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A Love Catastrophe

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8 hours, 33 minutes

The fur is about to fly between a cheerful cat sitter and a grumpy hockey nerd in this hilarious and charming rom-com by the New York Times bestselling author of Meet Cute.

Kitty Hart has become internet famous as the Kitty Whisperer for her expertise on all things feline, and as a result, her cat-sitting business is booming. But lately, she has a terrible feeling that maybe her life isn’t quite going where it’s supposed to—especially after falling face-first into her newest client. Not exactly the best first impression.

Fortunately, Miles Thorn is just as bad at first impressions. Strike one: he doesn’t like cats, especially Prince Francis, the haughty and mischievous Sphynx his mom left in his care. Strike two: tackling Kitty to the floor in a misguided attempt to save the pet he continually calls “the gremlin.”

As awkwardness slides into attraction and things start to turn purr-sonal, will these two complete opposites ever be able to find their furry-tail ending?

9 pages, Audiobook

First published June 13, 2023

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About the author

Helena Hunting

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Helena Hunting is the author of The USA Today and NYT bestselling PUCKED Series. She lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes everything from romantic sports comedy to new adult angst.

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2,309 reviews44.1k followers
June 30, 2023
We need more Helena Hunting romcoms to heal and nurture our souls! This sweet, swoon-worthy novel is a recipe of happiness, with a combination of the greatest tropes, including a disastrous meet-cute, opposites attract, sunshine meets the grump, and friends to lovers!

The sunshine is the good-hearted, cat-loving heroine, who is a devoted animal whisperer. Kitty Hart is a quirky, sweet, and unique web phenomenon with a cat-sitting business. Her path crosses with the grumpy, brooding, and stressed hero, Miles Thorn, a data analyst for the NHL who needs someone to take care of his mother's menacing cat while she is in the hospital. He hires Kitty after doing his web search, getting impressed by her skills, even though he doesn't believe she can connect with his mother's evil incarnation cat, which needs urgent exorcism.

Both of them couldn't be more different - one is an optimist, a smiling cat lover, and the other is a sulking, pessimistic dog lover. But their chemistry is evidently palpable. They start to share their sacred pasts and the burdens that hold them back from moving on with their lives. They deal with really triggering, sensitive subjects, including the loss of family members, grief, and cyberbullying.

I love their genuine, sincere, heartfelt love story. I'm so happy there's no third act break-up in this book. In other romances, it seemed like putting an unnecessary angsty argument between characters turned into a formula full of cliches. Thankfully, this book doesn't consist of this kind of disagreement!

Overall, this is an absolutely heartwarming, soft, quick read for romance fans that I sincerely recommend.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing/Forever for sharing this lovely book's digital reviewer copy with me in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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May 13, 2023
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This is my first book by this author and I have three words for this review "A Book Catastrophe"...obviously, I was not impressed. This is supposed to be an adult, a woman who runs a cat-sitting company and the social media around it. She uses words like bingo button to describe her clitoris and called sex her vagina hugging his penis...just no. She runs around spewing cat puns and wears leopard print clothes and accessories. I get it, she likes cats. My son and his wife have four cats, they like cats a lot yet neither wears cat clothing, carries cat purses or vomits cat puns. Her name is Kitty the Cat Whisperer and she has a best friend Named Kat who owns the Cat Cafe, I could go on but what would be the point? This book was terribly kitschy and not in a good way, two or three of these things lightly sprinkled throughout may have been okay but this was just overkill and cringe worthy.

It felt like the book had a split personality. One minute it was trying to be cute and funny and the next it was throwing in early on-set dementia and family deaths. It was like reading two completely different books, there was no cohesion. Kitty acted way too young as a romantic lead for my liking and there was just too much ick factor. The best way to describe this book is cheesy, it lacked substance. And one thing really grated on me, one of the characters was playing a hockey video game and they described continuing to play it as "getting to the next level", that's not how hockey video games work...you can pause the game, finish a period of play or outright complete it.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.
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863 reviews476 followers
June 13, 2023
Genre ~ romance
Publication date ~ June 13, 2023
Page Count ~ 331
Audio length ~ 8 hours 33 minutes
Narrators ~ Erin Mallon, Joe Arden
POV ~ dual 1st
Featuring ~ cats up the waz, dementia, enemies~ish to friends to lovers, opposites attract, slow burn, minimal steamage, no 3rd act break up

Miles & Kitty
Miles is looking for someone to take care of his moms cat while she's in the hospital. In steps, or trips rather, cat sitter extraordinaire, Kitty. They don't get off on the right paw, but slowly ease into a friendship as they each deal with their own family guilt.

I don't mind cats ~ my girl Stubb lived to be 19 years and 10 months old, but holy catness batman, it's a lot! Her name is Kitty and her bff's name is Kat, cats on the shirts, on the car, even on her underoos...

Both of their mom's situations were sad and broke my heart. One is still grieving from losing her husband and the other is slowly losing her memories from dementia. The way each was there for the other was nice and comforting.

Overall, not my favorite Helena read, but there were some funny moments to go with some rolling the eyes moments, AND I love, love, love that there was no 3rd act breakup!!

*Thanks to the author, Forever Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC. I am voluntarily leaving my honest review*

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446 reviews608 followers
April 3, 2023
⭐⭐⭐ - A soft romance with no major upsets and a side of serotonin-inducing sweet moments with furry friends.

I wanted to love A Love Catastrophe so much more than I did. It's an easy read, the characters are simple people just trying to live their lives... but somehow, I just never connect when characters are social media influencers?

Kitty's cat-loving social media sphere is probably one of the better ones that I've read about - who doesn't love serotonin-inducing clips of fuzzy cats and their toe beans? The premise of the story is just kind of a regular everyday story though.. just a normal world occurrence.. two people meet... an outside misunderstanding occurs that really doesn't affect the couple's relationship at all and they grow and move into a happy-ever-after ending.

When I'm reading romances.. I typically want more on the line and more that couples really half to work through to make the stories memorable!
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3,918 reviews33k followers
May 30, 2023
3.5 stars

A Love Catastrophe is a book I was very much looking forward to. I mean, cats. As someone who is a cat lover and romance lover, I felt like I was the perfect person to read this book. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I hoped I would. It was a cute rom-com, but it did have a bit of cringe to it.

Kitty Hart is a professional cat sitter (living the dream) and Miles needs someone to help with his mom's cat while he's traveling and his mom is in the hospital. Kitty and Miles meet cute was not so cute and they didn't get off on the right foot, but there was an instant attraction between them.

With time, Miles and Kitty get to truly know each other and become friends. Then they start to fall. I loved their friendship and how Kitty was always there for Miles, helping with his mom. As a nurse who works with a lot of dementia patients, I feel like this part was really well done. The romance was fine, but I never felt the sparks between them.

A Love Catastrophe is a book I would recommend if you're in the mood for something fun and sweet. It wasn't my favorite of Helena Huntings books, but overall I still enjoyed it!
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2,371 reviews340 followers
June 14, 2023
A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting
Kitty Hart owns a cat caring service. Her business is growing through her social accounts and her soft heart. She more comfortable with her charges than people.
Miles Thorn calls Kitty to take care of his mother’s cat while she’s in the hospital and he has to go out of town. Miles isn’t especially social himself preferring data and hockey. The two meet and it’s a match made in Kitty heaven. Now they just have to get past all the pesky details like the gnome trashing cat and the allergic reaction Miles has as they attempt to clean up.

Cute and animal friendly with sexy times, after feeding the pets.
I loved the occasional awkwardness of both Miles and Kitty as they become close and get to know each other. There are some good quips and a couple heartfelt moments that brought tears. And anyone that has had a pet will recognize typical behavior in the book as being authentic and usual.
A wonderful love story with our favorite family pets along for the ride.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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248 reviews1,819 followers
February 27, 2023
***I received this ARC from NetGalley***

this was… an experience.

i don’t think i was the target audience for this book and that’s ok. it was just very cringey and awkward to the point where i was uncomfortable. their sexy moments felt very forced and awkward is the main word i have to describe them. the cat puns were excessive. i get that it was about a cat-training/watching business owner but omfg. she literally says “oh my catness.”

the plot was just very emotional yet didn’t really grip me. felt like there was too much happening while also forcing a romance. and the author gave more details than necessary for mundane activities in the storyline.

ALSO- i was extremely uncomfy with her calling her cl*t her “bingo button.” just me- but i really didn’t enjoy this and was a little disappointed since i’ve liked other books by this author.
August 13, 2023
Cat lovers bonanza!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Romance: 💙💚❤️
Steam: 🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📘📙
World building: 🌏🌍🌏🌎
Character development: 🤓😉☺️😍
Narration: 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙
Narration Type: Dual Narration

The Hero: Miles Thorn - he needs a cat sitting service. He is a data analyst for a professional hockey team. In other words, a hockey nerd. He is stuck with his mother’s cranky sphinx cat, Prince Francis. He has a dog at home but needs someone to look after his mom’s cat while he goes on the road with the team. He is pretty stressed about his mom as well who was picked up wandering around outside in her pajamas and she didn’t know where she lived. She is in the hospital for tests.

The heroine: Kitty Hart - she is well known as a cat whisperer; she is a cat sitter and a trainer. She is top rated on all the websites for her area. She is a bit awkward and quirky. She drives around in an SUV that looks like a cat and has “The Cat Whisperer” on the side. Kitty lives with her mother and sister and her best friend has a cat café.

The Story: Miles hates his mother’s cat which Kitty is personally offended by. She sees he is a dog person, and can’t figure out why so many dog people are cat haters. So she tries to educate him on what cats need. Miles is dealing with his mother having early onset dementia so some of the themes in this are pretty deep. Though there are plenty of humorous situations as well.

Though Miles works for an NHL hockey team, there wasn’t a ton of sports, so I don’t think I would characterize this one as a sports romance, especially since he wasn’t one of the Hockey players, but works on numbers and statistics, even though he did help out the hockey players on their weaknesses. It was more of a rom-com than a sports romance.

This book was told in dual points of view via dual narration. It was narrated by Joe Arden and Erin Mallon, two of my favorite narrators. These both have terrific voices and are great at voice acting as opposed to just reading.

Profile Image for Kelly • Kell of a Read.
510 reviews108 followers
March 9, 2023
⭐️⭐️Let me preface this review by saying I’m not a cat lover and therefore clearly not the target audience for this book. I am highly allergic and the only cat I’ve really ever been around was about 100 years old and hated my guts. That being said, if this book had been about a dog sitter I still wouldn't be a fan.

I go into almost every book blind, especially when I already know I like the author. I’ve read almost every book by Helena Hunting and while a few have fallen flat, I’ve truly loved most of them.

A Love Catastrophe was not for me. This is such a cheesy story with constant kitty chatter. Even if I had read the synopsis I would have still picked this up and assumed that after the first chapter or so, the cat content would die down… but it just kept going. The characters are awkward and quirky and while that can be fun, this was just too much.

While this one didn’t work for me, I’ll read Hunting’s hockey romance any day of the week. In fact, I’ve read the entire Pucked series multiple times. She’s such a fun author and I’m sure cat lovers will feel differently about A Love Catastrophe!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book; all opinions are my own. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to be an early reader.
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2,296 reviews652 followers
February 20, 2023
2.5 stars

I was going back and forth between 2 and 3, but I just can’t give the book anything higher than that.
Development between leads does not have any real substance.
ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,254 reviews42 followers
June 18, 2023
dnf I can't take any more of this book. I have been trying to read it for a week and each time I open it I dread continuing it. Somehow I have been reading it forever and am only 30% in. I'm done. I can't take any more of the cat puns, the whiplash between cutsy an trauma, bizarre cat vs dog drama, and frankly boring characters. I've enjoyed other books from Helena, but this one is not working for me.
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384 reviews3 followers
May 15, 2023
This is Paws-itively one of the worst books I’ve ever read.

I'm all for punny rom-com books, but this one was just too much. It tried to be a heavy book about grief and how to cope with an elderly parent with dementia while at the same time being a punny cat book about a girl named Kitty who is a Kitty Whisperer.

Did Kitty also have a best friend named Kat who loves cats and owns a Cat Cafe? I think you're getting my drift here with the fact that English not being my first language so many similar names become confusing.

This book also had like too many parts that were meant to be funny, but were cringe. Like for example, Kitty is gonna spray the cat with a water gun and Miles tackles her thinking it's a real gun. DO YOU REALLY THINK SHE WAS GONNA SHOOT A CAT SHE IS GONNA GET PAID TO FEED? oh no, then the next time they meet in person Miles is cleaning his mother's home and after months of being inside the house NOW he gets a really bad allergic reaction that he needs to go to the ER.

Just over dramatic, like then she has to stay at his house to make sure he is okay and doesn't have another allergic reaction. Did I mention that she touched the tip of his penis by accident trying to get the keys out of his pocket?

Can I share a quote I hated?

Parker is a young, and very, very good on the ice. But he's also a Gen Z kid, and his entire life he's been. told he's amazing by his parents. It's like they showered him in fucking confetti every time he wiped his ass. he's always looking for praise, and constructive criticism needs to be layers carefully with a kid like him; otherwise, we can shoot his game to shit.

Fuck the Gen Z hate, and I'm not Gen Z.

Honestly, felt forced and I did not like this book at all. Contains 2 Harry Potter references in the first 9% of this book. It just wasn't for me. (Make it 3 in total)

Honestly this book had some many other horrible quotes, like bingo button, private parts hugging and so on. The third act was just awful. I’m giving you enough of a warning so you don’t read this.
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2,176 reviews1,234 followers
June 13, 2023

Kitty + Miles

Miles desperately needs a cat sitter for his hospitalized mom's devil cat.
Kitty is just the right person for the job. She's a famous local cat whisperer and she's about to meet dog-person Miles for a first meet and greet with his mom's cat.

Let the fun times begin....🤣




I am so not a cat person. But this was such a cute rom-com!
I didn't even mind all the cat scenes! LOL!
Kitty and Miles are so perfect for each other. Miles hates cats, but if you ignore that little fact they should just get married now. LOL!
Obviously it takes us a while to get to that happily ever after. But it is definitely worth it to read about their journey.
I just loved reading this.
Nothing much more to say. It was adorable and funny and crazy and a bit heartbreaking and sweet and full of cats (and a dog!) and hockey and family and problems. READ IT!

Arkkpfffeww - I think I still have cat hair in my throat from reading this though!

A LOVE CATASTROPHE was such an adorable + funny + sparky + sweet + cat-ty love story! I just loved reading it! Run to your nearest book dealer for your own Miles - he'll be sold out in no time!

💜 💜

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1,910 reviews852 followers
August 9, 2023
Kitty is known as a cat whisperer with a popular social media account. Miles is left to care for his mother’s cat, Prince Francis, when his mother ends up in the hospital. Prince Francis is not happy with Miles in the least. This naughty kitty cracked me up! Not being a cat person, Miles calls on Kitty for help. They get off to a bit of a rough start but sparks of attraction fly!

This was a light-hearted, low-drama romance, but it also featured some weightier issues. Kitty struggled with grief and guilt over her father’s death, and Miles deals with losing pieces of his mother as dementia takes hold. There was also a bit of cancel culture when a video of Kitty is posted and goes viral. It had been edited and taken out of context, misrepresenting Kitty’s actions and the backlash was something else. It really underscored the importance of getting all the facts before crucifying a person!

I enjoyed the love and support between Miles and Kitty as they weathered some storms. was a sweet romance with fun animal hijinks and cat puns aplenty! Being a cat lover, this brought a big smile to my face!

A copy was kindly provided by Forever Books in exchange for an honest review.
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1,435 reviews541 followers
May 28, 2023
Honestly, what an unusual book - I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. It started off very rocky before simmering into something much better, but it couldn't quite work its way up to 4 stars for me. As a longtime fan of Hunting, I'm fully aware that she writes a variety of vibes and tropes, and I liked some of the concepts at play in this one. It's a (super) quirky, cat-themed comedy paired with a heavier exploration of dementia, caring for an ill parent, and the aftereffects of grief. The first third is WAY too over-the-top in its quirkiness, with SO MANY cat-related puns and references. We've got Kitty the Cat Whisperer and Kat the Cat Café owner, cats learning how to talk and use a toilet, a dog person feuding with a cat person (and he's allergic to cats!), and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's too much. Way too much. I actually DNFed this pretty quickly before deciding to give it one more chance, and it definitely does smooth out in the back half. I enjoyed it a lot more on my second attempt. In fact, part of me considered a 4-star rating, but it's just too extreme in its tonal shifts and there are too many easy-to-identify issues.

The story follows Kitty, a woman who makes a living as a cat sitter. While many people scoff at her profession, she knows there's a lot more to cats than meets the eye. She's also internet famous, and has built up quite the reputation. So when she's hired to take care of a cat whose owner is an insufferable jerk (who doesn't seem to like cats!), Kitty isn't sure what to think. Turns out, the cat isn't actually Miles' - he's got his hands full dealing with his mom's dementia diagnosis, and he's doing the best he can to care for her cat. As someone who knows what it's like to deal with grief and complicated family issues, Kitty can empathize. The two strike up a tentative bond that feels like friendship with the spark of something more, and it's not long before they're growing closer.

Let's talk about what I liked for a minute, because there was a decent amount of it. As always, Hunting's writing style is easy to devour, and that made this a quick, bingeable read. I also loved that Miles is a hot nerd - he wears glasses, he crunches numbers for a living, and he's not great with women. He's actually kind of a sweetheart when he's not overwhelmed with all of his new responsibilities. Kitty is... well, she's a lot. Her personality is much more extreme in the first half, but I think a lot of the puns had mellowed out by the end. I definitely liked her a lot better in the back half. Then there's the tone of the book. As someone who loves a rom com with deeper, more complex elements, I can see where Hunting was going with this. It did not stick the landing, however. The juxtaposition between quirky and heavy was abrupt and jarring, with too many mundane details about caring for cats and caring for parents. There's even a whole lesson on how to use lip stain, which... I just wanted more romance, I didn't want that. So there's a lot of potential in the storyline, but much of it remains unfulfilled.
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1,852 reviews486 followers
July 6, 2023
A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting is a delightful rom-com that will leave readers with a smile on their face.

✔️ enemies to lovers
✔️ grumpy - sunshine
✔️ forced proximity

The story follows Kitty Hart, the internet-famous Kitty Whisperer, and Miles Thorn, a grumpy hockey nerd. As opposites, their first meeting couldn't be worse, but as the awkwardness fades, a genuine connection begins to form. This slow burn love story is beautifully crafted, offering a heartfelt and sincere portrayal of two individuals finding their way to a furry-tail happy ending.

One of the standout aspects of A Love Catastrophe is the wonderful character development. Kitty and Miles are fully fleshed-out characters, each with their own quirks and insecurities. As the story progresses, readers witness their growth, both individually and as a couple. The depth of their emotions and the authenticity of their relationship make their journey relatable and compelling.

Adding to the charm of the story are the lovable fur babies, particularly Wilfred the dog and Prince Francis the Sphynx cat. These adorable companions steal the show with their distinctive personalities and interactions, enhancing the overall warmth and joy of the narrative.

With its sweet and swoon-worthy romance, genuine character development, and endearing fur babies, A Love Catastrophe is a must-read for fans of heartfelt rom-coms. Helena Hunting's engaging writing style and knack for balancing humor and emotion make this book a delightful escape into a world of love, laughter, and furry companionship. Prepare to be charmed and uplifted as you embark on Kitty and Miles' journey towards their heartwarming happily ever after.
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1,666 reviews1,277 followers
June 17, 2023
***Available Now***


This is in line with the rest of Helena Hunting's traditional published novels. Low steam, cute, fun, and very light plot line for the most part, even tough they connect through loss. It is a novel to pick up for entertainment, heartfelt moments, and quirky heroines. This one definitely has more of her signature humor (think Violet or even Lavendar-esque).
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1,361 reviews1,429 followers
June 16, 2023
4 Stars!
(ARC provided by author/Forever (Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group)

Miles Thorn is a math nerd that's recently landed his dream job. He's a data analyst for the NHL. He's trying to prove why he's an asset to the Toronto team, but lately his life is pure chaos. He has a lot on his plate with his new job and caring for his mother's cat. Since he will sometimes be required to travel for work, he needs someone to watch the mischievous cat he's currently responsible for. Prince Francis is a Sphynx that gets into all kinds of trouble, and he needs to find a cat sitter. Then he meets the Kitty Whisperer, Kitty Hart. She's a gorgeous, quirky, popular cat lady that runs a successful business where she offers cat care and training services. They get off on the wrong foot and both make a bad first impression, but soon there's a sizzling attraction between them that can't be ignored. As real feelings develop, will they each find what they've needed all along?

A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting is a slow burn, opposites attract, grumpy/sunshine, frenemies to lovers romance full of humor, cute banter, awkward moments and amazing chemistry. I really enjoyed this story and love Helena Hunting's writing! This was a sweet book about fate and finding you purr-son. ;))


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1,517 reviews818 followers
May 19, 2023
A cute girl who loves cats meets allergic-to-cats Cute guy and fur flies.. Helena can insert hilarity with everyday affairs and this one is a funny clash of sorts between a cat girl and dog boy.
Kitty Hart is a Cat Whisperer. She trains, calms and loves cats. She's quirky and adorable

" I’ve learned to embrace my quirkiness, but I don’t have a Teflon coating, and not all the barbs aimed at me slide off with no impact. "


Miles Thorn is stuck with a cat.....at least he thinks that's what Prince Francis is...jury is out on this!!
He also is dealing with his mom lost in dementia fog and a house that is haunted with painful memories. This destructive "cat" isn't making his problems any easier

“He looks like a shaved ball sack with eyes,”


Hilarious encounters, splat on the ground falls, accidental trippings/takedowns and a painful allergy reaction later their story gets on track.

“Um, sort of like you hired the wrong plastic surgeon and they went overboard on the collagen injections.”


Kitty goes on to become popular on social media, which brings it's own set of spotlight reactions and trolls. Help comes from unexpected quarters and the pets and humans have their HEA.
Sweet, fun, adorably cute story
4.5 stars Calico World of KittyKat

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828 reviews120 followers
June 16, 2023

First off, A LOVE CATASTROPHE is very slow. And I don't mean a slow burn, I mean a slooooowww book.

This was definitely the most awkward romance I have ever read. I don't mind a few more realistic awkward moments in my romance reads. It can be pretty endearing when not every main characters is a sex god or goddess.

But this book was just a master class in really awkward interactions. This includes the most uncomfortable sex scene I have ever read. There was absolutely nothing hot or sexy about this scene. It's just the main characters awkwardly talking through every single moment while I cat howls at the door and a workout playlist plays.

I finally found myself low key skimming the sexy scenes.

Let me repeat that: I. SKIMMED. THE. SEX. SCENES.

That pretty much covers my thoughts on this book. A LOVE CATASTROPHE was not for me.

𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗔𝗠 𝗟𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗟: Rated R / 2-4 descriptive sex scenes, may have harsh language.
𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗚𝗚𝗘𝗥𝗦: past death of sibling, past death of parent, parent with Alzheimer's
𝗙𝗘𝗘𝗟𝗦: 3/5 - You will definitely feel some feels.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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1,796 reviews486 followers
April 9, 2023
Initial Thoughts
This was fun! This is the first time that I have had the chance to read this author's work and I must say that I am impressed. Kitty and Miles were great characters. I loved the chemistry that they shared and thought that they really had a lot of things in common. The fact that the story was packed with feline (and some canine) hijinx only added to the charm of the story. I will definitely be recommending this one!

ARC provided by the publisher. Full review to be posted.
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892 reviews538 followers
May 6, 2023
DNF’ing. An adult woman who loves cats is supposedly saying to other adults things like “bless mew” and “right meow.”

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389 reviews57 followers
June 27, 2023
I like Helena Hunting, and this book was cute enough. A little cheesy and a lot punny and sometimes the quirkiness of our fmc could be a little over the top, but I liked the fun lighthearted romance with just enough serious moments to give the characters a little depth. I liked the conversations that were had about grief and dementia. Quick, fun, and easy romance
914 reviews7 followers
July 7, 2023
Kitty is a cat whisperer and runs a cat sitting business, and she meets Miles who needs help with his mother’s cat. They fall in love and if you like cats you’ll enjoy this book. Not great but a fun read.
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1,199 reviews297 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
June 12, 2023
DNF at 31%

I’ve loved many of Helena Hunting’s books in the past, but unfortunately her more recent releases haven’t been hitting the mark for me. It was jarring to go from discussing something serious like the death of a parent, grief, and early onset dementia to seemingly non stop cat puns and slapstick comedy. Both feel too extreme, leaving the story imbalanced. At 31% I don’t feel particularly invested in either character and have decided to put this one down.

CW’s I encountered: early onset dementia, grief, death of parent, severe allergic reaction requiring a brief hospitalization
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May 31, 2023

HH is one of my go tos when I want a cute rom com because she has always delivered in the banter department as well as the cute department. This one was definitely adorable and fun, it’s very soft and light meaning there’s no major conflict between the characters, which honestly is fine with me I don’t always need a big and dramatic third act breakup. Kitty and Miles seem like total opposites at first glance but as they get to know each other they realize they have quite a lot in common including difficult stuff in their families. There’s lots going on in terms of grief and loss and the author handled it in a sweet and beautiful way. I have a tiny gripe though, as much as I knew this would have cat puns the amount of them was a little much for me and gave the whole thing a slightly immature feel for me. But overall this was a really cute read
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August 2, 2023
Oh god this was awful, DNF.

The constant cat puns (I mean the FMC is named Kitty…for real?) were annoying but I was starting to be able to skim past them (not a good sign once I’m skim reading). But then the sex scene. Omg it was so cringey. Like who wrote this? I’ve read other books by this author that were great & had actual adult steam.
This was just bad.
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June 20, 2023
Thanks to the publisher for an advanced copy of A Love Catastrophy by Helena Hunting.

Unfortunately this book wasn't for me. The main character was so awkward and immature and I'm an animal person who grew up with cats and all of the cat puns were just too much. I think it was meant to be quirky but it crossed that line.
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