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Imogene's Last Stand
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Imogene's Last Stand

4.01  ·  Rating details ·  787 ratings  ·  170 reviews
Meet Imogene Tripp, a plucky girl with a passion for history. As a baby, her first words were "Four score and seven years ago." In preschool, she finger-painted a map of the Oregon Trail. So it's not surprising that when the mayor wants to tear down the long-neglected Liddleville Historical Society to make room for a shoelace factory, Imogene is desperate to convince the t ...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published October 13th 2009 by Schwartz & Wade Books
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Nov 03, 2009 rated it it was ok
That Imogene, she's going to grow up Geek Like Me. She loves history and she loves her country, and in the process of saving her beloved local historical society from the wrecking ball, she demonstrates all the best protest strategies - gradually raising community awareness of her issue via public speech, canvassing, leafletting, a rally, and finally a sit-in. All the while she spouts her favorite quotes from American history, from "Balderdash" (Teddy Roosevelt) to "Ain't nobody comin'" (Davy Cr ...more
Jul 26, 2011 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
This is a fun (and somewhat cautionary tale) about preserving history and celebrating the lives of those who have gone before us. It's humorous and I love how Imogene uses quotes from famous people to make her point. The illustrations are terrific and we really enjoyed reading this book together. I love it when we can sneak a little history lesson into a story! And I love that it depicts the President as a woman of color.
May 27, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2012
Imogene Tripp should hang out with Ramona and Marty McGuire. This needs to be used in every social studies unit where it's remotely applicable..
Jul 23, 2011 rated it it was amazing
I thought this was a delightful and charming book about a plucky heroine, Imogene, who tries to save the local historical society. Includes famous words from notable Americans, who influence Imogene.
Baby Bookworm
Apr 11, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: our-reviews

This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!

Hello, friends! Our book today is Imogene’s Last Stand by Candace Fleming & Nancy Carpenter, a delightful tale of a courageous little girl with a passion for US history.

Imogene has loved history from her first words – literally (they were, “Four score and seven years ago”). At school, she gives a show-and-tell lecture series on important women in history. But now, her mission is to breathe
Nov 05, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Delightful and witty. Kids especially loved this one!
Ann McKee
Feb 04, 2011 rated it really liked it
Imogene Tripp is a little girl who loves history and often quotes famous people from history. Her first words were "Four score and seven years ago". So when Imogene discovers the neglected and abandoned Liddleville Historical Society she immediately sets about restoring the old building and its contents. But when Imogene opens the doors, no one comes. No one cares. Then Imogene learns that the building is to be torn down to make way for a shoelace factory. She tries to rally the town to protest ...more
Oct 11, 2009 rated it really liked it
Imogene Tripp loves history so much that her first words as a baby were "Four score and seven years ago." She helps restore the Liddleville Historical Society, but to her disappointment, nobody visits. Then she learns the Mayor has ordered the building torn down and plans to put a shoelace factory in its place. Taking to the streets, Imogene launches a one woman campaign, blanketing the town with flyers and crying ala Paul Revere "the bulldozers are coming!" but nobody listens. "The shoelace fac ...more
Kennedy Braun
Nov 20, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: children-s-lit

Imogene loves history. She is fascinated with the tales and stories that happened long before she was born. She notices that there is a Historical Society building stocked with historical antiques and documents. She spends a long time cleaning up the old building and restoring it. She is devastated to find out that the town wanted to tear it down. She fought for her building using tactics that historical figures she read about used. She eventually had to tie herself to the house to prevent it fr
Full review at:

Imogene is awesome! Her whole life she has loved history and has promoted history. History is her passion. When she finds out that the Liddleville Historical Center is up for demolition, she does everything in her power to save the history center. This, in a nutshell, is what makes her awesome: she is intelligent, passionate, and willing to stand up for her passion. Because of this, and the history allusions throughout the book, make this
Sarah W
May 22, 2010 rated it it was ok
History is everything to young Imogene Tripp. For a girl whose first words came from the Gettysburg address, putting the neglected Liddleville Historical Society in order is a dream come true. At least, it was until the day a sign goes up announcing the Society's imminent destruction in favor of a shoestring factory. Imogene launches a one girl crusade to save her museum with a little help from her parents. Nothing helps until she discovers an important document inside the Society. Can she stall ...more
Oct 26, 2013 rated it really liked it
Imogene is a young girl who wants to save the Historical Society in her town of Liddleville. The mayor wants to tear it down to put in a shoelace factory and Liddleville "on the map." Imogene tries to employ the strategies of the past to help the people of the town help her protest against the mayor. She rides around like Paul Revere and spouts out famous quotations throughout the book. It seems like her efforts may be lost until she discovers a letter stating that George Washington himself may ...more
Any book that includes inspiring quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr., William Morris, Chief Joseph, and Eleanor Roosevelt on its endpapers makes me sit up and take notice. Readers will quickly discover that these quotes are sayings that provide inspiration for Imogene, the book's determined heroine. A lover of history, Imogene engages in a fruitless battle against the authorities as she tries to save Liddleville, New Hampshire's historical society from being razed in order to put up a shoelace f ...more
Nov 07, 2010 rated it really liked it
Shelves: picture-books
Published in 2009 by Schwartz & Wade
Interest Level: 3rd-6th Grade

Imogene is a girl who loves history. She lives and breathes history. She even is able to quote important figures in history. As she endeavors to save the local historical society, she finds that she is not alone and that her love of history is beyond the boundaries of a textbook.

I truly enjoyed this picture book that began with end-papers that had information about important figures in American history. Although the characteriz
Erin Reilly-Sanders
I really enjoyed Imogene, especially the little quips from historical personages that pepper her speech, but was a little annoyed at the confused messages about crossing gender role boundaries in both the text and the pictures. While the book seems to be very pro-liberated-woman, some of the little subconscious things seem to be popping back up such as portraying all of the construction workers as male and instead of having Imogene's actions directly save the Historical Society, instead it is sa ...more
Sep 24, 2011 rated it really liked it
Shelves: picture-books
Imogene's Last Stand is a book you want to read aloud to your students. A young girl named Imogene ,who happens to be quite a history-buff, stands up for what she believes in, and doesn't back down! Fleming's humor and incorporation of United State's history makes the book entertaining not only for children, but for adults as well.
Nancy Carpenter rendered the illustrations in pen, ink, and digital media. Each end page has historical "tidbits" in which Carpenter makes small pictures of each hist
Dec 18, 2009 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: picture-books
Imogene Tripp is a born and bred history buff. Her first words were "Four Score and Seven Years Ago" and from there all she would eat, think, and breathe was history. All of her attention is now focused on saving the towns historical society house. She cleans the place up and gets it all ready for tours, but nobody comes. Soon, she finds out that the house is going to be torn down to make a shoelace factory.....but not if she has anything to do with it!! All week she schemes and begs people to c ...more
Feb 08, 2016 rated it liked it
Imogene, a little girl who lives in New Hampshire, has a deep fascination for history. Once she was old enough she fixed up the Liddleville Historical Society in the hopes to teach people about the history of the town. Construction workers came with a notice that it would be torn down, and a shoelace factory would be built. Imogene petitioned and tried to rally the people in the hopes of saving the historical society, but no one listened. Then she found something amazing...

By using quotes from
Imogene is a little girl who loves all things historical. One of her favorite pastimes is quoting famous Americans, and her great knowledge of historical figures helps her when the historical society's building in her town is about to be bulldozed. With the help of her father, Imogene tries everything to get the attention of the townspeople and mayor, but to no avail. She finally stages a peaceful protest on the front steps and gains the attention of a very important American who helps her save ...more
Eileen Corbett
Jan 30, 2011 rated it really liked it
Imogene Tripp is a young history buff who is fighting to save the museum in the Liddleville Historical Society. She uses her cleverness, wit, and knowledge of history to show the townspeople the importance of preserving history for future generations. Things are not looking good for Imogene and the Historical Society until a very special person joins her cause.

IMOGENE'S LAST STAND is a fun book that will inspire young readers learn more about history and to take a stand for what they believe. Na
Jan 26, 2010 rated it really liked it
In the words of the immortal Imogene Tripp, "That was totally fun!" Imogene loves history, and works hard to save a fantastic old house full of antiques, old letters and photos from being torn down to make way for a shoelace factory. It's an uphill battle trying to get others to care about history, but when Imogene discovers a letter proving that George Washington slept in the house, the President of the United States herself declares the house an historical landmark. Imogene quotes lots of cool ...more
May 29, 2011 rated it really liked it
Imogene is a history buff! She helps her dad at the local historical society, but it becomes threatened when the mayor and the town want a shoelace factory built on the very location of the historical society. Imogene tries to rally the citizens of her fair town to her cause, but no one is convinced. Then one day while inside...moments before the demolition crew arrrives, Imogene discovers a piece of history...a letter from George Washington - the 1st president of the United States of America!
Josselin D
I like this historical fiction book. It is about a girl namedImogene and ther'es this house ands the mayor want's to replace it for a shoelace factory. Imogene want's to stop them. I'll remember that history is important in life. My question is that isn't the mayor smarter by saying the words "Who cares about history"? My schema is that in school my classmates and I learn about history. I'll recomend this book to Ms.Juan because it's interesting and because it's about history plus Ms.Juan likes ...more
Jul 01, 2011 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: 3-6 grades
"Enamored of history, young Imogene Tripp tries to save her town's historical society from being demolished in order to build a shoelace factory." Imogene is quite the determined young historian as she sets the tone of the situation with quotes from historical figures dressed in the appropriate pieces. My favorites: Davy Crockett "Ain't nobody comin'", Theodore Roosevelt "Balderdash", Chief Joseph "My heart is sick and sad", Viet Nam protestors "Heck no, I won't go", and President Martin Van Bur ...more
Jose B
Oct 20, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Ami me encantoeste libro fantaciarialistica.Por que la nina le encantaba la istoria de los Estados Unidos des de que era una bebe la nina cresio y cuando ella estaba en quider des cuvio una casa de inmortales y abrio un museo de istoria y pusieron su pueblo en el mapa.Mi esquema es la nina cuando era bebe legusto una cosa como yo cuando era bebe.Mi pregunta es como sabia la nina la istoria de Estados Unidos cuando era bebe.Yo le recomiendo este libro a las personas que le gustan los libros fanta ...more
Megan M
Apr 02, 2012 rated it really liked it
An adorable story for history buffs. Imogene is a young girl who grew up with a great love the past and is now dedicated to saving her town's historical society from being torn down to make way for a shoelace factory.

Other reviews point out that some of Imogene's actions are unrealistic - for example, it's unlikely that a child as young as Imogene could refinish a four-poster bed alone and so quickly - but I actually enjoyed this story and its message that everyone has a part in protecting our
Nov 04, 2012 rated it really liked it
So you're going to knock down the local historical society to build a shoelace factory (it'll put the town on the map!)? Huh. Look out. Imogene's making her stand.

Entirely dig that Imogene is baby Leslie Knope.

4th-6th grade, mostly because it's a little longer for young grades and that's about when they'll start understanding some of the references. Not going to get all of them, but hey there teacher/librarian/parent, how about a little research project?
Aimee T
Oct 27, 2011 rated it it was amazing
MY opinion of this book is that i like it becuse its about a girl that likes history.ITS about a girl that likes history sence she was a baby they fond a house of history and they whant to nock it down but she stoped did she like history sence a baby?I recomand this book to bianca becuas she likes history ficition.THIS remands me of wen i help my mom clin a hoses.THIS book is history fiction.
Aug 19, 2011 rated it it was amazing
You know it's a good picture book when - you are quoting it / reading it aloud to your sweetheart on your date night. Yes really. Our family loves history. Loves quotes. Loves standing up for what you believe in, even when others disagree. Loves when people are not afraid to voice their opinions AND take action. This is a great Leadership book, that used great American heroes as mentors. Loved it.
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I have always been a storyteller. Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale. And I told them all the time. As a preschooler, I told my neighbors all about my three-legged cat named Spot. In kindergarten, I told my classmates about the ghost that lived in my attic. And in first grade I told my teacher, Miss Harbart, all about my family's trip to Paris, France.

I told such a good st