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3.87  ·  Rating Details  ·  480 Ratings  ·  125 Reviews
"Jimmy always told me there were only two kinds of gangbangers: Those who were dead and those who were going to die. Joining a gang doesn't make sense to Jimmy..."

Jimmy is dead now—gunned down in front of his little sister, Mina, and his brother, Tito. And Tito is left wondering: Was Jimmy in a gang after all? Ice Breaker Joe and Lamar think so. They say Jimmy was skimming
Paperback, 96 pages
Published December 20th 1997 by HarperCollins (first published May 1st 1996)
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Garrett Anderson
Aug 19, 2013 Garrett Anderson rated it it was amazing
Drive by was a good and easy book. this book was very intense. The kid they called Tito was Jimmys younger brother, Jimmy, Tito, and there little sister Mina were walking home and a car drove by and shot Jimmy down and he died. There whole family was devestated. because jimmy died there mom couldnt afford to pay for there house anymore so they moved in with an old lady next door with a dog named spider. After jimmy died people were kind of going after Tito because they thought jimmy had told him ...more
Yael Sanchez
Jan 30, 2015 Yael Sanchez rated it really liked it
Did someone ever force you to believe something that you knew wasnt true?? The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I really liked the book even though it was pretty short but it still was a great book. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Drive By is mainly about a kid name Timothy Thomas experiencing a horrible Drive By. During the drive by his brother, Jimmy, was shot dead. After the death of Jimmy, Timothy's life changed. The setting of this book is during the summer. The plot of this book is when Jimmy ...more
Christian Garcia
Feb 26, 2015 Christian Garcia rated it really liked it
How would you react if your brother was shot in cold blood. Well that's what happened with Mina and her brother Tito. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. Let's see how and why Jimmy was involved in this drive by.

This book takes place in Los Angeles, California. It is relevant to the story because this mentions different types of gangs and LA has a high rate of gang related crime. Tito and Mina want to find out who the people that shot were. But the gangbangers too
Fabian  solano
Jan 08, 2015 Fabian solano rated it it was amazing
How would you feel if you were with your big brother and little sister in the night and your little sister run and you ran after and when you're got here and to her back your big brother got shoe by a gangbanger???
This book is about a kid who is trying to figure out why they killed his brother and was is brother in a gang???
*** Spioler Alert** the kid does his brother the last deal and the cops found the people who killed his brother and the people that help him catch the gang are pro
Nov 24, 2014 Brian rated it it was amazing
Hey guys it brian but this time im kind of in a bad town and theres like a lot of robbers and gangs well u know. So are u going to help me read these paragraphs to free me if u say no i'll take it as a yes. Lets get started or out of here.
********* ***************** *************** ************ *********** **
Well in the begining it at midnight and two brothers and their sister. are walking home then the oldest brother plays with his younger sister by making a claw with his hand so his sister go
Amy Maynard:)
Oct 22, 2010 Amy Maynard:) rated it really liked it
i thought it was a good influence for little people that are in gangs that they should get out and not to get in trouble. i loveed the book when i first started.
Feb 12, 2013 Davidv6 rated it really liked it
I like this book because it has a lot of action and because Titos brother Jimmy died and now Tito needs money or else the people that killed Jimmy will kill Tito
Michael Williams
i luv that this book has violance
Mar 15, 2011 Mario rated it really liked it
I believe drive by was a very intence book.There where many suprizes within the book,any who drive by was writen by lynne ewing.Ihe book was like a mystery many things got solved during the book.I would recomen for readers to read this book because it was really interesting and the fact that once you start reading the novel theres all ready many quetions being asked and action starting.The main character of the book is tito and his brother Jimmy who was known ass a funny guy was shot while he wa ...more
Jan 19, 2011 Macy added it
Drive by was a good and easy book. this book was very intense. The kid they called Tito was Jimmys younger brother, Jimmy, Tito, and there little sister Mina were walking home and a car drove by and shot Jimmy down and he died. There whole family was devestated. because jimmy died there mom couldnt afford to pay for there house anymore so they moved in with an old lady next door with a dog named spider. After jimmy died people were kind of going after Tito because they thought jimmy had told him ...more
Jun 04, 2008 Josh rated it liked it
Recommends it for: anybody
Recommended to Josh by: mrs.lawton
i really enjoyed this book. its about a teenager whose brother was killed in a drive-by shooting. later he finds out that his brother has hidden something very valuable, under his house....but what? the plot of the book starts out with Tito, his brother jimmy, and his siter Mina are all walking home one night very late at night. then a car pulls up next to them, the opens fire Mina and Tito both ran for cover but jimmy didn't. jimmy was dead, right there on the spot. mina watted to see if her bi ...more
Brandon Buchelly
Dec 17, 2013 Brandon Buchelly rated it really liked it
Drive By
By: Lynne Ewing

I haven't been so similar to a character in my LIFE! Some of the characters in this book are Timothy, Jimmy, Gus, Lamar, Mina, Ice Breaker Joe, and Mrs.Washington. But the one I like most of all is ..... Timothy.

I really like Timothy because I can relate to him very easily. In this book, Timothy is called Tito. Also in this book Tito loses his brother in a drive by. Tito saw his brother die right in front of him. Something like this happened to me.. One of my favorite cous
Diego R.
Dec 17, 2013 Diego R. rated it really liked it
Drive By
By: Lynne Ewing
BAM, BAM!!! Just imagine that seeing your brother getting gun down by a group of gangbangers. Ask yourself what did he do to deserve this, he couldn't have been a gangbanger or could he? This is one of the problems Tito has to face in this action packed book called Drive By.

The main character is Tito as you can see.Tito has been through a lot of thing first his brother was killed by some gangbangers. not so much later after Jimmy's funeral Tito got to his house from schoo
Kacper C
Dec 17, 2013 Kacper C rated it it was ok
Drive By
By: Lynne Ewing

After I have read this book, I felt really sad for the main character because his brother dies in a drive by shooting. This thought kept going through my head, " What would I do if my brother died?” That was what I was thinking as I read a few more chapters. Then I came with an answer. I would feel like the oldest sibling because I am the middle child. The challenges Tito faced were like being the most and helping out with your brother or sisters homework.

The book takes p
Crystal M
Dec 17, 2013 Crystal M rated it it was amazing
Drive By
By: Lynne Ewing

A brother’s death, gangbangers, and a mystery. These are all part of the great book Drive By. Imagine if your brother just died. How would you feel? How would you react? Well, this is exactly what Tito was going through.

The characters are Jimmy, Tito, Ice Breaker Joe, Lamar, Mrs.Washington, Mom, Mina, and Gus. Most of the characters scare me. I’m not sure why. But, I guess some characters are nice. I don't like how Tito keeps the gun. Why did Gus need to give him the g
Geovanni R
Dec 17, 2013 Geovanni R rated it it was amazing
Drive By
By: Lynne Ewing

Bang! The gunshots went out. Feel bad for the character's life? The characters names are Tito, Mina, Jimmy, and Gus. Lamar and Joe kill an innocent kid called Jimmy because he stole money from a gang! I would be mad if this was me. I would be mad if my brother got shot just because he stole money.

When his brother got shot, Tito didn't know why or know who killed him. This made me feel sad because if this happened to me I would get revenge. Jimmy didn’t deserve this becau
-Ahaa Mookiieee x3
Feb 04, 2010 -Ahaa Mookiieee x3 rated it it was amazing
this book is a book that i am curently reading. This book is about a little boy named jimmy and jimmy and his brother and his lttle sister were going home on the way from there little sisters friend party and when they were going to play for a lttle bit tito the brother said no we should be on the way home and jimmy of coures said no lets play 4 alttile and they did so they heard lound music. its was coming from a car it pulled up in front of jimmy and jimmy were talking and the people from the ...more
David L.
May 10, 2012 David L. rated it really liked it
David loera Book Review #1
Do you like mysteries? If so, You are going to love this book. Lynne Ewing has written so many mysteries but this book went to a different path. It was really interesting and here’s how it happened…
After walking back from the store, Jimmy and his little brother experience a terrifying moment as Jimmy’s younger sister goes to get a paper that flew out of her hands. A car stops and all of the sudden Mina hears a gun shot. Mina goes running and sees her older brother Jim
Alexandra Casado
Sep 15, 2010 Alexandra Casado rated it it was amazing
Drive By is a very good book. This book was about a boy named Toby that his brother Jimmy died in a drive by. This story takes place in Los Angeles. After Jimmys death it was a tragic in the family. Toby, the main character was really wondering ehy Jimmy got shot by gangbangers beacuse he was pretty sure that Jimmy wasnt a gangbanger. later on in the book toby found out that he was really in a gang and thats how he wass really getting all the money to help the family. Thats why he found out that ...more
Narrated by Robert Ramirez. Titoâs Jimmy is killed in a drive-by shooting but the trouble doesnât end there. Gang members turn Titoâs house upside down. Titoâs friend Gus tries to convince him to join the gang. And soon the gang is threatening Tito and demanding he turn over what Jimmy owed them. Tito learns that Jimmyâs support of the family came about by his involvement in running drugs for the gang. Tito respects his brother too much to join up with a gang. ...more
Justyn K
Oct 06, 2011 Justyn K rated it liked it
9/12 page 1-8 I cannot imagine what this would have been like to have your brother scare you so bad you run behind a building, then your brother comes looking for you while the other one waited in front of the building and when he finds you and you both walk back to the front to meet your brother you hear a cars tires screech on the road and he heard a car slam on the brakes and then all of a sudden it was quiet and then a gun shot and the car drove off into the night. Can you think how they mus ...more
Mar 24, 2009 tyrone rated it it was amazing
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sandy Arellano
Oct 12, 2014 Sandy Arellano rated it it was amazing
Read this book in a day. Such a small book or novel? Anyways great book from start to finish. Very intense and sad and smart... I dunno. So many things. Only a couple pages for lazy teens that want a good read. Awesome book :)
Jan 20, 2011 Hunter rated it did not like it
my opinion of this book is that it was a good read if you needed a quick read. but on the other hand this book was good because it talked about something that could really happen.the whole story is a family, a mother and three brothers that meet end. the oldest one works in a gang and they dont even know it after a while his oldest brother died in a shoot out after him and his brother were walking home with his sister from his birthday party. know the second oldest brother is the one in charge. ...more
David Reinhart
Dec 02, 2014 David Reinhart rated it really liked it
I thought this book was very interesting, it had gangs and fights in it. At times this book was suspensful and creepy. Overall, it had a good outline and it was a very exciting action-packed story.
Jun 10, 2011 123456789 rated it did not like it
i thought drive by was a good book for people that do not like to read like myself but once i got into the book it turned out to be pretty good book. there was alot of action u wouldnt normaly see in a book.this book was about a significant of gang violance and gun fire. this book is about three kids who are walking home together and a black car drives by and shoots one of the kids for not paying then back there drug money. after killing the boy the gang bangers started going after his family. s ...more
Jun 10, 2011 Hunter rated it it was ok
the reason i read drive by is because it was gang life but as i read it i become to like it. the one thing i like about the book is the real life it has. the older brother is the one in the gang and that gang killed him because he took some of there money from drug dealing. another harsh thing that happens is that one of his friends give him a gun to use for protection. one thing i dont get is that the cops dont really do anything to help the famly, plus the family has to move into there naighbo ...more
Oct 20, 2010 Cjclay97 rated it it was ok
Drive By is a book about a boy and his best friend watches his brother get shot and killed by a gang member. This book was written by Lynne Ewing. I would give this book a 2 1/2 because of the lack of reality. But other than that the book was pretty good but there was some sad parts in the book but i would feel sad a little but then the way the narrator wrote the words it threw me off a little. I would not recommend this book to anyone it really let me down. There was one part in the book where ...more
May 19, 2016 Elias rated it liked it
this book was really good and sad because jimmy there brother died just in the begin of the book and we never got to see what jimmys life was like before he died.
Jun 03, 2008 Travis rated it it was amazing
Dive by was a good 5 star book because you always were wondering if somthing was about to happen to this kid or anyone is his family. There were a few different times in the story where you werent sure if he was going to get away from the gang that was trying to find his brothers stashed money. At one point he was stuck in his old house and one of his friends managed to pull him out of there before the gangsters arrived and they just got out in time. The boys brother was already killed and whoev ...more
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Lynne Ewing is an American author and a screen writer.

She always had to move around a lot when she was growing up because her father was in the Marine Corps. She has two sisters. Lynne graduated from high school in Lima, Peru after attending seven other schools. While she was in Peru, she learned to speak Spanish. She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. When she was 30 years ol
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