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Gator Bait MC #4

Annoyed At First Sight

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The first time Cassius Ulysses Costas met Alice Paradis, she was in a string bikini and filling up a long line of boats that were there just to see her. She was eighteen and every man’s wet dream.

Even his.

For the longest time, he went out of his way to stay as far away from her as he could get without actually taking his eyes off of her. For years, he was the better person. He played his hand close, and not a single person would know just how obsessed he was with her.

Then he goes to prison and comes out a man that couldn’t care less about anyone or anything, least of all what someone thought of him and his actions. But not one second while he was behind bars did he forget about Alice.

He tries to stay away. For a few long months, he fights his every instinct to make her his. But, as if the universe is conspiring against him, Alice is thrown into his path time after time, instance after instance.

And his resolve is waning. Fast.

In one last ditch effort to stay away, he walks away, hoping making her mad enough will force her to do the work for him.
However, when Alice is attacked, it isn’t Cassius’s harsh words she remembers, but the way he makes her feel safe.

Soon, the very last thing he’ll do is let her walk away. He did the right thing, and that didn’t work out. Now, it’s time for him to embrace the wrong.

244 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 28, 2023

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About the author

Lani Lynn Vale

146 books6,681 followers
Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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2,494 reviews1,209 followers
March 4, 2023
After losing most of his family too soon, Cassius swore off making a romantic connection. You can't lose what you don't have, right? Aside from his brothers of the MC, he didn't need anyone. So why was he still so enchanted by Alice?

She was impossible to resist and not even his stint in prison made him forget her.

And he wasn't the only one trying to fight the pull. Alice believed he hated her and thought it best to save herself from a broken heart. Too bad she found it so hard to stay away.

Add in some terrible circumstances and there was no one she'd rather turn to than Cassius. There was no more hiding and no more denying what they shared.

I'm in love with all of the characters from this series. These stories have some strange turns, a few surprises, and I'm excited to see what's next.

Find more here: Annoyed at First Sight

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1,479 reviews34 followers
March 3, 2023
Fucking hell every time a read one of Lani books I always want the next book but I have to wait for it to come out. I loved this one it was amazing and cute. Shit gets kind of crazy but hell isn't crazy just fucking amazing.
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1,837 reviews304 followers
February 25, 2023
Theses two were great even when I wanted to knock their heads together like coconuts! Cassius was so determined he was not gonna be with her it was maddening. Alice is a great character and she has a super close family. I loved seeing their interactions. The ending was bananas though. I saw the whole Alice situation coming, but the rest? BANANAS!
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50 reviews16 followers
March 3, 2023
It was alright, usual storyline from author

I'd like to preface this with please do not take any legal lessons about service animals from this book. A sign saying "No dogs allowed" is not legally used to keep a service dog out. A worker with allergies no matter how severe, is also not acceptable to keep a service dog out. The business has to find accommodations.
That was a huge red flag, on top of the fact that Alice is supposedly so allergic she goes into anaphylactic shock if there's a dog across a crowded room from her. But she doesn't seem to have any issues when standing next to her boss or anyone else that owns a dog and is subsequently covered in dog hair.
It's little things I've noticed in LLV books recently, I don't know if it's that she's pushing books out each month, if she has fan girls who are her beta readers who give little to no constructive feedback... But it feels like her stories are all reading the same in some way. Quirky heroine that identifies as being an introvert but is more vocal and loud and has no issues being in large groups and ready to do it the next day instead of having a decompress day. I think this was the first book in a while where the heroine didn't have other women sneering and scoffing at her for just breathing. She's always in a weird relationship or marriage where the guy is a sadist/wimp and you're left always going "why did you even go out with them to begin with?". Descriptions of the leads change; for example in this book at the beginning Cassius is watching Alice pump gas in a bikoni describing her body making emphasis on the great "rack" she has. When I read that description, thats indicating there's a decent sized chest. Later in the book, Alice described her chest as non-existent basically flat. Yes its small (no pun intended) but you're half way in a book with an idea of what a character looks like, and now it has to change.

I have been a long time reader of LLV, have read all of her books, I feel she's falling back on almost a preset story, just change names, and situation that the recent books have begun to meld together. Either its from churning a book out each month and not really taking time to really go over everything, or again beta readers and editors that are just fan girls and "yes" women.
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12.2k reviews421 followers
March 4, 2023
It seems like if it wasn't for bad luck Cassius wouldn't have any luck. His family history horrible and now he's out of prison just starting to live again. And who would be around yet, but the girl who he's lusted after for years, Alice. Alice's life is a bit of a hot mess and gets worse as the book goes on. Through all the drama that comes her way, about the only good thing to come out of it was starting a relationship with Cassius. I was so glad that things worked out for these 2 and that by the end of the book things were so much better in their lives.
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4,891 reviews523 followers
March 27, 2023
Cassius Ulysses Costas noticed Alice Paradis he knew she was too young and his views on relationships was already jaded. Years later after a stint in prison, Cassius is back. He has not changed his mind in getting involved with Alice but it does not stop him from admiring her from afar. That is until she gets a job working for one of the members of Gator Bait MC. Now he does everything to keep her from getting close but all that changes when she is attacked. Can Cassius whether the storm that is coming his way.

I thought the story was going one way and it threw me for a loop. One of the best so far in this series. Cassius is a grumbly man, you get why. I really liked Alice, she is outspoken and an instant favorite. Terrific story that I was unable to put down.
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2,473 reviews32 followers
February 21, 2023
Cassius and Alice have you falling in love right from the start. Alice is sassy, strong and so independent. Can I say I had a bit of a girl crush on this character. Their story was filled with drama, chaos and so much chemistry. I will say these two annoyed me a little with their push and pull but when that lightbulb moment went on for Cassius this man was not backing down from having what had always been his, Alice. The suspense of the storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat and the witty banter between all the characters has you thoroughly entertained. The passion and emotion that radiates from this story fills your heart. On a side note, I love that this author always gives us the perfect epilogue to ensure that we know what the future holds for the characters we have grown to love.
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901 reviews20 followers
February 22, 2023
This one was a rollercoaster! Alice and Cassius are lost for each other, but from afar. This book is not quite enemies-to-lovers, but it’s close. After losing his entire family, Cassius has decided he will never let anyone get that close to him again. Alice is loyal to her family and quite independent. These two have been circling each other for years. But when Alice desperately needs him will Cassius come through? There’s some plot twists you won’t see coming in this one. I enjoyed this read. It reminded me of my days growing up in Sarasota on the beach and deep sea fishing. Great story! Loving this series! 4 stars!
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2,739 reviews24 followers
February 28, 2023
'you can't live without your soul'

OMG! Cassius and Alice are steaming hot! Even in the middle of the most sick and twisted tale the sparks between them fly. Their story is like a spider web of crazy that ensnares you and the more you fight it, the tighter it gets.
I read this in one sitting, unable to put it down.
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1,343 reviews24 followers
February 28, 2023
I, Cassius Ulysses Costas, a thirty-year-old man, was perving on an eighteen-year-old.

Cassius has had a thing for Alice for years but he’s lost so much in his life he won’t let himself go there.

Alice just thinks he hates her. While no man has ever lived up her standards.

“He wants you so bad that he’s practically gagging,” Kobe murmured quietly. “Keep doing whatever you’re doin’, darlin’. He’ll come around.”

It takes something bad happening for him to realize that she is his one and only. There was s some suspenseful moments and a shocking reveal that threw me for a loop.

I’m hot when I want to be. I choose my own hours. I make my own schedule. I do freelance hotness.

I don’t know who is coming next but I do know I’m gonna love because it’s LLV!!n
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1,425 reviews
March 1, 2023
Werner Stanley was an absolute moron with cruel intentions. With that having been said…the first time Cassius met Alice, she was in a string bikini, pumping petrol into the boat he was about to steer out of the channel. She was leaning over the boat and Cassius Ulysses Costas, a thirty-year-old man, was stricken by an eighteen-year-old.

Her family owned not only the small marina but also the larger one where they fueled up the big ships—the ones he normally piloted.
He’d already taken out two yachts, worth half a million a piece, and brought in four fishing charters—and gotten two tunas.
“Hey, you okay?”
I hadn’t realised that my stillness had been noticed.
But not by the object of his desire.
“Fine,” I said to Jaycee, Alice’s twin sister. “How about you?”
Jaycee was almost the exact opposite of Alice.
Where Alice was sweet, bubbly, and willing to do anything to please anyone, Jaycee was rude, selfish, and had the voice of a high-pitched dog toy that you couldn’t help but hate listening to.

His mom Crista Pritchard didn’t do well when left alone for long. She thrived with someone taking care of her, and the yacht captain, Oberon, was able to do that.
She wasn’t a bad person, she was great, just shallow at times; what she failed to do was take care of herself.
If she didn’t have a man, she was lost.
His mother supposedly went out with Oberon but was lost at sea.
She was on the boat with Oberon, and when he returned to dock, without her, too hammered to notice her disappearance.
The sea was the one place that he loved but his mum hated.
Because she was terrified of it. She couldn’t swim, and she saw it as a terrifying, never-ending, black hole.

He spent five years in prison for the assault of the rich d*ck everyone loathed. The entitled jerk was still around, making his presence known.
When everyone that had a boat in their small community—had gone looking for his mum, there was one person suspiciously absent from the search party.
What was Oberon doing?
He was indifferent that a mere day prior, he’d lost his girlfriend in the middle of the ocean.
When Oberon had first come into contact with Cassius after they’d called off the search party, Oberon had been ‘oh, shucks. That’s a shame’ and had gone back to drinking as if he hadn’t just gotten the news that his girlfriend of months had been pronounced lost at sea.

So, Cassius, having lost the very last vestige of his family—and what a tragic life he’d suffered after the loss of his dad and siblings—had visibly snapped.
He’d beat Oberon. Almost to the point of death, he’d had enough control to stop but all of Oberon’s rich friends had borne witness, Cassius hadn’t stood a chance as he hadn’t tried to hide his loathing and disdain for Oberon.
He’d gone on trial and had gotten ten years in prison, with a possibility of parole once he’d done eight years of his time. He was released early.

Alice had her life together. She lived on her own—above the Marina, paid for her space as did her brother with the one right next to hers—and she had her own job independent of the family business. Something that, according to Alice’s father, she craved. He put Jaycee to work for two purposes. One, to get Jaycee to contribute forcing her to grow up and develop work ethics for the money she was freely given. And two, to give Alice the out that she needed. Jaycee was selfish and shallow.

Simply put, she’s dumb, it’s difficult to imagine they’re twins, Jaycee overcharged their customers by at least two grand a pop. She charged four people twice for petrol, and those are just the ones that noticed. When Alice said she couldn’t help her, that she was in a meeting with the mayor of Accident, she disconnected the
Wi-Fi forcing Alice to resolve the issues she created.

“I’m sorry, but can you repeat that?”
“I said, I’ve been grading you on how you mother my son, and you’re not doing well,” my about-to-be ex-boyfriend, Werner, said.
As if his words weren’t enough, he hit me with a double whammy.
“And I’m sorry to say this, but you’re going to have to get over this little allergy thing, my son’s more important. The doctor said the service dog was necessary.”
His son, Griffith, was twelve and suffered from seizures that were manageable with medication. Medication that Griffith refused to take, and Werner didn’t want to force the issue.

The only reason they were even discussing a service animal was because Werner couldn’t control his kid. His kid was awful and was one of the many flaws in their relationship. They’d been dating for about five months, and not once had she in all that time grown to tolerate Griffith.
It became increasingly evident that Werner’s ex-wife couldn’t handle their son either.
“Werner. We can’t have this discussion again. I think it’s time for you to leave.”
Werner didn’t live with me. At least, not officially.
He stayed with me more often than not lately, but that was about to change.
“Stop joking, this isn’t a joking matter. The dog will be here in two hours. You’ll be okay.”
She was life-threateningly allergic to dogs. She carried an EpiPen.
Was he that dense, thinking she should overcome her reaction at the expense of risking her life?
“Werner. I think it’s time for you to take a step back. If your son would just take his medication like he’s supposed to, he won’t even need a dog. This isn’t going to work out for us.” He’d been a good friend of her father’s, and at first, she’d enjoyed spending time with him. However, those days were past and she could barely tolerate him, he was an uninvited roommate and not even a person she was dating.
She especially didn’t like his kid.
Werner had recently lost his job, she’d spotted him money because they were friends. But then he expected her to keep giving him enough money for the week. While he collected unemployment benefits and received a cheque every two weeks from the government.
“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”
“I’m saying exactly what you think I’m saying, I’m going to go to work. When I get home, I want your belongings out of my house. Please leave the key on the kitchen island.”
“You can’t do this right now.”
“I can, and I did, go stay with your mother since you and her think it’s so cool to ‘test’ someone on their mothering to a kid that’s not even theirs.”

Her brother finally ensures he gets the message. Until he makes a nuisance of himself bringing the dog to her place of work.
“You have to let in a service dog, darling,” the man sneered.
“Please leave, Werner! You know I don’t want this to get messy, but you can’t be in here with him,” she called out.
“Dad, can we please go?” the young kid asked.
“Griffith, it’s highly illegal for someone not to allow a service dog into a store,” the man argued.
“Listen, dumbass, it is illegal. Unless you’re so highly allergic that you COULD
“It’s a small allergy. You haven’t even had a reaction since you were a kid.”
“I called the cops,” Alice said.
“Good!” Werner yelled. “This needs cops! What you’re doing is illegal.”
Officers had arrived—his eyes went from the store to where Alice was still standing, refusing to budge, to me, to the man holding the dog and back.
“What’s going on?” Sheriff Sunny asked.
“What’s wrong is that woman isn’t allowing my dog into her business. He’s a service dog,” the man cried.
“What’s your name?” Sunny asked him.
“Werner Stanley, and this is my son, Griffith. He suffers from seizures, and this is his service animal.”
“How do you know that she wasn’t just closing up shop for the day?”
“Because the hours are posted on her door. She locked it before I could come in,” Werner countered.
“Ma’am,” Sunny said. “Can you step outside, please?”
“You can come in, but the dog can’t.” Alice looked worried.
“She can’t come out here with the dog because she’s deathly allergic”.
“She’s, like, embellishing,” Werner scoffed.

“She, like, dies,” Silvain the Third called, making his appearance.
“You should probably make sure you stay far away from her, too, since you rubbed up against the dog as you came inside. Being in the same room as an animal makes her throat close and go from bad to DEFCON in about thirty seconds.”
“If she gets so sick that she can’t breathe and she needs medical attention, and you’re aware of that, then I think you’re the one who needs to be arrested.”
I thought so, too.
Werner didn’t, though.
“She’s lying,” Werner tried.
“She’s not lying. I have medical proof if you want. When this dumba*s tried to move HIS dog into HER apartment six months ago, we went to the doctor’s office and got proof from the emergency doc. You can see all her records from the last time she was there. And each exposure only gets worse and worse on her end. Last time, she coded for thirty minutes before they could get her stabilized.”
“You’re not going anywhere near her. Not now, not ever,” I found myself saying.
“Who are you?” Werner finally asked. “Her bodyguard?”
“I’m none of your damn business,” I told him. “Speaking of business, why don’t you f-in’ mind yours.”
Werner hissed. “What is it with you derelicts and your language? I have a twelve-year-old child.”

Six months ago, Werner tried to move his dog into Alice’s house, even after repeatedly being told that she’s deathly allergic to dogs. She kicked him out that day, and her brother, Silvy (law enforcement) has been keeping him away. He actually believes that his thoughts, feelings and desires supersedes everyone else’s. He knows that dog dander is life-threatening to her but is indifferent. She visited his mother’s house once, having been reassured that there were no pets in the home. Rather…there were, four golden retrievers, and she was urgently rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

He said he ‘didn’t understand’ that she was allergic to dogs. But now that he knows, he conveniently forgets weekly, and tries to enter the premises, despite not owning a boat, nor has he ever fished in his life. There’s literally zero excuses for him to be entering their place of business other than to hurt her.
“And it is hurt,” Silvy murmured. “She could die. And he knows that. Yet, like clockwork, I have to come out here once a week to keep him from coming inside. Today, I was just late due to running a call. Usually, I can handle it without outside help.”

Oberon’s been holding Cassius’s mother hostage for five years, manipulating and gaslighting her, preying on her fears. Alice is abducted by Coran, a teenager that works for them and Oberon’s son, he is fixated on Alice and tries to find someone like his father did, that would take care of him and his future children.
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593 reviews4 followers
March 1, 2023
Each new book in the series is better than the last one!! Cassius and Alice’s story drew me in from the first page. With their age gap Cassius does what he feels is right and stays away until years later and the universe has other plans and continually puts them in each others paths. This was another great read in the Gator Bait MC series with twists and turns that will have you on the end of your seat to see what’s going to happen next!
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4,973 reviews160 followers
February 27, 2023

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Alice has been crushing on Cassius since she was young but never managed to grab his attention (or so she thinks). Now he's out of prison and back in her orbit, a pilot out of the marina her family owns and where she works, and he acts like he hates her. She's crushed on him for so long that she's not sure she knows how to act without those feelings taking up space in her heart. What will it take to get her to move on? Or to get him to take notice?

Cassius has kept Alice at arm's length for so long, and now that he's out of prison, he's determined to keep doing so. He's not the man for her, can't give her what she wants, and if he keeps her out of his heart, he won't have to suffer if he loses her like he's lost everyone he's loved. But when something horrific happens to her, will it take him out of his fog and make him realize what she means to him? Will he make his move or is it too late?

Alice and Cass were a rollercoaster of who would break first. It was completely obvious to the reader that Cass was as gone over her as she was over him, but he was extra stubborn about admitting it. Until his hand was forced. I loved every page and I was just waiting for them to finally get together. Of course I wish it had been under better circumstances, but the way things worked out is a great way to tell a story. The whole MC is there for support, and I'm seriously anxious for the next guy to fall in love when The Voices are Back releases.

ARC provided by Uplifting Author Services for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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3,466 reviews36 followers
March 1, 2023
I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

The first time Cassius Ulysses Costas met Alice Paradis, she was in a string bikini and filling up a long line of boats that were there just to see her. She was eighteen and every man's wet dream. Even his. For the longest time, he went out of his way to stay as far away from her as he could get without actually taking his eyes off of her. For years, he was the better person. He played his hand close, and not a single person would know just how obsessed he was with her. Then he goes to prison and comes out a man that couldn't care less about anyone or anything, least of all what someone thought of him and his actions. But not one second while he was behind bars did he forget Alice. He tries to stay away. For a few long months, he fights his every instinct to make her his. But, as if the universe is conspiring against him, Alice is thrown into his path time after time. Instance after instance. And hies resolve is waning. Fast. In one last ditch effort to stay away, he walks away, hoping making her mad enough will force her to do the work for him. However, when Alice is attacked, it isn't Cassius's harsh words she remembers, but the way he makes her feel safe. Soon, the very last thing he'll do is let her walk away. He did the right thing, and that didn't work out. Now it's time for him to embrace the wrong.

I really loved Cassius and Alice and the story they had to tell. These two have a thing for each other but neither of them has made a move so you could say they have their attraction from afar. When he has lost his entire family Cassius that the thing for him to do is never let anyone get close to him again. Alice is so very loyal to her family and friend and is quite the independent woman. This has been going on since they were teens and when Cassius has to go away to jail he never not one time quit thinking about her and she him. However he is a man who is not going to make the move. And while he wants it to happen he wants her to do all the work. He even tries his best to avoid her all together when he gets out of jail. But when things take a serious turn and she needs him the most will he be able to be there for her in the way she needs him to be? You have to read and find out. I loved every second of this book. I loved Alice and Cassius so much and even fell for them even more as the book went on. This is one you do not want to miss. All of the books in the Gator Bait MC Series have been amazing actually and you need them in your life.
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377 reviews608 followers
February 27, 2023
Where to even begin. First Cassius (I just love his name) was a character that stood out in the last book. He was someone that you wanted to know more about but knew right away that he was going to be overpowering. He just seemed to have that sort of presence.

The reason why he went to prison is explained in the beginning of the book and I can’t say that I blame him. I would have done the same thing if I had been in his position. In fact, in the small town he lives in he doesn’t get treated as an ex-con. Most of the people in town agree with what he did.
He met Alice when she was very young. She was barely eighteen when he went to prison. Alice I liked as a character. She is loyal to her family but also trying to have something of her own. She went to work for Etienne in the last book and is enjoying it. However, because her twin sister is such a screw up she also still works at the family marina and occasionally at the family pizza place.

Her brother is a cop who also works when he cans at the family businesses. Their sister spends all her time pretending to screw things up because she knows their father will make the others do it or take up the slack. She drives me nuts because my sister is exactly like this. She knows how to play our mom to get away with doing the least possible.

The pull that Cassius and Alice have for one another is so strong. He is determined to stay away from her and I love how he thinks he will manage that.

However when he finally realizes that she is his one and only he wastes no time. He has no problem telling her father and brother just where he stands with her. He is done pushing or thinking he doesn’t deserve happiness. He is 100 percent in.

I loved that. I will say when things come to a head and we get to the final reveal, so to speak, of all the drama and suspense that happens I was blown away. I never saw it coming! Like I guessed who was causing some of the drama but I never suspected what happened. It came out of left field but made the end so much sweeter.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.  This review was originally posted on Storied Conversation 
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977 reviews55 followers
March 7, 2023
When you crave what you shouldn't and can't cope with the emotions that come with wanting a forbidden fruit so you act like you don't like her instead. Oh Cassius. I was here for the frenemies vibe that is Alice and Cassius.

Age gap
Tortured hero
Feisty heroine
Frenemies to lovers

Oh they were the gift that kept giving. That slow burn tension filled build up was EVERTHING.

Cassius has lost everything he's ever had to loose that he held close to his heart so of course the only way to make sure that never happens again is to never open his heart. Not even to the ripe young peach who teases him daily in her tiny string bikinis, serving him the stink eye as she does.
Cass stole my heart with his broken one. Despite his moody persona and stubborn stupidity he just couldn't stay away. He was sweet, even if brooding. He loved whole heartedly and man the man is filthy in all the right ways a man should be.

Alice.. Oh this poor woman. She just kept getting shovelled shit. If not by her stupid twin.. It was her crazy ex. If not him.. there was the creep. And to add insult to injury she had to put up with Cass and his attitude which just served to fuel hers. Alice is a total go getter. She worked hard. Harder than she should've had to and she did so with little complaint. She was blunt and truthful but not spiteful and when she loved she loved hard too. I really enjoyed her fiery character and her inability to resist the brooding giant. She was it for him, even when she herself tired to fight it.

These two cracked me up. They had crazy tension and chemistry. It was at times positively explosive between them and I laughed probably more than I should have but they just cracked me up when they bickered like a old married couple and everyone could see it but them.
When they finally came to their senses and stopped fighting it honestly was like they had never been anything but them, together. I loved them. I love the dry humour, banter and bickering. They had me swooning with the sweet because it wasn't often but lord was it memorable. They just hit right for me.

As per Lani always brings a whole host of side characters along for the ride and this book did not disappoint with the larger than life personalities and the crazy shenanigans that followed. That wax scene with Olga and Helga had me wheezing I was laughing so hard. Plus we get peeks of characters to come as well as giving us Karen and Silvy. It was a great book. One that had me laughing, frustrated and ranting. Needy and waiting and obviously wanting more. I never doubt and I'm never disappointed. Also Kobe... and Folsom?..... There was a little moment where I was like HMMMMM??.. I wonder. Either way I cannot wait for what's next. Nothing quite beats Freebirds for me, I'm an OG whore but this series is a standout amongst Lani's huge catalogue already and this is only book 4.
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1,993 reviews45 followers
March 1, 2023
Ms. Vale always keeps me on the edge of my seat, keeps me guessing and holding on for dear life as the characters inhabiting her world keep the action and suspense flowing at 90 miles per hour. Much about Ms. Vale's book seems familiar but she still keeps readers enthralled, hearts pumping, as danger is always just around the corner with each turn of the page.

Cassius Costa's a delicious bad boy, one who tempted me to be naughty from the very beginning. He doesn't think much of himself though, doesn't think he's worthy of the woman who's been his dream since the moment he first saw her. His stint in prison has him thinking even more negatively about himself, but when his dream girl starts experiencing a nightmare he's just who she needs to keep herself safe. Cassius is the typical Vale hero, raw and gritty, rough around the edges but with a big heart hidden from the world and just for the woman he claims as his. His back and forth actions, the mental tug of war going on in his head sometimes frustrated me, but with his painful past of loss I could understand his hesitancy.

Alice Paradis is a wonderful heroine, strong, sassy, and independent. She's loyal and seems like nothing will get to her, but when danger rears its ugly head she'll need the help of a strong man...enter Cassius. She and Cassius crackled from the very start. She might've felt that they were enemies at the start, but with the passage of time she sees him clearly and has no trouble admitting how much she needs him in this exhilarating story.

On a whole this was a quick read that kept me guessing a few times, also made me blush a time or two, and had me frantically turning the pages towards its decadently delightful conclusion. As usual, the romance and suspense were beautifully balanced and made for a captivating tale from the get-go. The epilogue too deserves recognition as it tied up this story with a big ol' bow! With this release Ms. Vale continues to be an auto-buy for me and should be for you too as her writing is exhilarating and enticing!
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March 21, 2023
This was a nice little addition to the Gaiter Bait MC Series, and the ending caught me by surprise. So, kudos there, LLV. We also had a Karen who wasn't a Karen. Irony. We have a really fun setting and an enemies to lovers, but let's be honest, not really enemies to lovers, but they're going to pretend they're enemies and then they're lovers sort of thing. (Did everybody get that?) They are a really cute couple, and both are not annoying at all! It's sad that I get excited about that, but I swear, these days, authors are purposefully making characters be little s#!ts. Well, I'd like to say that Alice and Cassius are a fun couple and ones you are really going to like.

I will say that I got in a rut with this book. I think it was more of a "I don't want to listen to any book tapes right now" sort of thing than it was a reflection of the book. And yes, I listen to all of LLV's books. Sometimes, I end up buying the Kindle version as well and reading it. Sometimes I read it WHILE I'm listening. And yes, I said book tape because I'm old and set in my ways. Overall, the plot was really good. The ending was fantastic. The romance was an interesting deal--more of a slow burn than anything else.

The ending was fun and not what I expected. The book could have gone one way, and instead, went a completely different way. The whole book was different from the rest of the series. It's set a bit farther away from the regular town the MC lives near, so there's not a ton of MC action. Sure, they are there. They hang out. But this is Cassius and Alice's show. We have a lot of new characters, but our favorite new sheriff is around. Love him. I had fun reading (listening) to this one, and hey, the title actually sort of fits with this one. lol That's a first for LLV. Anyhow, Imma gonna give this one a solid fiver.
March 1, 2023
Annoyed at First Sight was a whole lot of drama filled fun! From the moment he saw Alice, Cassius knew she was too young and off limits, so he stayed as far away from her as he could. Now, Cassius is a man trying to avoid relationships since everyone he has ever cared for has been taken from him way too soon. He’s finally found a new brotherhood in the Gator Bait MC, and that should be enough, but there’s something about Alice that has been under his skin literally for years. The more he avoids her, the more she seems to show up in his path. And, there is no denying when push comes to shove, she is his.

But, Alice gives as good as she gets. She has family drama of her own . . . and, a crazy ex . . . and, a stalker. She’s wanted Cassius for years, but his hot and cold attitude has her ready to walk away. When danger threatens, however, she knows he is the one who can protect her like no other.

This is definitely a slow burn, until it isn’t! This couple has amazing banter and they definitely sizzle when they finally give in to temptation. I loved Alice’s strong will and independence. My heart ached for Cassius’s reasons for wanting to avoid relationships. I reveled in the craziness of the story and the plot twist that dropped out of nowhere as this couple fought for their chance at a happy ever after! I’m loving the Gator Bait MC and Cassius and Alice were a fantastic addition to the series. 5 stars!
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March 6, 2023
Annoyed at First Sight is the fourth book in the Gator Bait series by Lani Lynn Vale. This is Alice and Cassius's story! They have known each other since Alice was eighteen and Cassius watched her from afar. After spending time in prison, he's back home and when he sees Alice, he's annoyed AF. He wants her but he can't have her. He won't put himself through losing another person he cares about. He's grumpy, jerky and does everything he can to push her away. Alice is so funny and independent and her family relies on her too much. She sees Cassius and can't believe he's back. She had a crush on him when she was younger and it never really went away. But now he hates her and she has no idea why. Turns out, he's wildly attracted to her and fighting it. What's a girl to do? Show him what he's missing. He's doesn’t quite fall for it, but when she's in trouble he's the one she runs too. When Cassius finds Alice hurt, he vows to stop running. He tried that and it didn't work, only made him want her more. Now that they can fight together, she's safe, he's calmed down. I really loved Alice and Cassis! She's so freaking hilarious and smart and doesn't care what people think. He's so sweet and nice to everyone but her, but I get it! Together they made me laugh out loud and smile a lot. I loved her brother and so many of the secondary characters! Looking forward to the next one in the series!
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1,935 reviews17 followers
February 27, 2023
I received a complimentary early release e-book prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This is book 4 in the series about a bunch of guys in a motorcycle gang that gets out of jail in Florida. We don't really know anything about the two prime characters when this book starts so it easily stands alone.

In this book we meet Alice who comes from a rich family in town. They own a harbor gas station, and a pizza shop. Alice actually works for Ettiene whose story is told in a previous book in this series, but her father also relies on her to run the gas station. Cassius has known Alice a VERY long time and has always had a thing for her, even when she was too young for him. Alice has just as strong a crush on him, but he avoids her at all costs.

Why? well, he is afraid of the power of love. He was sent to jail when his mother died, and he got very angry. Now he is out but his heart is too broken, and he feels that he and Alice come from very different worlds, and she is meant for someone better than him. But he also can't resist her pull and so he is there for her when she needs him. I guess you can call him her hero.

If you think he sounds awesome, then you are right. Despite his fear of love and Alice, I adored him. This is awesome opposites attract, age gap romance with lots of suspense and a HUGE surprise near the ending.
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1,914 reviews77 followers
March 4, 2023
5 Talk About Opposites Attract Stars!!

Cassius and Alice shouldn’t make sense. But they do… oh boy do they. Cassius is a man that has suffered some of the worst things that can happen to a person so it’s no surprise that not only does he keep to himself, but he’s also pretty grumpy and when the last person that he loves is taken away from him, he just cracks and it takes him away from the place he loves and the girl he’s loved from afar. But one day he’s back and this time Alice is not going to let him slip through her fingers.

Along the way to them becoming an “us” we get a heavy dose of her family, some of which are totally fabulous and others, not so much. Their dynamics alone had me chuckling out loud. As the story progresses, we get to see some of my favorite MC men as things start to happen around their little town, their presence is of utmost importance. And let me tell you, there are some whacky goings on, including a teenager that’s just a little off, a man that refuses to listen when it comes to some dire consequences for Alice in certain situations and a man who thinks he's above everyone else.

I was so captured by this story I finished it in one sitting! I loved the dynamics between Cassius and Alice and how their attraction to each other keeps building and building until they almost combust. There’s something to be said about being with an older man and Alice is his hook, line and sinker! Along the way to their HEA there’s some heart pounding moments and secrets revealed that had my eyes bugging out because I didn’t see it coming!! This is the series has quickly moved its way up to my most favorite written by LLV and I can’t wait to see who and what’s next!
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March 3, 2023
3.5 ‘Two Souls Meant To Be Together’ Stars

Oh my… I just knew that these two would put me through the wringer, and that they did! Cassius and Alice took their sweet time getting there, but it was soooooo worth it in the end. They are meant to be, no doubt about it!

Going by the previous book, I knew Cassius and Alice’s story would be a tricky one for me, given my pet peeves, and yep, I was right, there was multiple times I wanted to knock their heads together, special Cassius – hot damn, he’s one stubborn Alpha – and make them face the music, because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE and their mother knew they were perfect for each other, soulmates. A couple of hard headed ones, but still soulmates 😉

"When two souls are meant to be together like you and him are… that’s not something you can stop.”

Trying to stop they did, for more than half the book, I warn you, lol, but once they got with the system, wow, we could feel the perfect pairing! Once again kudos to Ms. Vale for keeping me glued to the pages dying to find out first, when they would finally give in, and second, how the suspense would unfold. After getting together it was one wild ride, and that twist in the end, hot d@mn… I did NOT see that coming!!!

Also, she was it for me, and I was it for her.

ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review
82 reviews
March 1, 2023
Disclaimer: LLV was my original one-click author. Damn, she was good. And funny. And smart. And she wrote smart, wordly women who didn't break down and cry every time they hit a small bump. And she wrote alpha males who weren't perfect but loved the crap outta those women.

What's up with these virgin heroines who are so intent on catering to abusive users?? The h LIVED WITH her previous bf and his kid but they never once had sex? Seriously? And maybe he just used her for her time and money. Fine. So does her twin. And her dad (I don't care if he's nicer about it or shows remorse because the typical dads in LLV world were always Uber protective of their daughters. But this dad calls her up and asks her to walk down to an abandoned marina in the middle of the night? No fucking way. No decent father who ask that of his precious girl. And no decent father would allow her to work herself to the bone while handing everything to his other daughter. And she just accepts it? Girl needs an intervention.

I don't like this new breed of doormat LLV women. And stop making them all virginal characters who immediately turn into a sex kitten on their first encounter. I'm too old for this shit.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 28, 2023
Lani has done it again with another member of the Gator Bait MC from Accident, Florida. This is the story of Cassius and Alice. He's known her since she was a teenager, and he's stayed away from her because she is so much younger than him. However, Alice has been crushing on Cassius since she was old enough to notice him and prefers older men. Their story is classic, Lani, and so much fun to read. I love the pacing of her books. They are a delicious treat, and no matter when I get my copy of one of her books, I stop, drop whatever I'm reading, and gobble up her latest. It is a fun jaunt of a lot of steam, funny dialogue, and unique characters (you immediately love how they have learned to navigate their life with their personality quirks). I love how Lani has embraced characters who are neurodivergent and has them falling in love with partners who embrace them for who they are. There is some excitement and a bit of suspense. All of it adds up to another delightful read in the Laniverse. You will enjoy getting to know Alice and Cassius, not to mention getting to know the other guys of the Gator Bait even better. Loads of fun!
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February 28, 2023
Annoyed at First Sight by Lani Lynn Vale
Gator Bait MC #4

Heart string puller this one mixed in with a bit of what the hell? This book was really good and I had heaps of fun reading it. It’s stars Cassius and Alice and their strange but beautiful story.

Cassius has just been released from prison and is back in his home town doing what he’s good at piloting boats out of the marine. He has been through so much and the friends he made behind bars have become family to him and he decides that’s all he need in life, but the little firecracker who helps pump the gas at the marine decides to throw that plan out the window.
Alice has worked at the marine her whole life. He family owns its and she even lives above it so he has always been around, but she’s looking for more after all this time. But when living at the Marine goes bad for her she runs right in to the arms of the man who is always annoyed to see her.

This book has all the emotions running through it and leaves you hanging for more at chapters but it’s amazing so I do recommend reading it asap.

I was lucky enough to receive and ARC copy of Annoyed at First Sight and for that I am very grateful.
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3,662 reviews114 followers
February 26, 2023
5 Stars!

Lani Lynn Vale is back with the next book in the Gator Bait MC series. If you think you've seen the best of this series then just wait until you dive head first into this beauty right here. Packed to the brims with heart, heat, and the quirky moments that I swear only Lani knows how to write, this was all that I knew it would be. Her words and characters are sooo relatable and crazy unforgettable y'all and this was no different.

Annoyed at First Sight (can we take a minute to just appreciate her book titles?!) gives us Cassius and Alice's story and ohhhh my heart, these two. What a journey they packed into this book right here.. suspenseful, twisted, all the feels, swoony at times.. all the everything it needed for a Lani book.

This gives it good in this new release right here and I can't wait for the next. Gator Bait MC series might just be my new fave Lani series to date. Soooo much goodness packed into a few books, four exactly.

I can't recommend this author and series enough y'all.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.
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February 21, 2023
Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0

~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Cassius Ulysses Costas has not had the best luck or the happiest life when it comes to those he loves when he loses yet again he swears to never let his heart be open to love again. Unfortunately he can't stop thinking about Alice Paradis, every time he goes to fuel the boats he pilots she is there. Alice has had a crush on Cassius for years and now it seems the crush has become more. I absolutely loved this story and this series just gets better with every book. I love the crazy men and women of the Gator Bait MC. Alice is a lot stronger than she thinks even as she battles what she perceives a weakness. Lani Lynn Vale is one author that I count down the days to read her books, she is incredible and I love how she makes her characters feel as though they are part of my family, what they go through I feel their emotions jumping off the page.
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February 27, 2023
5 Stars

Annoyed at First Sight is book four in the Gator Bait MC series and can be read as a standalone, but honestly, you totally should read the others first ;)

Cassius has had a crush on Alice since forever, and vice versa. Always watching her and feeling a little pervy doing it lol. He’s had some rough moments in his life and after he loses his entire family, he swears to never get close to anyone ever again. Well, fate says “here, hold my beer!” LOL

I loved Cassius and Alice, and I admit I wanted to strangle both of them at times for their stubborness. But in the end, (after some twists and turns that I didn’t see coming), these two FINALLY get their acts together and give in to the inevitable. Another great story with all the humor, love and camaraderie that only LLV can deliver. I’m loving all these guys and can’t wait for more!

Angela - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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February 28, 2023
Let me just say this was by far the best of the Gator Bait MC series by Lani Lynn Vale. Cassius and Alice are perfect for each other and their story had the right amount of annoyance, hate, love, and mystery. The age difference isn't really noticed. Alice is far wiser and mature for her age. Her sister on the other hand.....makes me want pull my hair out. The rest of the Pardis family is just as fun loving, intelligent, and down to earth as Alice. Cassius and his mother have had a rough life since the loss of his entire family. When he lost her to the sea, it was incredibly sad. The twists and turns of this story really sends you for a loop. Like you think you know, but then you doubt, but then you were right all along that something was off with Cassius' mother being lost at sea. Really I just loved this whole book and finished it quickly, only to start reading it again! Highly recommend this series and all of Lani's books.
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