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Fight Like a Girl: How to Be a Fearless Feminist

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Seely, the youngest elected president of California's chapter of the National Organization for Women, combines her own story of third-wave feminism with an overview of the feminist movement and words to guide others. Third-wave feminists are aware of both the victories won by earlier feminists and the problems of class, race, sexual orientation, and internationalism that must still be overcome. This book weaves a deep respect for the foremothers with commonsense discussion of current obstacles and suggestions for direct action, resulting in a work that reminds us of what too many activists forget-every progressive movement has a long history, few organizing tricks are new, and problems must be understood before they can be solved. Seely includes booklists, time lines, web sites, and how-to tips that will help readers over the bridge from her insights to real world activism. For midsize to larger public libraries, academic libraries, and all feminist collections.
— Library Journal
"Want to know what it means to be a feminist of the third wave? Megan Seely's Fight Like a Girl is the answer; there’s enough information here to make you angry and enough resources to make you an effective activist.
—Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, co-authors of Young Women, Feminism and the Future
“Always engaging, interesting, and insightful. Fascinating and sure to engage many young women!”
—Sherrie A. Inness, editor of Action Chicks
“The resources, helpful hints about organizing and working with the press, the short bios of companies and fabulous feminists are great!”
—Caryn Aviv, co-editor of American Queer, Then and Now
Fight Like a Girl is packed with both information and inspiration for young women by a young woman who knows her stuff. It's a terrific practical feminist resource book with an optimistic attitude that says in clear language, “You're in charge of your life and here's how to stay that way”.
—Gloria Feldt, former president, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and author of The War on The Right-Wing Attack on Women's Rights and How to Fight Back
Fight Like a Girl offers a fearless vision for the future of feminism. By boldly detailing what is at stake for women and girls today, Megan Seely outlines the necessary steps to achieve true political, social and economic equity for all. Reclaiming feminism for a new generation, Fight Like a Girl speaks to young women who embrace feminism in substance but not necessarily in name.
With an eye toward what it takes to create actual change, Seely offers a practical guide for how to get involved, take action and wage successful events and campaigns.
The book is full of valuable resources for novice and committed activists alike, including such features as “How to Write a Press Release,” “Guidelines to a Good Media Interview,” “A Feminist Shopping Guide,” and a list of over 100 Fabulous Feminist Resources, including organizations, websites, and events to attend. Each chapter is full of ideas, both big and small, for ways to get involved, get active, and make a difference.
Exploring such issues as body image and self-acceptance, education and empowerment, health and sexuality, political representation, economic justice, and violence against women, Fight Like a Girl looks at the challenges that women and girls face while emphasizing the strength that they independently, and collectively, embody. Seely delves into the politics of the feminist movement, exploring both women's history and current–day realities with easy-to-follow lists and timelines like those on “Women Who Made a Difference,” “Chronology of the U.S. Women's Movement,” and “Do's and Don'ts for Young Feminists.”
A Third Wave manifesto as well as an introduction to feminism for a new generation, Fight Like A Girl is a powerful blueprint for young women today.

288 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2007

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About the author

Megan Seely

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As a third wave feminist, Megan Seely came of age in a time that benefited from the work of a movement in progress. Heavily influenced by this, Seely is dedicated to educating today's youth about the fight that occurred and fragility of women's rights today.

As a fifth generation Californian, Seely was primarily raised in the coastal farming town of Aromas, near the Watsonville-Monterey-Santa Cruz area. Her first taste of activism was with the United Farm Workers' fight for the rights and safety of migrant farm workers. Staging protests and hunger strikes at her high school and in her town, she learned at a young age the power of her voice. Seely, along with her two sisters, was raised by her folks to be a woman with strong convictions.

Seely received her Bachelor's Degree in 1995 from California State University, Chico in International Relations, with Latin American Studies and Women's Studies minors, and her Master's Degree in Sociology from CSU Sacramento in 1998, with an emphasis on Feminist Theory. During her time at Chico State, Seely was introduced to the National Organization for Women, where she quickly became involved in leadership roles. In 1999, she was elected CA NOW Young Feminist Vice President, the first such position and a tribute to CA NOW's commitment to increasing youth activism. And in 2001, Seely was elected the youngest-ever CA NOW State President. She served two terms before taking over as the Executive Director of the CA NOW Foundation from 2005-2006. Seely is the executive producer on two CA NOW films, Passion for Justice: 21st Century Feminism and Action for Justice: Making a Difference for Women and Girls.

As an activist, teacher and feminist, Seely is dedicated to supporting young women in their educational development. To do so, she seeks to increase awareness of what is at stake for women and girls, dispel the myths about feminism today, and create a movement that is relevant to young women and men. She is passionate about instituting grassroots and political activist trainings, encouraging an intergenerational dialogue, and redesigning leadership for a sustainable and equitable democracy.

Seely teaches at Sierra College in Northern California and has just completed her first book, Fight Like a Girl.


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197 reviews91 followers
June 18, 2009
This is a great book for those who complain that third wave, "blog generation" feminists too often write books that don't really tell us how to *do* anything. Though feminists interested in taking a leadership role in activism might consult more in-depth, specific books on how to manage finances, grant-writing, working with the media, etc. etc., Seely provides a great overview of current feminist issues with some helpful action ideas to get young women started. Unlike some of the similar young feminist manuals out there, Seely manages to do several things at once, all pretty well. One, she highlights some of the issues of great concern to feminists today, such as sexual violence, education, human rights of women worldwide, and body image, while also focusing on an inclusive feminism that keeps the focus on intersectionalities. The little boxes with thoughts from young feminists of various ages, ethnic origins, races, and sexualities are particularly cool. Two, she provides interesting facts to go with her issue overviews, and cites well. Three, each chapter includes a bibliography (some books go with multiple chapters), web resources, and some action ideas, along with a spotlight on a particular feminist of note in that area. Some chapters also include suggested films. Four, in several places she provides a list of questions for thought, which I think are particularly helpful - geared, for example, at white women who are interested in combating racism or men who want to support the feminist cause. On some topics she also provides a list of quoted opinions from different young feminists. Five, there's a pretty decent resource section. I really like the guides to doing an interview or writing a press release, though as I said you might consult a more specific resource as well, and I like that she includes some cool products and organizations that take physical donations (like Dress for Success and Locks for Love). It's not as extensive as the list in the back of Cunt, but it'll get you started.
Profile Image for Mary.
106 reviews32 followers
July 12, 2008
Although a lot of this book reads as Feminism 101 ("really? there were WAVES?"), it's an incredibly thorough, incredibly current guide to feminism, and more importantly -- for me, anyway -- to activism on any front. It is absolutely packed with resources: organizations, projects, and companies every active feminist should know. as well as guides on everything from writing a press release, to giving a decent interview, to hosting a successful event (and more!). The idea that a book so packed with information is such a quick read thoroughly astounds me. Now, I just have to go back and follow up on the million bits of information I noted for further investigation. Well done, Megan Seely.
Profile Image for Amari.
19 reviews
September 22, 2008
Seely does an amazing job in telling the state of feminism today and where it has been. She does a terrific job of integrating second wave as well as third wave feminism and feminists into one writing that very much is a call to arms. Further, Seely is inclusive of transfolk and queerfolk as well. Yay for a well-written feminist writing that is inclusive- that understands the need for having EVERYONE sitting at the table.
Profile Image for Erin.
259 reviews4 followers
April 27, 2020
There were some interesting and helpful sections in this book, but other parts felt quite repetitive. The biggest reason I've loved this book is for the long lists of activism ideas, additional resources, and related organizations found at the end of each chapter.
Profile Image for Jessica Noonan shriver.
1 review4 followers
February 7, 2016
Great resource

Required reading for my women's studies course- fantastic overview of historic and current feminist issues and movements. I love the resources at the end of each chapter. I rented this book on my kindle but, as a mother of v two young women, I plan on purchasing a copy for OUR bookshelf.
Profile Image for Laura.
124 reviews17 followers
May 27, 2008
A good primer in Feminism that does not run from critiques of the 2nd wave, queer or class issues.
Profile Image for Cherie.
3,402 reviews28 followers
May 4, 2008
B- Most of the stuff I knew; she aimed it like she was teaching people how to be feminists but a lot of the stuff was WAY over their heads.
Profile Image for Kathy.
Author 1 book24 followers
December 7, 2016
Full of resources, background information, and actions you can take right now. The appendix is extremely helpful for anyone wanting to go head first into activism.
Profile Image for MM.
454 reviews6 followers
February 9, 2010
thinking about using this for my intro to women's studies class.
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