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Sabre Security #1

Corpse Roads

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In therapy, they tell you to use your senses.
List the things you know.

Sermons recited with malice. A blood-soaked ritual. The sting of tears and gasping sobs of the dying. Rotting flesh.

I grew up in a cage, tortured by the Lord Almighty's most twisted servant. Death and despair became my close companions as I watched years of slaughter at Pastor Michaels’ hand.

Eighteen girls. Dead.
Eighteen lives. Ended.
Eighteen futures. Stolen.

After years of captivity, I don't recognise the world I'm suddenly thrust into. The road in front of me is lined with corpses, demanding vengeance from beyond the grave.

I escaped… but they didn’t.
Now, I have to live for them.

Sabre Security offers me a lifeline in the dark. They want to find the killer before another girl dies, but their protection comes with a price.

My soul must be excavated, one sinful memory at a time.

The Hunter will become the Hunted.

Author Note: Corpse Roads (Sabre Security #1) is a contemporary reverse harem romance set in the same universe as Blackwood Institute, which is recommended to be read first but not compulsory.

396 pages, Kindle Edition

Published November 26, 2022

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About the author

J. Rose

16 books770 followers
J Rose is an independent dark romance author from the United Kingdom. She writes challenging, plot-driven stories packed full of angst, heartbreak and broken characters fighting for their happily ever afters.

She’s an introverted bookworm at heart with a caffeine addiction, penchant for cursing and an unhealthy attachment to fictional characters.

Feel free to reach out on social media, J Rose loves talking to her readers!

Enquiries: j_roseauthor@yahoo.com

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December 21, 2022
3 'only for the plot' stars. Another day, another futile attempt to love a reverse harem book as much I did Lords of Pain. 🤡

LOP is an exception, after all. This subgenre is so unconvincing, mostly due to the fact that many authors simply don't possess adequate attributes to make this sort of relationship sound credible and, eh, swoonworthy.

But back to the book in question: I have to admit it proved to be much more entertaining than I initially expected. When I scrolled through this book's page on Goodreads and saw that it's filled to the brim with praising 4-5 star arc reviews, I felt disheartened. Believe me, nothing is more suss than not being able to find a single bad review of the book. This is downright creepy. Not a single nitpicking bitch crying about how bad the book is? No critical feedback?? No frustration??? Demands for recompensation???? No nothing????? Is this even the Goodreads I know and love? 😔


I knew I was possibly setting myself up for a disaster of epic proportions and even searched for the perfect meme that would fit the occasion in advance (just in case ya know):

But now I can't even use it because I didn't hate the book. 🥲
With one aspect of it I wasn't entirely disappointed:

the plot is pretty gripping. It was the only thing that prevented me from bailing out after 40% mark because when it came down to the romance aspect? I wasn't sold on it.


For as long as Harlow (h) can remember, a dark, filthy cell in the basement is the only place she's ever known. The place where she eats, sleeps, matures and watches her dad maim, rape, torture and murder young women in a cell adjacent to hers. 💀

Some of the girls before her screamed when Pastor Michaels knelt between their legs, unclipping his belt buckle. Others didn’t.

To punish those girls for their sins, Harlow's daddy, who is also a religious fanatic pastor, commits his own: rapes them brutally before he forces bloody rituals—having their skin carved with religious iconography and, sometimes, removed—upon them.

Harlow's mom, like a good little wifey she is, cleans after her hubby's post-ceremonial mess. That is, when she doesn't beat the shit out of her daughter, who is also forced to accompany her in the noble cause and scrub the place clean after yet another bloodbath. 🙂

Nothing too alarming, just a nice little routine in their cozy psycho-friendly household.

One lucky day, little Harlow escapes the haunted place where she's been kept against her will for decades — some abandoned chapel's basement in the middle of nowhere as it turns out — but not without the help of her dad's last victim's femur that she takes — rotten flesh on it and all — with her. 💀

I look down at the bone in my arms. She’s still with me, her essence distilled into blood-stained calcium. Laura died believing that I’d get out one day. I can’t let her down.

But don't rush to pull your handkerchiefs out of your pockets just yet, guys. There's another place and time for tears. Turns out our girl Harlow has won the lottery of life, she just doesn't know it yet. 😌

Otherwise, how would you explain that this traumatized girl ends up landing not one, not even two, but FOUR potential BOYFRIENDS who also happen to be (well, three of them) private investigators at Sabre Security that have been working on the notorious serial killer (who happens to be her daddy dearest) case for years?

From that point onwards, her life takes a drastic turn as she embarks on a long path of mental and physical healing. As the only surviving victim and witness, she turns into a major connecting dot between the serial killer and the murder investigation, with her memories playing the key role in helping Sabre Security find and stop the murderous psychopath from killing even more women.

Soon comes a minor plot twist that
was entirely too predictable:

we learn that Harlow isn't pastor Michael's real daughter. She was kidnapped by him when she was only nine years old and brainwashed into believing that he and his wife were her parents.

Harlow not being blood related to those psychopaths was quite obvious due to the fact that a girl who, purportedly, has never even seen the light of day is able to adjust to her new life — digital devices, hospital facilities and normal home — with surprising ease. It's not like she had Internet access, TV or books in her cell to get all the information about the outside world, and there's only so much a person could learn from their fellow prisoners, so her behavior and reactions make it clear that there was a time when she didn't have to live locked in the basement.

(Her adapting so quickly was still weird as hell to me considering that she was taken hostage as a child and kept in captivity for 13 years, but whatever 🌞)


✧ The writing style and the plot were pretty engaging. Eventually, I started losing interest (at 40% mark), yet something kept pulling me back in.

I want to see how the plot unravels in the second book because let's be honest here: at the end of this one we know just as much about pastor Michaels as we did at the beginning. 🌝

I don't mean to say that the book dragged (it's dynamic and eventful), but the author definitely withholds big events and revelations till the second book. I'm just not particularly fond of having a major mystery/conflict dragged out. If Agatha Christie's characters could solve a murder mystery in less that 300 pages, then why can't characters here do the same? 🤡 *cough*

✧ The main characters didn't annoy me (much), but all you need to know is that I have to take a moment and look up their names before I proceed. 💀

Hunter (the main in their reverse harem group): cold asshole with tough exterior but soft heart 🕵️

Enzo: overly protective mother hen (possessive yet willing to share with his besties. 🥰 what a generous man)

Theo: computer geek with social anxiety 🧍🏽‍♂️

Leighton (Hunter's bro): laid-back fuckboy with an easy smile but a dark past. 🌚🌝

And sure enough, all the heroes share common trauma that made them fucked up.

They aren't bad hero material per se, but they definitely come across as characters who can be easily put into labelled boxes. I love the feeling when characters sound like real people with nuanced personalities and not just popular romance hero archetypes. As a side note, I know I'm asking too much, don't worry.

✧ Loved the ending because it made me even more curious about the pastor Michaels' ulterior motives. Why is he so obsessed with Harlow specifically?? Why did he choose to play daddy for her and never raped/tried to kill her? Did he use his "wife" so he could play family with Harlow?

(seems to be a popular question with me: why is everyone so damn obsessed with that girl?🤡)


Romance. Romance. Romance. 💀

~not character-driven (like... how can one pull off writing a RH book without it being character-driven?? we're supposed to believe that 5 people love each other deeply, each of them having some sort of a bond with four other ppl in the group. this is not credible at all unless you FORCE us to believe 💀)

~ insta-lusty and insta-lovey (bitch, why when?? how is the h even special?)

~ bland (where's the tension zzz)

~ quirky dialogues and unoriginal inside jokes

✧ When I already started to take this book seriously, it slipped into an unbelievable, of the fairytale sort, joke of romance between a girl suffering from intense PTSD and four men, obsessed with her for no obvious reason at all. I ignored some warning signs of insta-nonsense at the beginning, but the things only got progressively worse.

As in, the romantic line was overall glossed over (only slightly hinted here and implied there) in favor of the plot (AND I LOVED THAT. IT SHOULD HAVE STAYED THAT WAY TILL THE END), and then all of a sudden four guys end up being so smitten with Harlow that they can't imagine their lives without her any more. 🤡

✧ Not to be an unfeeling asshole of the unspeakable kind, but...

what is so special about Harlow, besides dissociative amnesia and PTSD, to have that kind of effect on 3 crime investigators and one ex-convict? Surely they've seen worse in their practice, hehe. 💀

On a serious note: the heroes don't uncover even one-tenth of what lies beneath deep layers of Harlow's pain and trauma so them saying we're obsessed with her, we can't let her go, she shall be ours sounded like the author's desperate attempt to turn this story about healing and facing one's worst nightmares into a whirlwind obsessive romance. I was reading their cheesy love declarations with my resting bitch face in place, wondering about "where did that just come from, bitch?? how did we come from crime mystery to that corny piece of nonsense, omg".💀

Enzo: falls in love with Harlow the moment he enters her hospital room. I'm not even exaggerating, he is the weirdest weirdo of the group, and that's not a compliment.

Is he that impressed with the photos of the scars covering her body paired with her vulnerable state?? His POV reeked of male interest from their first encounter. Instead of sounding endearingly sweet, his instant protectiveness rubbed me the wrong way: crushing on a serial killer's victim at first sight? How cute creepy. 💀 He doesn't even know anything about her yet at the time. His insta-feelings have some shallow aftertaste to them, making me wonder would he react the same way if it was any other girl in her place? Authors' obsession with writing tropes (boy obsessed) versa detailed character arcs cheapens the romance aspect of their books.

Hunter: an unfeeling, abrasive asshole that treats Harlow like a job until one random moment he just stops and turns into a simpering mess at Harlow's feet. 💀 Yeah, the timeline is fine — it happens in the second half of the book when he's already known her for a while — yet the transition on its own is so abrupt and misplaced: from a jerk who snaps at her and orders her around one day to boy obsessed another. The turning point, where? The change spurred on by what exactly? The relationship development, where? When Hunter professes that he's loved Harlow from the very moment he set his eyes on her and only acted coldly toward her to keep a safe distance, his character was kinda ruined for me. 🌝 Whoa, I thought you were deeper than that, Hunter.

Theo: the guy doesn't even have much page time at all, let alone any quality time with Harlow, but he, too, is portrayed as completely pussy whipped? Insta-love/insta-lust/insta-obsession must be contagious. The fact that the other guys mention him being super fixated on the investigation and Harlow's past only confirms that the romance between Harlow and the guys is written in a way that makes it look bad — trauma-based at best and shallow at worst.

Throughout the book, I just couldn't shake off the feeling that Hunter, Enzo and Theo only take an interest in Harlow because she's a victim of the murder case (that shaped her personality in a lot of ways, too) that the guys have already been obsessed with.

As in, the way their obsession with Harlow was written, it gave me the impression that their feelings for her weren't born out of their admiration for Harlow as a person but rather coming from misplaced protective instincts directed at their ward/girl who needed protection.

Yeah, there are scenes where they talk, watch movies, have breakfast and work on the investigation together, but none of them come close to giving me a glimpse of something special going on between them. Each time one of the guys would start paying attention to Harlow sexually, I felt annoyed and exasperated. Not to mention, weird. Reign in your dicks and let this girl heal properly first. She keeps tearing locks of her hair out on a daily basis to deal with her trauma and you lot want to stuff her with your dicks?? Bye —💀

✧ Same is true for Harlow: why does she wind up craving to kiss each of them? Giiirl, don't you think it's even a tiny bit weird all of them want you and you want all of them back? They act like monogamy isn't even the norm. 💀

Also, sometimes it appeared as if Harlow was using the guys' physical attraction as a coping mechanism to distract herself from the traumatic past. I can't believe how casual the reverse harem aspect is handled in this book, taking into account the sensitive topics it raises.

✧ It didn't help the matters (read: convince me all of them are super special and perfect for each other) that the guys already had a woman they loved deeply before... Not just a casual fling they'd share for fun from time to time, but their "soulmate" whose death left them devastated. Them falling for Harlow felt like some sort of trauma bonding experience for each party involved dressed up as "love/obsession".

Leighton: the only guy whose feelings don't come across as something 100 percent random. At least him and Harlow spend some quality time together. Plus, he was never part of the initial harem with the dead ex in the first place too busy serving his sentence in jail sjsjsj. That made their relationship with Harlow sound more or less authentic. Yet again, what's so special about Harlow for him to give up on his manwhoring ways? It didn't make sense to me how fast he transforms from playboy into smitten kitten. Their bond with Harlow isn't even that deep.

The whole romantic storyline only stands on one pillar: the author's wish to write about four lovesick guys panting after one girl rather than a logical progression of the plot.

In my opinion, this book lacks proper relationship development and any buildup: romance is too fast, underdeveloped, two steps at a time, rushed. Characters' feelings need to be developed through more showing and less telling. Otherwise, all the tension and intensity sip away.

It'd have made more sense (considering how plot-driven the story is and what delicate themes it explores: mental health, physical abuse, self harm, lose of a loved one) if the author only depicted the growing pull and attraction between the main characters in this book, and postponed any cheesy, trope-driven declarations until the next installments. Focusing on character development and building bonds between the h and each H one step at a time would have definitely given a romantic storyline more depth, authenticity and development.

Reverse harem is such a difficult subgenre to handle. I understand why RH authors prefer duets and trilogies to standalones. But they still keep rushing things, which doesn't help their books sound at least a little bit credible. Realistic? I stopped needing that in the romance genre a while ago I mean did you even see real life men, lol? No one wants that in fiction, too. There's still a limit to how much belief readers might be willing to suspend.

(I guess I have to be grateful that at least the author didn't turn the book into porn fest. In fact there are no sex scenes yet, besides some heavy petting and groping. Small mercies)

✧ On a side note, I didn't like yet another kidnapping the heroine has to endure at the very end — a super forced and unwelcome means to create additional drama. Couldn't care less about it. 🙄
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November 16, 2022

4.5 Stars

Yet again, the author delivered a fantastic book. To say I was hooked from the start is an understatement—so many emotions. At times it's heartbreaking; I couldn't stop crying. It’s also intense and equally delightful.

I’m in such awe of our heroine, Harlow. The horrors she witnessed and went through and survived. She is a lot stronger than what she gives herself. Do not underestimate her.

Then the men. Each one is equally important to Harlow. Hunter is a hard one to crack but loves deeply. Enzo is brutal but very much soft, and Harlow has his heart. Theo is borderline obsessed but tries to keep a safe distance. Leighton is comical and more light-hearted in the group. Each one with their demons and is fiercely protective of Harlow. It's hard to pick one favorite in this group.

Corpse Road starts dark; on my dark scale, it's black. It does not stop throughout the book. I was worried the darkness would fizzle, but it didn't. Seriously, I should have known better about the author. The plot is fantastic, with a sadistic religious setting of a serial killer.

Now to wait for the next book to see what happens; I can't wait.

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58 reviews18 followers
November 27, 2022
I am not okay and i loved it.
Returning to university means that I don’t often have time to read a lot but i devoured this in a day. I think that just shows how addictive J Rose’s writing and storytelling is. I was completely bewitched by the disturbing and intense plot driven narrative, with plot twists and turns keeping my attention throughout. 
These characters have my heart. I loved Harlow and even when she is broken and down, she crawls if she can’t run, and keeps going. Not to mention her four crutches who are always on hand to help her. My favourite of the group changed all the time, first Enzo, then Leighton, then Hunter, and then Theo. I loved them all. 
The christmas scenes were the cutest and i’m such a sucker for hurt/comfort scenes, so i was spoiled with this. Building their little found family, they come together to protect and safeguard each other, whilst also going absolute alpha male on Harlow if even a hair was out of place on her head.  
Also, I love love loved seeing Brooklyn and the gang again, my babies are thriving and i love to see the outcome of their growth. 

- plot driven, dark, plot twists and turns
- escaped a serial killer/hunting a killer
- for fans of true crime
- traumatised but hella strong heroine
- four protective and possessive alpha men
- private security agency
- hurt/comfort
- grumpy/sunshine
- lots of suspense

I’ve loved everything I’ve read from this author, always a hit!
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505 reviews213 followers
November 30, 2022
(Thank you Peachy Keen and the author J. Rose for the eARC in exchange for a spoiler free review)

Please check trigger warnings before reading.

When I saw that this book was connected to Blackwood Institute, I had to apply for this ARC. I read two books out of the series and fairly enjoyed it so I was curious about this book.

Reverse harem set in a crime world? Sign me up. I loved how brave and determined Harlow was, it is not easy to be in her shoes and go through whatever she did yet emerge because she is a winner. As with Blackwood Institute, the harem in this book also had their own flaws and strengths. I knew this book would be a slow burn so that the harem’s dynamics are shown and I do agree with that. It takes time to built trust and rapport when you have so many traumas and pain in you. I liked that this book was quite dark and it was maintained throughout the book.

I do think this book also had a good balance of character and plot development which is hard to find in a book. Though some twists were predictable, I liked that there was even a twist in this book because given the serial killer plotline it isn’t easy to combine that with all the trauma the different characters have. I appreciate this aspect greatly!

This book was a great start and I am looking forward to the next book!

Blackwood Institute ratings
Twisted Heathens
Sacrificial Sinners
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87 reviews331 followers
February 1, 2023
review coming later


J—you never disappoint. Corpse Roads is thrilling, emotionally heavy, nerve-wrecking and bittersweet. I loved this new reverse harem with a dark and criminal twist to it. The journey Harlow has been through and still is going through was written beautifully as well as devastatingly painful.

Her nightmares, her trauma, her horrible past did not make her any less strong. Harlow was no meek girl. Her resilience and the way J wrote her character was utter brilliance. J’s respectful deliverance of Harlow’s story was at times unpleasant though necessary for the plot. But most of all Harlow’s arch was heart-wrenching and I felt for her.

The most surprising aspect about this dark why choose romance is that is is a slow burn. And I think it was the best choice for this type of story. It made sense and it felt organic. Harlow coming to terms with who she was, is and who she will be in the group needed this slower exploration of sorts.

Anyways—a heartbreaking yet authentic crime story with themes such as New Age indoctrination, physical (sexual) and mental abuse. Respectfully written and even poetic at times. Great characterization and distinction of characters. Written from first person pov with multiple perspectives. Not entirely spicy yet, but for sure tension-filled and steamy. Would for sure recommend.

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1,062 reviews75 followers
January 9, 2023
Rating: ☆☆☆☆ Spice: 🌶🌶🌶

Angst: 😈😡😢🧐

Cliffhanger? ✅️

Trigger Warnings: ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ 

Tropes: dark why choose, contemporary, grumpy sunshine, hurt/comfort, serial killer hunt

In therapy, you are guided to use your senses and list the facts you know. 1) Sermons recited with malice 2) bloody rituals 3) sobs of the dying 4) rotting flesh. Harlow grew up in a cage as she was tortured by the most sadistic and twisted servant of God, Pastor Michaels. Eighteen girls lives were stolen. After years of captivity, she escaped but doesn't recognize the world as it is now. The road she finds herself on is lined with corpses demanding vengeance from the grave. Since she was the only one to escape, she will live for them. A lifeline is offered by Sabre Security but she'll have to live through that hell all over again as each supressed memory to pulled from her, one at a time. The Hunter will become The Hunted.

This was not an easy journey to follow. It will drag you through the darkest of sick and twisted deeds as Harlow relives everything she witnessed. Four men become her lifeline. Enzo, Leighton, Hunter and Theo each help her heal in their own way as she wins back each piece of herself. Her beginning journey is emotionally dark and gritty but the plot is weaved with twists and turns, edge of your seat suspense, unbelievable acts, and angst. I am addicted to true crime shows so this book was right up my alley and I loved the suspense aspect and I have so many questions. I am dying for answers and am along for the ride from start to finish. I'm still relatively new to J. Rose's work but I've been very satisfied so far. Please don't read this if you are not a dark romance fan. This is my honest opinion, freely given. 
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558 reviews30 followers
November 26, 2022
TW/Tropes: physical and psychological abuse, torture, sexual assault and abuse, imprisonment, violence, serial murder, PTSD, religious trauma, Trichotillomania (self-harm by hair pulling), why choose

Corpse Roads is a dark why choose romance. This is a slow burn romance, so the relationships will develop over time, and the spice level will build up with each book. Hunter, Theo, Enzo and Leighton were born of wild hope -they are not heroes, but people capable of taking something intrinsically broken and piecing it back together. If you’ve read The Blackwood Institute, you would have meet them. Harlow, is the only surviving victim of a serial killer who has killed over 18 girls. She escaped captivity and came under the protection of Sabre Security. The plot is amazing - I can't wait for the next book to find out more and to find out who this religious serial killer is. I love the cameos of Brooklyn and her boys!
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270 reviews265 followers
Want to read
January 11, 2023
Its no longer a duet. She’s planning 3-4 series in this bitch. C’mon now, i don’t wanna read corpse roads anymore after this announcement + i dislike slow burn also. Tired being sexually frustrated 💀
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1,397 reviews133 followers
December 3, 2022
Wow this author never disappoints with her stories! I am speechless! Her writing sucks you in this one is filled with trauma darkness and emotions it’s dark twisted and had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through I am hooked that ending left me wanting so much more and I can’t wait for the next book already! Phenomenal read!
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165 reviews38 followers
November 28, 2022
4.5/5 Stars!

First off, I am a sucker for anything that contains a dark religious theme such as a religious cult, and I am also a sucker for true crime vibes. When I tell you this book's plot was exhilarating, I mean to say I think the author crafted it with me in mind! This book was intense right off that bat with a heroine who has the strength to escape something truly evil after years of captivity. We get the infamous why choose romance when she lands herself in protective custody of men who are enamored and protective of such a fierce fighter, but also men afraid to loose something so special.

I loved that this heroine who goes through something so traumatic shows a lot of strength, but also shows a lot of struggle and growth. It made her heartbreaking story feel more real, and I appreciated the mental health and awareness the author incorporated into the story. We get to see growth in the men as well, and I love when an author can create complex characters, with complex emotions, and then grow them as the story and plot grows. This book is a bit a slow burn, but I promise with the high action plot and massive amounts of secrets you will hardly notice slow build in heat between the love interests.

This book is full of amazing characters, tons of secrets, and a type of darkness that call to me. This book is great for those who like why choose romances, slow burns, dark religious themes, true crime vibes, and found family as a trope. I can not wait to continue the series, and I hope to get into more from the author soon!
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2,408 reviews32 followers
December 6, 2022
DNF @ 52%. I'm stopping there for now. I have no feeling to return to finish the other half. The story was interesting. But one character can ruin it all and for me, that was Hunter. Harlow is a victim but treated as a disposable lead to the police and the press. Hunter was full on and not in a good way. I preferred his fun-loving brother. Enzo felt more like an imprint comfort romance. Another time, another mood I might give this one a go. The press and Hunter's control over Harlow pissed me off. Might give Blackwood institute a go first.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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319 reviews34 followers
November 15, 2022
Corpse Roads is yet another wickedly addictive masterpiece from the brilliant and twisted mind of J. Rose. I was deliriously consumed from the start to finish, obsessed in every way with these complicated characters and their twisted world- the angst, all the twists, and all that yummy drama!

This author is without a doubt one of my top authors to read. AND THIS BOOK is just one example of why. I can always count on her to give me a character (or characters!) that I'm going to fall in love with. She writes some seriously amazing heroines and the kind of heroes that you end up swooning over!

This is one of those books where I can only say so much without giving the goods away. But, let me tell you, this is an experience you do not want to miss! If you’re looking for a book that will have you completely immersed into its world unable to walk away, this is a must read for you.
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354 reviews9 followers
November 26, 2022

J Rose is one of my favorite authors and she did not disappoint with this book! I slid in her DMs on Instagram almost immediately and gave her regular updates. At 36%, I was emotional and cried. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for book 2! If you’ve read the Blackwood Institute series, this is set in the same world and we even get cameos from our favorite characters! While this book contains dark themes, a heavily traumatized main female characters and emotionally damaged men, I consider this book on the softer side of dark romance! There is a lot of caring involved for the FMC by the men and the healing journey for everyone is a main part of the story! That being said, please read the TWs listed at the beginning of the book.
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375 reviews181 followers
December 2, 2022
Content Warning: physical abuse, sexual assault, rape, graphic torture, detail murders, dismemberment, violence, religious trauma, PTSD, self harm.

Please note this is not a standalone, it is the first book in a duet set in the same world as the Blackwood Institute.

🥀 Dark Romance
🥀 Slow Burn Why Choose
🥀 Serial killer investigation
🥀 Found family
🥀 Hurt/Comfort

“The devil whispers to me sometimes, telling me to fight back.”

J Rose knows how to write dark emotional stories. This book starts out very dark, with Harlow our main female protagonist being held captive in a cage by Pastor Michaels, she has been tortured and abused for years. The horrors she has witnessed, others girls being raped and tortured. She finally gets her chance to escape captivity and is now under the protection of Sabre.

Sabre Security has been investigating these murders for along time without any leads, until Harlow. She did not only witness the murders but actually became aquatinted with the victims. Sabre is made up of Enzo, Theo and Hunter. They have been broken by the loss of someone they loved. Taking in Harlow forces then to open up to someone again.

Harlow does not want to remain a victim, she wants to bring justice to all the girls who have been murdered and prevent any more deaths. The way JRose writes trauma feels very authentic. Again I am blow away by her writing!!

“Monsters can wear many masks, and the kindest smiles often hide the sickest of souls.”

Author’s Note: Corpse Roads (Sabre Security #1) is a contemporary reverse harem romance set in the same universe as the Blackwood Institute series, which can be read first but is not compulsory.
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263 reviews32 followers
November 20, 2022
Holy moly! I knew this was going to be good, having read J Rose’s dark romance series Blackwood Institute earlier this year. She delivered once again with an excellent dive into the darkness of the human mind and the fractured pieces that remain after trauma.

The FMC, Harlow, is the only surviving victim of a serial killer who has killed over 18 girls. She escaped captivity and came under the protection of Sabre Security, who has been tirelessly working on the case. She is broken physically and mentally, and the line separating reality from her past keeps wavering. But she does not want to remain a victim; she wants to help bring justice to all the girls who have been killed and prevent any further deaths.

It is a slow-burn romance. Harlow is recovering from the physical and mental @buse she has suffered for 13 years and is not mentally prepared for anything further. That part was extremely well done and faithful to reality. It would have been fantastical to have her act any differently – and the MMCs were respectful, never pushing her.

Harlow isn’t the only one who needs healing. The men of Sabre have been broken by the loss of someone they loved years before. What once was a family is now a group of friends who overwork themselves and rarely come home to their shared house, if they return at all. Taking Harlow in forces them to open up again and live. Something about her draws them back out of the haze they’ve been living in for years.

I loved watching them transition from her being a client they needed to protect, to someone whose inner strength they respected, to a friend, and finally, someone they couldn’t live without.

While not required, I recommend reading the Blackwood Institute series before diving into Corpse Roads. We are first introduced to Sabre in that series, and several characters return to play roles in this series. Plus, it really is a great read that I highly recommend in its own right.

This book is very dark. TW are listed at the beginning of the book. Please read if required.
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February 23, 2023
2-2-23; I just HAD to read this again right before I dove into the ARC for book two [ Skeletal Hearts. ] I wanted to give myself a quick refresher and remind myself just how much I adored this book. I'm so glad I did. I fell in love with Harlow, Leighton and the rest of the guys all over again. J Rose is .. so insanely talented with words. I'm not sure I can do her justice with my words, but man. Her books? Beautiful. She truly writes books for those of us who understand trauma. The character development is everything I've ever wanted. The world building? Brilliant. If you're into reverse harems with troubled / traumatized / damaged characters, these are the books for you. Pick it up asap!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely adore J Rose and all of her books. She is amazingly talented, and that talent followed her into this book as well. Corpse Roads is utterly amazing. Be warned, this book is DARK. The subject matter, the plot, everything - it's dark, and it holds onto that darkness until the end. So be sure to read trigger warnings.

The character development in this book is... -chef's kiss.- Whether you loved or hated these characters, you can't deny that J Rose did a fabulous job at making us get to know them as people.
And the world development?! Holy cow man. I felt like I was THERE, watching everything unfold in real time. What an unique storyline too.. a super religious.. almost cult like serial killer setting.

Our FMC Harlow is... so incredibly strong. Her journey is heartbreaking but admirable. She experienced things no human should have to, and yet she came out of it all even stronger. She never gave in, she never gave up hope.
The men..... where to begin. Each of these men are unique. They are rough around the edges, have their own trauma, but they each bring so much to the table for Harlow. I sincerely love how protective they are of Harlow. Be still my heart.

Seriously. Read this book. Especially if you loved J Roses' other books.
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November 27, 2022
I could not put this book down. I think J Rose put drugs or something in this book because I was immediately addicted. I read this in a day which doesn't happen to me that often because I am such a slow reader at times. So many emotions while reading this!? The suspense I felt, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. Think criminal minds mixed with an RH. So good!?!
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December 9, 2022

“i know we’re a broken family of hot-headed, unworthy idiots, and harlow deserves to be with someone capable of loving her in a healthy, normal way, but that doesn’t change how I feel. i’m falling for her. and I’ll die to keep her safe.” 🥲❤️‍🔥✨

from the first chapter i was hooked oh my days. this story jus kept getting the more n more i read it.

i’m not being funny but wtf. poor poor harlow man. all the pain & suffering she’s faced from a young age. but seeing her grow into who she should’ve been was literally so amazing. i loved her courage & determination despite the multiple MULTIPLE setbacks😭

hunter. the stone cold man. he’s witty & charming. but deep down inside he’s a caring soul scared to get hurt & hurt those around him. so he drowns himself in work to distract him. BUT HE’S FINE AS. he’s possessive, caring, jealous & demanding🤭

enzo is a caring soul who gripped me from the first time i read ab him. his only concern is ab protecting others around him.

leighton is jus a bundle of joy. w his own internal battles n struggles he tries to be the light on ppls lives even tho he makes plenty of mistakes, basically all the time🤣

theo is the sweetest soul you’ll read ab. despite his awkwardness, he’s sensitive & rly understanding.

all characters broken. all characters determined to put all there broken pieces back together & be whole again w one another🖤

this book was soooo freakin good. idk how u j rose came up w such a creative plot & execute it tht well🤌🏽everything was so well put together & i cannot waittt for the next book!!
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November 27, 2022
I love this book and these characters with my whole heart. I started this book last night and had to forcefully make myself put it down to sleep but I picked it straight back up this morning and took it everywhere with me because I needed to know what happened.

Harlow is one of the strongest heroines I know but aren’t all of J Rose’s women? They have been through hell and back and always come out stronger. They are kick ass and I adore them. The boys are amazing too. Each different and broken in their own ways, they balanced Harlow out and vice versa.

Hunter, Enzo, Leighton and Theo are family. A broken family but family. I loved seeing little slithers of their family slowly fixing as Harlow filled the gaps and quieted their demons.

The plot of Corpse road is a heavy one but the main thing I love about J Rose’s books is her mental health representation. It’s so well executed and packs a punch with the story. I also loved the fact that one of the heroes wore a hearing aid. You don’t see enough of disability representation in books.

Please take the trigger warnings seriously. J Rose throws you right into the story with graphic and I mean graphic scenes of kidnapping, imprisonment , sexual and psychological abuse, brutal torture and graphic violence. The story is based around a serial killer and there is also triggers for self harm and religious themes to name a few.

With all that being said, this book was amazing! Fast paced and hooked me instantly. I really can’t wait to see where this book takes me in book 2. I’m hoping to see more of the romance between the harem!
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November 27, 2022
º dark and twisted romance
º why choose
º serial killer & criminal investigation
º slow burn
º possessive af guys
º lots of trauma for the fmc
*Please check TW before reading*

I’m gonna be honest, I was nervous about this book. J. rose writes DARK and TRAUMATIC books, and I was afraid this was going to be a hard one for me. To my surprise this book captured me from the very first chapter. Yes, there is really messed up and twisted stuff that happens. But I loved Harlow, I was rooting for her and felt her strength and wanting to survive.

All the characters seemed realistic, with flaws and room for growth. J. Rose has this amazing ability to make you truly feel each character's emotion. I loved Harlow’s relationship with each guy. And how you see all of them growing throughout the book. Theo completely melts my dark heart.

This story takes place in the same world as the Blackwood Institute series. You will get a little treat and see some familiar faces throughout the book.

I don’t want to share too much because I feel like you need to experience this world and the characters yourself. If you love dark, why choose romance, with a serial killer on the loose, you will LOVE this book.

*𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘑. 𝘙𝘰𝘴𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 @peachykeenas 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘈𝘙𝘊!*
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274 reviews
December 24, 2022
“Monsters can wear many masks, and the kindest smiles often hide the sickest of souls.”

5 ⭐️ // J. Rose is an author who never fails to capture my whole heart in every story—and character—she writes. I have no words for this masterpiece. Within twenty-four hours of receiving my advanced readers copy, I’d already read it all in one sitting. The intense tension, the criminal investigation, the disturbing storyline, the slow burn romance and the raw characters were everything to me and more. I’ll be honest, this novel does only have a mild spice level which may have gotten a star deduction from me if it was any other novel but it’s not! And since I’m a whore for criminal investigations, crime scenes, murder mysteries etc—which is one of the main themes within this novel—it made up for the lack of spice for me. Also, I feel like this first novel is more targeted as being an introduction to the characters and their growing connection. If I had to use three words to sum up this novel: emotional, disturbing, addictive. Be warned—this is a DARK and GRAPHIC story which ends on a cliffhanger but it is one of those bearable ones, iykyk however I’m still very eager to get my hands on the sequel—Skeletal Hearts. A must read that is the perfect blend of a psychological thriller and romance novel. Read it.

— Thank you to the author and Peachy Keen for kindly gifting an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts/ feelings are my own.

- Reverse Harem
- One Bed Trope
- Slow Burn
- Multiple POV’s
- Grumpy / Sunshine
- Found Family
- Forced Proximity
- Reluctant Infatuation

Trigger Warnings: child abuse, physical and physiological abuse, sexual assault, imprisonment, graphic violence, torture, serial murder, dismemberment, ptsd, religious extremism, self harm.
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November 26, 2022
The brilliant J Rose has succeeded with writing another story that hypnotized me so well that I got mad at myself for finishing too quickly. ***Please note that this is a dark romance that deals with many sensitive subjects and does end on a cliffhanger that will leave you in chokehold***

Harlow is a young woman who has survived nightmares that killed others. The strength and sheer will of this brave soul had me immediately admiring her, even when my heart broke repeatedly over her torturous past. I adored seeing her spark being relit, her embracing learning to live and helping others without even realizing it. Harlow is a true phoenix that has risen from the ashes and I know she is going to earn the crown that is being handed to her.

Hunter, Leighton, Enzo and Theo - the boss, self appointed black sheep, the muscle and the techie…all with hearts of gold. I was intrigued with these guys when they were introduced in J’s Blackwood Institute series and now I am completely in love with them. Each one having completely different personalities, yet complimenting each other perfectly all the while protecting Harlow and coming to see she is more than just a client to all them. These men love hard and are so loyal - they would burn the world down, with smiles on their faces, to keep her safe.

Once again, J Rose has blown me away with her talents. This story is not for the faint of heart, dealing with dark issues and covering how truly difficult overcoming trauma can be. J Rose has created a world bathed in blood with characters I can’t avoid loving and a plot that had me on the edge of my seat and surrendering sleep to see what happens next. I loved the air of constant underlying suspense and character chemistry so thick I could taste it. This is one of those stories that didn’t creep into my psyche, it slammed its way in, set up shop and I am dying for more.
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November 27, 2022
Corpse Roads 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I freaking loved this one so much! This one follows characters you meet in the final Blackwood Institute book and I couldn't wait to get in their minds. We also get a glimpse of Brooklyn as well!

Corpse Roads is dark. It's heavy like Blackwood, but on a different level. Harlow feels broken, and she may be, but Hunter, Theo, Leigh and Enzo will do what it takes to protect her and put her back together. She struggles a lot and has a ton of PTSD.

As always, I am so glad that J. Rose doesn't shy away from the gritty side of mental health. It's raw and emotional and heavy.

I was hanging on every word just waiting for something to happen to Harlow. I didn't know what was going to happen at the end, but I was not expecting to read what I did. I cannot wait for Skeletal Hearts.
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November 25, 2022
First thing to say: this is my first book by the author (even with all her books in my TBR, I never read anything from her… and I regret immensely). Second thing: i really enjoyed this book, so, if you looking for :
*Suspense vibe
*Dark romance
*Religious themes
*Broken characters wich complete themselves with each other
This book is for you. Here we got the Harlow’s story- a girl that spend all your life in a cage, trapped and tortured by a religious man. Seeing every girl that was kidnapped be killed, one day Harlow escapes and tries to run off her demons. In parallel we have the Sabre Security and the serial killer’s case they are following. When they find out about Harlow, each of them stay together, trying to resolve the case and resolve their own problems too. I loved the building of Harlow’s personality and how, slowly, she developmenting your relationship with the guys. Loved all of them, but of course, Leighton is my favorite so far. Can’t wait for more in this story.
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November 24, 2022
As always with J Rose’s books, In Corpse Roads we experience a lot of darkness and trauma. The story line is incredible, how she manages to do this in every book is beyond me, the amount of detail is insane!

If you’ve read The Blackwood Institute series we get to see some friendly faces again which made my little heart happy because I miss them! We also get to meet a new group of sexy men. Leighton stole my heart in Corpse Roads, he needs a big redemption storyline I think to prove himself to the others and I just want to pick Theo up and put him in my pocket 🫶🏻
Our main female protagonist Harlow has been through so much, kept captive for years, beaten and abused and forced to watch girl after girl being tortured and unalived. Her strength to escape and to survive is something else and I just know she’s going to be an absolute force to be reckoned with in the next book!

The ending near enough did me in I won’t lie, my heart was in my throat! I can’t wait for book two 🖤
November 22, 2022

What is this jewel I stumbled upon??

J Rose is a new to me author and now I just have to read her backlist because this book was an absolute dark delight.

I went into Corpses Road knowing only that is dark and RH. And from page one I was hooked, not only on the story and its characters but on J Rose’s brilliant writing.

I will keep my review spoiler free because it is so worth going into it blindly, but first, check the triggers.

The book starts dark and it mostly stays this way, with a few enlightening, tender moments, that amplify the depth and richness of the storyline.

Harlow is a deeply traumatized, mentally and physically, character but what her abuser never took from her was the inner spark that gives her strength and will to survive. And her spark is instantly noticed by four broken, emotionally depleted men.

As I mentioned, the story absorbed my mind instantly, it was heartbreaking at times, dramatic and angsty, with delicate moments between the characters, palpable raw emotions that emerged out of nowhere. I can not wait to see how things evolve in the upcoming books.

If you are looking for an intense dark romance, that will keep you on edge the whole time, go for this one.

I received an ARC for my honest opinion.
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November 26, 2022
Aaahhhh I need more!! Once again Jrose does it agin!! I was hooked in this book from the very beginning & couldn’t put it down!! I loved seeing the characters from the Blackwood Institute!! This book was just as captivating as their story was!! I love Harlow, Hunter, Enzo, Leighton, & Theo so much!! & I can’t wait till book 2 comes out!! Cuz I need it asap lol 😅😂🤣

Must freak’n read!! Ahhhh sooooo soooo good!!💜🖤
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November 26, 2022
Harlow is found escaping a terrible situation.

Enzo, Hunter, Leighton and Theo are helping her to bring down the man and woman that kidnapped her and imprisoned her.

This book is dark and twisty. Slow burn but definitely the start of something for Harlow and all the guys. It’s nice to see them grow together. I’d like a little more from their relationship but this book is building the world and all of the back story.

Can’t wait for the next book for this series.
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1,507 reviews71 followers
November 16, 2022
Corpse Roads by J Rose is a contemporary reverse harem romance. This is the first book in the Sabre Security series.

I was so excited when J Rose's announced this spin off from the Blackwood Institute series and let me tell you she did not disappoint. I was pulled in from the first chapter and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I am loving the relationship that is being built between Harlow, Leighton, Hunter, Enzo, and Theo. I really enjoyed getting all of their points of views throughout the book. It really brought the story to life.

The book ended on a great cliffhanger that left me begging for more. I can't wait for the next book in the series Skeletal Hearts to be released.

I would highly recommend this book if you like contemporary romances, reverse harem romances, or romantic suspense.
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