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Las Vegas Vipers #6

Secret Keeper

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What started as a typical night out with my team, became the best night of my life.

Picking up a smoking hot blonde, I take her back to the hotel, expecting the evening to go down like any other.

But nothing about her is average… she’s sassy, witty and throws me off my game. After one incredible night, I wake up wanting to see her more than I want to go to hockey practice. Then another first happens, she kicks me out – wearing only a sheet and a frown.

The next time I see her, three months later, I knock her on her ass. Literally. Even dripping in tears, she’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

Then I find the source of her tears. Her father. My hockey coach.

Turns out, I’ve gone and fallen for my coach’s daughter. Our attraction is undeniable. It’s also unavoidable since she’s now travelling with our team. I have more to lose than a spot on my hockey team if he catches us… like my heart.

Good thing I’m a pro at keeping secrets.

284 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 13, 2022

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Stacey Lynn

83 books2,130 followers
Stacey Lynn likes her coffee with a dash of sugar, her heroes with a side of bossy, and her wine a deep shade of red.

The author of over thirty romance novels, many of which have been best-selling titles on Amazon, AppleBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Born in Texas and raised in the Midwest, she now makes her home in North Carolina and loves all things Southern. Together with her ultimate tall, dark, and handsome hero, she has four children. Her life is a chaotic mess that fights with her Type-A, list-making, neurotically organized preferences and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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3,567 reviews374 followers
December 13, 2022
Alix and Ryann hit it off with a bang after a wild one night stand in Vegas, while he's hoping for more she pulls the breaks once she finds out he's a Viper. But you know chemistry like that doesn't just go away so they were bound to meet again especially since he works for her dad, and that's only one part of the puzzle.

I really enjoyed watching Alix and Ryann find their way to be together despite the walls put in their way. Alix is so much fun to be around and the perfect guy for Ryann while she navigates her relationship with her father that she has been apart from for ten years.

This story has a bit of angst but nothing that doesn't get worked out pretty quickly, so if you are looking for tons of drama this isn't it. You will get a great steamy read with some heavy moments but nothing over the top.

I would recommend this book to those that enjoy Steamy Contemporary Sports Romances.

Happy Reading!!!

Find out more here ➡ https://bit.ly/NBReviewSK6

secret keeper by stacey lynn

Nadine's Obsessed with Books **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books
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Author 83 books2,130 followers
Currently reading
December 8, 2022
I shouldn't want him. Especially when I find out he's a player on the team my Dad coaches. But how am I supposed to stay away?

SECRET KEEPER is coming December 13th! Pre-Order today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3mu5vaP
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1,677 reviews46 followers
December 1, 2022
This series never disappoints, and this story fits right in with the rest! Alix and Ryann may have had a chance, then nothing, and now a chance again if he can get past her reservations and she can risk it all, but the ride to forever for them is definitely worth the worries. They don’t want to ruin lives or careers. They don’t want to ruin their developing friendship. But sometimes, the heart just triumphs over all else.

Ryann has a bit of a dilemma. Her estranged father has stepped up a smidge and passed her resume on for a job. And it isn’t nepotism that gets her the job. But she’s afraid it may seem that way. And he has a stupid request that’s more of a demand. But why? He hasn’t explained and Ryann isn’t about to budge and ask again. Especially when it appears that Alix isn’t giving up on a shot with her. He hasn’t forgotten. He hasn’t moved on. And he definitely wants Ryann. Even when it all comes tumbling out, Alix doesn’t disappoint. He proves he’s so much more than a player or a joker that I had to adore him. And even Ryann’s dad made me like him for admitting his failure and trying to do better.

This book brought emotions and zero unnecessary drama. It also brought communication, which is a big hit for me anytime. We also meet some new faces and I wonder if maybe we’ll be seeing some of them find their own happiness within this team. I can’t wait to find out.
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255 reviews
December 8, 2022
“There is nothing scary about loving me because I will always be here to worship you and love you and care for you.”

I am obsessed with Alix and Ryann!! Their story was so sweet and perfect, I loved every minute of it! When Alix and Ryann first met they had instant sparks and a connection. Alix is hot and so swoony, I fell in love with him. Regardless of her non-existent relationship with her dad she is asking for a job to help her work towards her dreams. Even with everything standing in their way Alix and Ryann were meant for each other. Alix is so patient but still showed Ryann how much he cared and wanted her. They stuck by each other's side through everything. She supported him through his family stuff and he supported her through building a new relationship with her dad. They were perfect for eachother. And no 3rd act breakup which I loved so much for this story! I love this series and all the characters, never disappoints!
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Author 4 books27 followers
December 5, 2022

More reviews posted at Tales of Love, Life, and Murder

I was all hung up on whatever was going on with Alix in Kane and Emmy’s book so I couldn’t wait to find out. Turns out this major player met his match with a recent one night stand, but she promptly kicked him out and disappeared when she found out he’s a hockey player. He was thrilled at first that she had no idea he was a professional athlete but her horrified reaction made no sense. Alix hasn’t been able to get Ryann out of his head for months but just when he starts to think he’ll never see her again, she takes a job with the team. Alix couldn’t be happier, until he realizes that Ryann is one of Coach Vik’s daughters.

Ryann wants more with Alix, but she’s struggling with how to tell her father about them and worried about his reaction. Alix knows Coach might not be thrilled, but he’s not going to hide what he has with Ryann. She’s everything and Alix won’t pretend otherwise. Ryann is hesitant to upset the delicate balance of her relationship with her father after so many years of estrangement and while Alix understands her reservations, he doesn’t like hiding their truth. He has his own family problems distracting him from life anyway. These two are so full of heart and heat, I really loved everything about their story.
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1,688 reviews18 followers
December 6, 2022
I love this series so much! Alix and Ryann will melt your heart in this heartfelt story! 5 hot hockey stars for this one!
Ryann is in Vegas not only to celebrate her sisters bachelorette party, but to also ask her estranged father of twelve years, Vik, for help getting a job in her chosen field of sports marketing. When he turns her down flat, she will not let him see her cry again and walks out. Being the youngest sister, she's always yearned to be accepted by him, even though her mother more than made up for his absence. So out on the town her and her two sisters go to celebrate. She meets Alix, and there's instant attraction, and she throws caution to the wind and has one hot night with him, but when she finds out he's a hockey player, she kicks him to the curb.
Alix met Ryann and spent one night with her in Vegas, and he hasn't been able to get her off his mind. She's his mystery woman that the entire teams knows about and he just wants her. While at the rink one day for practice, he see's her and he can't believe his eyes, but when he also see's who she's talking too and finds out she's the coaches daughter, well that makes this even more interesting!
This story had so much meaning behind it, healing, moving on from your past, forgiving people and welcoming them back into your life! What an amazing story this one was, but then again Stacey never disappoints with this series! Grab this one asap!
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408 reviews25 followers
December 18, 2022
I am a sucker for a good sports romance and this one was brilliant. I am so glad that we finished the series with Alix's story. I loved it, I really loved it.

Ryann was a really cute heroine, even though that she had family issues to sort out regarding her father. Alix...he was the best. Smart, funny and sexy, he fell hard for Ryann on their first night together and he couldn't forget her since then. What I love about him was, that he was really patient and supportive towards Ryann and he wasn't giving up.

I was soo soo happy that there wasn't any unnecessary drama in the book, regarding their relationship. When decided that they will be together, nothing couldn't stopped them.

The heat between them was explosive. The smut, the spice...everything was there and I loooved it. And the Epilogue...OMG the Epilogue was soo soo cute that I couldn't helped myself - I was swooned all over ♥️♥️♥️.

***I received an ARC from Valentine PR and this is my voluntary review.***
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1,163 reviews31 followers
December 13, 2022
4.5 Stars

Every book in this series is getting better, and I read them way to quickly! Alix has had my attention since Goal Chaser. His friendship with Kane, his place on the team, and then there is the mysterious blonde.

Ryann just wants a night of fun, she is in Vegas with her sisters and after the day she has had, she wants to let go. She spots a guy in the VIP section on the second floor of a club. Before long she is dancing with him, and things get personal, until she finds out what he does for a living.

Fast forward a few months and Ryann is back in Vegas with a job offer, her father wants to make amends and she runs into Alix. As a friendship is agreed to, but can they just be friends? They will have to keep things a secret. As we get to know the two of them, the story is great and hard to put down.

Thank you to the Author for the advanced copy; this is my voluntary review.
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11.4k reviews150 followers
December 13, 2022
Alix & Ryann have a super hot one night stand, and he really wants to explore things, but she kicks him out the next morning. See, Ryann has a strained relationship with her father, and it turns out that her father is Alix's hockey coach so they come face to face several months later. He's still in it to win it, but she's even more resolved despite the fact that they generate serious heat, the kind that will never be forgotten so they simply can't stay away from each other even with the potential of serious ramifications, however, she does put up a fight to deny it. I'm telling you, I was on the edge of my seat waiting on that other shoe to drop since you already know they're going to attempt to be on the downlow but secrets always come out. And since I wasn't a big fan of her father for a cool minute, well let's just say I was super anxious about it all LOL! Secret Keeper is a fantastic hockey romance with all kinds of emotional goodness that I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Profile Image for Soly's Books.
331 reviews5 followers
January 1, 2023
J'adore la série "The Las VegasVipers" de Stacey Lynn et le dernier tome "n'y a pas fait exception : on savait à la fin du tome précédent que le défenseur Alix avait passé une nuit avec une jeune femme qui lui avait beaucoup plu mais que celle-ci en apprenant qu'il était hockeyeur avait fui, à son grand désespoir. Ce nouveau roman va donc ramener la jeune femme dans la vie de notre sportif et nous allons découvrir qui elle est et pourquoi elle s'est enfuie : en effet, il s'agit de Ryann, la fille de son coach respecté et aimé, Vick. Celle-ci, ainsi que ses deux soeurs, ne voit plus son père depuis que sa mère l'a quitté et évidemment, elle lui en veut car il n'a jamais cherché à se battre pour les voir. Or, lors de l'enterrement de vie de jeune fille de sa soeur aînée, elle profite de l'occasion pour rencontrer son père et lui demander un travail (elle en a besoin pour valider ses études) mais celui-ci, choqué de sa présence, repousse sa demande et lui dit qu'il ne fera pas jouer ses relations. La jeune fille désespérée et en colère, rejoint ses soeurs et décide de passer une belle nuit à Las Vegas ce qui inclut avoir une aventure d'un soir : et c'est Alix, qu'elle ne connait pas, sur lequel elle va user de ses charmes : le jeune homme, de son côté attiré par cette jeune femme, est ravi qu'elle le séduise pour l'homme qu'il est et non pas la célébrité riche qu'il représente : ils finissent par passer la nuit ensemble et il sent une osmose entre eux mais qui va être brisée quand il lui révèle qui il est. Elle s'enfuit et il va ruminer son sang pendant plusieurs mois, cherchant à comprendre.... Quelle n'est donc pas sa surprise quand il lui tombe dessus quelques mois après dans son antre puisque Vick, entre temps, l'a rappelée pour lui proposer un emploi au sein de son club. Alix est déterminé à ne plus la laisser le quitter... et compte bien séduire la seule femme qui lui a plu, bien qu'elle soit la fille de son coach avec ce que cela suppose. Quant à Ryann, elle sait qu'elle ne peut avoir de liaison avec ce joueur de hockey : non seulement, elle veut être prise au sérieux dans ce premier travail sérieux mais en plus, elle doit gérer les retrouvailles avec son père qui l'a laissée tomber des années auparavant et avec lequel elle a une relation plus que houleuse (mais ce n'est rien à côté de ses deux soeurs) et ce dernier lui a demandé de ne pas avoir de liaison avec l'un de ses garçons! (chose à ne pas dire) Bref, bien qu'attirés l'un par l'autre, leur relation semble impossible : pourront-ils résister à leur attraction et rester amis ou succomberont-ils ? Comment va réagir Vick? Ryann arrivera-t-elle à renouer aussi avec son père? Quid de ses soeurs? Quant à Alix, il va voir revenir la sienne dans sa vie car elle aussi, aura besoin de son aide et l'appelle au secours? Acceptera-t-il ce qu'elle lui demande? eh bien des réponses à toutes ces questions dans cet excellent dernier? tome de la série ou celui qui annonce une nouvelle trilogie ou série qui s'arquera autour des soeurs sans doute de Ryann et de la soeur d'Alix.
chronique complète ici : https://solysbooks.blogspot.com/2023/...
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9,549 reviews64 followers
December 14, 2022
Ryann may have come to Vegas to spend time with her sisters, but she hopes that it will also give her an opportunity to see her father for the first time in a decade who is the head coach for the Las Vegas Viper’s hockey team. When their meeting didn’t turn out the way she planned so she and her sisters head out for a night on the town where she spends the night with a sexy stranger until she finds out he is one of the players her father coaches.

Alix knew that one night with Ryann wasn’t enough however she made it clear that was all they could have. A few months later he is pleasantly surprised to find out that she is working for the team, but the surprises keep coming when he finds out she is his coach’s daughter and that is when the fun really begins.

Ryann knows that it would be in everyone’s best interests to ensure that they don’t cross the line from friends to lovers but as they spend time together they may just realize that some rewards are worth the risk.
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733 reviews13 followers
December 7, 2022
Secret Keeper was so so good and had I not been so tired while reading I would have finished it all in one sitting! Alix and Ryann have such a sweet story that is ripe with emotion, but mostly happiness and humor. I loved Alix and his personality, he was the much needed humor in an emotional story filled with family issues. Ryann is an absolute sweetheart.

The story line that connected with me the most was Ryann and her father Vik and their reunion after over a decade. The emotions, the storyline and the realness of the issues of reconnecting with a parent who once left isn’t easy. But I love when characters realize that sometimes we have to see our parents as people too not just how they failed as a parent. I loved Vik’s scenes with Ryann and how the rest of the family handled it.

Alix’s family drama has me hoping we’ll see his sister’s book in the future!
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1,882 reviews45 followers
December 12, 2022
Alix sure knows how to put fun in funny. I loved him in all the previous books but he's for sure my favorite and it has nothing to do with the fact he's European like me 😜

He and Ryann have an explosive start to their relationship. They have a one night where their world is turned upside down. But with her past mixed with his present, she pushes him away, leaving him questioning what happened. But now she's back and he's not taking NO for an answer. He's willing to give her time because he knows she's worth it and when they finally let the walls down, everything falls into places and HEA is up for grabs.

I'm sad this is the last book in the series but I'm also excited to see where will Stacey Lynn take us next.
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545 reviews18 followers
December 15, 2022
Another great book in this series! I loved Ryann so much and found her to be ballsy and awesome. The chemistry between her and Alix was amazing, as was the spice. Really fun! *I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
Profile Image for Becca.
2,005 reviews20 followers
January 10, 2023
my absolute FAVORITE couple!

Oh how I loved the cocky but protective Alix and Ryann was my kind of heroine. I loved this series and am hoping for at least one maybe two more books.
Profile Image for Katy.
833 reviews66 followers
December 13, 2022
(I received an ARC for this book)

She laughed again, a beautiful laugh that sounded like a song, a siren sent to lure me in forever and never let me out of her clutches.

Please don’t tell Kane or Emmersyn, but I think Ryann and Alix have become my favorite! I loved being back with the Vipers, getting to be a part of their family. And this one definitely focuses on family! We see Coach Vik in an all new light…one I wasn’t all that fond of. He does a great job keeping his players close and connected, but it’s his own family that is in pieces. For the first time in a decade, Ryann stands in front of her father, asking for help. I know we all already loved Alix, and my love for him only grew through this one. He was a gentleman from the very first moment with Ryann. He was ready to court her the proper way, earn the experience, her respect. But then reality comes knocking: she’s the coach’s daughter, and he’s one of his players. Because he’s a perfect gentleman, Alix gives her the space she asks for. But of course, that doesn’t mean he disappeared. Oh no, he made sure she knew he was right there. Stolen moments, daily text messages, giving her his hotel keycard at every new city. Just incase. They are both very much aware that they are settling for friends. And that’s the saddest part. But the bond they build is so SO special, and I loved every minute of it. Ryann decides that she’s tired of ignoring her feelings, of not having the things she deserves, so she gives in. All the terrible things that could tear them apart? Only brought them together. They were always open, honest, and had all the right kinds of communication.

My Favorite Quotes:
• “You have the most expressive eyes. I drown in them.”
• “Slow down? I’ll kill you if you do.”
• “Where I can devour every inch of you like I’ve been dreaming of for hours?”
• “The things I want to do to you are endless.”
• “So we’re in agreement then. We’ll forget it happened and have a strictly professional relationship from here on out.” “Oh no. I did not agree to that.”
• “If I cannot have all of you, I want to be able to have you in that way at least.”
• “Perfection. But I know there is more to see. More lovely, exquisite places I need to see.”
• ‘This woman just did something to me, spoke to the deepest parts of me, and I did not care if the road ahead would be difficult.’
• “Ruin me, Alix. I’ll enjoy every minute.”
• “Just something that will make you wish you never suggested we leave my bedroom and crave coming back to it.”
• “Your daughter bewitched me from the first moment I saw her.”
• “There is nothing scary about loving me because I will always be here to worship you and love you and care for you.”

7/10 Dirty Birdy
4/10 Forbidden Romance
5/10 Forced Proximity
9/10 Sports Romance
6/10 Workplace Romance
8/10 Series

This is my review for Rule Breaker
This is my review for Goal Chaser
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491 reviews7 followers
December 3, 2022
4.5 Stars

Ryann Boucher hasn’t seen her father, Vik, for about a decade. He left his wife and three daughters' years earlier and basically disappeared from their lives and focused all of his energy on being the coach of the Las Vegas Vipers professional hockey team. His ex-wife remarried a wonderful man who helped to raise the three girls and to give them the love their own father couldn’t give them. Ryann has graduated with a degree in business marketing with a focus in sports and social media management. It is a hard field to break into, but since her father is a successful coach, she figures that he can help her break into the business. When he rejects her, she ends up channeling her sadness into partying and dancing at a bar later that night with her two sisters. She meets Alix Halvrick, center for the Vipers, but she doesn’t learn that fact until much later. They spend hours talking and dancing, and when it is time to go, they end up in Ryann’s hotel room for the night. Next morning, she finds out about Alix’s job, and she sends him away shortly thereafter, even though he had hoped to get to know her better. Fast forward three months, and Ryann has been summoned by Vik for a job with the Vipers in a related field to her major. She takes the job and runs into Alix almost immediately.

This story has a lot of warmth and heart in it. Interestingly enough, when Alix speaks, this author has written it as if the reader can actually hear his accent! Perhaps it is the phrasing order or some other unknown factor, but it feels authentically English, spoken with a French accent! Anyway, the important part is that this story flows nicely, and the author does a great job of examining the nuances of the family dynamics that result when a family has been abandoned and ignored by someone who was supposed to love them unconditionally. There is some anger and some frustration, and a lot of wariness. However, Vik handles it with awkward grace, and his daughters and his ex-wife eventually reach a sort of acceptance of him in their lives. The secret implied in the title is the way that Alix and Ryann need to keep their relationship a secret, as Vik asks Ryann to ‘stay away’ from the men he coaches. When the situation finally comes to a head, the entire scene is portrayed with strength and respect and is very believable. This entire book is well-written and edited and is filled with mostly warm and caring characters and interactions—with a few notable exceptions! These exceptions add interest and tension to the story and add to the final satisfying conclusion!
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1,488 reviews27 followers
December 19, 2022
Ryann Boucher hasn't seen her father, famed hockey coach Vik Boucher, since the day her mother moved her and her sisters from Las Vegas to Reno ten years ago. However, she's struggling to find a job after recently graduating with a degree in sports marketing, so she swallows her pride and goes to ask her father for help. She's both crushed and furious when he says no. Later that evening, Ryann and her sisters are out at a club when she meets a handsome man named Alix. There's an instant connection and they end up spending the night together. She doesn't find out until the next morning that he's actually professional hockey player Alix Halvrick of the Las Vegas Vipers, at which point she promptly throws him out of her hotel room. 
Three months later, Ryann is still searching for a full-time job when her father calls her out of the blue. There's an opening for an assistant travel coordinator with the Vipers, and he's offering her the position. The only catch is that she'll have to travel with the team, putting her back in Alix's orbit at the same time as she's trying to navigate a tricky new relationship with her father, who's made it clear that the players are off limits. Alix hasn't been able to forget about Ryann in the months they've been apart, but she has no intention of picking up where they left off. Can he convince her that what they have is worth fighting for?

Alix and Ryann had a ton of chemistry and I loved them as a couple. When they had a chance to relax and put aside all of the challenges they faced, they were so cute and playful! They both had quite a bit of emotional baggage to work through, mainly related to their fathers, but I appreciated that they were honest with each other about their feelings and tried to figure things out together. Most refreshingly of all, there was no third act breakup! It's rare to find stories without one these days, and it just made me love this book even more.

I highly recommend "Secret Keeper" for all fans of contemporary/sports romance. I'm not sure if the author plans to continue writing books in this series, but I, for one, would be happy to keep reading about Alix and his teammates for as long as she'd like.
*Review copy provided by the authors via Valentine PR. All opinions expressed are my own.
Profile Image for Terry.
1,185 reviews
December 11, 2022
4 Stars for this hockey romance!

Ryann and Aliz are so cute together ... they just warmed my heart. This is a sweet romance that will have you believing that love will prevail. I was proud of Ryann to reach out to her father to give him a second chance ... because that is what she really wanted, the job was just an excuse. And it must have been hard for Alix to leave his home at twenty to play hockey half way around the world, not knowing anybody. The chemistry between Ryann and Alix lit the pages on fire. Once again, this author writes very realistic banter between the characters. This is a great addition to the series and I can't wait to see who's up next!

Ryann's father is the head coach for the Vegas Vipers hockey team and he hasn't been in her life for over 10 years. Ryann's in Vegas with her sisters for her oldest sister's bachelorette party and plans to bite the bullet and ask him for a job, as sports marketing is her major. He tells her they don't have anything for her at the time, but he will send her resume to personnel. That night her and her sisters go out on the town and they party with a group of guys they just met. Ryann hits if off with Alix and they end up spending the night together. In the morning, when she learns that he plays for the Vipers, she kicks him out. A few months later, her father offers her a job with the team and she's desperate for a job, so she moves to Las Vegas. Alix can't get Ryann out of his head and months after they meet, he comes face to face with her at the Viper's office. Even when he learns that she's the coach's daughter, it doesn't deter him from perusing her.

I received an early copy courtesy of Valentine PR in exchange for a honest review.
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131 reviews7 followers
December 8, 2022
I feel like every time that I read the next installment in this series, I love it more than the last! I was so excited when I read the blurb and found out that Alix was getting his story! He was mentioned a lot in Kane's story since they are neighbors. I always wondered who the special blonde was that had Alix head over heels <3

Ryann is trying to find a job in sports marketing, which is how she ended up in the Las Vegas Vipers head coach's office (aka, Vik Boucher, Ryann's father) asking him to do her this small favor since he had not seen her in a decade. But of course, he refuses. Later, after she meets a beautiful man with a french accent in the club, and then proceeds to spend the night with him, she kicks him out once she finds out that he is Alix... as in THE Alix... hockey player for the LAS VEGAS VIPERS! Oof.

She thought she was done with the ruggedly handesome hockey player, but little did she know that her deadbeat Dad would have a health scare, causing him to (1) reevaluate his life, including his nonexistant relationships with his three daughters, and (2) get Ryann the job she asked for.

Now Ryann has to navigate her new position on the team as a travel assistant, all while avoiding her dad and Alix, both of which are not letting her just push them to the wayside. But does Ryann have the emotional capacity for not only forgiving her father but also allowing herself to be with Alix, the one man that makes her happy, but also the one man she can't have if she wants to keep her job.

I love love love Alix. He is by far the funniest character in this series, and possibly the sweetest! 5/5 stars all the way!
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1,423 reviews5 followers
December 13, 2022
Love this series so much! Stacey Lynn writes amazing characters and engaging storylines that are entertaining, fun and emotionally satisfying.

Ryann is a recent college graduate looking for a job in sports marketing and while in Las Vegas with her two old sisters she stop by to talk with her estranged father, head coach of the NHL’s Las Vegas Vipers. Ryann spends the evening dancing and celebrating her oldest sister’s upcoming marriage when she meets a sexy, blond and very handsome stranger. The next morning when gets an alert in his phone and he mentions needing to get to practice…hockey practice she kicks him out of her room.

Alix is flummoxed when the beautiful woman he spent the night with kicks him out of her hotel room for no reasoning he can figure out. He pines for her for a few months until he runs into her at the practice arena and she’s in tears. When he finds out the woman of his dreams is his hickey coach’s daughter he is happy to know who she is but realizes she’s now out of reach.

When Ryann starts to work for the team, she tries to keep her attraction to Alix under control. She is learning a new job, trying to get to know the father she barely knows and not lose her job by dating one of ‘his boys’. Alix is determined he is going to get the woman of his dreams even if he has to go slow and just be her friend initially.

Both Alix and Ryann want the same thing, and circumstances will only keep them apart for so long. Their interactions are entertaining with a push/pull dynamic that keeps the sexual tension between them taught. Alix is always making an effort to be there for Ryann and he takes the time to really get to know her.

I’m hopeful for more books in this series, because the characters are so memorable. I enjoy the author’s storytelling and have enjoyed several of her books.

I received a free ARC from the author and Valentine’s PR; and I am voluntarily leaving an unbiased review.
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December 13, 2022
This story follows Alix and Ryann, two individuals who are extremely drawn to each other and have chemistry that is undeniably intense. They can’t seem to get away from each other even after deeming their attraction ‘forbidden’.

Ryann is fierce and honestly just wants to make a name for herself. I loved how mature she was considering her age and what she had been through. She was definitely a lot more forgiving and patient in situations where I definitely would have reacted more drastically!

Alix is incredibly hilarious and honestly such a lovable character. I loved that he was not shy about admitting how obsessed and into Ryann he was. Boy was smitten from day 1! But even more than that, I loved how understanding he was of Ryann and her situation. He was so patient and considerate of her even when he didn’t completely agree with her actions. He tried to care for her even when she shut him out and he had his own drama to deal with!

Alix and Ryann’s chemistry was definitely explosive from when they first meet! The spice picks up pretty quick and it is a quite steamy read. I did also love seeing them bond over family experiences and be there for one another. It was certainly nice seeing their initial attraction progress into something even more meaningful!

This was my first Stacey Lynn book, and as an avid lover of sports romances, I will definitely be checking out the rest of the series!

Overall, if you’re looking for spicy, low angst sports romance book with a lot of incredibly sweet moments, this is the book for you! I want to thank Valentine PR and Stacey Lynn for the ARC in exchange for an honest review ❤️
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December 14, 2022
Alix Halvrick is one of the star players of the Las Vegas Vipers. He loves nothing more than annoying his neighbor and best friend Kane. I have been so excited for us to finally get to meet him. I feel head over heels for this character, and he did not disappoint. AT ALL!!! This man falls so hard and fast for Ryann. And he is not shy about it.
Ryann Boucher is back in the place she never thought she would be. But she is bound and determined to be successful in her new career. Ryann, the coach's daughter, has a very contentious relationship with her father. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Vik Boucher, the Vipers coach through his daughter's eyes, and his players' eyes. Stacey Lynn did an amazing job of making us like and dislike a character at the same time! It also highlighted the complex lives so many people live, and everything isn’t always perfect!
Immediately Ryann and Alix had amazing chemistry, but it was the friendship that they had from the start that made their relationship work. There were so many scenes in the book that made these characters feel real, and how they made the most of the time that they had together. Of course, their friendship translates to some amazing steamy connections as well. These two couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, and I was here for it! So hot!!!
Friends, Stacey Lynn has done it again. While I have loved every one of these 6 Las Vegas Vipers books, Alix is at the top of the list! If you enjoy a hockey romance with a lot of hockey, team dynamics, a secret relationship, and some fun banter between characters this book is for you! Do yourself a favor and devour this whole series today!
December 13, 2022
4.25 Stars! 💛💚

Having read the five previous installments i've been looking so forward to more from this series! I've been wanting to pick this one up ever since the synopsis was released. I started reading it and got right back into the Las Vegas Vipers world! I really enjoyed this story!

Ryann and Alix's journey pulled me in quickly! Both needing a night out, Ryann and Alix meet and the attraction ignites. These two wind up spending an unforgettable night together and it doesn't end in ways they expected. Little did they know their paths would soon be crossing again. Can they ignore what's between them? or are some things just worth the risk?

I really liked how Ryann and Alix had my attention right from the get go, the way they were brought into each other's lives, and how they connected with one another. Their chemistry was undeniable! I found Ryann to be so relatable and i felt for her. There was such a realness to her situation with her Dad that got to me. I loved how caring and determined Alix was when it came to Ryann. The moments between these two got me in the feels!

It was awesome being back in the Las Vegas Vipers world! I so enjoyed what the other characters brought to the story!

With Secret Keeper, Ms.Lynn has created such a great read with feels that kept me turning the pages! She brings the emotion and heat in such wonderful ways! I can't wait to read what she comes up with next! 💛💚

*I volunteered to read and review a copy of this book from Valentine PR / the author*
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January 15, 2023
3.5 stars

Things I Liked:
-forbidden relationship trope
-that Alix couldn’t stop thinking of Ryann after the night they spent together
-the chemistry between Alix and Ryann
-Ryann’s relationship with her sisters
-Ryann giving Vik a chance at re-kindling their father-daughter relationship
-Alix’s friendship with Kane and Emmersyn
-that Vik got over hearing about Alix and Ryann quickly and that Alix asked him why he was concerned about them being together, therefore forcing Vik to realize that Alix is a good person
-Ryann’s mom and how supportive she is of her daughters pursuing a relationship with Vik
-knowing that Max is re-joining the team as defensive coach
-the epilogue - they won the cup, Alix proposed and Ryann is pregnant (and that Alix proposed before he found out about the baby)

Things I Didn’t Like:
-that we never got a reason for why Vik didn’t try to contact his own children over the years
-Arya (Alix’s sister) - she was so selfish and immature
-that Vik announced Ryann is his daughter to the team. I feel like it would’ve been more interesting if they tried to keep this a secret. I also think this would’ve made the team treat her differently (although we never saw that)

Things I Would’ve Liked To See:
-more about Alix’s past and his family. We know his mom died and his dad is awful, but what exactly happened. And why did Arya stay in Switzerland with her dad for so long if he is so awful
-Vik being the first one to reach out to Ryann for a relationship. It shouldn’t be up to his daughter to approach him after 10ish years
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 25, 2023
Ryann's dad hasn't been a part of her life since she was a kid, but now having graduated in sports marketing, her pro hockey coach father is her best shot at a job close to her family. When he refuses to help her, she goes out and meets Alix. While he wants more than a night, she disappears until months later when her father offers her a job. Quickly, working together, long days at away games, and an indeniable chemistry brings them back together.

What a hero!
1. Imagining Alix's French accent with the dirty talk - highly suggest.
2. Alix showed how deeply he cared in so many little ways I loved to see.

Ryann choosing to build a relationship with her father after the neglect and abandonment was impressive, but was shown to not be easy. I appreciated the realistic struggles she would face from him, her sisters, and herself, and most of all how she valued her own emotions.

I'm glad to see that her father is trying to be a better man after his heart attack. He's putting in the effort to make amends which makes me excited to see how we could see him and Ryann's single sister (who hates him) in the future (when she disappeared I sensed drama on the horizon!).

The look into the other players' lives makes me excited to read more of Lynn's books!

Overall, I really enjoyed watching these two choose each other with humor, spice, and sweetness.

Feat: he falls first, sweet-but-spicy hero, forbidden romance, sports romance

Thank you to Valentine PR for an arc in exchange for an honest review!

3.75 stars
2 spice
1,797 reviews8 followers
December 13, 2022
Forbidden (and fabulous) hockey-flavoured romance…

I have loved this series from the beginning and Alix and Ryann’s story was an amazing way to end the series. The series is over? Do you hear me crying? Because I’m crying…

Ryann’s family situation was… complicated. She was struggling to get her career started and estranged family wasn’t going to stop her. Stuck in the middle, the highs and lows were soul-crushing yet Alix was there at every turn. He was forbidden yet he was everything she could have wanted and denying herself and him, was a push/pull of steam, humour and boat loads of delicious drama… Together, they were unstoppable no matter what was thrown at them (and family was going to test them each step of the way…

This story was love you could feel, drama to fill a boat load and simply everything I could have wanted. Their family situation was messy, heart-breaking, hilarious (at times) and utterly, totally relatable. Family sparks the good, the bad and the ugly and every not-over-the-top moment had my heart twanging over. Watching love (and heat, oh the heat!) grow was a reading treasure…

This author’s stories are bright and full of emotion and firmly under the ‘never can get enough’ category. I heard this may be the last Viper? No, no I say! I’m not done with them, not at all! There are more stories to tell so I really hope this is just a ‘so long for now’…

*I joyfully reviewed this story
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December 13, 2022
I absolutely loved Alix in Goal Chaser. We saw a lot of him in that book and I have been anxiously waiting for Secret Keeper where he could find his mystery blonde and get his own HEA! The book was worth the wait. So good!

Ryann comes to Vegas with her sister’s to celebrate her sister’s upcoming marriage but also to ask her estranged father for employment. She is disappointed at his unwillingness to help her but ends up finding an amazing man to spend the night with. She has the most incredible night but all is too good to be true when she finds out the following morning that amazing man plays on her father’s hockey team. She can’t get away fast enough.

Fast forward several months her father has her back and offers her a job. Navigating her new job working for her father who she hasn’t had a relationship with in over a decade is hard enough. Add in the struggle of trying not to act on her feelings for Alix and Ryann definitely has her work cut out for her. Alix is just so perfect! He is persistent and so good for her. They are incredible together with the best chemistry ever and no unnecessary drama.

While I loved Alix and Ryann I also loved the side story with Ryann’s sisters, mom and step dad. It was a great story of learning to forgive and work through difficult situations from the past. It was such an amazing storyline that kept me from putting the book down. I have truly enjoyed every book in this series and sad to see it end.
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December 13, 2022
I was super excited to know who is Alix's secret girl. I was in love with Alix since Kane's book the way he supported him won my heart. Alix is one of the most charming, caring and supportive person in the Vipers team. He always stood by all of them and put a smile on everyone's face. I loved getting to know him and his background.

One unexpected night got Alix and Ryann together which left wboth of them wanting for more. I was happy that we got everything from how they met for the first time and how things slowly progressed. Ryann did not expect how strong the pull was between her and Alix. And Alix is anything but persistent. He slowly peels every layer Ryann has covered her heart in. There chemistry was smoking hot.

I might be biased coz of my love for Alix but I felt that he was more invested in their relationship. I found Ryann to be a bit self centred as everything was about her feelings and convenience. She was the one who went to Vik but kept berating him despite his efforts. I understood her hurt but things always can't be about her. I was glad she finally gave him a chance and took a leap with Alix.

I am not sure if this is the last book in the series but there are many characters about whom I would love to know more.

Thanks to Stacey and Valentine's promotion for the advanced copy.
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December 13, 2022
Oh Alix....I've waited so long for your story and it did not disappoint. He ends up being the most cinnamon roll man ever...but also so filthy (the dirty talking is extraordinary). It is absolute perfection. He also falls first (did not expect that!!).

Ryann is trying to start her career and struggling...she seeks out the help of her estranged father...who just so happens to be the head coach of the Las Vegas Vipers hockey team. Things don't go well initially so she decides to blow off some steam with a sexy stranger...but once she finds out his career she forces him out the door ASAP!

Fast forward and fate has plans for these two...Alix spent a lot of time looking for Ryann after their initial time together and he ended up literally running into her.

Alix is determined they are meant to be together and just slowly bids his time..Ryann is hesitant to accept her feelings for Alix but when she does...Sparks fly!

I love how Stacey combines all the amazing characters from the series and we get glimpses into their futures together, I've been emotionally invested in the team since book one. She also perfected the way Alix would talk with his accent and the dialogue...I laughed out loud so many times.

You don't need to read the rest of the series before you read Secret Keeper...but you are missing out if you don't!
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