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Drákon to ápeiro den koimátai pia.

We survived the first six months at Kronos University… barely.

In a moment born of weakness and desperation to survive, I accepted the claim on my person. In my world there’s no such thing as a do-over, hell, you can’t even profess ignorance. So I need to choose; either I live by my word, or I might die by the lie.

Luckily, Gus and I don’t have to prove our worth to become the Heir and Heiress of our family. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t trials and deceptions galore on the horizon. One of which turns out to be one of my mom’s final acts in this world.

The letters she left behind一letters that I never delivered to their intended receivers. But I can no longer ignore what I've hoarded in my treasure box, even if I wish I could. Because the secrets hidden in my mom’s scribbled words are about to change everything. Not just for me, but also for the men I want to keep and claim as mine.

Gus, the man I thought would always be by my side, is turning his back on me, again.
Poseidon, the man who’s so much more than my professor and savior, has his own secrets. Not to mention that the seat of power he occupies makes him almost god-like.
Liam, my unwavering consort and protector, at least I have him. He would never lie to me, right?

Archaic rules govern the Kronos Society, it’s a Patriarchy of the highest order, so how can I ever really know anything for certain?

All I know is that I won't back down. I refuse to be broken or bend to their will. I forge my own path.

Drákon the infinite no longer sleeps.

Please note; Heir is book 2 of 4 in The Drákon Legacy, and it cannot be read as a standalone.

Trigger Warning
This is a contemporary dark #whychoose romance series, meaning the FMC will have more than one love interest. Within this book, you will encounter taboo/forbidden themes, archaic rules and views that are not condoned by the author and/or the main characters, blood-play, dub-con, age-gap, student/teacher relationship.

If any of these subjects are upsetting or triggering for you, please don't read the book.

310 pages, Kindle Edition

Published September 15, 2022

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About the author

B. Lybaek

18 books294 followers
Bibi is a dark romance author who is addicted to coffee, Piña coladas, and chocolate... all the beautiful things that make life go around.

She loves talking about herself in third person, it makes her feel special. She lives in the North East of England, in a small town no one has ever heard of. Her household (herself and her boyfriend of 10 years) is ruled by their feline mistress who puts the 'tude in Tortitude.

Bibi recently changed her pen name from Ren Blakely to B. Lybaek. A pure vanity move as she wanted to see her real name on her books #NamesMatters

You can find Bibi all over the internet.. probably procrastinating.


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339 reviews20 followers
September 15, 2022
1st person/multiple pov
Spice: 4/5

WTAF?!?!..I have never had a series have me in a chokehold quite the same way this one does! It’s so hard to explain it too because until you read it you can’t fully understand how it will make you feel. There is SO much to unpack at every single turn it had my mind spinning the entire time I was reading. But… I like it! As soon as I feel like one thing is resolved or like I’ve figured things out here comes another drop of mystery and secrets thrown into the mix to stir things back up lol! Man does it keep you on your toes!
Now for the dragon herself… I love how tough Cia is. This poor girl has gone through some stuff. So to see how she’s handling it all and still managing to be the headstrong “no one can bring me down” spitfire that she is, not going to lie it’s kind of inspiring. So many times when she could have just broken down and given up she took a moment and then stood up ready to keep fighting.
Then you have the relationships with her three men.. That situation was already complicated from book one but get ready because it all got turned up a notch as new hurdles come their way from all sides. The traditions and beliefs of this ancient and powerful society are awful, but when you grow up in a world where that is all you know and what you’ve been taught, it’s hard to go against it. You definitely have to pick and choose your battles and it seems like that’s exactly what Cia is doing. It’s all one big game of chess with an opponent who may not be who or what they seem in the end. And I am here for it!!
One last thing - the ending… ohhhh the ending. I still don’t know if I was shocked, angry, worried, or.. happy? Yea it’s something else.. 😆

Double-check and then triple-check the TW for this one as it takes turns and tiptoes on lines that may bother some people to read about. But it’s so so good if you can!
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1,410 reviews137 followers
September 19, 2022
I absolutely couldn’t put this book down! The twists and turns kept coming it’s dark it’s steamy and intense I couldn’t read it fast enough I need more! Definitely a wild ride and I can’t wait for the next book already!
659 reviews24 followers
August 15, 2022
I NEED MORE WORDS! What the flip did I just read? Absolutely flipping loved this, but I need more words. Gus is still on my hit list, so is Kai, to some extent. I need the next book ASAP.
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2,525 reviews40 followers
September 22, 2022
WTF!!! This series just keeps getting better and more twisted as we dive deeper into the darker layers of the story that we are slowly peeling back with each book. We are given some answer to the questions we had when the first book abruptly ended but there are still so many freaking questions that I have now. As I get further into the story my emotions are thrown all over the place. I laughed a lot, but I screamed and shouted a whole hell of a lot more. And then that freaking crazy ending – WTF – how am I going to wait for all the answers now! I had such anxiety while reading this one as I never knew what the hell was going to be thrown at me next or what twist the story was going to take when I turned the pages. It was dark, intense, suspenseful and one crazy emotional rollercoaster ride that I never wanted to end.

Cia is a MF Queen. She is growing stronger, fiercer, and becoming the leader that she was definitely born to be. But there are secrets being kept from her that may end up destroying her or the family that she is building.

This story is really well written with such phenomenal characters and a storyline that has so many twists and turns that they kept showing up out of nowhere and smacking me in the face. There are just so many secrets, deceptions and betrayals that are being played out in one hell of a dangerous game of chess – and I am all for it!

I can’t wait for the next book to see how this story is going to unfold.
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416 reviews19 followers
September 13, 2022
Super second book!
Well after the ending of the last book there’s a lot to unpick in this one - it’s a complicated web of secrets and deception!!
After surviving the ordeal of the auction and the betrayal of her witchy aunt, Cia is trying to move on with her life, yet honestly it’s just one family let down after another for Cia 😭 as much as I liked Gus, yeah now not at all!! The way he handled the news of Kai (who is not all he portrays himself to be!!) and Cia is just 🤬 but thankfully her new beau and Liam come to her aid 🥰
There is a lot that is uncovered in this book that is going to have a massive impact on Cias life both as part of the Kronos society but also personally! It’s an absolute web between all these families and how they may connect or actually be enemies and the more that’s revealed the more questions are raised 😬
Love how the author has intricately woven the past and present together in these books 😀
It’s going to be really interesting to see how she responds to that little drama at the end there in the next book!
Profile Image for XxnightxowlxX74.
778 reviews3 followers
September 26, 2022
Not as it seems…

Cia is looking for answers and revenge but first she needs to figure out who is really on her side. Liam is the only one so far that has not left her. Gus is keeping his distance and she doesn’t know why. Friendships arise out of the other families that are unusual.
Revelations are made, identities are revealed and ghosts from the past return.
Cia makes a decision that will keep her consorts close and will bring her closer to Kai. In a ritual to be claimed by Kai all in attendance are drugged and one of the ghosts rescues her.
This kept me on my toes and I loved all the details that were revealed.
Twists and turns will keep you in suspense.
I’m excited to read what happens next.
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2,593 reviews40 followers
October 16, 2022
*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

I thought book one was fantastic but this one totally blew it out of the water. It will hook you from the very first page not letting you go until the very last page. There is so much going on that it keeps the story moving at a fast pace with all the twists and turns. I cannot wait to see what comes next for this group. I totally loved it so I give it 5/5 stars.
Profile Image for bookaddict2021.
193 reviews3 followers
September 15, 2022
"I am mother****in Acacia Drakon, the blood of a dragon runs through my veins. I make my own decisions. I'm no one's damsel in distress and I don't take orders from anyone."

(I decided to keep the above quote because I still love it and it sums up Acacia so well)

In Heir the secrets and the dishonesty and lies just carry on between Gus and Acacia which made me really frustrated with them. I thought after how the previous book ended this would change but it didn't. The Kronos Society is still meddling in their lives and is still the number one priority for each of them and I feel like they will never be together as they want to be until they start putting the society lower down on their priorities.

Acacia's relationships change between all her guys, with Gus it's still mostly the same but there's definite trust issues now because they both know each other is keeping secrets from the other. The lack of communication is also a problem and until everything is out in the open and even though the things they are doing they believe are right to keep the other safe something needs to be done.

Liam is still amazing, he's unashamed of his feelings and is fiercely loyal, protective and simply devoted to Acacia which I love so much. Kai a.k.a Poseidon is another matter and there's a lot that is revealed about him and new surprises that affect their relationship if they have one. I don't want to say too much about them and spoil it though so I won't say anything else.

The last 20% there were so major changes and secrets finally being revealed, some that really cut Acacia open to the core and she feels like she has no choice. There is so much old tradition, and patriarchal 'this is how its done' mentality between a lot of the characters even the higher ups and things just have to change.

As an Aries I have a low tolerance for dishonesty in real life so the situation between Gus and Acacia made me angry. Acacia is strong and she doesn't put up with very much but when its coming from her family or the society she just accepts it. I really want to see Acacia fighting the status quo and the archaic beliefs and trying to turn thins around. I'm also wondering if a certain Russo Heir might join the harem in the next book?
Profile Image for Mari.
66 reviews2 followers
November 2, 2022
This is book 2 of 4 in the Drakon Legacy series. The book picks up where the other left off and Acacia and Gus have gone from proteges to heirs of the Drakon family. While they don't have to fight for the title the other families do. Reminding Cia she can't trust everyone. To make it worse for her Gus is still hiding secrets from her. Secrets she knows aren't up to him to hide but still make her weary of how to fully trust him when her head has refused to do so. Those secrets have her questioning everyone around her only fully trusting Liam. But her body wants to trust Kai and Gus even as her mind tries to reason with her.

Please check the trigger warnings before reading!!

My rating:☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️(5/5)

I absolutely love this book!!!! It was so heartbreaking as a reader to see all the misunderstandings going around them. But when you see their POV and realize they don’t know what you know it makes me want to jump in and slap some common sense to them a few times. The fact we have 4 POV was amazing!!!! The secrets you found out in each head!!!! Cia seems so pure because her morals are so simple yet those around her don’t seem to share her morality. Or in their own sense break her trust for her own good/the greater good.

🚨🚨Spoilers below read at your own risk🚨🚨

Secrets, secrets secrets!! Honestly Liam is a real one!!! This man has stood through thick and thin with her and is well aware of what she is capable of. He is more than willing to back down when he is sure she can handle herself but doesn't stay too far behind in case he needs her anyway. And Kai!!!! This man!! He holds a power to even me! His internal struggle with not just himself but with our Acacia is so interesting and heart wrenching because who doesn't love a loyal man! The fact he is willing to protect her from his own society as best he can by marrying her!!! All I gotta say is Gus gotta get his ish together!!! My man is slacking and getting angry for not being included when he himself tries to avoid them. The cliffhanger too!!!! Definitely not the ending I was expecting after the claiming ceremony! I can't wait for book 3 to come out!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Aurora.
136 reviews34 followers
September 16, 2022
“Drákon the infinite no longer sleeps.”


Heir became the death of me.

I don’t know how its possible, but I think I loved Heir even more than Protege.

So much happens in so little time, and you can’t help but get sucked in. There are so many twists and turns that you just can’t predict.

Acadia Drákon is such a badass, and so powerful. Even at her very core, she is so very much a leader and infamous. She’s been through hell, and even knows all the guys are keeping secrets from her; and yet, she still radiates power and the tough attitude. But she knows when to back off, which is something that most people don’t know how to do,

We get the instant mystery from her mother’s letters; ones that could change the world.

You instantly fall in love with them all in Protege, and my love for them only deepened now.

And I will never forgive Lybaek for that ending.

You fall head first with the instant mystery, intrigue, romance, relationships, secret societies, and everything that lures you in.

Do be mindful of the triggers and read Protége before diving in.

“ ‘Listen to me, William Drákon.’ // … // ‘Unless you want me to release you from your oath, you’re not going anywhere. You’re not expendable and you’re certainly not negotiable. You. Are. Mine.’ “

“When we were together every day, I never paid much attention to the little things. But now that we’re not, I find myself constantly doing things I know she’d approve of– especially when it comes to what I’m wearing.”

📸 Edit is mine, photos from Pinterest

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209 reviews
November 3, 2022
Wow! What an action packed installment, it definitely gets edgier and grittier compared to the last book. Just as great as the first book, but even more thrilling and intense. This is book 2 in the Drakón Legacy series and another good addition to Cia's story. It will hook you from the first page and not let you go until the very last page. Some secrets have come to light but we've also gotten a few new mysteries as well.

Cia never ceases to amaze me with her confidence and strength. She can be viscous when she needs to be, but also loving and protective of her men. The chemistry between Cia and Liam, Gus and Kia is amazing and it burns up the pages. She is the ultimate badass and the best woman to go up against the patriarchy governing their society. I love how she’s willing to fight for what she wants and what she believes in. I also love how she’s not afraid to take on her adversaries. But when she realizes what secrets she now holds in her hands, thanks to the letters left by her mother, everything changes.

Overall, if you love contemporary dark RH romances, full of deliciously dark and taboo relationships such as student/teacher, secret societies with archaic rules and guidelines, twists and turns and definitely tons of hot steamy things, then grab this book. But make sure to read book 1 Protégé first. You won’t regret reading this series!!

I'm really curious after that ending, it’s one that leaves you on the edge of your seat, impatiently awaiting the next book! I can't wait to see what's in store for Cia next. I loved everything about this book and Cia’s journey with her men. If you have not started this series, I suggest you pick it up today, you wont be disappointed!!
491 reviews6 followers
September 22, 2022
B Lybaek does it again Heir is the second instalment of The Drakon Legacy and this series just keeps on giving. The amazing character and world building continues to draw you in and captive you and before you know it, it's the last page.

Cia is astounding this girl rises above everyone in this book. She shows her strength, her fight, her empathy and her ability to lead. Cia is growing from strength to strength even in the face of every adversity her world throws at her. There are very fmcs 10000% invested in but she truly is one of them. She has the power to affect great change in the lives of those around her I just hope she has the support around her to see it through.

Liam out of all Cia's men is the most honest but even he is complicit in the lies that surround her. Although his love and loyalty are never in doubt.

Gus I want to love him. His history with Cia should make him undoubtable but he is too easily led by false truths and plays into the hands of those who want to use him. I hope he can pull himself together and find the strength that Cia has blind faith in him possessing.

Kai he has more layers than an onion but he is hiding behind them to protect himself but I fear long term it'll only hurt more. He has the opportunity to bring the society into the present but is he strong enough to see it through.

I absolutely love Cia and her guys, they aren't perfect, they're real, tortured and surrounded by lies. Will they be able to rely on each other for all the challenges they will undoubtedly face and come out the otherside intact? That is the question I can't answer.
Profile Image for Book Life With Jen.
741 reviews15 followers
September 28, 2022
Heir: A Dark Secret Society is the second book in the Drákon Legacy series by B. Lybaek and was just as fabulous as the first but even more thrilling and intense!

Heir continues the story of Acadia and her three gloriously sexy men, (Gus, Poseidon and Liam) and their time at Kronos University dealing with the Kronos society and all the archaic rules and guidelines that govern their every move and the secrets and enemies that lurk around every corner. And when those secrets appear to be closer to home and being kept from her by her men? They better watch out because she’s not messing around this time…

Acadia never ceases to amaze me with her confidence and strength and is the ultimate badass and the best women to go up against the patriarchy governing their society. I love how she’s not afraid to take on her adversaries and how she’s willing to fight for what she wants and what she believes in. And when she realizes what secrets she now holds in her very own hands thanks to the letters left by her mother, everything changes.

Overall if you love contemporary dark RH romances full of deliciously dark and taboo connections (student/teacher), secret societies with archaic rules and guidelines, mysterious happenings, twists and turns and tons of hot steamy things such as blood-play and dub-con—then grab this one now and dive on in. You won’t regret it. ;) just be mindful of the triggers and proceed with caution if you have any concerns!
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230 reviews14 followers
November 16, 2022

I still don’t like Gus. Like he’s not redeeming himself whatsoever 🤣 he can butt out of the harem for all I care at this point. His MOTHER tried to SELL his friggin’ lover and still won’t kill her?!?! But now he has the balls to say he’ll protect his sister, WHO WENT OFF SCRIPT AND STABBED HIS LOVER, over Cia???? And don’t even get me started on what he pulled towards the end, such a POS.

Are we adding Remus to the harem or just loving him from afar?? He got a bit of attention this book so he can take Gus’ place. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I genuinely don’t know if I like this series or not lmfao. I can’t stop reading it? But I’m also constantly rolling my eyes at Cia’s quick change in tone and temperament. Babe flies off the handle, sneers and hisses for no dang reason sometimes.

Liam and Kai are still okay in my book. Liam is sorta becoming less and less noticeable in the series, even during his POV’s. Like he’s just wallpaper at this point. You know he’s there but isn’t really intriguing enough to pay attention to. Kai, Mr. Secrets-of-all-secrets, is quickly coming to terms with the fact that he is interested in Cia and thank gawd because the back and forth was getting a wee old.

*sigh* onto the next book.
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317 reviews13 followers
September 20, 2022
This book is packed to the hilt with drama, unexpected events, hot and steamy moments and the mythology just ties it all together in a pretty black bow.

The Society has some awful ancient beliefs that really need to be dissolved, but Cia takes everything on the chin and still has her head held high after everything has been said and done. I don't think I would be women enough to do some of the things she has been forced to do this far, that's for sure.

I freaking hate Gus, more than any main male character ever, honestly its like he had a personality transplant or something because he just didn't act in anyway like the Gus we come to know in Protégée.

Mr Time however can take up all my time. Jheeze, that man is something else, he is for sure the Greek God Cia likes to call him. Liam is like a cute muscular teddy bear, who would lay his life down for the woman he loves and that says it all in my books.
842 reviews5 followers
September 16, 2022
Wow this series keeps bring the twists and secrets. This secret society sucks you in and keeps you in its trance all the way through. Just when you think some secrets are being answered more and more keep showing up. This story keeps you mind thinking trying to figure out what is happening and why. This series keeps you on your toes right from the first chapter. I absolutely love Cia's character she is one alpha female that can be viscous when she needs to be but also soft, loving and protective of her men. Kia had his ups and downs for me in this story but he has won my heart. The chemistry between Cia and Liam, Gus and Kia is exceptional and they burn up the pages. There is so much more we need to find out and I can't wait just give me more please. If you have not started this series pick it up today you wont be disappointed. I was given this book as an ARC for my honest review.
September 20, 2022
Omg Nooo don't stop there!!! Ugh that ending argh...this arthur just killed me with that cliffhanger. This is the 2nd book of the Drakon Legacy and you have to read book 1 Protege to undestand what takes place in this book and booknerds there is so much that happens and secrets revealed a person could get whiplash.

Holy Moley talk about an explosive book. I could feel how Acacia felt at the secrets that were revealed and then that shocking bomb that was dropped. I honestly don't know how she kept from setting everything or anything on fire with the betrayal..I know I would have. You just need to read this series to find out what I'm talking about it's so damn good. I don't want to say too much to give things away, because wow that ending was just wow. Now I have to wait and find out what happened and who did what. I have an idea actually 2😏 I cant wait for the next in the series.
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540 reviews3 followers
September 15, 2022
Book 2 is intense! More of the characters are revealed, not just to the reader but to each other. Acacia is given plenty of opportunity to shine here and shine she does. Showing them all that not only is she a worthy leader, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Liam remains her consort and continuously shows his devotion. Gus, well Gus has his own agenda and the relationship between him and his "cousin" is deeply fractured. Kai makes his own rules and while his obsession with Acacia deepens, the danger and politics around them continues. I love the old world blending with the new, the secret society with rules that not even everyone in it knows and mostly, I love the symbolism. This was an exciting and fun read, eagerly anticipating the rest of this outstanding series!
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441 reviews4 followers
September 20, 2022
I received an Advanced Reader Copy for an honest and voluntary review

This series has been amazing so far!! This book was such a page turner for me, and I HAD to know what was going to happen next!! There is so much action, and the story stays moving, with so many unpredictable twists and turns 🫢 I love Acadia as an FMC ♥️ She’s been through so much, and is so strong because of it!! She doesn’t back down from the challenges and obstacles in her way 🖤 There is so much mystery, with the secret societies, and Acadia’s mother’s letters. Those letters are extremely important!! Not to mention the secrets that Acadia’s guys are hiding….Gus, Liam and Poseidon!! Whew the relationships 😍 Also, EEP that ending!!!!!
I can’t wait for the next book 🤗
September 11, 2022
Stephannie's 5 + Star Review:

This one starts off a little slow but it quickly picks up and by the end, I am singing this book's praise.  What did I just read? Wow, this one has some twists and turns that I didn't see coming at all. Just when I think I have things figured out, BAM ! I NEED MORE of this one and can't wait for the next book. I think there is still more to discover and nothing is over yet.  There are still secrets that haven't been revealed yet.  I am loving these characters not necessarily the Kronos Society itself. It's a little bit crazy and outdated. But I love this series. One click on this series now! 
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1,600 reviews52 followers
September 15, 2022
Well dang!! This is book number 2 in the Drakon series and holy crap was this a wide ride. The sexy time is straight up fire like ladies I am talking melt them panties right off. Its dark and twisted and holy mother PLOT TWIST that was like a punch to the gut to say the least. This new series is checking off all my boxes for sure. This is such an amazing read that will have you on the edge of your seat. Just when you think you know you blink and bam your hit with another shocker. This is one of those books that you wont be able to put down because you cant wait to see what is going to happen next. Another fantastic read!!
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680 reviews31 followers
September 17, 2022
It’s official! After reading the second book Heir in The Drakon Legacy, I am a big, big fan of paranormal romance and B. Lybaek is the sole reason. It is even more intense, much more complicated with new secrets popping up and much darker in the emotions department than Protégé. I have loved and enjoyed every word, every page and it kept me at the edge of my seat with one hand on my heart. One word of advice though, you will be a ball of emotions when you’re done, thinking if you should love or hate certain characters. I am curious as to what more Lybaek can bring to the table to keep up with this level of suspense and thrill. Can’t wait to found out though!
Profile Image for Michelle Ann.
400 reviews16 followers
September 12, 2022
Book 2 is here and I couldn’t put this book down! We are back in Cia’s world. She’s still with Liam as her consort. Gus is trying his hardest to get back to her side but she still has not claimed as his consort again. He’s still on the outs.Kai is now sliding in, claiming he. So much more gets unpacked in this book. We have some questions answered, but more questions arise as we uncover the mysteries and intrigue that plague them all. That cliffy is a doozy and I’m so invested. I need to know what happens next!
Profile Image for Toni M.
151 reviews6 followers
September 17, 2022
Well damn there I go again crying! I think I cried a lot throughout this book. My heart was breaking.
I think the author loves to make us cry because out of the 5 books of hers I’ve read 4 of them have had me in tears.
Wow and there was me thinking book 1 had a lot of secrets, book 2 has a million times more.
This book became complex at times and had me speeding through because I needed all the answers. Which I still haven’t gotten haha.
Once again this book was amazing, it had me hooked. I can’t wait for more.

Damn, another cliffhanger.. the waiting is torture.
August 21, 2022
What a great continuation of this story. As Acacia continues to find her path among the society she continues to encounter difficulties and chances to overcome them and be a fearless leader. But she learns her path has already been chosen for her by another. I loved everything about this book and her journey with her men. But that cliffhanger is a doozy. One that leaves you on the edge of your seat, impatiently awaiting the next book!
Profile Image for Kimberly Wisniewski.
155 reviews5 followers
September 13, 2022
My mind has been blown. While this book starts off a little slow it definitely blew my mind. This book answers so many questions I had from the first book while also leaving me with just as many new questions. I absolutely love Kai. I’ve definitely been shocked and I’m looking forward to the next book. Please be aware of the cliffhanger that will having you wanting to throw your reading device across the room because you know the next book is not available yet.
Profile Image for Amy.
663 reviews
September 25, 2022

Wow! I’m still in shock over the cliffhanger and my mind is racing on who the person is . Acacia still the strong heiress helping out someone in need has her consorts helping her. Kai finally steps up to his claim I’m still reeling over that ending though . I was just as shocked as cia was with all the things she learned about her family. I can’t wait to read the next book I’m straight loving this series.
Profile Image for Kerrie Goodman.
386 reviews6 followers
November 30, 2022
Ahhh I bloody love Cia. She's such a strong person. Inside and out, but I love that sometimes the vulnerability shines through.

Those boys though, Grrr they drive me mad! I don't know if I want to kiss or kick them half the time.
The second book Is as much mystery a the first. You never know quite where you are and the bits fall into place one at a time until you're left open mouthed. Then the next twist comes along and all you thought you knew is gone!

I need more!!
Profile Image for Felicia's Review.
1,689 reviews20 followers
September 14, 2022
Omg this series keeps getting better. This book had so many twist and turns. We see Cia dealing with everything that happened in book 1. As Gus is trying to get back in with Cia. Kai and Liam are still by her side. This book answered so many questions but left us with more. I can't wait for the next book.
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September 14, 2022
OMG! What a follow up book this was! There are so many twists and turns in the plot, you just don't know what to expect next. This was one I couldn't put down. It was so compelling and enthralling, I had to know what was going to happen. And the cliff-hanger at the end! I need the next book as soon as possible! Another amazing read by an amazing author.
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