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Deadly Love #1

Deadly Affair

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He came into my life as my savior.
All blood-soaked hands and deep blue eyes.
But then he became so much more...he became my stalker.
And now? Now he wants to put a ring on my finger and call me his wife.
How could I possibly refuse when he’s offering me my one chance at redemption?
Some loves are worth sacrificing everything for.
Even when they turn deadly.

329 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 29, 2022

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About the author

K.A. Knight

73 books8,099 followers
K.A Knight is a Romance author from a little town in England. She writes the monsters you love to hate. The crazier the better.

She loves her fur babies, coffee and a good book. Katie also has an obsession with monster flicks, and plans to re-watch them all!

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July 24, 2022
2e0pm6g thumbnail-IMG-0079-2-1-1-1-1-1-2
📚 🅳🅴🅰🅳🅻🆈 🅰🅵🅵🅰🅸🆁 📚 Is the first full length romance book in the (deadly Love) series by K.A. Knight. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

The beginning of the book will grab you by the throat and leave you with a heart beating out of time breaking for two sisters left in an unknown world other than each other.

Layla will do anything to save her sister Zoey and strives to protect her, shunted from a foster home to an Aunts place both homes aren't permanent and Layla strives to become her guardian when she turns eighteen. From finding a job to suitable accomodation and no high school diploma things look bleak.

Enter Alaric he's a paid assassin and will end a life with no remorse, he was there that fateful day when the girls lives changed within a blink of an eye and since then he's had a fixation on Layla watching from afar, keeping a close eye on them both. From stalking to stepping in and making an offer she can't refuse.

But when another turn of events has Layla floundering in its wake when Zoey needs help that she can't provide for her, her only answer is Alaric.

These two were explosive, he was dark and broody and she was a fierce protector, throw in our little spitfire Zoey and this made for a perfect rainy day read. Perfect start to this series.


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July 29, 2022
I read this when it was in a anthology but it’s been updated and reworked!!

I love that ka and ivy added few things like when the girls lived with the aunt and him stalking during those years. I loved seeing what he did it wasn’t extreme he did fight himself since Layla was 17. Him saying her and lil zoey he felt he still needed to make sure they were safe. 3 years later he’s still “stalking her” giving her lil money thinking she’s fine. I’m still annoyed they didn’t change that like come on Alaric Layla still needed help with zoey.
When he finds out she’s working at a strip joint he puts a end to the stalking and claiming his woman when he finds out why she’s working there. Making sure Zoey is taken care of he tells Layla she’s to be his wife.

So far it’s a good deal them finally living a good life not worrying about there next meal or zoey about her migraines. Things are perfect or so Layla thinks when she finds out her husband is a hitman a killer.

It does take her awhile to finally see he’s still the same man who loves her and with zoey telling her he’s the man who saved them she doesn’t care she misses Alaric she sees him in action and understand why he does what he does. 🥰🥰🥰

We get a hint of the next couple and it’s Zoey and Gray!!! I think it’s the same kid who he met when he was looking for his girls. I love that zoey isn’t scared of him.

Low angst, no ow/om drama, no cheating, slight secondary chars,tiny drama,sexy times, no virgins

Heat level-🌶🌶🌶🌶

Age gap
Mentions abuse
Torture /murder
Praise kink
Semi public sex
No condom
Anal play
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August 27, 2022
First book in a long time that has kept me reading all night!
209 reviews
August 14, 2022
This isn’t the worst book I’ve read, parts of it are enjoyable – but one aspect of it is mind-bogglingly stupid, and shows an astonishing level of willful ignorance from the authors.

The plot: the hero is about 10 years older than the heroine. He’s a contract killer on his way to a job when he drives past the 16 year old heroine, who’s about to be killed by her psycho stepdad. He rescues her and her sister. For the next few years, he becomes obsessed with her and stalks her to watch over her, like a psycho guardian angel. When her sister gets sick and she doesn’t have money to pay for her surgery, the hero offers to marry the heroine and pay for her sister’s care. She accepts, barely questioning why this random guy is making this offer (since she’s not aware he’s been watching her for years). It’s very insta-love from there.

I needed more development on the build up to the relationship. Like yes, they’re bonded from the night he saved her from her psycho stepdad. But she doesn’t even remember that it was him, because of the trauma. And they otherwise don’t have much in common. Still, all of that was fine enough aside from insta-love. Normally it might be a 3 star read…so why 2 stars? And what did I mean when I said one part is mind bogglingly stupid and ignorant?

Well, this is set in in the present day, and the heroine lives in Hell’s Kitchen, New York - which is described in this book as a terrible area where you get mugged if you’re out late, nobody makes eye contact with each other, street corners are lined by sex workers, and buildings are "deteriorating." I’m not even from New York, and I know that Hell’s Kitchen is an area full of trendy gay bars, where most people you see walking around are stylish queer men who wear polo shirts and live in nice apartments and have cute small dogs. THIS BOOK is trying to play it up like it’s this sketchy, dangerous place. I kept alternating between laughing and cringing.

It was impossible to wave this off and try to enjoy the book in spite of it, because it was a major part of the plot that the heroine lived in Hell's Kitchen, and needed to be saved from this horrible fate! The story kept bringing it up, like “Hell’s Kitchen, the terrible area where you’re likely to be mugged! It’s awful that the heroine lives here, look at how bad her life is!” When the reality is, “Hell’s Kitchen, where you’re most likely to run into men who look like Antoni from ‘Queer Eye,’ who are out at night signing karaoke! If you live there, your life is pretty good!”

Why would you not do a BASIC GOOGLE before setting your story in an area that you aren’t familiar with? If you simply look at the Wikipedia page for Hell's Kitchen, it says right at the top that it was a gritty neighborhood in the 1970s and 80s, but since the mid-80s it’s been gentrified into a trendy area full of gay bars and Broadway actors. So, the version of it that’s in this book is from FORTY YEARS AGO. I double checked to make sure this book wasn’t set in the 70s or 80s. But it’s not! I also tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, like “maybe they just liked the name Hell’s Kitchen, and this is set in a fictional city!” But nope, it’s New York.

These authors didn’t even bother to do the bare minimum of quickly looking at WIKIPEDIA. Either they think that readers are idiots, we’ll eat up any crap that’s on the page, so there’s no need for them to spend even 3 minutes doing the most shallow research for a story. Or, they just don’t care.

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July 24, 2022
Deadly Affair is exactly the book i wanted 😍
I was hooked from the first page, and i couldn’t put the damn kindle down even for a minute.

The beginning of the story is really heartbreaking: what Layla and Zoey had to endure in their short life is awful. But fate brought an "angel" on their way....
Alaric is not a good man. He takes lives without an ounce of remorse, but those two girls make him feel...
He'd do anything for them, for Layla.

*swoon swoon swoon*

Why killers have to be so f*cking amazig???
It’s impossible not to love them!!
It’s impossible not fall madly in love with Alaric!!
OMFG i got it bad for this man 😍😍
His loliness, protectiveness, possessiveness, loyalty.... his stamina 😏😏🔥🔥
Everything above make him the perfect man, well apart from his job and maybe his stalker tendencies 🤣🤣

Layla.. that girl is simply amazing!! What she was willing to do to protect her sister, to gave her a good life ... yet she never one complained. She is a beautiful soul.

And then there is Zoey.
The kid is freaking incredible 🤣
She lit up all the darkness of the story (and I can’t wait for her story).

K.A Knight and Ivy Fox surely know how to write an intense, addictive story. And Deadly Affair is the perfect start of a series that promises to be marvelous 😍
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February 18, 2023
I hate when I find myself in these situations where I didn't love a book. I try to determine "Is it me, or is it the writing, or is it just not a good book?". I haven't fully decided the answer to that question on this one yet...

So first of all - the first 30% of this book is build up and back story. Its needed and necessary but the love interests don't TRULY meet until after 30%. For a romance book, that always is a red flag for me because we get less time for the actual romance and character development. And this isn't a long book to start with.

So we have Alaric, our Hero, who is a professional hit man. He encounters our heroine when she is 16 years old during a tragic event. This sets up the whole story. Upon meeting Alaric, I got serious Diesel vibes (from Den of vipers ) without the psychopathic tendencies. He is a normal guy who kills for money. He essentially stalks our heroine for YEARSSSS. They officially meet when she is 21 years old and within minutes of talking - he proposes *cue eye roll*.

So, our heroine - Layla (I just had to look up her name because I ALREADY forgot it less then 24 hours after finishing the book), starts off as a female who seems like she will have a backbone and be a strong character. She never fully blossoms for me. She allows herself to be swept up in Alaric and be saved by him. I don't blame her for the choices she made, but it was all TOO EASY.

We have a lot of instalove in this book without the actual character development/relationship building. It really feels like he buys her love with money and orgasms. SO. MANY. ORGASMS. I am not complaining exactly - but when the whole relationship is built just on sex.... not a fan. I am a smut fanatic too, so don't assume I am just being a prude. I prefer my smut to have depth and this book didn't hit the mark in that area.

And then lets talk about the dialogue. Its so cheesy. I felt like I was reading a hallmark movie. "I love you mind, body, and soul..." yada yada. All of their sweet moments could have felt more powerful if I actually believed they loved each other. We as readers are expected to believe he loved her based solely on his stalking her for 5 years after saving her at 16. They didn't have any meaningful conversations or moments during that entire time - except lust, if you can call that meaningful.

This book is super predictable and follows the exact formula of a marriage of convenience story. There is nothing really special about this book that sets it apart from any other story of a similar plotline.

I will say - I expected more. As a fan of KA Knight - I really expected to love this book. I have read another Ivy Fox in the past and didn't love that one - so maybe that contributed to this? I am not sure exactly what happened - but I had to force myself to finish this one trying to trust the process and my love of KA Knight. You win some and you lose some.... onto the next.

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145 reviews2,204 followers
July 28, 2022
Stalker but I want to protect you!

I really enjoyed this one from KA and Ivy. I loved that even though he was her stalker and a hit man, he was sweet and loving and only wanted the best for her.

This story follows Alaric - he is in the right place at the right time and becomes Layla's "angel" when she was just a kid. Because of this he watches Layla and her little sister, Zoey, to make sure they are safe and happy. As Layla gets older, Alaric finds his protectiveness turning in to something more. Then he starts showing up just to see a little bit of her daily. When something happens, Alaric decides enough is enough and she has to be his.

THIS BOOK AS SO MUCH SPICE. It occurs rather quickly which felt a little insta lusty, but the spice makes up for it.

I enjoyed how this was a dark book, with heavy topics, but our MMC was just a big ole teddy bear with her. Showering her with love, gifts and security.

I would recommend!!

4.25/5 stars
4.25/5 spice

TW: stalking, death, murder, domestic abuse, mention of child abuse, mention of creepy behavior (long touches, inappropriate sexual harassment), torture, gore, family member illness

**ARC for honest review**
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July 23, 2022
ARC Review & WHEW! What a ride.

Solid 3.5 ⭐️ rounded up

Gonna keep this vague because #nospoilers

Alaric, Layla, & Little Zoey are fam goals.

Alaric *fans self* let me paint you a picture. He’s a pro hit man. Low key stalker. Broody as hell. Well… the man is hot. He and Layla are explosive🔥

Layla… oh my sweet, poor Layla.
Life has just not been fair to her. Between her neglectful mother, abusive step dad, & everything that happens before she’s even old enough to drive a car… she is one strong chick. Taking care of her little sister Zoey was always her priority, over everything, including her own needs, & her hustle was legit.

Little Zoey - omg my FAV person in this story. The little spit fire grows into an almost adult spit fire, & I love her. I can’t wait for her story.
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3 reviews
September 14, 2022
2.75⭐️ (for Zoey's sake)
This isn’t actually a review, it’s more of a rant.
1. The constant use of the words“baby girl” is gonna haunt me till the rest of my living days istg there was even this page where he actually used it twice I mean if that’s not a red flag idk what the fuck is. When I lowkey read said word I was this close to dnf-ing the shit out of this bk, but I really wanted to know how tf it was gonna end.
2. What’s up with the word”fluttering channel” I’ve never heard of it before and it was just one of those things that just made me wanna hurl as well the words”huge member” I mean STOP just fucking stop.
3. Overuse of the word”big fat cock”/ the need to emphasize the 10inches that are his dick was just un-fucking-necessary (like dude you that insecure or what)
4. I actually sort of enjoyed the smut but why tf does this dude keep talking like shut the fuck up you’re ruining the mood and stop saying “good girl”. (Ik some people actually like that; im not shaming anyone im just expressing my opinion)
5. Also using the name “Alaric” was a big NO I just kept thinking of the Alaric from “the vampire diaries” and gawd did I hate that guy he just gave me the ick.
6. Using the words “wife/husband” as terms of endearment was actually kind of cute.
7. I fucking loved Zoey she was the only character I liked or loved for that matter as well as Alaric’s dad Walter, that guy is just fucking amazing yk.
8. Spoiler!!! What the fuck is up with the strip club scene. I mean my guy actually waited for her to show off her tits and almost take off her panties before he remembered that he should get her off the stage like wtf is wrong with you, you couldn’t stop her before or you were just busy being a pervert and stroking your “big fat cock”(im so funny)
9. Another thing, why the hell didn’t they show us the moment were Alaric told Zoey and Layla that he had adopted Zoey. I need to fucking know did he tell them or not and how was there reaction to said news.
10. Omg after reading the sneak peek of Zoey’s book im already hookd. AHHH and Gray damnn when he threatened that asshole in the epilogue I DIED. The moment I realized Gray was the guy from the foster home that gave Alaric info abt the girls I had a literal heart attack.
In conclusion, this book made me wanna kill myself (nth new), but if you wanna read it you do you; I mean it’s an OKAY book. Moreover, my punctuation was shitty I’m aware(don’t judge me you assholes).
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529 reviews
August 28, 2022
It was ok. The beginning was great and then the end kind of fizzled and dragged unnecessarily.

And he acted like a pusssy when she didn't show up at the courthouse for their marriage 😂 bro. You live in new york. There's traffic 🤔

The smexual scenes were good.....but nothing unusual or different 🤷 I didn't really feel a lot of emotional connection between the two but she sure did sploosh from the vaggginal area a lot when he touched her 😂😂😂🙄
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,370 reviews122 followers
August 3, 2022
4.4 stars.
This was not what I was expecting, I’m not gonna lie.
I still liked it, though.

The plot ended up being a little anticlimactic, just in the way it ended, but it was still good.

The sex was hot, the dirty talk even hotter.
The stalking was part of the anticlimactic bits, in that it went on for a really long time and then didn’t really amount to much when it all came out.

Overall it was just really sweet.
I put it in my dark category only because we get to see Alaric at ‘work’ on page, so there was some gorey parts.

I really liked it. I don’t know that I’ll read the next book, with Zoey and her psycho, but I’ll be looking into what comes after that probably.
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1,372 reviews155 followers
August 10, 2022
I had a hard time rating this book: I didn't hate it by any means, but it was nowhere near my favorite. There was some things I liked, but overall I felt like the things that needed to be drawn out more was way too rushed, and the things that didn't need such great explanation had too much detail. I'm not the reader that usually nitpicks, but I was really looking forward to this and it just fell so flat. The smutty scenes were definitely spicy, but I felt there was more focus on sex versus their emotional connection. Overall just not my favorite from these authors.

**I received an ARC of this book and these are my honest opinions **
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274 reviews13 followers
January 14, 2023
Genre: Mafia romance
Tropes: Forced Marriage, Saviour Hero
Standalone: Yes
Series: Deadly Love #1
Cliffhanger: No
Rating: 4 ⭐

It was a great read. I loved how protective he was of her and her sister, Zoey and treated Zoey like his own daughter. Alaric was such a softy for them. The plot was really executed so well. I'm happy that there was no unnecessary drama between them. The smut was soo good. The description was mind blowing 🥵.

Zoey was so cute and in the epilogue when she was grown up she was wild. But I'm not that interested to read her book. Maybe I will sometime in the future.
Overall it was an amazing read for me. I loved the characters development and their relationship.
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2,204 reviews330 followers
July 22, 2022
Who doesn't love a broody dark professional hitman who stalks the girl he is obsessed with and is ready to do anything for her happiness? Deadly Affair by K.A.Knight and Ivy Fox was full of filthy chemistry and violent emotions.

Layla has been dealt a shitty hand by life. Protecting her sister Zoe is her priority after she lost so many people in her life and after they escaped from the nightmare. But she is struggling a lot. When her gorgeous regular customer offers her a solution, she cannot deny. She has to get married to Alaric, the beautiful stranger with dark vibes. Little does she know that Alaric hides so many skeletons in his closet.

Ok so from the blurb I expected this book to be a lot darker and Alaric to be a cruel antihero. But he surprised me. This is not even a dark romance as far as my heart says. Being a hitman is the only negative trait in Alaric. If you call it negative. He is also dominating and controlling and super dirty in bed but he deals with Layla and Zoe so softly. He stalked them after helping them out in the messy situation ( that Layla doesn't remember and Zoe isn't disclosing) but for their protection. He is like a dark angel for them. He is overprotective and extremely caring and ready to carry all Layla's burdens. The marriage was under unusual circumstances but he didn't force or coerce her. Layla is a strong character and her dedication to Zoe is admirable. She is sweet but can be real fierce. Accepting Alaric's profession wasn't easy and it was shocking to her. But, like me, she couldn't stop herself falling in love with the man who saved them, who took care of them and who showed over and over again just how obsessed he is to Layla. The chemistry was fire. You can expect a lot of sizzling hot deviant scenes and I am not complaining.

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily
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897 reviews
September 26, 2022
En serio, los autores no se CANSAN de escribir Héroes, supuestamente posesivos, alphas, celosos, que se dedican DURANTE MUCHO TIEMPO a acechar a la h, a vigilar sus movimientos... y ella simplemente acaba perdiendo la virginidad o teniendo sexo con algún otro perdedor 😆
Cada vez que leo algo así el Héroe de turno se desinfla y se ve tan patético. Pasa a ser cualquier ridícula cosa menos posesivo y alpha.
Y Alaric es exactamente esto.
Él está obsesionado con Layla y se dedica a observarla prácticamente cada día, y cuando la ve a los 18 años coqueteando con un chico, aunque se muere de celos, él simplemente se da la media vuelta y se va para su casa a masturbarse pensando en ella... mientras ella se queda con el chico. 😆
No recuerdo si se aclaraba si fue justamente este chico el único amante que Layla asegura ha tenido, pero fuera este chico u otro, Alaric comenzó acechando a una chica virgen que cuando llegó a su cama ya no lo era. Así que él simplemente se cruzó de brazos mientras sucedía... Pero todo el maldito tiempo las autoras nos ponen lo celoso, posesivo y protector que es con Layla. Ya. Se nota, sip. 😆
Alaric, por otro lado, si no me falla la memoria, no ha tenido sexo en años....(? )
Lo peor es que me huelo que la historia de Zoey y Gray será más de lo mismo. ¡Y no gracias!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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399 reviews5 followers
July 29, 2022

Mind blown!!
I could not stop reading this book!!

Ivy Fox and K.A Knight have made a suspense-filled book! Full of angst, forbidden love and age gap!
Layla and Alaric were made for each other but had to wait to be ready for each other. Layla had the world on her shoulders and needed to put her sister first. Alaric waited for her, patiently and protectively as he could, her guardian angel.

These two were explosive!! Watching them finally get together had me doing a little happy dance.
I loved the characters and how loving they were. Both characters were incredible and perfect, together they made each other happy and were able to find peace.

I love Zoey!! I cannot wait for her book!!!
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236 reviews96 followers
July 28, 2022
Thank you to the author for sending me an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review

From the very first page, this book sucks you in and has you anxious. I knew from the start it was going to be one of those books I just couldn’t put down!

The hero was dark, dangerous and an Assassin. Layla is loyal, and a caretaker. Her dedication and determination to do whatever it takes to save her sister made her accept an offer from Alaric, an offer that resulted in HOTness haha

There’s a bit of insta-love and lust, but in a story like this, where the chemistry snd connection between the two MCs is so intense, you can’t help but to want them to give in asap.

This was a great start to the series and I’m excited for more.

4/5 ✰’s
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102 reviews11 followers
January 24, 2023
This man had it bad for Layla & she had no clue about it. He couldn’t help but fall in love with her as he kept an eye out for her and her sister all those years, he’s a gentle giant. It was wonderful to finally see him with his girls. Layla was so independent and strong, which was admirable. I just wish there had been more scenes of all of them interacting together.

“She’s my entire existence. She’s the reason I laugh, smile, want to go home every night. She changed everything. She gave me a life. She gave me softness, excitement, and happiness. Just by being mine.”
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513 reviews15 followers
July 22, 2022
I received a ARC and I'm willingly leaving a review with my own opinion.

This book had me by the throat!

This book had me by the throat!

The first chapters had me sobbing, I can't even imagine going through that.
It's damn hard putting thoughts into words, it’s a slow burn and some forbidden thoughts from Alaric.

Layla's little sister Zoey, doesn't have a great start to life but Layla does everything she can to make it better. Layla sacrifices everything for her sister. And when an opportunity comes, she can't refuse it.

Alaric is more than he seems, We get to know him and he goes through a transformation or growth after he encounters Layla. She becomes his purpose for living.
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1,020 reviews92 followers
July 25, 2022
Thank you to KA Knight and her team for letting me be an early reader for Deadly Affair. Wow this book was sooo freaking good! I absolutely loved it and I cant wait for more in this series. I was hooked from page one until the very end. I was so invested in this story and I loved Layla, Zoey and Alaric. This story was very good, heartbreaking in a way with what Layla and Zoey had to go through losing their family and only having each other. Then you have Alaric who you love and root for even though his career isn't such a good one but he overall is a great guy (in a way) and what he does for Layla and Zoey is wonderful. You will definitely love him even if he has some stalker tendencies. Just all three characters are great and they all fit so well together.

Cant wait for the next book!!!
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1,087 reviews5 followers
July 29, 2022
Great dark romance

OMG! If you love stalker romances then this is for you. I loved, loved, loved Alaric. His obsession, his possessiveness, his care of Layla and Zoey. *swoon * But Oh My! His dirty mouth had me throwing ice water on myself. Then there's Layla - sweet, trying so hard to keep it together but no fool. She was brave and was one lucky, lucky gal! Honestly I too would have forgiven him for his lie of his profession. I also enjoyed the epilogue and the set up for book 2 in this world. Loving these co-authors!
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1,117 reviews160 followers
July 24, 2022
Previously in the - Killing Me Softly: A Romantic Suspense Anthology, this is the Expanded Version ☺️

Deadly Affair by K.A. Knight & Ivy Fox

I Give this Book a Decent 4.5/5 Star Rating, Listing as 5!

HEA(?): Yes
Relationship Type: MF
Romance: 4.5/5
Heat: 4/5
Pacing: Very Good Pacing, the flow was enjoyable. Mid.
Suspense: 4/5
Drama: 4/5
Predictability: 3/5

Love the Characters, even more than the first time and as I read this book everything clicked back into place and it was way better this time around, more detail and depth all around. You got to know the characters much better, it felt like a treat reading this. I will happily list this as a palate cleanser for myself 😆
And definitely want the next book! 😍
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1,457 reviews145 followers
July 29, 2022
I’m a huge fan of stalker romance add these two authors writing together and I was sold! I absolutely loved this dark love story it was unputdownable I loved the characters the emotions the steam this was such an addictive page turner that I highly recommend! Loved it!
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1,646 reviews98 followers
July 30, 2022
DEADLY AFFAIR was a gamble for me because it’s by a couple new to me authors. But they were advertising everything I love in a book: age gap romance (yes please), stalker (yum), all the heat (um, heck yes!). So I took a chance. And y’all, let me tell you…this book was amazing.

Let’s talk about the “all the heat” part first. Because I was all over it. It starts off as a one sided slowburn. Only because Layla has no idea that Alaric exists. (Enter stalker aspect). But once they come together…HOLY HECK!! These two are an all consuming inferno. There’s lots of spice and lots of scenes with said spice. And yeah, I gobbled it up.

But these two are so much more than their romance. They really are great together and Layla only makes him better. Such a cliché thing to say, but it’s absolutely true in this case. Is he going to give up his lifestyle? Doubt it. But he will be better for them. Do better for them.

Could rarely put this book down and it’s got me in a tizzy for the next one. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the snippet for book 2 and who it has in it. Such a great surprise. Suspenseful, scorching, intense…DEADLY AFFAIR has it all. 5 Stars!
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July 29, 2022
This is the first book in the Deadly Love Series, which is a series of interconnected stand-alone’s. It is an amazing, steamy, stalker, age-gap, M/F romance read that I absolutely recommend. The characters, storyline, writing, and world development are incredible. I am super excited to read more from this series and this fantastic writing duo.
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July 13, 2022
Layla and Alaric have a VERY unconventional meeting that leads to his infatuation with her. Layla can’t catch a break, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to better their circumstances and giving it 110%. While she struggles to make ends meet, he does all that he can to provide a little for her without overstepping. When all hope seems lost, he finally realizes he needs to take a more active role. This dominant, possessive man sweeps in and overtakes her life and that of her sister Zoey, changing everything forever. Layla isn’t a wilting flower though, and she’s going to be the match he ultimately needs. *Expanded from the version that appeared in Killing Me Softly, I loved this and can’t wait for what is coming next!
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