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Best Friends Forever
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Best Friends Forever

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  47,100 ratings  ·  3,207 reviews
Addie Downs and Valerie Adler will be best friends forever. That’s what Addie believes after Valerie moves across the street when they’re both nine years old. But in the wake of betrayal during their teenage years, Val is swept into the popular crowd, while mousy, sullen Addie becomes her school’s scapegoat.

Flash-forward fifteen years. Valerie Adler has found a measure of

Paperback, Reprint Edition, 359 pages
Published May 4th 2010 by Washington Square Press (first published July 14th 2009)
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This book was billed as heart-break betrayal, small town scandalous, funny, Thelma-Louise Style adventures. I just want to know what book these individuals read because it certainly wasn't this one. The storyline was beyond stupid, Addie fat girl odd ball loses weight reunites with former best friend Fox News Weather girl Valerie who abandoned her after Addie told her parents that Valerie was raped by Dan the Jock who everyone including Addie had a crush on. Valerie seeks revenge on Dan at her H ...more
First, let me say that I am all for having a category of books that is good to read on the beach. Not everything I read needs to be deeply meaningful. But this book pushed the limits of what I am willing to tolerate, even if it's hot as hell outside, and I'm just looking for something easy.

The underlying storyline here is so rich -- there's a childhood friendship between two girls that went awry. Weiner has the opportunity to dig deeply into this kind of ultimate betrayal, but instead, she choos
Talulah Mankiller
Okay, guys, you know I love me some Jennifer Weiner. I have gone to bat for her before, and I probably will again. HOWEVER. This one’s a stinker.

The plot, such as it is, is that Addie Downs opens her door one night and finds her best friend from high school standing there, covered in blood. Turns out that at their fifteenth reunion, Valerie ran over the guy who raped her during their school days, and then left him outside, naked and bleeding in the middle of a Chicago November.

Strong start and t
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I looked forward to Jennifer Weiner's latest novel, Best Friends Forever: A Novel. I've enjoyed her previous books and I naively thought I'd like anything she writes. I was wrong.

The book's structure is nothing short of awkward. Weiner tells the story from a few characters' points of view, but there is nothing signifying the change except for a new chapter number. But, a new chapter doesn't always signify a new point of view. I had to backtrack several times to get my bearings on where I was in
A better title for this one might have been Only Friend Ever. If that sounds depressing, well, at least it prepares you for the dark side of this book.

Adelaide Downs, the main character, really has only ever had one friend, but something happened between her and this friend during their senior year of high school. The phrase "ruined my life" gets thrown around a lot but the exact event doesn't get explained for quite a while.

I really think I'd have liked this book more if Addie had had more fr
Sarah Kathleen
I hate to say it but I'm so disappointed in this book. The characters aren't well developed and Weiner tries to pack too much plot into the book. It felt like too much was explained, rather than shown to us. I didn't like the Valerie character and didn't think she redeemed herself - she just came off as unlikable and you wonder why Addie let her back into her life. I also disliked the ending - it felt thrown together, like a cop out and was way too cutesy. I've long been a fan of Weiner's work b ...more
Another one I abandoned because I didn't really care what happened (or had happened) to any of the characters. Addie came across as such a whiny loser, very negative and depressing, spent her life dwelling on the past and the Big Mysterious Tragedy that had separated her from her high school friend Valerie (with whom she seemed rather unhealthily obsessed) instead of getting on with life and making new friends. At the same time she was so self-absorbed and focussed on all the things that had gon ...more
Jennifer Weiner's latest novel focuses on two women (Val & Addie) who, when they were young girls, swore to each other that they would be Best Friends Forever. That is until senior in HS when they had a fight and stopped speaking to each other.

Fast forward to their 15 year HS reunion. Addies opts out of attending the event and Val, now a TV weather girl, goes. Something happens at the reunion and she shows up at Addie's door hoping her best friend forever would help her out of trouble.

Ismail Elshareef
The story is about two best friends who grow apart due to some high school drama and then reconnect many years later. The premise is interesting but everything else is abysmal. The story is tired, the humor is tired (and sadly embarrassing) the characters are super tired (and boring) and the dialogue is just really bad and unrealistic. The only thing I really wanted out of this book once I started reading it was for it to end and end fast.

The reason I picked up this book was the good reviews I
Melani who wanders and is lost
Best Friends Forever-Jennifer Weiner- I wasn’t especially fond of this book while reading it, and the more I thought about it after I finished the less I liked it. The book follows two stories, one in the present day and the other is the tale of our characters growing up. On the surface it’s a funny little romp and a look into growing up in a small town. However, you start to dig just a little and it becomes this very ugly book. The main message is that fat people can never be happy unless they ...more
Do you ever feel like you should like an author or book just because everyone else does? It's been three years since I read a Jennifer Weiner book, and Best Friends Forever reminded me exactly why.I know there are people out there that buy everything she writes, but after my second experience with a chick-lit book that lacked any real imagination or characters I could relate to, it'll probably be longer than three years before I pick up another one. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of chick ...more
I admit that I typically hide my reading of Jennifer Weiner books because I am sure I will be mocked. By whom I am not sure but never-the-less the fear is there.
But then I read an article on npr ( just before I went to 1/2 Price Books and I felt proud to buy some Chick Lit and fight the man.

So the book is ok. I read it quickly, I enjoyed it. Enough said. Weiner follows a similar patter with most of books a self-proclaimed "chubby" woman deals with some fo
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
It's as simple as this: I adore this book!

Ms. Weiner definitely knows how to pack a plot full of surprises and turns that you didn't see coming. As I read Best Friends Forever, there was constantly several questions in my head. Such as "What happened in high school that hurt Addie and Val's friendship?" or " Would Val and Addie overcome their struggles and become friends again?" All these questions lead to me to race through this sweet and addicting read in less then one day!

Addie was a charac
When Valerie Adler moves in across the road from Addie Downs when they’re nine-years-old, Addie believes they’ll be best friends forever. However as they grow up and move into their teenage years, a shocking betrayal broke the two friends apart. Fifteen years later Valerie arrives on Addie’s doorstep covered in blood after attending their school reunion, worried that she’s killed someone. In a desperate bid to stop the police finding out what she did Valerie convinces Addie to go on a road trip ...more
Mirah W
Jennifer, what has happened? You used to write wonderful "In Her Shoes"...and then you write "Certain Girls" and now "Best Friends Forever". I really wanted to like "BFF", I really did, but I just didn't think it ever got above the average rating. The story seemed so random and most of the characters were not developed in a way that made them understandable or likeable. Addie was a great character but she was also the only complete was like the author only figured out ...more
It took me a long time to finish reading this book. I kept picking it up, reading a bit, and then putting it down. For a while, I wasn't sure why. The situation was compelling enough, the characters were relatable, there were mysteries to unfold as each page turned. It has all the makings of a good book.

But I finally figured out the problem: The characters, at least for me, were TOO relatable. Addie's character, in particular, often made me felt like someone had plundered my private thoughts and
Here's a life tip. Don't run into the library just before it closes and grab an audio book off the shelf for a car trip. Because you might just end up with this book. I'm chalking this one up to a lack of time and low blood sugar. Now there is chick lit and there is chick lit. If The Secret Life of Bees is at one end of the spectrum, this book is within sight of the other end. The story is weak and predictable. I don't think that it's a good sign when an event occurs in the novel and I would yel ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ho preso questo libro dallo scaffale in cui si trovava senza dare nemmeno uno sguardo veloce alla trama, e subito mi sono fiondata alla cassa.
Inizio a leggerlo lo stesso pomeriggio e penso che potrebbe essere stato un ottimo acquisto.
La storia nel complesso, infatti, è carina. I temi trattati dalla Weiner sono veramente toccanti e ben descritti (forse anche troppo! - aggiungerei), e sebbene l'inizio non fosse dei migliori, al termine della lettura tutto è stato rivalutato.
Solo, sembra un po' st
I feel like the only person in the world who thinks Jennifer Weiner is just ok. Basically, I find her protagonists to be pathetic. Couldn't a full-figured heroine be a heroine and not a perpetual victim? Just one time? Besides being totally far-fetched and starring the usual overweight pathetic girl, the secondary plot was a disturbing love story. Who wants to see the main character wind up with a drunk stalker who may or may not be a sexual deviant? Not I. Skip this and head right to Sophie Kin ...more
Kimberly French
Highly enjoyable chicklit. Maureen Corrigan said the only thing chicklit about this was the title, but I can’t really agree with that. This is the story of Addie, who grows up with a loving family but all suffer terrible health issues, and as an adult she is left to manage. As a young woman, she becomes horribly obese, developing an eating disorder to cope. But by the time we meet her, she has came to grips and lost the weight. Still, she works as an illustrator from her childhood home, which sh ...more
Oh my God, this was horrible. Jennifer Weiner, what happened? Your first two books were pretty good (chick-litty, but good) and then you give us this drivel?

I'm not sure if she had a one-day deadline and churned this thing out in a coffee-and-Bailey'-fueled all-nighter, but this was utter ridiculousness. Not believeable at all, not interesting at all, poorly sketched and redundant characters.

Down-on-her-luck, lonely, self-depricating fat girl! Vivacious, bubbly, irresponsible friend as her foil
This book was ok. The characters were mostly believable, and the scenes from the girls' childhoods were detailed and well written. But, there were a few annoying, outlandishly over-done scenes that, without, would have made the book more believable.

*Slight Spoiers*: The whole bit about Jordan, the chief of police, being after these girls with only flimsy details, no evidence, and his 'hunch' was totally unrealistic, as were several of his actions. I was actually annoyed by his character overall
Kristen McMahon
I am a huge fan of Jennifer Weiner, so despite being less than impressed by her most recent release before this one (Certain Girls), I was wholeheartedly looking forward to this book.

I would characterize Jennifer Weiner's books as women coming of age stories as opposed to the term "chick lit," which, to me, implies vapid characters and contrived plotlines. Weiner’s characters are generally well rounded and jump off the page as she thoroughly explores the less-than-feel-good, but humor-infused,
Aimee Stacy
Hate to say it, but I think Jen may have jumped the shark with this one. I have loved all of her books and never regret spending the extra money to buy the books in hardcover right away. But this one disappointed me. Addie Downs was like a watered down version of Cannie Shapiro, everyone's favorite from "Good In Bed". But the whole "best friends since childhood broken up due to big nasty secret and now reunited due to dramatic and dire circumstances" is as overplayed in literature as Lady Gaga i ...more
Steph Hundt
Well, I finished this book back in Sept of 2009 but I think a review of a book as good as this one is better late than never. I really enjoyed this book as I have past Jennifer Weiner novels. This has a way of bringing the characters alive on the page and making you feel like you're there in the experience with each turn of the page.
I loved the friendship between Addie and Valerie. It shows that no matter how flawed two people are they have a complex love for each other. I would highly recommen
It kills me to write this! Normally Jennifer's books are so good I can't stop raving about them. This one, not so much. I know that Addie is a a former fattie and went through a lot in life (which I relate to) there is no way she would continue to put up with that flaky bitch who thinks only of herself. Never in a million years would I have opened the door that night! I just wanted to smack her!! And the side plot about Dan, please! I was just not happy at all. The only character I was drawn to ...more
This is a story about two best friends who distance themselves after high school and then reunite under odd circumstances.
For starters, the book is well written and obviously edited. I gave it 4 stars because the ending seemed kind of thrown together which was unfortunately because the rest of the novel, though long, was set up for such a strong ending. I liked that she weaved their history in with what was happening in their present that was a nice touch, but the multiple points of view I thou
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Jennifer Weiner is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twelve books, including Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, which was made into a major motion picture, and WHO DO YOU LOVE, published on August 11, 2015. A graduate of Princeton University, she lives with her family in Philadelphia. Visit her online at
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“Addie, please." More tears dripped down her cheeks. "Don't be so hard."
"Oh, please," I muttered...and that was as far as I got. 'You broke my heart' were the words that had risen to my mouth, but I couldn't say them. That was what you said to a boyfriend, a lover, not your best friend. She'd laugh. And I'd had enough of being laughed at. I'd worked hard to get to a place where it didn't happen anymore, where I didn't move through life like a walking target, where it was just me and my paints and brushes and my big empty bed every night. "You weren't a good friend," I said instead.”
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