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The Karma Club

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Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. Do good things and you'll be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what you deserve.

But when Maddy’s boyfriend  cheats on her, nothing bad comes his way. That’s why Maddy  starts the Karma Club,  to clean up the messes that the universe has left behind. Sometimes, though, it isn’t wise to meddle with the universe.

It turns out Karma often has plans of its own.

258 pages, Hardcover

First published April 27, 2010

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About the author

Jessica Brody

49 books2,643 followers
Jessica Brody is the author of more than 20 novels for teens, tweens, and adults including The Geography of Lost Things, The Chaos of Standing Still, Amelia Gray is Almost Okay, A Week of Mondays, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, the Unremembered trilogy, and the System Divine trilogy which is a sci-fi reimagining of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, co-written with Joanne Rendell. She’s also the author of the #1 bestselling novel-writing guides, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and Save the Cat! Writes a Young Adult Novel as well as several books based on popular Disney franchises like Descendants and LEGO Disney Princess. Jessica’s books have been translated and published in over 20 languages and several have been optioned for film and television. She’s the founder of the Writing Mastery Academy and lives with her husband and three dogs near Portland, OR.

Visit her online at JessicaBrody.com or WritingMastery.com. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @JessicaBrody

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April 18, 2010
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Jessica Brody's books, so when I heard she would be making the switch to YA for her next novel I was beyond ecstatic, and when I received a copy of said book, I was even more so. Though, I have to admit that I did have a tiny nagging voice in my head that kept saying what if it isn't as great and well done as her adult novels.

And at first that nagging voice proved to be true, I wasn't exceedingly impressed with The Karma Club, but as plot points and characters became more developed and drama, along with inspiring messages, came pouring in, my worries were thrown to the waste basket as I rushed through this novel eager to find out what was going to happen next.

The plot of this was fun and something that fans of Suzanne Young's The Naughty List series and Elizabeth Eulberg's The Lonely Hearts Club are going to eat right up. I loved seeing the girls get revenge on people who did them wrong since not only did it prove humor but life lessons, I guess you would say, about Karma and how revenge isn't always the best choice.

And I think it goes without saying that I adored the characters in The Karma Club. Since all three girls- Angie, Maddy, and Jade- were smart, witty, and honest. My favorite out of the three would probably have to be Maddy, the protagonist. Since I loved seeing her relationship with a certain swoon-worthy boy develop, as well as getting closer look into her quandary about what was right and wrong when it came to Karma and life. Also she was a great friend even if she did lie at times to protect people.

Though, I did have one tiny problem with The Karma Club. What was that problem? Well I felt that some aspects that occurred in this occasionally fell too nicely into place, allowing the girls to quickly get by the trouble they faced. But this wasn't the biggest of problems, so I'm not going to let it get me down about The Karma Club.

In all, The Karma Club is everything a debut should be- witty, original, and inspirational along with well written! I can't even began to say just how much I'm looking forward to reading Jessica's next novel!

Grade: A+
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July 4, 2017

THE KARMA CLUB was very reminiscent of THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB, but instead of just "giving up boys until the end of high school", these girls take it upon themselves to payback those who have wronged them to "balance out recent Karmic imbalance" . . . though the members of The Karma Club also vow to give up boys until the end of high school.

Very fun, very cute, The Karma Club really just delivered exactly what I wanted at the time - something light that didn't require my brain to work too hard.

Maddy wants more than anything to be popular - imagine her luck when her gorgeous but modest boyfriend gets featured in a hotties list in the popular teen magazine, Contempo Girl! Granted instant access to popularity, Maddy takes this opportunity to get into the place to be: The Loft. Enter snippy queen bee, and we get disaster. Cheated on and defeated, Maddy is whisked away to a spiritual clinic with her mum, where she learns about Karma. You make your own luck. And so The Karma Club is born.

I didn't like Maddy at the beginning, just because I lose respect for people who only want to be popular. However after she is betrayed, she becomes a half-way decent/likeable character. She assumes that sarcastic witty voice in a way that can come across as whiny and annoying, but doesn't. She just sounds like a real teenager.

This book has a killer trailer - Jessica Brody knows how to get good trailers done. I could easily see it become a movie, and of course it would be a total teen chick flick. The soundtrack that accompanies this book suits the book really well. There are some nice tracks on there - I would not mind if more books had accompanying OFFICIAL and original soundtracks.

And lastly, I just did not like this cover. I didn't love the first cover either, but I don't know... I like the spine though, just because it's clear and simple.

The Karma Club is an extremely quick, fun book that may just get readers thinking about that "larger than life" philosophy of making your own luck. Brody has created a colourful cast of characters as well as a predictable plot, but actually knowing the details of The Karma Club's schemes and downfalls is really what makes this a worthwhile read.
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July 23, 2010
Jessica Brody's THE KARMA CLUB is a great novel with an even greater message.

Maddy Kasparkova is an extremely relateable heroine, though I did find her a tad overwhelming at the beginning of the novel. She is completely consumed with being popular, which was definitely not me in high school. After Maddy realizes that being popular isn't all it's cracked up to be, she grew on me. I'm not sure it's a good thing, but I definitely identified with her revenge schemes. I think everyone has those times when they're fed up with how the chips fall and how terribly unfair things can be. Like Maddy, I sometimes feel like I should somehow even the score. I've learned that, while it may feel good in the moment, it doesn't feel so great later, a lesson Maddy quickly learns as well.

I'll admit to finding the Karma Club's revenge schemes hilarious. "Operation Butterface?" Classic. But it wasn't just the adventures and sticky situations the girls find themselves in that I found amusing, the dialogue and Maddy's inner monologue kept a smile on my face as well.

At the start of the novel, I wasn't sure that Maddy would have a romantic interest. In a fit of girl power she swears of boys and I felt confident that she'd keep that promise. I was suprised, but happy, when I discovered that was not the case... Actually, Maddy's unexpected relationship bore a happy resemblance to my favorite One Tree Hill (CW) romance.

It's rare that I can pinpoint my favorite part of a novel, especially in a fun novel like THE KARMA CLUB, but there was a part, near the end, that sticks out to me. After Maddy realizes that she has completely misunderstood karma, and scored herself some bad mojo in the process, she still admits that there is a part of her that enjoys all the drama and stunts The Karma Club orchestrated. I loved how honest that was. And it sticks with me because you can know something is wrong and still get some satisfaction from it. I find that people, myself included, often have a hard time admitting that. I thought it was important that Maddy came to that realization.

THE KARMA CLUB relays some important messages under the guise of a fun, lighthearted read. I highly recommend!

Grade: A
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May 7, 2010
Rating: 4.5

The Karma Club was witty, sarcastic and fun! Jessica's humorous writing was highly addictive and laugh out loud funny. Madison was by far the most entertaining character I've read this year. After catching her boyfriend and the most popular girl in school making out, her life changed. Her mother got tired of seeing Madison mope around the house, so they both went to a retreat where she discovered the theory of karma. Instead of letting go of the past and moving on she had an epiphany of seeking revenge against her ex.

Madison approached her friends with the idea of starting a Karma Club that will cause the same pain toward there ex's. Now, the revengeful tactics they used were quite creative, however they never thought about the long lasting repercussions. Her choice in messing with Karma sent out negative energy which effected Madison and her friends in the end. However, Madison does seem to have a growing love interest throughout the book which I thoroughly enjoyed. He was such a sweetheart and totally fit the profile of an outstanding gentleman. I really loved this book from start to finish. I recommend it if you're looking for a light read that will leave you smiling.
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May 27, 2010
We have all been in Maddy's situation at one time. Well, at least most of us probably have. She had everything she wanted. Two great best friends, awesome grades and the best part, the best boyfriend in the world. Really he was! He even made it into Contemp Girl magazine! That's proof! But when is magazine fame goes to his head and he's caught kissing the most popular girl in school, Maddy takes Karma in her own hands.

The story was fun but I was biting my nails the entire time! I knew Karma would catch up to Maddy eventually. The ride was a blast! All of the revenge plans were ingenious and they had me giggling the whole time. How can you go wrong with Operation Butterface?!

I really enjoyed all the characters. Maddy was a very smart and witty girl. Even though she didn't quiet grasp the concept of Karma. My favorite parts in the book included Spencer....that's all I'll say about that. Maddy's friends, Jade and Angie were a hoot also!

The Karma Club was a very fast fun read. If you are planning a Summer day of reading in the hammock this would be a great choice!
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June 26, 2010
When you mess with karma, karma will mess with you. The Karma Club by Jessica Brody explores the eastern philosophy of karma in a contemporary setting. Madison Kasparkova has been fairly lucky. She's got good friends and an almost-perfect boyfriend. Things are definitely going her way, until one day her boyfriend burns her by cheating on her with the most popular girl in school. Clearly, every school has a mean girl, and this boyfriend stealer is that girl. It seems as though karma is not intervening, so Maddy and her friends take karma into their own hands.
Read the rest of my review here
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November 17, 2018
I'm not sure of I like or dislike Madison. I dislike how careless she is, especially about momumental things. Something that can effect her and her friend's lives. But also how careless she was in her relationship with them. I'm not too fond of unncessary lying. I can say besides the Mason (who's a lil piece of %&*@) situation, I actually didn't feel sorry for her. I mean it's not the end of the world and everyone needs to learn a lesson once in a while.

I sort of saw the ending coming, but it was cute nonetheless. I appreciate Fate and Karma so all in all this was a good read.
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October 26, 2011
I'm supposed to be in class right now, but since I'm getting my bottom braces off today (YAAAAAH!) I'm home until 9:00. So I shall spend my next few minutes reviewing this book that I just finished. It's amazing how I finished this book in 3 days.
It usually takes me at least a week to finish a book, but anyway...

I have to say that JESSICA BRODY'S WORK IS THE BOMB!! She has a strong amount of voice in her writing, as I said in my review of her other novel, My Life Undecided. This book gave me the giggles, so yes--SHE GETS BIG POINTS FOR THAT!!! (Because I love anything capable of making me laugh.)

The story basically starts out with Maddy being in love with her boyfriend, Mason. She's proud that he makes it into a page in a magazine AND that she and Mason have been together for 2 years. But it doesn't take long for Heather Campbell--the most popular girl in school--to gain interest in Mason because of his new popularity and yank him out of Maddy's hands.
Angered by how Heather had easily swiped away Mason and how easily Mason ditched Maddy for Heather, Maddy wants revenge.
When she goes to a spiritual meditating place thing (<--I forgot what you call those things) as an idea from her mother, she listened to a speech about Karma. This got her thinking...if Mason and Heather had done a bad deed to Maddy, Karma would get them back, right?
In Maddy's point of view, it didn't look like Karma was doing anything to them. So she decides that maybe she should speed up karma so she doesn't have to wait as long AND she'd be present to see Karma's revenge fall into place.
So, with her two best friends, Jade and Angie, they form a Karma Club: A club that will balance Karmic events.
Throughout the story, as the three girls feel they've gotten revenge and balanced the universe as Karma, Maddy learns a valuable life lesson that I shall not spoil for you guys. (GO READ AND FIND OUT!)

So this story earns....FOUR STARS! WHOO HOO!
Hey, four stars is a pretty good rating!! There were only a few flaws that I found in the story. There wasn't anything wrong with the style of writing. It was more about the events in the story.

Alrighty, here are a few minor spoilers that I really don't want to give away to those of you just scrolling through reviews before finishing this book. View them if you dare....

END OF SPOILER!!! Anyway...
The ending was pretty fast. I'm a sucker for happy endings, and this was definitely a "happily ever after" ending, but this one was pretty fast-paced.
I can't describe the ending because this is a review and I don't want to spoil anything for you guys! So go read it (it should be a pretty fast read) and witness the ending yourselves!! :D

But overall, The Karma Club was a pretty entertaining book. It was giggle-worthy, it was FILLED with voice.......it's worthy of a four star rating--which is a pretty good rating.

AND THE IDEA IS ORIGINAL!!! How many stories do you see about Karma compared to Vampires?
I'm astounded by Jessica Brody's work. :)
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October 10, 2019
Madison was straight up hilarious. It was so much fun reading her inner thoughts and I laughed out loud many times. I liked the message of the book and the romance was super cute. Another excellent read by Jessica Brody. She’s a new favorite author of mine for sure!
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14 reviews
August 3, 2013
Why I decided to read the book:
The reason I decided to read this book was how catching the title and book design looked and how the blurb was written. As I read the synopsis, it really made me extremely excited to read this book because it relates to how most people feels after they have been crushed. I’ve always had an interest in adventurous and love books; this book really fitted the gap! I normally don’t like reading books but this book, I felt it understood what people are going through today suffering from ‘boyfriends’ or ‘crushes’ who break your heart, it’s a good break from the typical ‘Prince charming’ and ‘Innocent Princess’ books, this book is reality!

The category on the bingo board that the book The Karma Club completes is my own choice. I think that having this category on the bingo board is a very good idea because it allows us to have the chance to choose the book that we want to read and allows us to read the type or genre we like to read.

Favorite Quote:
“Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can't get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don't care who you are. What goes around comes around. That's how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve.” this is my favorite quote because what they say it is true, if you mess with karma, karma will get you back. This quote warns us about being mean to someone no only do they feel pain but something bad will happen to you aswell as it says “Karma comes after everyone eventually".

Something I learned:
Reading this book it taught me that messing around with people is not a good choice because no matter what happens karma will hit back at me but this book got me thinking about dating boys, it gets me thinking about how stupid love is nowadays with a bunch of immature boys who are desperate and making bad decisions. Like the book explains, don't speed up karma. Karma will eventually get off its butt and punish those who did bad.

A interesting character:

A character who made the book interesting in my opinion was Maddion Kasparkova( the main character in the story) because all she wanted to do was to get revenge on her ex boyfriend who hurt her so she decided to team up with her two best friends and get revenge on all the people who have hurt them in the past. I found this really fascinating because not many people nowadays would get up and do all the nasty things that Maddison and her gang has done. No one has more guts than them! When Maddison only thought of revenge and nothing else she made the book really interesting which made me want to keep reading to see the outcome of her revenge but in the end karma hit her and her gang. At the end of the book Maddison and her gang realize that revenge is not always the answer but to forget and move on is.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 16, 2010
I LOVED The Karma Club! This was an exciting, fun, positive read. I didn't really know what to expect going into The Karma Club, as I haven't read any of Jessica's previous (adult) writing before. The characters, plot, descriptions, everything was pitch perfect and tied together to make a wonderful story.

To begin with, the characters in this novel were terrific. Maddy has to be one of my all time favorite protagonists. She was funny, inspiring, and just wanted to do the right thing. Her two best friends, Jade and Angie, were also great. Sometimes best friends in novels aren't that developed and I just can't get attached to them. I didn't have a problem doing that in The Karma Club though. Jade and Angie were each wonderfully developed and readers could relate to them, just like with Maddy. Maddy's parents were also likable and played large roles in the novel. You could tell they loved each other, even when they argued. Maddy's younger sister was a character I would have liked to see more of, other than a few random scenes she wasn't really a main character. Other than that, I have no complaints about the characters. They were all well done and realistic. I would love to see another book with any of The Karma Club's characters!

The plot was very original. When I first began reading I wasn't so sure, but the more it developed and moved, I realized how great and unique The Karma Club was going to be. The pranks the girls pulled were awesome, and I enjoyed watching them plot them out. Karma is something I didn't know a lot about, so I was learning along with Maddy and her friends. The novel was really inspiring in the way that it proved how good deeds get rewarded and bad deeds...don't. By the end, Maddy had to work hard to understand Karma, and where she went wrong with it. The way all of the bad things that happened to the characters tied together in the end was interesting, it definitely proved how important it is not to mess with Karma or other peoples' lives.

The romance aspect was very sweet as well. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say the swoon-worthy guy Maddy falls for is definitely not who I was expecting :)

The Karma Club did have some serious and inspirational aspects to it, but overall it was a witty, entertaining, and overall well done YA debut. With memorable characters and a fantastic, well orchestrated plot, this is one of my favorite reads of 2010! Definitely go pick up a copy today!

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
64 reviews
June 18, 2010
Boy was that a fun read! I've been dying to read this one after seeing the amazing trailer. I'm thrilled to say that it was even better than I though it would be. Realistic characters combined with a fun fresh plot made this one enjoyable book. I learned a lot of great lessons and I have to say that I had a wonderful time learning them.

Madison and her boyfriend have a great relationship, it's safe to say things are going really well for them. Things even get better when Mason gets an article published in a popular magazine thanks to Madison. They both climb the social ladder which leads to a lot more attention to both of them, especially Mason though. With the blink of an eye Mason and the most popular girl in the school are found exchanging saliva. Poor Madison doesn't even get an explanation. After she goes to a spiritual center and learns about karma she decides to take matters into her hands...

Madison-Maddy- I LOVED her. She was hilarious, witty, and a lot like us average teens-well aside from her early on obsession with the most popular girl in school (kind of annoying if I say so myself). But overall I really connected with her. She was really fun to read about. Jade and Angie were great best friends. They were always there for each other no matter what. Oh and there was some romance involved. Maddy's love interest was really surprising, but wonderful. I simply adored it.

It was very entertaining to read about all the pranks the girls pulled. They were all clever. It kind of reminded me of the movie Mean Girls, which I loved. What was even better was how much each of the characters learned and developed from the Karma Club. You really learned that sometimes you have to let life do what it wants on its own. It's hard to not get a little inspired yourself.

The only thing I didn't really like about The Karma Club, which was mentioned by others was that you never found out the reason Mason cheated/dumped Maddy. You don't even get a little clue. They never even get a chance to talk it out. This irked me big time.

Aside from that minor aspect, The Karma Club is made of pure awesomeness. The Karma Club is made up of plenty of humor, entertainment, a strong heroine, and of course the rules of Karma. I'm so grateful that I actually own a signed copy! As you can probably tell I definitely recommend reading The Karma Club.

*I received this copy from Goodreads first reads (:

Taken from my book review blog at Along For the Ride
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October 10, 2010
The Karma Club by Jessica Brody tells the story of Madison, a high schooler whose boyfriend has just cheated on her with the hottest, most popular girl in school. Maddy is devastated and wants to figure out a way to make Mason pay.

After her mom drags her to a new age retreat, Maddy learns about the concept of karma. She loves the idea that everything you do in life comes back to you in some way. However, karma just doesn’t seem to be working for her, so she takes it into her own hands to speed karma up.

Jessica gets her two best friends on board and they form a “karma club.” The club’s goal is to find a way to get revenge on all the people who’ve done them wrong, through “karma.” The three girls scheme and come up with hilarious plans to humiliate those who hurt them the most.

However, as karma goes, it works both ways; what you put out comes right back to you…

I’ve been looking forward to this novel ever since it came out earlier this year and I’m surprised it took me this long to finally get my hands on it.

The book was a bit predictable, but there’s really nothing wrong with that. I especially enjoyed reading about the hilarious pranks Maddy and her friends played on those who did them wrong. It was fun to hear them plot and plan to seek revenge, especially since most of the things they did were super funny.

I was a little disappointed because I would have liked to get to know some of the supporting characters a little better. We got to know Maddy quite well- which I enjoy. I love being inside the head of a main character, but there were some supporting characters who I think would have made the story shine a bit more. For instance, Spencer. I loved the short time we got to know him and I would have loved to see more of him, maybe in the beginning of the book.

This was definitely a quick book to get through- I read it in a day or so. This is a cute and enjoyable read.
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1,149 reviews
February 24, 2011
High school senior Madison Kasparkova is smart, funny, and happy with her two best friends and steady boyfriend, even if she does obsessively hanker to be accepted into the ranks of Heather Campbell's popular crowd. When Maddy actually seems to have managed to secure entry into the popular clique, it is only to discover her boyfriend and Heather in a very compromising clinch. To get over her heartache, Maddy and her friends embrace the concept of Karma - what goes around comes around - with a vengeance. And if they should happen to be literally and secretly helping karma along a bit, surely there's no harm in balancing those karmic scales sooner rather than later, right? Well, karma might have something to say about that, it seems.

This light, fun read stays true to the philosophy of karma all the way through. Each karmic plot Maddy and her friends come up with and each karmic re-balancing of their negative and positive actions that comes back to them rings true. The uplifting ending has potential for inspiring teen readers to think about positive "pay forward" actions they might undertake in the world without being preachy about it. This is a debut young adult novel with a lot of heart.

Book Pairings:
For a darker, less uplifting examination of a highly morally compromised popular girl trying to achieve karmic balance, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver could provide some interesting comparison and discussion.

But for similar lighter, fun reads, Polly Shuman's Enthusiasm and Janette Rallison's novels would probably appeal to teen readers who enjoy the tone of this book.

And for those who are especially attracted to the philosophy and real world actions, Saci Lloyd's Carbon Diaries books, Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere, and Alyson Noel's Immortal series might appeal.
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Author 5 books663 followers
October 23, 2011
Jessica Brody's first YA novel, The Karma Club, is absolutely terrific. She wove a tale about Mason Brooks, a girl who is cruelly dumped by her boyfriend of two years. Her two best friends also have been dumped by their heartless boyfriends. When Mason learns about the power of karma––what comes around goes around–– she realizes that the girls need to take action and rebalance the universe by getting revenge on their boyfriends. The Karma Club is formed and the girls dish out some pretty harsh punishment. But karma isn't meant to be messed with and events ricochet back in unforeseen ways leaving Mason desperate to rebalance life once again. There's a powerful lesson here - to take control of your life by doing acts of kindness. In the end, kindness is much sweeter than revenge and causing others pain in order to deal with your own pain isn't payback at all, even if the person deserves it.
The Karma Club really made me think about the numerous social situations YA face every day - bullying, backstabbing, cheating etc. It's incredibly tempting to retaliate. But I can't think of one instance where retaliation had positive results. YA need to seek support and assistance. Not retaliating doesn't mean not taking action. The Karma Club shows the value of navigating through the difficulties often faced in high school by finding positive means to channel ones' energy.
I highly recommend The Karma Club and Jessica Brody's second YA novel My Life Undecided!
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309 reviews
March 22, 2013
I`ve watched a book trailer for this one, and the book had been on my book-craving list ever since..

And maybe thats where I was a bit wrong.

To have a high hope on what could possibly be one of the most interesting story ever written?

Probably..I shouldn`t have aim for the stars when it comes to a simple chick read..*Sigh*

The story started off when Maddy`s boyfriend cheated on her with the most popular girl in the school. Things came crashing afterwards and life seemed almost to end for her..(Read almost here). So what did her parents do? Send her to a spiritual spa of course. And thats where Maddy got the idea to play Buddha..Giving the karma back to the people who had been crapping on her and her friends. Until one day, karma bites back and things started to go wrong..

So, its no surprise when I thought the story really had the essence of totally rocking, but then probably how the author explore the story didn`t really utilize all of greatness that could come with it..Sigh..Or maybe it did utilizes but it just didn`t have the WOW factor once I finished reading it..Or maybe I was ranting unnecessarily....

Anyway, still a good read, and I wouldn`t be shying away from any of Brody`s book anytime soon..My Life Undecided did a great job of making me a Brody`s fan, and I didn`t mind sieving through the haystacks to find the gems..

A good read, nuff said~
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140 reviews7 followers
March 13, 2010
My thoughts...Mostly of us, with the exception of a very fortunate few, have been through a bad breakup. Frequently, the break-up is due to someone not being faithful, honest, or having respect for their significant other. So it is very easy to sympathize with the girls in the book, particularly Maddy, when they go after the source of their grief. The plot of this story was cute, predictable, but enjoyable. There is a hint of a blossoming romance, plenty of stuck-up girls, and heartbreak to satisfy fans of YA novels. For me, the best part of this story was the moral. I know, I know, "the moral", but it really sent a good message to readers.

I would recommend this book to younger YA readers. The recommendation on the book states ages 12 and up. The book is very age appropriate, so parents of young readers don't have to worry about bad language, sex scenes, or drug abuse (just a bit of smooching). It was a very quick read, I read it in less than 24 hours. This was however, not one of my favorite YA reads. The actions of the characters, while understandable, seemed a bit harsh. However, I did notice quite a bit a character growth by the end of the story.

There was a line from the story that stayed with me...
"I think most people want to do the right thing, they're just not presented with enough opportunities to do so."
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248 reviews69 followers
June 5, 2010
I’m more of a dark, paranormal kind of reader, so lighter books like this sometimes make me nervous. But Jessica Brody’s story sucked me in just as much as any other paranormal book would!

The Karma Club is a fun, heartfelt story of three girls trying to instill bad karma upon those they feel deserving, with backfiring results. I loved these characters. Sometimes in YA, the only thing young about a character is how old they are, but Jessica Brody did a fantastic job at creating a real teenage voice. Maddy, the protagonist, thinks like a teenager would think. She thinks like I did when I was in high school and I thought that was something that brought the book to life.

The things they do to their targets are hilarious and humiliating at the same time. I was biting my nails in anticipation as they did things like sneak into houses, hack into email accounts and try to keep themselves hidden from the people that they followed. It was very entertaining!

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. For her young adult debut, Jessica Brody did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to read more from her! I definitely recommend The Karma Club to anybody in the mood for something light and funny!
14 reviews
May 25, 2014
"The Karma Club" by Jessica Brody is about a young girl Madison Kasparkova thought she understood what Karma was but when she puts her hottie of a boyfriend Mason Brooks to a magazine's monthly competition of "Meet My Boyfriend" he starts to get attention from the super popular girl Heather Campbell. Jessica and Mason get invited to the party of the year but, when Jessica walks in on Mason and Heather on a full on make-out session in a bedroom it because the worst party of the year. Jessica starts to question what she did to deserve this. After a week or so of the break-up between the two her mom takes her to a great escape. Their she will be drama free while she is their she thinks she starts to know how karma works. When she gets back she forms "The Karma Club" with her two best friends Jade and Angie. They make plans to al their ex- boyfriend's to ruin their lives. But, what happens when all of their plans somehow come back to haunt them.
This story is funny, heartbreaking, and joyful. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves revenge and love stories. I can't wait to read her other novels.
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June 24, 2010
Somehow I didn't realize this was a YA book when I ordered it - I just saw the premise of this girl and her friends having a 'karma club' and thought it sounded like something I would enjoy.

It was a super fast read, and though pretty predictable (yeah, you can't do bad things to others to 'help karma pay them back' ladies!) it was a lot of fun. I liked that it was light and fun, and that the focus was largely on our heroine and her two friends.

Looking at it from a parent (and suggesting to parents of 'tweens' and such) perspective I like that it was pretty clean - drinking, sex, drugs aren't things that were happening in this book. Some reference to making out - that's about it. It's just a nice read about an 'average' girl learning to accept responsibility for herself and figuring out that the best revenge is living well herself...
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March 31, 2015
"That's just how Karma works. You kinda have to wait."

After Maddy proclaims her love for Mason to the whole country, he cheats on her with the most popular girl in school. First comes denial, then sadness. The only thing that doesn't seem to be leaving Maddy anytime soon is the anger. How could he do this to her and get away with it? Who says Karma doesn't need a helping hand?

The Karma Club reminded me a lot of Mean Girls. Maddy starts writing a "karma book" and trying to give a girl a horrible skin disorder. But the similarities stop there. Instead of let's all be friends, this novel reminds us that Karma and revenge don't go together. Karma is about sending positive vibes into the world so that they may come back to us.

A fun read!!
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June 22, 2010
I found this book amusing and fun. The characters get themselves into all kinds of scrapes and of course, at the end, the main character realizes she has been going about things the wrong way. But a nice, lighthearted read.

Product Description

Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. Do good things and you'll be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what you deserve. But when Maddy’s boyfriend cheats on her, nothing bad comes his way. That’s why Maddy starts the Karma Club, to clean up the messes that the universe has left behind. Sometimes, though, it isn’t wise to meddle with the universe. It turns out Karma often has plans of its own.
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December 6, 2017
This wasn’t a great read but it wasn’t a horrible read either—it was an alright read. I enjoyed some of the characters and the friendships between the three girls.

It made me slightly uncomfortable that though some of the guys definitely deserved what they got, that there wasn’t even a feeling of remorse or regret. That part felt a little unrealistic to me.

The story was also pretty predictable, but it was still fun to watch the protagonist realize what I had guessed at the beginning of the novel.

I like Jessica Brody and I’ll probably read her other books in the future. I think this one just had a couple of things that kind of took me out of the story.

Happy reading!
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September 28, 2010
I thought that this book was a really just fun read! I thought it was hilarious because it reminded me a lot of Mean Girls! I loved that these girls are so pissed at there ex boyfriends (and let's face it we've all been there) that they decide to speed up karma and deal out the just rewards! Favorite parts without too much spoiling...they switch out one characters face cream with Crisco and one character they hire older women (cougars) to come and seduce this guy at his family functions! So funny! Cute and frothy!
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July 31, 2015
There is no other way to put this but I lost interest. I ve been dragging this book for months now, hoping to finish it up but I always fell asleep or I got a recommendation for a more exciting book. call me weird but I believe in signs, and its pretty clear this book and I are never gonna happen. Its me, not you. But someday I may pick it up and try to make things work.
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June 2, 2018
1 and 1/2

I honestly didn't like how it all started. The characters were supposed to be 17/18 but they were so thick and clueless of the world around them! Is that how teenagers are now?

Didn't they know how karma worked?! The only thing that saved the book for me was their somewhat miraculous character development.

It was an ok and easy read.
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