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Love Comes Softly #7

Love Takes Wing

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Book 7 of the bestselling Love Comes Softly series. Belinda Davis had trained as a nurse to assist her older brother, Doctor Luke. But as time goes by and she sees those she's grown up with getting married and settling into their own lives, Belinda becomes restless. What had seemed exciting and fresh becomes dull and routine. When she meets an elderly woman who needs nursing care, Belinda jumps at the invitation to go to Boston--a large, "civilized" city with cultural opportunities she's never even dreamed of in her little prairie town. But in spite of financial security and countless new experiences, Belinda finds herself restless, lonely, and empty inside.

240 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1988

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About the author

Janette Oke

353 books2,886 followers
Janette Oke writes with a profound simplicity of what she knows best—real life, honest love, and lasting values. With over 23 million in sales, her historical novels portray the lives of early North American settlers from many walks of life and geographical settings. She also writes engaging children's stories and inspiring gift books that warm the heart.

Janette was born during the depression years to a Canadian prairie farmer and his wife, and she remembers her childhood as full of love and laughter and family love. After graduating from Mountain View Bible College in Canada where she met her husband, Edward, they pastored churches in Canada and the U.S., and they raised their family of four children, including twin boys, in both countries. Edward eventually became president of Mountain View Bible College and recently established a coalition of colleges that became Rocky Mountain Bible College.

During her earliest years, Janette sensed the desire to write. Though she yearned to be a published novelist, she devoted herself to being a wife and mother because, she says, "there is no higher honor—that is my number-one priority." She began serious writing when her children were entering their teens.

Her first novel, a prairie love story titled Love Comes Softly, was published by Bethany House in 1979. This book was followed by more than 75 others. She reaches both religious and general markets, telling stories that transcend time and place. Her readers of all ages and walks of life can identify with the everyday events and emotions of her characters. Janette believes everyone goes through tough times—the key is to be prepared with a strong faith as the foundation from which decisions are made and difficult experiences are faced. That perspective is subtly woven throughout her novels.

After Love Comes Softly was published, Oke found her readers asking for more. That book led to a series of eight others in her Love Comes Softly series. She has written multiple fiction series, including The Canadian West, Seasons of the Heart and Women of the West. Her most recent releases include a beautiful children's picture book, I Wonder...Did Jesus Have a Pet Lamb and The Song of Acadia series, co-written with T. Davis Bunn.

Janette Oke's warm writing style has won the hearts of millions of readers. She has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medallion Award, The Christy Award of Excellence, the 1992 President's Award for her significant contribution to the category of Christian fiction from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and in 1999 the Life Impact Award from the Christian Booksellers Association International. Beloved worldwide, her books have been translated into fourteen languages.

In recent years, Janette and her siblings lovingly restored their parents' prairie farm home, and it now serves as a gift shop and museum of prairie life. Please see below for a special invitation to the Oke Writing Museum and The Steeves' Historical House. She and her husband live nearby in Alberta, Canada, where they are active in their local church. Visits from their families, including their grandchildren, are their delight.

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Profile Image for Shirley Chapel.
571 reviews75 followers
July 15, 2020
I found Love Takes Wing to be one of my favorite books in the Love Comes Softly Series. It centers on Belinda Davis as she enters her adult years. A number of years have passed in the story since the last book that covered Belinda , Amy Jo and Melissa's growing up years.
Marty and Clark raised their family teaching them to love God through Bible Reading and time spent in prayer and attending church.
Belinda is still working as a nurse for her brother, Doctor Luke. She has little time for a social life and is kept very busy. Luke and Belinda are summoned to the train station when an elderly lady of wealth takes sick on an incoming train. Dr Luke works to save her life and Belinda takes constant care of her, nursing the lady back to health. The lady wants Belinda to accompany her to Boston on the train and stay on at her home as her personal nurse.
Two young men Belinda attended school with are rivals for her affection. She hasn't encouraged either one of them and thinks of them as friends. Because of the stress of the situation she has been put in with her two friends and her desire to travel and see far and distant places Belinda finds Mrs Stafford-Smith's offer very tempting. She has never been away from her home and family . Will she leave home and her parents to move to Boston with her patient?
Readers of clean read fiction will enjoy this book. Many I'm sure have read it already. This is my first time reading it and I highly recommend this entire series . It would be great as a family read Book.
I purchased the entire series of original books in very good condition at a garage sale. A review was not requested. All opinions expressed here in this review are my own.
Profile Image for Jerry.
4,641 reviews56 followers
March 6, 2016
This series continues to deliver; I'm curious as to how it will end in the next volume.
Profile Image for Nadine Keels.
Author 40 books172 followers
March 25, 2021
Thoughts on the entire series.

Yes, I’ve switched to put the editions from the 80s on my Read shelf, since those are the ones I read and own, and I’m partial to the stories in all of their old-fashionedness, before the updated covers and later book edits that have gone into newer editions. (I didn’t read all of these in large print, but the cover art is the same.)

The first book, Love Comes Softly, was the first I ever read by Oke, my introduction into her sweet, warm, and simplistic style of storytelling that would make her one of my all-time favorite authors, up there with Henry James and L.M. Montgomery. Yes, I love my classic authors with their legendary works, but there’s something to be said for an author who just tells a plain story that gets at readers’ hearts.

The first three books of the series are my favorites, but the series is well worth reading in its entirety. A pity the film versions from Hallmark gradually strayed so incredibly far from the original stories. The films are enjoyable in and of themselves, but if you’ve only seen the films, you’d do well to see what Oke actually wrote about Clark, Marty, and the rest of these folks.
346 reviews5 followers
January 17, 2022
Notes for me to remember: Arnie doesn't want to do surgery. Their family is divided. Belinda goes to Boston as a nurse to a rich lady and leaves the family drama and 2 suitors.
63 reviews
January 14, 2019
Books 3,4,&5 were my favorite! I love the message from book 7, but I missed the family and having a beautiful love story!
Profile Image for Elise.
65 reviews12 followers
March 4, 2022
"God," she whispered, "I'll need your leading. Your direction. I want to do the right thing ... and I trust you to let me know just what that might be. Oh ... not all at once ... but step by step. Help me to be patient with what you have for me now ... an' ready to move on when you give me a nudge. Don't let me rush the future ... but help me walk into it with faith and confidence in you. - And thank you, God ... for a future ... for the knowledge that you have it all in your control."

Amen ♡
416 reviews
January 28, 2018
Melissa, Missie's daughter, was arriving by train to stay with Marty and Clark Davis for 2 weeks. Belinda, their youngest daughter was working with Luke as a nurse. Belinda arrived at the train station anxiously awaiting for Melissa to arrive. Luke had given Belinda a week off to visit with Melissa and Amy Jo, Clare & Kate's daughter. Amy Jo was restless and always happy. She grew sadder as the day approached for Melissa to leave for home. Clare & Kate talked it over with Clark & Marty and decided to let her travel West with Melissa to spend some time with Willie & Missie. They wanted Belinda to go too but Belinda told them she had work to do and Luke needed her until a new doctor could be found to help him out.
There was a party to welcome Melissa home and Rand O'Connel was one of the guys who came. He had gone to the same school as the girls but was a few years older than Belinda. They talked and he told Belinda that he wanted to become a builder. She suggested that he get a job working for a builder and learn from him. Rand went back to where he had come from and did just that. He came by to see her several months later and stopped by Luke's place to thank her for her suggestion. It had worked out and he had come back to town to start his own business. He invited her to supper and she went.
Amy Jo was supposed to return after a few months and postponed her return till Christmas. That return trip was also postponed. Amy Jo had met someone, Ryan Taylor. She promised to return by Easter but wanted to see what Ryan's intentions were. She did return then and Belinda was once again at the train station now waiting for Amy Jo.
Amy Jo arrived and Ryan was with her as a surprise to her family. They declared their intention to be married on June 1st. Melissa and Wally Taylor were to be married the same day with Missie & Wallie in attendance out West. Belinda mourned, missing her friends who were going to now be together out West. She was happy for them but knew things had changed and she would miss them.
There was an accident at Clare's with a new bull he had purchased. The boys were playing ball and it went into the pen where the bull was. Abe went to get the ball and the bull attacked him. His arm was broken in a few places and he had broken ribs. He slowly recovered after a couple of weeks but his arm wasn't healing properly. Luke had treated him and spoke with Arnie about Abe needing his arm re-broken and set by doctors in a big city hospital. Arnie refused and Luke went to Clark & Marty for help. They talked to him with his wife, Anne, with him and he still refused to get help for Abe. Luke told him that Abe's arm was likely to become stiff and unable to be used if something was done to have it properly set soon. The longer they waited, the worse it would get. Arnie stopped going to church and the family didn't come to Sunday dinner after they were told about Abe's arm troubles. Marty went to visit Arnie and he came back to church and Sunday dinner but things remained strained within the family. No one talked about Abe's arm.
Rand was still calling on Belinda but he had yet to speak of his feelings to her. He was waiting until he had money saved up. She was working long hours at the clinic and he was working long hours building houses and other types of things. He came by to see her when he could and they saw each other on Sundays at church.
One day Luke was sent a message that someone traveling by train had taken seriously ill. Luke went to see the patient while Belinda prepared the surgery room. The patient was Mrs. Virginia Stafford-Smythe of Boston and she had suffered a stroke. She remained unconscious for a few days and her butler came to see her. Mrs. Smythe liked to talk and her speech improved over the next few months. She told Belinda about losing her husband due to a heart attack when he was only 39. Her son had married a woman from overseas and spent a lot of time traveling to France. He did during one of those trips and she had raised her son's two boys. They were in France now with their mother's family. She enjoyed traveling and most times traveled with a nurse. Her nurse had needed gall bladder surgery so she had taken this trip alone. Belinda enjoyed hearing of her life and travels and knew that she would miss her once she was recovered enough to return home to Boston.
Belinda was asked to accompany Mrs. Smythe back home to Boston and Belinda wasn't sure. Rand was starting to complain about her spending too much time at work and she apologized. She wanted to remain friends with him but he had never talked of being more than friends and she never considered herself more than just a friend. She enjoyed talking to him and hearing about the houses he was building. She was surprised by Jackson Brown stopping by Luke's one evening. She had gone to school with him and had never considered a life with him either. They had kept in touch for a while after he left for school to become a doctor and she knew he had planned on returning. She hadn't known when but Luke had talked some about him coming back once he had finished school. Belinda hadn't known when that would be. He took her out to dinner.
With both men now taking her out, they had both declared their intentions of pursuing a relationship with her but she told them both that she considered them friends. She wasn't ready to settle down. She accepted Mrs. Smythe's invitation to go to Boston. She felt she needed to get away. Both men told her that they would wait for her to make a decision when she returned. She told both that she would be gone indefinitely and not to wait on her to come back. It could be years.
Melissa and Amy Jo had been married for 2 years now and Melissa had a child of her own and Amy Jo had one on the way.
Arnie had said that he blamed Clare for Abe's accident for having purchased a bull that was too dangerous. His attitude was putting a serious strain on the family. He was still refusing to let Abe have the surgery to fix his arm although it was obvious that Abe couldn't use his arm at all now. Luke went to talk to him again and Arnie was finally ready to listen. Arnie and Anne spoke with Abe and Abe was willing to go through the pain of surgery in order to regain the use of his arm. He knew that it wouldn't be an easy thing to do but he didn't want to grow up with a crippled arm.
Belinda went to Boston and met some of Mrs. Smythe's friends. Just before her first dinner party with Mrs. Smythe, her grandson Peter came to visit. They spent a lot of time together but there were things going on that Belinda didn't understand. The staff didn't like the fact of Belinda being an employee of Mrs. Smythe's and being allowed to have tea and meals with her. She wasn't accepted into their friendship because they resented her position and the fact that she didn't take tea and eat with them. Mrs. Smythe treated her more like a daughter than staff. Peter didn't realize that she was an employee when Mrs. Smythe asked him to show her around. They spent a lot of time together and he came to like her too much. He decided to head back to France when the winter came because he liked her too much and he wouldn't lower himself to become involved with someone below his status.
Belinda didn't know how they were going to spend Christmas but decided to do her best to create a celebration. She talked to the priest at their church and they invited a few people who were new to Boston or couldn't afford a Christmas over to have a meal with them.
Belinda was restless after the Christmas decorations were put away and Mrs. Smythe decided it was time to take a trip abroad. Belinda was so excited and they headed to Spain, Rome, Italy and finally to France to see Peter and meet Frank. They were surprised to find that Peter was newly married and Frank would soon be married too. They soon headed back home to Boston. Belinda was restless but not homesick and she didn't understand why until she met an older man in clergy attire. They talked and he spoke about leaving his home and traveling to America. He said that he could do that because God would be going with him in his heart. Belinda thought that maybe her restlessness was because she had become to busy in her duties as a nurse to make time for God. She had somehow left him behind. She went to find her Bible and spent some time reading and apologizing to him for not taking him with her and keeping him first in her heart. She felt better after realizing that missing God in her life was what was causing her restlessness.
Profile Image for Jack Vasen.
890 reviews6 followers
June 16, 2018
This is the seventh in the series. While reading all the books in order would add a deeper sense of the ongoing story, it is not absolutely necessary to enjoy this book. Likewise, this book tells a complete story even though there is still one book left in the saga.

This is a Christian book. Faith, dependence on God and prayer are important in the lives of these people and this book points that out in a slightly different way.

In some ways, this book is two different stories, although Belinda is mostly the center of both. There is the story of events in her home town and then there is the story of things after she leaves for Boston. The latter is different in so many ways from all the previous stories of this series largely because the environment is so completely different.

I thought there was a lot of stupidity on the part of so many different characters in this book, including Belinda.

There is a short but humorous section where the entirely modest Belinda has to deal with a low neck line on a dress that was purchased for her.

There are no mature themes and no sex.
Profile Image for Amy Roth.
25 reviews1 follower
July 29, 2015
Not as good

I love the previous books. This was still a good read but I didn't like the story in Boston. To me it lost some of the charm. Hoping the next book takes us back homebirth prarie
Profile Image for Jenn.
108 reviews5 followers
August 15, 2015
A great finale overall to a great series. I will admit, Belinda's story was NOT Marty's, but still overall one of my favorite series.
Profile Image for Virginia Henderson.
Author 15 books68 followers
June 23, 2020
This one goes down as one of my favorites in the series. Why? Because I could personally relate to a lot of the themes and situations that took place. Rifts in family, being so caught up with "things" that you forget to make time for God. I didn't feel like I was reading about a fictional family in which everything is always great and problems are solved *snaps fingers* like that, but about a REAL family that doesn't always make the best choices, that doesn't always get along and that doesn't always solve their problems within two chapters. This book spoke to me like none of the others have.

My only real complaints:
1)What the heck happened to Drew? The guy who lost his arm. Forget Rand and Jackson, I was hoping Drew and Belinda would get together. Speaking of Jackson- can't stand him
2) The trip to Europe could have been SO much more in-depth instead of just the single chapter it was... But I do understand why the author did it like that.
Profile Image for Katie Foth.
Author 3 books19 followers
November 26, 2018
I read and enjoyed several novels in this series in the early 1980s, and this novel was like visiting old friends and catching up with family news. Love Takes Wing was a quick, easy read. I liked the open ending (not a marriage), but I guess I will have to read the next book in the series to see what ultimate decision Belinda makes now that she re-establishes her relationship with God (does she leave her wealthy employer and return home to her family and one of her former beaus? Both the builder Rand O'Connel and the doctor Jackson Brown were presumptuous of her time, attention, and affection. Will there be another option?
Profile Image for Rachel.
560 reviews
January 9, 2019
Although it was a good book, Love Takes Wing just didn’t draw me in like the others. This one focused more on Belinda being a nurse. Especially towards the end. There were moments with the rest of the family. A couple more marriages and what not. But other then that this was definitely a Belinda focused book. I’m disappointed that after the ending of the last book there was no mention of Drew in this one. I don’t really have a lot to say on this one other then it was ok.

Do I still recommend this book? Yes, especially since it’s the second to last book and if you’ve already gotten this far you might as well finish it out.
Profile Image for Parkland Mom.
347 reviews
February 22, 2023

I read this series many years ago so I don’t remember specific dates/years in which I read them. I have had to guess on the years. I’ve only had Goodreads since 2017.

I remember loving this series and anxiously awaiting the next one in the series. I may have also borrowed some of this series from my mother-in-law along with our local library.

This series is a classic and it was kind of like a grown up version of Little House on the Prairie but with more layers and the Christian aspect. Janette Oke is a very talented writer and an example to Christian Fiction authors everywhere.
6 reviews
May 30, 2023
Just like the other books in the series, this one was amazing. It was a bit weird to read about the big city life, compared to the usual setting. However it did not take anything from the story.

There were so many parts of the book that were relatable to my own life and I found that very comforting. Belinda is a very nice character to follow, though I felt like she lost a bit of her drive to help others and nurse towards the end of the story.

The ending of the book was the best part for me, and really tied up the whole story and again is very relatable. I love how despite following different members of the Davis family, it all ties back to God and his Word.
Profile Image for Sarah.
1,220 reviews36 followers
October 12, 2017
Life is good working with Luke as his nurse. But Belinda grows a bit restless with all her friends and nieces getting married. She doesn't feel ready to settle down - though she wants to someday - but is not content where she is anymore.

An elderly woman is brought to Luke's care from the train one day. She had a stroke and Belinda nurses her back to health. The woman grows fond of Belinda and greatly relies on her assistance, so she asks Belinda to come home with her and be her personal nurse. This is the chance Belinda thinks she needs, so she says yes. They travel to Boston where Belinda gets a real culture-shock.

Boston society life certainly takes some getting used to, but Belinda comes to enjoy life there. She misses her family, for sure, but takes joy in being a nurse and companion. She even gets to go to Europe one winter! It's more than she ever could have dreamed.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Abby.
1,049 reviews3 followers
August 24, 2017
Nostalgia Read- This is the seventh book in a Christian Lit series. I have enjoyed getting to know the youngest Davis daughter, Belinda. I felt that in this book she had lost her way a little. The things that she found fulfilling the past were no longer giving her joy. Right at the end of the book, she finds a way to add God back into her life and I think that she will find her purpose in the last book of the series.
Profile Image for Kourtney.
165 reviews
September 12, 2017
This wasn't my favorite in the series although I do enjoy reading about Belinda more then Missie or Marty. The only reason why I ducked a star was because at the end things happened that I thought Belinda was to smart of a woman to over look. Otherwise it was a good, clean read and I look forward to reading the next/last book of the series. Four stars
Profile Image for Angela.
184 reviews2 followers
January 16, 2018
Fabulous series, Love Comes Softly. This book challenged me in that I was frustrated with Belinda and some of her choices but in no way will that keep me from reading the entire series. Janette Oke is a gifted writer and I appreciate her style of Christian fiction. I will read on with confidence that it will be time well spent.
Profile Image for Deevena Jemima.
150 reviews5 followers
July 9, 2018
We had this book at home when we were kids, though I have no idea where we got it from. I think this was the only book we had in the entire series, we used to call it the 'Belinda book', I always wanted to know what happened before and after this book. Now that I have the entire series, I am glad that a childhood dream is fulfilled. I love this book.
Profile Image for Bobbie Sue Davis.
100 reviews3 followers
June 5, 2019
I didn't like this book at all at first. Too many characters and plots going on at once. And Belinda is so naive it was like nails on a chalkboard. It wasn't until Mrs Stafford-Smythe came into the picture and Belinda goes to Boston with her did the story become interesting and it's not until the near end of the book.
8 reviews
June 15, 2021
The movie series completely left out this story line as Belinda moves to the Stafford-Smythe home in Boston and becomes more than a nurse to Virginia. She even accompanies Virginia on a European trip. Spoiler alert: Belinda did not marry Drew until she returned from Boston. Really, no similarity between this book and the movie version but if you don't compare them, they are both good stories.
Profile Image for Pip Snort.
1,000 reviews2 followers
October 10, 2022
Riches of all kinds

In this book it is not romantic love that takes centre stage but a love for life and adventure as Belinda discovers the world beyond her little home and learns to depend on her Heavenly Father for all the riches she needs.

A bit directionless, this story was an interlude on the way to Belinda's love story.
Profile Image for Christina Erickson.
74 reviews2 followers
December 17, 2022
The storyline plods along for the entire book then speeds up and finishes within the last two chapters. That’s my problem consistently with Oke’s writing style. I did really love the last couple of pages where the main character Belinda (yes, that’s her name lol) takes on big character growth. I did like her storyline in this book, very relatable!
Profile Image for Lori.
189 reviews2 followers
June 24, 2017
the book was great but I am only giving a three and a half stars because it differs so much from the movie.if you watch the movies and then read the books,you will see these differences.the books and movies are really good,don't get me wrong but I just didn't like the differences
22 reviews
March 28, 2018
Wow, Belinda has had an awesome adventure.

Now, with one more book to finish the series’s. How will it conclude, what adventures will there be, hummmmm, guess like me, you you’ll have to read the book.....
Profile Image for Susan Blackmon.
Author 7 books47 followers
April 8, 2019
I love the Love Comes Softly books by Janette Oke. Such wonderful storylines and characters with great lessons in the love and faithfulness of God. I hate that I'm about to start the last of this series. :(
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