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The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove

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All it takes is one fatal mistake...

High-school beauty Natalie Hargrove has spent years plotting to become prom queen. She's got just what it takes: popularity, glamour and ruthless ambition.

When someone threatens to overturn her perfect plan, Natalie needs to take control. So she convinces her boyfriend Mike to help play a prank on her nemesis, Justin... one that goes terribly wrong, and Justin ends up dead.

Natalie is plunged into a sea of secrets, shame and scandal.

Because it turns out there's one thing even Natalie Hargrove can't command - and that's fate...

235 pages, Paperback

First published October 28, 2009

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Lauren Kate

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Lauren Kate is the author of novels for adults, teens, and children, including the rom-com BY ANY OTHER NAME and the young adult series, FALLEN. She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.

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November 15, 2017
I was drawn to this book because I liked the Fallen series and Lauren Kate's style of writing.

I started this book optimistically...

The style of writing and mean, popular girl protagonist was full of promise that had me intrigued.

But about a quarter of the way through I began to realize things just weren't going anywhere..


Then after a whole lot more shit that made me struggle through this book...


I have one conclusion that describes everything in this book from the plot to the protagonist..


Was this meant to be some sort of ghost story?? If it was I totally didn't get it because it was a confusing piece of shit. All it seemed to be about was an American girl's high school social life. The ending was just urggghhhh I mean what the fuck? (Stupidest way to die!) Depressing, pointless and stupid that's all there is to really say on this... bullshit!

Full review
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October 10, 2011
I got this ages ago when I was at the coast with my Mum (and her friend) and my two younger sisters (and their two friends) My friend who was supposed to come had bailed on me (she was sick) so I was in for a week of spending time with 4 kids under the age of 11. It was a painful experience. We were in Big W and I was bored, as a normal person would be. We were looking for something and my mum kept finding stuff she liked.


So I convinced my mum to buy a few books for me. This was one of them. I think I am giving it such a high rating because I was bored as hell when I read this and it was a few hours of taking my mind of the real world. I briefly remember what the book was about, but I can't refresh my memory by re-reading it, because my friend Tegan has my copy.

What I do remember?

The book was actually pretty interesting. It had an interesting plot, characters and I actually enjoyed it more than I did the fallen series. But you know I was bored when I read it. So I may have made it sound a lot better than what it really is. I'll let you decide ;)
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February 13, 2020
Contemporary A Thon: A dark/ hard hitting book

Is The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove really a 3 star book?

No. Probably not


As you should know by now I have a special place in my heart for bad overly dramatic stories.

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove reminded me a little bit of Gossip Girl. Now I love the tv show Gossip Girl, I've never read the books but the show is one of my all time faves. I binge watch it every year. But even I can admit that Gossip Girl isn't the best written show. But its fun and soapy.

While I wouldn't say The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove was fun but it was soapy and I did enjoy reading it.

Would I recommend this book?

No, because I think most people would hate it(just look at the reviews) but if you go into it knowing that its not a great book writing and plot wise, you might enjoy it.
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May 17, 2010
I'm one of those people that, once I discover an author that has a great book, I like to read what ever else they have available. I had read Fallen a while back, and looked up on Lauren's website to see if she had any other books available. When I saw The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove and read the blurb ... I hesitated.
I'm not a huge fan of the "popular" people, or people that do harmful things to get ahead in life - it's never been my thing. So, I guess it was a blessing in disguise when I won an ARC of The Betrayal... through a blogger contest.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the book than what I thought I would. Lauren Kate made sure that we got glimpses into Natalie's past to show why she acts the way that she does, and I think that helped to make Natalie a more real character that you could actually relate to and empathize. In the end, I still thought Natalie's actions were horrible and definitely something that could have been avoided all together. But, then again, I guess we wouldn't have had a great YA book to read if that would have happened.

Overall, the plot was good. The characters were very real, though I have to say the only one I actually liked was Mike. The writing was wonderful, as it was in Fallen and the ending was kind of expected, but I was still surprised even when I fancied the idea of the ending before I actually read it. Lauren Kate is a wonderful author and I look forward to reading more books by her in the future.
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August 27, 2017
Quanti di voi hanno visto film che trattavano di reginette della scuola super stronze ( passatemi il termine ) con tutti, con addosso sempre un’aria di superiorità?
Questo libro dovrebbe parlare di questo…
Ma Natalie Hargrove, il personaggio creato da Lauren Kate, autrice di Fallen, non fa la stronza con nessuno perché sa di essere superiore.
L’unica cosa che Natalie non tollera è che, al suo fianco, rischi di vincere il titolo di Principe del ballo non il fidanzato Mike, bensì Justin: un ragazzo a cui sono legati ricordi che lei non sopporta.
Nel bel mezzo di una festa Natalie approfitterà delle circostanze per attuare una sorta di “vendetta” su Justin che sfocerà in un incubo.

"Hai lottato duramente per realizzare i tuoi sogni.
Ma una sorte crudele, alla fine, ti ha tradita."

Questa frase, alla fine del libro, si riferisce ad un episodio straziante… e vi assicuro che mi ha lasciata ad una delle sensazioni più brutte della mia vita.
Questo libro mi è piaciuto molto di più di ciò che mi aspettavo - soprattutto perché di Fallen leggo molti pareri contrastanti - e non smetterò mai di amarlo.
Anzi, addirittura penso che farò a breve una rilettura.
Leggete il romanzo “Princess” di Lauren Kate per scoprire quale evento segnerà la sorte crudele di Natalie... e per sclerare insieme a me per tutto ciò che succede in questo libro!
Incredibile, non posso dire altro.
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August 19, 2017
Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfer...

Natalie Hargrove is the most popular girl at her highchool. She has dreamed of becoming Palmetto Princess for years and her long time boyfriend, Mike King is supposed to be crowned Prince beside her. When Justin Balmer threatens her boyfriend's crown, Natalie decides to take matters into her own hands to ensure this doesn't happen.

The book was entertaining at times, but often got on my nerves. Most of the time it was just Natalie trying to get her boyfriend to 'desire her' and then whining when she didn't get her way. A lot of the story was Natalie trying to cover up that she came from the 'wrong side of the tracks' which I'm assuming was supposed to make the reader feel sorry for her and forgive her for her shitty attitude. Just something about her really bothered me. I still really enjoyed how manipulative and conniving she was though and really wanted to see what she would do next to try to cover up what she did. The book is kind of like a terrible life time movie... It's not the best, but it's entertaining so you keep watching because you really want to know what happens next.

Overall, it was entertaining, but nothing overly special.
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September 10, 2011
The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is, in a word, awful. Literally the only redeeming feature for me was the beautiful cover - I want that dress so badly!

Firstly, Natalie was utterly unlikeable by anyone's standards and gets right on your nerves from the very first page, even when you learn of her background, which I assume is supposed to make you sympathetic towards her but fails utterly in that respect. Natalie is utterly selfish, manipulative, unbelievably vain and ruthlessly ambitious, but with no real motive - I get that she's supposed to be a modern-day version of the delightfully evil and twisted Lady Macbeth, but at least she had a character and personality that can be easily dissected! I'd also like to think that Kate is mocking high school and the 'Queen Bee' culture, but unfortunately I seriously doubt she is, evidenced by the chapter titles, which are laughably over-dramatic - The Valour of My Tongue, Nothing in his Life Became him Like the Leaving of it and An Absolute Trust to name but a couple.

I think Kate kept trying to be funny, but the weak attempts at humour made me like Natalie, who is the only point of view we are graced with, even less. Also, I found no point to the prologue which serves only to confuse the reader by being too vague and 'poetic' and borrow ideas from Twilight. The writing was abysmal, the dialogue clunky, the pacing exceedingly drawn out with awful characters that you honestly couldn't care less about and the high school setting of promiscuous thirteen-year-olds (well, maybe a bit older, but still) and events extremely unrealistic, not to mention difficult to get through (and fairly confusing if you do), even with skipping pages - thank god it was such a short book!

In short, I can't recommend this 'novel' to anybody, not even my worst enemy (though it would be an excellent form of torture) - I really didn't like it, especially as it could have been much better, and I'm no longer looking forward to reading the Fallen series.
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June 19, 2011
This was a seriously twisted story. Natalie Hargrove is the most popular girl at her school and is practically a shoe-in for Palmetto Princess (aka prom queen). As she and her longtime boyfriend Mike prepare to become high school royalty, something goes terribly, terribly wrong and Natalie flounders to fix it.

Natalie is a deplorable character; she's selfish to the core, but that's what drew me into the story. When something goes wrong of Natalie, she doesn't fess up and move on, she tries to fix an wrong with another wrong. It's like a train wreck you can't tear your eyes from. Lauren Kate indicated at the end of the novel that what happens to Natalie is fate, but I like to think of it more as karma. I really can't give more away than that.

One other thing that drew me in was that book took place in the South and the community that Natalie lives in has a right and wrong side of the tracks. I also enjoyed reading about these high-schoolers' and their social lives - the high school I went to certainly wasn't like that. (Or, if it was, I obviously was never invited to those parties!)

This book gets four stars. It was a twisted, delicious read for my Sunday afternoon, but I would have liked to have seen Natalie's relationship with her parents fleshed out more.

You can read this whole review and others at pandareads.com
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August 7, 2011
How did I come about to read this book? Being on Kaua'i facing 2 flights and a 3 hr. lay over prompted a last minute purchase in poorly stocked Walmart, that's how.

The beautiful cover of this book lured me, the story sounded ok and the fact that there was nothing else I wanted to read lead me to purchasing this book.

First of all, this book is trashy - not too many swear words but so much teen sex, drug and alcohol abuse. Very imoral. I WOULD NEVER let my kids read a book like this. Books like these teach the youth of today that sleeping around is okay, and addicting behaviors are the only way to get through high school. WRONG.

It's about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, making a new life on the right side of the tracks, where she still runs from her past. Being the Queen Bee in high school makes her think she's happy until an act of revenge ruined her life. The rest of the book is her trying to cover it up.

The ending? I would say is one of the worst I have ever read. I kept reading thinking the author would be able to salvage the story, right the wrongs, you know, some redeeming quality, but nope.

I did not like this book and I'm sad I wasted $8.49 on it and my time.
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June 24, 2022
Ho letto questo libro a scatola chiusa, dopo anni in libreria, comprato solo perché costava pochissimo ed era della stessa autrice di Fallen. Me ne hanno parlato super male ma la mia curiosità ha vinto

Sinceramente non so che pensare 🤣 davvero. Per alcune cose direi che è da odiare ma è stato così addicted che quasi lo amo tanto! Lo so, non ha senso ma ha senso.
Mi ha dato le stesse sensazioni di vedere un film horror di quelli mezzi comici, folli, no sense, in cui le cose non sono spiegate mai del tutto e c’è proprio quello patina di wtf continua ma non riesci a staccarti e sei felice lo stesso. Solo che in teoria questo non dovrebbe esserlo.

È uno YA Mystery con una protagonista che mi fa pensare a Chanel Oberlin🤣, con un po’ di Tredici ma con anche un vibes che mi ha ricordato il libro Bunny

Cosa positiva è super scorrevole e breve, anche se diseducativo.
rimane tutto ancora molto in bilico alla fine della storia ? Diciamo di sì. C’è uno stile di finale che non mi piace di solito ma che quasi ci sta proprio bene qui.

Lo consiglio? Si e no. Dipende cosa cercate.
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January 6, 2010
For me this was about a one and a half stars. I really did not like the main character Natalie or any of her friends. The only person I semi liked was Mike King Natalie’s trust fund boyfriend.

While I was reading this book I felt like I was watching a bad life time movie. I didn't really like anything about this book. The characters were shallow, vein, rude, self-righteous, I could go on and on but I will stop there.

I was really disappointed with the ending. For Natalie to die because Mike pushed her off the cliff didn’t seem like justice for me. But then Mike the one who was ready to turn himself in because of what he did to JB wouldn’t turn himself in for accidentally pushing her off the cliff? Didn’t make sense-I thought he was the level headed one, compassionate and wanting to do what was right. But I guess not. In other words I didn’t like it so much.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 12, 2018
The ending was the best part of this book, but it wasn't enough to make me love it.
Nat was so freaking awful and that ending when left me happy and satisfied. This is justice.
The other characters were flat and dull. What the hell was that with hippie prophets and ghosts?
I don't think Lauren Kate is for me anymore.
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52 reviews
January 14, 2011
I'm a big fan of Fallen and Torment but this book really left a bad taste. Once I got about halfway through I skimmed to the end, and it ended just as badly as I thought it would.
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28 reviews
August 15, 2013
I usually don't write reviews of the books I've read but I'll make this one an exemption. Damn, this book is such a drag! I was actually forcing myself to turn each page and get it over with. It was just such a disappointing read. Let me write a few reasons as to why this book was just a waste of my time.

1. Flat characters!! Natalie, I get it, is a manipulating, selfish and cunning bitch but she was just that. There was no personality and she cares for the most trivial things. And she was responsible for a friend's death just because she wanted to win that pageant but totally showed no care, remorse whatsoever.

2. Her boyfriend is such a weak character always being overpowered by Natalie. Damn. I just could've punch him for his stupidity and uselessness.

3. This is shit writing. It's become so stupid that I actually roll my eyes on every page that I read like WTF seriously. It was just plain horrible. (and to think I don't have such high standards)

4. I know I was supposed to feel sympathy for Natalie when it was revealed that she's been through a lot. BUT I DIDN'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK. I was just like, meh whatever girl just end this story.

I could go on forever but I don't even think this book deserves much to think of. I'm gonna burn this book to ashes. This is mediocre shit. I hate this book!!!!
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July 3, 2012
My review is split in to five sections: Writing, Plot, Worldbuilding, Characters, and X-Factor. Each section comprises of either half or one star, except X-Factor which can utilise two whole stars.

For anyone who is confused as to why I would read a book by an author I didn’t particularly trust and whose other books I’d hated with a loathing passion – suck on my 4 star rating! You can NEVER know if you’ll enjoy a book before reading it.

Writing .5
The writing overall was pretty decent. I can’t help but compare to Kate’s later books Fallen and Torment, which I loathed so violently I was almost reduced to tears upon finishing, and have not yet had the courage to continue Daniel and Luce’s story in passion or Rapture. The writing was only at times juvenile, rather than scattered through the whole book. Occasionally there was a missing word or some WTF-ery moments FOR EXAMPLE Nat and Mike managed to stop in a graveyard yet Nat follows Mike into a mausoleum at the same time (P120).

I personally prefer first person narration and I think it worked really well, even in the last chapter. It makes me wonder why Kate switched to third person for her fail of a fallen angel series. I didn’t feel the prologue and epilogue were necessary, as I don’t feel they add anything to the narrative.

Plot 1
It’s not exactly original, but I freaking love plots like this. I love Mean Girl Gets Her Comeuppance. This is the third book I’ve read in recent times that revolves around this theme and I’ve realised that I WANT MORE. I absolutely love it when an author writes a character we’re supposed to loathe like Natalie, Becca from New Girl and Samantha from Before I Fall.

Characters 1
Natalie was awesome. She was manipulative and conniving and ambitious and thought way, way too much of herself. She had a humungous sense of entitlement to rival any other character I’ve ever read. I thought she was great fun to read about and I especially loved reading about her demise.

Mike seemed really sweet and put together. He wasn’t awesome enough to go onto my Great YA Boys shelf, but I did like him. He was painted very realistically – he was interested in sex and knew Natalie was using it as a weapon against him. I also liked how they’d already been a couple for three years. Nice touch.

World building 1
Natalie’s insanity was the most fun to read. This book was set in the real world so it didn’t take much world building – but the weaving of the backstory sure was interesting. Part of me wishes that Kate had done the big reveal somewhat earlier, but I suppose that’s part of the intrigue of reading on – because we’re desperate to know what really happened to turn Natalie the way she is. I found this book much like New Girl in that respect.

X Factor .5
This book is a very short read, clocking in at only 235 pages – but it had something about it that I just wanted to keep reading and devouring Natalie’s story.

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April 21, 2011
Natalie Hargrove wasn't always Queen bee at Palmetto high. At one point in time she was on the wrong side of the tracks in this small Southern town. When her father went away and her mom moved them over the tracks and into a new life, Natalie took control. She had everything, the perfect boyfriend, the power, and a past she tries so hard to forget. Now Natalie and her boyfriend running for Palmetto Prince and Princess and there is only one person standing in their way to the top. At a Mardi Gras party Natalie convinces her boyfriend to help her play a prank on J.B., but when that prank goes horribly wrong Natalie has to try to pick up all the pieces.

This book was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I had read only a couple reviews about it and none of them praised it too highly. Honestly though, this book was quite a read. It reminded me a bit of the Blue Bloods series from Melissa de la Cruz, minus the vampires (but still bloodthirsty). Mind you I didn't technically finish Blue Bloods, but from what I did read these seem like a similar class of people. Natalie is so driven by her need to win Palmetto Princess that she gets so wrapped up in things when they don't go according to plan. I loved hearing about Natalie and all she overcame to get to where she was and I appreciate that she didn't turn out a necessarily "good person". The fact that she wasn't inherently good added greatly to the story and turned it away from being a sob story about how a person can never be more than they were. The writing was a bit more flowery than it needed to be especially at the beginning of the story. Lauren used a lot of descriptive words that didn't really add to the situation or to the story. Also, Tracy seemed a little bit above and beyond. I guess she was part of that good 'ole Southern mystery; the wise oracle. She didn't really seem to fit in on a high school level, though I did enjoy her, she just seemed a little out of place.

I really liked the ending even though it was sudden and abit bit unresolved, but I liked finding out about JB a bit more and what had actually happened between him and Nat. For those of you who did not notice all the chapter titles (Something Wicked this Way Comes, Thriftless Ambition, More Potent Than the First) are all lines from Macbeth. So, in keeping with Macbeth I'd say it worked out quite nicely with the twist and turns, Tracy (the oracle) and the way the story ended. All in all I was impressed with this story. It had the right levels of betrayal, desire, and secrets.
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January 28, 2011
I'm one of those readers that, if I really like an author, feels the need to get my hands on anything and everything they're written. Enter Lauren Kate. I fell in love with Daniel & Luce's story when I read Torment & Fallen a few months ago. When I meet Lauren for an interview tomorrow, I can't go in there without having done my homework. :)

Natalie was annoying, yet relatable. No, I never played a trick on someone where it got them hurt or killed, and I was never as provocative or manipulative as she was, especially for a high schooler, but I worked hard to become more than I was born into. Natalie didn't necessarily work hard to get where she was, it was more or less her mother's cunning that pulled her onto the right side of the tracks, but she worked hard to keep what she had gained. The truth is, everyone has ghosts, no matter where you come from or what you have (or haven't) been through. What Natalie made me think of is to keep your life CLEAN, that way the ghosts that sneak up on you aren't necessarily bad ones.

I liked Mike, but I think his backbone needs some work. He wanted to do the right thing, and even tried to stand up against Natalie's persuasion, but in the end she made her bed. Mike should have talked her into telling the truth instead of her talking him into shifting the blame.

My biggest annoyance with this book is how grown up this book was for a high school setting. I felt that maybe a college background would have been more appropriate. Seriously, I don't remember that much sex and promiscuity going on when I was in high school, and Lauren is older than me. However, it's her world to write as she wishes, and I still enjoyed the story. It served it's purpose: it was entertaining. There were times when I couldn't put it down because I wanted to know what would happen next, and there were a few pages that I wanted to skip (those weren't often though.) I was also bummed that there was a lot of what I felt was inappropriate language, again, it was something I felt that was more fitting for college kids than high schoolers.

Darla's power shift-attempt towards the end was interesting, so was Kate Richards. What a butt-head Kate. I would have really liked a longer epilogue, I still have so many questions about what happened, but maybe I can get answers from Lauren tomorrow :)
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July 2, 2013
I've heard so many bad things about this book. But I loved it. I read something like "When the book back to the past in the final chapter is like wanting to make you feel sad for Nat and understand her" I didn't see it like that. I love the last chapter because it doesn't make me feel sad about anything, it just make me see farther, make me see how much stuff can be behind the scene of every single story. I didn't see or expected a Nat cruel and all bad girl, I could see a lost little girl who grow up and take all her insecurities, problems, and daemons with her. I just saw the little girl so scared because of her father, the girl who grow up and then she's so scared of her own mistakes, she's feeling lost, she's feeling without love, she's feeling tired and all the characters make her be herself as a child come alive the teenage girl with so much blame for a girl with a life past like that, sometimes you don't need an awful past, you just need the need of something you can never get and that hurts you more than what you can SEE. So... I loved this book, I liked Mike too because he wasn't weak, he was hurt for the family never wanted him enough so he found a girl who loved him, who needed him so he will do anything to keep her with him, to try and make her happy. I don't know hot to really express how many feels I had when I was reading this book, but it was incredible.
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July 6, 2013
Oh god.. this book. I don't even know where I should begin.
My Aunt got this book after she had read Fallen, another book by Lauren Kate. She wasn't really a fan of Fallen but decided to give this book a chance as it was completely different and a one-off book, not a series.

I don't think I liked anything about this book apart from finishing the last page and closing the book forever. If you have a strong dislike for the main character then you'll have a hard time enjoying the book; I couldn't stand Natalie, she is the worst possible character. She was so in love with herself and obsessed with being popular, I really can't stand people like that. The only thing worse than Natalie was the ending, I couldn't believe the ending. It was pathetic and weak.
Some could say why didn't I just put this book down for good and not finish? Because I actually really hate doing that and my Aunt wanted me to read the book before she did; she didn't bother reading after I told her what happened.

I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone as the ending is so bad that it makes you want to turn into the Hulk and smash everything.
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Author 26 books88 followers
July 17, 2015
Arrebatado. Por mais incrível que pareça (e acreditem em mim, estou realmente surpreso com isto), é este o sentimento que consigo canalizar e externar ao finalizar a minha leitura de "A Traição de Natalie Hargrove". Este foi o primeiro livro escrito e publicado por Lauren Kate, e quem me conhece sabe que não sou um fã de sua saga mais famosa (muito pelo contrário). Entretanto, algo me impeliu a dar uma segunda chance para a autora... Foi como um ímpeto. Mesmo que, no momento em que fiz a solicitação do romance para a Galera, eu já estivesse lendo o último livro de "Fallen" (e tendo infinitos problemas com ele, como disse na resenha), acabei solicitando o lançamento para a Galera. E, neste exato momento, estou muito feliz por ter sido iluminado pelo impulso naquele instante.
Diferente de sua popular história sobre anjos e demônios, "Natalie Hargrove" é um Jovem Adulto contemporâneo - inspirado na tragédia "Macbeth", de William Shakespeare. E é isto que o romance de estreia da autora é: Uma tragédia adolescente. Aqui não há espaço para momentos melosos e declarações de amor pretensiosamente poéticas. Não mesmo. Em meio ao "High Society" do Sul dos EUA, conhecemos jovens mimados e irresponsáveis, criados sobre a estigma de que "O Dinheito te define/compra tudo", e onde a maior preocupação de todos é saber quem será coroado o Príncipe e a Princesa de Palmetto High. O mais irônico disto tudo é que, com estes elementos, o romance tinha tudo para ser fútil e vazio, mas ele não é. O leitor mais atento fácilmente conseguirá enxergar através da casca brilhante e ostensiva da vidinha nada ostensiva de seus personagens.
Talvez, este meu contentamento com a história se deva justamente pelo meu fraco por tragédias, e por quanto a leitura me lembrou de "O Morro dos Ventos Uivantes" (que é justamente o meu clássico favorito de todos os tempos). Não que eu queria traçar um paralelo entre Lauren Kate e Brontë, podem ficar tranquilos, mas é que é notável que tanto os protagonistas do romance britânico quanto a personagem título deste livro são abertamente anti-heróis. E você precisa ter consciência disto ao começar a história, se não tudo irá por água abaixo. Natalie Hargrove é o oposto da doce (e irritantemente insossa Luce). A garota mais popular de Palmetto, obcecada com a coroa de Princesa da Escola, dissimulada de forma profissional e com uma atitude repugnante. Em sua visão, qualquer pessoa está abaixo dela, seus amigos são meros peões no jogo da popularidade e - mesmo gostando de verdade (ou algo assim) do seu namorado - até mesmo Mike King tem sua quota de "objeto de valor" na vida da garota. A grande diferença dela para outros personagens odiosos é que - com o tempo - você começa a entender por qual motivo a garota construiu esta armadura impiedosa ao redor de si (e tudo tem a ver com as suas origens, assim como o vilanesco Heathcliff).
Entretanto, mesmo amando odiar a personagem título do livro, o que mais me chamou a atenção na história foi justamente a narrativa de Lauren Kate. Eu sempre tive muitos problemas com o estilo pomposo e pretensiosamente poético que a autora apresentou no decorrer da série "Fallen", mas aqui - em "Natalie Hargrove" - é o oposto. O texto é tão diferente, que em um primeiro momento eu me peguei me perguntando se era mesmo a mesma autora. Na minha cabeça, eu só conseguia pensar: "Quem é esta Lauren Kate, e onde ela foi parar?!". Se não fosse pelos títulos dos capítulos e pelo prólogo/epílogo (um vislumbre do rumo que a autora daria para a sua escrita) eu não acreditaria que esta poderia ser a mesma criadora de Luce, e Daniel e Cam e todos os outros. O texto foi extremamente fluído, e ácido e sem papas na língua. Uma combinação que, para mim, foi deliciosa.
Por isso entendo tão bem o quanto a recepção do romance foi dúbia, até mesmo nos EUA. Para quem é fã da autora através da saga "Fallen", é como um choque entre mundo. Muitos podem gostar, mas outros tantos - sem sombra de dúvidas - vão odiar. Em "Natalie Hargrove" não há espaço para juras de amor eterno. O que temos aqui é culpa, e soberba, e falta de escrúpulos, e fofocas e intrigas... E uma tragédia, preciso frisar. E foi justamente por este motivo que fiquei completamente apaixonado por esta leitura! Então, se você - assim como eu - teve problemas com os outros livros da autora, eu recomendo a leitura de "A Traição de Natalie Hargrove". Pois, por mais que o estilo de Lauren Kate tenha mudado (bastate!) com o passar do tempo, este é uma a prova que ela pode fazer diferente. Que ela pode fazer mais!
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February 16, 2011
I picked this book up as I was eager to sample Lauren Kate's writing but didn't want to dive into Fallen. The story centres around Natalie Hargrove and her need to be crowned Palmetto Princess- the whole story takes place in such a relatively short time for so much to happen. Natalie sees it as the defining moment of her transformation from Cawdor trailer park to Palmetto Queen Bee. Her boyfriend Mike King doesn't take it as seriously and it is paramount that they be crowned together as the alternative prince is J.B, Natalie's long time rival. This one desire sparks off an unfortunate chain of events for Natalie. I loved how the first chapter really set up the social hierarchy and importance of the Palmetto Court in the eyes of the students and to a certain extent their families, it made some of the decisions and small things make sense.

I actually found Natalie likable. Behind her shallow greed and single-mindedness, I could see a girl thrown off course by one harmless prank who was just desperate to keep the life she fought so hard for. The prank they play on J.B would have been seen as a meaningless joke if not for a tragic secret. I felt for Natalie as she seemed to have few real friends to turn to and Mike turned out to be rather weak willed. I did feel her back story could have afforded at least another chapter to show how she'd got to where she was. For example, Natalie's father makes a comeback in her life but this is never really dealt with which frustrated me.

The supporting cast of characters are very well fleshed out and complex. Mike was a very good boyfriend to begin with his laid back attitude did complement Natalie’s determination however this coupled with his inability to do what he thought was right or follow through really annoyed me. He claimed he wanted to come forward after the prank but it didn't take much for Natalie to persuade him and then he just didn't commit to the cover up like she did. A lot of side characters did seem to be there solely for plot movement or to add pressure etc and flitted in and out of importance. Natalie's potential stepsister seemed quite meek and submissive then suddenly grown a backbone which seemed rather out of character. However, due to the viewpoint of the story, you never got to see their true motives or feelings and this confusion did enhance Natalie’s isolation.

The ending felt a bit abrupt to me. The explanation of Natalie and J.B's rivalry was very subtly hinted at throughout the book and then thrown in at the end. I feel it could have been brought up earlier or been more obvious as it made Natalie's actions towards J.B much less vindictive and bitchy. However, the sudden ending was very effective. It tied up loose ends but left you wondering about small side plots such as how J.B really felt about Natalie, what happened to Baxter and how the investigation went. Which in a way is very clever as it keeps you thinking

With the UK blurb, I missed the fact this is a Macbeth retelling/reimagining, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if I’d known. However once I knew it was hard not to see connections and pick out little links to the Play. I loved the portrayal of the Witches as New Age juniors who were just going through a rebellious hippy phase. I liked the fact that Natalie was clearly the more ambitious one so she saw the apparitions, made the decisions, consulted the 'witches' and was the stronger person rather than Mike (Macbeth). However, I found Natalie to be a much more sympathetic character than either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. I enjoyed that the 'wrong side of the tracks' where Natalie came from was named Cawdor and that Mike's surname was King, these little links were cleverly slotted in and didn't detach from the plot. Thinking about it now I can think of so many character parallels and connections that I didn't pick up straight up that I almost want to reread both Macbeth and Natalie.

This book engaged me from start to finish with a fast paced plot, well developed and complex characters and a very clever setting. I am so glad I brought it because I will definitely be picking it up again and again!

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November 14, 2012
Reviewed by Samantha Clanton aka "Harlequin Twilight" for TeensReadToo.com

There are a few things that Natalie Hargrove wants out of her time at Palmetto High School, but the big one is becoming Palmetto Princess and her boyfriend, Mike, to be Palmetto Prince. And Natalie Hargrove will do anything she has to do to make sure this happens.

When Natalie finds that Mike is at major risk of losing the battle for the crown to the one person Natalie hates, Justin Balmer, we find out just what she will do to make sure that her dreams come true. But what's the cost of fame within the high school setting? And what's that cost when the person she's battling is the one person who has the power to take her down?

Now, when I got this book I hadn't actually read the synopsis about it. All I knew was that it was Lauren Kate's debut novel, I loved the cover, and I wanted to read it before I read FALLEN (out now). But I'm glad. I was totally shocked and surprised at the twists and turns in THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE - and I loved it!

It was a shocking and fun ride to take with Natalie, and let's just say the ending shocked me even more. This is a very Cruel Intentions (1999 Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe/Sarah Michelle Gellar movie that was totally awesome, which ironically contained a character with the last name Hargrove) kind of story, and that made it even more enjoyable.

The main thing I fault this novel for is that it seemed like some of the characters were just around to move the story along, and then once their job was done you didn't really see them again, or they just got a side mention. But this being a quick read, I can understand why it was like that, so I don't hold that too much against it.

It seems like with all the talk surrounding FALLEN that THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE has been lost in the shuffle, or will be, but I hope that doesn't happen. I really enjoyed Natalie, Mike, the Bambies, and even JB, and the journey they took me on, and I think other people will, too. It's a story of blackmail, desire, darkness, and deeds that are so dark it would make Nyx shiver.

Natalie messed with the Fates - and you just don't mess with the Fates!
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February 11, 2016

Per me è un NO enorme quanto un grattacielo.
L'idea poteva anche essere buona ma il modo in cui è stata sviluppata è così superficiale, senza senso, confusionario che ho odiato questo libro.
Nat e Mike stanno insieme e, sostanzialmente, lei è così superficiale e frivola che lo scopo massimo della sua vita è diventare reginetta del ballo della scuola.
Per farlo, però, vuole a tutti i costi avere al suo fianco il suo ragazzo, Mike, povera vittima delle sue macchinazioni.
In ogni caso, Mike deve riuscire a sbaragliare il suo acerrimo avversario (di cui, diciamoci la verità, Mike non si preoccupa troppo, anzi.) JB.
E allora la super intelligente Natalie cosa fa? Lo lega ad un albero, ubriaco marcio, davanti alla chiesa della sua città, portandogli via delle pillole mediche di cui non legge nemmeno l'etichetta.
Beh, sorpresa sorpresa, JB crepa. Guarda caso aveva bisogno delle sue pillole che, a quanto ho capito (perchè nel libro è mezzo detto ma mai spiegato per intero), sono quelle di cui JB si serviva per non avere le convulsioni (ma poi, perchè le aveva? mistero).
Da qui si sviluppa una trama assurda, completamente insensata in cui Natalie ANCORA si preoccupa di essere reginetta, anzi, Principessa della Palmetto. A volte si interroga su chi potrebbe scoprire che ha -involontariamente- ucciso JB, pressando il suo fidanzato addirittura ad accusare un altro amico.
Amico che, COMBINAZIONE, ha prove a carico di Natalie e JB.
Ragazzi miei, fatevi un favore ed evitate questo libro.
E' carino di non-sense, situazioni assurde, superficialità dei personaggi, totale confusione ed è anche pieno di clichè.
Per non parlare del finale, che mi ha fatto spiattellare una mano sulla fronte nella speranza che le parole cambiassero e magicamente il romanzo potesse essere valutato 2 stelline invece che 1.
E invece no.
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January 14, 2011
I absolutely loved the fallen series so when I heard this was recently published I went and bought it straight away without ever reading the back cover.

Another beautiful front cover on this book, really helps you when picturing Natalie.

Very 'Americanized' for most of the book, talk of juniors, softmores and seniors and being from the uk I don't understand many of these terms.
Most of the book was basically about Natalie being a social climber really (Which for most of use is hard to relate to whereas the fallen series I COULD relate to) and her aim to get herself and her boyfriend Mike crowned the prince and princess so they could take a ride in the carriage, get crowned host a dance and other such things.

Overall, really quite dissapointed with it and am glad it was a short book so I was able to read it in not too long a time so I could move onto something else.
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June 20, 2021
Ik heb niet veel positiefs over dit boek te zeggen.

Er was veel slut shaming (echt veel) en hoe die jongens over meiden praten en misbruik van ze maakte was echt walgelijk. Het plot was er niet en het einde was ook echt bar slecht.

Heb hem uitgelezen, omdat het een travelbook was en ik al mijn commentaar erin kon schrijven. Maar anders was ik al na 2 hoofdstukken gestopt.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 5, 2017
I love this book and even though it's it's, it always makes a good read. I know some people don't like it, but i love this book.
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January 22, 2021
This book was ok, not usually my kind of read. Totally unexpected ending, plot twist, but I liked it. It’s still a fun adventure, although it gets a little confusing towards the end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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