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Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?
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Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?

4.26  ·  Rating details ·  11,172 Ratings  ·  976 Reviews
Is killing sometimes morally required? Is the free market fair? It is sometimes wrong to tell the truth? What is justice, and what does it mean? These and other questions are at the heart of Michael Sandel's 'Justice'.
Paperback, 256 pages
Published October 19th 2009 by Not Avail (first published January 1st 2009)
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Riku Sayuj

Single Quote Review:

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well a picture-quote...

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Bonus: A quick passage from the book (representative, both):

And here is the letter of acceptance, shorn of honorific implications, that a philosophically frank law school should send those it admits:

Dear successful applicant,

We are pleased to inform you that your application for admission has been accepted. It turns out that you happen to have the traits that society needs at the moment, so we propose to exploit your assets for society’s advan
Portal in the Pages
I'm going to think fondly of this book for a long long time. My copy is battered and stained and loved.
Jan 15, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: philosophy, politics
اصلا این کتاب چه ارتباطی به من داره؟
اگه موقع خوندن این مرور دارید این سوال رو از خودتون میپرسید فقط توصیهام اینه که پنج دقیقهی اول این ویدئو رو نگاه کنید

مایکل سندل استاد فلسفهی سیاسی دانشگاه هاروارد سالهاست که کورسی داره با عنوان «عدالت» که یکی از پرطرفدارترین کورسهای تاریخ این دانشگاه لقب گرفته. طوری که دیگه کلاسهاش توی فضای متعارف کلاسها جا نمیشه و مدتهاست این کلاسها رو تو آمفیتئاتر این دانشگاه با حضور میانگین بالای هزار نفر دانشجو برگزار میکنه. خوب اگه تا ال
Mar 16, 2011 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
"He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god."

This quote from Aristotle's Politics was new to me. It was one of many highlights in this book.

Sandel's "Justice" is organized in a very interesting way. He starts with utilitarian, then libertarian political philosophy. You might assume he's following a sequence of conservative (less sophisticated) to liberal (more sophisticated). And then, surprise, he throws three c
Jan Rice
On Plato's cave:

...He's right, I think, but only in part. The claims of the cave must be given their due. If moral reflection is dialectical--if it moves back and forth between the judgments we make in concrete situations and the principles that inform those judgments--it needs opinions and convictions, however partial and untutored, as ground and grist. A philosophy untouched by the shadows on the wall can only yield a sterile utopia. (p. 29)

I don't think I ever before heard anyone criticize th
I love books like this: they challenge the mind and lead to great discussions.

Michael Sandel teaches a very popular course at Harvard entitled “Justice.” It’s available in video through the iTunes University (a phenomenal resource, I might add.) Sandel uses a series of hypothetical situations to focus the class on the different ways philosophers would have analyzed and puzzled out solutions to the problems raised in the hypotheticals. (This somewhat Socratic method is also used very effectively
Emad Attili

رحلة رائعة جداً وضرورية لكل طالب علم وقارىء ومثقف.
أسلوب الدكتور ساندل مثير جداً وممتع. يحرّك الذهن وينمّيه.


المواضيع المطروحة في هذا الكورس كلها تتمحور حول القيم والمبادىء الأخلاقية،
وكما هو واضح من العنوان فإنها بشكل عام تتحدث وتناقش الشيء الصحيح الذي يجب علينا فعله في حالات ومعضلات أخلاقية مختلفة.
طبعاً الحلقات هي من العمق بحيث تستهلك بشكل أو بآخر طاقة كبيرة من الذهن!
بالنسبة لي كنت أحس بعدما أنهي كل حلقة بنوع من الصداع الخفيف .. اللذيذ ربما :)



أنصح بمشاهدة جميع الحلقات ..
ولكن تحذير ..
Michael Sandel is something of a “moral rock star” according to the Financial Times, with hordes of acolytes the world over. It is easy for me to see why. This book, published in 2009, discusses theories of fairness and freedom that have been the basis of political discourse and civic structure in the U.S. for some fifty years, bringing us to the state of affairs we currently observe in our market-(un)regulated society. Sandel suggests that we may get twinges now and again that something is amis ...more
Jun 12, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Those who want to learn ethics and philsophy
An excellent overview of philosophical/ethical systems. If only I had this book earlier when I started reading philosophy, I'd have saved a lot of time. Go for the iTunes U version if you'd like!

Starts off with a brief overview of ethical systems - utilitarianism, libertarianism, Kant's categorial imperative, Rawlsian justice, and then works through case examples - affirmative action, euthanasia, etc. Very clear and thorough arguments, for and against. If Sandel has a bias for one over the other
نورة عبدالملك
لم أقرأه، لكن شاهدت حلقات مترجمة على شكل سلسلة للمؤلف نفسه يحمل نفس عنوان الكتاب ومحاوره، وكانت تجربة ماتعة بحق، فطريقة استعراض المؤلف واستفزازه لعقلك، ومحاولته ضخ الأدرينالين عن طريق المحاورات السقراطية الجدلية كانت جيدة جدا وأضافت لي الكثير، خصوصا لشخص مثلي لا يملك خلفية جيدة في هذا النوع من المواضيع.
Larry Bassett
Jun 02, 2010 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: philosophy
This book and its online course got me started (about four years ago, I see) in internet learning. There are now several MOOC (massive open online course) websites that have tens of thousands of students worldwide taking a wide variety of courses. And all for free!

I have taken some online community college courses in Virginia - free for us senior citizens. I started with the local college then moved into courses from other parts of the state. Then I discovered Coursera and have taken courses in
Atila Iamarino
Sep 20, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: direito, justica, crime
Achei uma ótima introdução ao que é justiça, com exemplos, explicações claras e discussões que dão toda a margem para quem lê tirar as próprias conclusões. A falta de julgamentos óbvios, mas que enviesariam o conteúdo, foi bastante animadora.

Para discutir o que achamos justo, de onde vem nosso conceito de justiça ou vários outros tópicos mais abstratos ou relacionados ao nosso comportamento, Michael Sandel usa os conceitos propostos por filósofos para embasar a discussão. Seria uma leitura compl
Jan 03, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: saggistica, diritto
Michael Sandel è professore di filosofia politica all’università di Harvard, le cui lezioni sulla giustizia sono affollatissime, tanto che sono state raccolte in questo saggio, che esamina le teorie morali sulla giustizia più significative, a partire dall’utilitarismo al libertarismo, passando per Kant, Rawls ed Aristotele.
Non è un saggio di pura filosofia, perché l’autore cala nella realtà, con esempi concreti, le diverse teorie filosofiche che esamina; mi aspettavo, confesso, una trattazione p
Quang Khuê
Jan 16, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fiction
Ta có thể gặp hàng loạt triết gia nổi tiếng với những tư tưởng để đời của họ trong cuốn sách này. Họ chính là Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, John Rawls, Aristotle hay Plato. Được viết rất giống như một quyển mà tôi từng đọc của Richard David Precht, Tôi là ai - và nếu vậy thì bao nhiêu ?, nhưng cuốn này sách này chủ yếu tập trung vào các vấn đề triết học chính trị như phúc lợi xã hội, chế độ quân dịch, tiền lương, nhập cư, phân biệt chủng tộc...chứ không đa dạng như quyển kia. ...more
Nguyên ngộ ngộ
Một cuốn sách không hề dễ đọc vì bàn về những vấn đề gây tranh cãi nhất hiện nay. Điều thú vị nhất tôi rút ra được từ cuốn này là CÁCH NGHĨ, CÁCH TRANH LUẬN về một vấn đề. Làm sao không ba phải, không trung lập, quan điểm mình dựa trên cơ sở nào, nguyên tắc, học thuyết nào để lập luận cho sắc bén!

Những tranh "cãi" xoay quanh những tình huống rất đời thường, và mình sẽ review lại những câu chuyện được đưa ra bàn luận trong sách. Hy vọng rằng khi dựa lại những câu chuyện này, ta gợi lại được nhữn
Rizky Akita
If you think "Justice" and "Philosophy" are things you don't really care about or something you consider as 'way too complicated to learn about', then I recommend you to pick this book and add it into your personal bookshelves. I bought this book due to my passion on debating and I thought this book will improve my speech quality. It turned out, Michael J. Sandel fulfills my expectation.Nay, he exceeded my expectation.

Here's my review :

1. Sandel gives a comprehensive overview toward all basic ph
Rebecca Skane

A run-through of civil and political philosophies of some of the greats (Kant, Rawls, Aristotle) and how they would approach existing problems in today's societies. Not devoid of his own philosophies, the author tended to take the same concepts and twist them to fit his argument which I found slightly infuriating. In the end, he asked for a "more robust public engagement with our moral disagreements" to "provide a stronger, not a weaker, basis for mutual respect." I can't help but wonder how dis
سوسن الموسى
كتاب العظيم .!
ليس لأنه يطرح حلول عملية و تطبقية بل لأنه يطرح أسئلة عظيمة و يناقش بشكل خاص المعضلات الاخلاقية .. و أمثلته جميعها حية يطرح سؤالاَ فتظنَ أن الإجابة سهلة و بإمكانك الإجابة عليهاا يتغول اكثر في المثال حتى تجد نفسك محتاراً ما بين المبدأ والمنطق .. أحببت الفصل الأول و الأخير الأول كان يتحدث عن النفعية و هل هي معيار لقياس صحة الشيء أم لا.. أما الأخير فيتناول بعض المجازر و الأعتذار عنها و هل يجدي نفعاَ
.. أسلوب شيق و ممتع و الامثلة بحدّ ذاتها تعطيك خلفية واسعة .. أنصح به و بشدة .
Quando sono forzata a leggere qualcosa lo studio, difficilmente mi godo la lettura come farei se fossi spinta solamente dalla curiosità, a prescindere dalla lettura in questione. In questo caso, devo ammettere di non avere avuto troppe difficoltà: "Giustizia" è una lettura agevole e fruibile, dà qualche interessante spunto di riflessione e presenta una panoramica riassuntiva su alcune teorie filosofiche non troppo impegnativa ma sufficiente a orientarsi agevolmente in una riflessione etica sui c ...more
Feb 23, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
تم الانتهاء من الكتاب
وهذا الانطباع
الكتاب سلس جدا حتى أكاد أقوله أنه أسهل كتاب قرأته في مجال الفلسفة السياسة والأخلاقية
بالرغم من الكتاب يعتمد كثيرا على أسلوب ضرب الأمثلة والقصص -وهو أسلوب لا يعجبني- إلا أنه لم يخل بعمق طرح الأفكار وجعله مطروحا في متناول الجميع
لعل استفادة المؤلف من تدريس مادة العدالة كان خير معين له في ذلك
يتناول الكتاب أهك الانجاهات المؤثرة في النقاش السياسي الغربي (الإمريكي خصوصا) ويرجع مبادءها لعدة تيارات فلسفية رئيسة:
- أرسطو: الفضلية المدنية
- النفعية: تعظيم اللذة العامة للمجتمع
Dec 03, 2016 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Christy by: Jan Rice
What should the college educated person know about ethics? What are the most relevant and helpful tools in terms of concepts and theories in guiding lives to use increased mindfulness in understanding the ethical decision-making of our own, of others, and for the Common Good? I am reviewing Sandel’s work from the perspective of an instructor of ethics and considering it for adoption as a course text.

One lament in academic philosophy is that the field “lost” their complete claim to ethics since n
Sep 30, 2011 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Justice: What’s The Right Thing to Do? By Michael J. Sandel

“Justice: What’s The Right Thing to Do?” is a fascinating book about practical justice. Harvard law professor Michael Sandel takes his very popular class to the public and hits upon the most fascinating and controversial topics in an even-handed approach. This excellent 320-page book is broken out in the following ten chapters: 1. Doing the Right Thing, 2. The Greatest Happiness Principle/Utilitarianism, 3. Do We Own Ourselves?/Libertari
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
I live in a country where the head of state seems to think that his duties to the people he governs are restricted to ensuring that they have the chance to become as prosperous as possible, this being the highest good he can provide them (nevermind the fact that his modus operandi for doing so is deeply flawed- he seeks to enable the very wealthy to become even more wealthy claiming that this 'increases the size of the cake' and hence the size of everyone's slice - a piece of sophism that has di ...more
Jun 09, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
First I should say right at the beginning that the title is a bit misleading: I don't think there is a single issue in which Sandel tells us explicitly the right thing to do. But he does give what seems to me a very clear description of various ways of thinking about justice. He examines utilitarianism (greatest good for the greatest number), then the absolute privileging of "freedom of choice"--both from the libertarian (largely economic) and from the liberal egalitarian views of Immanuel Kant ...more
Najla Hammad
Feb 16, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
تعرفت على "العدالة" لمايكل ساندل من محاضراته التي كان يقدمها في موقع
وكان بعضًا من صفحات كتابه متاحة للقراءة، لكنني لم أكمل هذه المحاضرات للأسف
هذا الكتاب يبحث عن العدالة في وجود معضلات ومشاكل أخلاقية مختلفة سياسية واجتماعية واقتصادية وغيرها، ورأي بعض المذاهب الفلسفية عنها.. نحن دائمًا نظن أن العدل أمر واضح وبسيط بينما هو يحتمل آراء مختلفة قد تكون معقدة
المؤلف سرد أمثلة ومواقف كثيرة ممتعة بعضها افتراضي كقوله
إذا كنت قائد القطار وتعطّل القطار فجأة وهو يعبر بسرعة وأمامك ٥ أشخاص وبإستطاعتك أن تغيّ
ณัฐกานต์ อมาตยกุล
ดีงามจัง เหมือนไดเรียนปรัชญาอีกครัง (เนือหาประเดนทางปรัชญาทียกมาพูดถึงใกลเคียงกับตอนเรียน general philosophy มาก) แตวาขยายไปสูการใชชีวิตจริงๆ การตัดสินใจใหคุณคาของเราตอสิงตางๆ เหมือนกับวาเรืองพวกนีพูดกันในทางทฤษฎีมันกพูดกันไดเรือยๆ แหละ ตางคนตางพูดเสนอไอเดียกันไป แตพอตองดึงมาใชในเรืองทางการเมือง การตัดสินคดี การจัดการสวัสดิการ สุดทายเรากหลีกเลียงความขัดแยงพวกนีไมได สำคัญกคือเวลาทีเราพูดวาอยาเอาเรืองศาสนามาปะปนกับการถกเรืองนี มันตัดไดจริงๆ หรือ รึวาจริงๆ มันตองอยูเปนฐานในการถกเถียงรวมกันในสังคม เ ...more
Huyen Pham
Không có ranh giới rõ ràng giữa phải - trái, đúng - sai. Quan điểm nào cũng có lý lẽ riêng của nó. Đấy là điều mà mình rút ra được từ cuốn sách này. Còn phần phân tích về tự do, công lý, lợi ích, đạo đức... thì xin miễn thứ cho kẻ bất tài, mình có cảm giác tác giả đã rất cố gắng để diễn đạt cho dễ hiểu nhất nhưng đọc nhiều đoạn mà cứ mơ mơ màng màng. Chỗ nào hiểu được thì đọc rất bon còn hầu hết thì cứ bò qua từng chữ, mất tập trung cái là đọc lại cả đoạn. Đọc quyển này cảm giác giống Tâm lý học ...more
Cassandra Lê
Totally recommended this for wanna-be philosophers. This is written in plain, simple language, that are also very practical and realistic. The author manages to introduce each philosophy back up with each example, then refute each philosophy. I have not finished yet but I am in love with it so far. I read this alongside with my online Harvard University's course. Great book!
Jan 06, 2010 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: philosophy

I greatly enjoyed the first two-thirds of Michael Sandel’s new book, Justice: A Reader, which only made the final third more disappointing. Sandel begins his book with a long and fruitful discussion of philosophical thought, ranging from Rousseau to Nozick to Rawls, with compelling thought experiments and concise explanations of the different schools of thought. In the end, Sandel argues that each school falls short, in part due to neglecting the moral leg
The Book Nazi
Aug 12, 2010 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Amidst all this recession and economic downturns experienced in G8 countries..Michael J. Sandel makes sense. He believes that markets if left to themselves or encouraged to spread too far, can injure basic moral values and short change the common good.

From the things I've heard on the Intenet, This Harvard Lecturers introductory course on justice is a hot ticket on the campus. Now readers get to read his arguments in a book form and I have no doubt that this book would appeal to anyone who like
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Michael J. Sandel is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government at Harvard University, where he has taught since 1980, and the author of many books. He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Michael J. Sandel ( March 5, 1953) is an American political philosopher and a professor at Harvard University. He is best known for the Harvard course 'Justice', which is available to view online, and f
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“Markets are useful instruments for organizing productive activity. But unless we want to let the market rewrite the norms that govern social institutions, we need a public debate about the moral limits of markets.” 31 likes
“Self-knowledge is like lost innocence; however unsettling you find it, it can never be 'unthought' or 'unknown'.” 21 likes
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