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The Death Whisperer #1

Of Rain and Wrath

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I was born under the shadow of death, and my life since has been intricately entwined with that of the Grim Reaper.

They call me the Death Whisperer.

One hand fixes; the other breaks.

All I have ever known is a life full of pain and suffering, because what the legends don’t tell you about my power…is that there’s always a price.

And I’m the one who has to pay it.

My powers took my voice from me, and every day, I’m forced to experience unbearable agony. But my suffering doesn’t stop the fae of our realm from using me and my gifts, regardless of the consequences.

The princes who rule the various kingdoms are rumored to be cold-blooded and vicious, with no regard to fae life. They take what they want, when they want it, in the hopes of hurting each other in the process.

But what if the thing they all want…

Is me?

Some want to use me, others want to love me, and others still want to destroy me.

The problem is, there’s not a lot left of me to use, love, or destroy.

Death has whispered to me for years now, and I think it’s finally time I started listening.

This is book one of a series and will end on a minor cliffhanger. It is slow-burn and slow-build and has enemies-to-lovers themes (though no bullying). The men of this series are psychotic, possessive, and deranged antiheroes who take what they want, when they want it, regardless of the consequences. They care about absolutely no one...except for the FMC, though they'll have to work hard to win her over.

Triggers include—abuse, mentions of past sexual assault (but none in the present), and murder.

307 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 6, 2022

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About the author

Katie May

71 books1,889 followers
Katie May is a romance writer of numerous genres! She writes everything from horror to fantasy to contemporary. #whychoose

She has a gorgeous tabby cat who she adores, and she’s obsessed with coffee and horror movies.

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252 reviews48 followers
May 18, 2022
yo what?

this book has POTENTIAL but it’s clearly banking on sequels because I don’t know what the hell is going on right now.

There are so many different components and parts —our main character being “special” and “chosen”, the different love interests, the black virus/plague, the wars between solar and season courts, the presence of giants and elves apparently (that was just thrown in randomly with a single mention) — that we don’t really know what is happening or where the book is going. Like there is a lot thrown in without any real substance or thought.

And not to be a little girl who loves comparisons, but damn an illiterate starving girl with a hard life who is stolen to a castle in spring court, sound familiar?

Anyway points for disability rep, main character is mute, one love interest is autistic (but I don’t understand why the author had to make him such an ass like chill).

I’m taking away points for the author’s inability to use the words “seconds, minutes, and hours” and the use of “ticks, orbits, and sets” instead. I mean what the fuck is that bestie. Why is this happening?? Just use real words not everything has to be changed in this fantasy world???

And finally, I’m sensing some sapphic tension, make it come true author, I beg you.
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1,537 reviews114 followers
May 16, 2022
Representation: One of the Hero's is coded as autistic

Overall: 4-stars

Safety Rating: Safe with Exceptions

Possible Triggers: Yes

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2,497 reviews113 followers
May 14, 2022
I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to Katie May, but this new release almost seemed written for me and it was therefore impossible not to read it before continuing making my way through May's entire backlist. I have to admit that the first book of ACOTAR and me have a love-hate relationship, I almost didn't finish it, but I had high hopes that I couldn't go wrong with this version of the Fae Court Wars told by Katie May.

Just like ACOTAR May mainly uses her first book to build the world and to introduce us to her characters. The plot is showing itself once in a while, reminding us that it's still there, but it's clearly not really getting started until the final chapters of the book. Just like our characters have started moving in the same direction, but very clearly haven't all arrived yet. It makes the book slower than May's usual books, but it also makes it feel very rich and epic.

And even though world building and waiting for the plot to start moving is usually not entirely my thing, I quite enjoyed how May did it. And that's mostly because May doesn't waste time on info-dumps and lengthy descriptions. She shows us the world, she has us experience the world. Her characters are traveling and living in different parts of the world and therefore without much effort we get a feel for how harsh and brutal this society is.

Just like we're slowly getting to know the main characters in this story and those connected to them. And all of these characters are interesting, complicated, layered and twisted. A lot of them are incredibly powerful and they always say that with great power comes great responsibility, but not all characters have learned that lesson (yet?). And who can blame them? In a world where it's either kill or be killed, the heart has to harden to survive.

I can't wait to read the next book in this series!
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362 reviews11 followers
May 8, 2022
Poor Cass has only ever known pain and sadness. From as early as age 5 she has been a prisoner herself by healing people who have paid her Madam. The only issue is that anytime she heals someone she feels it as though it happened to her and there are consequences for it each time.

I loved Cass’s character, but the guys not so much. There were quite a few of them and it got a little confusing at times. Unfortunately we didn’t really get to know them yet, but I’m looking forward to reading the next books so we can.
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293 reviews2 followers
May 7, 2022
Slow burn Fae Reverse Harem

I was so excited to read this book after hearing about it in Katie May's reader group and it didn't disappoint.

Of Rain and Wrath is a slow burn reverse harem set in a world containing Fae in different seasonal courts. Kassandra the fmc is the Death Whisperer and with one hand can kill someone and with the other heal a person. She is also mute. She hasn't been treated very well and has been used by others for her powers until one day she comes across a man who declares her as his mate.

This book has an enemies to lovers vibe as Kassandra definitely isn't loving the men in her life who see her as their mate. The world building is good and I can't wait to hear more about all the different courts and why the day and night courts are causing a war.

I love the banter between Kass and Treyton and the possessiveness of Blaze. I can't wait to read more!
Profile Image for Ashley.
255 reviews7 followers
September 24, 2022
This is an interesting new series... but idk if I'll continue it.

It's hard to enjoy the book when you dislike 98% of the characters. (I only liked the MC, her Pacon Pal (Runt), Selena and that lady guard)

I liked the MC, Kassandra. Given her powers and her life experiences, I think she had a realistic take on life and her expectations of people matched that. I really liked that she didn't just swoon over the big guy who "saved" her. I loved that she recognized that, although, her circumstances had changed and had somewhat improved, she remained aware of the fact that a prison is a prison.

Blaze was an ass. This mofo was engaged and entertained the idea of having his mate while also fulfilling his marital obligations for the political association w/ the spring court.

No thank you, sir.

The other mates (or what I assume will be her mates) are equally as bad. Technically, she only has significant interaction w/ two of them and the others who have chapters (and therefore I'm assuming will eventually become a part of her harem) are non factors in this book.
Also, clearly this a slow build RH. FYI.


So, one thing about this that I thought was weird was the changing of time..
For example
Tick is a second
Orbit is a minute
and Set is an hour.

It was confusing AF. I couldn't keep them straight. The MC kept referring to "sets" and I'd have to go back to the beginning to check to make sure I was getting it right OR I'd totally forget and would be confuzzled cause she's talking about sets and I'm like "WTF?"

Also... why are they still called days if all the things that make up a day are called ticks, orbits, and sets? AND, wouldn't an orbit be a day cause you know.. the earth spins on an orbit over the course of 24 hours?
What I'm getting at here, is there's too much thinking all because instead of just saying seconds, minutes, and hours, the author introduces the concept of ticks, sets, and orbits.
It was... unnecessary.

So, yeah.

I'm done complaining.
I did like the concept of the MC having a hand that heals and a hand that kills. That's different. Haven't seen that in any of the millions of millions (not really millions... OBVIOUSLY) books I've read, so I can appreciate that.
I also liked that we got to see her use her powers throughout the book. We weren't just told "hey, the main characters is super powerful, but she can't use her powers because..."
I just wish the MMCs weren't a bunch of turds.

This is an interesting new series.
Will I continue it? Erm.. probably not.
Would I recommend it? Sure. If you like fantasy, asshole heroes, and a heroine who doesn't make you questions how they survived as long as they did.. you'll enjoy this.

Profile Image for Alli.
231 reviews7 followers
July 22, 2022
I feel like there was no progress in this book at all. The same conversation kept happening nothing moved forward and it was not fun. I know they are counting on more books but that does not mean we have to sit here for years. Also she is literally there prisoner. Not a fan
Profile Image for ⇝ b ⇝.
1,294 reviews68 followers
May 25, 2022
i’m a sucker for katie mays books these days. i love the fantasy or paranormal worlds she creates. sometimes it’s predictable but this one was not. a lot of her stories tend to have similar characters, similar humor, and similar themes. this particular novel felt very unique for katie may and i was into it
Profile Image for evelynn kate.
417 reviews
July 20, 2022
What an interesting concept! The cover and blurb pulled me in and I really enjoyed this book. There were times when the pacing felt a little slow and I preferred Kassandra's POV over the guys (switches back and forth but Kassandra is main POV) since she felt more raw and real.

That said, I don't really like Blaze... While he gives off alpha/possessive vibes, it's done in a way that just irritates me. Since we get his POV, there's no misunderstanding of his thoughts since he literally spells it out for us. Even after realizing Kassandra was his mate (not a big spoiler since you learn this fairly early on- but she doesn't realize it, only he does), he thinks to himself that maybe he will still go through with his arranged marriage and keep Kassandra as a mistress since he never planned to be faithful to his wife. And of course, he'll have to sleep with his wife a few times to keep her off his back. Something about that just irks me. Well, I know exactly why it irks me. I hate OW "drama" used as a plot point. Eventually he dismisses that idea and decides he won't go through with the arranged marriage, but still.

He is also very unclear about his feelings other than possession towards Kassandra. He says he is going to take care of her and protect her, but for someone who has been used and abused her whole life, how is she to trust that? None of his actions show care for her wellbeing other than his own selfish desires to bring her to heel. All he does is stick her in his room while he's out to meetings and forces her to sleep in the same bed as him. The few times she sneaks out with the head of the royal guard, he flips out. Sure in his inner monologue he thinks about what lengths he will go to for her, but none of it is verbalized.

Treyton is an interesting character that I'd like to see more of. I didn't like the stunt he pulled at the market (again, a tease of OW drama) and I don't like that that miscommunication is being used as a plot point to get Kassandra not to trust him as much. Kassandra also quickly calls him out on his fake smile and fake persona and how much she dislikes it but her ire towards him seems shallow and we're not really given enough detail to understand why she dislikes him so much, so quickly after meeting him. It just doesn't make much sense.

There are at least 2 other male POVs that we get, the prince of the Winter realm and an assassin hunting the Death Whisperer. I'm not sure if this is going to be a reverse harem or if Kassandra will have to choose. I hope she doesn't since I don't like love triangles but that's a personal preference. Sharing is caring, you know?

Anyways, I'm still looking forward to book 2 and I hope we get more from the guys... right now they are all falling a little short. I'm also still struggling to remember which measurement of time is for seconds/minutes. It's not done in a way that is intuitive so I just feel confused. Hopefully book 2 will have a little more connection between the characters. I am absolutely rooting for Serena and Cayetana. For the love of god PLEASE make that happen, Katie May!
Profile Image for Kyla Lockwood.
100 reviews3 followers
May 20, 2022
Absolutely amazing!

This is definitely a slow burn and for once I am not complaining at all.
Katie May how could you leave me with a book hangover this hard...lol?
Anywho, Kassandra is freaking such an amazing character. Though her mindset is stuck from all the things she goes through you still get to see her firey side. Beautiful woman with an amazing heart.
The boys, so far, are all hiding secrets and past issues. What and why is definitely up for future books.
The world, the building of it is exquisite and you get it. I am glad for the small glossary at the beginning, that helps alot with a few words that I was like oh yeah...that's what that is...lol
The plot so far is delicious and gosh a page turner. This book is 100% unique and nothing I have read before. I am so happy I got to read it but also pretty depressed I have to wait for more books. I cannot wait!
Loved it! This is a book I am gonna want on my actual bookshelf not just digital.
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275 reviews1 follower
May 29, 2022
things were happening and i could not tell you what they were
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1,310 reviews40 followers
May 12, 2022
So I really loved Kass- she is broken but still fierce. She has been used and I really like how she is able to see past the facades the ups put on. I also loved Runt, Serena, and Caetana (sp?). The guys are definitely anti- heroes, and while they seem obsessed with Kass, I’m not really sold on them yet. I felt like the story moved slow, and there were a lot of POVs, including some from people who haven’t met Kass yet, and then there were her dreams, which also sort of confused me. In general, I tend to love the books by this author, and I will likely check out book 2 to see if we get some answers, but this book left me feeling kind of lost.
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856 reviews14 followers
February 6, 2023
Why did you read this book?
I'm trying to get through the reverse harem list of kindle unlimited books that I saved.

What format did you read this book in?
Read it as an ebook on Kindle.

Is this an educational book or a book for entertainment?
I read this book for pure entertainment purposes.

What genres do you think this book belongs to?
Fantasy, Horror, Romance

What was your favorite part in the book? spoilers
My favorite parts in the story are the antics of the main character’s monster pet.

Who would you suggest this book to?
Anyone who likes Fae dark fantasy stories.

What is your general opinion/ rating of this book? spoilers
Wow, I did not like the love interests at all. Sometimes I like villainous love interests but these guys take things too far. The love interests are completely heartless and I don't think are redeemable. If it weren't for the magic connecting them to the main character they would care nothing for her. I love it when authors add characters with disabilities. I liked the main character a lot and she's the only reason I ended up finishing this book. She didn't just fall into the arms of her faded mates just because the magic is bringing them together. She is aware that the attraction/obsession is only due to this weird magic connecting them. I absolutely adored her little monster pet and how he keeps chewing on the love interests. I don't blame him because they are terrible people. Also her dreams are confusing me. Are they real or are they just her imagination. And what's up with the mysterious Prince that's trying to torture her? I have a feeling he's from the night court. The ending ruined the series for me because the main character sacrifices her hearing to save a woman, only to have Tryton kill the woman she just saved and almost everyone else in the room. I was done with the series after that. Overall not a bad series if you can stomach the completely heartless love interests, but it wasn't for me.

Are there any cliché scenes or concepts? Spoilers
Main character is born special with special abilities. She is horribly abused until somebody comes around to save the day. Faded mate trope.

How intense are the intimacy scenes? Spoilers
There are none in this book. However, there is a non-con scene in a nightmare not with love interests.

At what “burn” level is the romance?
This is a slow burn romance.

Love interests, how many of them are there and what gender? spoilers
There are a wide variety of possible love interests. There are two love interests. The number may be six in the end. They are all male. Some of the possible love interests are shown in dream states and their connection to the main character is undefined at this moment in the story.
Blaze- belongs to the Autumn Fae court and is one of the main characters faded mates.
Tryton- belongs to the Spring Fae court and is one of the main characters fated mates.
Now for the uncertain love interests.
Calan- belongs to the Winter Fae court.
Draven- Met in a dream where MC killed his father. Not sure if enemy or romance interest.
Raven- Unknown best friend and possible love interest, MC only meets him in her dreams.

Any trigger warnings?
Racial and Religious: Racism, Racial Profiling, Microaggressions, Prejudice
Mental Health: Suicide Idealization, Self-Harm, Cutting, Scars, Trivializing Mental Illness, Romanticized Mental Illness, PTSD, Emotional Abuse, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Child Abandonment, Confrontation Abuser, Nightmares about Traumatic Events, Non-consent behavior
Disabilities: Curing of Disabilities, Lifechanging injury, Ableism, Ableist language
Sexual Content: Sexual Predator, Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault
Violence and Death: Death, Death of a Loved One, Graphic Deaths, Murder, Extreme Violence, Gore, Torture, Cutting of Limbs, Threatening child, Violence against Children, Child Abuse, Physical Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Escalating Violence, Described Blood, Graphic Violence
Other: Body Shaming, Female Oppression, Kidnapping, Bullying

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1,174 reviews53 followers
March 2, 2023
This is going for the edgy fae that have become popular over the past few years, so don’t expect swoony sweet considerate males. They’re all brutality and violence and some version of unconventional and very alpha. If that’s your thing, you will love them.
No hard lines crossed (in my opinion anyway) but I would like them to use their words a little more and actually explain things to our MC.
There are a few more viewpoints than I prefer, especially as some only had a chapter or two and I still don’t know who they actually are in relation to the story, but mostly I just really liked Kassandra and wanted her in every chapter.
There were a lot of inconsistent with the disability though. It says she can’t make any noises or sounds at all and is mute, and then she’s gasping and making other noises a scene later. This happened all the time.
A carriage is stopped because of a tree branch over the path… but continues on two pages later as if the tree never existed. There are just a lot of continuity errors that crop up all through this book that are usually small in nature, but just give you that moment of hang on… and you have to jump back and check if you’re brain is wrong or the story is. (This could just be me, I have to know all the things).
The blurb is obviously intended as a series intro, not specifically this book, because at this point there’s only two princes vying for her. Not a bad thing, just good to know before jumping in. The grim reaper hasn’t played into it yet either, so that seems like spoilers for future books.
It’s pretty insta lust for the males, but slow building for Kassandra as she gradually gains some confidence and learns who she is as a person. I’m so ready to watch her tear the world apart and burn it down.
Profile Image for Kayla Pipkin.
782 reviews35 followers
September 9, 2022
Katie May is another one of those authors that I know will produce something that I will enjoy.
There is just something about her writing that pulls me in and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Of Rain and Wrath was one of those books that after I read the blurb, I immediately dived in.

Kassandra has only ever known the life as a slave.
Forced to heal others by her Madam while taking on their injuries for herself.
But that isn't her only talent.
She can also kill with just a touch as well.
Because of her dual abilities, she hasn't been treated well. Going so far as to be a mute.
That all changes the day she stumbles upon a man who declares her his mate.

We met two potential members of the harem.
Blaze, who is an alphahole.
We actually see his POV a few times so there is no misunderstanding what it is he wants.
Let's just say it's not rainbows and sunshine for our little Kass.
I'm on the fence of how this will work in the future pertaining to a certain aspect of what he wants (if he goes through with it, I'll be VERY upset).
Then we have Treyton who is a character in himself as well.
He uses a fake smile and persona to get what he wants out of people.
We shall see how this all plays out for him in the end.

This is definitely a slow burn book.
There is a lot of background and scene building in this book.
We will rely heavily on future books to understand what is happening.
But this is a really interesting concept for a book plot, as well as the characters, and I'm intrigued to see where things lead for them.
Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for book two though I haven't seen anything yet on a preorder date.
Profile Image for Mel B..
149 reviews2 followers
November 6, 2022

This book could’ve shaped up to be the start of a good series. I enjoyed the premise. I love the idea of a pure spirit that takes pain into herself to heal those she touches, very interesting idea and it was well executed for the most part. The largest issues I had were with the men (The FMC’s would be mates) they were all introduced too quickly in book one, like each chapter was a new guy, and sadly they all kind of sucked! You have this poor girl who has been tortured and abused her entire life and kept as a slave. Then she’s sold again as a slave/pet this time to one of her presumed mates who -oh wait for it - is already engaged to be married and wants to keep her as his mistress! Yes how romantic is that *eye roll* then you have another prince who wants her just for her power and another one who wants to kill her because she didn’t save his brother - never mind that she was held prisoner her entire life, AND had no idea this jerk Fae princes’s brother was dying!!! Plus the weird assassin guy who is trying to procure her for his client. You have no idea who or what he is. And there in lies the problem with this book, there was NO character development except for Kassandra. Her men were not even developed enough to call, “her men” even in slow burn RH you usually see the beginning of some sort of connection before it builds in subsequent books into love- This book just threw everything at us and said here you go…here’s this amazing FMC and the men who either want to use, abuse, hate or kill her. Not a rousing romantic endorsement for future books in the series.
Profile Image for Abbi.
577 reviews17 followers
July 3, 2022
I was a little torn on this story. While it is definitely a slow burn/slow build as advertised, I found myself getting a little overwhelmed by the amount of characters and POVs. I couldn’t quite keep track of the different Hs and the dream world was especially confusing. I’m sure this will iron out as the story develops, but I almost wish at least some of the Hs here we’re held off until the next book- the dream world and the mercenary could have been pushed back I think. It was just a lot to focus on.

I saw some reviews talking about the cliffhanger, but tbh I didn’t really consider it a cliffhanger at all. It’s a natural testing point in the story, although there are a ton of unanswered questions. Think of book one as a set up book because you won’t be getting any answers to anything 😅😅😅

I did really enjoy the concept of the story and I liked Kass and even Serena. I think it’s pretty obvious that Serena has the Sight even though everyone is just writing her off as a nutcase, I’m actually pretty interested in her story and hope there’s potential for a spin-off to explore her character more.

At this point in the story, none of the Hs are all that likeable, but this is again as advertised in the book description
Profile Image for Magik.
340 reviews6 followers
February 6, 2023
This book is dark and very horny. I didn't realize it was slow burn or RH (in retrospect I should have realized it was RH considering where the author was situated at the event I bought the book so that's on me) going into it so with how horny it was I was surprised things didn't go beyond a certain uh, scene. Btw, that didn't upset me or anything. Just fair warning. Also, my first RH book so idk how it compares to others but it was entertaining. All the mates are huge assholes which I assume is the point since it's a dark book though none strike me as the kinds of assholes that will abuse the MC (spoiler: . There's some interesting rep in the book. MC is mute and speaks using sign language. One of the princes is autistic (I'm not sure how I feel about his character. Like cool that he's autistic but he's portrayed as this huge unfeeling asshole which feels like one of those big bad stereotypes but then ALL the princes are presented as huge unfeeling assholes so like it fits with the theme of the big unfeeling asshole princes) and possibly OCD as well? There's some definite sapphic energy between two characters and if nothing comes of it I'm gonna be real mad.
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41 reviews11 followers
June 20, 2022
This book had SO much potential. There were a lot of things I really liked about it and I can see why it has a pretty high rating for an RH book. I was absolutely enthralled until maybe halfway through when I realized I strongly dislike her mates. One is the kind of dude who would whip out his junk after getting you alone and give you an unsolicited show... Oh wait, he did exactly that. Not the kind of dude I would ever find redeemable. Personal preference, I guess.

It was really cool to see one of the lead males having traits that could be seen as being on the autism spectrum and reminiscent of OCD symptoms. That's not something you see EVER in a lead character in fantasy/romance.

I also like that the MC's power had such strong repercussions. A lot of the time the MC in fantasy either starts out as OP or ends up becoming OP within the first book and that gets extremely annoying. It takes a lot of the suspense, conflict, or challenge out of potential magical conflicts.

Despite not liking the men in the MC's life and a few other little gripes I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
24 reviews1 follower
July 7, 2022
Way too fragmented in story and makes no sense

You read the entire book but you never get to any point where things make sense or anything is explained. There are lots of extra people in the book that you have no idea where they fit in (all her dream scenes), someone is hunting her, no clue who or why, there is a fourth guy that has no name or face but she likes, absolutely nothing is explained, very fragmented. The lead character is completely clueless about what is going on with her "men" but then she also knows tons, which doesn't make any sense. She is very strong in stupid parts and weak in places where she should be strong. She has plenty of places where she can escape but she doesn't, no clue why not since she is miserable where she is. It could have been a great story if the writer would have focused on areas of her life and built on others later. I won't read the second book and the only reason I actually finished this one was because I was hoping that parts of the story would make sense. Also, the ending is not a cliffhanger at all....the book just stops like she ran out of time and didn't know what to say.
110 reviews2 followers
May 9, 2022
Really enjoyed the new world

I love this author, and I loved this new world. I love Kassandra she is sweet but strong, sassy without being bitchy. I also like that she has a realistic view of the other characters. I am curious how the men will play out, in a way that would make them worthy of her. Because she knows they're not and it's refreshing. I find all the character interesting and compelling. There is stuff going on, that isn't clarified. Its like you are learning as the character learns so it will be interesting to have it unfold with each new book. One complaint I have, and I have it with any book that does this, is new terms for everyday works. The changing what units of time are called is a bit offputting for me. Not so much with "tick" (second) but the others are difficult for me to differ between what would be a minute or an hour. Also new words for Unicorn and the like is a bit weird as well. This doesn't bother me when it's a new creature, but I don't like it I'm reference to already established fantasy animals.
Profile Image for Amy.
142 reviews
February 19, 2023
better - vintage KM writing

This is SO much better than a lot of the so-called “dark” novels KM has been putting out lately. This is back to her original writing style - the FMC Kass is a bit broken (Blindly Indicted, anyone?) but not TSTL (Ellie from that Grove series)so that’s a win.

Admittedly, the weird made up terms really do detract from a decent storyline - really, you couldn’t just say second, minute, hour (insert eye roll)? Then the continuity issues, there’s a lot of bouncing back and forth between historical setting and contemporary terms, but whatevs.

I am thrilled KM is back writing fluffy “light” novels - so much better than her dark novels. It is her niche and where she shines as a writer - I don’t mind the PNR aspect at all.

The slow-burn (aka want to drag this out in too many books, but it’s her job - so again, whatevs since I am assuming it’s for $ reasons) is better than the utterly vanilla sexy times that we usually get with a KM novel.

Just one typo and the cover does not match Kass’s description in the novel, but I don’t mind the silly covers - again, vintage light KM.
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313 reviews2 followers
May 11, 2022
A unique start to a series

I'm honestly unsure how to feel at the end of this book. Kassandra is on the one hand your typical abused female heroine, but on the other she's inordinately strong both mentally and emotionally. She lacks education but is gifted at reading people, and because of this she's not at all trusting of her mates attitudes towards her. As for the mates, they are all definitely villains in their own ways. Apart from the confirmed ones, it's hard to know how many of the men we've met will eventually end up with her, but for sure none of them are good guys and it will be a long road to redemption (if they even get there).
I look forward to seeing more of the world in the next book, and to finding out how the revelations from that ending impact on the various characters motivations
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May 11, 2022

4-4.5 stars.

This was SO GOOD. I have loved everything I’ve read by Katie but this might just be the best yet.

The FMC Kassandra is mute and has been subjected to pain her entire life because of her powers. Without giving too much away, there are a lot of questions surrounding Kassandra that I’m dying to know and kept me hooked throughout the book. Where is she from? Will we continue to see her grow? How will her powers continue to help or hinder her? What’s with the dreams?

All the men are completely psychotic and I’m not sure they have any redeeming qualities which makes me want to continue reading more to see what happens and how they change as they interact with Kassandra.

If you like antiheroes, slow burn romance and some enemies to lovers themes, this is the book.
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May 25, 2022
3,5 stars
Poor Kassandra, she has been thru so much and is still not getting any luck. I have a hate love thing for the guys, i don´t know if i even like them now to be honest. Blaze not a great first impression bruh, and Treyton he aint better. Calan we have not seen that much, but he is being an asshole and rude. The last one which not even Kass have met yet Aleksander (and his master) he is the most mysterious one. They all have a long way to go, i totally get why Kass is not wanting to be with them. Lol it´s funny, i am exited tho for see how they gonna grow on Kass and change. My fave is the paco animal, he is loyal and cute. I love how protective he is of Kass, obv cuz she saved him but anyways
I wonder who Raven is tho, could he be Aleksanders master? and the other ones who is popping up in Kass nightmares?
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June 4, 2022
Man ... The writing was so good the book easily was a four star, but the book was really dark for me and I know I won't reread it.

I'll be honest, it's really baffling me why I found this book so disturbing. I feel like I've read and enjoyed much darker books, but this one affected me more somehow.

These are my conclusions:
1. The MFC is a prisoner the whole time and not in control of anything. (In the beginning she's tortured daily, so her situation does improve as the book progresses, even though she's still a prisoner)
2. The MFC is written to be very passive, almost childlike
3. The male characters seem to care for her, but this is not reciprocated and in fact she fears them.

I don't know, maybe you'll love it where I did not. The writing was really good and I enjoyed the book, but just found it disturbing.
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July 6, 2022
I’m disappointed.

I really liked the beginning part of this book. Although there were parts where I felt like the author just used as a source and kept using the same similes and synonyms to say the same thing, it was very interesting to read the beginning part of the book before she goes with the fall prince.

There were many parts that were just a little too similar to Sara J mass that I did not like. After she goes with the fall prints it’s not like everything else just went really really fast without looking into details or explanations. I also feel like nothing really happened in the book. The author should work on her flow of time and the flow of the plot and Hpac. I think she has an idea where she wants to go with a series but it just seems like the main character of losing everything without having a direction that were going on.
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October 11, 2022

I’m kicking myself for having this in my TBR pile for so long. The summary truly doesn’t do it justice. This book kicks off with a bang! The descriptions of what the fmc experiences flowed so naturally. Every emotion was perfectly placed. I really feel for the fmc. She deserves so much better in the world but she’s coveted and treated less than. Used and abused with no thought to her health. I loved how she saved the pacon and he became her “runt”. Now he’s her protective shadow. I’m interested in learning more about why her death touch didn’t hurt Runt, and why Blaze didn’t heal when she first went to heal him, but healed later when she tried again. This book had my heart crying in some spots, and laughing out loud in others. I was intrigued right from the very beginning. I can’t wait to find out what’s next!
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May 29, 2022
Ok so I have really mixed feelings about this book. The good things: the main female character is interesting and the world building is fascinating. However this felt like an unnecessarily long prolog with too much detail in some places and not enough in others. I felt like there was never any actual conflict that was introduced and I kept waiting for the main conflict to actually appear. The relationship between the FMC and the main love interest was also poorly developed and I felt like there wasn't a lot there. I also felt like there were a lot of plot holes in some of the details around the world building. Overall I think its a good start to an interesting world but the book could use some work; I will not be continuing the series.
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