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The Morgue and Me

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Christopher just needed a job to kill time the summer after high school graduation. He didn't expect it to be in the morgue. Or that he would accidentally discover a murder cover-up. Or that his discovery would lead him to a full-blown investigation involving bribery, kidnappings, more murders... and his best friend. And he certainly could never have predicted that Tina - loud, insanely hot, ambitious newspaper reporter Tina - would be his partner. But all of that did happen. And Christopher's life will never be the same.

With plenty of plot twists, red herrings, and dry wit, The Morgue and Me is a page-turning modern take on the classic detective genre.

313 pages, Hardcover

First published May 22, 2009

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About the author

John C. Ford

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Hi Good Reads!

I’m John C. Ford, author of The Cipher and The Morgue and Me. I grew up outside Detroit, Michigan before venturing off to Stanford University, where a desperate search for spending money led me to a reporter position at The Stanford Daily. The pay was terrible, but discovering how much I loved writing was priceless.

After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School and practicing law in Washington, D.C. for a few years, I began to dream of writing something spicier than a legal brief — something like the crime novels that I grew up reading (and still do). The result was my debut novel, The Morgue and Me.

I am living once again in the Detroit area, and I love hearing from readers, librarians, and anyone with an interest in my book. You can contact me at john@johncfordbooks.com.

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384 reviews
July 31, 2009
One of the tightest, fastest moving 300-ish pages existing in the teen book world -- or hell, anywhere -- this mystery is deep and it brilliantly keeps readers up in the air until it's over...then you're only a little in the air. The layers upon layers of questions that keep coming up in the story keep your dried out eyes lasered to every page. Cool as hell.
1 review
May 22, 2014
Charles Cody Wharton

The Morgue and Me book review
In this novel, Chris, an eighteen year old guy is working at the morgue cleaning once a week as a summer job. One day at the morgue, his boss was doing an autopsy on a man named Mitch Blaylock. On his way out he stumbles into his bosses’ office where he finds a lot of cash in his bosses’ desk. He soon meets a young woman named Tina who helps him research the death of Mitch. Throughout the book he is kidnapped and more murders accrued. Read the book to find out if they catch the criminal.
The beginning of the book drags for the first 80 pages or so. Around page 100 the story really picks up and the plot thickens. I was about ready to put it down but I’m glad I didn’t. In my opinion the book was pretty good. The author could have done a better job of getting to the point but other than that, the book was pretty good.
I recommend this book to anyone who is into murder mysteries. The main character is a lot like Sherlock Homes in a way because he is constantly trying to find out who the murder is. I would recommend this book to both guys and girls because it has both action and a little bit of romance.
Don’t read this book if you are someone who is very “to the point”. This has a whole lot of detail about what the characters look like. I could care less what color a bystanders watch is. This is just one of the many examples of the amount of detail the author uses.

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5.
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3 reviews
October 29, 2019
If you find that books that question you are fun to read this would be a good book to give a chance. It shows how even the law enforcers can be breaking the law. The author writes good context between the characters and makes you consider how the book would look like as a film
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1,346 reviews81 followers
June 6, 2014
Okay, I'll admit that I was a bit bored. In the beginning, there is a really strong hook, but then it goes downwards really fast. The Morgue and Me is a mystery novel about a dead man who seems to be murdered, not the supposed "suicide." Chris would normally go to the police, but he has one problem. It appears the sheriff was the one who paid off the examiner of the dead body. So Chris turns to someone else. A reporter.

Doesn't it sound like a wonderful story? Well, I'll tell you the truth. It is not a wonderful story. I was bored with the book as soon as I met Lovell. Or maybe it was even earlier. I mean, as early as the first time Chris met Tina.

So what is the problem?

1) (Oh, yes, I'm doing list again. I'm bored at the chaos I made). Chris is boring. Seriously, dude. He went to trespass a place just to look at stars. Me? I would go to an empty park late at night. Maybe hang out with a few... Just kidding. I wouldn't hang out with anyone, but I might take a late night jog at the park (if I'm not lazy enough). And his internal dialogue is annoying, too. Someone about him is just...boring. He is Mr. Boring.

2) There is something off about Tina. How old is she? (Yep, that is my first question I always ask). How old is the love interest? How old? She is definitely not a teenager. Teenage boy and older woman is a no-no in most people's minds. I just wanted to point that out.

3) The writing. 'Nuff said.

4) The true killer is one heck of a subject. We don't know who it is until the very end. And I didn't even bother trying to figure out who it is. (That is how bored I am. I show no interest in hunting down the true murderers). Besides, all the protecting and mystery surrounding the true identity of the murderer was just...ugh.

How I read this book: I really read the beginning of the book. Then I skim through the last half of the book, because it was too boring and too old. Despite my skimming, I was unfortunate enough to be able to read and follow the plot.

Rating: Two out of Five
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406 reviews
September 30, 2012
The Morgue and Me is an excellent YA introduction to the classic murder mystery with a reluctant but determined hero, his misfit sidekick, quirky family members, plenty of suspects and plenty of bad guys. The Morgue and Me could be a good gateway into the adult mystery genre. Author, John C. Ford says his inspiration was Elmore Leonard, but protagonist, Christopher, reminds me more of Spenser in the Robert Parker books. Christopher is smart, but shy. His best friend accuses him of spending too much time in his own head which is true, and it is also what makes him a great amateur slueth. When his plans to get a summer job in the astronomy department at the town university fall through, his mother wants him to come work in her biology lab on campus. The idea of spending the summer with his mother motivates him to go out and land a job working as a custodian at the county morgue. A few days in to the job, he happens upon a conspiracy to cover up a murder. He can't go to the police because the sheriff is in on the cover-up. Instead, he recruits a young gorgeous, hipster reporter to help him solve the murder. The Morgue and Me has all of the classic good mystery elements - car chases, attacks in empty parking lots, being followed, threatening messages, friends acting suspiciously. It is fast paced and pretty short which makes it a good choice for reluctant readers. Chris is a very likable character. Many young teens will admire his spunk and relate to his awkwardness. YA readers will have fun trying to solve the murder and connect all of the mysterious relationships before Christopher does. Maybe they will even be inspired to read an Elmore Leonard mystery.
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1 review
January 3, 2012
the book i read was the morgue and me by john c.ford . this book was amzing. even though i didnt get to finish it yet, i think its a really ood book. i would recommended it to anyone who likes mystery and a little bit of troubled romance.
the book starts off with this guy christopher newall, who is trying to get a job at the planetarium where his parents work. well he ends up getting arrested for one little mistake. he was caught in the planetarium. now instead of working in the place he always wanted, he works in the morgue!
people think. since you will be working in the morgue it will be fun. you get to see the autopsies and such, but for chris, it was the complete opposite. the morgue was always lonely, and there was no dead people. until one day the doctor brings a body with bullet shots, and the autopsy show that it was clearly a murder , but the doctor purs it in as a "suicide". after that he finds out some pretty weird things. for example, he found over $4,000 in the doctor's briefcase. then he meets this lady that works as an editor in the newspaper , and they find out some things about the so called "sheriff"
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475 reviews
August 1, 2015
This book was FANTASTIC!!! I can't usually read a mystery much without knowing "who-dunnit" way ahead of the game. But this book was awesome!!! Plot twists, red herrings and a teen-angst ridden wannabe spy Teenager named Christoper stumbles into detective role in a darkly humorous sort of way! I also liked that the inter-connection of the characters wasn't forced or felt "needed" it just happened!! Small town drama I guess haha!!
I totally gobbled this book up in a day!!! (and only took a break to sleep!!)

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117 reviews13 followers
November 21, 2009
Well played Mr. Ford! I think you might have an Edgar Award winner on your hands.

The Morgue and Me is a page-turner, keep you at the edge of the your seat, plot-twisting murder mystery for anyone who loves a good mystery. This story had me guessing right up until the bitter end (which I did not see coming)!
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9 reviews
January 13, 2019
Don’t waste your time reading this. The plot was the only reason I kept reading. This book was terribly written. If it wasn’t such an easy read I wouldn’t have bothered finishing it.
April 1, 2023
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. The plot was interesting and the pace was good but the characters felt off. No one felt like they could be someone you met in real life and the main character felt the least believable. The entire plot was fueled by a series of bad decision and some of them felt like choices that fix the characters and worked well and others felt alien and like they existed only to further the plot. Overall I enjoyed reading the book, but it isn’t something I’d want to read again. One last note I enjoyed the way it ended it wasn’t perfect but there was some sense of catharsis.
1 review
May 13, 2019
I’m not a book reader but I do like interesting things. This book was kinda interesting and gd some twists and turns. The main plot is about a kid named Chris who just graduated from high school and gets a job at a Morgue that was in need of workers. While at the morgue, he discovers a bunch of cash and a bullet ridden body that’s dismissed as a suicide. With the help of another lady, he uncovers a dangerous plot. Decent book, would I ever read it again? No.
68 reviews
October 9, 2021
I liked this mystery book with a hint of romance. It was a compelling journey to follow and I liked the twists and turn it provided. The romance in this book was a little soft and I felt like it had no connection to the plot of the story. It could have been taken out and the plot would not have changed that much. I was intrigued the entire story and couldn't wait to finish it. This is definitely a book for young adults and I recommend for anyone looking for an easy to follow.
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25 reviews
September 19, 2020
Really fast paced and never dull. I regret putting this book off as long as I did. Great read for fans of James Patterson and his usual themes except these characters have actual depth instead of the just being extremely good looking, horny, and are the greatest at everything they do. JK J.P. is ok he's what got me back on to reading and I am very grateful for that. In closing... Read the book.
7 reviews
September 26, 2018
An extremely good book that left me wanting a sequel. I don't read books for fun often, and I banged out almost this entire book in a weekend. Really good mystery read. Take the chance and immerse yourself in THE MORGUE & ME
15 reviews
November 30, 2018
This book was very intriguing to me because it had a bit of mystery in it. This book really hooked me in with the interesting story of him trying to solve a murder, and not knowing who to trust. I must admit though, the ending really surprised me.
1 review
December 7, 2018
Read this book in high school and honestly it was a lot better then I figured it would be. Definitely would read it again.
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321 reviews9 followers
March 27, 2019
A good YA read. I was hoping that more would actually take place in the morgue, but a catchy title sells books.
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147 reviews2 followers
September 22, 2020
This book was fantastic. Kept me guessing the entire time. I never expected the killer. I didn't want the story to end!
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43 reviews3 followers
May 14, 2021
read this in within a day!! the characters were kinda bland but i loved how daniel and chris relationship improved
1 review
November 9, 2016
I think that The Morgue and Me by John C. Ford was a great book. It starts in a small town called Petoskey in Michigan. The book is about a teenager named Christopher who gets a job at a morgue as a Janitor for the medical examiner Dr.Mobley. Chris was not planning to work at the morgue, he was going to work at the astronomy department at NWMU where his parents worked. That was before he broke into the planetarium and got arrested. Chris had a little brother, Daniel, was rarely seen without a chemistry textbook. Chris loved astronomy and the universe and wanted to learn a lot about them, but then he got a job at the morgue, and things changed. His parents left on a vacation and he was now responsible for Daniel. One day a body was brought to the morgue, it was Mitchell Blaylock. Chris didn’t know anything about him except for the fact that we was dead. Chris was eager to get a look at the body and when he did, he was horrified. There were 6 bullet holes in Mitch’s abdomen. Later when Chris was in Dr. Mobley's office he saw Mitch’s death certificate. Under the cause of death was written “suicide” and immediately Chris thought something was wrong. Chris went over to his friend Mike’s house and talked about the suspicious cause of death with him. Later he went to the Courier, his local newspaper, and met someone named Tina. Together Chris and Tina interviewed and found out many clues about Mitch’s death. When Chris and Mike were getting in the car after having a drink at a local bar,Chris was kidnapped and beat up and almost killed. THe kidnapper had taken Chris to his house. All of a sudden Mike walks in to the kidnapper’s house, having followed them, with a gun ready to shoot, and knocks the kidnapper out. Chris asks Mike to go back to his family’s house to check on Daniel, who should be sleeping. Chris heads to Tina’s house to tell her about the events that had transpired. The next day the kidnappers wife goes missing. A few days later Chris gets a letter from her saying that she moved to Texas. The letter also contained her knowledge of Mitch Blaylock’s murder. Tina and Chris discuss and investigate these events awhile. While looking through the information and clues they gathered, they find some pictures of the mayor and two suspects in the hotel where Mitch was murdered. After they are done examining them, Chris goes home to find out that Daniel has been kidnapped, and the kidnapper wants the pictures that they had recently found. Chris meets the kidnapper in the woods. What Chris did not know was that Tina and a police officer followed him into the woods and they figured out that the kidnapper was Tina’s ex-boyfriend, Bob. Bob stabs the police officer named Tim and runs. Chris takes off his shirt to use as a bandage for Tim’s wound. Then Chris ran after Bob and caught him. But Bob punched Chris in the face. Right before Bob punched Chris he said that there was a meeting going on at a park near Tina’s house. The next night Chris and Tina hid under a bush and took pictures of what was going on. The Mayor, Kate Warne and Lawrence Lobel (both lawyers), and the Sheriff, were all at the meeting. There was an exchange of money and pictures,that Chris caught on camera. It turns out that the mayor the sheriff or kate warne had nothing to do with Mitch’s murder but all along it was the mayor's daughter Dana, who was Mike’s girlfriend and where the pictures came from of the people leaving the hotel.
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15 reviews
May 18, 2017
This book is a very fun read and I loved it a lot, this book has interesting characters and a beautifully made story that keeps you on your heels. This book is made for more mature audiences because of language and other slightly gory scenes, other that that I recommend this book to older teens and adults.
6 reviews
January 23, 2014
1. The novel began with Christopher Newell, a teenager who recently graduated high school, searching for a job. He was planning to work at the planetarium in a nearby museum since he was so interested in astronomy, but due to complications, he could not. He found a job in the paper as a janitor for the local morgue, applied for it, and was accepted. A few weeks into the job, the morgue owner was conducting an autopsy alongside the local sheriff, who prevented Christopher from entering the room. Christopher wanted to find out what was happening, and found a suitcase full of money. He also discovered that the cause of death of the man that was being operated on, Mitch Blaylock, was ruled as a suicide. However, after viewing the body and seeing the multiple bullet wounds, Christopher knew that this was not a suicide. Christopher teams up with a local journalist who is researching the death of Blaylock and they attempt to figure out how he was killed. Numerous clues point to all sorts of suspects. These include Christopher's best friend, his childhood hero who was the brother of the girl he "liked" in high school, the town mayor, two well-respected attorneys, the sheriff, and many others. In the end, though, the murderer was actually a teenage girl named Dana, which was completely unexpected. Clues pointed at Christopher's best friend since he was dating Dana and wanted to protect her, while the mayor also wanted to protect her since he was her father.
2. I really enjoyed reading the book due to the numerous twists and turns it took. After reading each page I would change my mind about my prediction who the murderer was since so many new suspects were introduced with clues that seemed to lead directly to them. I was left astonished after discovering Dana was the murderer since I had not even suspected her to be the killer for a single second. In addition, I thought that the story was filled with action, containing gunfights, fist fights, and car chases in nearly every chapter which kept me interested in the novel.
3. A reason I disliked the novel was that I felt the writing style was too simple and meant for a younger audience. It's a young adult novel, but I thought that it did not challenge me enough. Also, I wished the novel would not have ended so abruptly. I honestly was very interested in finding out what Christopher decided to do after the murder investigation was over.
7 reviews
February 7, 2017
I thought that overall, it was a pretty good book. It was predictable at times, but then again, there were times when I didn't know what was going to happen. I really like how descriptive the author was. Also, I think that the author did a very good job of giving the characters cohesive personalities. Some of the characters were introverted and then, on the other hand, there are characters that are extroverts, but their personalities work well together, even though they are so incredibly different. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a little bit of mystery. However, I do think that the book could've been shorter. I think that the author took too long to get to the end.
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