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Igraine the Brave

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Igraine dreams of being a famous knight like her great-grandfather, but castle life is boring. Until the nephew of the baroness-next-door plans to capture the castle for their singing spell books. At the moment of the siege, her parents mistakenly turn themselves into pigs. Aided by a Gentle Giant and a Sorrowful Knight, Igraine must be brave, and save the day -- and the books.

212 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 1998

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Cornelia Funke

273 books12.3k followers
Cornelia Funke is a multiple award-winning German illustrator and storyteller, who writes fantasy for all ages of readers. Amongst her best known books is the Inkheart trilogy. Many of Cornelia's titles are published all over the world and translated into more than 30 languages. She has two children, two birds and a very old dog and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Author 10 books20 followers
October 10, 2012
I loved it! It was very readable (or, er, listenable), and I enjoyed the fact that the heroine was a female knight! I will definitely be reading this to my daughters when they get to be around 8 or 9. This was my first exposure to Funke, and I think I will go check out some more of her stuff now.

Addendum: To heck with 8 or 9. They are 3.5 and 4.5, and we started reading it together today. The oldest didn't want me to stop :)

Addendum 2: It was a little rough with the 3.5-year-old. I'll be honest; I completely lost her through large chunks of the novel. The 4.5-year-old also struggled, but with some explaining, I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.
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3,550 reviews509 followers
December 20, 2007
Anyone mourning the lack of "beautiful dark notes" obviously doesn't get what this book is--not a dark, meaningful (and perhaps even pretentious, because Funke CAN get pretentious) young adult work, but a fun, rollicking read that kids will ENJOY. And isn't that what matters in a good kids book?

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580 reviews14 followers
June 3, 2018
I quite enjoyed this little read! It was fast paced and held every little detail about the medieval ages!! Knights in shining armor, dragons, battles, a little magic, and a girl trying to protect her home!
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1,065 reviews2,897 followers
September 13, 2018
The reason why I was able to read this book is kind of a funny one: I was complaining to a friend of mine that I had read all of the TOP 10 most popular books of Cornelia Funke on Goodreads (as one does, right?), except for Igraine Ohnefurcht and that that really bothered me because I hadn't even heard of the book before... as a long-time fan of Funke, I was disappointed in myself. :D Then, out of the blue, my friend asked me if I wanted to have her old copy as she has no sentimental value attached to it... and here we are, two days have passed and now I'm finally in on the mystery of Igraine Ohnefurcht.

It was a fun little children's tale with a good mixture between adventure and heartfelt moments. I liked the fact that Igraine was such a strong heroine. However, I still noted some fatshaming in regards to the character of Bertram. I really don't understand why Funke keeps stereotyping her characters in that way, always linking "fatness" with clumsiness. It's so unnecessary.

Also, little Albert is just my bae. His fancy entrance at the end had me shook. #proudmom
Profile Image for Sierra.
18 reviews3 followers
October 18, 2007
I really enjoyed Cornelia Funke's other books, so I was looking forward to sitting down with this one. Unfortunately, while it's generally a fun, non-threateningly-quirky read, it's also one of Ms. Funke's weakest offerings to date. Which is not to say that young girls interested in becoming sword-wielding defenders of righteousness should not totally devour this book; they should, and they should also practice fencing and being chivalrous and generally figuring out how not to be a quiet, demure scrap of traditional femininity. Props to Funke for adding to the budding-feminist canon, but I'd like to see a little more oomph in her next one.
Profile Image for Adrian.
481 reviews2 followers
February 7, 2011
I'm working my way through a list of books that were suggested to counter the fainting princess narrative for girls; in other words, I'm reading some books with active heroines, looking for some to read to Rose Pink (or have her read later) that will hopefully invite her to strength and decision rather than passively waiting for someone to rescue her.

Right. So this is one of those books and I really enjoyed it. Igraine faces fear and does what's necessary to save her parents and home. At the same time, it was a very safe book because nothing truly irreversibly bad happens. (My daughter is, after all, only six. Let's save real heartache for later.) It's below YA level, so perfect for reading to her right now.
Profile Image for Patricia.
324 reviews43 followers
September 18, 2018
Ein wunderbares Kinder- und Jugendbuch mit einer starken sowie sympathischen Protagonistin. Ich persönlich bin kein besonderer Fan von Geschichten, die im Mittelalter spielen, aber meine Schülerinnen und Schüler waren völlig begeistert von diesem Roman, der sich beinahe wie ein lustiges Märchen lesen lässt!
Profile Image for Ava •°✧•.
190 reviews22 followers
August 12, 2021
I have no idea how I haven't marked this as read before now. This was one of the first books that ever got me into reading and for that it will always have a special place in my heart
40 reviews
November 18, 2008
A girl who aspires to be a knight must save her magician parents (who have accidentally turned into pigs) and defend her castle against an evil magician.

Appropriate for ages 9-13

This amusing adventure fantasy story is about Igraine, a 12-year-old princess who aspires to be a knight, and who lives with her magician parents in a a castle guarded by roaring stone lions and fire-breathing gargoyles. When her parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs on her birthday and an evil magician is poised to invade their castle, Igraine must save them by going on a quest to gather hairs from a red-headed giant, which are the missing ingredient in the potion they need to return to their human form. Along the way, she meets the Sorrowful Knight, who teaches her about swordfighting and chivalry; together, they ride home to confront the magician. Filled with imaginative and comical details, this story with a plucky female heroine is a great read for girls. This not scary, so it is appropriate for younger readers in grades 3-5. Appealing black and white line drawings and a section that introduces the cast of characters add to the fun.

Reviewers were generally enthusiastic. A Publisher's Weekly review from 9/10/2007 described and praised the book and drawings; the reviewer also recommended the book as a read-aloud story because of an " abundance of action and humor". A Library Media Connection review (January, 2008)was the only one which was somewhat critical--the reviewer thought that some of the characters were stereotyped and parts of the story were predictable. I think children would be bothered by any of this, and the characters were not stereotypical in any way that would be harmful to children.
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Author 1 book51 followers
December 28, 2015
ریت اصلی: 3 و نیم تا 4 (نه دقیقا 4)
داستان قشنگی بود و جالب! اگه بچه تر بودم حتما 5 میدادم بهش :))
Profile Image for E.F.B..
398 reviews
October 27, 2021
Very enjoyable. I honestly don't have a lot to say besides that, LOL. It's truly appropriate for readers from children to adult who want a light and wholesome advenure with honorable heroes and heroines, and a bad guy who is bad, but not to the point of frightening small children. There's a talking cats, humorous magical oopsies that may or may not involve people accidentally getting turned into pigs. Etc, etc. A very positive and uplifting story. 

Content Advisory:

A couple statements that someone swore, but never actual swear words written out.

Action and adventure happen and there are occasional light battles, but all violence is kept bloodless and exciting rather than intense.

Human characters have magical abilities and the magic spells tend to be along the lines of short rhymes that animate stone statues, turn people into animals and back again, give animals the ability to talk, make dresses, and other light and often silly things. 

Zero romance.
Profile Image for Patricia.
324 reviews43 followers
November 18, 2022
Ich bin ein großer Fan von Cornelia Funke und meine Schüler*innen lieben Igraine ebenfalls jedes Mal wieder sehr.
Ein Mädchen, das nicht zaubern möchte, sondern lieber Ritter sein will. Eine spannende Handlung ohne übertriebene Gewalt, eine liebevolle Familie und eine starke Protagonistin. Daraus sind gute Kinderbücher gemacht.
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30 reviews
January 20, 2023
Kinderfilm Drehbuchtest #6

Ja. Spannend, lustig und lehrreich!
Profile Image for Fi's Journey.
507 reviews19 followers
February 13, 2018
"Drat it! Today of all days I have to be wearing skirts!"

I thought this story was delightful. I like Funke's illustrations, too, which are quite whimsical.
Perhaps because I grew up in Germany and read German books, I find this one just as delightful as her other books. My favourite book of her's so far is Dragon Rider and I want to re-read it, so I can read the 2nd in that series. Plus, I would love to get into Inkheart as well.

In Ingraine the Brave (German: Igraine Ohnefurcht) the things I liked the most were the Singing Books, the enchantments of the (small) castle and Sisyphus (who's Igraine's tomcat).
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130 reviews23 followers
January 30, 2009
Igraine is a twelve year old girl who longs to be a knight and have adventures. But her life is unexciting. Until her birthday, when her parents (magicians) are turned into pigs by accidental magic, and their castle comes under siege by Osmund the Greedy. Igraine must use her wits and chivalrous code to save her parents and the castle, with some help from friends.

We read this book as a family, and my kids (5 & 8) LOVED it. Really loved it. I don't remember the last time they got ready for bed so fast each night. Fun as a one-time read for me, but definitely a keeper for the kid appeal.
Profile Image for Laura.
547 reviews89 followers
February 19, 2021

My nine year old daughter loved this book. She gave it five stars and said it was one of her favorite books. It had magic, knights, talking books, good versus evil, and virtues about how to be a true knight of honor. I listened to the audio version while she read her hard copy, and I really enjoyed this book myself. My daughter was bummed when she learned that this was not part of a series, because she really want more stories like this one.
4.5 stars for a fun, magical book that my daughter couldn’t put down.
Profile Image for Christina (A Reader of Fictions).
4,211 reviews1,649 followers
September 28, 2020
This was cute, and it does play with certain tropes in fun ways. Were it not so short, I think I would have gotten bored, as I didn't emotionally connect to anyone, but, as it is, it's quick, fun, and quite silly (not an insult). I could see this being a really fun one to read with a younger kid.
Profile Image for Motahare Ghaderi.
167 reviews74 followers
April 26, 2017

انتظارم خیلی بزرگانه تر بود
انتظارم یه عالمه کشمکش بود.؛یه عالمه گره که وا نمیشن تا جونت بالا بیاد..مشکل پشت مشکل و دردسر پشت دردسر.بدبیاری و آدمای تو زرد و خائن.
ولی نبود.
به خودم میگفتم یه جا شوالیه غمگین خیانت کنه بره سمت آسموند طمع کار یا مثلا مباشر آسموند یه نیزه ی جادوشده ی دیگه یه جا قایم کرده بوده باشه یا کار خراب شه و پدر و مادر ایگرن دیگه نتونن به حالت الیه شون برگردن
اما هیچ کدوم از این اتفاقا یفتاد.
آخرش یادم اومد قهرمان این داستان یه دختر بچه ی 12 ساله ست توی یه دنیای جادویی که آدماش یا سفیدن یا سیاه.و آدم سیاهاش کمن و تو خالی
نه یه دختر 23ساله توی یه دنیای واقعی با یه عالمه غریبه دورش!
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488 reviews28 followers
August 23, 2022
August 2022 reread:
Pure joy and fun with some great lessons mixed in. The story is not so much about Igraine fulfilling her fantasies of becoming a knight but about her learning what a knight truly is. One of the things I admire most about this book is Funke's restraint. Many authors would probably have Igraine save the day single-handedly or fight the spiky knight herself. Funke wisely avoids such incredible victories and has Igraine overcome reasonable obstacles and at the end shows her on her way to becoming a knight. Apart from the believability (yes, I know, in an unbelievable fantasy story!), I love the magical features of the castle, the varied and charming cast of characters, and Funke's illustrations that as usual present a visual feast. Pimpernel Castle further inspires my fantasies of living in a castle.

The Inkheart series has prompted me to consider whether or not I would want to visit books I read. Some books I love but would not want to find myself in, or at least mostly contain things I would want to avoid (Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, many fairy tales, for instance). But this book I would definitely want to travel into. And although I admire Igraine's determination and ambition, I think I would want to learn magic with Albert, his parents, and the books.

This makes yet another Funke book that I formerly thought was just okay but now love.

A very fun read. I appreciate that it doesn't have the extreme violence of Funke's Ink and Reckless books and doesn't take itself too seriously. I find Igraine's world more convincing and real, too. Right away I'm drawn into the story setting and feel like I know Pimpernel Castle well. I like Igraine's family, too, though the parents are a little idealistic and perfect.

There are a few parts that fall flat. For one, at the beginning Igraine is easy to follow, complaining that nothing very exciting ever happens. But then, when it finally does, there is little reaction from her. She just briskly shouts insults at Osmund and goes to get the giant's hairs, drifting away from the reader a little. I would have liked some commentary when things started to happen, such as 'At last, she was getting her wish/chance to prove herself'. It does say she's not sure she likes it, but that's it.

The villains could be a little more menacing. Maybe they aren't because they growl and roar and hop around too much, becoming rather ridiculous. But, as the story has an overall fun, playful feel, they work.

Although Igraine does prove her bravery, there isn't much struggle with trying to be so shown beyond a few mentions of her being afraid, so character development is minimal. Her part in the plot is a little minimal as well. Albert, the Sorrowful Knight, and Igraine's parents really shoulder most of the action with her going along and helping.

So, I don't connect with the characters on a really deep level, but I enjoy their company and spending time in their world.
Profile Image for Amy.
307 reviews40 followers
April 23, 2022
4/23/22 Update:
We’re finishing our last book for the year in 4th-6th grade lit, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to end the year with this light, uplifting story. One of my boys, a reluctant reader who hasn’t enjoyed a single book this year, actually read ahead on this. He’s completed each comprehension/discussion question and creative response to literature activity I’ve thrown at him with a smile. It feels like such a win. Thanks, Cornelia Funke.

I’m in the middle of tweaking the curriculum for my literature classes for next year. We teach through time periods and are focusing on the Medieval Era in 2021-2022. I’ve been determined to add some books that are set in that time period, which feature female protagonists, in addition to protagonists with varying physical abilities and from varying races, countries, religions, and cultures. That’s not an easy task since most classic literature from this era was written by men about men to prop up patriarchal ideals (primarily revolving around physical strength and social power). I’ve also been disheartened, irked even, that literally every selection from our previous Medieval studies was set in Europe and/or written by white European men. I mean, other parts of the world also produced literature at this time.

Not that I’m saying students shouldn’t be exposed to these classics. They absolutely should be. It’s just that I want to broaden the scope of the lens through which we typically view Medieval literature (I did this same thing, to a lesser degree, with our Ancient Time Period curriculum last year). I’m interested in taking Medieval tropes, such as chivalry, and examining them, not only in a more realistic light (i.e.— gentleness was only extended toward women of nobility, not peasants), but also in a way that lets my students imagine both males and females are capable of practicing it. This particular book hits both those goals. More importantly, it manages to do so with plenty of action, adventure, and humor, without being preachy or angst-ridden.

Igraine the Brave is a fun story with descriptive language and engaging themes that, I believe, even my reluctant readers will enjoy, whether they’re male or female. Specifically, it will allow my girls to imagine themselves as heroic knights, while giving my boys the opportunity to see that they can actually relate to books with female protagonists, which they typically don’t do in the upper elementary grades. Guess who’s excited about it? It’s me. 😊
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2,443 reviews132 followers
February 10, 2014
Twelve-year-old Igraine’s magician parents have accidentally turned themselves into pigs and will remain powerless until they receive the hairs of a giant to create a reversing spell. Compounding the problem is Osmund the Greedy, who has come to Pimpernel Castle demanding the magical singing books that belong to Igraine’s family. Plucky Igraine, who wants to be a knight, faces danger as she rides alone to the home of a giant, befriends a Sorrowful Knight, fends off Osmund’s soldiers, and more, all to save her home and her family. The adventure is fast-paced and light-hearted with bits of humor, never too frightening, and completely entertaining from start to finish. Colorful characters abound, from pernickety cat Sisyphus to Igraine’s piggy parents and the honorable giant Garleff. The colorful cover communicates the story’s energy and Funke’s frequent, lively, line drawings add to the fun. This is an excellent choice for readers in grades 3-6.
14 reviews
May 20, 2016
"Anyżowa warownia" to jedna z ulubionych książek moich synów. Książka o dziewczynce, która nie chciała być czarodziejką, jak cała jej rodzina, bo marzyła, by zostać rycerką. Bardzo ciekawa i wciągająca lektura, która uczy akceptacji dla różnorodności i wspiera dążenie do realizacji marzeń, choć czasami okazuje się, że spełnione marzenie wygląda inaczej niż w wyobraźni.

Dużo się w tej książce dzieje: są samotne wyprawy, najazd na zamek, pojedynki i białe myszki oraz pływające węże. Zaczęliśmy czytać i nie mogliśmy się oderwać. Świetna lektura.

Pełna wersja recenzji:
Profile Image for Molly.
1,025 reviews5 followers
January 16, 2009
I have given this book and book on tape to a number of families and all of these get responses. This is funny, adventurous, sweet and really kept me reading. A young girl, whose family are all wizards, does not want to follow in their footsteps but wants to be a knight like her grandfather. Her parents turn themselves into pigs and the castle gets attacked who can save them? Grades 3-5
Profile Image for Jennifer.
18 reviews
September 29, 2021
Read this one with Henry. Funny, fast-paced. An awesome heroine, a talking cat. We loved it. Henry said he would give it 50 stars out of 60 😆
Profile Image for Maryam Noor.
34 reviews6 followers
November 27, 2016

Before you tell me anything foolish - like " Maryam, this is a kids books. Why are you reviewing a kids book?"- let me tell you that my niece does not like it either. She hates it. She claims that she'd rather eat broccoli then listen to the tale again. I, sadly, have to agree.
Well, uh... um... children hate reading books, Maryam.
The author has written this book specifically for kids. Oh, and it's not like my niece was reading it by her own. Every night I read at least 30 pages to her and ask her what she felt. She claims that listening to this book was painful, which I'll be forced to agree to as well. Sometimes she'd just fall asleep while I was still reading. You can't understand the relief I felt whenever something like that happened.
To give you a brief description to what she said, Igraine the Brave is mediocre. Basically, it's shit. I absolutely hate using curse words in my review but whenever I come across a story like this you can't blame me
The plot
The nephew of the baroness-next-door plans to capture the castle for their singing spell books. At the moment of the siege, her parents mistakenly turn themselves into pigs. Aided by a Gentle Giant and a Sorrowful Knight, Igraine must be brave, and save the day -- and the books.
This plot sounds like something a five year would come up with. Isn't it convenient that they turned into pigs during a FUCKING siege? And did they really just send their inexperienced 12 year old daughter to just some sort of quest.
Slow clap for the parents. They're fucking geniuses.
Te parents are the typical cliche parents who force the child to do what they want, not what the child wants (I'm honestly getting tired of this cliche. I'm shooting myself if I see it again.) They want her to become a magician while she chooses to be a knight. I'd love the parents if they actually enforced the idea of her becoming a magician on her. But noooo, the first thing they do in the story is bring her an armour.
I repeat: they bring her a fucking armour for her birthday.
I imagine their conversation to go something like this:
"Hey babe!"
"Our daughter wants to become a knight and not a magician!"
"Oh no!"
"What do we do now?"
"Bring her a fucking armour of course."
"Brilliant babe. You're a genius."
*Disclaimer: This is my imagination. These are not the real lines. The parents have far less development in the books compared to this.
Now, let's talk about Igraine a little:
Seriously, why in heaven's name would you even want to be a knight? Knights get killed during battle. Magicians? They have fucking magic spells. They can literally do whatever the fuck they want.
Okay, okay. I guess I was speaking too emotionally right now. My apologies.
We've heard about a hundred people that say, "Women are brave. Women are strong." Wonder woman, Hermione Granger and Susan and Lucy from Narnia are good examples of strong women. Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Sara from A little princess, Katy from what katy did, Jane Austen, Anne from green gables, even Viola from Twelfth night, Cornelia from King Lear aren't exactly the ones who go out for adventures and all that, but nevertheless they are the role models you'll prefer for your little girl.
We've had around a hundred examples of strong woman.
So what about Igraine?
The title "Igraine the Brave" suggests that Igraine is "one fucking strong character."
She's not even strong
She does not have a single obstacle. She's being saved by all the dumbasses around her. She can't do shit, honestly. Calling her strong would be a total mistake. She only pretends to be strong and the author is just messing with your kids. Instead of prince Charming rescuing a chick from a fucking dragon, we now have a sorrowful knight who's trying to stop a siege by doing everything and a little girl getting all the credit.
We don't want a strong woman. A strong woman is totally unnecessary. We already have many. Now we need a woman with a good personality. But a girl who calls herself strong but is not in reality really pisses me off.
But Igraine has development right?
*snickers again*
Tell me some traits about her that aren't being used in past stories.
No wait.
Tell me some traits about her. Just traits. All I need is a trait.
There are none. She. Doesn't. Have. Even. One. Fucking. Trait.
Even 90% of Mary Sues have more character than she does.
She's just there. No character. No personality. She's basically a damsel in distress pretending to be a fucking knight.
'' But Maryam. Maryammaryammaryam. This is a kid's book. Do you want to stuff a psychological disorder in this or something ''
No, I don't. But if mental ilness is a trait then definitely yes
A conversation i had with my niece:
"Aunt Maryam. Why is Igraine so boring?"
"Ruqaiya, I think she's fine."
"I don't think so, I'm bored."
"If you were the author of this story, what will you do?"
"I'll make her afraid of something. Or I'll make her past sad"

Ok, I don't think phobia is a mental illness. But still. It's a trait. And her past? Pff. How sad is your past when you're a princess living in a luxurious castle with everything given to you?
There's no actual humour in the book. Just silliness. Humour and silliness don't match. You can go just too downright ridiculous and the audience won't laugh. It will just be awkward. To give you an example of how bad the humour is, take a look at the names of the characters:
The sorrowful knight of the Mount of Tears
The gentle giant
Rowan Heartless
Osmond the greedy
I honestly am getting tired of giving ridiculous names to characters. What exactly is the point in doing it? Are you implying that children are idiots?
Themes (These are the themes according to Wikipedia. Many criticise Wikipedia and I'm forced to agree with them after reading the themes. Sorry Wikipedia, your worth is only left in helping kids do their homeworks. Unless someone edits the page about Hitler and writes that he had a relationship with Stalin. Then the kids are totally fucked)
1. Age is just a number.
And jail is just a place! Honestly though, my niece was super uncomfortable by the way the sorrowful knight talked to Igraine and she's only eight. And what does age have to do here? Are you implying that if Igraine is shit she'll stay shit for the rest of her life?
2. A girl can do the same stuff a guy can do. Perhaps even better.
Fuck Einstein. Fuck Usain Bolt. Fuck Muhammad Ali. Even though they're better than women. Women rock! Women rule! I'm not trying to be sexist here. I'm just saying that the theme and the plot don't match at all. It basically means that women are better than men despite doing nothing because that is what I get according to the context of the story
3. Always follow your dreams.
What dreams? How is this a theme? Igraine's parents brought her the armour and she gets her ass saved by multiple dudes. She has done nothing to follow her fucking dreams. Everything around her does everything and she gets all the credit.

Summary of my review: Igraine the Brave is a book you should not even consider buying for your child. The characters are mediocre and are literally swimming in cliches. Igraine is useless but pretends not to be. The plot is just too ridiculous and the humour is nonexistent. Children will learn nothing from this story.

Forgive any errors in my review. English is just not my first language.
Thank you for your time

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697 reviews
October 15, 2020

My main problem with this book is that there was never any sense of danger or even tension. Especially the first half felt rushed, the characters never struggle.
The second half was more exiting. I especially enjoyed the character of Albert.

I think overall, the idea of having a young girl wanting to be a knight is good. Igraine is brave but also allowed to make mistakes.

I didn't enjoy that Igraine's mother, Melisande, was often reduced to her beauty, especially since she seemed to be the more proactive (and more powerful?) wizard. Strinkingly it is only the villain, Gilgalad, who seems to honour her more than her husband.
Profile Image for Erika.
157 reviews6 followers
March 15, 2018
I read this aloud to my two boys, ages 6 & 8; we all loved it! Igraine is a wonderful strong girl character with a clear voice and a slightly humorous point of view. She is the practical one in a family of visionary magicians. The villains are not too scary and the dialog is fun to read. Overall, great book!
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