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Trace Caldo’s smart mouth always gets him in trouble. As the youngest of three brothers, he’s used to scrapping to earn respect. But when he picks a fight with the wrong person, Trace ends up kidnapped, bound, and blindfolded with no hope for escape. And when a beautiful woman comes to his rescue and offers him a way to staying alive, Trace can’t refuse her.

Ana Marie Kelly appears to live a charmed life. Raised in a wealthy family, she has everything a woman can want—if you don’t count freedom. Ana’s always been under her father’s thumb, expected to do as she’s told and not bring shame upon the family. But when Ana makes a mistake that could send her life in a tailspin, she can only think of one way out—the handsome man in her father’s garage.

…and their only way out is to say, “I do.”

Kindle Edition

Published January 24, 2023

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Chelle Bliss

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Chelle Bliss is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. She currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico, but hates sand. She's a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and loves everything romance.
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January 18, 2023
Torch is the perfect title for Trace and Ana's story. I will be carrying a torch for the couple for quite some time after reading their unique story. I am in awe of Ana, a woman who has been mentally abused for years. She has found her voice, and all need to listen. My respect for Trace has increased ten fold as he defends his woman against the worst of the worst.

There has never been a Gallo story that I haven't loved, but Torch was on a whole different level. Trace is the carefree guy, always out for a good time, until it almost kills him. Things were a little iffy for awhile. I definitely bit through a couple of nails. It could have been a really short book if it wasn't for Ana.

Thank goodness that the author gave us a wonderful, determined heroine in Ana. She needs an escape from her life, her father. She has come up with a solution. It might just work if Trace is up for the job.

I didn't know that I could feel so many emotions within a book. I am so happy that I did. I cried over the way Ana had been treated. I roared over the antics of the Gallo family. Honestly, how could I not? I fumed over the man that just wouldn't stop being an absolute tool. I beamed when Ana put him in his place in the best possible way. The happily ever after had me joining Izzy in being crocodile tears of happiness. It was so beautiful. It was so touching. It was simply the best.

I usually close one book and start another, but not to night. I will be basking in the brightness of Torch.
730 reviews5 followers
January 24, 2023
Whenever I read a book by Chelle Bliss I feel as if I am receiving a big hug from the Gallo family as they welcome me to Sunday dinner and in her latest book “Torch”, no one needed a hug more than Ana Kelly! She misses her late mother terribly and had been raised by her cold and calculating mob boss father. Ana led a lonely life and saving Trace’s life one night may have been a spur of the moment idea, but she knew it was the right thing to do. She certainly didn’t want Trace to be hurt or worse, by her father’s henchman. Trace was a hot and sexy guy but she could never have imagined that their fake marriage would come with a big and loving Italian family. Ana felt like she was in a dream world because being with Trace and his family was something she had always wanted and thought she would never have. Trace was so caring and kind to Ana and would do anything to help her. His family acted as if Ana had been his girlfriend forever and even though their courtship/marriage was unexpected, being with Ana and seeing her smile while helping his grandmother make sauce, just felt right. I love all of the Gallo men but Trace Caldo is a man among men who gave Ana the life and love that she always wanted. In return she calmed his soul, made him smile and showed him what true love was all about.
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7,520 reviews16 followers
January 22, 2023
Torch by Chelle Bliss is book 11 in the Men of Inked: Heatwave Series. This is the story of Ana Marie Kelly and Trace Caldo "Torch". Torch is the youngest of the Caldo brothers and seems to end up in trouble a lot. This is how he gets kidnapped and meets Ana. Ana's father is very abusive and keeps her a cage of his making. When she sees Torch she feels this is her way to escape her situation and starts their story.
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577 reviews7 followers
January 24, 2023
Oh my goodness! Trace and Ana are nothing short of amazing!

Trace and Ana's journey is such a unique storyline. I was hooked from the start! I fell head over heels for these two so quickly.

Full of passion, heartache, suspense, fun, and love. Trace and Ana will grab ahold of your heart early and they will have you craving every exquisite detail. An absolute MUST READ! 5 easy stars!
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3,990 reviews118 followers
January 24, 2023
5 star Review Torch (Men of Inked: Heatwave #11) by Chelle Bliss
Torch is Trace Caldo and Ana Marie Kelly’s story and it was a fabulous addition to the series. Trace is the youngest of the Caldo brothers and often puts his foot in his mouth without worrying about the ramifications. Unfortunately for Trace, this time he gets into more trouble than even he bargained for when he finds himself kidnapped.

That’s when Ana steps in, she see Trace as her chance to escape the “gilded cage” she has been forced to live in for years; my heart broke for all the mental abuse that she has suffered at the hands of her father. By rescuing Trace, she also rescues herself from a life of torment .

I loved this couple, this series keeps getting better and better. I loved both Trace and Ana but in particular I loved how strong and determined she is, she has a strength of character that meeting Trace brings out and I loved how she came into her own as the story progressed.
As always the interfering Gallo family had me smiling and laughing at times with their antics and all in all I just loved this entertaining read.

One click this little gem, I don't think it will disappoint.
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277 reviews1 follower
January 20, 2023
Torch is the 11th book in the Men of Inked: Heatwave Series by Chelle Bliss, featuring Trace Caldo and Ana Kelly. Trace has always lived life by the seat of his pants, with little thought to the future, or consequences to his actions. When he engages in a fight with the wrong guy after an illegal card game, he ends up kidnapped and bound on the property of a mob boss. Much to his surprise, the boss’ daughter saves his life with a proposition that will save her at the same time. Ana has lived under her father’s emotionally abusive tyranny since her mother’s death, and knows that her current circumstances require her to find a way out. Can she and Trace build a life before tragedy or her father rips them apart?

I loved Trace and Ana together. Trace surprised everyone, including himself, how quickly he connected with her, and evolved into a better man. It was like he was looking for her all along. Ana was like a flower, finally feeling sunlight after years in oppressive darkness, able to bloom and show her true inner beauty and strength. Throughout this series and the original Men of Inked series, the superb world building has always been a key element to the success of the books, and that is extra evident in this one. The Gallos/Caldos are all about family, loving and supporting each other, and ribbing and picking on each other. They represent the quintessential family that Ana has always dreamt about, but knew she would never have in her her father’s cold and emotionless world. With Trace, Ana gets that massive, nosy, loving, hilarious family. Watching Ana get stronger throughout the book was such a pleasure. A couple scenes stood out to me, but I don’t want to give anything away!😉

This book was truly a ride! It started out with a bit of suspense and action, brought me to tears with the authentic emotions at times, had the witty banter and laughter we love, so much sizzling passion and love, and a couple plot twists!! It’s definitely a must read!

I received an advanced review copy for free, and am leaving this review voluntarily.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2,344 reviews52 followers
January 24, 2023
I love this series and couldn't wait for this one. When I began reading I was blown away, Trace was kidnapped and held because of a card game. A woman comes in, sets him free, and tells him where to go so he can get back home.
Now the fun begins. Turns out the woman that rescued him is the sister of the man Trace was playing cards with. In order for her to help him escape, he has to marry her. There is so much going on with Ana and her family and Trace just wants to get back home so he agrees. They get married and head back to his apartment. When they get home, his dad wants answers but his mom is excited she has another daughter. His family accepts Ana from the start, saying it doesn't matter how they got together, they are married and that is all that matters now.
Although the cousins and his brothers are still all over him for answers and the text message thread is still so funny. Ana can't believe that a family can be so loving.
Can Trace and Ana make this relationship work or will her father step in? Will her brother come after Trace for revenge for the card game? Is there a chance for them?
I have loved each of these couples but I think Trace and Ana are my favorite. If you haven't read this series yet, you should even if for the Sunday family dinners, they are the family love we all need and love. I can't wait for the next one.
**I received a free copy of this book to read and this is my honest opinion**
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181 reviews22 followers
January 24, 2023
What can I say about this book that you don’t already know what you are going to get with the Gallo’s.
Once again Chelle doesn’t disappoint.
Trace and Ana’s story will have you reading it in one sitting.
Ana is the daughter of a powerful crime boss who doesn’t feel like she fits in with her family.
Trace is the youngest of his family and finds himself in a sticky situation.
When they help each other out the families get involved and we all know what happens next.
This book will leave you wanting more.
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581 reviews5 followers
January 20, 2023

Torch is the 11th installment of the Men Of Inked: Heatwave Series. This series follows the Next Generation of Gallos and their crazy and sometimes dangerous journey finding their forever Love.

Torch is the story of Trace Caldo. The youngest of James and Izzy. Some would even say the most wild and hard headed of their three boys. Trace cane be exasperating to deal with at times and he always seems to get into a bit of trouble.

Trace finds himself tied to a chair in the garage of a High Profile Mob Boss. Not the greatest way to start a day. When a woman comes up behind him and surprises him by giving him directions on where to go and ends up letting him go. He doesn’t look back as he dashes out and away from certain painful if not deadly things.

Ana is in a predicament and see only sees one way out. She sees as her father’s men dragged Trace into the garage and figures its the best possible option to put her plan in motion. She'll save him from unspeakable horrors and he'll be able to save her from her father's over the top punishment.

Ana proposed an offer to Trace thar he couldn't refuse. He marries her and helps her hide her pregnancy for a short time to avoid certain ridiculed from her father and banishment. He gets to live. Being backed into a corner he sees no way out. So a marriage of convenience it is.

That's when things get addictive. Ana and Trace are thrown into thus agreement and not knowing a bit of anything about each other. Trace knows he can't hide the truth from his family. The Gallos have it ingrained into their DNA to be bloodhounds when it comes to secrets. They can smell one from miles away and when they catch the scent they're unstoppable when it comes to finding it out.

Trace and Ana start to feel the pull of destiny. They're both internally battling their feelings. Ana has to worry about the well-being of her unborn child and how to convince her father she's not a blemish on his family name. Trace has her father, her brother his family, her & her unborn child's health and his own life.

When tragedy strikes and they're having to fight to keep both their heads and hearts together. That's when the inevitable happens. The feelings are there, strong and fierce. Making a life with each other seems like a pipe dream for them. So many obstacles are in there way. Her father is out for revenge. Making sure that they know this marriage isn't something he gives his blessing for.

The Gallos all rally together and are extremely supportive and ready to do battle for the newest member of the family.

In true Gallo fashion, when you're in, you're in for Life!

Torch had me bawling in so many different places. Chelle Bliss has emotionally wreaked me before so I shouldn't have been surprised. She gives us all the feels in this book. You'll fall in Forever Love with Trace and Ana. You'll feel their fear, confusion, giddiness, lust, laughter, sorrow and most importantly their Love.

Torch gets 5 Flaming Stars from this Forever Gallo Girl!!

January 20, 2023
Torch is #11 in the Men of Inked: Heatwave Series. This time it is Trace Caldo’s story. I highly recommend this series and the original series Men of Inked and the first spinoff Men of Inked: Southside and then this series. If you want the Gallo’s they are in these series.

It isn’t too late to start reading these series! You can also read this book as a standalone!

Trace meets Ana Kelly as she rescues him from a recent kidnapping. She does have a reason for helping. She needs Trace to marry her since she has a baby to consider from a one-night stand. Her father will send her to a convent if he finds out. Man was he living in the dark ages. BTW Trace is James and Izzy’s youngest son.

As I have said in the past, I want to join this family and Ana does too. It is a huge extended family so why not? Okay, I am not really delusional but who wouldn’t want a great big loving family? And remember Ana does too!

I loved reading this book and very much look for more from Chelle Bliss. I love her writing and have read almost every book in this series and the original and other spinoffs! I don’t know who is next or if there will be a next. I certainly HOPE so! 5 STARS!!!

Men of Inked®: Heatwave Series:
• Book 1 - Flame - Gigi Gallo and Pike Moore
• Book 2 - Burn - Continuation - Gigi Gallo and Pike Moore
• Book 3 - Wildfire - Tamara Gallo and JD “Mammoth” Saint
• Book 4 - Blaze - Lily Gallo and Jet Michaels
• Book 5 - Ignite - Continuation - Tamara Gallo and JD “Mammoth” Saint
• Book 6 - Spark - Nick Gallo and Josephine “Jo” Carmichael
• Book 7 - Ember - Rocco Caldo and Rebel Bishop
• Book 8 - Singe - Carmello Caldo and Arlo King
• Book 9 - Ashes - Rosie Gallo and Dylan Walsh
• Book 10 - Scorch - Luna Gallo and Nevin Walsh
• Book 11 - Torch -Trace Caldo and Ana Kelly
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1,172 reviews4 followers
January 20, 2023
Oh how I love the Gallos and Caldos! “Torch” is action packed, fun, and another great installment in the series.

Trace Caldo is young and living his life to the fullest. But being who he is, his mouth gets himself in trouble. Just when he thinks the end is near, he’s saved by someone he least expects. Ana is the daughter of a mafia kingpin and has been under his thumb. But she sees Trace as her way out, she helps him and he helps her. But neither was counting on a torch being lit in both of them.

With each story, I fall more into the Gallos world. I loved Trace and Ana’s story. It was a perfect pace for them and I loved how they were instantly connected in the most unexpected way. Trace has all the classic confidence as the rest of the family. And he can always count on them when he needs them the most. Ana is a genuine woman who was born into the wrong family. Her struggles to break free on her own were heartbreaking. But I loved how these two found each other and how they built their relationship. And the cousins? I missed them and I love how they’re brought back in each book so I can get my fix of them. I can’t wait for more from Chelle Bliss.
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2,501 reviews22 followers
January 29, 2023
Meet Trace Caldo he's just married Ana, a woman he doesn't know. It was spur-of-the-moment and under duress. She's pregnant, but not with his baby. Her brother wants to kill him, and her father is one of the most notorious criminals in the country.

Yes, that's right the Gallo/Caldo kids are back!

And this time the youngest son of my favourite Men of Inked couple Izzy and James Caldo gets to take centre stage. And he and Ana like his parents before don't disappoint.

As from their first kiss when they say 'I do' the sparks fly. But so do the swear words when Izzy and James find out what Trace has gotten himself in to.

Yet, one look at Ana and hearing her story brings out the protectiveness, this fabulous family have in abundance and it's something Ana has been sorely missing.

But what happens when Ana's father and brother catch up with them?

And with lots of family feels, love, emotion and a little danger. Torch has been another fantastic addition to this utterly brilliant series, and I'm so sad there is only two more stories to go. As I have loved revisiting this crazy real family so much!!
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66 reviews
January 27, 2023
Could have been a 3 star read if not for the fact that

Heroine started strong in the beginning with her saving Hero for a change, but then at a third into the story, she was made to weak & insecure - and the danger aspect of her saving Hero and having some drama in that respect, was shelved out and all you get is a bunch of scenes with his family, them having sex and getting to know each other which the romance was more insta thing then anything else with them falling in love within 2 days of meeting each other.

All in all, this was a miss for me.

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2,306 reviews48 followers
January 22, 2023
Torch is book eleven in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series and is Trace and Ana's story. Just when I think I couldn't love a series more, this one proves me wrong. From beginning to end this book had me hooked and I didn't want it to end. I'm excited to read more of this series
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237 reviews5 followers
January 28, 2023
If you want to read an author that never disappoints, that’s Easy Chelle Bliss, she is amazing, when you think this family couldn’t get any better they do, this book was just an amazing read.
Trace and Ana’s story was intense and loved every part, thank you for another memorable book.
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1,432 reviews34 followers
January 31, 2023
This book definitely started with a bang! Trace in typical Men of Inked fashion is a wild card. Trace lives by his own rules and keeps his parents up at night! Ana is the daughter of a powerful man…a dangerous but powerful man. When Trace gets himself in trouble he can’t get himself out of Ana comes to his rescue. After saving the day Ana ask for a little favor…ok a big favor! This book was soooo good! This family does not disappoint! I can’t love this family anymore than I Already do! When they fall they fall hard, in the best possible way. Ana and Trace have an undeniable connection and crazy hot chemistry. They definitely have several obstacles to get through, but they do it together and with the support of his amazing family. This was a great page turner and an emotional rollercoaster. I definitely had all the feels with this one. Of course the banter, especially the text feeds were laugh out loud funny! Then there were parts that totally pulled at my heart strings. This series is one of my favorites and never disappoints, I swear with each book I have A new favorite! I’m already excited to see what Chelle comes up with next.
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987 reviews12 followers
January 27, 2023
I enjoyed Ana & Trace’s story. They definitely met in a very unconventional way but something beautiful came from that.

In some ways, they each saved each other. But I think Trace truly saved Ana so much more. She was really lost and felt so alone with the broken relationship she had with her father and brother. Her mother passed away a long time ago and she has felt that loss so deeply for years. Then one night she saves Trace from an imminent demise and she found so much more.

Trace was able to give her a huge family that Ana has never had. She was very nervous at first but everyone in the Gallo family opened their hearts to her once they realized that she and Trace were real.

I was expecting more drama from Ana’s father and brother. But everything worked out it the best way.
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1,837 reviews45 followers
January 21, 2023
It's always a great thing to be able to enter the Galloverse with the fabulous Chelle Bliss as our guide this time around with Trace Caldo's story, the requisite playah of his immediate family. Torch starts off with crazy-good intrigue as Trace is suddenly held captive by a powerful Miami 'warlord' and just as fast he's being set free by the beautiful daughter of this mafia boss and then headed to the altar all in one fell swoop. I was all in from that moment on and what transpires next is all kinds of crazy wonderful as Trace and Ana Kelly surprise themselves and their families by falling head over heels in love forever.

This story plays out as it should with no one getting hurt but plenty of hesitation on both Ana and Trace's part to stay married even though the threat of retaliation from her powerful father only weakens with time. But the way Trace takes care of Ana, who for all of her bravado, is a woman who craves love and affection desperately, is what keeps her from walking away, even though she thinks she should. I mean who can resist this incredible man, sexy af with a heart as big as his pierced appendage? She'd be a fool to, that is for sure.

Of course, the entire Gallo clan is present and accounted for, grilling the newlyweds with how they ended up together and offering protection and help whenever and wherever it's needed. Sunday dinners have become a staple of this series and it's always fun watching the new couple, so to speak, get questions thrown at them throughout the day and night. But it's the love, that insanely incredible love that only a close-knit family can give that always makes me smile. Getting to watch Ana through Trace's eyes fall for his crazy crew and know that she must stay a part of it no matter what and have the full support of his parents and extended family is beautiful and why I keep coming back for more.

I will say, however, that I felt as if the threat that loomed over Trace and Ana was settled way too easily as I was hoping for more conflict and dare I say danger, much like what happened in cousin Gigi and Pike's duet. But it was all kinds of sexy getting to see Trace stand his ground to make sure his wife was never bothered again by her family. In addition, seeing Ana show Trace and her father the true woman she has always been, not allowing anyone to talk down to her or belittle her again, proved her 'worth' to this reader and to her husband as a newly-christened part of the Gallo brood.

I just love these Men of Inked books as they offer up great laughs, always a great love, and the warmth of familiarity with beloved characters and settings. I look forward to the books featuring Trace's former wingmen as they'll need taming much as he did. God help the women who try.

4 solid stars!
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210 reviews
January 24, 2023
Torch brings us the story of Trace and Ana, this is book 11 of the Men of Inked: Heatwave series but my first of both the series and this author and let me tell you that I fell completely in love with these characters and the way the author has us presents this unique story. The characters are wonderful, beginning with Trace, this boy who is somewhat relaxed, carefree and willing to have a good time, who at times has gotten into trouble with his mouth, now finds himself in an unfavorable situation and it is when he meets Ana, this girl who has been mentally abused for years but that doesn't stop her from defending herself and making herself heard, she is a strong woman and it is something that makes me admire her deeply and as the force that she is, she saves him in exchange for her help, this is where this story begins to unfold and God if there weren't moments where I was on the edge of my seat. This story is full of strong and sad moments, but also moments of laughter, joy and love. I am pleasantly surprised by this story and I am sure that after this story I will give the rest of the Gallo family a spin, highly recommended.
*Thanks to Chelle Bliss and Valentin PR for my ARC. I am voluntarily leaving my honest review*

Torch nos trae la historia de Trace y Ana, este es el libro 11 de la serie Men of Inked: Heatwave, pero mi primero tanto de la serie como de esta autora y déjenme decirles que quede completamente prendada a estos personajes y a la forma en que la autora nos presenta esta historia única. Los personajes son maravillosos, comenzando por Trace este chico algo relajado, despreocupado y dispuesto a un buen rato, al que a veces su boca lo ha metido en problemas ahora se encuentra en una situacion desfavorable y es cuando conoce a Ana, esta chica quien ha sido abusada mentalmente durante años pero eso no le impide defenderse y hacerse escuchar, es una mujer fuerte y es algo que me hace admirarla profundamente y como la fuerza que es, lo salva a cambio de su ayuda, es aquí donde esta historia comienza a desarrollarse y Dios si no hubo momentos en los que estuve al borde del asiento. Esta historia esta llena de momentos fuertes y tristes, pero también de momentos de risas, alegrías y amor. Quedo gratamente sorprendida con esta historia y estoy segura que después de esta historia le daré una vuelta al resto de la familia Gallo, súper súper recomendada.
*Gracias a [autor:Chelle Bliss|7164384] y Valentin PR por mi ARC. Dejo voluntariamente mi reseña honesta*
January 25, 2023
The Gallo’s are near and dear to me, and Ana even more so. Ana’s story is one of strength, perseverance, love and determination. I am so overjoyed that she finally got her HEA. Torch is the eleventh installment in the Men Of Inked: Heatwave spinoff by the ever talented Chelle Bliss.

Without too many spoilers, Ana’s life isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Sure, she was raised by a wealthy family, has never had to want for anything, but that is only on the surface. What is underneath all that fake is something far darker. Ana is a woman with no freedom, she exists solely for her family, and is controlled by a father who will never let her go. Poor Ana has been mentally abused and belittled her entire life. Enough is enough already. She has to get out, and the only way to do that is to help the man than her father kidnapped

Trace is the youngest of the Caldo brothers and the one that always finds himself in need of rescue one way or the other. Well this time he needs more than just a helping hand, he needs an actual rescue. He’s been kidnapped. When the unknown Ana comes to his aid at random, he is surprised, but doesn’t care, he just wants to get out of there. However, to save each other they are going to have to do something extreme, something that ends with I Do.

I loved Trace and Ana together! Trace has always come off as cocky, no cares guys that didn’t have a worry in the world, but that quickly changed when Ana came into the picture. It was so amazing to watch as Ana came out of her shell under Trace and his family's guidance. They treated her like she had always been a part of their family, it was so moving. A real family is all Ana has truly ever dreamt of, and Trace was the one that gave it to her. Of course there is some drama towards the end, and Trace and Ana are tested, but that won’t stop them, they both are determined to keep what they have found.

Torch was a fantastically wonderful read that will surely bring joy to its readers.
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3,354 reviews35 followers
January 23, 2023
I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

Trace Caldo's smart mouth always gets him in trouble. As the youngest of three brothers, he's used to scrapping to earn respect. But when he picks a fight with the wrong person, Trace ends up kidnapped, bound, blindfolded with no hope for escape. And when a beautiful woman comes to his rescue and offers him a way to stay alive, Trace can't refuse her.
Ana Marie Kelly appears to live a charmed life. Raised in a wealthy family, she has everything a woman can want-if you don't count freedom. Ana's always been under her father's thumb, expected to do as she'st old and not bring shame upon the family. But when Ana makes a mistake that could send her life in a tailspin, she can only think of one way out-the handsome man in her father's garage. ...and their only way out is to say "I do."

Awwww, Trace and Ana. Holy cow they are going to steal your heart and take you on one heck of a journey to happily ever after. Trace is the youngest of the three brothers and has quite the mouth on him. When he messes with the wrong person he is kidnapped and sees no way of escaping at all. Ana is a young lady who has really been mentally abused. Her father is absolutely horrible and also the man that has Trace. However she is finding her voice and oh what a voice it is. I loved watching the growth that Trace goes through. The way he is with Ana and how he defends his woman will just melt your heart. These two have some amazing chemistry and it is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat at times. This book is absolutely one that you are going to love. The Gallo's are just amazing and I don't think there hasn't been a book I haven't love but I devoured this one.
January 27, 2023
Trace & Ana ... road to true love

I love Chelle Bliss, even more, I love the Gallo family. I cannot ever get enough of them, and the stories involving the second generation are just as addictive as the originals. TORCH is book #11 in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series and is the story of Trace Caldo and Ana Kelly.

Trace is the youngest of Izzy and James Caldo's three sons. He's the carefree one, the one who doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. Hencem the reason he finds himself tied to a chair in the garage of a Miami crime boss. His saviour comes in the form of Ana Kelly, who sees Trace as a way of escaping her life. Mentally abused for her entire life by her father, Ana believes in saving Trace she will also be saving herself.

I simply adored Trace and Ana. Their relationship began in an unusual way, but I loved that they had each other's back. Trace has Gallo blood running through him, so you just know that he is going to be caring and extremely protective when it comes to Ana. As a result, Ana gains the confidence and inner strength she was missing and is finally able to confront her father. When she meets the Gallos she learns just exactly true love is and wants it for herself. Of course, there are the usual Gallo gatherings where everybody can't help voicing their opinions or showing their love and support.

Once again Chelle has shown her readers that love is found when you least expect it, and when you do it can be all-consuming.

TORCH is a journey to learning exactly what true love really is. Another MUST READ from this incredibly talented author.

Read and Reviewed for Reading Is Our Satisfaction

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1,503 reviews37 followers
January 20, 2023
Ana and Trace may have an unconventional first meeting, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter HOW two people meet if they’re so utterly perfect for each other. And by the end of our time with them, it’s clear that they’ve each done some saving for the other while also learning exactly who they are and what they want in life.

Ana made me want to cry a few times because her family is a tad less than pleasant. Okay, maybe a lot less than. But still, family is family, right? Not so much here. Sometimes, blood doesn’t get to be considered family and those who open hearts and arms to a stranger do. There might be one person worth a little redemption from Ana’s past, but we shall see if that holds true at some point in the future.

As for Trace, he wasn’t looking to settle down, but Ana has him rethinking that just as easily as she helped him vacate the location he sure hadn’t picked for his Miami visit. And even though it seems whirlwind to some, Trace just knows that there’s something worth figuring out with Ana. She settles him and makes him happy in so many ways. Add in how these two communicate and are just in tune to each other from jump and we have a story I didn’t want to put down.

You don’t need to read every book in this series to understand what’s going on, but why wouldn’t you? After all, if this family is always so hilarious and insulting and loving all at once and in perfect balance, who wouldn’t want to spend time with each couple as they find their way. Regardless, these two are definitely worth your time and the read because their road from strangers to couple to maybe getting a forever together is just fantastic.
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January 21, 2023
A New and FANTASTIC MOI: Heatwave Novel to Dive Into
Finding my first Chelle Bliss book a few years ago gave me an entire community of book nerds to belong to — to share our love of broken heroes and strong women, the steamy and sexy bits, the fun and laughter, and all the good things. I am a loud and proud Gallo Girl, and as such, I could not wait for “Torch.” This is Book 11 in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series, and avid fans like me look at this in a bittersweet way because we know that there are only two cousins left in the second generation of a family we have come to love as our very own. “Torch” brings us Trace’s story, and the smart-a$$ed, cocky youngest son of fan favorites James and Izzy doesn’t disappoint. Trace’s mouth lands him in some trouble (he is 100% his Ma’s son), but it also puts him in the path of Ana Kelly, a beautiful and independent young woman who is desperate to get out from under her notorious father’s vice-like control. Trace has the heart and soul of his Gallo and Caldo roots (causing plenty of those awww moments we love), and the chemistry between Ana and the super-hot tattoo artist is nothing short of panty-combusting. There are other things here that we’ve come to count on: Sunday dinners with the Gallo grandparents, appearances from all of our favorite elders in the family, and the current generation’s family group text thread that never fails to bring us some giggles. The only thing missing from this one was Aunt Fran groping someone, but it’s totally understandable since all the young studs are related to her in this one. LOL. EVERY. SINGLE. STAR.
January 24, 2023
I’ve been waiting on Trace Caldo’s book and as usual Chelle Bliss didn’t disappoint with Torch (Men Of Inked Heatwave #11). I’m SO thrilled that she’s kept this series going because I love the Gallo family so dang much. And I promise you that Chelle creates a clever storyline each and every time and the new generation just keeps getting better and better.

Out of the three Caldo children, Trace is the one who gets into the most trouble quite often and he really stepped into a pile this time. Lucky for him, the beautiful and lovely Ana Kelly has come to his rescue. And although she’s his rescuer, he saves her as well. Ultimately, they save each other in more ways than one. There are certain circumstances that lead them to agree to a fake marriage however there is nothing “fake” about their burning chemistry, desire for each other and their connection. They are absolutely on fire, I LOVED them together and they couldn’t have been a better match. It was a pleasant surprise and such a treat to see Trace’s tender and heartwarming side shine through. And Ana is one heck of a brave woman who has endured a lot of heartache in her life and emotional abuse from her father. One of my favorite things about Torch is Trace’s mom, Izzy Gallo Caldo. She’s one of the OG’s and she’s even more sassy while still being an amazing and caring mom. This book is one crazy ride filled funny Gallo moments, a little heartbreak, endearing scenes and hot and steamy sexcapades.

Torch is a wonderfully written story and Chelle continues to maintain that unique Gallo charm that I absolutely love!
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January 27, 2023
Really, really, really love this series!

I’ve been a fan of Chelle Bliss for years, and I have read all of her books. The Men of Inked series is definitely one of my favorites since I loved the original members of the series and getting to read the stories of their kids is just the icing on the cake!

This particular book features Izzy and James’ youngest son -Trace. Trace is in a bit of a predicament after being kidnapped by the big crime boss’s son after a fight. A woman saves him, and she ends up being the crime boss’s daughter, Ana, and her help came with strings. She needs a husband to get out from under her fathers’ thumb AND since she is pregnant from a one-night stand.

He agrees after a bit of coercion, and he takes her back to his home. Now he has to figure out how to tell his family – without actually telling his family the truth. What he didn’t expect was to start having feelings for the beautiful Ana. Ana has lived most of her life without a caring or touchy-feely family, so meeting Trace’s family makes her heart ache for what she could have.

Eventually, they agree to make a real try at whatever they have together, and its wonderful. Thankfully, there isn’t too much crazy crime boss daddy drama, but there is a really sad part of the book that made me cry.

Overall, this was a wonderful book that I wholeheartedly recommend.

I received an ARC for my honest review.
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February 1, 2023
Trace Caldo is the ultimate bad boy and does what ever he wants but when he finds himself in trouble it is a virtual STRANGER that saves his life and not his FAMILY !! We all know how the Gallo/Caldo family sticks together through thick and thin, so when the stranger is the one to help Trace it is the first thing that throws him about Ana Kelly !! And wait till you find out who Ana’s father is ….

Ana has her own predicament and when she see’s Trace as her out she TAKES IT !! Except she also feels something for Trace even though he is a stranger and they BOTH can’t understand what is happening ….

They both love their lives .. single, can do what ever they wants and when but they both feel they are missing something ?? We ALL know how important Sunday dinner is to Grandma Gallo so when they attend the Cousins try and fill them in on what they are feeling because it has happened to MOST of them !! Love at first sight !!

Except Mr. Kelly is not having any of this, he wants her back in Miami to become a NUN !! Nope not happening and Trace is right there for her !!

Can these two strangers make a go of it or will families or should I say family not let them be HAPPY and feel safe for the first time in their lives ??

We’ll knew Trace would do something stupid as usual BUT thank god he did to meet the love of his life .. ANA !!

Loved every word, emotion and feeling !!
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January 24, 2023
5 Stars

Trace Caldo may have moved to the top of my second generation favorites list. He’s always been the wild party type of guy, never spending more than one night with a woman. Variety is the spice of life and all that. At least until he finds himself tied up in a garage, then being rescued by a woman who has a proposition he can’t refuse.

Trace and Ana are absolutely perfect together. There was so much growth with each of these characters and I loved every second of it. You know you have a true relationship when each helps the other grow and overcome obstacles. Trace gave Ana the unwavering support she’s always needed to find her voice and stick up for herself. Ana showed Trace that he can commit and truly love just one woman forever.

As always, Chelle Bliss makes you feel like you are a part of Sunday dinners and a member of the Gallo family. They are obnoxious and all up in each other’s business, and all so very lucky to have one another. And nothing proves that more than when tragedy strikes for Trace and Ana and the entire family shows up for them.

Torch will bring out every emotion in you, (at least it did me lol). I laughed, I cried, I raged against the POS that is her father, but most of all, I loved every minute of this story.

Angela - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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January 27, 2023
Every time I read one of the books in this series, it feels like coming home. This is the eleventh book in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series and it gives readers Trace Caldo’s story. It can be read as a standalone but there is much that is missed if you have not read the previous books to meet the others of this amazing family. Trace is baby of his family and the apple of his mother’s eye. He has always been a wild one, getting into situations and this time it lands him in some hot water. Ana is a woman who grew up with privilege but that cost her in her ability to truly be herself. She learned at an early age to play the game to appease her father and maintain a certain image. When Trace and Ana connect, are they the solution to each other’s problems or will they create another complication adding smoke to the fire? These two are a slow burning ember that is just waiting to ignite. You cannot help but love this pairing as they are perfect compliments to each other. Trace is strong, yet caring and Ana is a feisty, strong woman who just needed a good man to bring it to the surface. Overall, this is one well written storyline and Ms. Bliss has knocked or out of the park. There is just nothing better than spending time with the Gallos! I cannot wait for more from this family!
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