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Contemporary/MF/Thriller-Horror/Serial Killer/Captive/Dark

Kirby wished for a new life, but the Devil sent her Cain.

I knew what my calling in life was at a young age. I was the embodiment of death. The scent of blood and watching the life fade from something’s eyes was more delicious than any dessert. With my twin Abel by my side, we reveled in the pain of others and the knowledge that we were above it all. Not even the FBI could hunt us down.

The one thing I hadn’t accounted for was Kirby and the unusual spark of emotion she created. Being a psychopath, I knew my range of emotions had always been limited. Things like love, regret, and empathy eluded me. Yet I couldn’t stop stalking the woman that had piqued my interest.

But all decisions had consequences, and hunting Kirby wouldn’t just test my own rules. It would pull on the one bond I had, and Kirby was the hammer that might cause mine to splinter.

To the outside world, I had a life that most would say was privileged, but to me, it felt like the walls were caving in and trying to crush me with their rules of conformity. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever. One drive was all it took. One decision to turn down a wrong road, led to one heated glance that would catch the interest of the most notorious serial killer the FBI had ever chased.

Once I was in his grasp, my world turned on its axis, leaving me breathless and desiring things I could never have imagined. My mind became a war ground between my conscious and my growing passion for a man my heart should never want.

Would I be able to love him regardless of what he was, or would I end up on the wrong end of his blade?

452 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 30, 2022

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About the author

Brooklyn Cross

19 books1,274 followers
Writing is not just a passion for me. It is a lifeline to my sanity.

I have always loved writing but suffer from severe dyslexia and short-term memory retention issues. I struggled in school while I worked every night on re-training my brain.

I was frequently treated like I would never succeed, and I found myself putting my love for writing on a shelf.

Even at the age of six, I found it easier to communicate with animals than people, which was a big reason why I was drawn to dressage horseback riding. I remained focused on my passion for riding until I had to step away from the competition world for personal reasons.

Today, my desire for writing and storytelling has been rekindled. I have published multiple books and will never let anyone or anything hold me back again.
I am a proud romance author who offers my readers morally grey heroes, a ton of spice, epic journeys, and redemption stories.
-Follow Your Dreams-

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November 6, 2022
'🆄🅽🅷🅸🅽🅶🅴🅳 🅲🅰🅸🅽' Is the first full length dark romance in the (The Buchanan Brother's) duet by new to me author 'Brooklyn Cross. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

I’m a little bit unhinged on the best of days so I think I’m going to like this one…🤔🤞

If you’ve got triggers then this book most definitely isn’t for you, this author doesn’t muck around, it’s dark, gritty, kinky, as fucked up as anything I’ve ever read, and at one stage in the story (cucumber play) I even ended up laughing out loud! Sorry not sorry for my sickness! Usually when an author dubs a book dark I'll go in skeptically mainly because their dark to my dark are on completely different playing fields. This author made me sit up, made me squirm, made me clammy, made me blush, I loved the push and pull I had towards Cain and his brother.


Cain isn't your typical kleptomaniac that steals the simple things in life, he likes to remove the eyeballs out of his victims if they are an unusual colour, take Kirby for instance his next victim in his line of sight her eyes are an unusual purple colour and it's those which came under his radar. He wants to add them to his collection.

But Kirby isn't your typical weeping willow, this girl is in training to become an FBI agent, so Cain has got his work cut out for him when it comes to kidnapping her.

Cain took stalking to a whole new level, no one saw him coming until it was too late…Car troubles? Have no fear our local mechanic is always driving the roads towing *coughs* unsuspecting victims, weither you live or die, depends on him..

Buckle up and get ready for a ride of a lifetime! This is one of the BEST STALKER books I've read! I'm just flabbergasted that this is the first book I've read by this author.

If this has been on your radar and you’ve thought about reading it, don’t think, just do it!

I saw this doing the rounds on my IG friends feed allthebookboyfriends (thank you), looked at the cover, looked at the title, read the synopsis and thought why the hell not, if I don’t like it no biggy! To end up loving it was a bonus!

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

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221 reviews14 followers
March 5, 2023

Who could love this mf
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October 25, 2022
Holy... this book was something else! When this author stresses that you need to be aware of the triggers ... she's NOT lying!! This will test your moral compass in the most delicious and depraved ways!! I don't even know if I can find the words to express just what this book did to me. Not for the faint of heart. You'll question yourself constantly while you're beyond captivated with this read!!

Cain and his twin brother Abel are two people that you would not want to encounter on a deserted road alone at night. They are sick, they are cruel and they are emotionless shells of men that try to feel something by stealing it from others... by their screams, sobs and fears. Like holy shit!!! Unhinged is an understatement. I can't unread some things ya know lol.

Kirby, ohh Kirby! She has no idea that she has perked the interest of a man who is pretty much soulless and has lucifer as his bestie. She has a douche of a mother and her boyfriend is an ass. She is attending classes just because her overbearing mother says so. Feels trapped and underappreciated. Life is dull... but hang on to your britches Honey cause you're gonna wish it was calm. Soon she'll be living a nightmare that could very well be her undoing.

This read will stick with me for a longggg time. I'm scared to read Abel's book hahaha!

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203 reviews42 followers
March 1, 2023

"The good Lord made you wrong, and the devil crawled into your soul and has never left.”

This book will keep you on your toes! It's a dark, gritty and twisted story...with a sprinkle of dark humour. Cain is a deliciously dark and depraved anti hero.

Loved and enjoyed Cain and Kirby's story. Highly recommend reading!!!
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1,960 reviews1,247 followers
December 13, 2022

Think of all of the triggers you could imagine and that's this book. Deviantly depraved and full of so much delicious darkness this story is a rabbit hole of wickedness and though graphic and all sorts of wrong it was also equally wonderful and incredibly engaging just be prepared to leave your moral compass firmly at the door with this one.

Cain and Abel psychopathic brothers monsters that definitely don’t suffer from empathy or guilt and they both make zero apologies for their many deviances and depravities. Identical twins with a penchant for murderous mayhem and polar opposites in their personalities and approaches. Cain is a methodical planner where Abel is an unhinged loose cannon that is only tethered by his more controlled brother and the rules he set in place. Their only real loyalty up until now is to each other both operating as a single entity to avoid outside suspicion.

When Kirby catches the attention of Cain he is instantly fascinated especially by her unusual eyes. Initially thinking her his usual prey he stalks and analyses moving her expertly into a place of vulnerability. It’s not long before Kirby is Cains's newest obsession and his sunshine as he names her feels very different to those that have come before.

Kirby attends Quantico coerced by her ambitious mother who pulled strings to get her into the academy it is something Kirby neither wants nor appreciates. Her mother is also leading the pursuit of the notorious serial killer dubbed the chameleon.

Cain presents here as highly intelligent but with zero emotional attachment to anyone but his twin. He is cold collected and methodical in his kills. He’s well aware of right and wrong just chooses to disregard these rules as they apply to him. The ability to project an affable mask helps him hide in plain sight but it doesn’t always come easy to him.

I actually liked the dynamic between these brothers and was intrigued by their obvious loyalty towards each other. I was fascinated by Cains's thought process as well as his growing possessiveness of Kirby. He actually appeared clueless over the whys and seemed oblivious to the wider repercussions regarding his emerging fragile feelings.

I even found myself liking Cain despite his obvious flaws and immoral behaviours he seems to have accepted the way he is but it was also obvious he’s looking for something more to connect to and he thinks he may have maybe found this in Kirby. Seeing something buried deep that she doesn’t even recognise herself though it does take him some time to arrive at this conclusion. Be aware though that Cain is definitely no Dexter and this isn’t a story where he’s cured and saved all by the love of his woman. Cain stays true to his nature throughout.

Going forward I’m intrigued to dig deeper in regards to Abel where Cain seems to have some control of his many violent tendencies Abel came across as totally emotionally triggered and lacking in any control over his murderous impulses and with the additional damage he’s caused to the ties that bind him to his brother it will be interesting to see if he spirals or in fact instead manages to find some semblance of control and take some responsibility.

This was well written and incredibly engaging the transition from adversaries to partners felt believable and the connection authentic. Be aware though this story has a lot of triggers and is extremely graphic in its descriptions. This definitely isn’t going to be for everyone that’s for sure and at times it’s far from pretty personally I loved it. On a side note before I sign off can I just mention the cucumber incident my god that was such a lol moment and pure viewing gold.

Untitled design

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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778 reviews3 followers
November 3, 2022
Unhinged indeed…

Holy hell what did I just read?! I wasn’t prepared for the sick twisted depravity that is Cain and Abel. Twins in every sense of the word. What one did to their body the other one made sure to duplicate it. One entity but two bodies. Cain~cold, clean, calculating psychopath and highly intelligent with an eye ball obsession. Abel~cold, psychotic and highly erratic. Both killers with no remorse for their victims. R@pe, sodomy, torture you name it they’ve done it without batting an eyelash.
There are triggers galore for this dark deranged tale. So pay close attention to them because the author does not exaggerate them in this book.

Cain has an obsession with eyes, the unique colors that he must have for his collection. Yes he has a collection of eyeballs.
When he gets just a quick glimpse of Kirby he is fascinated by her unusual eye color and must find out who she is so he can add to his collection.
But something is keeping him from killing his prey. She’s different, she sees him for who he really is and he’s not used to that. Abel and Cain have been a team since they were kids. Cain taking the time and effort to train Abel and teach him. When Cain finally stalks his prey and brings her back to his dungeon Abel thinks it’s going to be the same old same old, r@pe, torture and k!ll but Cain doesn’t want to share his shiny new toy and tells Abel not to touch her. Which really is waving a red flag in front of a bull and saying stay knowing damn well that bull is coming for your a$$.
The longer Kirby is in captivity with Cain the less time he spends with his brother and Abel is not having any of it. Full of jealousy, anger and intent, Abel plans to take things into his own hands only to be cast out of his brothers life for good.

The theory about don’t fall in love with a hero but the villain because the hero will sacrifice you to save the world but the villain will sacrifice the whole world to save you really is fitting in this book.
Cain will prove his “love” for Kirby in a way that is very fitting to his nature.

The next book in this duet will be Abel’s story. Twisted Abel by TL Hodel is already available. I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet, I might need to go read a few fluffy cuddly books first.
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Author 13 books468 followers
January 15, 2023
Oh, wow. This book was meeesssed uuuup. I don’t even want to write a review. But excuse me while I go buy the next.
*All I’ll say is heed the trigger warnings. HEED THEM
4 stars
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2023: This book fulfills the " A book where the main character's name is in the title" category.
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1,404 reviews79 followers
November 1, 2022
Somehow, I unintentionally stumbled into the perfect Halloween read on Halloween. Now this book isn’t about Halloween nor does it take place near it but it’s the vibe, ya know. This book is not for the feint of heart. It’s absolutely dark romance in all it’s twisted glory.

The cover here is superb. It’s quite perfect for the H and this story. I wish the title had been a bit more imaginative but it gets the job done.

If you have triggers or hate spoilers you probably aren’t reading this review but I just want to give you a chance to change your mind if don’t want spoilers or have a lot of triggers. Spoilers below. Trigger landmine for noncon/rape, murder, torture, violence, blood and gore.

This is my first book by Brooklyn Cross. She almost did too good of a job convincing me that Cain was a sociopathic serial killer. I wasn’t sure how he was going to be able NOT to kill Kirby (h). He certainly sat out to do so, I think he may have adjusted his plans after hearing her speak about his “art” as he snuck into spy and stalk her at Quantico.

Did I mention she’s training to be an FBI agent? Even stranger, she has no desire to be one. She’s being “forced” by her mother, who is an FBI agent.

Even after taking Kirby captive I still thought he might end up killing her. He even seemed uncertain himself a few times.

It was clear all along that Kirby wasn’t exactly like a normal girl. So for this to work, she has to join him or, at the very least, be at peace with him killing people. It ends up being the latter. I’m glad. I think having her suddenly start participating in his killing would have pushed my suspension of disbelief too far.

This is DARK. The killings are graphic, violent and detailed. Cain has a twin brother, Abel (he’s got his own book) who’s also a serial killer. They are depraved together. They torture and rape their victims. There is on page detailed sex with their victims. The consent is extremely dubious. I think the author goes out of her way to set it up to be dubcon instead of noncon. I think technically it would be dubcon but given the situation it’s more noncon.

Slow burn, H/h have consensual sex around 79%. However, there is a sex scene at 41% or so where H has sex with a passed out h. She’s been drinking. It’s on the bed with her soon to be ex boyfriend who’s also passed out drink. The h didn’t even know H was stalking her yet when this happens. H pegs her boyfriend with a cucumber in this same scene. The h doesn’t find out about it until much, much later.

No virgins
Push away from h
OM drama
No cliffhanger for couple
No separation

Safety - 0% absolutely not safe at all. H has detailed on page dubcon/noncon sex with a victim. There’s another scene he’s watching a video of their killings with his brother. On the tape he is making a victim blow him. They jerk off to it. This happens around 7%. He’s seen h once and wants to find her but has no other info yet.

The on page sex with victim happens around 20%. He’s met h and decided he’s going to take her but is still in preliminary stages of stalking.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,410 reviews137 followers
November 3, 2022
Talk about on the edge of my seat the whole way through! Holy shit this book was wild ! This story was dark full of twists and turns it’s bloody it’s twisted unhinged is more like it but I loved every twisted word of it ! Check your trigger warnings !
I am loving this story and the characters especially the OTT ones are giving me life!!!
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1,766 reviews102 followers
November 22, 2022
Wow Cain and Abel, what a duo of destruction these two are. Unbelievable in their chaos, unhinged in their calamity. But when Cain spots Kirby as they pass each other it ignites and obsessive attraction and unmistakable clashing of of wills so powerful you could feel it pouring off the page of this story.
Kirby, oh my goodness, that young girl with the violet eyes has been through so much.
Thoroughly enjoyable story, great characters, but beware of the warnings. It's not for everyone!
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1,004 reviews253 followers
November 14, 2022
This story was different, creative in the theme of a certifiable, depraved character who falls in love. And while the writing was skillful, in a lot of respects, it read like a crime story -- more deviant, twisted drama than romance. And in fact, there was such emphasis -- inner monologue -- on Cain (and Abel's) compulsion to kill as well as blood and carving that I had a hard time maintaining interest. The dark humor had me chuckling from time to time though.

I wasn't looking for sweet romance, and while the premise might have been appealing, the plot progression, the little spice, and the repetition of pointing out how dark Cain didn't work for me.
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71 reviews8 followers
March 6, 2023
Cain's parents had already sealed his fate by choosing his name. I mean come on. Are y’all not familiar with the story of “Cain and Abel” ? Cain is a f-cked up human being. He is abysmally evil and doesn't care about anything or anyone. And he’s also a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

What makes him even more dangerous is his charming nature. He is a predator, a sadist who enjoys watching his prey suffer. His character is magnetic. He is seductive, provocative, sexy...and the devil in person. If you were to cross paths with him, not even Godspeed would ensure your safety.

This book is disturbing. And I LOVE it 🫣 The storyline is brilliant. I did lose patience a few times cause I wanted Cain and Kirby to meet sooner. But it all made sense when it finally happened. Why am I sad that Abel and Cain’s relationship shifted towards the end ? I shouldn't even sympathize with him in the first place. Both of them MF’s are crazy🤣 I really NEED to read Abel’s book next.

And I can’t stress this enough, but please READ the TW’s before starting this book…It’s darker than dark.
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Author 13 books116 followers
November 8, 2022
Part of the Buchanan Brothers Duet - second book is Twisted Abel - and meant to be read in order. I wasn’t sure if a twin serial killers romance was going to be in my wheel house, because lets face it, that’s a tough sell. OMG. Couldn’t put either of them down. Deliciously depraved. How these ladies make killers hot is anyone’s guess but they do.

This was my first Brooklyn Cross book but I will be reading more.
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89 reviews4 followers
March 2, 2023

"I don't just want to pluck the wings from your back, Sunshine. I want to pull the little legs from your body until you can no longer run."

This is my kind of fucked up book! Never a dull moment ❤️‍🔥🦋
Profile Image for Tashina Fulbright.
175 reviews1 follower
December 9, 2022

Talk about a wild ride. This book will definitely have you questioning your morals. Lots of triggers, so be very careful. If you don’t like dark books and I mean dark, this book is not for you.
Profile Image for Paperback Princess.
874 reviews58 followers
November 26, 2022
DNF @60%

All the trigger warnings…sexy psychopaths…gore and FBI agents couldn’t make this book interesting….Zzzzzzzz
Profile Image for Felicia.
339 reviews20 followers
October 27, 2022
1st person/multiple pov
Spice: 4.5/5

WHOA. I almost do not have words for this one! It was supposed to be dark but I think the word dark is an understatement. Here we have twin brothers, Cain and Abel, who live in a rural area of Virginia not far from Quantico. Identical in every physical way with a bond forged by darkness. Together they become the most notorious serial killer the FBI has ever set its sight on. Then a brief and random encounter, a shared glance between Cain and a woman with violet eyes, begins a series of events that changes everything. Cain has a new project that challenges the rules he has set for himself - hunting Kirby Lawson.

I enjoyed this book so much that I'm not sure if words can adequately express that. From the beginning, the author does not hold back on the wickedness of these brothers. Morally they are a black hole with no regard for human life. There is no shying away from the torture and murder that takes place between the two of them. You get to see pieces of their childhood and how it may or may not have played a part in the life they live now. The relationship they have with each other, while it is indeed twisted, is both simple and complex at the same time. They are similar but also very different, which I feel plays a major role in how they have managed to fly under the radar as suspects in the killings. The way Cain's mind works is so intriguing that I still want to dive further into his character.
I really enjoyed the way their dynamic is written. Amid all the horrible deeds they are doing to and with their victims, there is a playful banter back and forth between them that is so oblivious to how disturbing the things that they are committing are. It could just be my dark sense of humor but I found it incredibly funny and it helped offset some of the depravity of what I was reading. As Kirby enters the picture I like how they initially see each other in a way that sparks quite an interest without actually meeting. This leads Cain to begin his hunt which is one of the things I enjoy most about dark romance with stalking. To see how the hunter learns about his prey and inserts himself into her life continually builds the anticipation of the moment his true nature/identity is discovered. The way this author plays on the fear that no matter how normal and harmless a person can seem we never truly know what someone is capable of, and that attraction does not always mean a person is safe... it is so authentic. I feel like I could open a news article and read about this very thing happening somewhere out here in the real world. So scary but so entertaining.
As Cain and Kirby eventually "meet" their relationship begins to morph and grow. I am still taken aback by the way my opinion of Cain alters alongside Kirby's. Once again a story that shows there is always more to a person than what we see on the surface and that sometimes it takes someone willing to see beyond that to bring those parts out of them. Throw in the conflict it causes with Abel and I was on the edge of my seat; unable to put the book down for most of the last half. It doesn't hurt that the spice at this point is sizzling and has me questioning my own sanity all the way through the epilogue.

By far one of the best dark romance books I have ever read. It is not for the faint of heart I can assure you because it is extremely twisted and shocking, but that is exactly how I like dark romance to be. And the love story that comes out of it is so worth the complex journey to get to it. So if you're the kind of reader who can handle that, then I highly suspect you will enjoy the hell out of this book. As always read through the TW/CW to be on the safe side because if any book could be triggering it would be this one.
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142 reviews3 followers
November 28, 2022
Did NOT See This One Coming!

Ok…so let jump into this!

First and foremost, read the trigger warnings. I’ll remind you again…trust me. I, however, am not one to read them. I take recommendations blindly. By chapter 2, I was like WTF did I sign up for 😳 but it wasn’t anything to steer me running in the opposite direction. What can I say…I like dark? 🤔

So unfolding two stories, in multiple POV. We learn Cain and Able are twins, who just so happen to unalive people. Able is a bit of a loose cannon. Cain likes control. Together they form the perfect mix of crazy psycho.

Kirby is in a terrible relationship with a top tier jerk. She’s the daughter of an FBI agent, and currently in the program to become one, unwillingly. One night on a dark road, she becomes Cain’s obsession.

And cue the most f’d up story you may read. But in truth I could NOT put it down. This is my first book by Brooklyn and I will most certainly be looking for more. She has the perfect mix of dark and twisted that I like.

Again, READ 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 TRIGGER 👏🏼 WARNINGS 👏🏼. This book will not be for everyone. There are things that are going to make you uncomfortable. But hang tight! It’s a fun ride 🖤
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126 reviews14 followers
October 23, 2022
Cain Buchanan is an unhinged serial unaliver with a twisted twin brother named Abel. They may look alike and unalive together, but their personalities couldn't be any more different. Cain is a psychopath who is more controlled and keeps his brother in line. Abel is a sociopath who has more of a carefree & let loose personality. This is the first book in the duet and it was absolutely addicting! I could not put it down! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!

When Cain sets his eyes on Kirby, he becomes obsessed with taking her and collecting her unique amethyst eyes to add to his collection. Kirby is a student studying to be an FBI agent at Quantico. Her teacher at Quantico is her mother and the special agent that is trying to track down Cain & Abel.

It's a thrilling story and held my attention to the end and left me wanting more. This was my first book by this author and I look forward to reading more of her work.

If you like dark romance, captive, stalker, serial unalivers, fantastic smut, violence and more, then you'll want to read this! Check trigger warnings!

Thank you to Obsidian Author Services and Brooklyn Cross for sending me an ARC to review. Release Date 10-30-22!
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704 reviews15 followers
October 28, 2022
Wow!! I’m absolutely in love with a serial killer, Cain. I’m speechless and in awe of the feelings this evokes in me. I need to know where to go to find my own stalking serial killer. 🔪🩸🥵

This story was so good at keeping me on the edge of my seat especially through Cain’s pov. Cain & his twin Abel are psychopaths with a long list of kills to their names and the love of watching the life leaving their victims eyes. Kirby is the woman that stared into the eyes of a serial killer in passing, it hooked him in and then had her life turned upside down and irrevocably changed forever.

Unhinged Cain is so dark & twisted with loads of triggers! Know you’re limits and check the triggers before reading this, seriously. Reading this made me realize my boundaries for dark books have been pushed even further! I’m obsessed with this story and can’t wait to read the second half of this duet, Twisted Abel! 😈
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503 reviews18 followers
November 2, 2022
How fucked up was this book?!?!?!!?!
I mean there was so much gore, like every torture was written with every bloody detail.
This story is a Dark romance, with capitol D.
There isn't redemption for the male character, the title give away properly how Cain and his brother Abel are, they're unhinged.

Now i'm diving in Abel's book, can't wait to read more about him.
Profile Image for Brianna’s Bookshelf .
89 reviews3 followers
October 31, 2022
This book is why the genre dark romance exists!!!!! The fact that Brooklyn can make you cheer for the serial killer to find love is talent enough, but to make it so you keep reading even when he is carrying out his art form is a genius at work. This is book one in a duet about twin brothers who are also serial killers, this book follows Cain and his journey from seeing to meeting and then stalking his latest muse. Kirby is a student attending Quantico who has never really found the place she fits in. How does their story play out, does it end in a blood bath? Definitely read to find out!

Please check out the trigger warnings as this is a DARK romance and meant for readers 18+ in age.
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208 reviews9 followers
October 28, 2022
Holy Hell!!! This book. Where do I even start!? I have no words. 🤯

Unhinged Cain is a dark and twisted read that will test your morals and ethics in all the ways. And that smut 🥵

This book was impossible to put down- I just HAD to know what happened next in this "unhinged" story of Cain, his twin brother Abel and the girl with the amethyst eyes.

Please be aware of the triggers the author mentions in the beginning. This book is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
1,184 reviews4 followers
October 23, 2022
Ok... So... Wow.

Brooklyn Cross has just blown everything else she's written outta the park!

You think she has already shown her dark side? WRONG! She hadn't even skimmed the top!!
This, THIS is a dark read - it's messed up, and gory, and violent, and even rather twisted!

No lie, but I do believe you're going to question the authors mindset - but your also going to question your own, I know I did and I also know I kinda now love Cain!

I don't know what else to write, it's a messed up, twisted read that made me question my own morals as well as fall in love with a serial un-aliver 🤷🏻‍♀️ it was excellent!


*I voluntarily received an arc and this is my honest review.

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54 reviews
November 16, 2022
a must read

This is a 5/5 review on everything, chefs kiss to the whole book, I cannot say a book sucked me In the way this book has in a good minute, I was smiling at parts while I was reading that were funny, I cannot wait to start book 2, if you like a serial killer with stalker tendencies you’ll love this, and it’s dual pov which is just amazing!
Profile Image for Rita Mudawar.
52 reviews2 followers
October 29, 2022
Wow I didn't realize just how dark my reading habits had become! This book has sooooo many triggers and dark elements that it's hard to list them. I mean seriously if you have any triggers this book is not for you, move along. That being said, Brooklyn has managed to blow my mind yet again. How do you take these deeply deeply disturbed individuals and make it so that not only am I lusting after them but also cheering for them as the do horrible things?!?!?!? I have never felt more connected to a character as I did with Kirby, she was just as confused by her attraction to Cain as I was with my own attraction to him. Cain is straight up irredeemable but you love him anyway. Again there may be something wrong with me but when I am reading I like my men dark and that is who Cain is a deep dark pool of yum!! Also there are songs that get stuck in your head, you have been warned.
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91 reviews3 followers
January 19, 2023
This was one of the best reads I have read so far this year. This book is not for the faint hearted it's next level of twisted and fucked up and I ate it up.

I didn't check the trigger warnings on this book and dived right in so there were some things where I was wow so this is happening. Not even a couple of pages in and we have so necrophilia going on (it's alluded doesn't actually happen in the scene. Basically Abel gets pissed that Cain went on a hunt without him and offers the still warm body as a consolation prize.

When Cain is cold and calculated he controls his beast for killing but Abel is a different story. He is wild and unpredictable such a contrast he needs to be on leash and controlled as he unruly. Cain's personality is the whole mood to be honest if he wasn't bitching about about Kirby's bf Peter when he was getting his murder on with his latest victim not named Karen but called Karen it made me laugh so much. However the biggest laugh of the loud moment was the cucumber and the fact Cain shoved it in Peter ass so deep, took pictures of Peter's phone and changed the image on all his contact so he will see every time someone rings I was howling. Oh he was passed out drunk btw but he seemed to really enjoy it.

The spice was exceptional like it was hot and heavy from Cain sneaked into her room when she was fast asleep, Peter's condo when she passed out drunk and was going downtown and then fucked from behind 🥵.

I wasn't sure about Kirby at first cause I thought she was going to be weak but she held her own up against Cain and was fighting this internal moral struggle of what Cain is and who she is but loved her growth and then as a couple.

Her mother was a capital C*** and I'm glad she died. I hate mothers that make their child feel like shit and not love them. To top it off she fucking Peter do no love lost there.

Really enjoyed this book like 10 stars the story, characters and writing dark and gritty. I will never look at pig in the same way that's for sure haha.
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November 4, 2022
Unhinged Cain

I Give this Book a 3.5/5 Star Rating, listing as Low 4.

HEA(?): Yup.
Relationship Type: MF
Dark: 4/5, I would love to rate it higher, but when you read the book as a whole you actually forget all the glorious darkness that’s within. That in itself is disappointing cause this book had an insane amount of potential.
Dark Heat: 4-4.5/5
Heat: 3/5
Romance: 3/5
Pacing: Mid then to Mid Fast near the halfway point to the end.
Drama: 3/5
Suspense: 3/5

Damn, I gotta say I’m a bit disappointed, the dark in the book was just absolutely appetizing, but then when Kirby & Cain finally came together, the quality of pretty much everything just dropped significantly. Characters seemed a tad more different, Yummy Darkness dwindled and detail just seemed to either disappear or became past-tensed and no scene.
I just couldn’t click with Kirby, I got more depth with Cain then I did her, her character in the end just didn’t fit. His thirst for killing seemed to have disappeared.
One thing I didn’t appreciate was that some Dark Scenes that just seemed to FTB>Fade to Black, If your going to write a dark scene see it through to the end, cause I’m one of those readers that love those.
Everything seemed too easy and yet quite a bit of things just seemed to be wiped under the rug or just blatantly never answered and kinda lames out in my opinion. It was dark fairytale-esc predictable.
This book needs depth drastically.
I really wanted more, that epilogue just felt not important (to me), just made me shrug in indifference.

I’m interested in Abel’s to see if anything picks up, but I hope it’s darker & more twisted and better than Cain’s.
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