill them, no they were going to kill them and hope their ritual worked that way. Oh, and Anita was left to be rapes and murdered by Raina and Gabriel so that's fun!

Edward is the only character I care about anymore, and he's not even a prominent character. Richard is a grade A Dick, Jean-Claude is still creepy beyond belief, and everything is focused on sex with a side dish of Actual Plot, which is not my thing at all. Everyone has to be some sort of sexy at all times, and not only do I hate it, but it's just unrealistic. The leather strappy suit they had Anita wear to the werewolf thing? What was up with that? Why was that necessary? Sure, leather is durable, but it sounded like she wasn't covered enough for it to matter. And as durable as leather is, it's not very easy to move around in, so not only is she not protected, she's lost some range of motion and flexibility as well. It's impractical.

Also, Richard ATE SOMEONE. I knew it was coming but HE. ATE. SOMEONE. Yeah, he deserved it, but this is the one time I'll agree with Anita on this one. Ew. Not only that, but he has some major anger issues to work on. Supposedly, that's the fault of his "Beast", but there are other werecreatures who don't destroy someone's bedroom when they don't get their way, so he's to blame here.

Everything is awful, and I'm done. I'm done making excuses for this series. The first one was fun, though it had one questionable scene, but there are no longer redeemable things about this series and I'm done putting up with it. Goodbye, Anita, it hasn't been fun.
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March 9, 2012
I bought Laurell K. Hamilton's first Anita Blake novel, Guilty Pleasures, because a friend told me the first few books in the series are good. Apparently after that, they shift from mystery to erotica. I found the first book entertaining, although Anita feels a bit two-dimensional. Clearly, there is enough intrigue to keep me reading, as I've quickly made my way through six books thanks to the ease of Kindle ordering. But all the time I am reading, I keep wondering why.

The love triangle between Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard has its moments, but I find myself caring more about the secondary characters than Anita. She is so self-centred and sarcastic, I find it a stretch that these men are so drawn to her. With each passing book, Anita acquires more powers and becomes more sought after by people and creatures more powerful than she is. And she comes out on top, with little difficulty, every time. It feels a little too convenient.

I think The Killing Dance is the book where sex, or the hint of it, permeates far more encounters than the plot requires. I downloaded the next one because I hate to leave things unfinished, but I am growing weary of Anita.

That said, there is no denying this is an immensely popular series. There are over twenty of these books now, I believe. So I can't help wondering why the editing is so lax. For me, that's likely what's going to have me abandoning the series. In the current one I'm reading, I just finished a chapter where a character's name changes (Becky/Betty). I had to reread part of the book to be sure she meant it to be the same person.

If you are already reading Anita, this book is ok for a quick escape. If you select it as your first novel in the series, I'd be surprised if it leaves you wanting more.
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June 10, 2020
Well it finally happened. I knew that book 10 of this series the focus would shift from Urban Fantasy to Supernatural Romance/soft porn. It's been slowly edging that way for a book or so now. I was hoping for a few more books before we topped the hill but the two main characters gave in and did the deed. So now I expect the next 4 books to begin a rapid downhill slide before the full shift over to the soft porn style that I know occurs. I am not mad at the writer, she is just giving the public what they want as is evident since this series is still going on after I think 26 books. Still a nice Supernatural story in it's basic and a nice world setting is being built up. Recommended for a few more books
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February 1, 2019
Loved this installment in the Anita Blake series. Finally some action between our heroine and her two paramours. Go Team Jean-Claude! I really enjoyed the fight between the werewolf alphas. Great story ARC.
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July 29, 2020
This book really starts to delve into Anita, Richard's and Jean Claude's relationship. I also like how we are really getting into Anita's powers.

I'm glad that Marcus is dead. He let Raina influence him way too much. I'm also glad that Raina and Gabriel are dead and that Anita was able to get away.

I was sad that Anita wasn't able to accept Richard and his werewolf. I can't blame her. Even Richard wasn't able to accept his wolf. But I'm glad that she and Jean Claude are together now. He is much better for her than Richard.

I'm a bit scared that Anita owes Edward. I don't think it will be an easy task he will ask of her.

I was mad that Sabin, Dominic and Cassandra tried to first influence Jean Claude and Richard and then tried to kill them. They would have been better off trying to have Anita heal Sabin. But love and desperation usually win over logic.

Edit: July 2020

So Sabin, Dominic and Cassandra are evil. Mostly Cassandra. I think I hate her more because she seemed nice at first and like she could be Anita's friend but then she betrayed her. In a pretty horrific way too. Leaving Anita to be raped and killed in a snuff film with her two greatest enemies while also killing the two loves of her life. I sincerely hate her.

What happened to Sabin was very interesting and horrific. I wonder if Anita would ever go that far for Jean Claude? I think she is too pragmatic to ever ask. I'm sure she has thought of it but knew it wouldn't work.

I'm really glad that both Raina and Gabriel are dead. Also Marcus. I'm sad that Richard eating Marcus scared Anita into Jean Claude's arms but I know it works out better in the end. That was also a weird sentence to type. Like it's normal for someone to eat someone else but it's sad it scared Anita into the arms of Jean Claude? lol.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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April 2, 2009
FINALLY! This book was exactly what I was waiting for for... well... the last 3 books :-) I know I usually give really short reviews, basically just saying whether or not I liked the book, but I found myself thinking about this one, and wanted to write summore (with spoilers).

So this book is where Anita finally makes a choice between Jean-Claude and Richard. It also pushed at the threesome thing a little bit, which made me groan and think she might never make a firm decision. So I read and read and the general storyline was pretty good. I have to say, I must really be dense, because I never guess who the killer/criminal in each mystery is until maybe a chapter beforehand.

So when I wrote up the previous book I was saying that something big had to happen and it really never did. While that was a letdown, her choice was totally not. I like Jean-Claude, because I usually like the monsters and the imperfect characters. Not that Richard isn't imperfect, but he's still so far outside her world that it would be crazy for them to get together.

And this is why I like the Anita Blake books more than the Kitty books. Anita chose who I wanted her to (I mean, yeah, it was painful for her, but still...) while Kitty went with this idealized fantasy world of wedding and house and whatnot. I like that Anita is... realistic. It's also probably what I like so much about Jean-Claude. And Eric (from the Sookie books... which comes out in May!!!!). And Mercy. She's also really tough, which is one of the requirements for me to like a main female character.

Now I know that the books will start to dip into erotica a little bit, but, really, look at the other books I read. I really don't think it will stop me from finishing the set :-)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 8, 2008
The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great. Funny, scary, a touch gory and a touch sexy. As you read each book, you can really see the character development as Anita becomes more sure of herself and more comfortable with the "monsters". However, some the later books have deteriorated into little more than soft porn for women. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

However, I feel it cheapens the series, which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted that her life works the way it is and makes her happy, even it is not what the rest of the world thinks is normal. She is strong, independent, and accepting of her sexuality.
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