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Residual Sugar

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Rebecca Gelbert had no idea that opening her front door would open up her whole world. 

Brick Dunne walked through and changed everything. And now he wants the one thing he can't have, his lawyer.

Gelbert Family Winery Standalone - Five Families Vineyard Series

Becca's good at being alone. She's stunning, brilliant, an excellent attorney, and a pretty good sister. She has her moments, but life is pretty even keel, and that's exactly how she planned it when she was seven years old. A knock on the door and a flash of a tattooed hand through the peephole set her soul sparking as well as other ignored parts of her. There's only one man she's ever deemed too dangerous to want.

The moment was brief, but Becca remembers every second of their interaction. The way his fingers caressed her hand. The broad, muscular frame and piercing grey eyes lingered over her face and figure. The slow drawl of his deep south accent as he said her name. She keeps all of it tucked away for lonely nights.

But now this man is at her house, in the middle of the night, begging for her legal counsel. He's in trouble, and only she can help him. She wants to refuse him, but she can't. He has an unspoken power over her, and she can only hope he wields it for good. Because whether she wants to admit it or not, her heart is on the line, as well as their lives. 

A Five Families Vineyard Series Book
An interconnected standalone series about the lives and loves of 5 winery families in Sonoma, California.

First published March 15, 2023

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About the author

Kelly Kay

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I used to create "dreams" with my best friend growing up. We'd each pick a boy we liked, then we'd write down a meet-cute that always ended with a happily ever after.

Now I get to dream every day, although it's a little steamier these days. And I've discovered I can and will write anywhere I can. Keep tuned to Instagram to see all the times I fit in a sentence or two.

I'm a writer, married to a writer, mother of a creative dynamo of a nine-year-old boy and currently a little sleepy. I'm a klutz and goofball and love lipstick as much as my Chuck Taylors.

Good things in the world: pepperoni pizza, Flair pens*, wine, coffee, laughing with my friends until my stomach hurts, a musician at the top of their game, getting lost somewhere I've never been, matinee movies on a weekday, the Chicago Cubs, a fresh new notebook full of possibilities, bourbon on a cold night, Fantasy Football, witty men, walking through the local zoo in the rain and that moment when a character clicks in and begins to write their own adventure. I'm just the pen.

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1,291 reviews5 followers
March 21, 2023
This is my first Kelly Kay book and definitely not my last. In fact, I'm going back to the beginning of this series because I want to learn all of their stories.

Brick Dunne personifies sultry, Southern male charm from his gorgeous 6'5" military-trained, tattooed body to his poetic heartfelt confessions. I fell head over heels for this sexy smart man who is an unwavering protector of what's his, Rebecca "Becca" Gelbert, that is. He first met her two years ago when he, unfortunately, realized he was working for a real scumbag and promptly quit. Becca was the prosecutor who took Brick's boss down and Brick never forgot the smart and beautiful attorney who caught his eye. Now he is back with a vengeance...literally. He's being framed for an incident that could put him away forever. Will Ms. Becca Gelbert take his case and will he be able to keep his hands off of her?

Becca Gelbert is the family pariah and is trying to come back from a fucked up year where her partner ran off with her asshole of a fiancé taking half of her business and her self-confidence. While pondering her situation one night, she opens her door to a man she could never forget. Destined to help this confident and alluring man with his dire situation because she believes him, she places herself in danger. A danger that is not only physical but emotional as well. His confidence and allure will be her undoing if she's not careful. Can she keep it professional?

If there is anyone who deserves their mojo, it’s Brick and Becca. Brick’s relentless pursuit is captivating, and I love how he entices Becca to come to the Brick side. His nickname for her is beautiful and meaningful which I will let you find out for yourself. What I adored most about Brick were his words. Sure he’s handsome and charming, but his lovely declarations to Becca are so exquisite that they made me tear up along with her. Becca has many layers. She has always been so strong and dependable for her family, that they call her the prickly one. Yes, she is a hellcat in the courtroom and I love how she verbally takes down some nasty adversaries, but she’s so much more. Brick opens those layers one by one to where she blossoms and finds her happiness with a man who loves her for who she is.

The suspense is very well done in this story and the help Brick and Becca get from family and friends is unforgettable and very rewarding. In fact, this book really soars with the compelling and irresistible supporting characters who add so much laughter, love, and encouragement to the main characters.

If you love Southern male charm and strong, sassy female lawyers, read this book. The chemistry is off the charts as Brick and Becca barely adhere to the attorney/client rule and become creative at satisfying their very mutual attraction (me: fanning myself). The laughs are many, the sex is HAWT!!, the suspense is inescapable, and the characters are delightful.

Thank you to Ms. Kay for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.
837 reviews4 followers
March 19, 2023
*4.5 Stars On My Instagram Account*

"But there can be nothing between us."
"Darling, there already is."

After reading Residual Sugar by suspense romance author Kelly Kay I needed wine, a fan to cool off, and an alpha man of mine own.

Brick wakes up in his truck bloodied with a lump on his head and a strange woman next to him bleeding to death. He rushes her to the hospital and heads to the only one, who can save him, Rebecca.

When Rebecca answers her door in the middle of the night the last person she expects to see is the built like a tank, sexy Brick who she had a "moment" with two years ago when his boss tried to take her family's winery. It was Rebecca, lawyer supreme, who saved it.

After attending to his wounds, getting his story of being set up for murder, and trying to ignore the sexual chemistry between them, Rebecca goes all in proving his innocence.

The mystery, the why and how of trying to put Brick in jail, why not just kill him, was twisty, brutal, and a bit heartbreaking when certain people were revealed to be a part of it.

But honestly, it's the steam, the good old fashioned swoony smut that got my heart racing and the cold shower running all night. Rebecca tells Brick that as long as he is her client he can't touch her, leading to one of the steamiest sex scenes without touching I have ever read. My fantasies have expanded tenfold.

There is sexy comedy like, "I'd give up peanut butter if I could taste her." There is sincere romance like, "I know I'll never walk away from her. She's my heart song." I have many highlighted lines that made me laugh, cry and swoon.

Residual Sugar is book 7 of 8 in the Five Families Vineyard series but is definitely a standalone. I will be reading all of them...with a fan...ice water...and wine.

I received a free copy of this book from #katieandbreypa for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.
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287 reviews6 followers
February 15, 2023
This book is such a treat in every way. I was absolutely caught up in the story and couldn’t get enough of Brick and Becca. Their story is so uniquely beautiful, chaotic, and perfect!

You get romance, suspense, spice, and humor. It’s so perfect and I could rave about it all day. It’s one of those books that you want to savor, but it’s so addictive you can’t put it down. There are intense moments and layers of suspense that will keep you wanting more. And can we talk about the spice? The unstoppable, fierce attraction between them is intoxicating. Their sizzling chemistry is off the charts! I also absolutely loved the humor throughout that added a lightness to the suspense.

Thank you so much Kelly for the advanced reader copy!
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454 reviews7 followers
March 18, 2023
This is Becca’s story and what a story it is. The suspense and the sexual tension is a page-turner. Has insta love vibes but when you have someone like Brick, it sorta makes sense. Also love that Becca goes full Elsa with her quick wit multiple times when people try to intimidate or treat her as though she’s not enough. The small intimate details add to Brick and Becca’s love story and storytelling is so well done.

Loved the continuation of the 5. I’ve read these interconnected series sporadically and despite them all being connected I definitely don’t feel like I’m missing anything (the family tree at the beginning helps). Ends with a HEA and an epilogue.
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35 reviews
March 20, 2023
I’d have to say, this book was not what I expected at all. It had a whole lot of things to unravel from a criminal mystery, to a conspiracy, to a love story, to great family ties, to friendship and to justice.

It was a lot.

There was undeniable attraction between Brick and Becca, who was thrown into each other’s paths again after their first encounter 2 years prior at a business meeting. And their reunion was under serious circumstances where Brick required Becca’s legal help to get him out of a sticky situation where he has been framed for a crime he did not have any recollection of. But his former military training gave him an instinct that it could be linked to certain conspiracies by his former employer. The moment he found himself in a predicament that could potentially indict himself, he went straight to Becca whom he had been impressed and smitten with since their first meeting. He knew instinctively she was whom he could trust with his life and for life.

From then on, it was a race to uncover the truth on why Brick was being framed, and a race against time to prove his innocence. What followed was a myriad of actions that goes in a whirlwind flurry. Concurrent with the development of the love story between Brick and Becca.

As a reader, there were moments where I felt like I’d missed something and had to recap back. The story had a lot of potential as there were plenty of impressive outputs and references especially in matters relating to legalities and strategies. There were a lot of emotions and thoughts to sift through from both Brick and Becca’s perspectives, so as a reader I needed to compartmentalise my thoughts, I suppose, to keep up.

This latest installment within the Gelbert Family Winery - Five Families Vineyard Series could be read as a standalone. Although, I reckon it would be helpful indeed if you’re familiar with earlier books in the series just so you’d be in the know on how the family dynamics work.

Regardless, kudos and congratulations to Kelly Kay for bringing the story to life for Becca Gelbert and Brick Dunne, which expands further into her Gelbert Family Winery Series. Thank you too for the opportunity to be a part of the ARC team.
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357 reviews6 followers
March 21, 2023
Suspenseful and hot! 🔥
This wasn't at all what I expected, the depth to the story and the suspense surprised me, I loved it.
Brick wakes up, no idea where he is or what happened, with a bleeding girl in his truck; what a way to start a story!
Landing on Becca's doorstep and trusting her with his freedom was an easy decision for him, after an encounter years before, he knew she was his future, he just needed her to believe as well, and to keep him out of jail.
What follows is a well plotted story, that's suspenseful, has twists and turns, and all these different threads going, written with Ms. Kay's trademark humour, witty banter and interspersed with steamy sex scenes. Make no mistake, this is hot!! The love story central to the plot between Brick and Becca's is all consuming, there was no doubt in Bricks mind, Becca's was it for him, she was a little slower to get on board despite the undeniable chemistry but when they come together... Wow! This quote from Brick says it all, “Darling, it’s all a little hazy around me until you step into my field of vision. Then everything snaps into focus.”
Many of the characters from the 5 families have significant roles in this story; special shout out to Mel, I'm not sure whether to laugh out loud or be shocked every single time she opens her mouth!
Excellent story. The next in the series will be eagerly awaited, with some loose ends still needing to be tied up.
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1,080 reviews9 followers
March 12, 2023
Residual Sugar by Kelly Kay is a must read!

My Review ⤵️

From inner monologues to its witty banter Residual Sugar is truly a Kelly Kay story, but wait, there’s more!! So much more! Kelly is dipping her toe into the suspense pool and I’m here for it!

Brick and Becca’s story is filled with picturesque venues that I dare you to not envision while reading, Kelly makes it impossible to not feel like you are sitting on Brick’s shoulder and experiencing everything right along with them.

Becca is an unexpected and underrated character from Kelly’s Five Families series, she’s always there to clean up legal messes and make sure everything is ok, but then Brick shows up at her door in the middle of the night, wet from rain and covered in someone’s blood. So Becca does what she does best and tries to take control, too bad Brick refuses to let that happen.

Listen, if I’ve said this once I’ll say it always, Kelly Kay is a different sort of writer, she will make you laugh, she will make you blush and she just makes you realize what you’ve been missing in other books. Her writing is always unapologetically smart, her choices make sense, and that’s why I will never miss a chance to read her words.

This is a stand alone, but I will be honest, I love the Five Families, and how Kelly connects all of them, so just read all of the books, it just makes the experiences so much fun!

#kellykay #fivefamiles #kindleunlimited #marchrelease #allthefeels #somuchmore #couldntputitdown #readthemall #dontmissthis
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167 reviews6 followers
March 23, 2023
My thoughts: This book had a very interesting plot, that kept you wanting more, I love the idea of the Women lawyer defending her innocent client and then falling in love?? I mean it's not really a spoiler alert, we all know what these romance books are about! There was ALOT that ended up happening in this story which keep you entertained but it ended up losing me, it felt cram packed where it didn't need to be. There were some cliche' things too. But I love how much it incorporated her winery owning family in this book and the love of wine, they were all lovable and I'm assuming I'd like them even more if I read the other books, so I'm going to have to try those out! Over all I really enjoyed this fun concept of a book and the writing style and Guess what! It's on Kindle Unlimited! Go get it! Thanks for this one! @katieandbreypa & @kelly_kay_books
I give Residual Sugar by Kelly Kay ⭐️⭐️⭐️.🌟
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160 reviews3 followers
March 9, 2023
To start off, I loooove when a book starts with a family tree! This was the first book in the Five Families Vineyard series that I’ve read but I will certainly be going back to read the beginning of the series.

I love a romance with mystery and this book fit the bill perfectly. Rebecca Gelbert is part of the vineyard families but chose to be a lawyer and not work at the vineyard. The story starts with Rebecca getting a late night visitor, Brick Dunne, in need of a lawyer immediately.

The two met a couple years earlier and Brick decided she was his soulmate. I loved watching their relationship grow as they caught for Brick’s freedom.
Thank you @greyspromo and @kelly_kay_books for the ARC!
Release Date: March 18, 2023
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
🔥 scene: Gulfport
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228 reviews2 followers
March 15, 2023
Residual Sugar by Kelly Kay is book 7 of the Five Families Vineyard series. First, I love this series and this book just brings the second chance love story of Brick Dunne and Becca Gilbert to life. This is the small town romance you want and find yourself wanting this couple to happen. I love when a book makes me sigh out loud and smile while reading. While this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. HOWEVER, I recommend starting at the beginning of the series because all the characters come together throughout. I love this author! Her writing and books make you feel immersed in the setting and with the characters. I will continue to read her works and look forward to the next!
Profile Image for Trish (Beautiful Chaos Reviews).
755 reviews13 followers
March 20, 2023
Becca Gelbert is the level-headed member of the Gelbert Wine family; she's a no-nonsense lawyer and likes her life in order. She's also recovering emotionally and financially from a betrayal by her law partner and fiance. She's part of Sonoma's tight five wine families, and she is fiercely protective of them all. So, when Brick shows up wet, covered in blood, and asks for her help, she opens the door.

That's just the beginning of a wild ride of mystery and adventure to discover why Brick has been set up. Brick is a sweet cinnamon roll wrapped in a tough-as-nails alpha package. It works, and it works so well. He's so charming, and his southernisms in his dialogue with others and himself are so endearing it makes the book that much more entertaining. The relationship between Brick and Becca is wonderful from page one, and you cannot wait for them to reach their HEA. Although the time to get there is filled with mystery, suspense, and a legal battle. It was all a fun read.
Profile Image for Laura ( Latteandbookz ).
1,038 reviews8 followers
March 22, 2023
I was completely invested from the first chapter. Becca and Brick met several years prior to their reconnecting. Becca is a pretty successful attorney and Brick knocked on her door in the middle of the night in an attire that is not one that you would like to see someone in at that time. Brick and Becca have the strength to get through some rough times, they have great chemistry that you know had been there for a while. I enjoyed the banter and family aspect of the story but the suspences is what got me wanting to know how it ended. Finding out that this is the seventh book in the series just means that I'll have to go and buy the previous books. lol.

67 reviews
March 13, 2023

Brick Dunne finds himself in a precarious situation with no idea how he got in his truck or who the unconscious woman sitting beside him is. Right away he decides to go to Rebecca "Becca" Gelbert - a woman he had a moment with a few years ago - for help.

This book really nailed it with the romantic suspense and rom-com. I was hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every second of the romance, suspense, humor, and mmm the spice.

HOT DAMN! I loved how Brick really just brought the heat and laid all his cards out for Rebecca. The banter between them was so hilarious, especially because Rebecca was trying so hard to keep their interactions professional. But Brick was a man on a mission and with his military background, and just his general southern swagger, Rebecca didn't stand a chance.

This is my second Kelly Kay book and she hasn't disappointed thus far. I look forward to reading more from her.

Residual Sugar releases on 3/18/23
1,268 reviews3 followers
March 29, 2023
What a fantastic book! It grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning and doesn't let go until the final word! I loved Brick and Becca and their second chance to act on the attraction both had felt years earlier, even though Becca has to save Brick from being framed for a crime he didn't commit first! Another great book by Ms. Kay. I love reading her books!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
March 29, 2023
I haven't read any of the other books in this series, but this book had my attention from the start. With a cinnamon MMC who falls for our grumpy FMC, even though his world is falling apart. To watch them go through the challenges of making sure Brick doesn't go to jail for a murder he didn't committ, Becca falls into the rabbit hole and in the process falls head of heels in love with Brick.
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563 reviews10 followers
March 19, 2023
Residual Sugar is hot

Becca and Brick have untraditional everything. Untraditional meeting, untraditional courting, and untraditional marriage. However, the story spun in a fun and entertaining way that makes it difficult to put down.
Profile Image for Lymari Yenderrozos.
473 reviews17 followers
March 14, 2023
I did enjoy the spice and how the story flowed, but everything else felt super rushed to me. Characters were great and I did like the chemistry between them. This said it can be read as a standalone, but I feel like I would have definitely benefitted from reading the rest of the series beforehand. *I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
24 reviews
March 14, 2023
Thank you for the ARC.

I wanted to like this but it was just weird: the pace, the plot, the dialogue. I don't know if it's because I haven't read any other books in the series but I felt it difficult to follow along with what I assume are supposed to be inside jokes. The characters also make weird, non-logical jumps in their thinking, which adds to the weirdness. I guess it just isn't my preferred kind of story.
9 reviews2 followers
March 28, 2023
This was the book from Kelly Kay I have read and it will not be my last ,this book is part of a series and I only read this but now I will read the others,
I really enjoyed this book so much I couldn’t get enough of brick and Becca,there’s suspense,romance and humour I loved thier chemistry so much and the spice omg
Thank you kelly for the chance to read this book !
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1,856 reviews46 followers
March 5, 2023
Residual Sugar is wonderful. Kelly Kay has undoubtedly taken her writing to a whole new level with this angst-filled book. A more than worthy addition to the Five Families Vineyard, the 5 and their ever-expanding crew are present and accounted for as we finally get Becca Gilbert's story. The woman who goes to bat for her family time and again as the brilliant lawyer and devoted daughter, cousin and friend. Who doesn't seem to believe in love but yet still remembers the look and touch of a man she shouldn't want and she most likely will never see again. Until that is, one fateful rainy night when the beast of a man who is Brick Dunne darkens her doorstep yet lights up her life again just the same.

I was so damn invested in this story right from the start. Kay perfectly combines the forbidden nature of Becca and Brick's attraction with the mystery as to why he showed up again in her life. We get the right amount of details without being overly drawn out with the crumbs offered in order to solve who set Brick up easy to follow and only had me clamoring for more.

As client and defense attorney, the sparks are wicked hot between Brick and his Hummingbird. Even just a slight touch had each of them in overdrive and I was beyond impressed at how Becca and her love and respect for the law kept her away from this sexy man. I mean, he cooks! And very well I might add. Not to mention the cottonwood branch he's sporting. Yeah, I would've caved. Yet as Becca continues to sort out her feelings together with all the twists and turns of Brick's case and those who are involved, I was more than pleased when her resolve would falter just a little bit, showing a new side to this closed-off woman. The fact that the mere act of laughing in front of her brother and the rest of the 5 allowed them to accept Brick despite what he did or didn't do, was the moment I knew her southern man was going to be her forever.

The mystery part of the story is really well done. With Mel as a huge standout with her mad hacker skills and her unfiltered comments, together with Sal and his connections that still floor Becca, the push to find out who is behind Brick's set-up is filled with intense scenes and scary moments. And Kay manages to tie up plenty of loose ends from prior books in the series while continuing to keep everyone guessing if this ongoing nightmare might finally have its rightful end. I like that more is to come with Poppy and her 'hidden' rapport with the still-curious man that is Sal. Perhaps then all of this fabulous clan will get the closure they deserve.

Residual Sugar is one crazy-good adventure. Getting to see Becca shed her somewhat detached persona at the hands of the one man who will forever protect her heart and be the balm to her soul was worth the wait. Brick is more than a keeper. He is a dream with his swoony southern accent and his charming and wicked competent ways. It's amazing how the 5 welcome newcomers with open arms (after plenty of side-eyes and doubt, of course) just as long as they take good care of one of their own. And I'm very happy to say that Brick Dunne does just that and oh, so much more.

5 huge stars!
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1,080 reviews9 followers
March 12, 2023
Residual Sugar by Kelly Kay is a must read!

My Review ⤵️

From inner monologues to its witty banter Residual Sugar is truly a Kelly Kay story, but wait, there’s more!! So much more! Kelly is dipping her toe into the suspense pool and I’m here for it!

Brick and Becca’s story is filled with picturesque venues that I dare you to not envision while reading, Kelly makes it impossible to not feel like you are sitting on Brick’s shoulder and experiencing everything right along with them.

Becca is an unexpected and underrated character from Kelly’s Five Families series, she’s always there to clean up legal messes and make sure everything is ok, but then Brick shows up at her door in the middle of the night, wet from rain and covered in someone’s blood. So Becca does what she does best and tries to take control, too bad Brick refuses to let that happen.

Listen, if I’ve said this once I’ll say it always, Kelly Kay is a different sort of writer, she will make you laugh, she will make you blush and she just makes you realize what you’ve been missing in other books. Her writing is always unapologetically smart, her choices make sense, and that’s why I will never miss a chance to read her words.

This is a stand alone, but I will be honest, I love the Five Families, and how Kelly connects all of them, so just read all of the books, it just makes the experiences so much fun!

#kellykay #fivefamiles #kindleunlimited #marchrelease #allthefeels #somuchmore #couldntputitdown #readthemall #dontmissthis
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169 reviews5 followers
March 6, 2023
What a ride this book was! What. A. GLORIOUS. Ride. Every aspect of a great Kelly Kay book is there – the chaos, the spice, the humor, the witty one-liners – but there is also a lot of suspense and the mystery plot was really fantastic! I felt like I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to get to the bottom of it all – but on the other hand I also wanted to savor every single moment and stay with Becca and Brick for forever, and beyond.

Becca Gelbert has always been the one to get things done. She’s levelheaded and practical and she loves the law most of all. But when Brick Dunne, a person from the past, shows up on her doorstep in the middle of the night asking for help Becca realizes that her life is about to change – and that she wants it to. A criminal mastermind is plotting something that threatens not only Brick but Becca’s big, extended family, too, and they all need to come together to fight it.

Thank you so much Kelly for the advanced reader copy of this wonderful adventure!
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4,195 reviews79 followers
March 15, 2023
Kelly Kay is a fairly new author to me but with every book I pick up I’m left wondering why she hasn’t crossed my radar long ago. Residual Sugar is a story that will appeal to a wide range of audiences because it has the perfect mix of love, small town romance, humour and suspense.
This is Brick Dunne and Becca Gilbert’s second chance love story.
Becca is the woman we all want in our corner, she is a brilliant lawyer who protects her family fiercely and she always steps up when needed but she misses the touch of the man she believes she will never see again so imagine her surprise when Brick turns up on her doorstep.
Beck should be off limits but the heart wants what the heart wants and we can’t always walk away from our soulmates so how will Becca react to the man who needs her help…..one click to find out.
This book touched me on so many levels , I swooned, I sighed, I smiled but more importantly I cheered this couple on. Residual Sugar is an entertaining, crazy ride that will appeal to all romance lovers so all that’s left to say is please one click this gem.
1,571 reviews
March 22, 2023
I haven’t read any other books in this series so my review is only on this story. There was a lot I liked in the relationship between Brick and Becca. They were both great characters and there was wonderful interaction between them. In fact, I really liked all of the characters.

Unfortunately though, the longer I read it the more confused I become. There are simply too many characters and while there is a family tree included at the front of the book, each character and relationship has it’s own quirks and in-jokes which made it almost impossible for me to keep everyone straight.

I did enjoy the drama and suspense in the plot but at times it became so convoluted with characters and storylines that it was just too much.

This is a full length novel which is necessary for everything that happens, so be prepared for a longer read. Brick and Becca have their HEA, but not everything is wrapped up nicely.
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2,201 reviews5 followers
March 24, 2023
This is book 7 in Kay's Five Families Vineyards and the first in the series I've had the pleasure to read. I'm a new fan of Kay's work being introduced to her as an author with the Evie and Kelly's Holiday Disasters series where she teamed up with author Evie Alexander. All that said I can't imagine missing out on another of Kay's reads. I am a huge fan of her writing and this book was a beautiful read for me. Brick Dunne and Becca Gelbert are our main characters and what a ride Kay takes us on. Brick is alpha, southern charm personified and Becca won't be able to resist his endless pursuit. The perfect balance of everything I would want in a romance...sweet, steam, suspense and laughs. I can't wait for more and will certainly have to go back and read the rest of this series asap!

This book was given to me for free at my request and I voluntarily provided this review.
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1,143 reviews6 followers
March 21, 2023
This is Book 7 in the Five Families Vineyard Romances Series and my first read by this author, and I must say that I quite enjoyed the storyline and the characters. It is a steamy, suspenseful romance between Rebecca and Brick. Their sizzling chemistry and strong connection are undeniable as they navigate the bumpy road to their forever after. These two likeable souls and the unique plot make for an intriguing read. It is a captivating love story with drama, intrigue, sweetness, frustrating moments, twists and turns, along with engaging secondary characters to keep the reader interested. Seriously entertaining.

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Grey's Promotions and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
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13.8k reviews131 followers
March 17, 2023
This is the 7th book in this amazing series, and this is Brick and Becca’s journey. Becca is a successful attorney, who is ok with being alone, and she and Brick met several years before. Brock arrives at Becca’s door in the middle of the night, as he is in trouble, and he needs her legal counsel. I loved how their relationship grows from strength to strength throughout, and the chemistry between them is combustible and undeniable. This is a well written story which is intense, and with family, friendships, suspense, humor, witty banter, mystery, and is a spicy small town romance.
I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
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March 19, 2023
Not having read any of the other books in this series, I’ll admit that I was missing some references thrown out about the families. While it didn’t affect my enjoyment of this book, but there’s a lot of info thrown around.
I loved sexy southern boy Brick, especially since he seems so completely opposite straitlaced attorney Becca. Although as the story progresses, she’s got some wild child in her that was fun to see. The middle of the story got a bit convoluted for me, again not sure if it was because it’s book seven or for other reasons. But I thought the characters were great and the storyline interesting. That’s often enough for me. I would recommend this book.
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March 20, 2023
This was one fabulous, fun and crazy romp filled with suspense, humour and steam. I was absolutely hooked from the very first page. The entire cast of characters were larger than life and wonderful, but especially Brick and Becca, whose connection and romance was divine. A very enthralling and exciting read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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