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The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet
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The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet

3.83  ·  Rating details ·  9,712 ratings  ·  728 reviews
In The Kind Diet, actress, activist, and committed conservationist Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her to swear off meat and dairy forever, and outlines the spectacular benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, from effortless weight loss to clear skin, off-the-chart energy, and smooth digestion. She explains how meat, fish, milk, and cheese—the very ...more
Hardcover, 308 pages
Published October 13th 2009 by Rodale Books
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3.83  · 
Rating details
 ·  9,712 ratings  ·  728 reviews

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Jul 31, 2011 rated it did not like it
I want to preface my scathing review by mentioning that I am a vegetarian, and toying with the idea of veganism, so it is definitely not the book's subject matter that garnered my wrath.

There were so many things that bothered me about this book, that even though I finished it two weeks ago, I'm still talking about it to my husband. Alicia Silverstone has gone the route of many famous people these days, writing bad books that get published mainly because the author is, well, famous. Call me craz
Jul 17, 2010 rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: no one
Shelves: read-in-2010, health
I was so, so disappointed by this book. I want to say first and foremost that I am a full vegetarian and about 75% vegan, so my beef (no pun intended) with this book is not the preachiness to quit eating meat and animal products. Alicia Silverstone is not a great writer, and that in and of itself would be fine if her book was not full of unsound health advice. She makes claims that she never substantiates (such as why you shouldn't use spices in your food if you are an eating "superhero"), and s ...more
AJ LeBlanc
Feb 02, 2010 rated it liked it
Shelves: food, memoirs
Part of the reason I want this is so I can hear Cher Horowitz's voice in my head while I read.

"I am totally butt crazy in love with tofu."


First, yes, I did hear the entire book in Cher's voice.

This is sort of Eating Animals: The Light Version. The first part of the book is Alicia's journey to becoming vegan. She decided at an early age that she didn't want to eat animals, but when you're only 8, it can be difficult. She ate meat on and off before going veg full force.

She talks about reasons
Okay, most important things first:



Okay, first things first.

ONE: I like Alicia S
Lisa Vegan
Oct 25, 2009 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: readers open to vegan food, vegans open to eating healthier, cookbook collectors
One of my Goodreads’ friends wasn’t sure if this book would be for me because I’ve been vegan so long. True; I have. I also know a lot about healthful eating (although plenty of times I’ve been a junk food vegan) and I’m very familiar with the vegan macrobiotic diet and philosophy, but I always learn something, and I think that this book is a very worthwhile addition to the genre.

I think that Alicia Silverstone is adorable and I admire her for using her fame for good, to help others.

This book is
While I feel strange giving a book by Alicia Silverstone the same rating I gave, say, To Kill a Mockingbird, this book alone out of dozens I've read in the past two weeks convinced me our family could go vegan and be healthier for it. Since the night my enraged preschooler passionately declared he hated "bad people who eat dead animals" in the middle of a steak house (think Jesus cleansing the temple of moneylenders meets Rosemary's Baby), I’ve read every book our library has on children & v ...more
Apr 10, 2010 rated it it was amazing
What's the book about?

This is not just a food diet it is a life diet. It shows you how to look at food in a new way consciously and decide for yourself if it is something I want in my body.

Like countless celebrities before her, actress Alicia Silverstone has put together a book that she says reveals the secrets of how she stays fit and healthy. In The Kind Diet, Silverstone she swears that a diet of only organic, vegan diet, free of meat, dairy, white sugar and processed foods is what keeps he
Dec 14, 2009 rated it really liked it
Overall, I loved Alicia's book! I had heard about it, since, well, she is Alicia Silverstone. I love the title of the book, I mean, who wouldn't want to follow "The Kind Diet"!? It sounds like the best diet ever! ;-) Be kind to yourself, the animals and the planet. Sign me up! But I'd hesitated to pick it up because I know some reviewers slammed the book and I am sometimes more than a little annoyed at celebrity-authored books. But then a few of my vegan friends here on GoodReads gave it a heart ...more
This was a really great read about vegetarianism, or more accurately veganism, and what it entails along with insights into being environmentally friendly. The book covers all aspects of what to do to live healthfully, taking care of your body and our planet. Alicia Silverstone uses easy to understand writing and a conversational style tone to convey heavier topics such as why one should abstain from animal products. She takes leading research from The China Study, Dr. Furhman, Dr. Ornish and Dr ...more
Nov 11, 2011 rated it really liked it
Shelves: health-cookbooks
This is one of the better vegan books out there. She doesn't rely heavily on soy which I really appreciate. The recipes, for the most part, are normal, everyday foods that my kids would eat. The pictures are lovely.

The first half deals with why a person should become vegan. I wasn't really interested in this part since we eat meat - I'm just wanting to find more vegetarian recipes to add into our menus to decrease our use of meat and dairy. I think the author does a good job explaining the vegan
Nov 02, 2009 rated it it was amazing
It's not often that I read a book and am so inspired. Essentially this is a book about eventually becoming macrobiotic which I had no interest in doing but now I'm intrigued and am doing research about this diet. I love how this book is non-judgemental and I really feel like it was written from the heart. I've made two of the recipes so far and I loved them both (try the risotto recipe!). This is one of the best books I own, hands down.
Okay, so in elementary, I was a HUGE fan of Clueless and Alicia Silverstone. I was a relatively new vegetarian (new at it compared to now, when it's been over twelve years) and she was active in PETA and also super-cute. Basically, I wanted to be Alicia Silverstone. I even did a book report on an unauthorized biography of her for sixth-grade English class.

Now Alicia has given me the tools, er recipes, to be more like her. I'm not sure how I feel about this book being labeled as a "Diet" book. It
Jun 06, 2017 rated it it was ok
Shelves: foodie
Things I like about this book:
*may inspire some people to flirt with or even embrace vegetarian & vegan living,
*her tone is fun,
*there are a few recipes that look great and have realistic ingredients (Moroccan couscous with butternut squash, peanut butter cups, pomegranate and lime tea, creamy kabocha squash soup).

Things I dislike:
*emphasis on restriction (discourages spinach, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, non-local fruit... in addition to the stuff that most diets limit, such
Jan 31, 2013 rated it liked it
Shelves: cooking, health
I wanted to like this book more than I did. Silverstone has a charming (if immature) writing style but too many of her ideas ring of pseudoscience. She's not an expert in nutrition but still feels free to make a lot of unsubstantiated claims (such as advising little to no spices for "superheros" and eating only local fruit because tropical fruit is too "warming" in a cold environment. What?)

Also, her ideas about being a "superhero" don't make a lot of sense. She advocates a mostly macrobiotic d
Oct 26, 2009 rated it really liked it
Shelves: cookbooks, vegetarian
I actually enjoyed the first hundred instructional pages of this book more than the recipes part. It's refreshing to see a person who managed to live through the craziness of Hollywood life and emerge stronger and more principled for it. Lindsey Lohan please take note.

The more I read about the vegan lifestyle, the more I think I need to follow this path, both for my moral standards and my health. One of the most interesting things I've have learned after reading a number of vegan/vegetarian cook
Sep 01, 2010 rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: teenage wannabe veggies
I really wanted to love this book because I share a similar attitude about having plant based diet. It's about abundance and kindness to animals and the earth, and even if you're not willing to commit to a fully vegan (or in this case, macrobiotic) lifestyle, even choosing to explore vegan options is a good thing to do. Unfortunately, I thought the writing and editing were both terrible-- every page she's referring you to her website and sometimes repeating sentences word-for-word from a previou ...more
Aug 03, 2010 rated it it was ok
There were some great arguments for eating more vegetables and whole grains, which I completely supported. I was also glad she put in the information about the environmental impact of the commercial meat industry, and made such a push for whole foods.

I was really put off, though, by how poorly defended many of her points were.

"Humans are the only species who drink another species' milk" (while true, we are also the only species who cooks & uses recipes, watches movies, wears clothes, and w
Mar 10, 2010 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: must-reads
My sister gifted me this book I assumed it was just a cookbook. However, the entire first half is a decent and fairly gentle argument for eating a plant-based (vegan) diet. I found it surprisingly compelling and am now "flirting" with veganism. So far, the recipes haven't been bad either.
Mar 14, 2010 rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: People who want to eat better, environmentalists, people who love animals, hippies

I love Alicia Silverstone. No, really! But this book really brings out her bubble-headedness. Which is saying something, coming from someone who enjoys her professional work and was really wanting to be inspired to take another step in the journey of eating kinder. In the end though, I discovered the recipes here represent exactly what I hate about many cookbooks.

The big idea of the book is that if you're eating an average American diet, you can experiment with vegan alternatives. Vegetaria
Courtney Gawthorp
Dec 29, 2010 rated it liked it
Shelves: cookbook
First, I'll say what I loved about this:

I really liked the first part of the book where Alicia talks about why you should adopt a cruelty-free diet. She wasn't lecturing or anything. I felt like I was having a mature conversation with her about my health and about animals.

I also liked part 2 that explains how you go vegan. She makes it seem really easy and she def. inspired me to finally take that step in my life. What's even better is that she's done this and so she understands cravings and wha
Nov 08, 2009 rated it liked it
Shelves: nonfiction, cooking
I admire Alicia Silverstone, for how she's managed to structure her life. It must be hard to keep it all under control, in her fast-paced California environment with so much peer pressure. I think I read several years ago that she was a proponent of raw food, which may go some way to explaining her present diet, which looks to me like food touched as little as possible. It would take some getting used to for most of us, and it is not that easy to turn out a tasty product. It might take more atte ...more
Dec 21, 2009 rated it liked it
I've been on a temporary vegan kick for a couple months now, inspiring my boss to learn more about the benefits of eliminating animal foods. Alicia Silverstone's new book was her most recent finding so I got the chance to read through it the other day, and it's surprisingly one of the more tolerable publications concerning veganism.

The recipes sound really great, but my main complaint there is that I would be spending my whole paycheck at the Japanese aisle in Whole Foods to abide by her diet pl
Aug 14, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: vegetarian-vegan
If your Vegetarian, vegan or just plain interested in the world of vegetarian/veganism, this is the perfect book for you.
I wanted to read this from the second I heard about it and I absolutely loved it.
I was quite shocked through out the whole book. I never knew what all the meat and animal products where really doing to our bodies and health. I was so interested in all the information Alicia had compiled, I was hooked from the get go and finished it in a matter of days.
Not only was there heaps
Jan 08, 2012 rated it did not like it
Shelves: non-fiction
I am disappointed. I really like Alicia Silverstone, and it's a bonus that she is veg. However, in "The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet," there were many points where I felt more like it was her character "Cher" from the movie "Clueless" telling me why I shouldn't eat meat. I thought if anyone who was a meateater was reading this, they certainly wouldn't be swayed. I was almost embarrassed for the author because she sounded so...childish? I don't ...more
Nov 12, 2009 added it
I LOVED this book. Honestly, as someone who is overweight and feeling pretty nasty, the idea of an all-plant diet is very appealing (plus if there's even a remote chance that less red meat means fewer kidney stones for us, I'm all over it). Am also having issues with the cute little songs my daughter is singing about her pet turkey, which will end up on the diningroom table at Thanksgiving. Of course it's slanted to make the plant-eating lifestyle more attractive, but it's so like a breath of fr ...more
Victoria Cramer
Mar 01, 2012 rated it really liked it
This is my current favourite resource on veganism. I am a pescetarian making the transition to vegan.

The book is not without flaws, and I am going to address my two major gripes with it to get them out of the way. First: the book is very heteronormative. It is aimed at hetero-women. While the tone is friendly and conversational, and feels like having a conversation with a (hetero) girlfriend, it is unfortunate that this excellent resource is potentially alienating the entire LGBT community or m
Blake Fraina
Feb 21, 2010 rated it it was amazing
It may sound like hyperbole, but this book has really been life-changing.

I’ve been a vegetarian, for ethical reasons, for several years. Additionally, I am a staunch believer in animal rights and try to always buy from PETA approved, cruelty-free manufacturers. So I’ve known for a long while that, despite my love of cheese, ice cream and eggs, I would have to give up dairy in order for my lifestyle to align fully with my principles.

I received a copy of Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet for my b
Apr 30, 2010 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2010, non-fiction
I LOVE this book!!! I got this copy from the library, but as soon as I have extra money I'm going to go buy it. I really enjoyed reading the beginning about the bad foods and what they do not only to your body but to the environment. I'm already a vegetarian, so reading some of these facts just reinforced that I know I'm doing the right thing by abstaining from meat.

I liked the way that everything was connected. From eating great food, to saving the environment at the same time, and because of a
Mar 04, 2010 rated it really liked it
Overall, I really liked this book.

However, I have to say that I get really turned off by the "non-dairy" argument when one of the main reasons given to avoid dairy products is because humans are the only species that drinks milk once it is weaned. All it takes is a little thought to totally debunk this reasoning. First of all, I know plenty of animals that if you put a bowl of milk in front of them, would drink it, no matter how long they've been weaned or what type of milk it was. Secondly, th
Nov 06, 2014 rated it did not like it
Alicia Silverstone can not be serious. I don't even know where to begin.
This book came highly recommended by a friend. She had spoken to me for month about the diet and had convinced me to incorporate many parts of The Kind Diet into my daily life. Finally, I went for the full experience and bought the book. I would like a refund.
First of all, this read as if it were written by Silverstone's character in "Clueless." The words "icky," "nasty," and "totally weird" are just a few examples. I was in
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Alicia Silverstone is an American actress, author, and former fashion model. She first came to widespread attention in music videos for Aerosmith, and is best known for her roles in Hollywood films such as Clueless (1995) and her portrayal of Batgirl in Batman & Robin (1997).

In 2009, Silverstone released The Kind Diet, a guide to vegan nutrition.
“Calcium Milligrams (per 100-gram serving) Butter 20 Whole milk 118 Chickpeas 150 Collard greens 203 Parsley 203 Soybeans 226 Almonds 234 Sesame seeds 1,160 Hijiki sea vegetable 1,400” 1 likes
“Strangest of all, we’ve convinced ourselves that our health has nothing to do with what we eat. People who will spend that extra 20 cents on a gallon of premium gasoline because they realize their car performs better on it will drive straight to McDonald’s for a Big Mac. We create a mental separation between food and illness in our culture, and our modern Western medical system—for the most part—supports this denial.” 0 likes
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