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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a young prince in search of a princess.... pfft, just kidding. This isn't that story.

I may be a prince but I sure as hell didn't need no princess. My brother fell down that hole, and look at him now. Tied down with a ball and chain. No thanks. I prefered to fly solo. There was no one but me and the blood and screams of my victims. I was a free agent.

I was also bored as fuck.

At least until I saw her. The beautiful blue and green eyed angel whose music sang to my soul. What I didn't expect was to be the hero in her story.

Well shit... maybe I did need a princess after all?

My mother used to tell me to close my eyes and the monster in my closet would disappear. Well I've had my eyes closed for awhile and the monster was still here. But the longer I sat in my cage watching Abel laugh at others pain and misery, the more I wondered if Hercules really was the hero?

What about the hydra? Did anyone think of his friends and family? Who stayed behind to console them? Did anyone bother to talk to him first? And could one monster save me from another?

Even the villian of the story needed love, right?

And they all lived happily ever after... probably.

261 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 31, 2022

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November 7, 2022
I can’t really see many of us readers rushing to claim ‘Abel’ as their book boyfriend! 🤣 I can’t really say anything nice about him either! Though some of his inner thoughts were randomly funny.

He killed for the sake of killing, preferably a couple, so whilst he’s raping, maiming one, the other has to watch. One scene particularly was hard to read.

Other than killing, Abel was a taxi driver so weither you made it to your destination or not came down to him.

Does he change his ways the further we get into the book, easy answer is no..
Did he give me the warm fluffy swooning vibes quick answer yet again is no.

This like the previous book isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s dark, gritty, sick and twisted.

I think the killing of the copycat killer was over before it began, that seemed a wee bit too rushed, also this really needs to be edited as throughout there were numerous mistakes.
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109 reviews
October 31, 2022
SPOILERS included below

I can accept a hero being a killer. After all it is expected when reading a book like this. I am fine with it when the hero is killing “bad’ guys like himself. However it is harder to accept when the victim did nothing wrong, that he is killing of innocent men and women. For example Abel kills a man who offers Abel help when he thinks he needs it. Also Abel randomly kidnaps and kills women who have done nothing wrong. However I usually kept reading books that include that element because I tell myself that the hero will be redeemed by the end of the story.

However what I cannot stomach is rapist heroes and unfortunately that what Abel loves to do to both men and women. It seems to be Abel’s things, raping and then murdering his victims.

Abel continues is raping and killing even after wanting and stalking Aspen. He catches feeling for Aspen but doesn’t stop. He doesn't try to be a better man.

Not only does Abel rape and kill people but he does it in the most cruel and gory way possible. Abel loves raping and torturing people in front of their significant others. It really turns him on. Also the more gruesome the hotter it is for Abel.

One scene that really turned my stomach is when Abel raped a man in front of his girlfriend by cutting out the men’s eye out and screwing this eye socket while the man was alive. What a catch Abel is. Sadly it would not surprise me if someone writes that Abel is their book boyfriend.

Abel was never redeemed. He continued to rape and kill victims while pursuing Aspen. Supposedly this story had a HEA ending but I didn’t believe it. He will continue to rape and kill. Abel received too much enjoyment from it to be willing to stop long terms. He was too self centered, too selfish and had poor impulse control that never improved.

There was no attempt to justify or even explain how Aspen could love and stay with such a monster. What is worse is she is fine with having children with a murdering rapist. She was pregnant by the end of the story. Abel will be the Father of Year.

Other things bothered me as well. The book needs a good editor. There were noticeable mistakes. Also while he drove a taxi Abel didn’t seem to work. It seemed like all of his time was spent stalking, kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering people. In addition there was never a reason given as to who Abel and his twin brother were killers other than they were born that way. They didn’t have abusive or even neglectful parents and yet they killed them. Abel was just evil and never tried to change, to be a better person.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Shelved as 'divorce-this-author'
January 9, 2023
🟥I need God. You need God. Hodel needs god.

▶Thanks to Tabatha for spoilers-

⛔Safety - 0% safe, in no way a safe read.

✅H takes great pleasure in raping and murdering both men and women.

✅It’s unclear the number of victims he kills/rapes after meeting h but before taking her but it’s absolutely not zero.

✅We see the brother/sister pair.

✅He doesn’t have on page sex with the sister but he muses about having had sex with her during the time he’s had them captive.

✅The h has heterochromia, a blue eye and a green eye, and he wants recreate that so he cuts out the sisters eye and then the brothers and then decides to fuck the brothers eye socket on page.

💀It’s really gross. If you’re squeamish I’d skim that part.

✅God left the chat.
✅Common-sense left the chat.
✅Morality left the chat.
✅Mental health left the chat.

🅾Ted Bundy joined the chat.
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1,960 reviews1,249 followers
December 13, 2022

Abel didn’t exactly endear himself to me in the previous book so with my many preconceptions I was intrigued to see if he could manage to pull it together enough to make me like him even a smidgin. To be fair this was absolutely bloody mental Abel is certifiable loco but so incredibly unique his many eccentricities and demented sense of fun made me smile despite his murderous tendencies.

The contrast between psychopathic killer and wisecracking comedian was extreme Abel’s mood changes as swiftly as the weather. He’s unpredictable totally unhinged and definitely insane and despite all of his evil deeds I still couldn’t help liking him. His logic only makes sense to him and this logic is at times incredibly childlike.

Again be aware this is extremely graphic and the villain doesn’t have some major redemption here Abel is just Abel and Aspen eventually accepts him for exactly who he is a cold-blooded not quite sane monster. To everyone else he’s totally deranged and dangerous but for Aspen, he becomes her unlikely hero.

Again imagine all of the triggers and this story throws them all out there for you. It was an easy well-written page-turner and it’s certainly unique. It bravely goes where other books fear to tread and I think it’s the contrast between the horror and humour here that made this mainly work. it distracted from the intensity of Abel’s actions making you unexpectedly laugh out loud and introducing a certain levity to the scene.

I definitely think Aspen’s unique past has moulded her into accepting the train wreck that is Abel. But I also genuinely think he gets her and it was so incredibly amusing to witness Abel in sheer denial and having to then backtrack with his brother and Kirby.

Finally, what the heck was that bonkers poem at the end of this OMG I laughed it was just so wrong that I couldn’t help myself Ode to a bitch In a box is morbid black comedy at its finest and I’m British so Im so there for all of that. This duet is for all those that adore a good old psycho romance this is definitely not for the easily offended though it has some extreme triggers and plenty of questionable content you’ve been warned.

Untitled design

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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June 1, 2023
★★ disgusting/nasty stars!

Why would I rate this book? I’m a disgusting piece of shit. I thought I was a decent human being, but since I read this book I’m not anymore. I discovered some shocking facts!

Have you ever read something that made you shiver with fear and disgust? Take this book as an example! It permanently ruined my life *sobbing* and why did I just say that? Because I grabbed a bag of baguettes, and you know what it really reminds me of? A dismembered arm!!!

Always safety first, here are the tropes and trigger warnings:

Serial killers
Serial rapist
Captive/ Captor
Psychopath and Sociopath brothers
Masochist/ Sadist
Sexual Assaults (rape)- he penetrates his member in any hole!
Enucleation (removing victims’ eyes)
Graphic description of violence
Extremely dark themes
Primal/ breath plays

This is not the villain we are looking for. You will absolutely be disgusted and ashamed if you like this kind of character. I'll repeat it again: this is not a romance and should not be considered. It's a horror/thriller novel, in my very humble opinion!

I’m completely overwhelmed!
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57 reviews
November 3, 2022
Why I chose to read this book, I’ll never know. The smut was awful and unless you like reading about a deranged serial killer using spoons to pop eyeballs out of his victims, it was a terrible book. There was one part where he popped the eyeball out with a spoon on some guy and then literally f*cked the eye socket until he hit brain. When he pulled out, they guy was talking stupidly. Honestly, it was gross AF but comical. His taste in music was awful. He pranced around listening to 90’s music while torturing his victims. He acted like a toddler most of the time and threw fits. His serial killer persona did not match his personality. It was quite the opposite actually. Quite a bit of grammatical errors, especially towards the middle/end of the book.

Thinking about reading this book? Don’t waste your time.
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167 reviews6 followers
November 6, 2022
Oh Abel oh Abel….where do I even begin…

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the t€rrif¥ing whirlwind that is Abel’s mind😳😍. If you’ve read book 1 of this duet (Unhinged Cain by Brooklyn Cross) you already know that although Cain and Abel share a very very därk “hobby”, these two couldn't be more opposite in personality. Unlike his methodical twin brother Cain, Abel is säd!stica||y playful,beyond tw!sted and incredibly impulsive. He’s ruled by his emotions and completely !nsan€, yet there’s a side to him that I couldn’t help but love. His enthusiasm for music and life is so contagious that you almost (emphasis on the almost) forget that he has the same enthusiasm (if not more) for d€äth.

Yet when he “meets” Aspen aka begins to st⚠️|k her, things begin to change. Don’t get me wrong, he is still 100% an unapologetic serial ki||€r but there’s something about Aspen that calls to him. That makes him feel something he’s never felt before. At first he’s drawn in by her music, but as the pull towards her continues to grow, he knows there’s no way she won’t be his and good luck to anyone who stands in his way (or even next to his way lol). What follows is both sc⚠️ry and hot as h€ll as he integrates himself into her life and her b€d (though she’s completely unaware of the b€d part 😈🥵).

Aspen on the other hand already has enough troubles. She’s running from a past that has her looking over her shoulder at every turn, yet looking over her shoulder means she’s missing what’s right in front of her…Abel 😈.

This book was a crazy and wild ride and although I read a lot of d⚠️rk romance, this duet was definitely d⚠️rker than I’m used to but I took the leap. Unhinged Cain threw my m0ral compass out the window, and Twisted Abel confirmed it is never coming back. These men are truly vi||aîns, in the d⚠️rkest sense of the word and yet somehow I fell for the both of them. This is an amazing read but proceed with caution because there are major tr!gg€rs.
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1,006 reviews253 followers
November 9, 2022
3.5 stars

After meeting Abel in book one Unhinged Cain, I was prepared for his unbalanced and twisted wickedness. Throw in this author’s dark humor and the book’s proclaimed darkness, I knew it was going to a macabre, intriguing romance. Abel was spontaneous, childish even in satisfying his hedonism, and Aspen was his perfect choice. He was not redeemable and, in fact, I would liken him and his behavior more fitting a villain than antihero. No remorse and really no growth, but this story’s direction wasn’t to make him sweet or acceptable. Every personality is entitled to love, right?

While I could appreciate the premise of plot line, it wasn’t really a story for me. The thematic violence and Abel’s derelict character were paramount to the love story. If I were wanting a suspense thriller with graphic violence, dark humor, and a touch of romance, this would fit the desire. Overall, good read for the right audience, but not my favorite by this author.
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33 reviews
March 6, 2023
No regrets

I loved this way more than I thought I would. After reading the first book I was a bit shook but everything wrapped up extremely satisfying. This may be my favorite out of the duo.
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91 reviews3 followers
January 19, 2023
Well I just fell for another psycho killer. This was a good read as I finally got to know Abel as I will admit he was not fave at the end of the last book.

I was not disappointed I don't know what it is the writer writes a character that should not like and you end up getting to know him and bam your falling for him. If Cain is ice Abel is fire wild and unruly with his care free attitude and he is cray cray.

I mean the stand out moment is 👁️🍆 this scene and I was like wtf even feeling around my eye 😂. Topped the cucumber in the previous book.

I didn't really take to Aspen as FMC she had her moments but just annoyed me how she was protective over asshat Jude and that awful friend who was fucking each behind her back.

I was confused about the copycat and it being father Joseph and agent Hanson like I didn't really find that connection typing it together.

The reconciliation between Cain and Abel I loved as Abel finally got why Kirby was so special to Cain as Aspen was with him. Oh and if couldn't love Abel anymore he brings three dogs home and how he interacted with them. 🥹

"Yes, Abel had done horrible things and would probably do them again. He wasn’t the good guy in the story. He was the villain. But he was my villain, and right now, he needed some cookies."

He can have all the damn well cookies he wants!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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208 reviews10 followers
October 30, 2022
Holy Hell!!! This book. Where do I even start!? I have no words. 🤯

Twisted Abel is a dark and twisted read that will test your morals and ethics in all the ways. And that smut 🥵

This book was impossible to put down- I just HAD to know what happened next in this "twisted" story of Abel, his twin brother Cain and the innocent Aspen. [Be sure to check out Cain's story- Unhinged Cain by Brooklyn Cross]

The only thing I am a little disappointed in is that the last half of the book felt super rushed- I would have loved to get to know the characters better, and see some of that *drama* played out a little longer. Get to know a little bit more about the Copycat.

Please be aware of the triggers the author mentions in the beginning. This book is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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1,411 reviews134 followers
November 3, 2022
This book was dark dirty and full of twisted humor and gore this was another on the edge of my seat ride and one I didn’t want off anytime soon! This was my introduction to this authors writing and I really enjoyed it! This duet was unique and so twisted but I couldn’t look away and I found myself rooting for the characters regardless of their behavior I was laughing while being shocked and fanning myself all in one!
17 reviews
April 20, 2023
spicy but meh

The authors POV for Abel sounded oddly feminine to me. His constant use of calling other females bitches, and some of his other terminology was off. Sometimes I felt I was reading an aspen chapter.
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1,408 reviews80 followers
November 1, 2022
I’m not really sure what I was expecting going into this one. Abel is definitely the more unstable of the two brothers. That is reflected here but I think I expected him to be more brutal than he was. I’m not disappointed though, in fact, I appreciate this wasn’t quite as gruesome as Cain’s book.

The *as* is the operative word there. This book still has its share of gruesome imagery. If you’ve clicked on this review I’m sure you’re prepared for spoilers and triggers. Just a last chance reminder though. This review will be full of both. Triggers include but not limited to graphic violence, torture and murder, SA, noncon/dubcon, mentions of childhood abuse, escape from a cult.

Abel isn’t as controlled and methodical as his brother. He spots Aspen one day and wants to take her as one of his victims. He loses track of her but stumbles across her again a month later. He starts properly stalking her and planning. As with Cain & Kirby’s story I’m not sure exactly when his plans to kill her transformed into keeping her.

I very much appreciated that ultimately he never actually hurt her. She had a condition that made her body feel pain as pleasure but he didn’t even really take advantage of that.

This one doesn’t have as much on page murder. There’s a brother/sister pair he’s taken in the beginning that we see him torturing. It’s quite graphic but less so than the first book.

This devolves a bit near the end. The h has been on the run from a cult and it all comes to a head and it’s not particularly believable. The cult leader, turns out to be the copycat killer AND agent Hanson the other FBI agent investigating the murders and the former partner of Kirby’s mother. It’s bananas. Now, I’m still confidently rating this five stars because I don’t care. I enjoyed reading this book so I’m going with my gut on the rating here. It deserves 5 stars, highly implausible ending be damned. As of, 10/31/22, there were a few editing issues here. Typos, missed words etc. these things don’t bother me so I never factor them into ratings, however I know some readers are really irked by this stuff so I try to mention as a heads up if you are one of those readers.

Medium burn, he claims her vcard around 52% while forcing her boyfriend to watch. It’s definitely noncon, though it could possibly be interpreted as dubcon. When the stakes are life and death it definitely feels like noncon. Prior to that he drugs her several times and messes around with her while she’s asleep. We only see one night but he tells her and her boyfriend he’s been doing it for a week. Definitely noncon there.

Virgin h
He’s a rapey serial killing manwhore
Push away from h
No separation
No cliffhanger

Safety - 0% safe, in no way a safe read. H takes great pleasure in raping and murdering both men and women. It’s unclear the number of victims he kills/rapes after meeting h but before taking her but it’s absolutely not zero.

We see the brother/sister pair. He doesn’t have on page sex with the sister but he muses about having had sex with her during the time he’s had them captive. The h has heterochromia, a blue eye and a green eye, and he wants recreate that so he cuts out the sisters eye and then the brothers and then decides to fuck the brothers eye socket on page. It’s really gross. If you’re squeamish I’d skim that part.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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493 reviews182 followers
February 3, 2023
3.5/ dark and gr@phic/ read the TW/ psych0 H

3.5 for this one just because some things weren’t wrapped us good enough for me and there are time hops/lapses that aren’t clearly defined and it annoyed me lol. Other than that I really liked Abel. He’s like a toddler, golden retriever and psycho all mixed together lol 😆
**This review is most likely gonna have spoilers so if that’s gonna bother you I’m sorry and just skip **

Some things:
-crazy H who likes to “break” people & f*€k any hole they have even ones he makes 🤢
-H is kinda like a toddler whose crazy lol. He’s random and easily excited like a kid but possessive, and unhinged like a psych0
-v card h.. was made to live in a cult with her aunt and uncle After her mom passed away (I think I can’t even remember honestly lol) and ran away when she was chosen to become the new “wife” of their leader. She’s been moving from place to place and looking over her shoulder ever sense.
-our H likes to dance and lives music, he sings if, dances to if, plays while t0rturing his victims. Our h sings on the street to earn money. He hears her voice and sees her the first time but he doesn’t get to know her or speak to her.
-N0nc0n/dubc0n … H r@p3s the h and she gets off on the pain
-H makes the h’s BF watch as he eats her and then takes her v card 😅
-R@p3 & t0rtur3 ((there is some graphic on page and a lot not, it’s just told to us))
-LOTS of 😴 unconscious play.. he basically drugs her and does: licks the 🐱, he touches all over her, comes down her throat, puts the tip in to nut inside her, uses her body to straddle him and pop his 🍆 in there
-he is JP …. He doesn’t like her to say her BF name, refer to him as her boyfriend or them as a “we”. He doesn’t want anyone to be able to touch her at all lol.
-he feeds her a few times via fingers or holding the silverware and i loved that from his crazy ass.
-OW… he does still have a few moments with people before he really has his time with his h. He doesn’t have luck like Cain and hunt and find her. He doesn’t see her for another month after initially seeing her and when he sees her again she’s with her boyfriend… so he slowly works to where he can get her. He has 1 OW already in his workshop when he first sees her, he was getting A BJ when he sees her the second time and he pushes the OW out of the cab as soon as he sees her. He also has some chick locked in a box at his house.. 🤔 BUT, although he has other victims around while he’s keeping h captive- he doesn’t bang anyone else after he’s with h.
-Abel was funny lol. Crazy but funny AF.
-there’s copycat situation happening
-HEA (no epilogue)

Didn’t like: ⚠️ major spoilers possible ⚠️
-a serious time hop or missing story piece. Abel brings h to his room, him and Cain have a truce and then all of a sudden she’s making his ass cookies and is accepting of her being his and he is hers? Like what?? Where did that happen? I feel like this was a MAJORLY missed moment or maybe i just don’t fcking remember idk 🤷🏻‍♀️…. 🤔
-HOWWWWW the fuckkkkkkk did aspen know where father Joseph was?? She walks right up to his doorstep?! Here I am 👋🏼 take me …. The hell..? Made no MFKN sense to me.
-so Abel and Cain save the day, she shots F.Joseph and then it just jumped to Abel cleaning the table at their home and all of a sudden we’re preg? Like can we please be told it skipped some time? I’m thinking Abel is cleaning the blood off the coffee table bc they just killed dude…and we find out it’s been a few months?! The hell? Time jumps that we don’t even know happened annoy the shit outta me.
-the chick in the box.. this was just a mess. In Cains book we see Abel’s ask for a box to be made. I honestly probably wouldn’t have even cared if it wasn’t referenced in Abel’s book. So I feel like that was just thrown in there to connect it to the 1st book- and the part at the end to “wrap up” that part of the story was… dumb.
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339 reviews20 followers
November 1, 2022
1st person/multiple pov
Spice 4/5

After reading Cain’s story and getting to know his twin brother Abel I was curious how much I would actually like him in his own book. This one might have caused me to never again question if an author could make me love a character that I didn’t before or shouldn’t. 😂

Abel is still pretty disgruntled (ok maybe that’s an understatement) about the way things were left between him and his brother. He goes about his days continuing to seek out new victims while his brother's voice drums on and on in the back of his mind. Then he hears a voice that changes everything. He has a new target, a new project to keep him occupied and not dwelling over his brother… and that is Aspen.

I never noticed in Cain’s book how important music was to Abel. Getting to know him in his own book, well it makes perfect sense and totally works with his personality. He is carefree and wild. Spontaneous is not a big enough word for the way this guy operates. But even with the anger and violence that surrounds him, he has got to be one of the happiest characters I think I’ve ever read. It’s somewhat alarming how much that affected me as I was reading lol. I’ll be the first to admit I have a really dark sense of humor but the way I was hollering and crying with laughter at some of the things Abel did and said was shocking even to myself. 😳

They sure got the book titles appropriate for this duet because while Cain was definitely unhinged Abel is so damn twisted - and then some. If you thought the content and trigger warning for the first book was a necessity then this book straight up said ‘hold my beer’! At one point I wasn’t sure if I should be laughing, crying, screaming, or vomiting a little. 😆🙈 (Trust me you’ll know when you get to it)

Yet somehow with all of the horrible and ‘twisted’ things Abel did, once again I found myself loving a serial killer. By the end I was wanting to hug and squeeze him cause he’s just so adorably psychotic. I know I know… there’s something wrong with me as well (obviously) but I digress.

As for Aspen haha what a character to be matched up with Abel. 😅
Her quirky way of talking when she’s anxious and the way that plays into Abel’s personality is absolute gold. Then her umm.. “condition”, well there couldn’t be a better partner for a guy like him. Even if it is pretty fucked up how that worked out in the beginning. 😬 Again this sucker is dark so keep that in mind. Their beginning was not supposed to be hearts and rainbows lol.

I thought the cult aspect of the story was interesting and my god the plot twist I didn’t see coming was such a ‘whoa’ moment I don’t think I’ll ever get over. I seriously never suspected it and it hit me like a brick falling from the sky. And all of that led to the way everything from both books was wrapped up at the end. I loved it! Sweet and complete. Nothing left to say.

I’ll mention one last time do not ignore that trigger warning if you’re the kind of reader that needs one because you will 100% need it before opening either book in this duet. If you don’t need a warning then go in blind and be prepared to be shook! 😂
By far one of the darkest and fucked up duets I’ve ever read but absolutely one of my favorites! Cain and Abel - two characters as unforgettable as their names demand. 👏🏻👏🏻
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578 reviews42 followers
October 29, 2022
This is Book 2 of the duet, and while you might be able to get away with not reading Unhinged Cain first, I would recommend reading it since characters and some of the overarching storyline comes into play here.

Abel is definitely carefree. He is less methodical and acts on his reactions. I would definitely heed trigger warnings because there is a lot of graphic descriptions and things Abel does that others may not be able to stomache easily. He is honest though, never lying about his intentions, and he is fun-loving with his passion for music and dancing. He also seems to be a bit of a teddy bear when he adopts 3 dogs later in the story. I liked seeing his growth in the story too when he realizes how and why his brother changed because of Kirby. Abel learns he does the same with Aspen. Its definitely a mixed bag when it comes to how you might feel about his character but he is definitely an anti-hero.

Aspen is definitely a selfless character. She only bends to Abel’s will when it means saving someone else. Having grown up in a cult, she doesn’t want any of those atrocities to happen to others and so is a bit self-sacrificing. She also has a passion for music and keeping things alive through memory. I felt her random rambles endearing as well and liked that it didn’t phase Abel or Cain. However, I felt a little more could be explained for how she eventually falls for Abel aside from the fact that she recognizes he never lies to her and that he sees who she is, since it felt a little rushed. For example, even if her body responded to him, I felt a little more emotional connection could have been built up especially after the way he treated her.

In fact, I did feel the pacing sped up a bit too much after the second half of the story. I wished a little that more time was spent on the build up to the climax and the resolution, as it felt like the first half we were climbing up a rollercoaster, and then flew through the remaining half. It would have been nice to get more explanation for why the ultimate villain was copying the Chameleon for example. Even so, reading the twists kept the story engaging as truths were revealed and revelations were made.

Overall, this was an interesting duet!
849 reviews5 followers
November 5, 2022
If you read Cain's book you totally should do first before you start with Twisted Abel then you know that Cain has turned his back on Abel due to almost killing Kirby.Abel is on a rampage and not caring how it looks or who he hurts. He is totally a psychopath with a warped mind and deviant tendencies but since Cain no longer has him on his leash he is out of control and messy. Aspen is the total opposite she is the good girl who would never hurt anyone and forgive those who have wronged her. She is on the run from the Cult she was born into determined to never go back. She is sweet and kind and when Abel catches a glimpse of her with her different color eyes he is drawn to her and becomes completely obsessed, This story is fast paced and you have many twists, dark depravity and a Psychopath who has found his cookie baking obsession who he will unalive anyone who hurts her or anyone who wants to take her from him. This is a wild story and very enjoyable read. It is a duet that once you pick them up you can't put them down. You become drawn to Abel for he truly lives his life how he wants to and the way he loves Aspen is unconditional and makes you heart melt. If you like dark and twisted romance this book is a good one and a must read. I was given this book as an ARC for my honest review.
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February 3, 2023
I just want to really applaud these 2 amazing ladies! This duet was hands down the MOST sick, twisted, & the darkest I’ve read, & as much as I was shaking my head at Abel, I was laughing at his behavior, ways of thinking & humor too! I don’t think I’ve laughed f/a book as much as I did w/this duet. All because of Abel! I really loved him in book 1, & couldn’t wait to read his story. I honestly wasn’t sure how he’d ever be able to be in a relationship, he’s so deranged & crazy, but it’s hot too! But he definitely deserved his HEA too. Sometimes he reminded me of this sweet (well kinda) little boy who loves cookies, but w/a psychotic serial Killer mind!
I highly recommend this duet, & can’t express how much I loved it. But definitely check triggers- because it’s by no means a teddy bear & chocolate romance. These brothers are 100% certifiably deranged & completely unhinged, but they definitely fall hard for their ladies & it’s the best thing to see.
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November 8, 2022


This story line was absolutely amazing!!! Really different from the dark romance I usually read. This is a story about a girl, Aspen, who runs away from a cult that her family belongs to. She catches the attention of a serial killer, Abel, (second twin brother. Book 1 is about Cain). The whole story was dark and gritty and unapologetic. This story has lots of warning bells so be careful.

Hero: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Heroine: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Chemistry: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Storyline: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Darkness: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sexual Tension: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sex Scene: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Story Ending: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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January 26, 2023
Stars - 4

Serial unal*ver
Religious cult
Twisted humour

Do not read this book without reading the warnings. This is a dark daaaark romance, this will not be for everyone and that is ok. This is the second book in the Buchanan Brothers Duet and we first meet the MMC in the first book (Unhinged Cain). Like the MMC for Unhinged Cain, the Mmc in this book is unapologetically a bad guy and at no point does he do something that makes him redeemable. Even despite this, in the first book in the duet I found myself feeling sorry for this character, like he just needed a big hug, that continued on in this book. The MMC adds lots of comic relief and I have to add the FMC has quirks that I really enjoyed, like spitting out random facts.
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March 14, 2023
Estuvo mejor el primero peeero
Hay una escena bastante BASTANTE jodida al inicio que, han pasado varias horas y aún me produce como cosita
Igualmente obvio romantizan el abuso de una manera muy, no se, floja

Igualmente hay una escena de r*pe y uno es como: a, cool
Pero saben porque? Porque sabia desde el inicio que iba a estar muy muy pesado y aunque se romantiza (demasiado) como que no le veo el issue, saben porque? PORQUE ES JODIDA FICCION!

Para terminar, si sintió el cambio en términos de estilo entre las autoras y por eso, el primer libro es mas interesante.

Anyways, necesito terapia por leer estas vainas tétricas
November 8, 2022
Love me a good old fashioned villain will burn the world down for her book and this didn’t disappoint me at all. I don’t wanna spoil anything but man oh man. Abel is definitely not typical but he also has so many endearing qualities. Though the book was short - it couldn’t of been any better. Gave a good range of emotions and a good amount of drama and plot.
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November 2, 2022
Ok... a little bit disappointing compared to Cain's book. I think the story was too fast, but enjoyable at the same time. A little bit less gruesome.

I would die to read about their kids..... little psychos like their fathers
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November 4, 2022
Dark and twisted enough to keep every reader on the edge!!Certainly not everyone's cup of tea. It did take some time for me get into this story but then it becomes addictive. Abel is cruel and completely nuts.But things change when feelings get involved and this book show that perfectly!!
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November 26, 2022
Abel is struggling after his twin Cain met Kirby, their duo is destroyed and now Abel is spiralling out of control. Then he hears the voice of an Angel and decides that he must have her.
Aspen has her own issues, her wonderful mother raising her to love life but that dream shatters and she is swept into a cult. She escapes and has been on the run ever since
Abel and Aspen’s story is intense and crazy good.
I thought this story was awesome.
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March 25, 2023
This is not your usual dark romance, nope not at all so read dem warnings!!!

Psycho, crazy, savage love!!!
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February 13, 2023
I feel so shorted with this book. Like I’m missing half of Abel and Aspens relationship growth story 😭
THERES STILL AN ITCH I CANT SCRATCH. I feel so incomplete not getting a better story
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40 reviews
December 2, 2022
This book is definitely not for everyone. Abel is very twisted and insane and does some crazy things. He sees Aspen and becomes obsessed with her. People find Aspen odd but Abel tends to see things in her that no one else does and they just seem to click together.
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