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Holy Spirit Power

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To know the Holy Spirit is to know Him as an ever-present, loving Friend and mighty Helper. From the Scriptures, Charles H. Spurgeon shows that the Holy Spirit wants to be our Comforter, Teacher, and mighty Advocate. The miraculous life the early Christians lived amazed the world and “turned it upside down.” Today, many are experiencing the same healing, miracles, and other gifts of the Holy Spirit, along with the love, joy, and peace that He freely gives. Discover how you can walk daily in the presence of the Holy Spirit and experience His miracle-working power in your own life.

176 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1996

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About the author

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1854, just four years after his conversion, Spurgeon, then only 20, became pastor of London's famed New Park Street Church (formerly pastored by the famous Baptist theologian John Gill). The congregation quickly outgrew their building, moved to Exeter Hall, then to Surrey Music Hall. In these venues Spurgeon frequently preached to audiences numbering more than 10,000—all in the days before electronic amplification. In 1861 the congregation moved permanently to the newly constructed Metropolitan Tabernacle.

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Profile Image for Ron.
Author 1 book133 followers
December 16, 2013
"To a great extent, this generation has gradually and almost imperceptibly become godless. Science has discovered second causes for us. Thus, many have forgotten the first great Cause--the Author of all. Even among professing Christians, while there is a great amount of religion, there is too little godliness." Those words were spoken over 130 years ago by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, hailed in England as the "Prince of Preachers." He spoke to a congregation of over 5000 every Sunday for decades, without an artificial amplification system.

This book contains six of his sermons on the common topic of the Holy Spirit. Even read, it reflects the cadence and rhythm of preaching. Each sermon is a gem of Biblical exposition and evangelical challenge. It hasn't lost any impact for the passage of 130 to 150 years.

A very good read.
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47 reviews12 followers
December 12, 2017
Do you need a more robust understanding of the Holy Spirit? Look no further. Whoa! What this book taught me is a worthy end, and reading the book was such a worthy means. Every word deepened my understanding- and, consequentially, love- for God's gift to us in the Holy Spirit. I couldn't even take it all in. I want to keep this book on my nightstand always.

(P.S I believe few things in my life have felt as providential as my discovery of this book. I stumbled upon it at a service plaza in somewhere, Pennsylvania, and I bought it because I have weak pneumatology and when else would Spurgeon be just $5?!?)
Profile Image for Isaiah Harris.
19 reviews
April 22, 2022
J.I. Packer, in his "Knowing God," says there are not enough books on the third person of the Trinity worth reading. However, Spurgeon's book is masterfully written, explaining what the Lord Himself says in His Word about His own Spirit. This book reminds its readers of His roles, what a joy it is for the Him to dwell in believers, and the unquenchable power of the Spirit of God.
Profile Image for Alyssa Carr.
18 reviews
April 14, 2022
Spurgeon has a way of comforting the soul that I've not seen from any other preacher. If you struggle with assurance read this. If you struggle to understand the holy spirit's place in the life of the believer read this.
Profile Image for Peter Waefler .
23 reviews
April 8, 2021
I ended up reading this book kind of by "accident". Man am I thankful for that! Has been such a beautiful dive into everything around and about the Holy Spirit! Very refreshing, confronting, thought-provoking & drawing deeper into the personhood of the Holy Spirit. I will reread this book for sure.
17 reviews5 followers
April 9, 2013
Once again, I have been inspired by one of the greatest and godly men in history. Spurgeon reminds me from Scripture that to be known by the Spirit of God is an act of God's grace. I cherish what he wrote on page 107
"The law commands and makes us know what God requires of us, but the gospel goes further and inclines us to obey the will of the Lord. It also enables us to practically walk in His ways. Under the dominion of grace, "God worketh in you both to will and to act according to His good pleasure." (Philippians 2:13)
So great a blessing as this could never come to any man by merit. A man might act as if he deserves a reward of a certain kind in a measure suited to His commendable action. However, the Holy Spirit can never be the wage for human service. The idea verges on blasphemy.
Can any man deserve Christ dying for him? Who would dream of such a thing? Can any man deserve the Holy Spirit dwelling in him and working holiness in him? The greatness of the blessing lifts it high above the range of merit. If the Holy Spirit is bestowed, it must be by an act of divine grace-grace infinite in bounty, exceeding all that we could have imagined. "
Profile Image for Thomas Fitzpatrick.
12 reviews2 followers
January 28, 2014
This short book, compiled from some of Spurgeon's sermons may appeal to some ex-charismatics for its length and title looking for some hope that they can remain reformed yet "spirit led". It's not that. I'm afraid that the pursuit of the miraculous works of the Spirit in this book would cause some to miss the greater work of God the Holy Spirit in his people. The work of comforter, teacher and Christ exalter aren't the sparkling arena filling acts of God, rather the dreary miserable daily building of his church. Viewed rightly this is the greater and holier work. The greatest miracle of the trinitarian cooperation in the salvation of men.

It also helps to read this in the cadence of a Victorian preacher, as the chapters are all sermons.
Profile Image for Ryan Rust.
35 reviews2 followers
June 25, 2016
I have always loved Spurgeon as a good reformed baptist would. This little book on select sermons on the Holy Spirit is quite refreshing. As always Spurgeon uses the English language exquisitely to convey the truths of God in his very unique style. After spending a little time in this book everyday for the past two weeks I can see a genuine difference in my life in acknowledging the work of the Holy Spirit and asking more of Him in my time in the word.
12 reviews
August 30, 2011
An insightful book that delves into the Holy Spirit's work in believers' lives. C.H. Spurgeon writes in a compelling way, urging the reader on every page to consider the beauty of the Spirit and yield to His promptings.
Profile Image for Phil Sessa.
115 reviews9 followers
March 20, 2014
The person of the Holy Spirit is often not thought about by many believers. This is a great work that keeps the ministry of the Spirit in biblical bounds, glorifying Christ The Lord. I would certainly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Jamie Leeper.
184 reviews3 followers
November 28, 2009
This was a very good book. It is a deep look in the many attributes and works of the Holy Spirit. Would make a good bible study for older teens and adults!
Profile Image for Luis.
14 reviews
December 5, 2012
This is a real book about the REAL WORK of Holy SPirit in men's heart and life.
17 reviews18 followers
August 2, 2013
Kinda difficult to understand due to the 19 century English. Nevertheless, I can see that Spurgeon attempts to enlighten people towards the role of the Holy Spirit in Christians.
10 reviews2 followers
July 8, 2014
I thought this book was very good. I really helped me to really understand the power of the Holy Spirit.
Profile Image for Honeybee.
340 reviews14 followers
October 14, 2021
I got this book, because I have written a book about spiritual gifts and have been wanting to learn more about that member of the Triune Godhead Who distributes the gifts. While this book does not mention the gifts of the Spirit, it does a lovely job of explaining the character, nature and role of the Spirit.

In a mere six chapters, Charles Spurgeon talks about the Holy Spirit as our Comforter, the conduit of power from God, our Teacher, the One who makes us aware of our own impotence and need for a Savior, the Gift given to us as promised by God, and Him who procures all the sweetness of God through Christ. The author shares, in picturesque language (modernized for the sake of contemporary readers by Whitaker House Publishing), remarkable insights about the Holy Spirit and the Triune God that will bless the reader's heart and increase his/her desire to know Him better.

My one criticism of this book is Spurgeon's references to the false doctrines of evolution and what's been called the "gap theory." Subtly woven into his discussions on pages 87, 115 and 137 in particular is the belief--popularized in the 19th century by Charles Darwin and adopted by many churches of his day--that God used evolution to develop life as we know it over a long period of time. It is both unscriptural and blasphemous to suggest that our omniscient, omnipotent God did not quite get creation right at first, and had to recreate it from its initial state of "chaos and death" through some experimental process involving death and destruction!

If you want to gain a better understanding of the wonderful Helper we've been given in the person of the Holy Spirit, then I recommend this book as a potential resource. Just exercise discernment and ignore the author's erroneous effort to accommodate fallacious reasoning based in bad pseudo science in his doctrine.
1 review
February 23, 2018
Maurice Flagg
Book Review
The book Holy Spirit Power by Charles Spurgeon is about one of the three in the Holy Trinity, The Comforter. The Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is in the old testament of the Bible and the new.
Mr.Spurgeon starts the book as an introduction to who the spirit is, saying that when people hear the word spirit they automatically think of an evil spirit, but the Holy Spirit is kind, comforting, and reassuring, but should not be taken as a joke. Half way into the book the characteristics and abilities of the Holy Spirit are stated. Some of the Spirit’s features are omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. For if you directly insult the Spirit it is an unforgivable sin. The book is absolutely not only physically educating but spirit educating. If I could rate this book I would rate it, it would be a eighty-seven out of one hundred it is a great book. Anyone can read books, but i would recommend it to grades eleven and above.
3 reviews15 followers
July 5, 2018
Holy Spirit can be complicated to share to others because of a various misinterpretations of people but this book elaborated Holy Spirit as a Person, far more than a force or a concept. Technically, Charles' literary skill is undoubtedly versatile that it can trigger the interest of both the believers and the people who are still yet to be converted. This book illustrated the Gospel of Christ in regards to the Holy Spirit in an effective and efficient way - a short but full-packed read indeed. It is vital to have a firm grasp into His identity within the Trinity especially to the youth leaders of the church.
1 review
June 27, 2018
This little book is AMAZING with some HUGE truths of the Holy Spirit and how He operates, leads, corrects, and instructs. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about walking closer with the Lord and gaining a very detailed and fruitful understanding of the operations of the Holy Spirit and the power He provides to every believer! There is a whole level most Christians do not ever experience in God, and Charles Spurgeon spells out how to walk on those levels with God! Highly recommended for the Christian who is serious about their spiritual growth!
Profile Image for Nick Costa.
17 reviews
January 6, 2020
What a proclamation! What a mighty call to arms! This pocket sized hand grenade will accompany me into the ministry field for years to come. Packed full of passionate exhortations about the reality of Holy Spirit power, Spurgeon manages to be humble and down-to-earth one minute, yet is full of authoritative boldness the next, resulting in a proclamation of truth that leaps of the pages. This book will be a valuable weapon in the arsenal of any Christian pursing a life of freedom and truth amidst the modern age of relativism, and a must have for any Spirit-filled preacher.
Profile Image for Jason.
69 reviews2 followers
January 5, 2018
I wanted to learn more about the Holy Spirit and how He works, and considered several books before deciding on this one. I had read one other Spurgeon book—Satan, a Defeated Foe—many years ago and liked it, and I’m happy I decided on Spurgeon again.

Since Spurgeon lived in the 1800s, his writing style is a bit difficult for many of today’s readers, including me, and the subject matter is pretty deep spiritually and theologically, so I had to go a bit slowly with this one, but it contains some really good content. Recommended.
Profile Image for Luke Soto.
Author 1 book10 followers
March 14, 2020
You don't know who the holy spirit is aka the holy ghost until your read this book.

the true power of God is really unkown to us because we don't look at having a relationship with God. This is a book that introduces the power of God and who God is on the personal level.

this is a must read

I recommend this book for all people teens and adults.
March 23, 2021
I don't think I knew much about the Holy Spirit before this book. It is refreshing as it reminds believers who the Holy Spirit is: guide, advocate, teacher. It unpacks all of these points in a rich understandable way.
Profile Image for B (readingandunicorns).
24 reviews3 followers
April 2, 2021
Charles Spurgeon is one of my favorite authors. I really enjoyed this deep dive into the many wonders of the Holy Spirit. Spurgeon is eloquent and captures the nature of the spirit well with choice descriptions and offers much important advice to readers. Overall, a fantastic read.
Profile Image for Byron Flores.
537 reviews
March 27, 2022
No creo que sea la obra más espectacular del autor del cual he leído varios de sus libros y escuchado sus mensajes pero creo que es una obra muy superficial y básica. Sirve como introducción cuando se busca aprender más de este importante tema.
Profile Image for Jonathan.
25 reviews
November 27, 2022
Amazing book! Short, simple, practical, yet profoundly packed with insight, passion, and wisdom. The ending had me crying too, what a testimony. Great resource to learn about the Holy Spirit, highly recommend to all Christians no matter where you are in your walk.
June 19, 2019
What an amazing book on who the Holy Spirit is to a believer. For a deep and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, this book is a must have.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
August 27, 2019
An excellent book

This book is very enlightening about the Holy Spirit and the roles he is to play in our lives. Excellent read!
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