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It all starts with a bucket list and a romance novel…
I’ve known Ryder McAdams my entire life.  We’re neighbors and our families are besties.  He’s also friends and teammates with my younger brother, Maverick.
But Ryder and me?
We’ve never been close.  In fact, I’ve always gotten the distinct impression he doesn’t like me very much.  He goes out of his way to ignore me.
Know what makes it worse?
The electricity that hums in the air every time our gazes collide.  It sizzles through my body until I feel it in the tips of my fingers and toes.  Whoever said that you can’t control who you’re attracted to was, unfortunately, right.
I’ve done my best to stomp it out.
We’ve been at Western for three years and only come in contact when forced to interact.  He’s busy partying it up and getting it on with his fangirl club.  I’ve spent most of my college experience studying at the library so I can apply to the med school of my choice.
One drunken night changes everything when Ryder takes me home and finds the bucket list I wrote before freshman year.
Know how many things I’ve ticked off since then?
Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.
For some strange reason, Ryder decides he’ll be the one to help tackle each item before graduation.
That would be all fine and good, except there’s some pretty schmexy stuff on there…
Like the big O.

294 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 26, 2023

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About the author

Jennifer Sucevic

45 books1,167 followers
Jennifer is the USA Today Bestselling Author of King of Campus. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, kids, a dog named Rocky, and a kitten named Lily. After pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology also from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, she spent five years working as a high school counselor before moving out of state with her family. She enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. Please contact Jennifer at jmolitor6@hotmail.com. Connect with Jennifer on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.suc... or check her out on Wattpad- https://www.wattpad.com/user/jsucevic. Jennifer can also be found on Tumblr at jsucevic (inspiration board).

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1,320 reviews283 followers
August 1, 2023
This is really really bad. I don't like misogyny in my books like I don't like it in my society. So, "puck bunnies" and guys who get laid so often they don't need to masturbate (uh-huh, do these guys who have high sex drive exist?). Her brother (Maverick of all names) is overprotective, so is Ryder, and --yawn--I love NA when it's good, but here it's just cardboard cutouts dressed up different. And the transitions - I was lost a lot of the time. I stuck in there because right at 20% it reminded me it was a "list" / sex tutor situation but my time is too precious on this earth for this.

Not likely to pick up this author ever again.
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146 reviews157 followers
May 26, 2023
This was my first read by Jennifer & it definitely did not disappoint! Juliette & Ryder were absolutely perfection. This book had all of my favorite tropes: enemies to lovers, hockey romance, AND brothers best friend? Sign. Me. Up. 👏🏼

Ryder McAdams is a senior defenseman for the Western Wildcat’s Hockey Team. Signing a contract with the NHL after college is his main priority. The only problem? Juliette McKinnon — his best friend & teammates sister. They all grew up together & their families are very close. Little does anyone know, he’s always wanted Juliette but knows she’s off limits. Up until now, he’s done his best to keep his distance.

Juliette is convinced Ryder hates her & while she doesn’t dislike him, she tries to avoid him because of his prickly attitude towards her. For the past 3 years of college, her main focus has been getting into med school. So when she goes to a party at the hockey house one night, trying to let loose for once, she ends up drinking way too much. & who is there to keep her safe? Ryder. He ends up driving her home at the end of the night & staying with her to make sure she’s okay. Which is when he discovers Juliette’s bucket list of things she wants to accomplish before college is over. Once he knows exactly what things are on the list, he can’t help himself but to offer to help her cross everything off the list. So what happens when the list is complete & feelings are way too involved?

I loved the banter & chemistry between these two. I was hooked from the beginning, finishing their story within 24 hours! I also was not expecting this book to be as spicy as it was & I absolutely ate it up. Let’s just say the pool scene & the locker room scene will live rent free in my head from here on out 😏🥵

I can’t wait to continue this series & also go back & read the rest of Jennifer’s backlist!

- Brother’s Best Friend/Teammate
- Sports Romance 🏒
- Enemies to Lovers
- Bucket List
- Childhood Friends

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828 reviews17 followers
June 1, 2023
Kindle Unlimited: No
Stand-alone: Yes**
Author: Jennifer Sucevic
Rating: 5/5 ⭐️
Spiciness Rating: 3/5 🌶
POV: First Person Dual Perspective
Main Couple: Juliette and Ryder
Trope(s): Frenemies To Lovers, Brothers Best Friend, College, Hockey, Secret Arrangement

…”I’m still ridiculously aware of Ryder’s presence.
It’s always been like this with him.
Even when we were children.
There was just something about him that drew me and held my attention captive.”

Jennifer is introducing us to her latest interconnected standalone series. And, it has started out amazingly addictive. Gah, this book. LOVED IT. A smattering of angst, witty thrown in, the build up of tension, and Ryder ending up being 100% book boyfriend material. Plus, Jennifer laying the groundwork for upcoming stories… I cannot help myself, but want to read it all. These Western Wildcats are going to be my next obsession.

Juliette is laser focused on finishing college at the top of her class. School has always come first. But, as her Senior Year of College winds down she realizes she has been letting life and experiences pass her by. And, when she comes across the bucket list she created in high school it becomes glaringly apparent.

Ryder McAdams has always had Juliette on his radar. Their families are close and her brother is one of his best friends and teammates. He has been able to shove them down and deal with her, keeping her at arm’s length. But, now it is no longer possible. And, when she drunkenly admits her list to him…

So, they settle in for the short-term agreement.

Ryder has enough on his shoulders dealing with a new coach who he is not meshing well with. Juliette has medical school in her sights. So, this is a win-win.

He will help her tick the items off her list.

Only they begin checking off more than made it on the list.

Until the one item they both agreed would not be checked off gets in the way.

Profile Image for Jennifer Sucevic.
Author 45 books1,167 followers
February 28, 2023
My skin prickles with awareness when I realize that Ryder hasn't followed his friends down the hallway. His gaze is locked on Aaron who looks like he's seconds away from pissing himself.
And I get it.
Ryder McAdams is intimidating.
Especially when he glares.
Which is exactly what he's doing at the moment.
Poor Aaron. In comparison, he looks like a scrawny, underdeveloped high schooler.
Awkwardness descends.
My date for the evening clears his throat before mumbling, “I, ah, should probably go.”
There's a pause before he hesitantly sways toward me again. He only gets a few inches before Ryder crosses his arms against his brawny chest. Aaron's movements stall as his face loses what little color had been filling it.
“Umm...” he releases a high-pitched laugh that’s strained around the edges. “How about a hug instead?”
When Ryder's eyes narrow, Aaron gulps and his throat muscles convulse. In the silence of the hallway, the sound is deafening.
He finally reaches out and wraps his sweaty hand around mine before giving it three hearty pumps and promptly releasing it. I don't even get a chance to say goodbye as he swings around and races toward the elevator like the hounds of hell are nipping his heels.
He stabs the button a bunch of times before glancing warily over his shoulder at us. When the bell chimes, announcing the car's arrival, he shoves his way inside before the doors have fully opened and disappears from sight.
Once the metal contraption closes, I turn and scowl at Ryder. “Why'd you do that?”
One brow slinks upward. It's enough to have me gritting my teeth.
“Do what? I never said a word."
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173 reviews1,080 followers
September 13, 2023

This was fine. College hockey romance, brothers teammate/best friend. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.

I liked the premise, the idea that both characters have lusted year after year for each other since they were kids but have never acted on their feelings due to their relationship with the brother. Both characters had separate goals, Juliette is driven, wants to be the best in the class, go to med school but that’s come at a cost where she’s now withdrawn, unsociable and missed out on the college experience. Ryder wants to go pro hockey after college but is having difficulty with his new coach. All that was very good.

Until 😂 …

Aside from being physically attracted to each other, what else was going on? They had VERY intense feelings and chemistry from the start and we’d not seen this develop. Like I swear Ryder would get a boner when Juliette burped ffs, it was too much. Ok you fancy each other, great, I get it. But chemistry and attraction can only take you so far in a person.

We also lost the stakes. Like what’s the worst that’s gunna happen if they get together? TO THEM. By 30% we hadn’t even met Maverick the brother, the WHOLE reason they’ve never acted on their feelings.

Some dialogue also made me CRINGE like when the freshmen said ‘I didn’t realise this little honey belonged to someone’

LITTLE HONEY 💀💀💀💀💀👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Yeah it was okay, but don’t think I’ll read the next
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582 reviews32 followers
May 21, 2023
“I didn’t think you noticed.”
“I noticed everything.”

Jennifer Sucevic, where have you been all this time?! Am I this slow discovering new favorite authors?! Have I been doing life all wrong?!

Because this book consumed me and it’s taking me an inhumane effort not to curse right now. This book also made me do something I’ve never done: stop reading, open app, play music they were singing at karaoke, feel all the feels they were feeling.

Absolutely glorious.

The h*te you vibes to the se*ual tension underneath. The care and love they pretended not to feel. The bucket list. THE BUCKET LIST. The over the top jealousy outbursts that made him almost lose his mind 🤌🏼

That last item crossed. 😭

Her family 🥹
Her family with him 🥹

Have you seen this discreet cover?! Obsessed. Need. Give me. 😱

Yes, you need this.
You’re welcome.

What’s inside:
🖤sports romance 🏒
🖤enemies to lovers
🖤teammate’s/childhood friend’s sister
🖤college romance
🖤bucket list
🖤dual POV

NA. 5 stars ⭐️ but honestly, all of them ♾️
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65 reviews5 followers
June 14, 2023
This book had a lot of potential! It was a decent book obviously by the 3 star rating, but I felt like the angst and chemistry could of been worked on more. Ryder and Juliette begins with the classic enemies who’ve know each other their whole lives angst, which was great. But it kind of flutters always and the relationship feels a bit fast and forced?

They get together as a way to check things off Juliette’s college bucket list, but when proper feeling start getting invoke I felt the chemistry lacking and rushed like one minute they are just helping each other out then in a page they are in love and confessing it! Where is my build up of angst?? The chemistry pleaseee??

Also this book was troped as brothers best friend, but Juliette’s brother Mav is barely relevant to the story of the relationship. He has one moment towards the end where he comes as classic protective brother. Would definitely not classify this as brothers best friend- Ryder seemed to be closer with Ford (I can’t actually remember if that’s his names)

That is the end of my ramblings and inner thoughts
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215 reviews57 followers
June 21, 2023
This was my first read by Jennifer Sucevic and I absolutely loved it! This is the first book in a new series by Jennifer and it is addictive. I LOVED this book. It has some angst, witty banter, built-up tension, plus swoony Ryder McAdams!! I already know the Western Wildcats are going to be my new obsession.

This story follows Juliette and Ryder. Juliette is laser focused on finishing college at the top of her class and has medical school in her sights. School has always come first for her, but as her last year is winding down she realizes she has been letting life and experiences pass her by. When she comes across the bucket list she created in high school it becomes glaringly apparent, so she decides to get some items crossed off the list.

Ryder McAdams is on the hockey team and best friends with Juliette’s brother. He has always had a thing for Juliette. He has been able to shove his feelings for her down and deal with her, keeping her at arm’s length. But, after Juliette’s drunken night out it is no longer possible, when she admits her list to him. They end up coming to an agreement.

The tension and chemistry between Ryder and Juliette were amazing. I loved seeing how Ryder helped Juliette come out of her comfort zone and do things that she usually wouldn’t do. He was her safe space and she trusted him during their time completing the items off her list. Really appreciated seeing Juliette becoming more confident as the story continued and opening up to Ryder in their relationship. THE BUCKET LIST. The over the top jealousy outbursts that made him almost lose his mind. And when he realizes the last item is crossed off!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!

I cannot wait to read more from this series and from Jennifer.

Overall: 4.75
Spice: 3.5

- Hockey romance
- Enemies to lovers
- Secret crush
- Brother’s best friend
- Bucket list
- He falls first
- Opposites attract
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5,158 reviews175 followers
May 26, 2023


When Ryder finds his friend's sister's bucket list, he's all in. She doesn't realize it, but he's always seen her as more than just his friend's little sister, and kept her at a distance because of it. But seeing the list has done something to him and now he's determined to have her. She might think he's just wanting a little fling, just wanting to have some fun, but he'll convince her otherwise if it's the last thing he does.

Juliette wants to check off her bucket list. Ryder is just the man to help her. Though they've always had a more enemies than friends kind of relationship, he's insistent, and she can't resist. She knows it doesn't mean anything, though, so won't allow herself to catch feelings for someone who's supposed to be off-limits.

I love it when the guy falls first, and falls hard. Ryder had been obsessed with Juliette for a long time, but of course bro code meant she was off-limits. The way he went about finally making his move is really entertaining and fun. This enemies to lovers, off-limits brother's friend romance is written just the way I enjoy most, with a great couple who share serious chemistry, and two lovable characters who really deserve the love they find with each other.

ARC provided by Wordsmith Publicity for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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1,081 reviews29 followers
June 24, 2023
Ryder and Juliette have known each other since he moved in next door when he was in Kindergarten. He immediately became best friends with her brother Maverick so they have been in each other's life for as long as they can remember. As they grew both Ryder and Juliette have always had feelings for each other but Ryder won't go there because her brother is his best friend. So he hides his feelings by indifference which Juliette sees as he hates her. Which tempers her feelings for him. Now they are in college and she tries to avoid him but when she has a little bit too much fun at a party he brings her home and notices that she has a college bucket list. After seeing the list he volunteers as tribute to help her check everything of her list before graduation.

These two were so much fun. I loved their banter and their chemistry just poured off the pages. I couldn't get enough of these two. And how sweet Ryder was . . . swoon. I just adored him so much. He was perfect for Juliette. What I did not love was that Juliette chose to me a martyr instead of having a conversation. That is never fun. But overall really enjoyed this one. Looking forward to more thin this world.
Profile Image for Holly.
8 reviews
September 13, 2023
Ok so now I understand why books are free on kindle unlimited. It actually wasn't bad for 60% of it and I ate up every troupe. But 1 star for calling her juices her honey
Profile Image for Jade Odoms.
220 reviews1 follower
August 18, 2023
This was supposed to be enemies to lovers/brother’s best friend and it was NOT. Just boring and trying too hard to be like every other hockey romance 🥱
Profile Image for Gini Coll.
264 reviews29 followers
August 17, 2023

It made me cringe so much I almost threw my Kindle through the window
Profile Image for Laura Fabian.
392 reviews31 followers
May 19, 2023
ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

Ranking: 4.5⭐

I've been very excited about this series since Jennifer Sucevic announced it and I think Ryder & Juliett were the perfect start! Their story is full of details that gave the plot a different and very interesting touch, this two are fun, very sweet and sexy, also, I completely fell in love with the secondary characters and I can't wait for the next book.

I LOVED Juliett, she's a girl who is very clear about what she wants, a responsible, committed student and who has always focused all her energies on getting good grades, but in the process, she has put his life on the sidelines a bit, and in herlast year at Western she realizes that she hasn't completed any of the things on the list from before entering college, so she has two goals: do everything on her list and get into medical school. Juliett has a beautiful and loving family that supports her unconditionally, a very cute friendship with Carina, and she's a kind, strong girl who speaks her mind and can't stand being around Ryder, his popularity and the fan club that follows him around campus.

Ryder is one of the most popular hockey players, captain of the team and with a future that points to the NHL. Something that I loved to read in his plot was the difficulties he is facing with his new coach and the lack of confidence that this causes in his game, I think we always see the male character being this popular handsome, and perfect guy, who only fights to get love, and it was refreshing to read Ryder fighting for something more than his feelings, and even though there is a moment in the book in which I didn't like how he dealt with the situation, I think he's a very interesting male character, with the perfect mix of originality and the personality I love to read about: cocky, with a big heart, kind, tender and who has always been in love with Juliett.

Another aspect of Hate You Always that I really enjoyed was that closeness of Juliet & Ryder's families, as they have always been a constant presence in the life of the another and how that makes it easier for them to understand each other once they both give in to their mutual attraction. I also loved the way the author brought everything together between them, how Ryder became a fan of romance books and offered to help Juliett complete her list, and the way she knew something was wrong with Ryder, even when he didn't openly tell her, plus, these two share a sexual and romantic chemistry that made it impossible for me to stop reading, loving and enjoying them! their ending was perfect, and the epilogues gave me everything I wanted for their love story.

🏒Ryder: 4.5/5
🏒Juliette: 5/5
🏒Plot: 5/5
🏒Love story: 4.5/5
🏒Secondary characters: 5/5
🏒Universe: 5/5
🏒Cover: 5/5
🌶️: 4/5

ARC amablemente proporcionada a cambio de una reseña honesta

Puntuación: 4.5⭐

He estado muy emocionada por esta serie desde que Jennifer Sucevic la anuncio y creo que Ryder & Juliett fueron el inicio perfecto! Su historia esta llena de detalles que le dieron un toque diferente y muy interesante a la trama, ellos dos juntos fueron divertidos, muy dulces y sexys, además, me enamoré por completo de los personajes secundarios y no puedo esperar por el siguiente libro.

AMÉ al personaje de Juliett, es una chica que tiene muy claro lo que quiere, una estudiante responsable, comprometida y que siempre ha concentrado todas sus energías en tener buenas notas, pero en el proceso ha dejado un poco de lado su vida, y en su último año en Western se da cuenta de que no ha completado ninguna de las cosas de la lista que hizo antes de entrar a la universidad, así que tiene dos metas: hacer todo lo que esta en su lista y entrar a la escuela de medicina. Juliett tiene una familia hermosa y amorosa que la apoya incondicionalmente, una amistad muy linda con Carina, y también es una chica amable, fuerte, que dice lo que piensa y que no soporta estar cerca de Ryder, su popularidad o el club de fans que lo sigue por todo el campus.

Ryder es uno de los jugadores de hockey más populares, capitán del equipo y con un futuro que apunta a la NHL. Algo que me encantó leer en la trama de su personaje fueron las dificultades que está enfrentando con su nuevo entrenador y la falta de confianza que eso genera en su juego, creo que siempre vemos al protagonista ser este chico popular, guapo y perfecto que solo lucha por conseguir el amor, y fue refrescante leer a Ryder luchando por algo más que sus sentimientos, y aún cuando hay un momento en el libro en el que no me gustó demasiado como afronto la situación, creo que él es un personaje masculino muy interesante, con la mezcla perfecta de originalidad y los rasgos que amo leer: engreído, con un gran corazón escondido, amable, tierno y que siempre ha estado enamorado de Juliett.

Otro aspecto de Hate You Always que disfruté mucho fue que la cercanía de las familias de Juliet & Ryder, como ellos siempre han sido una presencia constante en la vida del otro y como eso les hace más fácil entenderse una vez que los dos ceden a su atracción mutua. También me encantó la manera en la que la autora hizo que todo se diera entre ellos, como Ryder se volvió fan de los libros de romance y se ofreció a ayudar a Juliett a completar su lista, y la manera en la que ella supo que algo andaba mal con Ryder, aún cuando él no se lo decía abiertamente, Además, estos dos comparten una química sexual y romántica que me hizo imposible dejar de leerlo, amarlos y disfrutarlos! su final fue perfecto, y los epílogos me dieron todo lo que quería para su historia de amor.

🏒Ryder: 4.5/5
🏒Juliette: 5/5
🏒Trama: 5/5
🏒Historia de amor: 4.5/5
🏒Personajes secundarios: 5/5
🏒Universo: 5/5
🏒Portada: 5/5
🌶️: 4/5
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133 reviews64 followers
May 26, 2023
☆ 4.5/5 & 3.5/5 spice

My first book ever that I’ve read from Jennifer Sucevic and I’m obsessed. This was seriously such a fun take on a hockey romance involving a good girl x bad boy and seeing their enemies to lovers relationship involve into something much more, and to involve a bucket list!

Both Juliette and Ryder have known each other for quite some time, growing up together, but they were never as close. They sort of have a hate/love relationship, but Ryder has always had a secret crush on Juliette. Since she is one of his teammate’s little sister, that means that she is completely off-limits.

Ryder McAdams. I’m swooning over how he completely turns from a reformed playboy to a guy obsessed with his teammate’s little sister. He falls completely head over heels for her and volunteers himself to help Juliette with her bucket list. Juliette McKinnon is very studious, ambitious and reserved. She’s an introvert, who spends her time studying, but since it’s her last year in college she wants to have some fun experiences by checking off items on her bucket list.

The tension and chemistry between Ryder and Juliette were amazing and I love seeing how Ryder helped Juliette come out of her comfort zone and do things that she usually wouldn’t do. He was her safe space and she trusted him during their time completing the items off her list. I love seeing Juliette become more confident and open up to Ryder and to see their evolving relationship.

Overall, this was a very quick, fast paced, and a very enjoyable read. This was such a great book to start off this series! Can’t wait for the next book!

❥ Hockey romance
❥ Forced proximity
❥ Enemies to lovers
❥ Bad boy x good girl
❥ Secret crush
❥ Brother’s best friend
❥ Bucket list
❥ Guy falls first
❥ Opposites attract
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269 reviews7 followers
May 16, 2023
In true Jennifer fashion, this book starts with tension. I love her writing and I'm always excited to start one of her books. This one isn't any different!
Ryder has always had a thing for Juliette but because he was friends with her brother he always tried to stay away. Now that he knows about her list, he's set on helping her check it off.
The tension between these two is evident straight away. And the slow burn is good. Juliette is dedicated to her schooling and she doesn't have time for fun. Ryder on the other hand has skated through (excuse the pun!) And now that his old coach has been replaced he's having a rough time. He's coming off as a little spoiled and entitled. Now he has to work harder in hockey and the coach is tough on him. What he doesn’t realise is that this is a test. The coach knows he is capable of more, he knows what it takes to play in the NHL, and he is trying to prepare him for that.

I think Ryder has been good for Juliette in the sense he's showed her what it can be to have fun. The characters have depth and it's easy to get lost in their story. You feel the tension when Ryder does, when he's worried about making it in the NHL. Having the coach leave has messed with his psyche, so he's been making mistakes.

The more time they spend together, the closer they become and start to realise that what they have has gone beyond the list.

I like that this was easy to read. It flowed really nicely and none of it felt forced. The world building for this book was great. I especially loved the tie in and the Cameos from characters we've seen before! Another really great sports romance by Jennifer that you won't want to put down! I know I didn't!
Profile Image for Nicole  D'cruz.
83 reviews8 followers
May 29, 2023
A guy who reads a book to find out the things that turn you on and who continues to buy the entire series to keep getting more ideas 😍❤️

My rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Spice rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

🏒 Hockey romance
🏒 Enemies to lovers
🏒 Brother’s best friend
🏒 Jock & Nerd
🏒 Bucket List
🏒 Dual POV

This has been one of my favourite reads!!!

The electrical charged combustible hatred between Ryder and Juliette at the start of the book 🔥🔥🔥

Juliette has always been off limits to Ryder because she is his best friends sister! He has shown so much restraint in the past but that is slowly falling apart. Ryder is also going through his own problems with self doubt and not getting along with his new coach

Juliette has always been the straight A student but she realises that she has not truly lived and experienced the full college experience. This is where the bucket list comes in where she wrote 10 things she wanted to experience before finishing college.

When Ryder discovers this list there is no way in the world anyone but him will be helping her to cross those off the list!

I love how their relationship blossomed as they crossed things off her list! All I can say is pool and locker room showers 🥵🌶️🔥

Can’t wait for the next book in the series!! Hope it’s Ford and Carina’s story 🫣

Thanks to Jennifer and Wordsmith Publicity for the arc. This review is my own opinion 😊
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2,156 reviews39 followers
June 1, 2023
This was a fab enemies-to-lovers romance!

"I've spent so many years forcing Juliette to the back of my brain. Now that the door has been cracked open, there's no way to slam it shut again."

Juliette Mackinnon and Ryder McAdams have kept their distance from each other, despite Ryder being her brother's best friend and their families being close since before they were born. However, there's no denying the sizzling spark of chemistry between them any time they're in proximity. Ryder has purposely dug a gulf between them growing up, leaving Juliette somewhat baffled. However, one drunken night and a secret bucket list later has Ryder all up in her business, and insisting that he'll help her complete her bucket list.

"I lower my head until my mouth can ghost over hers. That's all it takes for the air to stir around us, turning electric."

This was such a gorgeous read! Ryder's attraction to Juliette was visceral and tangible. Once he let himself get close to her, there was no stopping the tide of his attraction and desire for her. I enjoyed their adventures, their sexy times, and how invested they were in each other. The angst was relatively low which I liked and not too drawn out. This was a fab, addictive read that was hot, amusing and feel-good!

Blog: https://readingwillingable.blogspot.c...

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/review/R35C04A...
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755 reviews13 followers
May 22, 2023
Hate You Always is the first book in the new Western Wildcats series by Jennifer Sucevic. It's an enemies-to-lovers/brother's best friend/teammate sports romance, and I was hooked from the first word! Honestly, so good! I love this author's writing style and storytelling, and this one was amazing from beginning to end!

Ryder and Juliette had grown up together, but were never really close, but when they're in their senior year of college, he finds her college bucket list and offers to help her out with it, since he had always had a secret crush on her, and their relationship takes off from there. Seriously, this is one of my favorite new adult sports romances, so if you love this trope like I do, this one is a must read! I can't wait for more in this exciting new series! Highly recommended with more than five stars!
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May 30, 2023
ARC REVIEW - 3.5 stars
I will always love a good enemies to lovers, hockey romance book! Hate You always was no exception.

Ryder was the best kind of book boyfriend; he was sweet, tender, and protective while also being possessive, dominant, and very skilled in the bedroom ;). I adored Juliette, she was smart and level-headed, I liked how her confidence grew throughout the book. Although they tried to stay away from one another, the tension between them and the pull they each felt towards each other was undeniable.

One of the reasons I enjoy hockey romance series are the side characters and figuring out which couples are (hopefully) going to end up together. Fortunately, the Western Wildcats series has a thoroughly entertaining cast of characters and I'm so excited for the next book in the series!

Ryder and Juliette were so cute, the bucket list plot and the forbidden aspect of the story made it unique and I couldn't put the book down! It was such an easy read (I read it in a day!), plus it was fun, and lovable, with just the perfect amount of spice.

- Brother's best friend
- Hockey Romance
- Forbidden romance
- Childhood enemies to lovers
- College romance
- Secret pining
- Spicy!
- Lovable side characters
- Next generation series

Hate You Always was a wonderful start to a new series by Jennifer and I cannot wait to read more!
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May 29, 2023
This book was so good! It was full full of angst and I could not put it down!! If you love an enemies to lovers book you will for sure love this one! Ryder has been friends with Juliet’s brother and that has where it has stayed. Until one drunken night when Ryder took her home and found her bucket list! I loved watching what transpired after that and their relationship grow!

You need to read this book and see it for your self!!
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May 29, 2023
When hidden feelings can no longer hide, what's a person or persons to do? Complete a bucket list, of course. But when school and coaches start playing with your thought process, the temptation to bury those feelings again is strong. Will love win this one or will the easier route of just walking away win out?
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May 26, 2023
What a book!

I absolutely loved this. The hate/love between Ryder and Juliette had me hooked. I loved how jealous and possessive Ryder got. The bucket list was fun and adored the outcomes of each item.

Perfect balance of lust/attraction/hate/love

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June 24, 2023
“I don’t want anyone else touching you, Juliette. Period.”

This was a quick, fun read for me. I love the opposites attract, college sports romance tropes and Jennifer Sucevic does a great job at reeling you in from page one! Can’t wait for the next book in the Western Wildcats Hockey series! Don’t forget to download the bonus epilogue!
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September 6, 2023
4.5 stars.

This was my first book by Jennifer Sucevic, and it did not disappoint! It is an enemies to lovers hockey romance, which are a couple of my favorite tropes.

Ryder McAdams is a defenseman on the Western Wildcats Hockey team. He’s a playboy, but pretty much everyone on the hockey team is. While he isn’t cruel to Juliette, he’s not very welcoming or warm toward her either; he’s more indifferent, I suppose. Ryder is a senior, so his only goal is to do well in hockey so he can move on to the NHL.

Juliette is a senior as well, and she spent her entire college life studying. She finds her college bucket list and decides to finally check things off as it’s her last year. One of those activities was to go to a party, so her friend convinces her to go to one, and that’s where she sees Ryder. She thinks he hates her because of his attitude toward her throughout their childhood – he’s her (younger) brother’s best friend.

When they see each other, there is tension. Yet, Ryder decides to take her home when she is ready to leave the party, and once he gets her in her room, he discovers the bucket list. What does he do? He decides that he’s going to help her check things off.

I loved Ryder and Juliette! They both had goals that they spent years working toward and didn’t let anything derail them.

Ryder’s focus was hockey, and even though the new coach was very hard on him, he still did the best he could. He never let his frustration show, at least not at the coach. Ryder was pretty possessive and jealous when other guys tried to hit on Juliette. He was so swoony! He really went out of his way for some of the items on Juliette’s bucket list, and he also got addicted to the romance novels Juliette liked.

This book was pretty fast-paced with so much chemistry between the main characters. The side characters were also interesting, so I can’t wait to read more!
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August 2, 2023
I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and the love story was so nice.
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September 15, 2023
Ryder and Juliette are two very likable characters. From the start you can feel the tension and the brewing chemistry between them. Ryder is pretty swoon worthy with Juliette and the way their relationship builds make it a hard book to put down. Another great college sports win for Jennifer.
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September 14, 2023
actual rating: 2.5

I saw a Tiktok about this book and all of the reviews were about how much everyone loved this book, so I immediately added it to my tbr. I love a good college hockey contemporary romance, so I was excited to have a new one to read. I think I need to stop falling for the tiktok tbr trap.

I feel like the author didn't know what to do with Ryder (the mmc). He kept jumping back and forth from being your stereotypical jock to being--I don't even know the right word to use here--emotionally aware? Sensitive? Intellectual? All of those make it seem like jocks can't be those things, which isn't true and not what I'm trying to say, but there just seemed to be such a disconnect between his personality. His jock personality seemed very forced and what someone would write assuming that's how a star athlete would think and talk. He referred to deodorant as pit sauce, which, according to urban dictionary, is a thing but not a single one of my male friends had heard of deodorant being referred to as that before.

It also felt like Juliette and Ryder shared the same word of the day calendar. I lost count the number of times the both of them used the word "cognizant." They were both so cognizant of everything.

Apparently, Juliette and her brother Maverick are really close but they didn't talk to each other until about 51% into the book. Which is fine if they don't go to the same school or live far away from one another but they go to the same school and were at the same party twice prior to when they talk to each other. If they're so close, I feel like there should have been some moments between them but there weren't any. Even the one time they did talk to each other, it was two or three sentences of dialogue. We didn't get to see their relationship at all. If he's so protective and they're so close, I feel like he would have hung around more and wouldn't have abandoned her at the first party she attended at his house. Like if she's drunk, you'd think her protective brother would be around to keep an eye on her and make sure she gets home safely. I don't know, I just thought that entire relationship was lacking a lot.

Don't even get me started on the tension between step-siblings. Correction, ex step-siblings. The step-sibling trope has never been a favorite of mine, so every time the chemistry and tension between these two was brought up, it just gave me the ick, as the youth say. To each their own.

I know puck bunnies are always brought up in hockey romances but they're never mentioned in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable. Usually, they're described as something that goes hand-in-hand with hockey and that everyone knows they're just kind of chasing the fame and whatnot. In all of the hockey books I've read, puck bunnies are referred to as a matter of fact and there's always players hooking up with them while others are not. However, in this book, the way they were referred to felt misogynistic. It also felt like they were being referred to a lot throughout the book, so it felt very excessive and made me feel uncomfortable after a while.

Oh, there was also this weird Gossip Girl moment in the book where someone hacked the school's newspaper and posted some gossip about one of the hockey players. I thought this was for sure going to come back later on in the story and happen to Juliette or Ryder but it didn't. I didn't really understand the reason of including that moment at all.

Also, there was the one hockey player on the team who kept taunting Ryder and was kind of in his face the first half of the book but then he just disappeared? There was no resolution with him or anything. I was convinced he was going to be the one who hacked the school paper (mentioned above) but I guess he wasn't.

Everything wrapped up too cleanly and quickly in the end for me, as well. I think everything felt so surface level. Now that I think about it, I don't think they actually really talked about their emotions or anything major at all. There was a small conversation here about Juliette's mom and Juliette asked Ryder about his new relationship with his coach but he didn't really go into it with her at all. Like everything mostly felt physical between them. Their relationship was based on this zap they've always felt between one another but there was never a moment where it went deeper than that.

I think that's what's lacking for me in this book. Everything felt surface level and there wasn't really a chance for any emotional development.

My favorite part was with Juliette's dad and the stroganoff.
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May 21, 2023
Hate You Always by Jennifer Sucevic is the first book in her newest Sports Romance series, Western Wildcats Hockey.
This Enemies to Lovers, Hockey Romance follows the story of Juliette McKinnon and Ryder McAdams through the telling of both their perspectives.

Although Juliette and Ryder grew up together with their families being best friends, having lived next door to each other. They are anything but, considering not only are they complete opposites, but seeing as Ryder is Juliette's younger brother Maverick’s best friend and teammate. It automatically made them off limits to one another.
However when an unexpected encounter leads to Ryder offering up his services to help Juliette complete her bucket list, it’s only a matter of time before sparks start to fly.

Hate You Always stood out to me with being different from Jennifer Sucevic's other books and that too in a good way.
Given the storyline, it made for an entertaining read considering Juliette's bucket list is what brought on the adventure that the two embark upon. Paving way for a laughter filled narrative, especially with the banter shared that was sometimes witty and sometimes sarcastic too, leading to moments of back and forth between the two. Reeling you in even more as the story progressed.
On top of that we were able to see the exploration in Juliette and Ryder's budding relation, going from Enemies to Lovers.
The Slow Burn within the chemistry they shared lured you in, only for the major sparks flying to grab ahold of you and ultimately keep you gripped from the fiery heat they delivered.

At the same time, the story did bring and explore the heavy side of emotions due to the tension from the angsty-ness that came within their relationship. As well as from outside within their own personal lives. More so on Ryder’s part, given all that was going on for him when it came to his hockey playing. This allowed for a more in-depth look into Ryder’s character, being able to see another side to him when it came to his behaviour and attitude when not with Juliette.

My only issue was the climax being anticlimactic IMO.
Personally to me it just fell short with being flat and predictable, having expected what was around the corner before it even occurred, which had you lose the excitement from the loss of explosions that was needed to make it bigger IMO.
Plus it would’ve been nice to see the lead up to the resolvement play out a little more, since it felt a little too rushed to me.

Author Jennifer Sucevic still delivered with Hate You Always being a good Sports Romance read.
Especially when it came to getting to know Juliette and Ryder and seeing their relationship progress throughout the story. All the whilst still giving a good amount of focus on Sports trope aspect.
It truly was a sweet, funny and entertaining read, making for an enjoyable read overall.
Jennifer has me looking forward to see whose story will be next in the Western Wildcats Hockey series.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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May 16, 2023
This book just made it into my top 3 favorite Jennifer Sucevic books in a heartbeat! And that is no small feat!

I have quite literally been waiting over 6 months for this book. The wait was worth it because... wow! And better yet, the anticipation and excitement for this book - I was not disappointed - quite the opposite. So in full disclosure, I'm a huge Jennifer Sucevic fan. I think I've read everything by her - multiple times. My favorite characters are Crosby and Brooke - Brooke being Ryder's cousin. So we got to know Ryder a tiny bit in their book. And did we not fall head over skates for him then? Well, I did and I loved getting the full picture in this book, and what a picture it is. ... I digress. So the reason I share my favorites, Brooke and Crosby, is because Ryder and Juliette may have just ousted them from the favorite throne... I'm having such a conundrum about this... my love for B+C runs deep, but R+J... wow. They are amazing!

This had so many of my favorite tropes, and hello hockey hottie! Per Sucevic, the writing is top-notch, she's already set the scene for us in the Campus series which was phenomenal, but now she's switching over to the hockey clan from the footballers. But even if you didn't read the Campus series, this can be read as a standalone. I wouldn't do that though, you're only depriving yourself.

We didn't know too much about Ryder, only that we were all in. Then Sucevic throws Juliette our way, and dang! She's amazing. The two of them together, their story... it is so delicious and I just can't even talk about it for fear of giving something away that needs to be EXPERIENCED by the reader! I need to fan myself off just thinking about it, gushing about it.

Sidebar: I loooooved the throwback we had to "Hate to Love You" and "seeing" Brody and Natalie again - the glimpses of their story coming here and seeing them as adults, and parents to Juliette and Maverick. It was so sweet... and it had me running over to my kindle to re-read Brody and Natalie. No joke.

"Hate You Always" is the perfect kick off to this new series. Sucevic has us foaming at the mouth for all of the amazing characters that she introduces us to in this series - my head was ping-ponging with thoughts and scenarios and possible couples - and before long I DMing her, asking when the next book would be coming out. I loved-loved the Campus series and all of its characters, but if this first book in the Western Wildcats Hockey series is any indication of what's to come, "Campus" can watch out because hotttt-dooooog this book and world are amazing!
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