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Phantom Valley #4

Stranger in the Mirror

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Mirror, mirror on the wall. . .

Stacy James is pulled through the mirror into a terrifying nightmare!

Now her twin, Tracy, has to pretend to be both sisters, as she desperately tries to get Stacy back.

Can the twins figure out the secret to the mirror before time runs out? Or will Stacy have to face the girl with the ax alone?

119 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1992

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About the author

Lynn Beach

31 books6 followers
This is a pen name for author Kathryn Lance.

Kathryn Lance, the author or co-author (or ghostwriter) of more than 50 print books (fiction, nonfiction, for adults and children), has moved into the world of e-publishing. Several of her out of print fiction books are or will soon be up on Smashwords and other online venues; new work, including short fiction and a YA sci-fi series, will soon be in print online as well.

A member of Authors Guild and Science Fiction Writers of America, Lance grew up in Tucson, Arizona, then moved to New York City for several years. Now she is back in Tucson, where she leads nature tours, writes, and has fun with her husband and four cats.

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Profile Image for MAP.
511 reviews155 followers
July 11, 2017
Cripes on a cracker I've been trying to figure out the name of this book for about TWENTY YEARS. I honestly can't remember whether it was "good" or not in the traditional sense, but it sure stuck out to 8 year old me when I read it in 1993.
Profile Image for Stephanie A..
2,319 reviews64 followers
July 24, 2019
I was obsessed with the first 4 of this series in elementary school, and this was probably the scariest one of all to me. Because you see, I also had an antique mirror in my room. Was I maybe inspired to spend an inordinate amount of time making TERRIFYING, evil-looking faces in it until I felt genuine prickles of fear that my reflection might suddenly reach out and drag me through the glass? YOU KNOW IT.

I found this cheap at a used bookstore, bought it immediately, and proceed to revert back to being 8 and scared the dickens out of myself in broad daylight with no mirrors in sight, so I'd say that was $1.50 well spent. It's such a great concept, a mirror that serves as both a window and a portal into another time period during certain phases of the moon. The details of Stacy's struggle with hardscrabble pioneer life, the deranged Philomena, the bloodstained axe of ominousness, Sister....it all came flooding back with intensity. What a great concept! A+ would recommend to all your kiddos who want to be scared silly.
4 reviews14 followers
February 20, 2012
I guess this one would have to be filed under nostalgia. I read it a very long time ago, I think when I was 10 or 11, and have been trying to remember the title of this book for a very long time. Googling it didn't help, searching Amazon didn't help, nothing helped, until I spent some time searching the NoveList database. I searched for children's (9-12) books under multiple keywords and appeal terms, and finally found it under the subject of "magic mirrors." I was so ecstatic because now I can finally order a (probably really used and yellowing) copy on Amazon.
This book is a part of a small series of fantastical horror stories. It's about a girl who uncovers a magic mirror leading to another world, where another girl and her evil grandmother reside. And this is just about all I can remember, until I get my Amazon copy an re-read it of course.
Profile Image for Natalia.
9 reviews3 followers
May 23, 2009
I still have this book from like 1993! It was really good and I remeber wishing it was much, much longer.
Profile Image for Alyana Ymbong.
2 reviews
June 20, 2011
I enjoyed reading this book! I was a sophomore in high school when I read this one. It's a good read for teenagers.
Profile Image for Evan Purcell.
Author 34 books9 followers
July 12, 2022
The Phantom Valley series is usually pretty good at quickly establishing a sense of danger and adding cliffhangers that aren't cop-outs (like so many other middle grade horror novels do). This one follows polar opposite twins who learn from each other and each face different challenges involving a magic mirror and a deliciously evil farmgirl. Sure, one twin's storyline is a bit more interesting than the other's, but things come together beautifully. "Stranger in the Mirror" is a well-plotted and fast read, yet another example of the Phantom Valley series working as a nice, spooky bridge between the Goosebumps/Spinetinglers/Bonechillers mould and the more grown-up frights of Fear Street or Point Horror.
3 reviews
September 6, 2022
This book absolutely traumatized me as an eight-year-old. Being such a scaredy-cat at that age, I have no idea why I read it, but it really stuck out to me. When Stacy finally found out what was in the wardrobe, I had to sleep in my parents' bed for two weeks. It was horrifying! And I ending up thinking about this book a lot throughout the years. I'm sure if I read it now, it'd seem pretty tame, but to a third grader it was the scariest thing in the world.
Profile Image for Wolverinefactor.
694 reviews13 followers
May 2, 2022
Not sure why they compared this to Fear Street because it felt nothing like a Fear Street it even a Pike book from the 90s, it felt more like a tween version of goosebumps.

The story was boring until the end. It was super short so that was a plus.

Will most likely trade this one away.
Profile Image for Windsor Grace.
111 reviews1 follower
January 25, 2021
I searched the internet for this book for over 10 years and finally found it a week ago. It was just as scary as I remembered (although I’m no longer 9). What a wonderful walk down memory lane.
Profile Image for Lisa.
1,070 reviews132 followers
January 10, 2019
Mirror, mirror on the wall. . .

Stacy James is pulled through the mirror into a terrifying nightmare!

Now her twin, Tracy, has to pretend to be both sisters, as she desperately tries to get Stacy back.

Can the twins figure out the secret to the mirror before time runs out? Or will Stacy have to face the girl with the ax alone?
Profile Image for Stacey.
35 reviews2 followers
July 12, 2011
This was one of the first books I read when I was in middle school. I remember reading it at least 3 or 4 times. I can't believe I found it again so that I can purchase it! It took me forever to remember the name... can't wait to get it in the mail and relive some memories :)
Profile Image for Vanessa.
42 reviews
January 26, 2016
This was one of the first (possibly the first) book I ever read. I got it from the Scholastic Book Club they used to offer once a year at school. I must have read & reread it tons of times as a kid. I will always have a soft spot for it in my heart.
Profile Image for Hanna.
83 reviews
October 21, 2011
Number four in the Re-read As An Adult series. I never finished this one either! I was so terrified of ghosts when I was little.
1 review
October 20, 2012
This was the best book i ever read. i would deffinently request this book to anyone who loves thrillers and mistery! i am very picky about reading but this book is nothing to be picky about!
Profile Image for Whitney Brown.
3 reviews1 follower
February 23, 2015
Suddenly had a flashback of reading this book. I think I might have been in middle school.
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