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Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero
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Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero

3.36  ·  Rating details ·  613 Ratings  ·  98 Reviews
Sir Rupert Triumff. Adventurer. Fighter. Drinker. Saviour? Pratchett goes swashbuckling in the hotly anticipated original fiction debut of the multi-million selling Warhammer star. Triumff is a ribald historical fantasy set in a warped clockwork-powered version of our present day ! a new Elizabethan age, not of Elizabeth II but in the style of the original Virgin Queen. Th ...more
Paperback, First Edition, 352 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by Angry Robot
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Kat  Hooper
Apr 06, 2013 rated it did not like it
Shelves: audiobook
Originally posted at FanLit.

It’s 2010 and Queen Elizabeth XXX is on the throne of a magical alternate England. When the throne is threatened, Sir Rupert Triumff, discoverer of Australia, comes to the rescue.

I’ll make this short. I didn’t get very far with Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero. The story is a comedy of the sort that has no appeal to me. It’s written in a self-consciously long-winded style where extensive detailed descriptions and explanations of every minor
Mar 16, 2017 rated it it was ok
Not as funny or as clever as it thinks it is. The dialogue is laboured, the characters are very two diamentional and the plot is incoherent,

The ending kind of brings it all together which is why it's 2 stars instead of 1. But I still wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

EDIT as of 17th September 2017. I've amended this to a 1 star review. I really disliked it, and it doesn't belong amongst the other 2 star books on my shelf. That's correct- this is worse than Twilight.
Jun 04, 2010 rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: lovers of the graphic novel
Just stumbled across this at the library and it looks fun. First page:
The Anglo-Hispanic Unity, the longest-lasting and most powerful Empire ever to arise upon this terrestrial stage, was founded in the year Fifteen Hundred and Seventy-Five, following the marriage of Queen Elizabeth the First of England to King Philip the Second of Spain. Said union of power and lands, including as it did the virginal tracts of the New World, soon eclipsed all other nations of the globe, and has persisted since,
Apr 19, 2011 rated it really liked it
A blast to read! Full of fart and poop jokes, crazy swashbuckling antics, magic, mysteries and riddled with awful puns. I'll definitely be reading more about Triumff should the author continue his story. Anyone who enjoyed George MacDonald Fraser's Pyrates would probably enjoy the heck out of this one.
Apr 01, 2011 rated it it was amazing
There are only two authors that myself, my wife, AND my 14yr old son have all bought books by. Terry Pratchett is one, and Dan Abnett is the other. Gaunt’s Ghosts (another one coming soon I hear), Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Torchwood, Dr Who and more all sit on shelves in our house.

Triumff is different from anything else I have read by Dan Abnett and describing it is going to be interesting. It is a fantasy book that much I am certain of, where it fits in the sub-genres I have no idea. At a push I will
Aug 06, 2012 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy, historical
A swashbuckling, comedic alternate history adventure should be exactly my kind of thing, so Triumff was a disappointment.

It was dense, slow, and easy to put down every few pages. The pace stalled from descriptions and digressions that weren't worth the word count, and the gags that worked were run into the ground. References were often passed off as humor. Every time that Serjeant Clinton Eastwoodho arrived on the scene, whether sprouting his catchphrase ("Do you feel opportune, punk?") or intro
Jan 27, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: historical

Buddy read with Sam

3.5 stars

I read this book with a smile plastered across my face and I often laughed out loud lots. It's humour is a mixture of Blackadder (one of my favourites - the Elizabethan one) and Terry Pratchett.

My introduction to Rupert was totally laugh aloud funny. He, his sword and his henchman were the perfect antidote to my sore spirit. What he got up with a Swiss army multi tool was hilarious. Once again Abnett has created an object in his book which I absolutely want. I want a
May 11, 2015 rated it it was ok
Not a bad book by any means but quite clearly an homage to Black Adder II

Other inspiration was probably drawn from Granny Weatherwax from Pratchett's books

Decent effort but nothing to write home about....
Apr 05, 2017 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I didn't finish this book, life is too short to read poorly written book. Someone told the author that the most important literary device is alliteration.
Sep 28, 2009 rated it liked it
Full review online HERE

The year is 2010. Queen Elizabeth XXX (Vivat Regina!) is in the throne of England which along with Spain forms the Unity. In this alternate version of the world, Elizabeth I married the heir to the Spanish throne and their descendents, all of them Elizabeths have reigned ever since and the Renaissance saw the rebirth of Magick. More than the Elizabeths, Magick is what holds the Unity together but also what eventually prevented the scientific and industrial revolutions from
Jan 15, 2011 rated it it was ok
Shelves: fantasy
Why I read it: received review copy
The Plot: I really have no idea how to describe the plot to this one, and since I like the synopsis on the publishers website, I'll just post that here:
Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero is a ribald historical fantasy set in a warped clockwork-powered version of our present day … a new Elizabethan age, not of Elizabeth II but in the style of the original Virgin Queen. Throughout its rollicking pages, Sir Rupert Triumff drinks, dines and duels his way into a new Brass
Anne Lyle
Jun 13, 2011 rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy, historical
Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero is a humorous alternate history fantasy set in the modern day - except that the discovery of real magic in the 16th century has halted technological progress in Europe, whilst other parts of the world have advanced with indecent haste. On the surface a utopian era for an England ruled over by Elizabeth XXX, in fact there are dark forces at work plotting the queen's death. Plus ça change...

Her Majesty's one hope is the hapless Sir Rupert Triumff, a former sea-captain r
Feb 25, 2011 rated it really liked it

to be honest, this is not a book i would have picked up on my own. simply because the alternate-history-british-political-intrigue isn't my usual genre, and this goes a little further into alternate-universe-esque shenanigans than i am usually comfortable with.
but this was lent to me by a friend when i expressed interest in some psuedo-victorian steampunk books. and i am PRETTY GLAD that she recommened this.

it's pretty damn good. once you get the entirety of the giant cast
Quite fun. Ever read a Christopher Moore book, laugh all the way through, reached the final couple chapters, and prepared your self for a rushed and confusing ending? Abnett is like that, but with an ending that doesn't suck! (Honestly, this is the guy best know for Warhammer books?)

This is an alternative British history in which the Renaissance produced not a scientific revolution, but rather a magical one. In it, our hero, discoverer of The Beach(Australia) finds himself in the middle of a plo
Profundus Librum
Apr 13, 2014 rated it it was ok
Könnyed, néhány órás kikapcsolódásra vágytam, mikor a regény elolvasása mellett döntöttem, ráadásul nagyjából biztos voltam benne, hogy nem ütközök majd semmiféle váratlan problémába, mert a szerző stílusa biztosan jó lesz - kiindulva a tizensok már elolvasott Warhammer 40K könyvéből -, az akció-jelenetek szintén, a mágiában gazdag viktoriánus világ koncepciója pedig érdekesnek tűnt. Nos, az ajánló megírása valóban nem okoz sok nehézséget, de sajnos semmiféle lelkendezésre nem futja most tőlem.

Jul 04, 2015 rated it liked it
Enjoyably silly alternative history plus fantasy. Perfect for airports, hospital waiting rooms, visiting relatives or other situations where you need to escape via a book.
Graham Bailey
Feb 06, 2010 rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy
A great, fun read; puns are thrown with abandon, swashes are most definately buckled and the hero entertains throughout.
Mr. Abnett has scored another hit.
Norman Howe
May 22, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy
This book tries to be both adventurous and humorous at the same time. It mostly succeeds; for a first original effort"," it's very good.
Adam Whitehead
Jul 24, 2011 rated it really liked it
It is the year 2010 and the Anglo-Hispanic Unity is the greatest force on Earth. Ruled over by Her Divine Majesty Gloriana, Queen Elizabeth XXX, the Unity is defended by a mighty army and navy and also by the forces of the Magickal Arte, rediscovered five centuries ago by Leonardo of Vinci. Technology has stagnated, but the Arte has flourished under the control of the Church.

Sir Rupert Triumff, lately returned from a mission of discovery in which he discovered a land named Australia, is a noted
Geoff Battle
Jun 22, 2017 rated it really liked it
There have been plenty of attempts to break in to the entertaining fantasy fiction genre and although numerous authors have been successful, their success is marginalised by the towering stature of Pratchett. Dan Abnett is about to be a contender with Triumpff, a tale about a swashbuckling gung-ho man, his companions and a dastardly plot to overthrow The Unity. The setting is an alternate history, where Britain rediscovers magic at the cost of science and education. It's well thought through, wi ...more
Feb 20, 2018 rated it it was ok
Wavered between two and three stars, as it wasn't unenjoyable, but ultimately it's not great. Sub-Pratchett isn't necessarily an insult - after all, Sir Terry's a giant in the field - but this very much keeps you in mind of Pratchett, in the sense you're constantly aware you could be reading TP and it'd be so much better.
Two of the biggest flaws for me are the fact there seems no reason it's set in 2010, as the discovery of 'the Arte' hasn't so much set England on a different historical path, as
Alicia Utter
Feb 22, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Rating: 9/10
Pages: 384

This is a very clever book, with bumbling Sir Rupert Triumff at the heart of it trying to solve a mystery for Elizabeth XXX. This is a mashup of Elizabethan rules, a dash of Mad Max, and a lot of magic. It was a really clever, fun read. I will definitely be checking out the sequels as well!

Location: Kindle
Jun 11, 2017 rated it really liked it
An interesting twist on Magic versus Technology theme, the reintroduction of magic stiffels technological growth and development creating an Elizabethan era still existing in 2010.
Coupled with Flashman type heroic characters, and Pratchet humour you have a really nice Alternative History book to while away a few hours.
D. Jason
It is unfortunately quite tempting simply to list Mr. Abnett's extensive body of work-for-hire, to snidely imply (or even to declare outright) that he is therefore a hack, and then invite the reader to draw the appropriate conclusion about this original work.

Tempting, but not (entirely) fair. Even scribblers, after all, must eat and pay bills. And better, always, to judge a work by its own merits than by pedigree.

I can say this in praise of it: Triumff, Her Majesty's Hero is a quick, breezy read
Jan 13, 2010 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Dan Abnett is best known for his tremendous body of work in Black Library’s Warhammer 40k novels and, for met at least, his stellar (pun intended) work (alongside partner-in-crime Andy Lanning) with Marvel Comics’ cosmic heroes. When I saw that last year that Abnett was set to publish a book featuring his own world, a character not burdened by years of backstory and unhindered by a frequently rigid continuity I was excited; very excited. Then disappointed as I found out that Angry Robot was goin ...more
Felix Zilich
Dec 26, 2011 rated it really liked it
500 лет назад Леонардо да Винчи вернул магию в наш мир и этим изменил историю человечества. Прогресс остановился, а эпоха географических открытий подошла к концу, не успев толком начаться. В мире начался эпический застой.

2010 год, альтернативная реальность. Британия, по прежнему, правит миром, английские корабли все еще бороздят океаны, а на престоле восседает королева Елизавета XXX. Войны ведутся пушками и саблями, про классовое неравенство и пролежни в области культуры можно даже не вспоминать
Daniel A.
Okay, with Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero I figured out what it is about author Dan Abnett with which I have so much trouble. Specifically, Abnett tries too hard when he's playing with his own toys, and that gets distracting—exhausting, even—rather quickly.

Whether in Embedded, a novel by Abnett that I really didn't like, or in Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero, Abnett expends so much effort, whether on the worldbuilding or on the grit (in the case of Embedded) or the humor (in the case of Triumff), that
May 04, 2012 rated it liked it
This is not Dan Annetts normal fair, and to be honest the first chapter is a struggle to read through. Five to ten pages basically just describing that its raining alot, but in numerous different and imaginative ways of saying it over and over. Had I not been confined with just this book (Work stuff), I have no doubt I would have disgarded it there. I'm glad I didn't. This is a book that gets better the further into the book you go, although the first third of the book feels like an arduous chor ...more
Stephen Winterflood
I came to this book not initially realising it was set in modern times, but with an Elizabethan twist, so it took a bit of getting used to the world at first. And even though it is set in a modern time frame this doesn’t really have much bearing on the story, it could have still been in Elizabethan times and not made much difference to the world so wasn’t completely convinced by this choice.

The story is full of the usual Dan Abnett action, so any fan of his will know what to expect on that fro
Jan 19, 2012 rated it it was ok
An alternative history told in the narrative style of Terry Pratchett, Triumff Her MAjesty's Hero is a comedic piece set in a 21st-century England where Queen Elizabeth I wed Philip of Spain and formed a united empire based on a magical renaissance as opposed to a mechanical one. The eponymous protagonist is an explorer for the crown who discovered the land of Australia in search of new magics and found instead a continent that had pursued mechanics rather than magic. Triumff has decided to sit ...more
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