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Secrets of the Moon #1

Death of the Moon

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A werewolf with secrets.

Alec Channing has lived a long life, and he’s just going through the motions, lost in his troubled past, until fellow werewolves and shifters start dying around him. An increase in werewolf attacks only adds to Alec’s problems. As his past closes in, his only hope lies in one man—an unaware human whose vanilla and spice scent and easygoing attitude draw Alec in. However, Alec can’t help but worry about what will happen when that man uncovers the truth about Alec’s preternatural world.

A homicide detective who is out of his depth.

Detective Damien O’Connor joined the Columbus Police Department to bring closure to victims and their families—closure that he never got for himself. But when none of the evidence adds up for what should be a routine death investigation, he’s floundering. As the bodies continue to pile up, the sweet man who has caught Damien’s eye is at the center of the storm. When closely guarded secrets start to emerge, can Damien reconcile himself to an entirely new reality—and solve the case that might also save the man he’s come to care for?

Death of the Moon is Book One of the Secrets of the Moon trilogy, an 84k-word M/M, paranormal crime/mystery romance, with an HFN ending. While there is a complete story arc in this book, there are plot threads that will carry on throughout the trilogy. There is language and explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Warnings: MC with PTSD, past torture implied through flashbacks, dealing with grief.

322 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 14, 2022

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About the author

S.A. Pavlik

2 books37 followers
S.A. Pavlik writes what she wants to read but that doesn’t exist … yet. An avid reader, she first discovered and promptly devoured hundreds of M/M romance novels in 2019, and it rekindled her desire to write. She started her debut novel, Death of the Moon, the very next year.

She was born and raised in Wisconsin, where it’s too cold, but she loves it there anyway. She lives with her husband and her furbaby—a needy, elderly deaf cat named Rise (Ree-say). Because who uses names that are instantly pronounceable? When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s obsessively playing video games or proving that an introvert can be an extrovert on the internet after all.

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Profile Image for Kaje Harper.
Author 76 books2,537 followers
April 19, 2022
This appealing debut novel brings us a complex and imaginative world of shifters and the fae, against a backdrop of unaware humanity. It also gives us two main characters I came to care about a lot. Alex is a werewolf, and has lived a long life, but he's also reclusive, shy, and traumatized by a past he can never quite move beyond. His one longtime friend is Ari, a kitsune who is both supportive and elusive, someone who has his back and yet who likes to be vague and mysterious, moving in a wider paranormal world than he does.

Alex is dedicated to his work in trying to help newly-turned wolves (those attacked, as opposed to those shifter-born) survive and thrive in their new lives. When one of them - Oliver - is killed, he's devastated and guilty at the loss. As he tries to figure out what happened, and why recent attacks are increasing, he discovers this isn't the only murder among local paranormals. Something bigger may be happening.

Damien is human - a police detective who catches the case of Oliver, an elderly dead man who looks uncannily like the much-younger renter of the apartment he was found in, down to the scar on his face. Even though the old man's death seems natural, the autopsy reveals some startling anomalies, and Damien's detective instincts are engaged. Then another similar case comes along.

But as both Alex and Damien are dealing with death and mystery, they are also meeting each other. For shy Alex, Damien is somehow the one man he can talk to, and reveal parts of himself to, without rejection. For Damien, Alex is appealing and hot and awakens his protective instincts. They have trouble getting together, around each of their schedules and hang-ups, but when they do, the attraction is deep and the closeness happens fast. There's some lovely warmth and sweetness to their interactions.

The plot is twisty, and while the immediate murders are solved, there are still plenty of threads left open for the continuation of this series. There are quite a few secondary characters, and several of them really caught my interest and engaged me in the story. I look forward to seeing more of both Alex and Damien, and their friends, allies, and enigmatic associates, in the next book, which I plan to read when it arrives. There's a solid HFN here, but clearly more imaginative plot, and more depth of relationship, yet to come.

(I shared online sprint-encouragement with the author, but didn't have any hand in the actual crafting of this fun story.)
Profile Image for Jacquie Stewart.
2,160 reviews47 followers
April 14, 2022
Death of the Moon is an extremely detailed mystery/investigation with a paranormal twist.
Personally I found it a little long, the pacing dipped in a couple of places and I lost interest briefly.
However, I loved how the shifters and werecreaturres were done. Alec in particular with the difficulties he faced and how he got around his challenges. I liked him with Damien too and appreciated all the strong female supporting characters.
The story was interesting and I'd like to see where the series goes
Profile Image for Carra.
1,694 reviews26 followers
April 17, 2022
Debut novel? Could have fooled me. As the first in the Secrets of the Moon trilogy, this new author has completely hooked me for the rest of the series. I will say that the very beginning did feel like I was dropped into an already in progress story, and that maybe I had missed something as I was reading. Turns out this was more of a “tell-as-you-go” type style where bits and pieces were revealed along the way. Apart from that—which for me was a minor hill over which to tumble—everything else in this book had my full attention.

The two main characters, Damien and Alec, were each amazing in their own right. Damien was extraordinarily compassionate, exhibiting a high level of empathy that made him a more than an ideal match to Alec. Alec has been through so much, making it difficult for him to let anyone other than his long-time friend Ari get close; Damien easily blasts right through those barriers, even without knowing about Ari’s past—or his present.

The supporting characters were just as intriguing, and Ari in particular was quite complex. For much of the story I couldn’t settle on how I felt about her, though in the end the events that transpired made everything clear. The mystery aspect of the story made it so I couldn’t figure out who the baddie was, not realizing until right near the end…which of course meant that I was on the edge for the majority of the book.

Not everything is fully resolved here, which sets the stage for continued books in the series, There are also a few characters that caught my eye who I’d like to see more of later on. There was enough resolution in this story though to feel like a mini-conclusion for now, yet still have me watching out for the next one in the series.

4.5 stars for Death of the Moon, and I would absolutely recommend this to any M/M paranormal romance/mystery fan. This story is meant for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.
Profile Image for Simona.
679 reviews42 followers
April 15, 2022
Mystery and paranormal are an amazing duo 😍
Profile Image for Kathleen.
1,396 reviews123 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
May 9, 2023
DNF 30%

Wow. That was one of the most poorly written, poorly edited books I’ve tried to read in a long time. Redundant scenes, wrong words, confusing structure, I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I’m done with this author who couldn’t be bothered to engage reliable beta readers, let alone a professional editor.
Profile Image for Cheezie.
204 reviews
September 4, 2023
I liked this book and look forward to the next instalment. As a debut novel from a new author I tip my hat to the originality of the plot and the wonderful characters developed. There is certainly room in this universe for several books about Alec and Damien as well as other supporting characters (I’m thinking of you Harper).

Where this book looses stars - tighten up the pacing! Less coffee and donuts, more relationship development. Damien goes from having an aborted dinner with Alec to touching him all the time and calling him sweetheart. It was a little creepy.

I agree with other reviewers that the there was an over use of character names. If a paragraph is about Damien, we don’t need his name every other sentence…he/him/his is fine.

Too many chapters ended with characters having questions but then not following through to find answers. How many times can people be interrupted by servers and phone calls? Or not ask questions because they don’t want to cause discomfort? Not as many as we had here.

Overall an intriguing start to a series, just needs some stronger editing.
Profile Image for Claudia.
2,720 reviews88 followers
April 19, 2022
This was a very interesting mystery and I loved the way how the world was built. the main characters and their connection was very well done - at least most of the time. I had a bit of a trouble with Alec at the end of the book but I think it was inline with his character and his experiences.

the secondary characters were awesome and I loved that most of them were strong women - normally that is rare but here we got them in abandon and I loved it.

this is the first book of this author and for an debut-book it is more than great. but the pacing is sometimes a bit off, which makes it a bit long sometimes.

all in all, I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to the next book
Profile Image for Anne Barwell.
Author 18 books100 followers
April 29, 2022
I’m already hooked on this series, and want more. I loved Alec and Damien, their story, and their world. I enjoyed the mix of crime, detective and paranormal, and liked that there are still threads to be answered as the series moved forward. Word of warning though, don’t get too attached to most of the supporting cast. The danger in this story is nasty, and not everyone will survive, or come through unscathed.

One of the reasons I picked up this story was that one of the MCs was a werewolf who is still dealing with his troubled past, and the ramifications of one horrific incident that changed his life forever. I love angst in my paranormals, and this book totally delivered. Alec is an interesting, layered character and I didn’t pick up on one important difference until another character mentioned it. He covers it very well. I love how Damien slowly gets through Alec’s walls, and makes him want to live a full life again. I liked how he reacted to the existence of the preternatural world – it felt realistic and fit his character. I also loved their connection, and although I’d guessed about the nightmares, I thought it was a cool idea.

The supporting cast is great, and I especially liked Harper. I loved their new pack. I’m also intrigued by Jac, and wonder what side he’s really on. I have a theory about who the sisters really are, and want to see how that pans out. Ari is interesting, and I liked the way her character as a kitsune is written.

The worldbuilding is rich, and detailed. I liked the preternatural community and its politics, and how events of the past were explained. I don’t trust PackForce and am looking forward to finding out how all the series puzzle pieces fit together.

The mystery/crime part of the story is different, and scary. This bad guy plays for keeps, and kept me guessing as to their identity. The tension rises with the body count, and I thought that the final showdown was well written, and edge of seat reading.

More please.
418 reviews
April 3, 2022
If I had to sum this book up in a single word, I'd say 'wow!' I was absolutely hooked from start to finish and spent an entire day unable to put it down. If I wasn't reading it, my mind was desperately going over the plot trying to put the pieces together. Alec was such an interesting character; he was vulnerable, loyal, brave, slightly mysterious and yet also an open book at times. Damien was relentless, kind, protective and had such amazing chemistry with Alec from the outset. Even the secondary characters grabbed at my heartstrings - I was a bit gutted about Oliver at the start and actually quite devastated about Collin (and these were characters we saw very little of!). Harper was a great addition to the little group too and Ari was all about the mystery, bringing lots of twists that I didn't see coming right until the end.

The romance in this book is woven in alongside the mystery/suspence element and, for me, S.A.Pavlik got the balance exactly right. I became addicted to the story but also fell in love with the characters. There is clearly so much more to dig into with Alec's and Damien's pasts and more to learn about other secondary characters too. The ending was also pitched right - I got enough HEA that I can rest comfortably however the underlying plot is obviously far from over so I can't wait to read book 2!

Overall, if you like romantic suspense with that supernatural element of werewolves, shifters, witches and more, this is definitely a book I'd recommend. A must read, 5 stars!

I received an ARC and this is my honest review.
Profile Image for K-Me.
1,318 reviews
April 5, 2022
What a fabulous debut novel! This one was a perfect blend of Mystery, Suspense and Romance within a paranormal world! Damien is our human detective and I liked that he was quite the protective character! Alec is our more mysterious beautiful shifter! I loved their chemistry and more original dynamic. Both very likable guys amidst a bunch of other interesting side characters. The world and character building are descriptive and immerse you into the mystery! I appreciated getting both Damien and Alec's POV. I received an ARC, and I am very much looking forward to book 2! This one has a HFN but there is so much more to offer too!
Profile Image for Virginia Lee.
1,612 reviews30 followers
April 15, 2022
this book took you to the edge and drop you off the cliff. From one moment to the next don't know what will pop up. Little wolf has gone thru so much pain and betrayal. when black moon comes around not sure who will be at the end of the brige. cant wait for book 2 and see if get some answer about the alpha
Profile Image for A.E. Bennett.
Author 6 books76 followers
December 14, 2022
A great start to a paranormal crime/mystery romance! I'm excited this is going to be a trilogy! Alec Channing is used to living a rather solo existence and thinks he is content with this until fellow werewolves around him start disappearing and winding up dead. Detective Damien O’Connor, new to the Columbus Police Department, is used to closing cases, but suddenly finds himself investigating homicides he can't explain. Pavlik does a great job of creating longing between these two main characters from the get-go and the mystery they get wrapped up in is very well done. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes!
Profile Image for purely.romantic.
138 reviews12 followers
April 19, 2022
SA Pavlik is a new-to-me author and I really enjoyed this fun and engaging shifter romance which is the beginning of a series following the same couple. The book focuses on Alec, a wolf and somewhat of a mentor to other shifters and werecreatures, and Damien, a police detective and a human who is utterly unaware of the preternatural world existing alongside him. The two first meet at a bar near their respective apartments where they have instant chemistry and are later brought together when Damien’s somewhat mysterious case turns out to be dead shifters and werecreatures, although the police are unaware of this. What follows is a hunt to find out who is killing weres and shifters and what this has to do with Alec. Simultaneously the two must explore their burgeoning feelings for each other amidst past traumas and deep-seated fears of being abandoned.

I quite liked how this book was setting up the groundwork for an extended arc while also creating a very engaging plot for this first installment. Much like Alec and Damien, the reader also has many unanswered questions that keep the story enticing and interesting. There is a sense of urgency as the bodies begin to pile up and the clues that don’t add up increase much to everyone’s frustration. Our protagonists find themselves having to juggle their fledgeling relationship alongside questions about who they can trust and information that just seems to elude them. It is also impossible not to root for both MCs as they get to know each other and allow their emotional guard to drop even before Damien knows the full truth of Alec’s reality. I also adored that there was somewhat of a role reversal from what is normally expected of a shifter/human relationship and this made the couple that much more easy to love.

For readers who like relatively low-angst shifter/human pairings, with a crime-solving element and a really lovely romance this would be a great read. I thank GRR for the ARC and give this 4 big stars!

CW’s: some violence; PTSD induced flashbacks and panic attacks; scenes of remembered capture and mildly described torture.
Profile Image for Juniper.
2,549 reviews17 followers
April 14, 2022
This book is well-written in that the prose style flows well and the events tend to grab hold and never let go. It’s in no way a gentle or easy read: there’s betrayal, violence, torture, lies, death, more lies, and characters that could be called, at best, if you were feeling extremely generous, morally ambiguous and at worst— self-serving monsters, and I’m not just talking about the ostensible villains.

Damien and Alec are both interesting, although I’ll admit that I found the development of their romantic relationship the least compelling part of the novel— it’s tentative and yet moves way too fast from chemistry to apparently being “mate bonded” for readers to get a since of how and even why, beyond the machinations of fate, they even really fit together. Plus, the events surrounding the central mystery move so quickly, and have such high stakes and so much collateral damage (pro tip, do not get attached to supporting characters) that taking any time away from solving it seems out of place and unwarranted.

As far as a solution to the mystery, you do get that in the end, sort of, and albeit with a loose end that’s pretty much guaranteed to be back in future books. As far as the romance goes, fated or not, there’s clearly a lot to iron out there as well. Overall, I found this to be a compelling but unsettling read— I commend the author for creating characters who are easy to care about, but I wasn’t quite as ready as I should have been to see the extent of trauma and betrayal they were in for. I have no doubt that the momentum established in this book will carry the story into interesting places in the next one— a solid start to a new series.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Profile Image for Xanthe.
1,951 reviews33 followers
April 10, 2022
This is a fantastic debut from S.A. Pavlik. Full of mystery, romance and drama, it's a great paranormal with string characters and an interesting plot.
Alec is someone that goes into your heart from the start, he struggles a bit with loneliness and trauma from his past. Damian comes into the picture as a detective looking into the strange murders of elderly victims whose ID's states being in their thirties. It's a great mystery that has a twist or two along the way, having the characters and readers puzzled with what's going on. The relationship that develops between the two is very tentative, Damian knowing instinctively to treat Alec with care. It's sweet for them but also quite intense as their romance builds alongside a growing list of murder victims and missing people. Damian and his fellow officers struggle to make sense of what is going on whilst Alec worries about who to trust and his part actions. The story has a satisfactory ending and leaves you with a taste of what's to come in the next book in the series.
There's a great cast of characters, human and preternatural alike, keeping everything interesting from start to finish. Ari is someone with a definite air of mystery whilst Harper seems like a good person to call family. Alec goes into self protection mode as Damian determines to fight for them.
A recommended read for those who enjoy the supernatural and human world's side by side, mostly in secret, and a hurt/comfort aspect that has you wanting to hug the MC better.
I received an ARC and am happily giving a review.
Profile Image for Joyfully Jay.
7,689 reviews442 followers
April 17, 2022
A Joyfully Jay review.

4.5 stars

Death of the Moon in the first book in S.A. Pavlik’s new Secrets of the Moon series and I totally loved it! This is Pavlik’s debut work and I was really impressed with the great world building and engaging mystery.

On one hand we have Alec, who is part of this shifter world and seeing fellow shifters being killed. He is working with Ari and others in the shifter community to try to figure out what is going on, as well as hide as much as possible from the human authorities who don’t know about the existence of the paranormal world. At the same time, Damien is a human detective investigating these strange murders that make no sense and have all these confusing elements that leave him struggling to piece it together. Of course, as readers we know why things aren’t adding up, since we are seeing it all from both Alec and Damien’s POVs.

Read Jay’s review in its entirety here.

Profile Image for Raven and Chris.
2,145 reviews20 followers
April 3, 2022
This book is the beginning of a trilogy with quite an original premise. I enjoyed it immensely. This is my first book by this author and it took me by surprise how much I enjoyed it. The mystery kept pulling me through the chapters all while having me desperately want Alec and Damien to find their common ground and their happiness together. It wasn’t until about halfway through that I figured out part of the secrets and mystery going on and I was so committed by that point I couldn’t stop reading. Damien isn’t aware of the preternatural community but I love how he quickly adapts to what he discovers. And poor Alec has been through so much, he certainly deserves finding his mate and some happiness. Found family is also part of this and I hope their little pack grows as the books go on. I can’t wait to see the next one.
Profile Image for Maddy.
681 reviews
May 6, 2022
This was actually pretty good. I was honestly surprised, because this is a completely new author and it is always a bit of a gamble when it comes to new authors. When one reads a book by a new author, it is either a pleasant surprise or a very unpleasant one. I am happy to say this was a great surprise!
I liked the well-crafted characters, the plot was complicated enough to keep me guessing, the writing was actually good. It wasn't even full of awkwardness, random plot points, unnecessary information and stilted conversations I was sort of expecting, so I really enjoyed this read. I am still not a fan of cliffhangers and I can't tell yet, if making it into a trilogy was a good choice, but this book was a very nice surprise for me and I enjoyed it.

**I was provided an ARC of this book from the GRR for an honest review**
Profile Image for Leelah🍁♋️ Orion.
1,097 reviews21 followers
August 16, 2022

This book is had everything I loved. Great world built especially with it being my home town. I thought it was pretty cool that I knew where everything was that they described and now I feel like I need to go visit all of the places. I’ll be on the lookout now for wolves and other creatures when I visit that park. The love story was amazing, with one shifter and the other unaware. The progression of their love was great. It was a build up. Nit angsty just right. The suspenseful back ground plot was great with plenty of twists that’s you didn’t know who was good. This is the clip finger so beware of that with a TBD for the next book. The characters do end on the happily for now. The writing was good the Smexy was nice and the side characters who we think are on the good side are great. Can’t wait for the next book
182 reviews1 follower
April 12, 2022
I’m very impressed with this debut novel. Quite simply, it’s freakin’ awesome. The story captured me from the start – told by 2 POV’s – the characters are well thought out and written, even the supporting characters – with no “over the top” characterisations. Yes, it’s a police procedural/suspense story but it also incorporates the shifter/supernatural into the storyline very nicely, almost realistic in the modern setting – I would love to be one of the “aware” !! Plenty of twists and OMG moments and the romance side of it is very sweet & romantic – just adorable. It also made me laugh each time Damien got a call just as he was about to….. bahahahaha ! Overall, a really really good book to read and definitely new author to keep an eye out for !! Can’t wait for the 2nd in the series !!
715 reviews5 followers
April 14, 2022
Alec is a werewolf. Damien is a homicide detective and meets him in a bar. As the murders start piling up, Damien interacts more and more with Alec and their attraction grows. This was a great story that kept your interest throughout. Damien is so patient and gentle with Alec. Alec has amazing attributes with a surprising disability. The side characters like Harper are engaging. There is a lot of backstory packed into one novel and it keeps you guessing until the end. The only disconnecting part I thought was human's Damien's lack of reaction to Alec being a werewolf and nonsurprise at the supernatural. You want to read the next book to see what happens. I was given a book from Gay Romance Reviews and this is my voluntary opinion.
3,339 reviews12 followers
April 18, 2022
My first experience with this author, and I am WOWED! This book is an amazing setup for a new series. The characters are fantastic. I want to read about the cops in future stories. I want to hear about the witches and I raraly care about witches. I want to learn about the different shifter groups. Alec and Damien are great characters, you only wish for the best for them. The introduction of the good and not so good had excellent flow. The peak at international history was fun. There is mystery, suspense, friendships, politics, processes, and burgeoning love. This is a story, I will enjoy reading over and over. I am impatiently waiting for the next book In Silence of the Moon. VERY WELL DONE! I received an ARC and am eagerly voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for James Hill.
364 reviews1 follower
April 22, 2022
This book is good. I did have an issue with it jumping around a bit in the beginning , but as I read it the story flowed smoothly. Alec is a werewolf that has lived a long life. He would like a mate but has given up hope of finding one. He works with other shifters to help them blend into the human world. But the murders start. He starts working with ( an unknowing) human police detective, Damien. The two men work together well. Alec has concerns about how Damien will react to finding out the truth about the murders and about him. Damien is very interested in Alec and feels that Alec is keeping a big secret. Of course some secrets are reveled and both men will have to work together to stay alive and stop the killer.
June 6, 2022
I have been so desperate for a good vampire book or series that I’ve started reading those silly omega stories. Sometimes there’ll be a good one but overall they leave me wanting. So the Death of the Moon trilogy definitely is scratching my itch. I know this is the set up or foundation of this trilogy, yup I’m enjoying the plot. I do have one really irritating quibble, its the sense of time. As I’m reading I think its the next day and they’ll say a larger sense of time has past and its kind of frustrating.
I am excited about the next installment.
Profile Image for Janet Hunt.
3,480 reviews29 followers
April 15, 2022
This story hooked me right from the first page, left me wanting more! It has an intriguing mystery that I was trying to solve throughout the story. I really loved the characters, Alec was interesting and Damien was protective. Their chemistry was fire. Loved all the paranormal elements throughout!! It did leave us with a HFN and I definitely want to read more of this story line. Overall, a fantastic read! The story was really well written and kept me engaged, the pacing flowed smoothly, highly recommend. I’m voluntarily reviewing from an advanced copy that I received. My reviews are solely based on my thoughts and opinions.
1,082 reviews34 followers
April 4, 2022
A wolf with secrets indeed. This was quite a mystery/suspense/thriller. Death of the Moon was basically Sherlock Holmes with a paranormal and shifter twist. The plot kept me guessing all the way. Great characters as well. I was sorry to see certain ones go. I was hoping they would have their own story. But alas that wasn't going to happen. But according to the author, Alec and Damien will return in the next book. And that makes me happy!
Profile Image for Juan.
567 reviews3 followers
April 11, 2022
Death of the Moon is the first book by a new author and was a good read. The book follows the story of Alec and Damien. The book is a paranormal crime/mystery romance that keeps you reading until the end. I liked the characters and the story and the book was well written. The book ends in a HFN and I will continue reading the series until the end. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
2,457 reviews37 followers
April 15, 2022
Death of the Moon was a perfect blend of Mystery, Suspense and Romance within a paranormal world!
Damien is a human detective with quite the protective streak! Alec is a more mysterious shifter!
The chemistry and connection between these two jumps off the page and I was totally drawn into their story.
I really enjoyed the world building done here.
This story ends in a HFN and I'm looking forward to the next book.
109 reviews
April 16, 2022
I enjoyed this one overall, it’s probably a 50:50 blend of paranormal mystery and romance. I liked the premise and plot, but I did find it was a bit of a slow start and the pacing was a bit off in places.

As a mystery, of course you don’t want to know everything immediately, but I did think a few more breadcrumbs earlier on would have got me engaged earlier. For a while there I was just going “wait, what?” That said, on the whole I enjoyed it and I would read more from this author.
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