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I finally know how it feels to have a home. A woman to love who loves you in return and two men who can share in exactly how incredible that feeling is.

Emilia Harrison. The girl who stole my heart, then broke it. And now owns every cracked inch of it.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the demons of my past and to find my ultimate happiness in Emilia.

Now that we’re on the cusp of starting something incredible, the decisions I made when I was at my lowest rear their ugly heads.

I’m being coerced, Emilia’s being chased, and none of us have the first clue how to take on an ancient elitist organization. But we’ve already taken down one psychopath, so how difficult can it be to take down a few more?

I have Marie at my side, Hawk and Kai at my back, and we will do whatever is necessary to keep our Angel alive.

Love is forged in the toughest of situations, and the King’s Elite are about to find out how far I’ll go to protect my family.

401 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 19, 2023

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About the author

R.A. Smyth

24 books916 followers
My name is Rachel. I live in the UK with my husband and two golden retrievers, and I am an author of dark, contemporary reverse harem romance.

If you love a story with a well thought out plot and good character development that will give you all the feels, then why not give one of my series a go?

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Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway - Second chance romance, Friends-enemies-lovers, college, secret society, stalker, fake dating
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May 13, 2023
I'd been waiting to get my hands on the #ARC & I f'ing left all my other stuff to read this. Omg, Devoured this in 8hrs!! So well worth the wait 😍.

PRETTY LETHAL (A #Dark #ReverseHarem #CollegeRomance) was a fantastic ending for the trilogy but just the start of Emilia, Wilder, Hawk & Kai's life!!

I LOVED seeing the 3 guys relationship grow with Em & forming a brotherhood with eachother, gosh I loved the banters! They've come so far♥️.

We get so many sweet & sexy scenes, adorable & Hot! Thrilling & action packed too, twists I didn't see coming & a pleasant surprise in the lovely HEA.

I hope there are bonuses in future cause gosh do I want more of Em, Hadley & all the guys! Marriage, Babies please!!

(Full Review soon!)

Story Ratings:

1) Main Character(s) likeness: 5/5
2) Side characters: 4.8/5
3) Top 3 feels in story: Emotional, Love you, Hell na!
4) Kept me hooked / Story flow: 5+/5
5) Satisfaction / Enjoyment: 5/5
6) Creativity / twists: 5/5
7) World development: 4.8/5
8) Relationship: 5/5
9) Problems+Resolution: 4.5/5
10) Sexy / steamy scenes: 4.5/5
11) Cuteness level: 4/5
12) Angst level: 2.5/5
13) Darkness level: 3.5/5
14) POV / Writing style: 1st person MULTIPLE POV, 4.7/5
15) Grammar: 4.8/5
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199 reviews18 followers
May 26, 2023
I ate these 3 books up. I loved how action pack the 3rd was even after everything happened to our Angel. I just absolutely adore Wilder fyi lol.

Anywho, what a great book. I loved all the action and the cross characters. I thought the ending of the book was great for this series.
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274 reviews49 followers
May 20, 2023
First and foremost, Wilder? Complete turnaround of his character in the best way! Watching him be adorably needy and constantly following Emilia around and doting on her was precious! Don't get it twisted, he still brought his usual brand of crazy tomfoolery but it was so nice watching him turn back into the guy we met and fell in love with back at Pacific Prep. I think watching him and the guys (and Hadely 🤭) go feral for Emilia will forever be one of my favorite things about this series as a whole, their actions constantly showed how much they all loved her! 🫶🏻

And as much as I enjoyed watching everyone take the time they needed to recover from the trauma of the now dead stalker and going on cute dates, the first half read a bit slow for me. There was lots of spice, which you won't hear me complaining about, but it felt like we weren't making much progress on the secret society front and were just waiting for something to happen. That second half though? Incredible! There was almost no break in the action and it felt good to see everyone fighting together. Major bonus points for having Hadley's harem join the battle at the end there too! It made my heart so happy to see both Pac Prep harems working together, my heart was just about bursting with happiness! 🥰

Speaking of working together, watching this harem finally become a cohesive unit was so dang satisfying! After the conflict between Hawk and Wilder got all sorted out the banter and camaraderie between all the guys was everything I had been waiting two whole books for! And while the banter was great, watching them all be smitten with Emilia was even better, especially when the results included some hot group scenes! 🤌🏻

Finally, I adored that epilogue, I had a feeling something would happen that final night and I was so happy to be right! Although it was a bit mean to end the story there just know that I will most definitely be running to read all of the extra epilogues that are written when R.A. Smyth eventually makes an omnibus of this series! I just need a closer look at what the future has in store for these characters because I'm too invested!
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387 reviews17 followers
May 18, 2023
This was such a good book. Im excited to see what Ra smyth puts out next. I’m sad that this series is over it was so good.
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265 reviews31 followers
May 20, 2023
“Watching you claim what’s yours is so fucking hot, Little Sparrow. Tell me, do you want all three of us?”

I have loved every page of this trilogy! This final book had me torn between wanting to read it as fast as possible to get to Emilia and her guys’ HEA and savoring each word as it came. The race to the finish won out, but I bookmarked and highlighted several areas that I know I need to revisit– some amazingly heartfelt confessions of love and intensely hot sex scenes. The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway trilogy joins Pacific Prep in my favorites folder to re-read and share often.

Emilia is the kind of FMC that I love and yet want to knock some sense into occasionally. Just when they get out of danger with Mel being out of the picture, she continues to court trouble by inserting herself into sticky situations. Luckily, she has three men who would do anything to protect her and will convince her of the error of her ways (through orgasm denial).

I envy Emilia’s relationship with her guys and how they complete one another. They are #relationshipgoals. Hawk was gentled by his love for Emilia, which only made him hotter as his intense focus turned to pleasing and loving her. Wilder was always the wild card, but Emilia’s acceptance of his monster inside, the monster that he unleashes on anyone who threatens his family or Emilia, had brought him some peace. Kai brought Emilia back to life, as she did to him, teaching him to love again. I swear little hearts start flying around my head when I think about how perfect they are for each other.

RA Smyth knows how to write MMCs that I want to add to my own harem of book boyfriends. Usually, one or two of the guys sticks out as an immediate favorite in a why choose novel, but I am taking the whole lot with me in this case: grumpy knight, dark knight, and white knight are ALL my favorites.

Hawk learns how to share. We get a repeat performance of his, Wilder, and Emilia’s night at Pac all those years before, and several group scenes, many with him as the director.

The HEA made me cry. I was not ready to say goodbye to Emilia and her guys. Even the extra epilogue wasn’t enough – I guess it’s time to do a re-read.

I highly recommend this trilogy (and the Pacific Prep series).

Genre: Dark Contemporary College Romance
Tropes/Features: College, second change, friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, best friend’s brother, secret society, stalker, fake dating, ex-military/bodyguard
Narrator: Multiple 1st Person POV
Relationship Type: Why Choose – MFMM, Fast Burn. High Heat
Book Type/Ending: Final Book in Trilogy with HEA
TW/CW: Includes edging, violent content, dark themes, traumatic pasts
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480 reviews3 followers
May 29, 2023
This book comes with content and trigger warnings. Please heed the authors advice.

Book three picks up where book two ended and boy are the readers in for a thrilling ride!

What a stunning conclusion to an epic series.

We watch as Wilder battles the inner demons of his past as they collide with his present. As he works to make amends with betraying Hawk’s trust, but also making up for the hurt he caused Emilia.

You can’t but help wanting to be in Hawk, Wilder, and Kai‘s shoes because they’re jealous, possessive, and dominant behaviours when it comes to Emilia is next level.

Emilia brings out the best and worst in Hawk, Wilder, and Kai, as they all work together to navigate the dynamics of their polyamorous relationship. We get to see the ups and downs, their hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities, and facets of what makes them human.

When truths are revealed, and family you thought you could count on turn their backs on you, Wilder learns the true meaning of family, and the bonds of friendship solidified through the acknowledgment that one is never truly alone when you have those you love beside you, accepts you flaws and all, giving you a future that you never could have imagined before.

Those blazing hot bedroom scenes were of pure unbridled, searing pleasure and intense passion that ignited a fierce flame so bright you wouldn’t dare extinguish.

And who could forget Hadley, Cam, West, Mason, and Beck? Their dynamics give this story the extra depth it needs to reel the readers right in.

That ending….. and the bonus epilogue…. Was the best happily ever after ever written because Hawk, Wilder, and Kai’s love for Emilia was worth fighting for, for she is theirs, and they are hers.

Highly recommend both the author and the book!

I received an ARC. Therefore, I am leaving a voluntary review.
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301 reviews12 followers
May 21, 2023
Arc given in exchange for a honest review.

This was a great end to such a dramatic series. We pick up right after book 2 and are just thrown into the deep end with the KE society. The guys are trying at every turn to protect Emilia, but dang if she’s not put in some messed up situations. The plot twists are what I would expect from RA and the conclusion is completely satisfying. The spicy scenes will melt you into a puddle and have you coming back for more. I really love this world and all of these characters. From Hadley and her guys and now Emilia and hers. Though the only new comer in this world with this series is Kai, I never felt like we got enough from Wilder in the first series. He was a later edition, but I loved him and his antics. I really loved getting to meet him in this series and see all the dark he was keeping at bay before. Hawk will always hold my heart with his grumpy self, and Kai is the perfect white night edition to their relationship.

Second Chance
Sisters Best Friend/Best Friends Brother
Secret Society
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194 reviews9 followers
May 24, 2023
I'm so happy with this ending. Definitely the perfect ending for Emilia and her men.

The second I finished the second book in the series I needed to get my hands on this one as fast as possible. I knew that this book was going to be a little bit more focused on Wilder and discovering all his secrets.

He definitely had a big character growth in the past book but I feel like it most definitely showed in this one. Kai and Hawke were as dreamy as always.

There was A LOT going on in this book 😭 Something was always happening which definitely kept me entertained. The big mystery/secret was a bit unexpected and shocking but anticlimactic for me. I feel like they all already went through so much that nothing could have really shocked me.

They definitely were making up for the lost time in this one. It felt like there was a sex scene every two chapters. Not complaining though. The Way author wrote them it didn't feel like too much. There was so much emotion and love behind it that it felt perfect every single time.
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320 reviews34 followers
May 16, 2023
The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway series by R.A. Smyth is a must read for sure! Twists and turns, ups and downs...you will not be disappointed or left unsatisfied! With each chapter from multiple POVs you can't even begin to figure out which out of Emilia’s 3 men is your favorite!

I even loved how there were a few laugh out loud moments! Especially Wilder’s obsession with the t-shirts #darkknighttotherescue #grumpyknighttotherescue #whiteknighttotherescue (Iykyk) 😂

"𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐨 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝-𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫-𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡."

Do yourself a big favor and read this series! Believe me when I say you'll miss them when you're done reading! Wilder, Kai, Hawk, and Emilia will steal your breath, heart and soul!
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506 reviews213 followers
May 19, 2023
(Thank you Peachy Keen and the author R.A. Smyth for the eARC in exchange for a spoiler free review)

Please check trigger and content warnings before reading.

I have to say I’m so fortunate and appreciative that I received all three arcs for this entire series. Thank you Rachel!

I think the best way to end a series is by having all the questions answered and that was addressed in this book! It was a neat end to Emilia and her boys, with good plot and character development.

Can’t say much without spoiling so please do read this series! It has stalker, secret society and bodyguard tropes.
May 21, 2023
Pretty Lethal, the final book the @ trilogy is here and we finally got some answers!!

Did I see all those reveals coming? Nope, definitely not! This series has certainly kept me on my toes as we followed Emilia on her journey with Hawk, Wilder, and Kai. Between stalkers, crazy students, and secret societies, these four are up against a lot!

Thankfully we treated to some stellar steam along the way, along with cameos from some Pac Prep favorites!! This was a really great ending to Emilia’s story 😊
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1,417 reviews28 followers
May 19, 2023
Outstanding ending to an amazing series. Dark twists and a few surprises were still in store for our rowdy little harem. So many swoonworthy moments where my heart beat harder for Emilia’s men. These guys are possessive, protective and damn sexy. The steamy scenes were plentiful throughout the story. Wilder kept me laughing with his crazy antics…which I loved. I’m sad to say goodbye to this series but what a way to go.
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684 reviews3 followers
May 27, 2023
Great ending to the series! I did not see that twist coming! But this was sweet and sexy, and also full of angst and drama! Awesome series!
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520 reviews10 followers
May 23, 2023
The final installment in The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway was the perfect ending. Not only did they finally get their act together with everyone on the same page but all the danger and drama come to a big dramatic end.

I'm always left wanting more, just because of how much I love Rachel's writing and her characters, but she wrapped up this series beautifully.

While the stalker is taken care of, Wilder still has the gang in a lot of trouble, and that trouble will come for Amelia all over again. Now that Wilder has claimed Amelia again though, they will be very sorry for threatening his family.

Pretty Lethal is a whole lot of Wilder and we learn a lot about his past and how he ended up so damaged and wild. If you didn't already love Wilder a bit after Pacific Prep and Blurred Lines then this book is going to lock it in for you.

When this group is together and working as one they really are a perfect team in and out of the bedroom. If you love the Pacific Prep crew we get to see plenty of them too and one particular scene where Hadley is her badass self at her best.

Overall this is a series that will hook you in, tie you up in knots, leave you gasping, have you hot and bothered, and give you one hell of a ride.

If you haven't read any of Rachel's other series I'd say start from the beginning and enjoy the worlds Rachel creates, but it really won't matter if you don't this series is a stand out on its own. I will say though, for the real full experience of the characters definitely dive into Pacific Prep and Blurred Lines.

Bring on your next series Rachel. No matter what it is I know it's going to be amazing.
Mel is out of Amelia's life but she's worried about what that will mean for them all. Will someone be hunting them down all over again for ending Mel? She's just found her place in the world where she's sure she's meant to be and the thought of anyone taking that from her leaves her scared and angry all over again. Not only does that worry her but the fracture in Hawk and Wilder's friendship has her on edge. For all the men to be on the same page with her she needs them all united too.
'This is my home. These people are my family. And together, we can achieve anything.'

Hawk is not only struggling with Wilder's betrayal but he's also suffering with the aftermath of Mel. It all was a little too close for comfort in the end and Hawk finally has everything that makes him happy. Losing any of those pieces now could break him. Despite what Wilder did Hawk can understand it to some degree but his anger is holding strong. He's not sure what he would do without Amelia.
"You're my sparrow. My light in the dark. My color in the gray. My birdsong in the silence. All I need is you, and I know I'll be okay."

Kai is working to make sure all threats from Mel are past them and with the help of West's skills they will make sure they are all safe, but particularly Amelia. After finally being able to move on from his past he has no intention of losing Amelia, who is destined to be his future and even Hawk and Wilder complete his family.
"Now you can look at it and know that all of us are yours in the same way that you're ours. This bracelet symbolizes the complex relationship the four of us have, but no matter what, we're all tied to one another. We're an unbreakable chain, and nothing can rip us apart."

Wilder hates himself for what he did to Hawk and what that has done to their friendship, but he has finally let go of the hurt and anger and let himself be happy with Amelia. If only the Kings Elite weren't trying to mess it all up. Making it up to Hawk is important but making sure no one can mess with his family is his newest priority because despite everything he, Hawk, Kai, and Amelia are his true family.
"Now, I finally know how it feels to have a home. A woman to love who loves you in return and two men who can share in exactly how incredible that feeling is."

When things get dark for Amelia she feels stronger than ever before with her three men behind and they'll be there to make sure whoever threatens their happily ever after will pay.

'I have three of them - Wilder, my dark knight who will always be my anti-hero, Kai is my white knight, my true savior who will gladly ride to my rescue on a white steed, and Hawk is my grumpy, possessive knight who will forever be in my corner, fighting.'

Happy Reading.
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192 reviews3 followers
May 14, 2023
Wow what a plot twist! This incredible author has lead us on our journey to its conclusion, keeping us in the dark the entire way so no one is able to guess King's identity. I was left in astonishment at the final revelation! I never saw it coming in a million years, truly unpredictable!

Wilder is my favourite, have I said that before? His crazy psychotic tendencies, his spontaneity, his darkness, all of his wild little quirks and sense of humour, and his childish excitement. He lives in the moment, his feelings on display unable to hide them, he's honest, loyal and his devotion and utter conviction in his love towards Emilia is why I first fell in love with him all the way back at Pacific Prep. All his life he has craved this acceptance of who he is, because no one has accepted him, especially when his darkness was revealed but Emilia sees him, she loves him. Even Hawk and Kai love him and understand him, they give him what he has longed for for so long, a family.

The character and relationship growth in Pretty Lethal is amazing, it ulls at the heart strings and makes you instantly fall in love with the characters. Like proud mothers we read and watch as they finally become who they are meant to be. After all his lies Hawk struggles to forgive Wilder for his deception because they become more than some guy Hadley had asked him to look out for. Wilder became his brother and even though in his heart Hawk understands he finds it difficult to trust him. Nevertheless, the harem comes together quite nicely, and whoever thought back in Broken Trust that it would be Hawk Davenport that pulls and sticks them altogether. He loves Emilia, he has separate bonds with Kai and Wilder, he is the common factor between them all that allows the harem to form.

Of course the King's Elite are waiting in the wings to destroy their happy ever after, they've got the claws hooked deeply into Wilder and its clear that only one of them will remain standing in the impending conflict. The King's Elite really step things up the terror, the uncertainty, the attacks but all this does is provoke a demon, wrapped in sin to fully accept who he is and charge in like the dark knight ready to spill blood to save those he calls family. But don't worry because Marie as always is on hand and makes some very special appearances!

I also loved the small scene with Emilia's mother though we all know what her reaction to her daughter's life will be it was still hard and I still hoped for her to be more understanding and open if not accepting. Battlelines are drawn and it leaves us with only one question. Who exactly will survive?
234 reviews
May 23, 2023
This is the ending we’ve all been waiting for and I loved every minute of it!

Since we already found out who Emilia’s stalker was in book 2, Pretty Vile, and they were taken care of accordingly, I knew this book would focus mostly on Wilder’s storyline and finding out more about the King’s Elite organization. In truth, that whole secondary storyline didn’t really interest me as much in the first two books, as I was mostly focused on and enjoying the stalker storyline, so I wasn’t as excited for this book and I was actually a little bit worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this one as much. But of course I shouldn’t have been! Rachel knew exactly what she was doing and knows how to write a book! I was sucked in from the very beginning and before I knew it things were wrapping up and the book was over.

There were a couple of things however, that I felt didn’t wrap up quite as nicely as I would’ve preferred. First, while we did find out a bit more about Emilia’s stalker, we still don’t know for certain if their family would retaliate. It’s mentioned that it’s not likely, but no one knows for sure. Now, I don’t know if it was left that way on purpose for a potential future storyline, or maybe because there are just some things in life we never really know for certain, but either way, I guess it was enough to at least let us move on. The other thing I wanted to know a bit more about was the girl Wilder was supposed to be keeping tabs on. I don’t believe he ever found out why he was supposed to be watching that girl. Again, maybe it was left that way on purpose, or maybe it was inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, I don’t know. But I guess I’ll be left wondering for now! Haha

There was one thing though that completely caught me off guard, and that was the revelation of who King was! 🤯 Mind. Blown. Did not see that coming. But I absolutely loved that plot line twist!

I also really loved the ending! While I’m sad this series is over and it’s time to say goodbye to some of my fav characters from two series, I’m glad Emilia and her guys finally got the HEA they deserve! (And who knows; maybe we’ll get lucky and see some cameos once in a while in future books!? 👀 One can hope! 🤞😉)
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448 reviews2 followers
May 21, 2023
Perfect conclusion to the series!!!

I have been waiting for what feel like forever to read the conclusion to Emilia, Wilder, Hawk and Kai’s story and it did not disappoint! I do have to admit that in the beginning when it was all going a little to well, I felt annoyed that their story didn’t end after everything with Mel. The second book didn’t feel much like a cliffhanger to me but a conclusion so I thought it was a little forced with the secret society angle. I’m so glad I was wrong though! Once little things started happening and then everything went down in the wood the first time, I was hooked again! Rachel always writes the perfect balance of spice, action and mystery too so it reads more as a thriller romance with some great twists and turns along the way.

I think what I love the most about Rachel writing is the relationships she builds outside of all the spice and steam. For every harem, she builds these intricate relationships between each person and then a group dynamic. Hawk and Wilder’s bond as brothers is epic and funny too. They live to rile the other up and watch them spin out. When you add Kai in the mix, each of them connects with Kai a little different but they all share a unique bond to one another.

Emilia truly was the perfect FMC for these three. I was always a fan when they were at Pac Prep so I was not surprised by how their relationship grew as they grew up. What I didn’t expect was the roles each guy took in her life. I anticipated Wilder to be more of the golden retriever type but he ended up being our dark knight. Kai is most certainly the white knight and Emilia’s description of Hawk being the grumpy broody knight is spot on.

I’m so sad to see the end to this series and what feels like a wrap up of all things Pac Prep and Ridgeway. I have loved every minute of Hadley’s story at Pacific Prep, then Sawyer’s journey in Back Creek and now every minute of Emilia’s love at Ridgeway. I would love to read all the extended epilogues for these three groups who I love with all my soul!
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130 reviews10 followers
May 20, 2023
All I have to say is DAM this was an amazing book!

With that said here is my favorites in order now that the series is over an I’m still sad about that.


Emilia in the beginning is still her sweetheart self but as the book goes on an things happen she becomes more of a stronger person she doesn’t want to be helpless.

Hawk is his stubborn self but we see how his love for Emilia has grown so much that he actually wants things in life he never let himself believe he could have.

Wilder wilder wilder he is as crazy as always but in the best way possible. He has grown so much as a character from PAC to now an he absolutely will burn down the world for those he loves an considers his family regardless of what has to be done to protect them.

Kai is so sweet an protective an has grown with the trilogy an his past trauma he has worked through to become the man he is now for Emilia an his chosen family.

This book had so much packed in it especially that bomb towards the end like that blew my mind definitely was not even expecting that one.

So glad that we still got to see the gang from PAC here an there.

The elite society was a bunch of pansy’s at the end I enjoyed reading them run like bats outa hell you��ll see when you read.

Cam had a great line in this book in regards to ninja turtles an Beck with his comeback was hysterical.

Wilder has some great one liners in this book I especially enjoyed the T-Shirts lol

The dynamic of the three guys was just perfect an I love how they all basically are always there for each other an more for Emilia

That epilogue was just perfect it wraps up the trilogy just right.

I absolutely recommend this trilogy an you don’t have to start with Pacific prep if you don’t want to you don’t even have to read blurred lines the novella for Pacific prep (that’s Hawk Wilder and Emilia)

But if you’d like more detail in the characters background etc then yes I suggest you start with Pacific Prep an then the Novella then this series but you can read it anyway you like.
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1,331 reviews143 followers
May 22, 2023
This book brought back to us the Wilder we all fell in love with back in Pacific Prep, and I could not be happier! This man has had such a transformation in these books, and seeing him with all his walls down and truly adoring and loving Em out in the open like he should have all along? SO AMAZING. He is such a softie when it comes to his Angel, but don't get it twisted -- he's still a psycho, but he's *her* personal psycho. Be prepared for ears to fly off when he's on a path to getting the woman he loves more than anything back in his arms. (IYKYK)

That being said, the action just doesn't stop with this one! We pick up right where book two left off, with them dealing with the fallout of Mel's stalking and the aftermath her torture had on them all, but there's also a new threat on them all -- one Wilder brought directly to their door. They will have to have a united front now more than ever if they want to survive all the craziness headed their way, and their world is continuously being thrown on its axis, but with all of their intertwined relationships being stronger than ever before, buckle in and enjoy all the action!

I had a theory of who the King was, but I had NO idea it was who it turned out being, and it was just jaw dropping! Plus the destruction that came afterwards just had me glued to my kindle! Just absolutely amazing writing!

Hawk, Kai, Wilder and Emilia (and can't forget about Hadley and her own harem!) Truly made such a spectacular found family, and I'm so incredibly happy that they all got their hard earned HEA. Plus seeing Em keep getting stronger and stronger instead of just hiding like she's done before made me so proud of her!

I'm really sad to see this chapter come to close for this amazing author, but I can't wait to see what she has next up her sleeve!!

**I received an ARC of this book and these are my honest opinions **
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May 19, 2023
One psycho down, how many to go? Delve into this wild and crazy series finale to discover the dark side of The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway.

Emilia, Hawk, Kai, and Wilder are back, and life is just as chaotic as ever for them. This book moves in a different direction than the first two, delving into a secret society, underground tunnels, family ties, relationship struggles, and more.

Emilia and the guys may have solved their stalker problem, but what happens when more powerful people are after you? Can anyone be trusted? R.A. knows how to tell a story full of twists and turns and highs and lows. Who is the mysterious King? Well, hold onto your hats because I’m not sure you’d believe me if I told you.

There were so many things I loved about this book. First off, just the fact that R.A. wrote this because we, her fans, were dying for their story is amazing. The characters grew and the story took on a life of its own. I’ve loved Hawk and Wilder since Pac Prep so diving back into their world was a joy. The character/relationship development in this book is on point, but my favorite has to be Wilder. He was probably my favorite at the end of Pac Prep and hot d@mn, I love him even more now. He’s hilarious and I couldn’t get enough.

The character crossovers made my dark little heart happy. I love seeing Hadley and her guys, although I’m not gonna lie, my spoiled self was really hoping to see Cain, Oliver, Sawyer, and the others 😂.

If you like dark, why choose romance this series is for you. Although, I highly recommend reading Pacific Prep first if you haven’t already done so. I can’t wait to see what’s next for R.A., she never disappoints!!

#darkknighttotherescue #whiteknighttotherescue #grumpyknighttotherescue #brotherboyfriends (IYKYK 🤣)
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May 18, 2023
This trilogy has been a ride, to say the least. I have loved Emilia, Hawk and Wilder since Pac, obviously, and throughout this series I have only grown to love them that much more. As much as I loved Emilia in Pac, it has been so amazing to get to see her outside of being Hadley’s strong and loyal BFF. Throughout this series, we’ve really gotten the opportunity to watch Emilia come into herself and learn what she wants out of her life, as well as fight for who she wants in her life. I have loved the journey of watching her get to this point, as well as how her relationships with each of the guys has progressed even just since Pretty Spiteful. While I obviously had a stronger attachment early on to both Wilder and Hawk, throughout this trilogy, Kai has really earned his place for me. I have loved getting to learn about him and his backstory, and seeing how seamlessly he has fallen into the group.

Between Emilia’s stalker and the Wilder’s mysterious secret society, the group has gone through the wringer throughout this series, so not only did I love the answers we got for both of those things, and seeing Emilia and her guys work together to take them on, but I enjoyed the little moments of reprieve where we were able to see how the group’s dynamic has shifted even more. I also can’t get over how protective they all are of Emilia. This was the perfect conclusion to their story. I know Rachel loves to have little cameos and crossovers, so I can’t wait to see how she ties them in with her future series!
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May 19, 2023
“I’ve never killed anyone before, and honestly the thought of it makes me a little sick, but for my family, for our chance at happiness, I’ll do whatever I have to tonight to ensure all of us make it out alive.”

Phew what an extremely action packed yet fantastic series close!
Emilia and her guys have literally fought to attempted murder and back throughout these three books. The amount of emotional damage that this book puts you through to get to their HEA was intense. But the sweet moments that you get between her and the guys was perfectly sweet yet steamy all at once leaving dying as you flip each page.

Our girl Emilia has finally gotten here HEA though it just took some crap to get there.
Wilder truly seems to battle his demons in this book and you really do get a glimpse at just who Emilia settles him for the better. Kai really steps into his spot in this band of misfits after having to work through his own demons in the last book. Hawk as always is, well Hawk. You get to see just how much he keeps this groups heads on the straight and narrow even during times of massive stress. And we can NOT forget just how he loves to take the lead. 🥵

I truly had the bad guy all sorts of wrong and definitely didn’t see it coming. Though once revealed it really does make sense with the who, how, and why if it. I hate to see the door close on this world again as I love all of the characters. One can only hope that we get some awesome bonus scenes or a novella in the future.
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May 27, 2023
WTH happened?

I love R.A. Smyth books. I have read them all, and read new ones as soon as I can. Pacific prep was great, Crestwood was great, and Black Creek is a huge favorite, but I don't know what happened with this series.

The first 2 books were fine. Not my favorite, but I got through them This last one, though...I have less than 40 pages left and I am about to not finish it even though I am in the middle of the climax.

The plot is insanely over the top with the whole secret society thing. SS can be good, this one is extreme in its extremeness and Rachel's UKness is showing in places. She's randomly throwing in US things that don't make sense. Fine, I get it and usually let that stuff slide, it was just a bit jarring here.

I feel like this book was rushed. Usually her editing is great and there aren't many grammatical errors, but there were quite a few that were missed here.

ok, now the worst part for me. Did Rachel recently have a kid or something? There is a sudden influx of baby talk. Like a TON of it. Hadly has had surgery to reverse her sterilization and now they are trying, and Wilder throws out Em's pills and everyone is just like "yes, let's have a baby right now" without even talking to her. That's just not cool. And then they are in the middle of finding the bad guys and Wilder starts talking about pregnancy tests? I know he is supposed to be crazy, but I find this gross. Yes, I know I am not the norm, babies don't equal HEA for me. The baby talk at the end of Black Creek was fine. They were adults and talked about it. This is just blech.
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May 28, 2023
Wow….Pretty Lethal is filled with sooo much drama, angst, secrets, revelations, heat🔥🔥 and so much more! Great conclusion to The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway series! I am sad to see them go but know I might catch cameos her and there in other books. If you loved this series and didn’t read the Pacific Prep series I highly recommend you do so! It would explain more background of Emilia, Hawk, and Wilder. Also, it will give you Hadley, Mason, West, Beck and Cam’s story which was sooo captivating and is a complete series (for those who like to wait for the whole series to be out before reading!). If you are new to The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway then I suggest going back to Pacific Prep first so you get an insight to Emilia’s, Hawk’s, and Wilder’s beginning. As you probably guessed already I sincerely and highly recommend Pretty Lethal (if you have already read the first two books in this series), The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway series, and R.A. Smyth as an author!! R.A. Smyth is one of my favorite go to authors!! I have never been disappointed in any of her books. I have read almost all of her books (except for Dressed to Kil) and each one will draw you in and not let go till the series is complete. When I am asked what is my favorite book or which books do I recommend I almost always answer that I can’t say which is my favorite and that I love and recommend based on different series and authors. Anyway, I can’t wait for to start Harlow which is the first book in Dressed to Kill series and what R.A. Smyth’s next book or series she will be releasing!! Happy Reading!
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576 reviews
May 15, 2023
'New order of the ages."

The series continues right where we left off from book two and I absolutely loved it! This book is all about the four of them (Emilia, Hawk, Kai and Wilder) coming together and officiating their relationship once and finally for all. The steam does not disappoint!!! RA Smyth did an amazing job with wrapping everything up in this book and we get down to the nitty gritty of the Kappa Epsilon cult like secret society.

With twists I did not see coming and the four of them deciding on the fate of their future, it is everything and more. This book made you laugh, made you sad and made you second guess who the King really is. When the end came, and it seem to come up too fast, we are left with a melancholy feeling that the ending is here. The guys devotion to Emilia is all-consuming and definitely the type of loyalty every character needs and I loved every second of it.

"I am a monster, but only for Emilia. I will become whatever the f... is needed to keep her safe."

I loved everything about Hadley and Emilia's stories and these books will definitely be reread over and over. I wished we got a bit more from Kappa Epsilon, but that probably would have required a book four. lol. I enjoyed Emilia's story so much!

"If you can't trust the tree, you cant trust the apple."

*Overall 4.5/5
*Heat? 5/5
*Fast Burn
*Multiple first person POV
*MFMM Relationship! So Yummy!!!!!
*Ends on the perfect HEA
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79 reviews
May 22, 2023
This was the perfect ending to the trilogy. I will be honest, I was not sure how this one was going to go considering the ending of the last book. I wasn't sure how they could create a whole book after the way they dealt with crazy stalker Mel in the last book. This book focused on the aftermath of that and the new threat of the King's Elite.
I will say, I did think the first part was a little slow. There was not as much action as I was expecting of them trying to uncover what and who the King's Elite is. I kept waiting for the gang to try to uncover more answers, but it felt like they weren't all that serious about it until over halfway through the book.
I did absolutely love the bowling group date scene. I was laughing so much at Hawk's pouty antics. And what happened after was so 🥵️🔥🥵️🔥Also, seeing Wilder turn the corner and turn into a big softie for Emilia was so damn cute. He is still a psycho, but a lovable one now, instead of an asshole psycho 😂😂

The reveal of who the King actually was so very shocking, and I did not expect it at all. I was able to clock who Emilia's stalker was in the second chapter of the first book, so I did not expect this twist/surprise. All my guesses leading up to it were wrong.

I am sad to see this series come to an end, but I can't wait to see where this author goes next. In the meantime, I may just go re-read Pacific Prep so I can get a bigger fix of Hadley and her guys.
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May 19, 2023

Pretty Lethal is the third book in The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway series.

Guys I have to be honest; I really struggled to read this one and have some really mixed feelings about it. I just couldn't get into it for the first 50–60%, and that saddens me because I really enjoyed the first two books.

Throughout the series, I have really enjoyed seeing the relationship development between Emilia and the guys and the individual character development for each of them. The relationship Emilia has with the guys is swoon-worthy and warms my heart, and I'm glad we got to see more of that in this book.

That being said, as I mentioned before, the first 50-60% was rough for me, and if I'm being completely transparent, I only kept reading for the smut because, let's be real, we all love good smut.

Once it hit the 70% mark, things did start to get a bit better, and I actually wanted to keep reading. I can't pinpoint whether it's my taste in what I'm enjoying reading at the moment or if the plot came to a bit of a standstill, but I was really struggling to keep going. I'm glad I did push through because I loved reading about Hadley and her crew again and was happy to know Emilia and the guys got their HEA.

Thoughts for this book aside, I still recommend this series to you all, especially if you loved Pacific Prep, and I look forward to Rachel's next series.

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May 21, 2023
Begins where book 2 left off. I am so sad to see these characters go and for this to be the end. The secret society has Wilder in their grasp and they don’t want to let him go!

The possessiveness of Hawk wanting to knock Emilia up through out this book had me melting into a puddle. He will forever be my favorite. Wilder comes in clutch at the end though and he is just one of those characters you can’t help but absolutely love at the end. As for Kai he isn’t afraid anymore to put himself and everything out on the table for Emilia, and I loved that.

There are so many shocking twists that I never saw coming. We finally find out who the King of the society is and it is very unexpected. We also find out who set the fire when Wilder was nothing but a boy. Wilder stands up against the King which I was so hesitant on whether he would or not. Emilia’s compelling words towards Wilder telling him he isn’t a monster made me teary. Wilder and his shirts 😂 that is all I am going to say about that. That ending! I absolutely need more extended epilogues 🥰

This series is amazing. It IS a spin off so I would suggest diving head first into Pacific Prep first to read about Hadley’s story. This is a dark college romance, with a secret society and a st@lker. Plenty of steam and plot to keep you engrossed in it. I would suggest any and all of this authors books!
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May 18, 2023
*Reverse Harem
*second chance
*enemies to lovers
*best friend brother
*secret society
*fast burn 🔥
*established harem (3)
Epic Ending!
Ahhh this is all you could want for Emilia, Hawk, Wilder and Kai 🥰
It’s a right rollercoaster ride, there’s times throughout this book where the pace is a little slower and things are ‘normal’ and they’re enjoying life and then BAM something is thrown at them that really ups the action and the anti! 😬 there’s some tough situations particularly for Emilia in this one but it really forces the hour of them to come together as a family! 😍 and wow how they cement those family bonds 🌶️🌶️🌶️
The Kings Elite really start to ramp up in wanting Wilder as a part of them in this one and they do not like the word no! Thankfully Hawk and Kai have his back and Emilia gives home a reason to walkway from them 🥰 they are so intent on building a future together!
We finally get answers as to why they are so focused on him and boy oh by I honestly did not see that one coming - it was right of if the blue 😮😮 thankfully their new found family comes together just in time 😆
That epilogue is a perfect end to this trilogy ❤️
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