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Most business books give you the same old advice: Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda. If you're looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf.

Rework shows you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business. Read it and you'll know why plans are actually harmful, why you don't need outside investors, and why you're better off ignoring the competition. The truth is, you need less than you think. You don't need to be a workaholic. You don't need to staff up. You don't need to waste time on paperwork or meetings. You don't even need an office. Those are all just excuses. 

What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. This book shows you the way. You'll learn how to be more productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons more counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you.

With its straightforward language and easy-is-better approach, Rework is the perfect playbook for anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing it on their own. Hardcore entrepreneurs, small-business owners, people stuck in day jobs they hate, victims of "downsizing," and artists who don’t want to starve anymore will all find valuable guidance in these pages.

279 pages, Hardcover

First published November 2, 2010

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About the author

Jason Fried

14 books1,281 followers
Jason Fried is the co-founder and President of 37signals. Jason believes there’s real value and beauty in the basics. Jason co-wrote all of 37signals books, and is invited to speak around the world on entrepreneurship, design, management, and software.

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122 reviews46 followers
June 10, 2011
Good standard small business advice.


Prioritize visually.
Make tiny decisions.
Do less. One downing not one updoing.
Don't be a whore to our customers.
build anaudeience

Hold meetings at site of problem, not in meeting room. Invite as few as possible.

Divide problems and projects into pieces small enough to easily estimate time and effort required.

Make short lists to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Prioritize visually, with next task at top of list.

Make attainable goals.

Use tiny decisions to work through even large projects.

Don't copy competitors.
Decomodify your product.
Pick a fight.
Do less and be easier to use.
Don't watch competitors. Create something new.

Say no by default.
Use the power of no to get your priorities straight.
Be true to a type of customer rather than to specific customers.
Don't confuse enthusiasm with priorities.

Build an audience by teaching customers rather than paying for advertising.

Be open about your processes, flaws and opinions. This will create more credibility than trying to appear perfect.

Press releases are spam. Phone reporters. Cultivate bloggers and writers for trades rather than general publications.

Use Freemium model.

Everything is marketing.

Hiring -- don't hire someone until you've tried to do the work yourself.

Hire only as a last resort.
Ignore resumes. Check cover letter. Look for 6 months+ experience, but after that the learning curve flattens.

Hire managers of 1 -- self-directed people who can set their own goals and reach them without help.

Hire great writers.

Give applicants a brief assignment to see if they are a good fit.

Damage control -- tell your customers when there's a problem. They will respect you more than if you try to hide it.

Get back to people quickly. Value their time. Expect them to object to change.

Good work environments result from trust, autonomy, privacy. Don't require approval. Send people home at five.

Don't create policies because one person did something wrong once.

Sound like you. Speak and write simply. Avoid jargon and buzz words.

Don't imply ultimatums or demands by using words like need, must, can't, etc.

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44 reviews213 followers
July 24, 2020
This book shows a new way to grow your business. This is very different than what business schools teach us, or what common sense is. You don’t have to have a large team if you don’t want to. You can stay small and still make huge profits.
My top 3 takeaways are:
* Protect your long uninterrupted times because this is when you are most productive.
* Focus on your product and the value it provides, not on the competition.
* Speak, write, tweet, and make videos to build your audience—these are the best marketing channels.
From this book, I distilled 14 strategies on how to grow a business and I wrote a detailed book summary you can read here: https://www.mentorist.app/books/rewor...
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474 reviews86 followers
May 2, 2010
This is another book I can't put down. Nothing in this book is earth-shattering or amazing. It's the little things you have suspected to be true - but someone who makes more money than you tells you is not true. It's what you say to your friends over lunch. It's support for being feisty in work and in life. I'm highlighting a sentence in almost every chapter that I want to remember. Again - not because I don't know it - but because I don't want to forget it. And I don't want to fool myself that it's not true just because another business book says the opposite.
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65 reviews36 followers
August 9, 2010
The feeling I got when I read the praise of the book in the first few pages was "This book is over-praised". When I finished it, I still have the same feeling.
Maybe it's just me, but I think that if you're gonna challenge the foundations of doing business, you gotta back it up with something more that "That's how we did it, and it worked for us".
The book makes a great case against all the elements of doing business (planning, raising capital, meeting, communication, workplace, organizing, etc.) but it doesn't offer strong alternative and it certainly doesn't make a strong case for the alternative that it's offering. Some of the criticism is just ridicules like Don't make long term plan and Stop calling yourself an entrepreneur, call yourself a starter. Who cares?
A lot of the criticism is filled with ".. that doesn't mean you should do away with this item, because it's still important..". If it's still important then why come out against it like it's some kind of a disease.
Other criticism falls under the category of a clever argument rather than a logical one, like "Learning from mistakes is overrated", you should instead learn from your successes. Well, what if I'm just starting and all I have is my first failure??
Some ideas are just confusing.
On page 159:
"And of course, you want all that right away. So you drop everything else you're working on and begin pursuing your latest, greatest idea.
Bad move."
And on the same page
"So let your latest grand ideas cool off for a while first."
On page 271:
"Inspiration is like fresh fruit or milk: It has an expiration date.
If you want to do something, you've got to do it now. You can't put it on a shelf and wait two months to get around it."
(eyes wide open of amazement)

The book offer some good idea when it comes to marketing and hiring and more importantly it offers you a chance to break out of business traditions that has been built over decades and now accepted as a given. The point you should be taken from the book is that you should break free from all these rules and follow only the ones you feel that they make sense but it doesn't make it that clear.

One very important thing is the book audience. This book is NOT for people working in any industry. Most of the ideas of this book are more suited for digital industries (especially software) rather than more transitional industries. What is worse is that the book doesn't offer that distinction, it actually states very clearly that this book is for anyone who started a business, wants to start a business, or even working in a job they hate.

To sum up, "Follow your heart" is good motivation to jump off the cliff of career security into the uncharted territories of starting a business, it might be helpful from time to time when making decisions but it's not a business strategy.
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160 reviews88 followers
June 4, 2010
Don't read this book. It is full of obvious stuff that I basically agree with but the writing style and argumentation are beyond annoying.

The pattern is as follows: "Lot's of people say you can't do X. But look at us! We did X, so it is possible". For me that reads as: "Lot's of people say you shouldn't base your life's path on winning the lottery. But look at me! I won the lottery, so it is possible".

Spend your 10 euros on drugs or hookers or alcohol and have some fun in life.
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32 reviews34 followers
June 15, 2012
"Rework" by Jason Fried это книга про то, как начать и продолжить маленький (но эффективный) бизнес.

Я не пользуюсь продуктами 37signal и книги Getting Real мне хватило, чтобы понять их точку зрения, но на GR все как-то активно читают/читали Rework, вот и я решил почитать)))

К этому времени Rework оценили уже 49 френдов (очень высокая средняя оценка 4.52), хотя довольно прохладную рецензию написали только пятеро: Alex Suslin, Игорь Емельянов, Denis Evsyukov, Valia, Alex Ott, Viktor Zakharchenko.

Про восторженные отзывы англоговорящих товарищей позвольте умолчать. Я с ними бок о бок живу. У них обычно всё просто и быстро: миллионером за неделю, классные сиськи за $10К, т.е. стиль/стремление жизни - как нa@@@ть обмануть жизнь, как срезать угол и т.д.

Мне книга не понравилась (кроме одной главы). Написано в стиле "Для чайников: С++ за 14 дней". Хорошо, что книга небольшая (я прочел за вечер).

Тем, кто все таки верит, что можно стать успешным (в данном случае вести усп��шный проект) быстро и просто, я рекомендую книгу (не менее известную чем Rework) Малкольма Гладуэлла "Гении и аутсайдеры"

Основная мысль книги "Гении и аутсайдеры": чтобы быть успешным необходимо затратить 10,000 часов, данное правило справедливо для музыкантов, научных деятелей, бизнесменов, программистов и т.д. Правило 10 000 тысяч часов справедливо везде. Любителей от Гениев разделяют всего лишь 8000 часов работы над собой… Но это уже другая рецензия)))

Что мне не понравилось?

37 сигнальщиков пересказали (на свой лад) японскую теорию бережливого производства (lean production), заправили это принципами кайзен и поперчили немного scrum(ом). При этом выдали на гора как авторское откровение (или мне показалось?) то, что наши японские братья (из Тойoты) претворили в жизнь ещё 60 лет назад.

В софтверных проектах Lean software development также известен больше 20 лет (все линки в конце этого поста).

Так вот и возникает вопрос: а зачем (после Getting Real) делать кросс-пост из блога в новой книжке? Что собственно автор хотел сказать нового? Может PR? Может просто нравится сам процесс? Может быть автор под Джоэля Спольски решил закосить? Извините, но так и хочется сказать, что тема сис@к не раскрыта .

Что мне (все же) понравилось?

0. Главы книги следуют чётко по плану/смыслу развития sw проекта.
1. Глава про резюма просто хороша. Нет, даже замечательна.
2. Автор пишет весело, просто, коротко (по-мне так чересчур).
3. Ремейк Getting Real.
4. Пример хорошего PR.

И ваще достойные ребята из 37signal бодро несут знамя Lean со звёздочками Scrum!!!

Почему я поставил такую оценку?

Я поставил троечку с минусом, во-первых, чтобы немного разбавить пятёрки. Во-вторых, планка 37signal поднята очень высоко (их книги и их продукты) и в этот раз (по-моему) они её не удержали.

*) Для опытных/знающих Rework может быть как конспект. Кратенько по темам.
*) Для начинающих это как маленький насос с адреналином/оптимизмом. Эдакий флюгер задающий направление на старте.

Рекомендую пролистать, чтобы быть в курсе. А то в курилке пацаны программеры засмеют)))

Линки на википедии:

Profile Image for Joy.
1,184 reviews83 followers
December 22, 2011
This is one of those books where I agree with the general message but don't necessarily like the delivery. Rework is a very slight read. It feels more like a series of blog posts than anything as formal as a novel. The tone is that of a manifesto, and evidence is basically anecdotal.

The overall argument is that we should redo how we do work (hence, "rework"); Fried et al make an argument for leaner, more flexible organizations, with few of the obvious structures of the average US company (meetings, strategic plans, etc). However, all of the content is highly skewed toward certain types of workplaces. While Fried convinces me that all this stuff works for 37signals (a small software company), he doesn't make any sort of real case for this being applicable to different types of organizations, especially those that have an in-person element (you can't open a retail building if you let everyone telecommute, for example) or those that necessarily work on a larger scale.

Overall: a lot of preaching to the choir.
Profile Image for Tanu.
312 reviews286 followers
January 16, 2023
“What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.” 

Reading the book was a terrific experience. Concise, entertaining, and chock-full of doable advice. You get the clear sensation of recognising a lot of apparent things while reading it, which is usually a good indicator when reading a business book.

Throughout the book, there were a few moments when I was confused about what I was reading. Overall, I thought the book provided excellent guidance. However, there were a few passages with which I simply disagreed.

There's a piece that argues learning from your mistakes is overrated, for example. The piece has significance because it discusses how you should instead learn from your triumphs. Learning from what went well aids in reinforcing proper behaviour.

However, I do not believe we should ignore our shortcomings. Should we dwell on them for an extended period of time or evaluate each failure? No, however, we should look at a few failures to understand what went wrong. Otherwise, you may be doomed to repeat the ineffective activity, or you may overlook successful portions of a failure.

Definitely a good book for anyone with an internet-based business and for a more traditional company that needs to shake things up.

Grab your copy here.
Profile Image for Keyo Çalî.
66 reviews93 followers
August 14, 2020
I had heard of this book before, I told myself it is just like other motivational, encouraging, inspirational, and nice books but all useless.

a few days ago I was busy searching for a good book to help me work better. anyway, I had lots of choices, I was comparing them review by review here in Goodreads, then suddenly I saw this book.
and Wow
one glimpse of the description was enough to persuade me to read the book.
I told myself undoubtedly it is what I need the most, later when I started reading the book, from the very first page it was obvious how effective and impactful the book is.

a book full of truths, full of necessary and logical pieces of advice, with a clear and simple language.

I recommend the book to everyone who is working now
especially to those who like me are new to working and need to manage and run a business.

I love the book
I highlighted on almost every page

read it if you want to work better and be more successful
Profile Image for Amir Tesla.
161 reviews659 followers
December 8, 2017
I deeply like such books. A compilation of wisdom that are earned through years of direct experience. The results of numerous try and error and what really works and what doesn't.
July 3, 2020
Quite often a dilemma in business is whether to follow what you consider tried and tested approaches or do you do it your own way. Rework resets your traditional thinking and asks key questions about your business, for example, do you even need an office? Quite rightly he proposes that there is NO value in meetings and business plans and we consume large amounts of irrecoverable time dealing with them.

The lifeblood of the book is, make it easy, make it fun and make money. Cut the ego and furnishings out of your business and deal with simple reality. Hansson and Fried obviously hate waste, including words, so the style of the book is short and snappy with real gems of advice on every page. They are very generous with their advice which makes them worth listening to.

My only contention is the time we spend on our businesses. I absolutely believe that if we’re unproductive, working long hours, hating life, and have no time for socialising or family then that’s a major problem. But, I love my business and while I don’t need to do it for more than 8 hours per day, I love to do it for more than 8 hours per day. I’m probably more in the mould of Gary V. Reminds me of the quote “I’ll do today what you won’t, so I can do tomorrow what you can’t.”

I would highly recommend this book - a few gems and a relook at your priorities.
Profile Image for Morteza.
14 reviews1 follower
December 17, 2020
Scroll to the end of this review for English-translated one
یه کتاب پر از نکته برای فاندر(ها)

نکاتی که هر کدومش میتونه جلوی بسیاری از بحران های استارتاپ رو بگیره یا باعث صرفه جویی در هزینه و زمان بشه
نکاتی که گاها چندین سال طول میکشه تا فاندر بهش دست پیدا کنه که شاید هم دیر شده باشه.
درسته که وارد جزئیات نکات نشده، ولی نقطه شروع رو نشون میده، خواننده کتاب میتونه برای جزئیات بره سراغ کتاب های دیگه
هر چند که گاها نکاتش کلا خلاف اون چیزیه که تا الان شنیدیم یا تو کتاب های دیگه گفته شده

از مطالب داخل کتاب، این زمینه هاش برام پر رنگ تر بودن:
باورهای کارآفرینی
تیم سازی و فرهنگ
بهره وری
بوت استرپ
خاص بودن محصول (صفر به یک)
رفتارهای داخل سازمان
کنترل آسیب
ارتباط با مشتری یا کاربر

برای همه کسایی که قصد راه اندازی استارتاپ رو دارن یا حتی فاندر استارتاپ هستن و الان در حال اداره ش هستن، خوندنش رو توصیه میکنم
A book full of tips for Fonder (s)
Tips each can prevent many startup crises and save time and money
Tips that sometimes take several years for the funder to achieve, which may be too late.
Indeed, it does not go into the details of the points, but it shows the starting point, the reader of the book can go to other books for details.
Although sometimes its points are completely contrary to what we have heard so far or have been said in other books

From the contents of the book, these fields are more colourful for me:
Entrepreneurial beliefs
Team building and culture
Product specificity (zero to one)
Behaviours within the organization
Damage control
Communication with the customer or user

I recommend reading it to anyone who is planning to start a startup or is even a startup funder and is currently running it.
Profile Image for Louise.
929 reviews288 followers
December 16, 2010
Rework is quick and easy to read, which speaks to the philosophy the book is shilling: get things done -- which coincidentally speaks to me.

Nothing in this book can be learned that can't be learned from the Signal vs. Noise blog from 37signals. That doesn't mean this book is unnecessary. On the contrary, it's handy to have a collection of business tips and anecdotes bound in one neat little volume.

This was my first business book and I think I got off pretty easy. There was a minimum of douchery in each page and a lot of tidbits that inspired me to get going on my side-project, which had been sitting around for months. The book's not just for aspiring CEOs and business owners. It's also for developers, marketing people, accountants, pretty much anyone who wants to get things done in an efficient manner.

Best white elephant steal ever!
Profile Image for Kiet Huynh.
84 reviews53 followers
April 1, 2017
Mượn được ở thư viện sứ quán Mĩ.

Ngạc nhiên vì có nhiều vấn đề trong việc làm được tái-định-nghĩa lại một cách cực kỳ đơn giản mà hợp lý, thực dụng hơn. Ví dụ nhé: Workaholics không có nghĩa là bạn quan tâm công việc hay bạn làm được nhiều việc. Workaholics nghĩa là bạn làm nhiều. Hết.

- Tập trung... tập trung...tập trung.
- Hầu như long-term plan đều không thể thực hiện, hãy chọn small task.
- All-nighter không có hay ho, đôi khi nó là cách ngu nhất để giải quyết vấn đề.
- Hãy thực hiện ý tưởng càng nhanh càng tốt, inspiration không phải vô hạn.
- Meetings are toxic. ASAP are poison (và cái lý của nó).

Bắt đầu yêu việc đọc ngoại văn.
Profile Image for John Cooper.
210 reviews10 followers
May 4, 2020
Rework is an example of the business-inspirational genre by the founders of 37Signals, a software company. I like 37Signals because they’re straightforward, even pithy, and because founder Jason Fried has some right-on things to say about business culture, such as the stupidity of insisting that all workers come to an office and stay for eight hours, whether they are productive there or not. Rework follows the format of a lot of these books, which alternates extremely short chapters with crude page-sized art. Usually this format follows naturally when the author is reworking his blog into a book, which is the case here.

A lot of the little chapters pretend to upend the common wisdom. There are chapters titled “Welcome Obscurity,” “Good Enough is Fine” and “Drug Dealers Get It Right.” This gives even completely passive readers the feeling of boldly thinking outside the box. There is a chance, I suppose, that some readers really will be jolted into changing their way of thinking, and I think that’s what the authors are aiming for. But I’m skeptical. You’re either ready to be bold, or you’re not, and if you are ready, you’ll quickly find your own path and won’t need this book.

Ultimately, Rework is not a lot different from a traditional book of business wisdom (say, Winning by Jack Welch of GE). People are hungry for advice and seek it from those they consider brilliant, and what higher proof of brilliance is there than success in the market? But consider: 37Signals began as a Web-design company just as the Web was becoming a truly mass phenomenon. The company then switched to developing Web apps just as the iPhone came out and apps became a very big commercial thing. These guys are very smart, no doubt, but they’re also lucky; like the rock musicians of the '50s and '60s, they were there just as the market demanded their particular skills for the very first time. If they’d been born ten years earlier or later, they would have found much less rewarding outlets or would have faced much stiffer competition.

If you’ve already begun a startup company, this book may be the encouragement you need and may even give you a few good ideas. If you’re looking for a book to inspire you to action, look within yourself instead.
25 reviews44 followers
February 5, 2014
A super quick read that basically throws a bunch of (maybe minor) tips and words of advice to people who are looking to start or have already started their own businesses.

70% is comprised of useful advice that is definitely relevant to everyone, not just entrepreneurs and business owners.

20% are concepts conveniently backed by pieces of "evidence" in 37signals' history that seemingly suggest all businesses can and should be run like 37signals.

10% is what I would consider to be somewhat contradictory and maybe even slightly counter-productive mentalities.

I found this to be an interesting albeit quick read. Even though I did learn a lot, every time the book moved on to a new topic or bit of advice, I got the distinct feeling that I'd previously heard similar or the exact same things from other books or blogs or anything that has previously been one of the top pages on Hacker News.
Profile Image for Annie.
800 reviews835 followers
February 19, 2021
I give this book 3.5 stars. The audience for this book is young tech entrepreneurs with no work experience to guide them. The suggestions are based on the author's experience and may not apply to other people nor to other industries. For example, the author disagrees with the old adage of "learn from your mistakes." You only learn what not to do; there's no value in that. The author instead suggests that you learn from your successes. If you're starting a business, you haven't succeeded in anything yet. You can learn from others' successes, but the authors admonish against copying from competitors.
Profile Image for Andreea Chiuaru.
Author 1 book763 followers
January 6, 2021
Loved it. Fix ce aveam nevoie la început de an. Recomand în special antreprenorilor sau celor care vor să-și lanseze un business.
Profile Image for Bon Tom.
854 reviews55 followers
August 28, 2019
This book is one continuous bookmark from start to end. As others have said, nothing new here, or maybe it's effect of its thesis being so logical and easily acceptable. Anyway, it's about stuff that pretty much everybody ignores for the sake of personal and business grandeur, at the price of decreased functionality.

To me, it's about axiomatic truths, so solid and face punching that you don't (or shouldn't) even need further proofs for accepting them as practical, natural laws in unnatural world of business. Also translates to personal life and self management. Your life is organization of one employee anyway.
9 reviews26 followers
January 4, 2016
A very succinct summary of basic principles that should never be forgotten when aiming to succeed in business. Very well written. I am a fan of anecdotes, though and personally found that flavour wanting.
Profile Image for Ostap Andrusiv.
51 reviews19 followers
February 7, 2017
Десь місяць тому подивився інтерв'ю Саймона Сайнека про Millenials. Він там згадував, що найкраще будувати продукти там, де ви зачіпаєте справжні почуття людей. І багато говорив про те, що ми всі перетворюємось в допамінових наркоманів (допамін - це речовина, яка дозволяє відчувати задоволення). Лайкнув - получив дозу, тобі лайкнули - получив дозу, відповіли в чатіку - получив дозу.

Чомусь подумалось, що Re:Work - це книжка про те, як шукати допамін у складному процесі побудови бізнесу. Не вигорати, не робити лишніх рухів, а перетворити постійний, інколи нудний, процес розвитку і поступу у щось цікаве.

Re:Work не викликав "о-вау" ефекту. Почав читати і здалось, що написано в стилі "agile фулстек бізнес-тренерів" від яких вивертає. З іншого боку, читаєш-читаєш і розумієш, що вроді й правду кажуть. І ще й прикладів з життя багато наводять. І так написано, що в певні моменти хочеться сісти в якусь позу йоги і повторювати фрази як мантру. Ілюстрації в українській версії теж дуже цьому сприяють.

Висновок: 4. Людині, яка читала Zero to One, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Lean Startup, має трохи досвіду в технічній індустрії, — Реворк буде трохи як водичка. Хоча заради деяких цікавих фраз, як от, наприклад, "Культура - це побічний продукт послідовної поведінки”, її варто прочитати.

P.S. Після того, як її прочитаєте, зробіть експеримент для запамятовування: постарайтесь пригадати про що йшлось в кожному розділі, використовуючи лише його назву. Написано просто, багато запам'ятовується, особливо про ресторани і кухню.
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September 13, 2017
Crude drawings and generic common-sense advice do not make a good book. The authors' arrogant writing and argumentative style tries to make basic knowledge look like out-of-the-box wisdom, but it just ends up vapid and underwhelming. It's not surprising that their advice is incredibly unoriginal, since their products that they talk so proudly about are actually inferior to many competitors anyway. If the authors are that boastful of an archaic product that looks like it's been stuck in the early 2000s, I wouldn't exactly look to them as experts of these things.
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July 26, 2019

کتاب Rework (بازنگری در کار) را Jason Fried ، از بنیانگذاران شرکت 37Signals (Basecamp کنونی) و David Heinemeier Hanson برنامه نویس و مبدع فریمورک Ruby on Rails در سال 2010 منتشر کردند. کتابی که در سودای پیروی از فلسفه ی «Simpler is better» بود. هم چنین می توان کتاب را عمل به یکی از توصیه های خود کتاب دانست که »محصولات جانبی کارتان را بفروشید«؛ محصول جانبی سال ها کار و تخصص یک تیم حرفه ای و کوچک!
نویسندگان کتاب، همانطور که در پیش گفتار کتاب ذکر کرده اند، مدعی اند »روش تازه ای برای به وجود آوردن، اداره کردن و رشد ( یا عدم رشد) کسب و کارها دارند.« کتاب با در پیش گرفتن روی��ردی ساختارشکنانه نسبت به همه قواعد و اصول متعارف دنیای کسب و کار مدرن، سعی در ارائه تجربیات خود در شکل دهی به یک کسب و کار موفق دارد.
تجربیاتی که ریشه در تجربه ی ـآنها از زمان شکل گیری شرکت 37signals دارد. شرکتی که در سال 1999 با همت سه نفر برنامه نویس به عنوان مشاور طراحی وب شکل گرفت و در سال 2004 به دلیل آنکه از نرم افزار مدیریت پروژه ی معروف و متداول آن روزها خوششان نمی آمد تصمیم به نوشتن نرم افزار دلخواه خودشان به نام Basecamp گرفتند و آن را به صورت آنلاین با دیگران به اشتراک گذاشتند، اقدامی که سال هاست سود سالیانه ی چند میلیون دلاری را برای این گروه کوچک به همراه داشته است.
گروه کوچک Basecamp، که در زمان تالیف کتاب گروهی 16 نفره به حساب می آید و بیش از نیمی از آنها در 8 شهر از دو قاره پراکنده اند و از راه دور با هم در ارتباط اند، در عمل به یکی دیگر از توصیه های خودشان در کتاب که »محصول مورد نیاز خودتان را تولید کنید«، محصولات دیگری از جمله نرم افزار مدیریت ارتباط با مشتری Highrise، ابزار به اشتراک گذاری Backpack، ابزار گپ زنی Campfire و توسعه فریمورک Ruby on Rails را توسعه داده اند.
کتاب که از پرفروش های نیویورک تایمز بوده است، حکایتی ست خواندنی از همین تجربه ها.

گویا 4-5 تا ترجمه با عناوین مختلف در بازار موجود هست . ترجمه آقای مشایخ خوب و روان بود.
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July 24, 2020
I read it in a two-hour flight. Don't let the nearly 300 pages fool you. It's a quick read.

Really good and insightful. It's broken into chapters, each chapter has many tips. Each tip has a one page sketch for the tip which makes it super fun to read.

Recommended if you're operating a business or aspiring to.
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May 2, 2016
جناب جیسون فرید این کتاب رو بر اساس تجربیات کاری خودش و تیم خودش نوشته که به به نظرم بیشتر به درد شرکت های کوچیک یا تازه تاسیس (یا هر دو) میخوره.
:موضوع این کتاب یک سری توصیه هست برای نمونه دوتاش رو مثال میزنم

1) کسب و کارتون رو سبک و قابل انعطاف نگه دارین تا مثلا بتونین در زمان کوتاهی تغییرات رو در کسب و کارتون ایجاد کنین(مثلا زیاد قاعده و قانون وضع نکنین و از امکانات اولیه و ساده استفاده کنین و فقط چیز هایی رو بخرین و استفاده کنین که واقعععععا لازمه و ...)

2) فقط در ضرورت کسی رو استخدام کنین مثلا وقتی که خودتون نتونین کار رو جلو ببرین یا کسی توی تیمتون نتونه (البته در ابتدای کار و نه زمانی که برای برون سپاری اقدام میکنین)

من ترجمه ی آقای حمید محمودزاده رو خوندم
با نام واقعیت های جدید در کسب و کار، اینم لینکش برای دوستان علاقه مندم:
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November 5, 2014
This book all about How to do business or work?, and it's gives more inspiration to the entrepreneurs and employees.

--some great words :

1.U need less than U think-if u need a big office,how to share office space?..work from home for while.

2.Inspiration is a fresh fruit on a milk, doesn't have expiration date.and ideas are model, its lost forever,doesn't lost forever is inspiration.

3.Interruption is the enemy of the productivity.
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June 29, 2018
كتاب جميل وبسيط يحوي افكارا عملية في المشاريع والمؤسسات الناشئة.
هذه الافكار تسهل وتبسط التعقيد الاداري فيها
وغالبية هذه الافكار لا تنطبق على المؤسسات الكبيرة
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