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The Bride Price

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Hell would freeze before a mere female brought proud Wyatt Sommersby to his knees. The macho millionaire always got what he wanted - and then moved on. But Maggie Muldoon proved immune to Wyatt's money, and indifferent to his manliness. Her free spirit pricked his ego...and stroked his lust...until he simply had to have her.


Wyatt needed every weapon in his charming arsenal to win Maggie's heart. Now that matrimony was on his min, he'd say - or do - anything to get her to walk down the aisle with him!

THAT SPECIAL WOMAN! She was restless as a rainbow. Stubborn as a mule. And she couldn't be bought...at any price but love.

256 pages, Paperback

First published July 1, 1995

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About the author

Ginna Gray

84 books43 followers
Ginna sold her first novel in 1983, after winning the Golden Heart Award, given by Romance Writers of America for the best unpublished novel in a category. She has been working as a full-time writer ever since. When she finishes her current contracts, Ginna will have written 33 books. She has also given many lectures and writing workshops, and judged in writing contests.

A native Texan, Ginna lived in Houston all her life — until 1993, when she and her husband Brad built their "dream home" and moved to the mountains of Colorado. Ginna also enjoys other creative activities such as oil painting, sewing, sketching, knitting, and needlepoint. "But my first love will always be writing. It is simply part of who I am."

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1,014 reviews217 followers
February 22, 2022
Holy Lord,how i fell in love with "The Bride Price".It has been a long time since i read a whole swoon worthy romance with a still perfection like this one,and i will never forget it.The brooding and ambitious business tycoon Wyatt Sommersby have had his whole life planned for him and cynically have always been disgusted by the mere word marriage.Like a lighting force this pixie of a creature,with her flaming red locks will enchant him into a whole different world where he will have no control over his life or his heart..and i watched it every step of the way.

Maggie Muldoon is a free wild spirit who goes where the wind blows her.She vibraties with vitality and glows like a red lighting-boll with her bubbly and happy nature,restless like the rainbow and a creature in impulse,she will be this one dominating mans downfall.She infuriates him,annoys him,gives him breezy indifference,disses him around until he wants to shred all of his hair off-and then she simply laughs at him-and this man simply couldn`t do anything than be completely and irrevocably enthralled by her.These two characters are perfect for each other-even with their differences and i just fell in love with them..with all my heart.

Poor Wyatt was very smitten with her (too in love for his own good) and simply never stopped thinking about her,and how he always longed for her.His overly jealousy and possessiveness and passion when it came to his Maggie-is something worth dying for.He was a hero to die for!Jesus this man was everything you love about a man.Maggies and Wyatts road trip together was so hilarious and romantic at the same time-the perfect romantic comedy that you can never forget.It was so romantic that i even shed tears..Oh such a beautiful and lovely tale,such great passion in this romance.Both Maggie and Wyatt has come to be one of my favourite couples of all time..i L.O.V.E this book and i will never forget it.!
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2,391 reviews444 followers
August 8, 2020
I had to read this as so many reviewers found the heroine too perky, too happy.

I guess that's what happens when you are such a renegade, such a free spirit, such a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

I enjoyed her faux-Irishness and stonewalling the shutdown, besotted H for a while, but the whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl act covered what is essentially a stone cold, unemotional narcissist.

I pity the hero and the grandfather. She'll always be off to a new adventure and something better than them.
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2,987 reviews
Shelved as 'skimmed-it'
August 4, 2020
An entitled, snobbish stuffed shirt has the hots for a free spirit with red hair and a lilting Irish brogue. It was okay but I ended up skimming the second half because the heroine's unwaveringly sunny, plucky charm grated after a while.
Profile Image for Saly.
3,433 reviews512 followers
March 24, 2013
Loved the book, the heroine was carefree and had such enthusiasm for life plus she could befuddle the hero at every turn. He is a wealthy man who lives for business but when he meets her, she turns his world upside down, she is wealthy yet lives on her own in a warehouse, is not concerned about society and its rules and has the ability to tune him out. He starts off wanting to have an affair though it is so obvious to the reader from the start that he is falling hard for her. She is carefree yet so guarded when it comes to her heart since she saw her mother hurt by her father at every turn. I loved the crazy ride the heroine led the hero on.
Profile Image for Melanie♥.
1,064 reviews1 follower
April 22, 2016
I wanted to like it more than I did. The hero was missing a bit of his alpha. The heroine was quirky and funny but with a damaged childhood. However, the quirkiness started to rub me the wrong way after a while. She seemed borderline bipolar with the manic highs and crashes. Still an enjoyable romantic comedy.
Profile Image for Jena .
1,878 reviews2 followers
May 30, 2022
Loved this book!! 😍 this is one of those books that will make you smile.
Story had a besotted stuff shirt H falling for the vibrant and cheerful minx of a h. She’s like a modern day, colorful gypsy, and he’s a serious, corporate tycoon.

I simply loved how indifferent the h was to the H, and him being totally frustrated with her for ignoring him. She drives him absolutely crazy and that’s the charm of this book. 😂

The h reminded me of one of Julie Garwoods heroines. She’s more cute than beautiful and incredibly cheerful and positive 24/7. I loved her happy vibe, but I think some might find her annoying.🤷🏻‍♀️

Virgin h26.

Absolutely recommend.👌
Profile Image for MissKitty.
1,438 reviews
August 18, 2018
The first part of the book was great. The Hero was a conceited snob, and the heroine was a vivacious, carefree, wild child. I loved how she was totally irreverent towards him and led him a merry dance. The Hero couldn’t help being drawn to her.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to the promise of the start. The heroine’s idea of being free-spirited and impulsive was a bit too over the top. She was totally reckless. Then, she challenges the Hero to come along on her mad-cap road trip in an RV. It was a bit incredible to believe that a company CEO, could just randomly take off for a month to travel around with her. At one point it just seemed as if I was reading the makings of a slapstick comedy.

It was also too much for me to believe that the heroine, who was the impulsive, and hungry to try every experience type, was still a virgin at 26! It just didn’t fit with the character at all!

Not a bad book, just a disappointment.
Profile Image for mad4rombks.
591 reviews
December 24, 2021
Another reread. I'm a sucker for books where the hero is so uptight at first and it takes meeting the heroine to make him change his ways. In this one, at the beginning, Wyatt came off as a snob but Maggie soon changed that. I loved that Wyatt was the one to fall for her first and she, at first, didn't seem to give him the time of day and it was driving him insane. I'm so glad it's now out in digitally because I find myself rereading this one every few years and it still holds up for me. A 4.5 for sure.

Re-read July 17, 2012
Re-read September 8, 2016
Profile Image for Debby.
1,208 reviews9 followers
May 31, 2022
In the beginning of the book it was amusing that she was so carefree and perky. But after a while it became annoying how totally into herself she was.

She is 26 years old. She wants to do what she wants, whenever she wants and how she wants it. No ties, no responsibilities.

She forgets about him again and again because she is so absorbed in her own world and in her own experiences. It was too extreme. She came across as a narcissist.

For instance: she drops him off at a store so he can buy new clothes and she would wait for him. When he comes out of the store, he finds out she has driven away and she has left him there in the middle of nowhere.

Then she comes back and she says she forgot him because she saw a rodeo announcement which she was excited about and she just drove off.

So in only 3 quarters of an hour, you just forget another human being is driving with you and depending on you and you take off without him?

She’s extremely self-centered and self-absorbed. I feel sorry for the H. He is a wonderful man, he deserves better.

For now he thinks it’s exciting to have a wife who is unpredictable and who will just leave whenever and wherever the wind blows, but in a few years that will break him. He can’t rely on her. She will forget their children in school if there is something else interesting going on somewhere else.
Profile Image for SassyLeg.
488 reviews
September 27, 2020
This is what can be called a "hidden gem", at least for me!!
Very enjoyable opposites-attract story: H's character is quite conventional while the h ..... well she has many surprises to reveal througout the story.
Funny - steamy - lighthearted. I read it in just one session!!
Profile Image for Daisy Daisy.
672 reviews29 followers
August 17, 2020
This had bits I loved and bits that were just... jeez.

The H has a bit of a stick up his butt at the start and acts like a snob to the h not realising she is the grand daughter of the guy he wants to do business with. She is a totally out there hippy type who lives in a warehouse with fishes, befriends everyone like a disney princess h and drives a campervan around when she wants to research. She also has family issues.

The H is sucked into her bubble of fun and bunks off work to go touring for a month. He also falls madly in love although she doesn't believe in it or him.

the whole biker scene was just too much and is what turned the story into a bit of a farce. They were totally not nice people.

The h was also a bit too far up her own ass to consider the poor H and his feelings I'm glad she got the wake up call at the end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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20 reviews
July 19, 2014


description description

I love this book sooo much
its hilarious
i love how maggie keeps wyatt on his toes
wish this novel was a longer
2,029 reviews3 followers
April 20, 2019
Wyatt Sommersby is a high powered executive who's used to getting his own way. Margaret Mary Muldoon is a tiny Irish free spirit who writes children's books. They meet at the engagement party of her sister and his brother and the attraction is strong even though they are totally different. She challenges him to go on one of her wanders for a month and he accepts. At the end they're lovers and when her grandfather has a heart attack they marry but she still won't admit her love or understand how she hurts Wyatt with her escapades. It isn't until he scares her to death with a fall from a horse jump that she'll admit her love and understands what she does to him.
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5,712 reviews
February 16, 2022
Not the Marrying Kind…

Hell would freeze before a mere female brought proud Wyatt Sommersby to his knees. The macho millionaire always got what he wanted�and then moved on. But Maggie Muldoon proved immune to Wyatt's money, and indifferent to his manliness. Her free spirit pricked his ego…and stoked his lust…until he simply had to have her.

Except at the Right Price

Wyatt needed every weapon in his charming arsenal to win Maggie's heart. Now that matrimony was on his mind, he'd say�or do�anything to get her to walk down the aisle with him!
230 reviews
September 24, 2022
It started so great. I thought it'd be a solid 5 stars read.
The snobby stuck-up businessman falling for a disreputable Irish girl who doesn't give a damn about him.
Maggie is adorable.
But the trip part is disappointing. It is great as a travelogue, but not as a romance.
Profile Image for Ujjwala.
205 reviews4 followers
February 20, 2023
at the start, i did not like the hero and liked the heroine, but by the end, i liked the hero and did not like the heroine.

their banter was fun to read, the camper travel was a different setting that i liked, and the heroine's grandfather was nice. however, i did not like the actions of the heroine, the way she completely disregarded what the hero thought (even though he was right) and just did what she wanted.

i wished the hero found someone else at the end.
Profile Image for Pam.
526 reviews
May 9, 2014
It was cute. not as great as I thought it would be after reading other reviews. but worth a read
459 reviews
May 4, 2014
You must read this classic book. The things that the heroine puts the hero thru are funny. He does not like a lot of things she does but she pretty much ignores him.
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